Wednesday, 2016-08-10

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jubrsveinse: about those poky patches: I'm wondering too. Anybody?08:10
jubroh wait, he's gone. hehe08:10
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boucman_workhey all08:51
boucman_workI have a problem compiling Jethro on latest linux host... apparently pkg-config-native can't be compiled with gcc608:51
boucman_workis there a way to specify what host compiler to use ?08:52
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HyP3rAs final step for my image I have written a small recpie which is coping some files into the rootfs (configurations for everything). But now I get masses of check_data_file_clashes cause files are colliding09:27
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HyP3rAre those file collisions only solveable by creating bbappend recpies for those packages which are originally generating those files by patching them?09:46
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boucman_workHyP3r: i don't know, but im' interested... I'll have that problem soon in my project.09:50
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HyP3rboucman_work: seems like I'm again the first man on the moon :D09:54
HyP3rJust a joke, but that looks like a mass of work09:54
boucman_workI did something that could help with your general problem (not the specific one you have right now)09:55
boucman_workgimme a sec09:55
boucman_workallowing images to use SRC_URI to get files09:56
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boucman_workin your image recipe, you can add the following09:57
boucman_workpython () {09:57
boucman_work   d.delVarFlag("do_fetch","noexec")09:57
boucman_work   d.delVarFlag("do_unpack","noexec")09:57
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HyP3rWith this you are deleteing those steps right?09:57
boucman_workafter that, you will be able to use SRC_URI to get the files you want to overlay (and have them as a tar.gz in files/ or as a separate git repo, or using patch on them)09:58
boucman_workI am deleting the flag do_fetch[noexec] (only the flag, not the var)09:58
boucman_workthe flag is what causes the task to not be executed09:58
HyP3rOk nice09:58
boucman_workI am pushing a patch on bitbake to add a specific syntax to do that, but right now, embedded python is the only way to do it09:59
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jubrboucman_work: I noticed that too: not being able to use SRC_URI on image recipes10:08
jubrbut I'm pretty sure it'm meant that way: they don't want you to add files in images. packages add files10:08
boucman_workjubr: yes,  but I think that's arguable. it makes sense for a particular image recipe to tweak a config file provided by a package...10:09
boucman_workif you want to have two images with different configuration, you would need two different recipes, .bbappend won't cut it10:10
jubrmore true10:10
boucman_workand that's really tedious if you need to configure lots of software10:10
boucman_workit would make sense to have a QA test for images that  would check that overlayed files are always new files or files that are part of CONFFILES for their particular recipe10:11
boucman_work(I am looking how that can be done, but right now I'm a bit confused on how to get that info...10:11
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jubrI sometimes fixed that with `sed -i` or with: cat > ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/sbin/ <<-_EOF_10:11
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HyP3rDid some created a recpie which checks out of hg server? We are working with an rhodecode enterprise hg server, and I have no idea how the SRC_URI should look like10:24
HyP3rIn the console I clone the repository this way: hg clone http://foo@bar:5000/Project/Name10:25
boucman_workso, there is something but it's not well supported :(10:26
HyP3rNo documentation currently exists for these lesser used fetcher submodules. However, you might find the code helpful and readable.10:26
boucman_workyeah :(10:27
boucman_work(if you reverse-engineer the code, updating the documentation would be really nice...10:27
jubrI betcha they'll accept nice doc-patches easily :)10:27
HyP3rIs the developer of this part of yocto dead?10:27
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boucman_workHyP3r: bitbake in general : no... but there are very few (propbably none in core) software that use mercurial, so it is not in a good shape10:28
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jubrHyP3r: physically deceased? :p10:29
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HyP3rits strange everything \o/10:29
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HyP3rIs this the code of the fetcher?
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dsathehey folks my board is on dizzy yocto 1.7 i wanted to apply the patch to upgrade python from 2.7.3 to 2.7.911:05
dsatheany tips11:05
dsathesorry i am sort of new to this11:06
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HyP3rboucman_work: mercurial is working magicall :3 (after I read the code)12:23
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boucman_work awesome, can you submit a doc patch ?12:24
HyP3rIts not that complex to use mercurial but you have to set a bunch of options12:27
boucman_workall the doc fo the bitbake manual is in the doc subdirectory of the bitbake source12:27
boucman_workit's pretty easy to understand when you look into it, just update the manual, and generate a patch12:28
boucman_workthen submit it on the bitbake ML12:28
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HyP3rSo, the next thing is a really small c++ project has some dependencys e.g. sigc++ and so on but my coworker never created for those load c-files a makefile, but if I want to use yocot with make and make install I need a Makefile. Is there somewhere an examplemakefile12:57
HyP3rWhich is handling things like *compilerprefix* and optional packages correct?12:57
HyP3rA skeleton or something else12:58
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boucman_workif your coworker provided no makefile at all, I would suggest using cmake13:08
boucman_workif you need to learn a build system from scratch, cmake is way easier than autotools... (it's still complicated, though)13:09
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HyP3rboucman_work: I know how to write makefiles (a bit) but I gues yocto is setting before running 'make' a lot of enviroment variables e.g. cross compiler prefix and so on, and those variables have to be used inside the makefile13:12
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boucman_worki don't remember the specifics... the simplest way to find out might be to write a simple makefile (not cross-compilable), run it and look how the genereated do_compile looks like13:16
boucman_workall env vars will be set explicitely in there, so you'll see what they are13:16
HyP3rhehe ok13:17
HyP3rthe other - hard - way would be to create a configure.ac13:17
boucman_workHyP3r: is autotools, and autotools is... well. if you need to do autotools, I would highly recommand learning cmake instead. much simpler, robust, and once you've learned it that whole category of problems is solved13:18
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HyP3rboucman_work: maybe you are right but those times I was using cmake were crazier than autotools, so I stay by autoools :)13:21
boucman_workagain... if you already know autotools, go for autotools...13:21
boucman_workfrom a yocto point of view, both work more or less the same13:21
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boucman_workanybody knows the subtle difference between $CC and $BUILD_CC ? which one should I set to force yocto to use a specific (non-cross) compiler from my distro ?13:59
neverpanic$CC is usually the cross-compiler, $BUILD_CC the compiler for the build host14:01
boucman_workneverpanic: you sure ? I tried setting BUILD_CC but then gcc-cross fails because it uses g++ directly instead of using g++-514:02
boucman_workmaybe it's a bug in the gcc-cross recipe, but that frightens me :P14:03
neverpanicNo, I'm not sure ;-)14:03
boucman_work(the yocto doc is not very clear)14:03
neverpanic suggests BUILD* stuff is for the build machine14:04
neverpanicbut cross.bbclass might change some of those assumptions, so I'm not absolutely sure14:04
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neverpanicyeah, I checked $CC is a cross-compiler, $BUILD_GCC just defaults to ccache gcc ${BUILD_CC_ARCH}14:06
boucman_workneverpanic: does yocto build -native with the compiler from your distro, or does it build its own native compiler ?14:07
boucman_workto improve reproducibility14:07
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neverpanicboucman_work: it uses your distro compiler14:22
neverpanicso if you run latest and greatest fedora with gcc-23, it'll likely break14:22
neverpanicrecommendation is to build in a container to avoid that14:23
CTtpollardcan't you specify compiler version?14:23
boucman_workneverpanic: thx, not really helpfull in my case...14:23
neverpanicThat's what he was trying by setting BUILD_CC, I guess?14:23
boucman_work(iiuc uninative is supposed to solve that in latest yocto, but i'm stuck with jethro in that particular case)14:24
neverpanicboucman_work: also, is there BUILD_CXX?14:24
neverpanicboucman_work: because setting BUILD_CC and not BUILD_CXX would explain why it uses g++ over g++-514:24
boucman_workthere is, I set it too14:24
boucman_work$CC is set by the following line in bitbake.conf14:25
boucman_workexport CXX = "${CCACHE}${HOST_PREFIX}g++ ${HOST_CC_ARCH}${TOOLCHAIN_OPTIONS}"14:25
boucman_workso it is a host compiler... not a target14:26
boucman_workso I don't really understand the difference between $CC and $BUILD_CC14:26
boucman_work(and yeah, I pasted the line for CXX, sorry)14:26
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neverpanicboucman_work: That's misleading; check the value of CC or CXX in bitbake -e $yourrecipe. ${HOST_PREFIX} is actually set depending on whether you're cross-compiling for target or SDK or building for the machine15:09
neverpanicboucman_work: e.g. in a recipe that compiles for an arm target, HOST_PREFIX will be the triple describing your ARM cross-compiler15:10
neverpanicin nativesdk- recipes ${HOST_PREFIX} will be referring to whatever your SDK architecture is15:10
neverpanicand in -native recipes, it'll likely be empty15:11
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boucman_workyeah, I found that out :(15:12
boucman_workI think I have spotted a but in the gcc recipe which means BUILD_CXX is not handled properly there15:13
boucman_workthat would explain it15:13
neverpanicYes, that's what I think as well. Did you try with master?15:13
boucman_workno, I really need to fix that bug in jethro TODAY :P15:14
boucman_workchecking master will come when I have time to breath15:14
boucman_work(but I quickly checked the master recipe, apparently the bug is there)15:14
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boucman_workand testing the bug in master is harder, since master compiles correctly with gcc615:18
boucman_worknope, didn't help15:31
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HyP3rhow can I configure to what sysroots header files are populated? If I bitbake json-c I have the header files inside my colibri-vf folder but not under x86_64?16:01
kergothif you want it under the build machine's sysroot, it sounds like you want json-c-native, not json-c16:01
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HyP3rah ok thanks :)16:02
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