Thursday, 2016-08-04

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r0r0so I'm trying to figure out how to add udev, udev-extraconf and nodejs before running bitbake rpi-basic-image. Whats the best way to go about adding these packages to this image?01:41
Ulfalizerr0r0: you could do  IMAGE_INSTALL += "udev udev-extraconf"  in for example (or in one of the files it includes. i'm not familiar with that layer.)01:54
r0r0cool thanks I will give it a shot01:55
Ulfalizerif you don't want to modify the layer, you could do it in a bbappend, or in a configuration file (make it IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " udev udev-extraconf" in that case)01:56
r0r0I tried adding: and then setting EXTRALAYERS in my bblayers.conf but after that Im not sure what to do...01:57
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r0r0Im also wondering if it might be easier to setup toaster and just customize stuff that way, haven't had a chance to play with that yet.01:58
Ulfalizeri've actually never used toaster, so i'm not sure :)01:58
Ulfalizerwhat's EXTRALAYERS? normally, you'd add the layer to BBLAYERS in ${BUILDDIR}/conf/bitbake.conf.02:00
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Ulfalizerafter that, the recipes it provides will be available02:00
r0r0got me I was just trying to get node loaded based on their instructions on that persons github02:01
r0r0tried just pointing the nodes manifest in bblayers but when I ran bitbake again I didn't see any change in packages in the image that was built02:02
Ulfalizerr0r0: to install node into the image, you'd have to add it to IMAGE_INSTALL02:03
Ulfalizerif no recipe can be found for it (e.g. because they layer wasn't added properly), you'll get an error02:04
Ulfalizerurr, should have been ${BUILDDIR}/conf/bblayers.conf above by the way :P02:05
r0r0Im gonna try it right now :-)02:05
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r0r0so I should be able to just dump : IMAGE_INSTALL_append = "udev udev-extraconf" into my belayers.conf?02:06
r0r0or is the local.conf02:06
Ulfalizerr0r0: local.conf, bblayers.conf is for layer-related configuration02:07
Ulfalizeradd the layer that provides node in bblayers.conf, and to IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " packages you want" in local.conf02:07
r0r0makes more sense now02:08
r0r0when I run bitbake again is should pickup on the changes I assume?02:08
Ulfalizeryou must add a space to the beginning in IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " foo bar" by the way. it's not added for you when using _append.02:08
r0r0don't have to for ex. make clean02:08
Ulfalizernope, changes are detected automatically02:08
r0r0I'm excited to show this off at work tmo, pretty cool stuff02:09
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r0r0its building the image now, lets see if it works :-)02:12
r0r0worked perfect02:14
r0r0thank you Ulfalizer02:14
Ulfalizernp :)02:14
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r0r0so when you get a build error then remove the requested dependency from your local.conf file and get a Missing or unbuildable dependency what do you do?02:23
Ulfalizerwhat's the error message?02:24
r0r0I think I got it figured out, I thought I had saved the file after removing what was causing that error but didn't... my bad.02:26
r0r0that time it built without error02:26
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melonipoikaThanks Ulfalizer! That makes sens. I played around with appending and prepending the new package ${PN}-ptest-dbg. The result was that either all debug files ended up in ${PN}-ptest-dbg or all of them in ${PN}-dbg (whichever happened to be found first)04:51
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silviofhi #yocto, exists a tool for reformat of bb recipes? Astyle is too language specific and ident is more for c files.07:19
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melonipoikasilviof, check meta-openembedded/contrib/oe-stylize.py07:30
silviofmelonipoika: hey thanks!07:31
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manuel_Hey, I have a short question about bitbake: Is there a simpler way to being able to include "$" f.e. a variable assignment without expansion? Only found this so far:
rburtonmanuel_: what context? shell or python?08:53
manuel_A value included in a recipe...08:53
boucman_worki'm looking for a patch on the ml that provided a way to template wks files... anybody would have a pointer ? I can't find it...08:54
boucman_workok, I got it08:55
manuel_I'm about to add a user and wanted to (at least) not store the password directly -> I want to store the hash + salt, but the format includes $... so for readability I would store the hash in some variable and then use it in the 'USERADD_PARAM_${PN} = ' statement...08:56
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manuel_Anyway, I assume there might be other cases where it would be convenient to prevent variable expansion (like in bash using '${NO_EXPANSION}') ; however, I couldn't find anything in the documentation...08:59
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jubrmanuel_: shells usually also understand $varname - versus ${varname} - so if that is an option?09:06
jubrThat's what I do. Furthermore, bitbake leaves unknown vars unexpanded, shells replace them with "".09:07
jubrThat stackoverflow question was about preventing bitbake *and* shell expansion.09:09
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lpappday #3, attempt #3: can I be sure when opkg finishes the upgrade of init-ifupdown, the network interface is brought up?09:18
lpappbecause it brings it down as part of the installation process.09:18
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mckoangood morning09:22
manuel_Well my problem is that for 'password' I get following hash + salt: $1$iwZkm.NY$qn14SagT4IINij2J5n6/K0 and I would like to put this into a variable in the recipe.. but bitbake does expand $ -> is there some simple way to prevent this?09:23
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manuel_So basically only .NY/K0 will remain... (I haven't checked with this hash)09:25
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piviHi all09:41
piviit seems that for some reason DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE="${TOPDIR}/../images/${MACHINE}"09:41
piviis not working correctly when generating initramfs image09:41
pivi(in local.conf)09:42
piviany suggestion? Should I open a issue on bugzilla?09:42
boucman_workgiven the content of SRC_URI, how do I get the name of a file once it's copied to WORKDIR ?09:42
boucman_workfech.localpath returns a path in meta- for sources in file:// which is not what I want09:43
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xplodhi guys, there is anyone?09:45
boucman_workxplod: hey09:49
xplodi'm a newby of yocto world, i have a little problem with native python execution... there is not an official yocto forum?09:51
xplodwhat i've to do when i need help?09:51
boucman_workxplod: ask your question here :)09:53
xplodok :)09:53
xplodi've built my image and my sdk09:53
xplodwhen i run native python stuff happens this:09:54
xplodTraceback (most recent call last):   File "/opt/poky/1.8.1/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 553, in <module>     main()   File "/opt/poky/1.8.1/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 535, in main     known_paths = addusersitepackages(known_paths)   File "/opt/poky/1.8.1/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 266, in addusersitepackages     user_site = getusersi09:54
xplodFile "/opt/poky/1.8.1/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 10, in <module>     'stdlib': '{base}/'+sys.lib+'/python{py_version_short}', AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'lib'09:54
xplodit seems to be a problem related to sysconfig.py09:55
xplodwhen check for sys.lib09:55
xplodenv PYTHONHOME seems to be ok: /opt/poky/1.8.1/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr09:56
xplodwhich python: /opt/poky/1.8.1/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr/bin/python09:57
xplodif i run: python /opt/poky/1.8.1/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr/lib/python2.7/ it give me no errors09:59
xplodwhat can i do in order to solve?10:00
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pivithe problem with DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE is the relative link10:10
pivinot the TOPDIR variable usage10:10
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piviERROR: The recipe linux-.... is trying to install files into a shared area when those files already exist. Those files and their manifest location are: ..../README_-_DO_NOT_DELETE_FILES_IN_THIS_DIRECTORY.txt10:11
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piviis it possible to have bitbake read shell env variables ? I'd like to set DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE from a shell export, for example10:34
bluelightningpivi: it is, you just need to add the variable to the BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE environment variable (i.e. in the external environment before running bitbake)10:37
pivimm, this way it will read the variable from shell everytime10:40
pivifor me it would be enough to read when sourcing the oe init env10:40
pivihowever it will work, thanks10:41
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jubrmanuel_: I suspect that actually the shell is expanding your var, not bitbake, can you paste the exact line you want to use?11:56
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jubrmaybe use something like "${@'$1$iwZkm.NY$qn14SagT4IINij2J5n6/K0'.replace('$', '\x24')}"11:58
jubrshell generally expands stuff in ", is setting it in ' not enough?11:59
manuel_MYVAR = "$1$iwZkm.NY$qn14SagT4IINij2J5n6/K0"12:02
manuel_Well it's not documented what '' does in a recipe... I can try... \$ seems to work which is okay for me...12:03
manuel_Is there a more complete version than this:
manuel_The actual line is like that: USERADD_PARAM_${PN} = "-u 1000 -d /home/some-user -r -s /bin/bash -p '${MYVAR}' some-user"12:06
manuel_So I assume shell-expansion is not the problem (as I use single quotes)...12:07
manuel_okay.... strange... so bbnote '${MYVAR}' works, but outputting bbnote '${USERADD_PARAM_${PN}}' expands all 'variables'...12:16
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manuel_okay... for now, I will just use following command to generated hashes: cat | openssl passwd -1 -stdin | sed 's/\$/\\\$/g' which seems to work... Thanks for your help. When I have time, I will investigate what useradd class exactly does...12:29
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jubrmanuel_: depends on how USERADD_PARAM_${PN} is used internally, like you said. -p '${@'${MYVAR}'.replace('\$', '\\\$')}' might also work...12:40
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my007mswhich configuration option i need to add to ask bitbake to generate .vmdk file12:45
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boucman_workRP: around (or anybody which could help me a bit with how a task can tell the sstate cache what variables it needs to depend on) ?12:51
*** stefan__ <stefan__!c2d03104@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto12:52
RPboucman_work: there is a section in the manual about this, did you read that?12:52
boucman_workyes, but it's a bit suscint...12:53
boucman_workfrom what I see, d.getVar in a task will mark the variable as being a dependency12:54
boucman_workbut d.expend(string) doesn't, and I don't know the content of my string, so I can't add them to do_task[vardep]12:54
gp_Hello. If I want to execute 'gcc' from do_compile_append, what is the correct way to refer to it? If I simply do "gcc something", it does not compile for the target architecture.12:54
rburtonwell, ${CC}12:55
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stefan__Hello together :-)  Just a small question about handling of kernel modules in my image:  How can I control which kernel modules (in tree) are installed in my rootfs?  I would like to have many of them built and available in the package feed  but not all of them in the rootfs by default.12:57
stefan__I didn't find (yet) a possibility to control that12:58
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boucman_workRP: I just reread the whole thing, i'm still confused... do I need to set som BB_SOMETHING variable from the do_task function ? what variable ?13:10
cbzxAnyone seen ARM performance issues with yocto 2.1-4.4 kernel (from older 3.12)?13:13
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RPboucman_work: the do_task function references variables and functions. Bitbake knows (or at least tries very hard) to know which variables and functions these are and includes them in the checksum for the task. If the function or variable changes, the checksum changes and the task reruns13:31
RPboucman_work: in general it should be automatic however there are convoluted python expressions bitbake has no way to figure out13:32
boucman_workyeah, i'm probably one of those cases...13:34
boucman_workI read a file, and expand it as a BB variable, then write it back... so my task should logically depend on whatever variable that file contains. i'm not sure how to specify that13:34
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boucman_workthe code i am copying is adding the file's content to a BB var, then using getVar to get it back expanded...13:35
boucman_workthat would work but it's ugly (and the code I am copying os probably not doing that on purpose)13:36
boucman_workis there a cleaner way to do that ?13:36
Ulfalizerboucman_work: does it have bitbake variable references in the file?13:37
Ulfalizeri'd do it manually in that case. have some syntax for referencing a variable in the file, and search for those references and replace them (e.g. with the values of bitbake variables, if that's the right thing to do in this case).13:38
boucman_workUlfalizer: yes13:38
Ulfalizerthat seems much cleaner than tricking the bitbake code into doing stuff13:38
boucman_workUlfalizer: so basically using getVar on a regex I build myself instead of expand() ?13:38
Ulfalizerexpand() would be a decent solution too i guess. i had temporarily forgotten about it...13:39
Ulfalizerthere the purpose is exactly to substitute values for bitbake variable references, so it doesn't feel as hacky13:40
Ulfalizerrolling your own could still be more flexible though...13:40
boucman_workUlfalizer: but expand doesn't add variable it expands to the signature13:40
boucman_work(I'm still confused on how the signature generation code wors)13:40
boucman_workso I need to roll my own indeed13:40
Ulfalizerah, yeah, that sounds like it might be messy13:40
boucman_workok, i'll go for the manually-made egex, then...13:41
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Ulfalizerthere might be some handy python template libraries you could use too13:41
Ulfalizerif i know python :P13:42
boucman_worki'll find a way :)13:42
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Ulfalizerboucman_work: if you look in image.bbclass, there's an anon python function that does e.g. d.appendVarFlag('do_image', 'vardeps', ' '.join(vardeps)) to dynamically add vardeps. if you don't need to be able to reference all bitbake variables in the file, it seems cleaner to just switch over the ones you need and doing manual d.getVar('FOO', True)s for them though.13:55
RPboucman_work: there is actually a way to make bitbake checksum a file and include that in the task checksum13:55
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Ulfalizerthen the signature generation will be automatic. being able to reference arbitrary bitbake variables in files feels hackish to me too.13:55
UlfalizerRP: you also need the variables referenced in the file in the checksum though13:56
Ulfalizerif the file references FOO, changing FOO should trigger a rebuild13:56
boucman_workRP: the file is assumed to come from SRC_URI, so changes in that file are already taken into account13:56
*** madisox <madisox!~madison@> has joined #yocto13:57
boucman_workUlfalizer: interesting, i'll have a look at that13:57
*** madisox <madisox!~madison@> has quit IRC13:57
RPboucman_work: ok, if its in SRC_URI then yes, you're covered13:57
boucman_workUlfalizer: is it safe to add do_template[vardeps] within do_template (i.e is the sig calculated after the task is run)13:57
boucman_work I assume yes...13:57
Ulfalizerboucman_work: i'd still just replace %FOO% with d.getVar('FOO', True) or whatever though, for a fixed set of needed values. much neater, imo.13:57
Ulfalizerboucman_work: i don't think so. bitbake would probably need the full signature to determine if it should run the task.13:58
boucman_workUlfalizer: that breaks the point of the whole thing, though... having a generic way to override files in /etc and using bitbake variables to fill the value in those files13:58
RPboucman_work: no, its not going to work. vardeps needs to be set independently of the function in question13:58
RPthe idea is you can calculate the checksum without running the task or its pointless13:59
Ulfalizerboucman_work: i think madness might lie that way. feels unclean. :S13:59
boucman_workRP: hmm, I see your point, i'll have to think about it some more...13:59
RPboucman_work: you could just load the whole thing into a variable and then depend on that variable. bitbake would then recuse the variables14:00
Ulfalizeri'd leave bitbake's stuff to bitbake, and the external file's stuff to the external file, instead of trying to drag the file into the bitbake universe and force the parser to deal with it14:00
boucman_workRP: yes, that was one of my ideas, and probably the simplest way to do it...14:00
boucman_workUlfalizer: I don't understand what you mean14:00
boucman_workyou know what... i'll just pastebin what I have. it's working code except for sstate-handling. it'll help us discuss14:01
Ulfalizerboucman_work: feels unclean for the same reason 'eval' in a lot of languages is usually a hack14:01
Ulfalizerbut it's mostly gutfeel14:01
*** lamego <lamego!~jose@> has joined #yocto14:03
Ulfalizerboucman_work: going on RP's suggestion, FILE_CONTENTS := "${@read_file(<file>)}"  do_foo[vardeps] += "FILE_CONTENTS"  might work14:06
Ulfalizer:= instead of = prevents the file from being read each time FILE_CONTENTS is expanded14:06
Ulfalizergotta make sure the file is there during parsing though14:07
Ulfalizernot sure though. maybe that depends on FILE_CONTENTS getting the right vardeps, which it might not get automatically.14:09
*** anselmolsm <anselmolsm!anselmolsm@nat/intel/x-xqmwrhifdlyhtbbv> has joined #yocto14:09
boucman_workUlfalizer: the file might not be here... ideally it comes from SRC_URI so it's put in place by do_unpack14:10
RPboucman_work: basically you therefore have no idea what the dependencies are until do_unpack time then :(14:11
Ulfalizerin that case it might get super messy i think. the vardeps won't even be known at parse time, and they might be needed by then already.14:11
boucman_workRP: yes :(14:11
RPand yes, dependencies need to be known at parse time14:11
RPelse how does it know if it needs to run the task or not14:11
* Ulfalizer still thinks a switch over "supported" variables with manual getVar's for each would be the simple/safe thing14:12
boucman_workIn theory it's possible... if the source file has changed, the task needs to be rebuilt14:12
Ulfalizerand no feeding the file into bitbake's parser14:12
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has quit IRC14:12
boucman_workif the file hasn't changed, the variables are the same as the ones that were needed last time, so we can check the ones we used to generate the last signature14:12
*** my007ms <my007ms!> has left #yocto14:12
boucman_workbut that's theory. I don't know if the sig system can deal with that...14:13
Ulfalizeri think you're setting yourself up for pain :S14:13
*** mwarning <mwarning!~mwarning@2001:a60:a07d:1:91c:be3c:3c0:c09b> has quit IRC14:14
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*** linulin <linulin!> has joined #yocto14:18
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*** stefan__ <stefan__!c2d03104@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto14:20
jubrboucman_work: does the SRC_URI entry have an md5sum val? Or is it local?14:21
*** stefan__ <stefan__!c2d03104@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC14:22
boucman_workjubr: I'm not sure I understand your question...14:22
Ulfalizerboucman_work: another option would be to store the template directly in the layer in an .inc file with e.g. FILE_TEMPLATE = "...". then everything would be automatically safe. having bitbake-syntax code in an external repo is weird too.14:24
jubrI just read back a bit further, nevermind, your challenge goes a bit deeper. You could use the md5sum of the file in the sig if it would not refer to vars..14:25
Ulfalizerbut that depends on the template being available at parse time14:25
*** oxore <oxore!~sslash@> has joined #yocto14:25
boucman_workUlfalizer: that kinda work, but let me explain what I am trying to do14:27
boucman_workI work on deep-embedded system where we are trying to have the images generated by yocto be completely ready... i.e all config files for all packages should have their value set etc...14:27
boucman_workso I end up writing lots of .bbappend that replace files in /etc14:28
*** istarilucky <istarilucky!~rlucca@> has joined #yocto14:28
boucman_workwhen we do a whole family of product, it would be handy to use the bitbake env system to "build" those config files from information from bitbake... there are actually quite a few package that do some sed on config files to set variables from BB vars14:29
*** r0r0 <r0r0!~r0r0@> has joined #yocto14:29
Ulfalizerwould having CONFIG_FILE_CONTENTS = "foo bar ${SOME_VALUE} baz" and writing ${CONFIG_FILE_CONTENTS} out to a file work?14:30
boucman_worki'm trying to solve that problem once and for all. I expect my files to come from file:// most of the time, but I can't guarantee it...14:30
boucman_workUlfalizer: putting the whole file content in the recipe ? that would be a bit ugly... think of stuff like apache config files14:30
boucman_workmoreover, can BB have multi-line variables ?14:31
r0r0Im trying to deploy Toaster following the steps in the production server guide. Im running into an issue with where toasterconf.json is missing any thoughts?14:31
Ulfalizerboucman_work: could have it in an .inc file. not sure about multiline variables.14:31
*** oxore <oxore!~sslash@> has quit IRC14:32
r0r0nevermind, path was just wrong: ./bitbake/lib/toaster/ loadconf ./meta-poky/conf/toasterconf.js is what is should be14:32
boucman_workUlfalizer: I could enforce (somehow, i'm not sure) that file comes from a file:// source...14:32
Ulfalizeri'd avoid manually feeding files into the bitbake parser at least. i don't think things are meant to be done that way. file:// stuff is for data, not for code.14:33
boucman_workyeah... I'm at an ambiguous place where i'm both file and code...14:33
belenr0r0: out of curiosity, are you using the krogoth release?14:33
r0r0trying to use Krogoth with toaster14:33
Ulfalizerboucman_work: the safer thing is to manually replace some placeholders in the template file. that's pretty common.14:34
belenr0r0: right. If correcting the path doesn't solve the issue, let us know14:35
r0r0looks like I hit another error on: TOASTER_DIR=/var/www/toaster/poky/ ./bitbake/lib/toaster/ checksettings14:35
boucman_workUlfalizer: yeah, that's so common that I wanted to provide a more generic way to do it :P thus my attempt14:35
r0r0Importing file: None14:35
r0r0Failure while trying to import the toaster config file None: coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, NoneType found14:35
belenr0r0: we updated instructions recently, and we think they are right, but you never know ;)14:35
Ulfalizerboucman_work: not trying to be annoying, but i think it might be more painful than the problem it solves14:36
belenr0r0: michaelw_ might be able to help with that one14:37
michaelw_r0r0: try with $ TOASTER_CONF=/var/www/toaster/poky/meta-poky/conf/toasterconf.json  TOASTER_DIR=/var/www/toaster/poky/ ./bitbake/lib/toaster/ checksettings14:37
boucman_workdepends on the problem you are trying to solve... but I am starting to think the same. Again I'll look how the code I copy deals with that14:37
boucman_work^ that one does it for .wks file, I "just" want to do it for all files14:37
*** igor2 <igor2!~igor@> has joined #yocto14:38
r0r0the commands are the same as the ones in the guide, looks it worked the second time but it didnt do any validation... anyway to confirm?14:41
Ulfalizerboucman_work: that one reads the template at parse time14:41
boucman_workyeah... I'm starting to think I'll have to do the same. Not as clean as I hoped, but it'll do I guess14:42
boucman_work(assuming the yocto core devs are interested in the feature)14:42
michaelw_r0r0: it only outputs if there is a problem so if it's silent that is a good sign. When you run lsupdates next it will use that configuration so if that works you will know14:42
*** ziggo <ziggo!~ziggo@> has quit IRC14:43
*** MafiaInc <MafiaInc!~martian@> has quit IRC14:43
Ulfalizeronce parsing is complete, it'll go through the values of all the variables and add the required vardeps. by that time, _WKS_TEMPLATE is already set to the template contents including all its variable references, so it's safe.14:43
Ulfalizer(parsing being "complete" includes all the anonymous python functions having run.)14:46
r0r0this normal michaelw_ : The system will start.14:47
r0r0/var/www/toaster/poky/bitbake/bin/toaster:243: = not found | when I ran:  source toaster noweb start14:47
boucman_workok, I think I understand the problem well... maybe I should write my own signature generator :P14:47
boucman_work(that's more complicated that what I feel I can master)14:48
Ulfalizeryou'd still need to generate the signatures at parse time14:48
r0r0looks like toaster lives in that path but says not found assuming 243 is a line number?14:49
Ulfalizeronce parsing is done, the signatures are used to figure out what tasks to run. once those tasks are running, signature stuff no longer matters.14:49
michaelw_r0r0: isn't it "source toaster start noweb" ?14:49
r0r0 | Guide reads: source toaster noweb start14:50
r0r0same message the other way around14:50
michaelw_r0r0: do you have oe-init-build-env sourced?14:51
*** dreyna <dreyna!> has joined #yocto14:51
r0r0yea I believe so it said I had no local.conf or bblayers.conf and generated them14:52
boucman_workUlfalizer: can't I get from the cache the list of vars that were used last time ? (the answer might be no, I don't see a good reason for the cache to keep that info)14:53
Ulfalizerboucman_work: nope. that's something i've been missing as a debugging aid. it would be handy to easily be able to tell what other variables bitbake thinks a variable/function depends on.14:54
*** tjamison <tjamison!~tjamison@> has joined #yocto14:54
Ulfalizerthere's a hackish way i found to do it14:55
michaelw_r0r0: are you using bash? I wonder if we rely on bash for some reason14:56
Ulfalizerthat anonymous python function at the end will list all the variables do_compile depends on14:56
Ulfalizermaybe that's not what you're after though14:56
*** nighty <nighty!> has joined #yocto14:57
r0r0dropping into bash instead of zsh fixed it14:57
rburtonmichaelw_: might be worth adding a "is this shell sane" check to the script that gets sourced14:58
Ulfalizeryeah, if you want the "previous" set of variable dependencies, i don't know of a way14:58
r0r0:: agrees ::14:58
michaelw_rburton: r0r0 yeah, we did actually get a patch from Liam yesterday who fixed up a ZSH issue14:59
r0r0thats awesome14:59
r0r0might be good to add instructions for creating a systemd service for noobs in the wiki15:00
michaelw_r0r0: our latest official instructions have an example in step 8
CTtpollardshould quilt have any problem applying a standard git.patch ?15:02
*** ntl <ntl!> has joined #yocto15:03
rburtonnot really15:06
*** evanmeagher <evanmeagher!> has joined #yocto15:11
*** ziggo <ziggo!> has joined #yocto15:15
CTtpollardthought not15:20
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LocutusOfBorgcan anybody please fix a typo in ./resources/poky/meta/recipes-core/udev/udev-extraconf/
LocutusOfBorg# b)    /var has not been populated yet so /etc/resolv,conf points to15:38
LocutusOfBorgsed s/,/./g15:38
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r0r0can anyone tell me how to add : meta-raspberrypi to toaster so I can select it from machine type17:28
r0r0nm may have figured it out:
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evadeflowCan anybody tell me how to enable use of ccache with a Yocto SDK? I've *used* some SDK's in past that were set up for it (and really appreciated the speed), but now I'm working with one that isn't.18:01
evadeflowI assume I'll need to:18:01
evadeflowIMAGE_INSTALL_append = " ccache "18:01
evadeflowsomewhere or other, but... is that enough?18:02
evadeflowI guess I'm just gonna try adding it that way and running the `populate_sdk` command. If anybody sees this and can tell me I'm barking up the wrong tree, please let me know!18:03
seebsI think that would install ccache on the target system, which doesn't seem immediately relevant.18:10
evadeflowHmm. I suppose not, but... I've been assuming I couldn't just install ccache on my build host and use it. Now that I think about it, though...18:14
evadeflowif ccache just hashes the compile command line args and stores the resultant objects, maybe it doesn't matter.18:15
kergothwhy wouldn't you be able to install ccache on the host and use it? that's the whole point of ccache :)18:16
evadeflowI've used other SDKS where ccache was part of the cross toolchain, i.e., it was down alongside the cross compiler. And since we weren't compiling on the target, it would have been kind of a waste if it wasn't actually necessary. `:-]18:16
evadeflowBut now that I think about, yeah, why would ccache care?18:17
frayin my somewhat recent experience, we've found ccache not all that useful -- unless you are building a large project over and over and over..  (this doesn't mean the build system -- it's really about building something with the SDK)18:17
frayif you try to use it with the build system you end up having a huge cache -- and there turns out to be very little re-use.  The IO overhead of the ccache definitely is worse then just rebuilding the few re-usable objects18:18
evadeflowLast time I used ccache, it made a pretty big difference. A full build went from about 7 minutes to 57 seconds.18:19
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fraysystems I am using -- 64 GB ram, 24 core (48 thread), and fairly slow disks (in comparison).. everything is I/O bound.. I can often compile the code faster then ccache can look it up, retrieve it and return it..18:21
fraythis is on a poky build that takes about 30 minutes..18:21
frayenabling ccache it's still in the 30 minute range... and now I have a disk full of ccache objects..  the sstate-cache is more useful..18:21
frayon a project that uses the SDK though, there is a lot more value, because the caching level can be much smaller18:21
evadeflowYeah, I'm really talking about using the SDK to compile a slew of Qt apps.18:22
frayya, in that case -- with ccaceh having a large enough defined cache space -- it can be useful18:22
evadeflowRight now, 'make clean' followed by 'make' takes about 12 minutes.18:22
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #432 of nightly-wic is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages_1 BuildImages_3 CreateWicImages_4] Build details are at
r0r0do failed builds have a way of being cleared besides using cli?19:04
r0r0in toaster19:04
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iskanderanyone knows how to remove connman from core-image-sato ?19:47
*** dreyna <dreyna!> has joined #yocto19:47
iskanderit conflicts with init-ifupdown19:47
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rburtoniskander: core-image-sato uses connman.  use your own image recipe?19:59
iskanderbesides that20:00
rburtoncore-image-sato is an example, you're encouraged to write your own20:00
iskanderi know that i can make my own image without connman, but is there a way to remove it from core-image-sato without any patches ?20:00
rburtoniirc, setting NETWORK_MANAGER20:01
*** evadeflow <evadeflow!d1ddf0c1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto20:01
iskanderindeed, this variable is set to 'connman-gnome', would it work if i set it to empty string ?20:02
evadeflowOh, _now_ I see why the cross-SDKs I worked with previously had `ccache` in them: it was just a convenience, because all developers on the project (by definition) were _required_ to have the SDK, but they wouldn't necessarily all have ccache installed.20:03
evadeflowBy including it in the SDK (compiled for the _host_), the symlinks could be preconfigured so they would Just Work t.m. for everybody.20:04
evadeflowSo (rephrasing a question I asked earlier), how can I make Yocto include `ccache` in the SDK as a 'host tool'?20:04
*** dcobbley <dcobbley!~dacobble@> has joined #yocto20:04
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evadeflowThis isn't really helping me much:
evadeflowScratch that, the OP's item #2 probably helps (I don't mind if it's image-specific, we only have one, anyway).20:06
evadeflow> Add a bbappend file for nativesdk-packagegroup-sdk-host which includes "ccache" in RDEPENDS20:06
evadeflowI can probably figure out what that mean.20:07
neverpanicSure that's ccache and not nativesdk-ccache?20:07
evadeflowOh, hey--there's a 'nativesdk-ccache'? :-}20:10
evadeflowSounds like what I want!20:10
evadeflowHow do I go about adding it?20:11
neverpanicA copy of ccache that's built for the SDK architecture would be called nativesdk-ccache20:11
neverpanicCheck the recipe for ccache, it might contain BBCLASSEXTEND += "nativesdk", in which case you already have it20:11
neverpanic(or there might be a separate nativesdk-ccache recipe)20:11
evadeflowWell, the only `.bb` file with `ccache` in the name is `poky/meta/recipes-devtools/ccache/`. It includes a file ``, whose last line reads `BBCLASSEXTEND = "native"`.20:16
*** iskander <iskander!~egorenar@> has quit IRC20:16
neverpanicevadeflow: sounds like you'd need a ccache_%.bbappend that includes BBCLASSEXTEND += "nativesdk" then20:20
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evadeflow@neverpanic, can you give me a hint as to where I ought to add that for a quick-and-dirty test? `build/conf/ccache_3.2.3.bbappend`?20:24
r0r0do i need a time machine to get a Davinci DM355 EVM board to work with yocto and toaster?20:24
evadeflowAnother guy on my team is primarily responsible for this SDK, but I just confirmed that `ccache` cuts our build time by 75%, so I'm hot to get this in.20:24
*** demonimin <demonimin!~demonimin@unaffiliated/demonimin> has joined #yocto20:25
evadeflowOh... it looks like all the other `*.bbappend` are sitting right alongside the recipes they modify.20:26
evadeflowI'll just do that.20:26
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r0r0looking for resources on how to get a leopardboard working with yocto and toaster if anyone has any ideas20:32
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neverpanicevadeflow: if you put the bbappends next to the recipes they modifiy you could just directly modify the recipes as well21:02
neverpanicevadeflow: usually you'd put your adjustements into a separate layer to leave poky as-is, and that's where you'd put your bbappend21:02
neverpanicfor a quick and dirty test, that doesn't matter, though.21:03
kergothi've placed both recipes and appneds next to one another in a separate layer (*not* oe-core or poky), usually in the case where i had to pull something from current upstream but couldn't update teh upstream layer for reasons relating to risk and release process. keeping the local changes separate from the files copied from upstream can ease maintenance21:04
kergoththat's about the only good use case for that though, afaik21:04
Ulfalizerkergoth: one downside is that i've seen a lot of people copy that style without knowing why they do it, creating lots of redundant bbappends that make the code harder to navigate21:07
kergothpeople copying stuff blindly is *always* a danger :)21:08
Ulfalizerespecially new people might assume it must be in a bbappend :/21:08
kergothjust look at all the random crap in some of the layers in the layer index21:08
Ulfalizeryup, cargo culting is more common with beginners though21:09
*** istarilucky <istarilucky!~rlucca@> has quit IRC21:09
Ulfalizeri probably did some when i started out, because investigating everything takes effort until you've figured the system out :)21:09
kergothI don't see a problem using that pattern in mentor's layers. folks shoudln't be copying random crap from there anyway. avoiding that in oe-core makes sense, that should be people's baseline for their cargo culting anyway :)21:10
kergothand there'd be no need to do it in oe-core anyway..21:10
* kergoth shrugs21:10
Ulfalizerpeople probably take inspiration from lots of random places21:10
kergothmaybe i should add a readme to the directory :)21:12
kergoththis is weird for *this* reason, at least21:12
kergothavoids needing to dig into the commit history for future reference anyway..21:12
Ulfalizereven better would be a comment imo. i tend to overlook readmes.21:12
kergothah, true21:12
*** linulin <linulin!> has joined #yocto21:14
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*** mortderire <mortderire!~rkinsell@> has joined #yocto21:19
nerdboycargo cult?21:20
* nerdboy lights incense and dances around the label printer21:21
Ulfalizernerdboy: :P21:21
* nerdboy did not know that was a "methodology"21:21
Ulfalizerjust a fancy term for copying stuff you don't understand because you assume there must be a good reason for it21:22
Ulfalizersometimes there is a good reason, only it doesn't apply in your case. sometimes it's just random stuff that no one knows where it came from, but that keeps getting copied around because people assume it might be doing *something*. :P21:23
nerdboyyeah, good page...21:24
nerdboyeven has picture of vanuatu21:24
kergothheh, definitely common. just look at nearly every open source project's buildsystem for good examples of cargo culted crap21:24
* nerdboy dances some more21:24
nerdboykergoth: are you sure you're not confusing that with "normal" dev behavior?21:25
* Ulfalizer thinks all the weird convoluted ways that people compare variables in shell is another example21:26
nerdboy*the build stuff21:26
nerdboyUlfalizer: and most of them are wrong...21:26
kergothit's pretty common to copy the and from other projects with zero understanding of what's there or why, often including unnecessary bits, so i think it fits21:26
* kergoth shrugs21:26
Ulfalizerstuff that might have mattered at some point, but that's no longer relevant. and often people do it wrong too, considering the problem it was originally meant to work around.21:26
RPkergoth: been meaning to catch you, did you see the unset variable syntax patch?21:27
*** boucman_work <boucman_work!> has quit IRC21:27
nerdboyokay, that plus not knowing/caring how to actually build/deploy your own code21:27
RPkergoth: seems reasonable to have something, just wanted to get a second opinion before we added new syntax since once its in its hard to remove/change21:28
kergothI glanced at it briefly before I went on vacation, only just got back last night. Conceptually it seems reasonable, as it's a clear lack in the file format, but I haven't had a chance to review the code21:28
UlfalizerRP: a documentation patch for the BitBake User Manual would be nice too, if it gets added21:28
nerdboybash pitfalls is full of those examples21:28
nerdboyespecially involving brackets and quotes...21:29
*** obsrwr_ <obsrwr_!> has quit IRC21:29
kergothRP: one possible concern is potential terminology confusion given the python API uses 'del' to unset a variable/flag, not 'unset', but the latter might be more user friendly, so maybe that's not an issue?21:29
nerdboyuh oh21:29
* nerdboy has formal test coming up21:29
RPkergoth: I wondered if we wanted to be pythonic or shell like. Our syntax is probably more shell like..21:30
RPUlfalizer: agreed21:31
* nerdboy reviews operational test plan for the espresso machine21:32
*** igor2 <igor2!~igor@> has quit IRC21:32
kergoththat's a good point. Thinking about it now, I do think unset feels more in line with the current format, despite the difference from the api. So I'm on board with the concept and terminology in that case21:32
RPkergoth: cool, thanks. The implementation is less worrisome in that we can change it more easily :)21:33
RPkergoth: it does work as an immediate operation which was my main concern21:33
* kergoth nods21:33
RPbut there is no other sane way to make it work afaict21:34
kergothyeah.. if you need it postponed, you can always use anonymous python. it's in line with the behavior of =21:34
RPkergoth: right21:35
*** mortderire <mortderire!~rkinsell@> has quit IRC21:38
*** jku <jku!> has joined #yocto21:39
UlfalizerRP: what are you adding by the way? a bitbake syntax for doing d.delVar("X")?21:42
*** scot <scot!~scot@> has quit IRC21:42
kergoththere's a patch on the list to add that, yes. syntax to the file format for variable deletion, to handle cases where code is conditional upon variable existence rather than their value21:44
kergothi.e. setting to the empty string doesn't cut it21:44
Xzhi there, how do I check if my image recipe pulls in another recipe?21:44
RPXz: you could bitbake <image> -g and check the .dot file ?21:45
*** scot <scot!~scot@> has joined #yocto21:49
XzRP: that worked, smart21:51
XzRP: thanks!21:51
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