Monday, 2016-08-01

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TechnicusHey, how do I print only the ip address of wlan0?04:03
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Snert_ifconfig | grep "ip addy"  iirc04:19
Snert_"" if there's a space.04:19
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lpappgood morning, why is my Yocto directory using 6.5 GB after the build even with rm_work in the local.conf?07:59
essamaybe download directory is not freed?08:00
lpapp2.8G    downloads08:06
lpapp898M    sstate-cache08:06
lpapp2.9G    tmp08:06
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lpappthose are the main contributors ^^^08:06
lpappeven with rm_work, that is a lot when we wish to put Yocto under Jenkins.08:06
lpappseveral branches, etc, easily fills up the disk quickly.08:07
essaI've never tried to even move my work directory (calculate directory size is also scary)08:07
lpappmove which work directory, where, why?08:09
essato another hard drive, for example08:10
boucman_worklpapp: under jenkins you can probably share stuff between jobs (at least downloads)08:10
CTtpollard+1 to sharing downloads and using local source mirror between jobs08:11
boucman_workdid you build a lot of images ? could you check the size of tmp/deploy ?08:11
boucman_workyocto does not remove previously built images, so they tend to stack...08:11
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lpappboucman_work: actually, I would much rather prefer removing those directories.08:14
lpappafter the build.08:14
lpappas we have been using an internal network mirror for a couple of years now, already.08:15
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lpappbut yes, some kind of quick mirroring is crucial IMHO anytime.08:15
boucman_worklpapp: you mean removing download after the build ?08:15
lpappnot only for speeding things up, but also for reliability so that we do not rely on a community in a serious project, etc.08:16
boucman_workyou can do that, also check the handling of local pre-mirrors so you can use your infrastructure08:16
lpappyes, exactly, that is what I meant, removing the disk hog washes.08:16
boucman_workbut yocto will need to recreate download at each build which will take time08:16
lpappdownloading is very fast on a gigabit internal network08:17
lpappso I am not too worried about that.08:17
boucman_workok, your call... yes you can remove the download directory, it won't break yocto. Jenkins has different plugins that can cleanup workspaces08:17
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lpappboucman_work: we store the logs, we cannot entirely clean up everything.08:38
boucman_worklpapp: what I do is I define the logs as "build-artifacts" so jenkins save them out of the workspace. I then clean-up the entire workspace. but YMMV08:40
lpappyes, that makes sense.08:41
lpappkeeping the logs and remove the rest, although if someone wishes to investigate about a failure at a particular time, it might be difficult without the files.08:42
lpappI guess I need to understand my case better.08:42
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jubrboucman_work: did you know about RM_OLD_IMAGE = "1"? Reclaims disk space by removing previously built versions of the same image from the images directory.09:16
jubrNote it only removes n when building n+1, so older ones need to be done once manually09:17
boucman_workjubr: I had seen it somewhere, but I never can find it when I need it. This is awesome, thx09:18
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jubrnp m809:18
boucman_workit should be more prominently documented somewher in the mega-manual... I have no idea where would make more sense (maybe close to rm_work, since they are solving the same type of problem)09:18
* jubr agrees09:19
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BlitzBlizzhi guys09:19
lpappjubr: I think I also requested that feature in 2013 :)09:20
lpappor maybe 201409:20
lpappalthough that was something like rm_old_work09:21
BlitzBlizzi've got a problem with a usb to ethernet driver on the raspi3. the driver seems to be included, but the device doesn't appears. can anybody help?09:21
yoctiBug 6646: enhancement, Medium, 1.9, richard.purdie, RESOLVED FIXED, Implement rm_old_work09:21
boucman_workBlitzBlizz: any kernel message when you plug (dmesg)09:22
lpappso apparently, rm_old_work and RM_OLD_IMAGE are different.09:22
boucman_workis it listed when you do "ifconfig -a" or "ip link list"09:22
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boucman_worklpapp: rm_work is about removing the intermediate products of building a package (sources, .o files, temporary deployment directories...)09:23
lpappI saw this mega manual a couple of weeks ago...09:23
lpappI have been using the reference manual for looking things up... I guess I should use the mega manual now?09:23
lpappboucman_work: yes09:23
rburtonthe mega manual is just all the manuals squished into one for searching09:23
jubr`grep -r --color rm_old_work ../sources/poky/` only gave me a newline :(09:23
boucman_workrm_old_image is removing stuff from "deploy" so it's about removing the final product of builds that you don't need anymore. It's much more dangerous (when your an integrator. devs don't care about old build)09:24
jubrwe're stuck with Freescale's i.MX6 releases09:24
lpappit is already documented ^^^09:24
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boucman_workjubr: rm_work not rm_old_work09:24
lpappjubr: from the bugreport,
lpappboucman_work: no, he is probably referring to my bugreport09:24
lpappwhere rm_old_work got implemented.09:25
boucman_workoh, ok09:25
lpappperhaps it was renamed or so?09:25
lpappI do not have time to investigate...09:25
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jubroh, was it renamed to `rm_work`? I've had that one around since the early 201x years I believe09:26
lpapprm_old_work was based on rm_work in ideas09:26
lpappbut it was meant to do something different09:26
lpappat least when I requested :)09:26
lpappit is possible that it was merged back; I would not know.09:26
rburtonrm_old_work wasn't merged iirc09:27
jubrrm_work is more prune_work, not a complete rm_, it leaves logs09:27
BlitzBlizzboucman_work it is not listed in ifconfig -a and also not in ip link list09:27
lpapprburton: ah, ok.09:27
jubrI guess it's meant to completely remove older work dirs, incl logs?09:27
lpappI remember it was for git things.09:28
lpappas rm_work was not removing old git stuff.09:28
rburtonrm_old_work was designed to remove non-current workdirs but leave the current one09:28
lpappand that caused me quite some headache when debugging in-tree git stuff.09:28
rburtoni believe bitbake does this itself now09:28
BlitzBlizzthis is the output of dmesg |grep usb:
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lpappit sounds like we ought to use RM_OLD_IMAGE because when we build an image, we move it to a dedicated release directory on the network09:30
lpappso that it is not only stored in the release manager's local directory. In this way, RM_OLD_IMAGE could spare quite a bit of disk space.09:31
lpappin fact, I cannot imagine a use case right now where it would not make sense to set that to 1.09:31
jubrlpapp: have you looked at using something like Artifactory?09:31
jubrlpapp: as a dev, you sometimes want build n-x, to check back when you started breaking stuff, hehe09:32
lpappjubr: as a dev, I use NFS09:33
lpappand git bisect, for that purpose.09:33
lpappI have not heard about Artifactory yet.09:33
jubrIt's an Artifact Repository, the free version has enough functionality to be useable :)09:34
BlitzBlizzboucman_work: this is the output of dmesg |grep usb:
lpappjubr: I am skimming through the website, but I have difficulties understanding what the project is about :)09:36
boucman_workBlitzBlizz: can you just post the last 20 lines of dmesg, just after plugging your UBS link, and without the grep ?09:36
boucman_work(also check if you device appears in "lsusb"09:36
lpappbut in general, I thought the word "artefact" carries some negative meaning.09:36
lpappbut words are just words, I guess.09:37
jubrlpapp: basically it can store any type of build artifact that should persist after it has been created. Yeah, esp in visual domain it has neg connotation, but not here.09:37
boucman_worklpapp: artefact in jenkins speak is "something that resulted from the build and is not part of the source"09:37
BlitzBlizzboucman_work: last 20 lines09:38
jubrWe've actually started using the paid version in the cloud.09:38
lpappI am still trying to make up a use case where RM_OLD_IMAGE = "1" would not make sense09:39
lpappI thought when people build releases, they archive them in some central place and so collecting them on a local disk does not make so much sense.09:39
lpappbut my perception is very limited.09:39
boucman_workok... your device seems to be correctly detected by the USB layer...09:39
rburtonlpapp: i'll often build a number of images with varying configurations (different package versions maybe) for testing09:40
boucman_worklpapp: you are saving your results on a separate drive, some people don't. Thus we need to keep RM_OLD_IMAGE="0"09:40
rburtonlpapp: but i generally copy the images once generated so i'm not trying to remember what the timestamps meant09:40
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jubrI actually implemented some like IMAGE_LABEL, that adds a suffix to your image name after the timestamp, so you know what it was for, like IMAGE_LABEL = "fix-usb-booboo" or "sprint20-2"09:42
HyP3rMy kernel module driver recipie is working the first time: the recipie is running with success, but how can I check if the kernel module was imported into the rootfs?09:43
BlitzBlizzboucman_work: a "modprobe mcs7830" brings up ""modprobe: FATAL: Module msc7830 not found in directory /lib/modules/4.1.21" but bitbake runs without error after including the driver via "bitbake -c menuconfig virtual/kernel"09:43
HyP3rhere is the script:
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boucman_workBlitzBlizz: ok, first question... does the file actually exist ? could you quickly check in /lib/modules ?09:45
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boucman_workHyP3r: check on the device :P you should have a file named wf111 or something similar deep in /lib/modules on the target09:47
BlitzBlizzboucman_work not doesn't exist in /lib/modules09:47
boucman_workBlitzBlizz: ok, then it hasn't been compiled.09:47
boucman_worktry "bitbake -C compile virtual/kernel" then "bitbake <your image>"09:47
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BlitzBlizzboucman_work: ok i will give it a try.09:50
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HyP3rboucman_work: is somewhere in the working directory the target rootfs? So I can take a look09:53
boucman_work tmp/work/<the most specific subdir>/<the name of your image>/<a couple subdirs>/rootfs09:54
boucman_workyeah... I know. not very precise :P09:54
boucman_work(and if you use rm_work, it will probably be empty)09:54
jubrHyP3r: you might need RM_WORK_EXCLUDE09:55
HyP3rYes the working directory of the recpie gets wiped after work, but I wanted to take a look into the rootfs, but ok I'll search for the directory09:57
HyP3rI have in the whole build directory no folder rootfs \o/09:59
boucman_workHyP3r: if you use rm_work, that's normal. Please look at RM_WORK_EXCLUDE in the manual, and add your image's recipe there... (and probably your kernel recipe too)10:01
BlitzBlizzboucman_work: bitbake <my image> failed with this error:
* jubr stops googling RM_WORK_EXCLUDE to fish for the correct man deeplink10:02
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boucman_workBlitzBlizz: please update meta-raspberrypi10:04
boucman_workrburton: we've seen this task-mismatch thing quite a lot on IRC recently, do you know what causes it ?10:04
rburtoneither metadata changing on disk after the controller has forked, or metadata that depends on variables that change (such as TIME)10:05
rburtonfwiw i never see it with oe-core/meta-intel but i know some BSPs use DATETIME in their image classes but don't exclude it10:05
boucman_workyeah, that seems to happen only with meta-raspberry and only since a week or so...10:07
rburton£10 says their image class uses DATETIME or similar, but doesn't add it to the hash dependencies whitelist10:09
BlitzBlizzboucman_work: ok i updated meta-raspberry and will built it again now10:09
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BlitzBlizzboucman_work: device still not listed in ifconfig -a and ip link list after building it again10:54
boucman_workis the module in /lib/modules now ?10:55
boucman_workcan you modprobe it ?10:55
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BlitzBlizzno can't modprobe it11:06
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BlitzBlizzboucman_work: in menuconfig, there is a <M> in front of the driver. should i chance it to <*> ?11:13
boucman_workin theory M should work... i'm not sure in what package does your module end, though...11:14
boucman_workcan you go in the workdir of your kernel, there should be a package-split subdir, and the module should be somewhere in there11:14
boucman_workcould you tell me where ?11:14
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BlitzBlizzok. wait a second11:14
BlitzBlizzboucman_work: there is nothing "/buildDir/poky-krogoth-15.0.0/rpi3_bin/tmp/work/raspberrypi3-poky-linux-gnueabi/linux-raspberrypi/1_4.1.21+gitAUTOINC+ff45bc0e89-r0/packages-split/kernel"11:21
boucman_worknothing at all ?11:21
BlitzBlizzboucman_work: empty directory11:22
boucman_workis it in you RM_WORK_EXCLUDE ?11:22
BlitzBlizzboucman_work: here: "/buildDir/poky-krogoth-15.0.0/rpi3_bin/tmp/work/raspberrypi3-poky-linux-gnueabi/linux-raspberrypi/1_4.1.21+gitAUTOINC+ff45bc0e89-r0/packages-split" there is the module directory "kernel-module-mcs7830"11:23
BlitzBlizzboucman_work: RM_WORK_EXCLUDE in conf/local.conf?11:24
boucman_workyes, what does it contain ?11:26
BlitzBlizzthere is no line in conf/local.conf. the module directory contains many subdirecories and in the end, there is the file "mcs7830.ko"11:28
BlitzBlizzno line containing RM_WORK_EXCLUDE in conf/local.conf11:28
BlitzBlizzboucman_work: ...linux-raspberrypi/1_4.1.21+gitAUTOINC+ff45bc0e89-r0/packages-split/kernel-module-mcs7830/lib/modules/4.1.21/kernel/drivers/net/mcs7830.ko11:30
BlitzBlizzsorry /drivers/net/usb/mcs7830.ko11:30
boucman_workadd "kernel-module-mcs7830" to your image (it's probably not installed at all)11:33
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BlitzBlizzboucman_work: i never did this. could you guide me?11:34
boucman_workadd the following line in your  local.conf11:41
boucman_workIMAGE_INSTALL_append +="kernel-module-mcs7830"11:42
boucman_workshould do the trick11:42
jubrBlitzBlizz: +=" k11:42
boucman_work(and then rebuild your image and tell me if the module is there11:42
jubr_append && += nice11:42
jubrIMAGE_INSTALL_append = " kernel-module-mcs7830"11:43
BlitzBlizzok. it's building...11:44
HyP3rTo this script again: The compilation is not generating a simple Kernel Module, there are some binary helpers and config files:
HyP3rWith the script, my hope was that all the files (not only the kernel module) is imported into the sysroot11:48
HyP3rBut it seems like "inherit module" is ignoreing this11:49
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essawhy weston requires virtual/mesa? What should I choose, if I want to use powervr-sgx for graphics?11:51
HyP3rHow can I force yocto to import the other files also into the rootfs, the folderstructure seems allready good for the rootfs11:52
essaHyP3r: create recipe for your files, it's pretty easy11:54
HyP3rso then I have to recpies?11:54
essaHyP3r: if you need to copy two files, you can create single recipe11:55
essajust set SRC for multiple files11:56
jubrHyP3r: I don't know how well inherit module will play together with extra FILES_${PN} stuff, you might have to break them up. Maybe with PACKAGES_prepend = "${PN}-cfg "?11:56
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jubrand then FILES_${PN}-cfg = "/usr"11:56
HyP3rjubr: seens more like it setting to FILES_${PN} = ""11:57
jubrkernel-module-split does that for you11:58
HyP3rthis is searching for the *.ko files11:59
jubrso you prolly want to put all the other stuff in a separate pkg11:59
jubrdon't interfere with the kernel-module-split stuff11:59
HyP3rso I have two recpies? One for Kernel Module and one for the additional files?12:00
jubryou can gen multiple pkgs with simgle recipe12:00
jubrread back my suggestions :)12:00
BlitzBlizzboucman_work: thank you very much for your help. it works :-)12:03
HyP3rTake a look at this:
HyP3rseems like yocto has created a pkg for the kernel module and a pkg for wf111 with the binarys12:05
boucman_workyes, that's how yocto works...12:06
HyP3rI don't know how yocto works, but it seems correct right?12:06
jubrthe magic lies in kernel-module-split.bbclass12:08
jubrall the files install()'d in ${D} are divided over all the PACKAGES, first-come first-serve12:09
jubrit even added a nice RDEPENDS_wf111: kernel-module-unifi-sdio12:10
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HyP3rjup, pretty cool12:11
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yann|workwhat's the correct way of changing the rootfs type from ext3 to squashfs ?  I could not find much on this in the docs12:30
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boucman_workuse bitbake -e to check how it is currently set, then change it wherever it makes sense to whatever you want12:40
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yann|workboucman_work: this adds generation of a squashfs, but on one hand there is still an ext4 generated,and  I was in the process of doublechecking but I guess the iso will still install an ext12:42
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boucman_workok, so it's the live image you want to use the squashfs, not just the yocto generation12:46
boucman_workno idea... I don't really have the time to dig into it right now...12:46
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HyP3rNow I'm at the package dbus-cxx13:08
HyP3rIt crashing away with this: error: possibly undefined macro: AC_MSG_RESULT13:09
HyP3rWith a deeper look in this line stands: PKG_CHECK_MODULES(DBUS_VER,dbus-1 >= 1.2,AC_DEFINE(HAVE_DBUS_12,[],[If defined, dbus 1.2 or higher is present]),[AC_MSG_RESULT(dbus < 1.2)])13:09
HyP3rSo dbus-1 is not up to date?13:10
HyP3rBut it seems really up to date.:
HyP3rHm. pkg-config give me the same result:
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yann|workboucman_work: ok, looking into image-live seems a good idea13:20
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #622 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Failure [failed Running oe-selftest] Build details are at
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daddioAny examples of a yocto recipe using cmake with nested CMakelists.txt files? doesn't seem to be working ut of the box23:06
daddioI'm trying to make a layer for apitrace
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