Friday, 2016-08-05

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awaisbmorning folks07:36
awaisbkhem: ping... and sorry for pinging you directly07:36
awaisbI submitted and have further updates for the same installation scripts07:38
awaisbShould I base the further changes on top of the submitted one or wait till it gets merged?07:38
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Guest71731Is there any problem if I use updated sstate cache from a remote location, which is newer than my local sstate cache07:49
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khemawaisb: send that as another patch unless its related to the fix in question. if it is then submit a v408:08
khemGuest71731: should not be,08:08
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boucman_workdoes anybody know how dropbear+systemd reacts to read-only rootfs ? there seem to be code to deal with that case for systemV init but not systemd...10:01
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_jmkumm. I'm using my own plain kernel recipes to build the kernels, but I'm having issues exporting KERNEL_VERSION from those properly. any handy tricks?10:34
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_jmkso I just want to export the contents of the kernel release file via the datastore and/or global as usual. wasn't as straight forward as I had hoped :-/10:45
jkroon__jmk, have you checked the kerenl.bbclass ?10:51
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_jmkjkroon_, yes. it's not obvious from that what the magic is to get it to export.11:13
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jkroon__jmk, have it exported so that other recipes can access it ? I think you'd have to export it yourself in a common .inc or .bbclass file11:18
jkroon_at least thats what module_base.bbclass seems to do11:18
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_jmkjkroon_, indeed seems that way. so there is no way to implement own standalone kernel recipes correctly :-/ ?11:31
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_jmkissue comes mainly from out of tree modules as 'inherit module' will go oof if it doesn't know the exact version. I'm not even entirely sure why it was done that way that it needs to know that version since it could just as well access, config etc what ever it needs via symlinks11:42
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #527 of nightly-mips64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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r0r0 im trying to add, "rpi-sdimg" to my IMAGE_FSTYPES in toasters bitbake variables and unable to do so any ideas?12:44
jubr_jmk: I believe it fetches info from ./work-shared/kernel/$machine/kernel-build-artifacts/kernel-abiversion12:44
jubr../sources/poky/meta/classes/module-base.bbclass:export KERNEL_VERSION = "${@base_read_file('${STAGING_KERNEL_BUILDDIR}/kernel-abiversion')}"12:46
jubrdoes your kernel populate that dir?12:46
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belen1r0r0: you should just be able to go to the 'bitbake variables' page, click the icon next to the IMAGE_FSTYPES variables, type "rpi-sdimg" at the end of the value and click 'save'13:07
r0r0tried that but it just does the list and when I click save its still the same13:08
r0r0distro is poky13:08
r0r0git branch : krogoth13:09
belen1r0r0: sounds like a bug :/ Let me check13:09
r0r0layer is added for meta-raspberrypi13:10
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belen1r0r0: sorry, I forgot. Krogoth shippedh with a bug that prevents you from adding IMAGE_FSTYPES not currently listed in Toaster. I13:13
r0r0anyway I can force it in there13:14
belen1r0r0: you should be able to change the value of IMAGE_FSTYPES in the local.conf file13:15
r0r0if I do that will that apply to every new project I add into toaster?13:16
belen1r0r0: no. Toaster creates a separate build directory for each project, with  its own local.conf file13:16
r0r0so they are like build-toaster-2 / build-toaster-313:17
r0r0like that13:17
belen1r0r0: yes13:17
r0r0making more sense now :-)13:17
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belen1r0r0: if you want to apply the change across toaster, you can try to use the django admin interface to change the value of IMAGE_FSTYPES in the whole toaster instance13:17
r0r0nope dont wanna do that lol13:17
belen1r0r0: haven't tried that in ages though, so I can't guarantee it will work13:17
r0r0I noticed on that it allow for users13:18
r0r0mine doesnt have that.. is that a different branch13:18
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belen1r0r0: no, that is a window in the future of Toaster :) we only use it to discuss and design new features. It's not a real toaster: it's only a design prototype13:18
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r0r0so im looking in these local.conf files for each build only seeing that the MACHINE_TYPE is set to the default and not what I specified in toaster13:20
r0r0is that normal?13:20
belen1r0r0: yes it is13:21
r0r0I just wanted to make sure that it references my IMGE_FSTYPE change13:21
belen1r0r0: there is another file in /conf called toaster.conf that will apply the toaster configuration13:21
belen1r0r0: btw, you might try changing the value of IMAGE_FSTYPES in toaster.conf instead.13:21
r0r0I saw that and thought about changing it but when I change the value in toaster it doesnt reflect there in the toaster.conf13:22
r0r0I tried switching from ext3 to ext4 just to see if that file would be updated13:22
belen1r0r0: that makes sense, of course13:22
sujith_hr0r0: any change to local.conf should definitely work for you13:22
r0r0it wasnt13:22
r0r0okay well I will give it a whirl :-)13:22
belen1r0r0: let us know how it goes. Now I am curious :)13:23
r0r0anyway I can figure out which build folder belongs to which project?13:23
belen1r0r0: not easy, sorry. The project id is in the url13:23
r0r0so if my project is project/2 I can safely assume that build-toaster-2 is what im after?13:24
belen1toastergui/project/3/builds/ corresponds to build-toaster-313:24
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r0r0thanks :-)13:24
belen1r0r0: np. Sorry for the annoying fstypes bug. It's fixed in master at least :)13:25
r0r0hwo can I pull down the master? I thought I did13:25
r0r0I dont mind the extra work to get the issue fixed13:25
r0r0is it the master for poky? because when I cd into my poky and did a git checkout master13:26
r0r0it said it was already on master13:26
sujith_hr0r0: if you select the release as master, its going to clone the master branch of poky13:27
belen1r0r0: master will not build the krogoth release I'm afraid13:28
r0r0been working for me so far13:28
r0r0for building krogoth13:28
r0r0except all these hickups with the pi stuff13:28
r0r0which release should I be using?13:29
r0r0instead of krogoth?13:29
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belen1r0r0: can you click on the "i" icon in the top bar of Toaster and let us know what you have there?13:30
r0r0Git branch13:30
belen1r0r0: so you are using Toaster from Yocto Project Krogoth. If you want to build the krogoth release that's the right thing to do13:31
r0r0ok so I guess my best bet is to just wait until krogoth is patched?13:32
r0r0beyond the manual edit to hack the imagefs_type13:32
belen1r0r0: well, it's even worse than that. It is very unlikely we will patch Krogoth to fix that bug, so you will need to use the manual hack :(13:33
r0r0ok, guess my next question is so when  new version comes out do I need to rebuild toaster completely?13:34
r0r0or can I add it into my existing setup?13:34
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belen1r0r0: you will need to scrap your existing installation and set up the new version, I'm afraid. Also, the next release will not build krogoth: too many big changes have happened to be able to provide backwards compatibility13:40
belen1r0r0: jeez, we are not painting a pretty picture, are we? ;)13:41
r0r0im fine with scrapping my install just want to know which builds to pull down in order to set the FSTYPE without an issue13:42
r0r0I will just keep watching for new stuff to come out. adding in the rpi-sdimg into the local.conf worked without issue.13:44
r0r0hoping in a future build of toaster allows to auto update without having to rebuild.13:45
r0r0thanks for the help btw belen113:48
belen1r0r0: no worries. Any other questions / issues, we are happy to help as we can :)13:49
r0r0awesome, thanks again. one last thing... are those default image types stored somewhere in the toaster DB where I could just add it in?13:51
belen1r0r0: they come from meta-poky/conf/toasterconf.json file13:52
belen1r0r0: you could change the value there, then reload the Toaster configuration13:53
r0r0seems like a lot more are showing up than whats in that file13:53
r0r0thats why I was wondering13:53
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belen1r0r0: ah, you mean the list. Sorry. I believe the list is currently hardcoded. Let see if I can find the file13:53
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r0r0thanks it would be cool if it was just in the DB and I could add it in, I tried searching for files containing those strings but ended up looking at only a few possibilities which made me think DB13:54
belen1r0r0: They comes from bitbake/lib/toaster/orm/ line 25 I think13:56
belen1r0r0: I guess you should be able to change the list to add the fstype13:57
r0r0that was what I was thinking13:57
r0r0after sdding that into the Target_Image_File do I need to reload something?13:58
belen1r0r0: you should see your new fstype at the bottom of the list of types if you click the "change" icon in the IMAGE_FSTYPES variable14:05
r0r0seems like I need to restart something it didnt show up14:06
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belen1r0r0: that worked for me, although I am using sqlite, not mysql14:08
r0r0yea using mysql here14:08
r0r0let me just restart everything14:09
belen1r0r0: yes, you might try restarting apache and toaster14:10
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r0r0that worked14:13
belen1r0r0: excellent. At least you won't need to be editing files every time to create a project14:15
r0r0yup think this is a much better solution14:15
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r0r0so in toaster in order to add in packages like nodejs for example I will still need to add them into "IMAGE_INSTALL_append =" after adding their layer?14:22
r0r0I would thinking adding the layer would just automatically do that for you...14:23
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rburtonr0r0: adding a layer just means you can build software14:34
rburtonyou wouldn't want to add meta-multimedia and end up with mythtv in all your images14:34
rburtonespecially if you only added meta-multimedia for a single library14:35
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r0r0so im looking at packes included in the build is just did and it shows that ive included nodejs and nodejs-npm but its not actually in the image, any thoughts?14:41
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belenr0r0: you have 2 ways to add packages to an image in Toaster. 1) you can add the package names to IMAGE_INSTALL_append in the 'BitBake variables' page, then rebuild your image. 2) you can create a custom image from the 'new custom image' tab. You will need to select an image to start from, save it with a new name, then you will be able to choose which packages you want to add to it. Once you are done adding packages, you build it15:16
boucman_workthe SDK I have just received is horrendous... (I won't name anyone)15:17
boucman_workdid you know that to add an ipk to an existing rootfs you could15:17
boucman_work1) untar ther tar.gz rootfs15:17
boucman_work2) find the ipk you want to add15:17
boucman_work3) unpack the ipk using ar15:17
boucman_workawesome :(15:17
boucman_workand they advertise yocto as officially supported15:17
boucman_workoh, and for stuff that doesn't come from the yocto build they are based on (i.e stuff the develop themselves) they simply copy a big rootfs15:18
boucman_workso they break the whole package management system15:18
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r0r0thanks Belen, got it working. got this pi booting into QT in around 11 seconds from a cold boot15:26
r0r0lol fast!15:27
belenr0r0: \0/15:27
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lpappmy colleague is trying to build an image and getting this: got a clue?17:26
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halsteadAFK for a few hours.17:53
lpappkergoth: any idea? ^ You are usually one of those answering difficult issues :)17:58
neverpaniclpapp: looks like a network issue to me?17:59
rburtonFetcher failure: Fetch command failed with exit code 128, output:18:01
rburtonConnection closed by
rburtonfatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly18:01
rburtongit needs auth?18:01
lpappyes, it does, but I believe my colleague typed those in.18:02
lpappAlso, I thought that he was also using ssh keys like me.18:02
lpappso what I can come back to him with is probably trying to clone the repository from that IP address without Yocto to see whether it succeeds?18:03
lpappor what exactly?18:03
lpapphe is trying to use his Yocto setup at work from home over VPN18:03
lpappit all works fine when he uses Yocto directly at his desk in here.18:03
neverpanicIt's probably git ls-remote which fails18:03
lpappthis problem seems to appear over VPN.18:03
lpappI see.18:03
lpappso perhaps I could send him a git command to try outside Yocto?18:04
lpappthe IP address above is our internal git server18:04
r0r0whats the best way to delete failed builds in toaster? Ive been using / builddelete but have been running into trouble... is there any better way?18:08
neverpanicI'd try git ls-remote and git rev-list in the git folder of the recipe in download cache that fails18:08
lpappneverpanic: thank you.18:09
neverpanicthe relevant code is and, def get_srcrev18:11
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iskanderi have a problem with building my image derived from core-image-base, kernel modules  are not being built and installed18:33
iskandermy machine conf includes this:18:34
iskanderMACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RDEPENDS = " kernel-modules kernel-devicetree"18:34
iskanderand my image recipes defines this:18:34
iskanderMACHINE_EXTRA_RDEPENDS += " \18:34
iskander    kernel-module-usb-f-rndis \18:34
iskander    kernel-module-tpm \18:34
iskander    kernel-module-tpm-rng \18:34
iskander    kernel-module-tpm-i2c-atmel \18:35
iskanderbut the modules are not being built18:35
iskanderand /lib/modules on rootfs is empty18:35
iskanderany idea what i'm doing wrong18:35
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r0r0is it safe to delet the build-toaster-* folders if you want to start new?18:45
*** crankslider <crankslider!~slidercra@unaffiliated/slidercrank> has joined #yocto18:46
stwcxI'm attempting to create a secondary filesystem of debug-only tools.  Are there any good examples of making one filesystem depend on another?  I can create my second file system but RPM installs a number of extra packages.  I'd like to keep it to the minimum set of "extra" packages for this second filesystem.18:47
stwcxAs in, the do_rootfs RPM run installs packages that are already in the base filesystem onto the secondary filesystem.18:47
Ulfalizeriskander: MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RDEPENDS adds packages to, and MACHINE_EXTRA_RDEPENDS to you'd need to make sure that they image you're using includes those as appropriate.18:52
iskanderok, will do, thank you18:53
Ulfalizera protip is to set up some kind of recursive search shell helper btw, that searches e.g. bb, bbappend, inc, conf, and py files18:54
Ulfalizerag (silver searcher) is nice and speedy18:55
*** paulg <paulg!~paulg@> has joined #yocto18:55
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Ulfalizerand yeah, it's bad if you have to do that all the time. the documentation maintainer is friendly if you feel like submitting stuff. i do it all the time.18:57
*** maxin <maxin!> has left #yocto18:58
iskanderthe problem must be with my machine config, because if i change back to default  'beaglebone' then it works with my image recipe19:00
iskanderbut not with my own machine conf, the same image bb19:00
iskanderyeah, all drivers were installed with the default machine19:01
Ulfalizeriskander: bitbake -e <image>  might be nice for debugging. there you'll see the values of all the variables and how they got those values (in comments above them).19:02
iskanderok, i'll compare both19:03
*** goto_bad is now known as Amynka19:03
UlfalizerIMAGE_INSTALL has the set of packages that get installed19:03
Ulfalizerit might also include packagegroups though, and any runtime dependencies of packages will get installed too19:04
Ulfalizercould also try searching for some driver names, etc.19:04
* Ulfalizer needs to get some food19:05
khemiskander: change it to MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS = "kernel-modules"19:06
iskanderhmm, error, kernel module not found19:10
iskanderi made a copy of beaglebone.conf, rename it, they should be identical, and still no kernel modules if i set MACHINE to beaglebone-black19:11
khemare you using meta-ti ?19:12
iskanderno, my own layer19:12
khemcan you show the output of bitbake -e <yourimage> | grep -r "^BAD_RECOMMENDATIONS="19:13
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iskanderempty, BAD_RECOMMENDATIONS=""19:16
*** Nilesh_ <Nilesh_!uid116340@gateway/web/> has quit IRC19:17
iskandermaybe my kernel recipe is incorrect19:18
iskanderi had to add COMPATIBLE_MACHINE_beaglebone-black = "beaglebone-black"19:18
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #208 of nightly-musl is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
iskanderi patched kernel 4.4 to add cape manager support19:18
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r0r0anyone around to answer some toaster questions?20:09
*** hatter <hatter!~jockum@> has joined #yocto20:10
lamegoesa m√°quina incluso tiene vinculado un disco virtual de 500GB :)20:11
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khemiskander: I dont know why it wont compile the modules then20:14
khemyou seen to have all needed stuff20:14
iskanderok, thank you, i'll try to figure it out20:14
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caiortpI'm creating a readonly image with yocto 1.720:40
caiortpI create a rw partition , and I'm linking all the rw files to readonly fs20:41
caiortpthere's a less painfull mode to do this?20:42
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caiortpI'm havnig problem with connman , all the configuration will be saved in the /var/lib/connman, using the initramfs this folder will be readonly20:48
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iskanderkhem, you still here ?21:12
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iskanderusing my own machine conf somehow messed up my image22:23
iskanderi changed back to beaglebone machine and it's working again22:24
iskanderi had to use core-image-base as basis, else kernel modules are not installed22:24
iskanderand finally kernel module autoloading is working too :)22:33
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iskanderi found another problem with linux-yocto kernel bbappend22:36
iskanderif i place my patches in a subfolder but config fragments  then linux-yocto can't be built, problems with config fragments22:37
iskanderbut when fragments and patches are on the same level then it works22:37
iskanderi noticed that i'm not the only one who has this problem, some guy reported it too22:37
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khemyou need to add the path using FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/files:" in your bbappend23:18
khemthen it will recognise files/ folder in your layer23:18
khemwhat did you have in your machine config23:19
khemusually its better to include the parent conf and then make tweaks23:19
khemone big change that happens is that you have a  new MACHINE and you have to accound for that through out metadata since therre might be overrides looking for beaglebone23:20
khemso usually folks add the refeence machine name to OVERRIDE via adding it to MACHINEOVERRIDES23:21
iskanderi have FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/files:" in my linux-yocto bbappend23:21
iskanderbut i placed patches in a subfolder in 'files'23:21
iskanderand that caused trouble23:21
iskanderthanks for the hint with MACHINEOVERRIDES, i'll try it out23:22
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iskanderkhem, how do i use MACHINEOVERRIDES correctly ?23:26
iskandergoogle is no help this time23:27
iskanderMACHINEOVERRIDES = "beaglebone" ?23:27
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iskanderfound this in qemux86copy.conf:   MACHINEOVERRIDES .= ":qemux86"23:31
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iskanderthanks for your help23:32
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