Thursday, 2016-07-28

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Snertseebs: that sounds like it's all fucked up.00:32
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pwebstermorning all00:54
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pwebsterCan anyone advise whether it's possible to get more debug out of devtool? Specifically, I am trying to find out why the devtool modify, build, deploy-target process always deploys the same binary00:56
pwebster(in my setup)00:57
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bluelightningpwebster: possibly not, but the issue would be in the recipe or the build process it calls - since devtool deploy-target is only installing what gets installed by do_install01:35
* bluelightning is the primary author of devtool01:35
bluelightningfirst thing to check would be to look under image/ in the work directory for the recipe, just to check if that's the unmodified version... then work back from there - you could look at temp/log.do_install in the workdir as well01:37
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pwebster@bluelightning: Thank-you for the response.01:47
bluelightningno worries01:48
pwebsterAs far as I can tell, there are 2 different targets where my binary is being installed based on whether I'm using devtool or bitbake to build the recipe01:50
pwebsterI'm building for the raspberrypi using the meta-raspberrypi layer.01:51
pwebsterThe one under tmp/work/arm1176jzfshf-vfp-poky-linux-gnueabi/<recipe> seems to be the result of devtool build <recipe>01:53
bluelightningand the other?01:53
bluelightningthere shouldn't be any separation01:53
pwebsterI've just discovered that the one deployed in the rootfs for my image target is updated after I did the devtool modify and edited code, then did bitbake image01:54
pwebsterThat might get me by for now, but I expected the process was to use devtool to make changes and test until I was ready to create a source patch01:55
bluelightningthe latter is expected to work, so something unusual is going on01:56
pwebsterThe devtool deploy seems to use a different work location than the bitbake image01:58
pwebsterthe bb outputs to tmp/work/raspberrypi-poky-linux-gnueabi01:59
pwebsternot the arm1176jzfshf-vfp-poky-linux-gnueabi one. Is that significant?01:59
bluelightningit could be yes02:00
bluelightningwhat do you get if you run: bitbake -e recipe | grep ^WORKDIR=02:01
pwebsterI'll check how my image is doing its builds...02:06
bluelightningok, so at least if you built the image now I can't imagine how it would be pulling from any other location02:07
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pwebster@bluelightning: thanks for the help. The "different" binaries in the rootfs vs the "recipe/image" was a red herring. The rootfs one was significantly smaller, I think it's probably being stripped as part of its install. I need to investigate some more, but at least I have a better idea now where to look.02:24
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bluelightningpwebster: ok, please do let me know if you figure it out and/or need any help02:25
pwebsterThanks. I'm very new to Yocto and it's processes, so it's probably an understanding/expectation issue. Having said that, if I can provide even just some feedback for documentation improvements to help new users, I will.02:28
bluelightningthat would be much appreciated :)02:28
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pwebster@bluelightning: Found the first clue to the problem. The recipe uses the ${WORKDIR} variable extensively wherever a source directory is used, ie in OE_CMAKESOURCEPATH, in a do_configure_prepend and even in the arguments passed to cmake. Is there a better variable to use that will be updated when EXTERNALSRC is set for the recipe or do I need to implement some kind of local "if EXTERNALSRCE is set then..." check?03:30
bluelightningpwebster: it should really be using ${S}03:32
bluelightningthen it should work fine with externalsrc03:33
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pwebsteryep, thanks, was just about to say that I found the solution :D03:41
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pwebsterWORKDIR was used because it was referred to a lot in different examples of recipe writing, not explicitly in the things we are doing in the recipe, but the assumption was it was what should be used. And it worked, until I needed to build from an external source.03:46
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pwebsterThanks again for your help03:47
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mckoangood morning09:08
CTtpollardmorning mckoan09:11
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sveinseNo kidding about taking a lot of time.. 9 hrs to be exact...12:06
sveinseBut I think maybe the script went haywire... It tried to bitbake every word in my comments12:07
mathieu_laHi, I'm getting the taskhash mismatch error with meta-raspberrypi, I just updated to a new revisionn.12:12
mathieu_lagoing back to commit 6564e126aea0ac42a129595c79218ba69f8095eb works12:12
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mathieu_lapossibly stupid question : I have some image recipe on my meta-folder depending on some machine image. Now I would like to port the project to a new machine, do I need to include the first machine layer? or is there a way to blacklist those recipes?14:12
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boucman_workmathieu_la: there is a way of specifying that a recipe is only valid on certain MACHINE, but i'm not sure what it is...14:44
RPkergoth: did you see the delete variable syntax patch ?14:46
mathieu_lacool, thanks14:55
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HyP3rHey all, I'm working with in combination with a toradex vf61 board, now I want to add to my kernel a wireless driver15:03
HyP3rIn my case this module:
HyP3rWhats the correct way to do this?15:03
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HyP3rInside my Yocto folder structure I have the folder oe-core/build/out-glibc/work-shared/colibri-vf/kernel-source which seems to be the kernel directory15:05
HyP3rThis driver I have found allows me to patch an exisiting kernel source, but I think this is not the correct way15:05
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boucman_workHyP3r: is the kernel driver supported by toradex's kernel (i.e you just need to change an option)15:06
boucman_workis it an external module ?15:06
boucman_workis it a patch ?15:06
boucman_workHyP3r: yocto can apply patches to kernels, but the patch needs to be for the same version of the kernel, did you check that ?15:06
HyP3rboucman_work: I'm able to compile it as module extern, and I'm able to patch an existing kernel15:06
HyP3rIn my strategy was this the next step: checkig if compatible15:07
HyP3rI don't know how to find that out15:07
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HyP3rmy kernel has 4.1.1515:07
boucman_workmaybe check here :
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HyP3rboucman_work: but in this case the driver would be compiled as external kernel module, is that correct?15:18
HyP3rWhat if I want to patch the kernel with that driver? So I can bind the driver into the kernel15:20
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boucman_workyou can patch a kernel with a bbappend like any other recipe15:21
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RParmpit: I just fixed up the meta-qt4 branches with the fixes FWIW15:39
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armpitRP, thanks15:44
TechnicusHello, I am trying to figure out how to recompile the yocto kernel following this: < >.  I am trying to add this module: < >.  Am I following the right path by following this lab?15:47
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #518 of nightly-rpm-non-rpm is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #265 of nightly-checkuri is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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dmiessHi. I'm trying to write a recipe which will incorperate artifacts from a few other recipies. For instance, I want to be able to package a kernel which was produced from a previous recipe. How do I get access to these files?17:25
dmiessAll the files I need are in the RPM that was created by the kernel build17:25
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khemdmiess: usually recipe is a unit which is best to provide the final packaging content that it wants to expose to packager17:57
khemdmiess: whats your motivation to write such a recipe ?17:57
khemwhich seems to be a semi meta recipe17:58
khemwhen it comes to packaging17:58
dmiessI have a tool which is used for flashing the firmware onto a board. My thought was that I would write a recipe which would collect a kernel, dtb, u-boot and initramfs and then package them together with this tool + libraries17:59
dmiessIn the end I'm hoping to create a zip file which contains all these components18:00
khemthere already are tools like that in yocto18:02
khemplease try to use those18:02
dmiessWhat are the names of these tools?18:03
moto-timolook at 5.8 Creating Partitioned Images18:10
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dmiessI'm not sure this is what I'm looking for. Ultimately I just want to take a zip file, extract it, add this kernel and related files into the directory structure and create a new zip file. I don't want to be creating any kind of partition table18:13
rburtonwhat you're describing is how to create an image, but without the final "make a disk image" bit18:15
rburtonwhich conveniently is trivial as thats exactly what an initramfs is18:15
seebsYeah, if you take the instructions for building a disk image containing a particular set of things, but at the end sub in "zip" for "mkfs" or whatever...18:16
dmiessSo in that case my recipe would just start with inherting core-image-minimal and each piece I need would be defined as a package?18:18
dmiessor core-image-base I guess?18:18
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dmiessIs there an example anywhere of an "empty" image which doesn't pull in anything?18:39
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dmiessI think I have an empty image set up. Right now I'm testing it by trying to include a kernel and nothing else but I'm getting the error: "Can't install kernel-image-3.14.28-1.0-r0@imx6dlsabresd: no package provides /bin/sh"19:05
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dmiessSince I'm just creating a zip file I really don't want to have to install a shell though, is there a way around this?19:05
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TechnicusIn this lab < > it is using poky-dylan-9.0.0, can I use poky-krogoth-15.0.0?20:00
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RPkergoth: around?20:14
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denixcan I force copying objects from file:// based SSTATE_MIRROR the same way as http:// based ones, instead of symlinking them?20:52
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RPdenix: probably not without changing the fetcher21:47
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RPTechnicus: there have been a lot of changes since then.  think there should be a more recent version of the kernel lab for later versions of the project21:48
TechnicusRP: I have not been able to find one.  I am quite new to compiling Yocto, or Kernels even.21:49
denixRP: thanks21:49
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RPTechnicus: the 2.1 version would be krogoth21:54
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