Thursday, 2016-08-11

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rob_wso on a krogoth setup,  can i just switch my MACHINE and rebuild without issues ? or do i want to setup a different build dir ?07:31
boucman_workis jethro still officially maintained, or is it abandonned ? (jethro can't be built when the host uses gcc-6 as gcc, even when setting the varions BUILD_* variables. I have a fix, but i'd like to discuss it first, not sure if anybody is still interested)07:33
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boucman_workgeneral question... is it intended that rm_work removes stuff from work-shared ? should it ?07:54
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* boucman_work has problem when rm_work is active which erases the kernel .config that other recipes try to use...07:57
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LetoThe2ndrob_w: usually just rebuilding should be no problem08:16
LetoThe2ndrob_w: it will in fact do an almost complete rebuild then anyways, as automatic detection should avoid most of the exiting sstate in such a case.08:16
jubrrob_w: if you have similar enough machines it can even re-use the cross-compiler08:17
LetoThe2ndjubr: yeah thats probably the main part where things could be recycled.08:18
jubrand libc08:20
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HyP3rHello all, while compiling my next package (streamhtmlparser) I get this error: /usr/include/python2.7/pyconfig.h:13:54: fatal error: arm-linux-gnueabihf/python2.7/pyconfig.h: No such file or directory09:21
HyP3r#  include <arm-linux-gnueabihf/python2.7/pyconfig.h>09:21
HyP3rI think I need a package like 'libpython' or something under debian the package is called: 'libpython2.7-dev'09:22
CTtpollardyou're probably missing a dependency09:23
CTtpollardor it has raced09:23
HyP3rHow can I find this package in this big pool on recpies09:23
HyP3rCTtpollard: its a new package from me, and yes I need a dependency09:23
HyP3rBut how is the target package called?09:23
rburtonHyP3r: is streamhtmlparser a python module?09:23
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boucman_worki'm suprised something specifically an arm-only include...09:24
HyP3rrburton: no not really, Its totaly written in cython and python yes but its not a module09:24
rburtondid you depend on python?09:25
HyP3rOh sorry, no its not a python module it a c library (*.so) and its compiled with autotools09:25
HyP3rHere is my package
rburtonnote that its looking for target paths (/usr/include/python2.7/pyconfig.h) which suggests that streamhtmlparser is broken09:25
rburtonyou may need to inherit python-dir to get some more variables set09:26
sveinseThis is slightly OT, but I find it difficult to retrace git checkouts against the official repos. E.g. fsl-mx6 use a repo manifest to check out meta-openembbeded on a specific commit. However when I clone meta-openembedded myself I have a hard time finding that commit chain which repo checked out. I'm not too used to git yet, do you have any pointers in how to deal with this?09:27
HyP3rThe file 'py_streamhtmlparser.c' inside the streamhtmlparser package depends only to '#include "Python.h"' and then... the Python.h has this weird include09:27
HyP3rrburton: ok09:28
rburtonits the configure script that is likely doing the wrong thing09:28
HyP3ryes I think so09:28
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boucman_workrburton: is jethro still officially alive ?09:32
HyP3rrburton: thats inside the PYTHON_CFLAGS = -I/usr/include/python$(PYTHON_VERSION) -fpic09:32
sveinseAre there any predefined best pratices wrt layer priority?09:32
HyP3rStatic Path to the root of my system09:32
HyP3rHow can I fix this?09:33
sveinseE.g. I find that I constantly have to patch some recipes in meta-openembedded, and I think I'd rather copy them to my layer and give them a higher priority. That is possible, right?09:34
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rburtonHyP3r: yeah that would be wrong :)  autoconf-archive has some proper macros to find the headers using python-config if you want to fix upstream once and for all, or the hack that might work would be to replace that hard-coded path with python-config —includes09:41
HyP3rI thought that I simply patch this makefile?09:42
rburtonfixing it properly and getting that fix upstream would be Best, as then you never have to worry about it again.09:42
rburtonbut yeah, patch the makefile is easy.09:42
HyP3ryeah but then I have to do an pullrquest to this 7 ago repository
HyP3rBut can you tell what I should write in this makefile at this line09:43
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HyP3r$(python-config --includes) will not work I think?09:43
rburtonHyP3r: sounds like you should fork it :)09:43
HyP3rI'm not really good in this syntax09:44
rburtondare i ask why you want to use software that's been dead for 7 years? :)09:44
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HyP3rI don't know why depends on it09:45
HyP3rThis example looks good:
HyP3rOr does some has a better stragey to load this python include paths09:46
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rburton(the example looks good)09:54
HyP3rThere is no python-config inside my devshell enviroment10:03
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HyP3rWell this autotool component works well but inside my sysroots python-config is not inside the path enviroment its inside the folder /sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/bin/python-native/python-config10:07
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HyP3rso if I generally call python-config I don't reach this file10:07
rob_wsweet , made hddimg but in its inird the busybox has no applets configured10:10
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simonltrying to build the glog package from meta-oe and it tries to link with /usr/lib/, is this something that pseudo is supposed to prevent/work around?10:54
simonlThis has worked for a long time and I don't know what's changed except I needed to patch pseudo to work with glibc 2.24 that came to my host distro recently.10:55
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aratiurburton: about that kernel.bbclass path fix11:06
aratiuthe only commit I can find is a26ec548aab11:07
aratiubut that commit doesn't touch the same function as the patch I've sent11:08
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rburtonaragua: oe-core d596286bc4cf19774447b136a27acf3c61aad2ff11:24
aratiui found it11:25
aratiuah almost at the same time11:25
aratiuI don't know why I'm missing that commit in my branch11:25
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aratiuso what happened is I had a commit on top of master which was reverting that change X|11:30
aratiuthen I re-fixed it without knowing11:31
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sveinsewhere can I find how the DISTRO_FEATURES vs DISTRO_FEATURES_DEFAULT logic is glued together?11:40
sveinsebecause I find examples of testing with ${@bb.utils.contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', while local.conf sets them with DISTRO_FEATURES_DEFAULT="...11:42
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HyP3rIs there a way to give a recpie some argument by command line or user input? It would be gerade if I can specify things like hostname and so on while connection12:06
HyP3r*compilation not connnection \o/12:06
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jubrHyP3r: use BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE12:09
HyP3rI don't find any documentation about this. Can you show me an example?12:11
HyP3rOr how should I use this?12:11
jubrfirst google hit :)12:14
HyP3ryeah I saw this article but I don't get it sorry12:14
HyP3rOk. Sorry now I get it. Sometimes its not good to do more than one thing at the same ...12:15
jubrbitbake filters out ENV stuff before executing: thhis adds an exception, so you can use this var in your recipe's directly12:15
jubrHyP3r: I always do too many things at the same time. King of the Context Switch is not necessarily a good title :)12:16
HyP3ryeah but it generates headache if you do more than three things :(12:16
rburtonHyP3r: its usual to have a variable in your recipe that the user sets in local.conf12:22
rburtoninstead of env vars12:22
jubrrburton: true, that is better. I currently have a Jenkins Parametrized Job that writes a local.conf based on the parameters12:30
jubrbefore kicking off the build12:30
boucman_workrburton: I have a bug (and a workaround) on jethro, is there a bugtracker where I should submit, or a mail to the ML is enough ?12:32 for bugs, but if you have a patch then the list for master and backport requests for krogoth and jethro would be great12:34
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boucman_workI don't have a fix. I  have a workaround, but I don't understand the gcc-cross recipe to be sure it's the correct way to fix it12:35
boucman_worknor can I test it easily in master, since gcc supports gcc-6 so it won't trigger the bug (the bug is that BUILD_CC is not used correctly, so cross-gcc fails if gcc is an alias to gcc-c despite the $BUILD_CC variable)12:36
rburtonthe list then i guess12:37
boucman_workok, thx12:37
rburtonwe don't really support jethro with gcc612:37
rburton(and point to the 2.0 buildtools tarball for anyone who wants jethro on a gcc6 host)12:38
boucman_workrburton: I didn't expect gcc-6 to be supported, but it's a bug in BUILD_CC, which doesn't work correctly, so I can't use the gcc-5 I have, I think it's a real bug worth fixing12:40
boucman_workanyway, mail posted. Thx12:40
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HyP3rIs there a way to configure yocto to generate a script which should be executed for the first startup?13:02
boucman_workHyP3r: on first startupe, I don't really know (I think systemd can do that i'm not sure) but you can do something similar by having a post-install script that will run only on the target13:03
HyP3rWell I thought I create a new recpie caled '13:04
HyP3r'firstrun' and other packages can depend on this and can write scripts to /etc/firstrun.d/ and the recpie firstrun registers itself by systemd and exectues this scripts in this directory13:05
HyP3rAnd then deletes everything. Itself and the directory firstrun.d13:05
HyP3rBut what is post-install?13:05
jubrit also explains type-213:08
rburtona postinst that refuses to run at rootfs time and waits for first boot is the usual solution13:09
rburtonsystemd has support for first boot units apparently if you are using systemd13:09
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HyP3rnice thats what I searched13:20
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HyP3rIs there a way to create users while package runtime? e.g. while do_install() { }?13:25
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HyP3rSomething like that will be extecuted while startup?
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HyP3rthis netsplit removed some people who might know the answer :D13:50
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sveinseIs there an option/tool that can show why a recipe is being rebuilt?14:05
sveinseMy fsl-imx repo rebuilds qt5 on *every* build, and it's quite tedious (read: minimum 1hrs waiting game)14:06
*** ecksun <ecksun!> has joined #yocto14:12
ecksunIs the dependencies of the extensible SDK installer documented somewhere?14:13
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yannwhat's the current way of modifying PR from a .bbappend ?14:47
rburtonsame way you'd modify any other variable14:48
rburtonbut if you're using a somewhat modern release you don't need to touch PR anymore14:49
*** AndersD <AndersD!> has quit IRC14:49
*** dmoseley <dmoseley!> has joined #yocto14:50
boucman_workRP: did you have time to discuss my unset syntax ?14:51
yannrburton: what do you mean by "don't need" ?  the ${PV}-${PR} stays the same as with the original recipe14:52
yann(and well, I was using += instead of _append, silly me)14:53
sveinseCome again: W: Unable to read /build/yocto/var-som-mx6-yocto-jethro/build/tmp/work/var_som_mx6-poky-linux-gnueabi/fsl-image-qt5/1.0-r0/apt/preferences.d/ - DirectoryExists (2: No such file or directory)14:53
sveinseWhy does a build go haywire like this if I add DISTRO_FEATURES_DEFAULT += "myfeature"? It failes on completely different things that what that feature unlocks14:54
rburtonyann: rebuilds happen without touching PR, and if you want a package feed to work (so need PR to increase) then turn on the PR service14:54
HyP3rIs there a way to configure a package this way that everytime you compile packages which depend on this recpie this recpie should fetch _new_ and compile _new_14:54
rburtonsveinse: is DISTRO_FEATURES_DEFAULT assigned to with ?=14:54
HyP3rI have configured the REVSION (SRCREV) to AUTOREV but thats not all14:54
HyP3rSRCREV = "${AUTOREV}"14:54
sveinserburton, += atm14:55
rburtonsveinse: i meant in oe-core.  meta/conf/distro/include/ ?= "alsa argp bluetooth ext2 irda largefile pcmcia usbgadget us14:55
yannrburton: I mostly wanted to see it changed so we know those packages come from recipes we modified14:55
rburtonsveinse: ?= foo then += bar results in "bar" as ?= is lazy14:56
sveinserburton: what is the distinction between using DISTRO_FEATURES_DEFAULT and DISTRO_FEATURES ?14:57
rburtonsveinse: if you want to fiddle distro features from your local.conf, just do DISTRO_FEATURES_append14:57
sveinserburton: ok. Point is, I have a recipe which tests on a DISTRO_FEATURE, and I need somehow to add it14:59
sveinserburton: Just tested with DISTRO_FEATURES_DEFAULT ?=. That failed. Trying _append now14:59
rburtonsveinse: so if you have your own distro then set it in there.  if you don't DISTRO_FEATURES_append in local.conf is best.14:59
sveinserburton: This is a custom distro (fsl-imx-fb), yes15:00
*** igor2 <igor2!~igor@> has joined #yocto15:00
rburtonevery distro is a custom distro, i meant is it one you own or one you extend15:00
rburtoneg for testing and stuff i have DISTRO=poky and a pile of appends and removes in my local.conf15:01
rburtonbut if i was doing a product id have a custom distro conf file that assigned to DISTRO_FEATURES directly15:01
sveinserburton: I guess extend. For me I don't care if the distro is poky or anything else. For me both of them are third party stuff15:01
sveinserburton: Point is, this is the codebase for the imx6 that I'm going to run our software one15:02
rburtoni recommend making your own distro that pulls in fsl-imx-fb and customises it15:02
rburton(but for now, local.conf and append)15:02
sveinseDISTRO_FEATURES_append = " myfeature" failed even more miserable... unbuildable tasks were found and LOTS of loops15:03
rburtonsuch fun15:03
sveinseuncomment the entry, and the image is perfectly fine :p15:04
rburtonwhat feature is this?15:05
sveinseyes, isn't it. I am working with three trees: our jethro poky-based custom HW tree, a vanilla poky kergoth tree and a vericite/freescale tree. I am only able to build our qt5 app on the first....15:07
sveinserburton: its "lm-qt5", and grepping for it, reveals that this is only referred to from my own recipe15:07
*** psadro <psadro!~Thunderbi@2620:0:ed0:800a:72f3:95ff:fe1d:9866> has joined #yocto15:08
sveinseI seriously doubt a name collision, but it's apparent that it garbles DISTRO_FEATURES somehow15:08
rburtonare you remembering to add whitespace?15:08
rburtonand why are you using a distro feature for a singlle recipe15:08
rburtonyou can set package-level variables from distro or local configs15:09
sveinserburton: This is ultimately the patch (to kergoth) that I want to include:
kergothplease stop typoing krogoth as kergoth, it keeps pinging me :)15:11
sveinsekergoth: very sorry. Both names are very similar to me, so I mix them up. My bad.15:12
*** jynik <jynik!> has quit IRC15:12
kergothyou're not the only one :)15:13
sveinseI can tell...15:13
rburtonsveinse: thats not a distro feature.  have a look at the PACKAGECONFIG block in, add a new one for qt5, then do PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-avahi= " qt" in your config15:14
*** maxin <maxin!> has quit IRC15:14
rburton+FILES_libavahi-core = "${libdir}/* ${libdir}/girepository-1.0/AvahiCore*.typelib ${libdir}/*" <— why?15:15
rburton+RDEPENDS_${PN}-dev = "avahi-daemon (= ${EXTENDPKGV}) libavahi-core (= ${EXTENDPKGV}) libavahi-client (= ${EXTENDPKGV}) libavahi-qt5 (= ${EXTENDPKGV})" <— breaks if qt is disabled15:15
sveinserburton: All right. (My excuse is that not all patches/fixes I read from other, such as the fsl image, is done by the book. It's often difficult to know what is the right approach.)15:15
*** olivier__ <olivier__!5c918acf@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto15:15
olivier__Hello Everyone.15:15
olivier__I'm having issue with linux-mainline customization. (I hope, it's a right place to ask)15:16
olivier__I understand the process :15:16
olivier__1/ bitbake linux-mainline -c clean15:16
olivier__2/ bitbake linux-mainline -c menuconfig15:17
olivier__3/ Check/uncheck in the menu config15:17
olivier__4/ bitbake linux-mainline -c diffconfig in order to get the fragment of modified values15:17
olivier__5/ Add to recipes-kernel/linux in my layer15:18
sveinserburton: The first +: the add is superflous agreed. The second +: I don't know why it's like this. I didn't write this code, but I'm left with it15:18
olivier__The issue is simple, all lines in my fragment are commented. Such as "# CONFIG_MEDIA_CAMERA_SUPPORT is not set"15:18
olivier__"# CONFIG_SOUND is not set"15:19
olivier__"# CONFIG_LOGO is not set"15:19
olivier__Is it normal? Or do you know where it could come from?15:19
olivier__(It only does this for boxes I uncheck)15:21
olivier__(the other ones are not commented : "CONFIG_MEMSTICK=y")15:21
olivier__Should I modify directly the line ? Such as ""CONFIG_LOGO=y" ?15:22
*** benjamirc <benjamirc!~besquive@> has joined #yocto15:22
sveinserburton: Is there a standardized method to set PACKAGECONFIGs which can be resolved by the inclusion of other packages? E.g. for, it manually sets the "dbus" packageconfig, but it does not detect if dbus otherwise have been selected15:23
rburtoneach recipe makes a stab at what a 'norma' configuration is15:24
rburtonnormal, even15:24
rburtonso avahi without dbus is 99% crippled15:24
rburtonqt5 is a separate layer so has to be disabled out of the box.15:24
rburtonbut as i show above, make it a packageconfig and you can enable it from distro or local conf with one line15:24
sveinseyeah, that's perfectly fine15:25
olivier__My bad, it seems the '#' are not comments; when I insert my fragments in my recipe, a clean followed by menuconfig shows the modification are taken in account.15:29
olivier__Good to know15:29
HyP3rSorry to question now again, but if I read the source and the small parts of the documenation correct: pkg_postinst will not be extecuted while startup, its executed while do_rootfs.15:30
HyP3rIs this correct?15:30
rburtonHyP3r: executed at rootfs, if it fails it is ran again on first boot15:33
rburtonso postinsts which want to be ran at first boot for whatever reason just do exit 1 if $D is set15:34
HyP3rrburton: ah thats the trick \o/15:37
HyP3rrburton: next thing is configuring those mass of conf files (smb.conf, avahi.conf, httpd.conf) what I did is for each package a bbappend recpie (e.g. avahi_0.6.31.bappend) added a patch and a bit do_install_append like that
*** joseppc <joseppc!~josep@linaro/joseppc> has quit IRC15:40
HyP3rthe var ${RACECHIP_HOSTNAME} is injected with this stragey
HyP3rIs this a good practise?15:40
HyP3rI'm not really sure15:40
rburtonHyP3r: better to use a variable in bitbake.conf15:41
*** rburton <rburton!> has left #yocto15:41
*** rburton <rburton!> has joined #yocto15:41
rburtonand just make users set it in local.conf15:41
rburtonthen you can pre-set it in site.conf, local.conf, or your distro.conf as relevant15:42
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehernan@> has joined #yocto15:42
HyP3rrburton: ok but this 'sed' thing is a good way to solve that?15:44
sveinserburton: I ended up with something like this:
sveinseI admit this being far simpler, so thanks!15:47
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rburtonHyP3r: sed15:58
*** boucman_work <boucman_work!~boucman@> has quit IRC15:59
HyP3rtake a look at my recpie, thats how I insert the current hostname (now from the site.conf)16:00
*** olivier__ <olivier__!5c918acf@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC16:01
rburtonHyP3r: you'd probably be able to remove the patch with a well crafted sed but yeah16:02
HyP3rI'm not able to replace a string with a patch?16:02
rburtoni'm guessing your patch is to add RACECHIP_HOSTNAME that you then sed out16:03
rburtonif thats teh only change then you can do that with just a sed16:03
HyP3rrburton: yes thats the stragegy16:03
HyP3rrburton: but the patch is also enabling some other things ...16:04
rburtonfair enough16:04
HyP3rok, I want to realize that in best practise, so ok16:04
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HyP3rIs there a wy to force yocto to build a recpie everytime its touched?16:35
*** evnmar_ <evnmar_!~MongooseW@> has joined #yocto16:35
HyP3rI have here some git and hg repostiroy code, and my coworkers create everyday a new version \o/. Atm. I do everytime just a 'clean'16:36
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kergothHyP3r: set SRCREV to ${AUTOREV} and add ${SRCPV} to PV16:39
*** hamis_lt_u <hamis_lt_u!~irfan@> has quit IRC16:41
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HyP3rkergoth: I allready set SRCREV to AUTOREV16:43
kergoththat would be one of the two things, yes16:43
HyP3rand the PV thing I don't get: the recpie file name is so PV seems to be empty. Why should I set SRCPV to PV?16:44
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hahmedHi all...a rookie question17:43
*** sno <sno!~sno@> has quit IRC17:44
hahmedI have a bbclass that needs to know what architecture it is running on...for example x86, x86-64, ARM or MIPS17:44
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*** evnmar <evnmar!~MongooseW@> has joined #yocto17:45
hahmedIs there a variable that I can look at to get that info17:45
dvharthahmed, see TARGET_ARCH17:46
dvhartthere are various variables that have related meaning, scan through the *ARCH* vars for more info17:46 can't believe I missed that...17:47
hahmedthats exactly what I am looking for17:47
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jubrHyP3r: 'add' :)18:06
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dmiessHi, I have some recipes I've created that use external source code via EXTERNALSRC = "...". This works fine the first time I build my project however afterwards if I make changes to this source it isn't rebuilt on subsequent builds. Is there a way to do that?21:02
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bluelightningdmiess: which version of the build system are you using?21:19
dmiessI'm using Yocto 1.7, is that what you mean?21:28
dmiessBitBake Build Tool Core version 1.24.0, bitbake version 1.24.021:29
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bluelightningdmiess: ah... how soon we forget21:39
bluelightningin 1.7 we didn't have anything set by default to ensure it rebuilt21:39
bluelightningyou can set do_compile[nostamp] = "1" (just in the specific recipe, nowhere else!)21:40
*** dvhart <dvhart!~dvhart@> has joined #yocto21:40
bluelightningthe result will be that it will build every time regardless of whether it needs to, but then that should be offset by whatever build system the software your recipe is using (e.g. make) which should figure out what needs to be done and what doesn't21:41
dmiessbluelightning: Great, thanks! I'll give that a try.21:41
bluelightningbtw, in 2.1 we have made it so that it actually determines if files have changed and only rebuilds if they have21:41
bluelightningit's also worth noting that 1.7 is very much unsupported these days, so if you can I would strongly suggest upgrading21:42
bluelightningyou're likely missing quite a few security fixes in the metadata if nothing else, assuming you haven't backported them all yourself21:43
dmiessAt the moment upgrading isn't really a possibility for me but I'll be sure to keep that in mind for the future.21:43
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