Tuesday, 2016-08-02

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mckoangood morning08:07
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HyP3rgood morning all, I'm still working on dbus-cxx, my next idea was to simply overwrite the do_configure target and its wokring, I have now a working (complie ready) configuration in my directory08:41
HyP3rBut why is there no do_compile target inside the "autotools" class?08:41
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rburtonHyP3r: current master does actually have a do_compile in autotools, but base.bbclass has a do_compile08:49
rburtonso that runs in the the previous releases08:49
rburton"NOTE: nothing to compile" is from base_do_compile and means "you told me to run make, but there wasn't a makefile"08:49
rburtonthis generally means you're using autotools on a recipe that does not in fact use autoconf+automake08:50
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rburtonif its autoconf+hand-crafted makefiles when using autotools-brokensep should fix it.08:51
HyP3rrburton: ah ok, the problem was that the whole run.do_compile script was not run in side the correct directory... no makefile no installation08:51
rburtonyeah, autotools.bbclass does out of tree builds, assuming the upstream supports them08:51
HyP3rIf the directroy which is changing before do_compile is called, I have to set S=?08:51
rburtonwell, determine the problem first08:52
HyP3rI allready had to fix that in my do_configure() routine08:52
HyP3rIf I'm in the correct directory I can compile it08:52
rburtonsounds like you really don't need autotools then08:52
rburtonwhat upstream is this?08:52
HyP3rwhats a upstream? Sorry08:52
rburtonwhat recipe08:52
HyP3rcustom - from me - called dbus-cxx08:52
HyP3rMy cowork did it, now its not working anymore08:53
HyP3rAnd well, there is no good configure script aviable, but an configure.ac script, but yocto is calling - by default - autoreconf wrong so I overwrote the do_configure08:53
rburtonwhat's wrong about the invocation and why can it not be fixed08:54
HyP3rIf you remove "ACLOCAL="$ACLOCAL"" <- this everything works but _with_ this you cann't create a working configure script08:54
HyP3rI don't really know why08:54
rburtonimpressively broken upstream08:55
rburtonremoving the cd will fix your build problem08:55
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HyP3rrburton: the cd was nessercary because something inside my script is ignoreing the setting of "S = ..."08:55
rburtonwell, pasting what happens when you don't override do_configure will be interesting08:55
rburtonno, as i said, autotools assumes out of tree builds08:55
rburtonso you'll be in WORKDIR/build08:56
HyP3rI don't really know why but its allways chaning in side the build directory08:56
HyP3rah you said it too08:56
rburtonlook at autotools, you do an out-of-tree configure by invoking ${S}/configure08:56
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rburtonthe normal autotools class basically does cd ${S}, autoreconf, cd ${B}, ${S}/configure08:57
rburtonaclocal problems suggests that the dbus-cxx maintainers don't know what aclocal vs acinclude are for08:57
HyP3rthat could be08:58
rburtonoh they're putting macros at the top level instead of in m4/08:58
rburtonextending ACLOCAL with -I${S} might help08:58
HyP3rwould you inherit autotools or remove it then`?08:58
HyP3rYou would keep it if I'm understanding you correct08:58
HyP3rDo you need the output without overwritng do_configure?08:59
HyP3rShould I post it?08:59
rburtonyeah please08:59
HyP3rI posted it here yesterday but I'm generating it new :)08:59
rburtondbus-cxx comes up every month, someone needs to get a working recipe that we can put in meta-oe and be done with08:59
HyP3rok? So I'm not alone?08:59
HyP3rMaybe I find a wokring upstream in the internet?08:59
HyP3romfg, I readch the maximum amout of pastes in pastebin, wait I have to create an account :F09:00
rburtonoh god the last release was in 201309:01
HyP3ryep 2013 with 0.8.009:01
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rburtonthere's been commits in 2015 so they likely need to roll a new release09:03
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HyP3rThis recpie: http://pastebin.com/HRWLy5z0  give this output: http://pastebin.com/zbqgRKsz09:05
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HyP3rThe Problem comes form this line: PKG_CHECK_MODULES(DBUS_VER,dbus-1 >= 1.2,AC_DEFINE(HAVE_DBUS_12,[],[If defined, dbus 1.2 or higher is present]),[AC_MSG_RESULT(dbus < 1.2)])09:08
HyP3rInside the configure.ac09:08
HyP3rBut as I said ... its possible to gernate the configure file09:09
rburtonyou're missing an inherit pkgconfig09:10
HyP3rWait I'll try09:10
rburtonit uses pkgconfig, so you need the dependency09:10
rburtoni've got a cleaner recipe that i'm wrangling right now with my local security flags which cause libsigc++ to break09:11
HyP3rYes, now I'm in step install, wow its working, so easy :)09:12
rburtonwould be nice if that error from autoconf was in any way obvious09:13
HyP3rIn this case I should be able to remove the "S = " Variable assing?09:14
rburtonlet me pastebin my recipe09:15
rburtonyou've got a load of non-deterministic behaviour in here btw09:15
rburtonpresence of expat and glib and so on changes how it will buid09:15
rburtonand popt09:16
HyP3rhm ok09:17
rburtonand oe-core master doesn't need boost as the gcc is good enough to have c++0x smart pointers09:17
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rburtonoh change DESCRIPTION to SUMMARY09:18
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rburtonHyP3r: the readme says the "tools" (whatever they are) need popt, so you'll want that in depends i guess09:19
HyP3rI don't really know the programm which need that library (simple c++ programm) is not written from me...09:21
HyP3rI don't even know what popt is09:21
rburtonbin_PROGRAMS = dbus-cxx-xml2cpp dbus-cxx-introspect09:22
rburtonthose tools09:22
rburtonah disabled by default anyway09:23
rburtonso ignore the popt thing09:23
rburtoni think that recipe i pasted is good enough for now :)09:23
HyP3rYeah looks really good, thank you09:27
HyP3rNow all my recpies from open embeded 2.3 are now working agin with 2.5 ... the next thing would be to write the image generating recipie.09:27
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HyP3rFor that I copied the Image generating recpie 'console-trdx-image.bb' into my meta-layer and renamed it to 'console-trdx-image-racechip.bb' but now I want that all my packages e.g. dbus-cxx are inside thie rootfs09:33
HyP3rMy coworker solved that by partitially adding some of them to the image generating recpie with IMAGE_INSTALL09:34
rburtonyes, thats how you add stuff to images09:34
HyP3rAnd some of them with bblayers.conf IMAGES_INSTALL_append09:35
HyP3rThis one is global and the other one is local correct09:35
bluelightningbblayers.conf is really the wrong place for such things, use local.conf if you need to set something globally09:36
boucman_workthat is correct, but you usually never want to add stuff in bblayers.conf except layers09:36
HyP3rI thought that allready... ok I will put everthing in my image generating recpie, I don't need something global09:36
boucman_workand setting IMAGE_INSTALL globaly is usually wrong. why do you need to do that ?09:36
HyP3rMy co-worker did that, now hes gone,...09:37
piviHi all09:37
piviI am getting crazy generating an initramfs image with jetrho and krogoth09:37
pivifido works ok09:38
pivithe problem is the readme.txt into image directory09:38
piviany hint on debugging this ?09:38
piviusual rm of the cached directory already done ...09:38
boucman_workpivi: i'm not sure I understand your problem...09:40
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piviERROR: The recipe .... is trying to install files into a shared area when those files already exist. Those files and their manifest location are: ... README_-_DO_NOT_DELETE_FILES_IN_THIS_DIRECTORY.txt09:42
pivithe recipe is the kernel recipe09:43
pivireadme is already there, I suppose installed while generating the rootfs cpio.gz09:43
piviI spend a full day moving around variable, checking my kernel recipe, but I was not able to find anything09:44
pivithe kernel image is an uImage, imx609:44
HyP3rThe this wireless network kernel module which I developed... called wf111.bb. Can I add this kernel module also with INSTALL_IMAGE?09:45
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jubrHyP3r: it's better to add it to a custom image-foo.bb in your own meta layer that is based on something like core-image-*.bb09:47
jubrSwitching to your own images pays off really fast.09:48
HyP3rI have my console-trdx-image-racechip.bb which is base on 'image'09:48
HyP3rAnd inside this script I have a IMAGE_INSTALL += ' ... ';09:48
boucman_workHyP3r: yes you can, but IIRC the package is named kernel-module-wf111 (I had you add it yesterday in local.conf iirc)09:49
HyP3rThere is no mainline recpie, I wrote it by hand yesterday \o/09:49
jubrprobably good to start with some  'mimimal set' of packages that first your needs & then extend09:50
boucman_workHyP3r: yes, you did... I helped you yesterday, that's why I know the name of the generated package :P09:52
HyP3rah ok, I thought I have to writhe there the names of the bb files09:53
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boucman_workno, you have to put the name of the generated package, not the name of the recipe09:54
jubrpivi: if t recipe's try to install the same file in ./deploy/images/$machine/ then it will bork. Did you try a few different kernel variations? You can remove them with `bitbake -c clean $recipe` - a last resort would be to `rm -rf ./tmp` - not removing your scene state in there is probably wise :)09:54
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HyP3ris there way to get this? E.g. print-generated-packages *.bb09:55
bluelightningjubr: pivi: that's a bit extreme... something really weird is going on there, I have never seen any such conflicts with that file09:55
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bluelightningpivi: you aren't by chance trying to build two kernels in the same build?09:56
boucman_workHyP3r: there is but I never can never remember it... it has to do with the too oe-pkgdata-utils but I don't know the exact syntax09:56
HyP3rAnd another thing: can you recommend  a good book about yocto, maybe I have then less dump questions09:56
jubrbluelightning: that's what I was thinking09:56
jubrbluelightning: not even the same build, consecutively will also complain09:57
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bluelightningjubr: right... it's actually explicitly blocked in current versions (you can't build any other provider of virtual/kernel than the preferred one)09:58
jubrah, nice09:58
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rburtonHyP3r, boucman_work: oe-pkgdata-utils list-pkgs, iirc10:02
HyP3roe-pkgdata-util list-pkgs | sort | less10:05
*** Biliogadafr <Biliogadafr!~pin@nat3-minsk-pool-46-53-182-183.telecom.by> has quit IRC10:05
jubrrburton: nice one, tnx! Beats grepping ./pkgdata any day!10:08
BlitzBlizzwhat causes this message: "buildDir/poky-krogoth-15.0.0/meta-raspberrypi/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-raspberrypi_4.1.bb.do_compile is tainted from a forced run" and who can i get rid of it?10:09
HyP3rNow while create the rootfs I get this message: http://pastebin.com/PWwKkpcn10:10
HyP3rsatisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for wf111:10:10
jubrBlitzBlizz: do a `-c clean` and then a regular image build10:15
boucman_workHyP3r: your package kernel-module-wf111 depends on another package kernel-module-unifi-sdio which hasn't been built10:16
*** BlitzBlizz <BlitzBlizz!~blitz@2001:638:102:26:9ab6:d2f6:f066:b9a2> has quit IRC10:16
boucman_worki'm not sure how to fix that... I don't really know how the kernel infrastructure works...10:16
*** BlitzBlizz <BlitzBlizz!~blitz@2001:638:102:36:e3aa:c03b:c3ec:41c6> has joined #yocto10:16
pivijubr: already tried removing tmp, deploy dir, everything without success10:17
pivibluelightning: as far as I can see only one kernel is present10:17
pivibluelightning: how can I check for sure?10:17
jubrHyP3r: did you do a `bitbake -c menuconfig $kernel-recipe`? That .config is not saved, you need to make sure it persists in some way, either in the kernel-source repo, or in your recipe's SRC_URI as `defconfig` traditionally10:19
pivibluelightning, jubr : consider that I have two kernel for my specific machine. my distro is changing this: PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel10:20
piviwhat i had with fido is 2 different distro/image/kernels that were build a standard image, with separated rootfs, and one with initramfs buildin10:20
piviI am building on two separated work directories, separated sstate-cache, tmp and so on10:21
BlitzBlizzjubr: bitbake -c clean <my image>?10:23
jubrBlitzBlizz: bitbake -c clean linux-raspberrypi -- because that is the one that is tainted - for you my defconfig remark also might be relevant?10:24
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BlitzBlizzjubr_ defconfig remark?10:27
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away10:28
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jubrBlitzBlizz: https://www.yoctoproject.org/irc/%23yocto.2016-08-02.log.html#t2016-08-02T10:19:1910:39
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HyP3rI don't get it.... this Kernel Module Recpie http://pastebin.com/1VVjHDdG generates following packages: http://pastebin.com/K0jT4Wws if I take a look into those packages http://pastebin.com/MEbNZzL0 I can sse that wf111 depends on kernel-module-unifi-sdio and kernel-module-unifi-sdio on kernel-4.1.15-v2.5b3+ge6d111c12:17
HyP3rSo where is the problem12:17
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has joined #yocto12:19
HyP3rboucman_work: you say that the kernel module kernel-module-unifi-sdio hasn't been built, but I thought that this is generated implicit by my wf111 package12:20
HyP3ror recpie12:20
*** fledermaus <fledermaus!~vivek@2a00:1098:5:0:c921:578b:7c57:983e> has joined #yocto12:20
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HyP3rI think its a pretty obvious thing, but I have no idea12:41
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boucman_workHyP3r: IDK, could you check with "bitbake -c menuconfig virtual/kernel" what is the status of the unifi-sdio option in your kernel (y,n or m)12:47
boucman_workdon't change it yet, I'm just figuring out what's happening12:47
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pivistill working on my broken uimage with initramfs generation ...12:53
piviI removed any reference to initramfs in my local.conf12:53
*** nighty <nighty!~nighty@s229123.ppp.asahi-net.or.jp> has joined #yocto12:53
pivinow on deploy dir I have uImage and rootfs.cpio.gz12:53
pivinow I should just add INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE and INITRAMFS_IMAGE in local.conf12:54
piviand it should just work, right?12:54
HyP3rboucman_work: if I search for unifi-sdio I don't find an entry.12:55
HyP3rboucman_work: So I think that the kernel don't knows this kernel module12:55
HyP3rboucman_work: it is a external module, why should the kernel config knows about that?12:55
jubrHyP3r: exactly12:55
HyP3rbut how do I get my rootfs generated when there are such strange dependencys?12:56
jubrHyP3r: $ oe-pkgdata-util list-pkgs kernel-module-u*12:57
jubris it in the list?12:57
*** niteshnarayanlal <niteshnarayanlal!~Nitesh@fedora/niteshnarayanlal> has joined #yocto12:57
jubrHyP3r: $ oe-pkgdata-util lookup-recipe kernel-module-unify-sdio12:58
jubrthat should be your recipe then12:59
HyP3rjubr: no12:59
HyP3rERROR: The following packages could not be found: kernel-module-unify-sdio13:00
HyP3ras I said, this package was _implicit_ generated by my wf111 recpie13:00
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jubrwell it should be found by these tools, so something went wrong there13:02
jubrfor instance: $ oe-pkgdata-util lookup-recipe kernel-module-cryptodev  -->  cryptodev-module13:03
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* jubr has a meeting13:03
HyP3rhm... thats strange yes13:07
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boucman_workHyP3r: just so I understand... unifi-sdio is not a standard kernel module, it's one of yours that was compiled by your wf111 recipe ?13:08
boucman_workcd ..13:08
boucman_workoops :P13:08
HyP3rthe wf111 is generating this driver13:08
boucman_worksecond question13:09
HyP3rI give you everything :)13:10
boucman_workif you go to ${WORKDIR}/packages-split of your wf111 recipe13:10
*** xerent <xerent!xerent@compose.lokalen.org> has joined #yocto13:10
boucman_workis the .ko file somewhere in that subdir, and if yes, where ?13:10
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HyP3rhere is the .ko file http://pastebin.com/aQQgqhuU13:15
HyP3rSeems good for me13:16
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boucman_workyeah, but that's the sysroot, that's not what i'm interested in13:16
boucman_worki'm trying to figure out in what package that file ended.13:16
boucman_workso, please check if it's somewhere in the package-split of your recipe13:16
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HyP3rthis: http://pastebin.com/da9S1sUy13:17
*** fledermaus <fledermaus!~vivek@2a00:1098:5:0:c921:578b:7c57:983e> has quit IRC13:18
HyP3rI can't fine the file unifi_sdio.ko somewhere else13:18
*** fledermaus <fledermaus!~vivek@2a00:1098:5:0:c921:578b:7c57:983e> has joined #yocto13:18
boucman_workHyP3r: try adding "kernel-module-unifi-sdio" to the IMAGE_INSTALL variable13:19
boucman_work(i'm suprised it's not done automatically, but let's see if that's the problem13:19
HyP3rIts allready inserted but its still not working13:20
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HyP3rboucman_work: ?13:28
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pivimm, my problem seemfs related to a rootfs pre/post process command that is adding file to ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}13:41
pividoes it make sense?13:41
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HyP3rrburton, boucman_work or jubr none of you has an idea? I would be really happy if you help me14:10
*** aehs29 <aehs29!aehernan@nat/intel/x-htokidcatgdtdgdd> has joined #yocto14:11
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piviit seems that anything thats is modifying rootfs in a pre/post process command is breaking initramfs image deploy ....14:38
pivijust adding INHERIT += "image-buildinfo"14:38
piviis enough to break everything14:38
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HyP3rAnd another question is how to patch the kernel device tree? I have no idea whats the best practise is14:44
HyP3rI follow now this tutorial http://stackoverflow.com/a/34187967/523286514:45
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armpitYPTM - Armin in on14:55
sgw_YPTM: Saul is on and Leading Yocto Project Technical Meeting14:57
sgw_Ready-Access Number: +1 8007302996  or +1 9139049836   Access Code:     270575114:58
joshuaglYPTM: Joshua is on14:59
frayYPTM - Mark is on14:59
belenYPTM: belen is on15:00
evadeflowDavid Wolfe from Bosch here.15:00
rburtonYPTM ross on15:00
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RPYPTM: Richard joined, sorry I'm late15:03
fraySmart -probably- for 2.2.. DNF being investigated15:04
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jubrHyP3r: FILES_INFO: {}  <--  that'[s a plroblem, means the pkg is empty15:25
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HyP3rjubr: ??? where do you have this information?15:31
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guest_IRCHello, can anyone help me a build error I am having -- i am trying to build NTP 4.2.8p8 using a .bb recipe i found online and am having the error15:34
guest_IRCfatal error: not a git repository15:34
guest_IRCI am not sure why, when i dont have a git repository -- nor do i need/want one15:34
rburtonpastebin more logs than that please15:34
guest_IRCi have the .tar.gz file locally15:34
guest_IRCtest build ntp-4.2.8p815:35
guest_IRCNOTE: Handling BitBake files: - (6357/6357) [100 %]15:35
guest_IRCNOTE: Parsing finished. 6083 cached, 0 parsed, 274 skipped, 0 masked.15:35
guest_IRCNOTE: build 201608021035: started15:35
guest_IRCfatal: Not a git repository15:35
*** guest_IRC <guest_IRC!90bf9404@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip.> has quit IRC15:35
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HyP3rrburton: from what do you want to have logs? I can give you everything, but I slowly getting insane...15:45
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rburtonguest_IRC: are you using http://cgit.openembedded.org/cgit.cgi/meta-openembedded/tree/meta-networking/recipes-support/ntp/ntp_4.2.8p8.bb?h=master?15:46
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HyP3rHere are all the logs about the do_rootfs runtime and the error at the end: http://pastebin.com/Gn6a5gcG http://pastebin.com/QPxNWrNe http://pastebin.com/jyBXDTX816:08
HyP3r * satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for wf111:16:08
HyP3r * kernel-module-unifi-sdio *16:08
HyP3rAnd here is the recipe: http://pastebin.com/pcjjwBSe16:09
HyP3rThe recpie for the image: http://pastebin.com/Vc6wLCZB16:11
*** lpapp <lpapp!~lpapp@kde/lpapp> has joined #yocto16:13
lpapphi, if I update init-ipupdown with opkg, is opkg supposed to come back to me only after the network interface is available again?16:14
lpappor does it not guarantee blocking for down and up?16:14
rburtonif the postinst for ifupdown is dropping networking then i'd be running it in a screen16:15
rburton(if you're doing it over network)16:16
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HyP3rAnd a short overview: http://pastebin.com/LW4PEVeE16:20
*** lpapp <lpapp!~lpapp@kde/lpapp> has quit IRC16:20
HyP3rrburton: you are right this FILES_INFO is empty16:21
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HyP3rNow it working, I just had to 'ignore' the *.ko file, so that it was able to import the kernel file16:36
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jubrHyP3r: I got it from your pastebin. rburton noticed as well.16:45
* jubr needs to leave work, see y'all tomorrow :)16:46
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seebsokay, i am now really confused by a thing.19:23
*** dv <dv!~quassel@> has joined #yocto19:24
seebsApparently, there's a point at which bitbake is statting a file, then hardlinking to it, then changing the ownership and mode of the link to match the original.19:24
rburton1<must resist childish responses>19:24
seebsheh, i'm pretty generally confused.19:24
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Ulfalizerseebs: might be a kind of cheap copy that also preserves the file metadata19:32
seebsBut a hard link *always* has the same mode and ownership.19:34
seebsSo it doesn't make sense to request a permissions change to match the existing permissions.19:34
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Ulfalizerseebs: might be redundant if that's the case, yeah. i don't know off the top of my head if there are exceptions.19:37
seebsAnd of course, because the original file wasn't tracked in pseudo, and pseudo "fixes" filesystem permissions (adds u+w, removes go+w) under the hood, this results in the original file's mode potentially changing.19:38
seebsSo I probably have to add tracking for files linked-to, which is slightly annoying, but it also may not come up if we don't make those calls.19:38
seebsBut it seems weird that those calls exist in the first place, and I assume it must have been done for a reason.19:38
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rburtonhistorial reasons, possibly19:39
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Ulfalizerseebs: maybe the uid/gid of the inode will be changed if you hardlink it to a directory with the setuid/gid bit set and a different uid/gid. doubt it though. :P19:41
Ulfalizerthat seems too obscure as well19:41
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seebsHuh. I have no idea. I think those bits only apply to creation, though.19:44
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Ulfalizeryeah, creating a new link to an already existing file might not count19:45
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