Friday, 2016-08-12

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CTtpollardis anyone aware to taskhash mismatch issues with the krogoth sdk? I've had it in meta-raspberrypi but that has been fixed upstream08:47
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CTtpollardfor reference
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CTtpollardnothing is standing out in poky, unless [vardepsexclude] = "DATETIME" needs adding to one of the sdk classes?09:06
Guest2569I'm trying to make a package which would be a dependency of an other package only for few machines. So I added it in DEPEND in a package and set COMPATIBLE_MACHINE. However if I run bitbake with a machine which is not in COMPATIBLE_MACHINE, I end up with "<package> incompatible with >machine <machine>"09:11
Guest2569Is there a solution to skip the package if not compatible ?09:12
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Guest2569Thanks CTpollard09:27
T_UNIXfcs why does the smart package manager update the cache *prior* to removing a package?09:34
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MDNNeoHi I'm trying to call some custom python script in a recipe what's the best way of doing it? And how to provide the script?10:43
HyP3rjubr: what do you ment with 'add'?10:51
HyP3rMDNNeo: what does this script? The installation? The Compilation?10:57
HyP3rMDNNeo: or should the recipe only exectue the python script?10:58
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MDNNeopretty custom usecase I want to "produce" various users (or basically) create the /etc/passwd file by various conditions on the target rootfs ... so I just thought of calling a funtion doing this in do_rootfs_append() in the image file11:07
MDNNeoHyP3r: ^11:07
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CTtpollardMDNNeo: there's already support for setting users/passwords11:08
MDNNeoHyP3r: calling a function since I want to use the script as well outside the bitbake environment11:08
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MDNNeoCTtpollard: I know the thing is I want to use the script as well "outside" of the bitbake environment11:09
CTtpollardMDNNeo: take a look at EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS11:10
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MDNNeoso basically I planned to provide it as noarch package in the native environment and then use it in the recipe ... I'm just not sure if this works?11:14
neverpanicWhat use is setting LIBTOOL=${STAGING_BINDIR_CROSS}/${HOST_SYS}-libtool? Shouldn't every autoconf-based project get its local copy of libtool updated by autoconf.bbclass while autoreconf'ing?11:24
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HyP3rMDNNeo: there is a bbclass where you can inherit to create users11:36
MDNNeoHyP3r: I know ... my prob is I want to use the script as such as well ... maybe a bigger background ... for each binary in our target rootfs in a special folder I want to create a user ... this I achieve with a python script. I know I could do this in plain recipe/bbclass as well but I want to use the script for example as well on the target itself11:41
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CTtpollardany meta-intel minnowboard users around?12:25
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jubrHyP3r: [18:39] <kergoth> HyP3r: set SRCREV to ${AUTOREV} and add ${SRCPV} to PV12:28
jubrI think you misread the last part, he means PV_append = "${SRCPV}"12:29
jubrwhich will trigger a rebuild when it changes, since it is checked every time12:29
jubrthen I was a bit cryptic in referring to "add", I was prepping for a release and didn't have much time :)12:30
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T_UNIX_does yocto assume to use the native compiler depending on the recipe name?13:00
neverpanicNo, native.bbclass does that13:02
boucman_workT_UNIX_: I'm not sure I understaand your question, but the answer is probably yes13:03
neverpanicSo if you have a foo-native that doesn't inherit native, you're doing things wrong.13:03
T_UNIX_boucman_work: I mean like qtbase vs. qtbase-native13:03
boucman_workT_UNIX_: neverpanic is right, it's the inherit that does that, not the name, my bad.13:04
T_UNIX_neverpanic: boucman_work thanks :)13:04
T_UNIX_native is meant to refer to BUILD, right?13:04
MDNNeoCTtpollard:  I'm using the minnow board13:09
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CTtpollardwhat's the best way for do src_uri_append for all but one target?13:17
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CTtpollardjust using if =! $machine?13:19
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jubrCTtpollard: maybe _append + _remove_$machine could work? Not sure about that one though...13:22
CTtpollardI'll give it a test13:24
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jubrCTtpollard: alternative, something like: ${@base_conditional('SITEINFO_ENDIANESS', 'le', '-DL_ENDIAN', '-DB_ENDIAN', d)}13:32
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rburtonis anyone actually using qt4 embedded?14:11
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CTtpollardif webkit compiles faster in 4 I might revert ;)14:42
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davisis there a way to query bitbake to see the list of dependencies for a particular target?14:43
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Ulfalizerdavis: ;P14:44
yoctiBug 10131: normal, Undecided, ---, srifenbark, NEW , Suggested rewriting of '2.3.5. Dependency Graphs'14:44
boucman_workdavis: bitbake -g (to have a dozen .dot files generated)14:44
boucman_workbitbake -g -u depex to start a gui14:44
davisif I am doing $ bitbake foo, would that be $bitbake -g -u foo?14:45
boucman_workno, bitbake -g -u depex foo14:45
Ulfalizernah, need the depex too14:45
davismany thanks14:46
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davisit looks like i need depexp, odd it also has google and some others. this is cool. many thanks14:46
davisomg, this is cool. very many thanks.14:47
* Ulfalizer wonders if he should move the depexp stuff to the top in his bug14:47
jubrdavis: Careful, don't want you to have a coronary now ;)14:48
davisoh dude i might14:48
Ulfalizermaybe it's more immediately useful to more people than the graph stuff14:48
boucman_workUlfalizer: nice, took me some time to figure that .dot are more readable than depexp :)14:49
boucman_workthough I agree with your comment, figuring out what dot file is what would be usefull14:49
boucman_work(and when you run -g on an image, you get other files iiuc)14:49
davisahh that is goggle, not google. i was like this will be interesting if its google.14:49
Ulfalizerhmm, alright14:49
Ulfalizerand np. i've never gotten anything out of looking at graphs themselves. :/14:50
Ulfalizeryou'd need to prune them heavily somehow14:51
davisthis goggle, popped a dialog, did a few messages and then nothing. are we supposed to query it using a web browser or someing?14:51
boucman_workthey are usefull to show a customer that that kind of work isn't as trivial as they think :P14:51
Ulfalizerthere's some graphviz thingy for removing A->C dependencies if A->B and B->C already exist, but even that didn't help much14:52
Ulfalizerboucman_work: could print one of those graphs out and put up whenever a customer visits14:52
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boucman_workUlfalizer: I think the only way to make those graphs readable would be to depth prune... i.e limit it to a certain level of dependencies, or "show me the dep path from package x to package y"14:53
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boucman_work(which would translate into the more usefull why is package y included in my image x)14:53
boucman_workUlfalizer: hehe14:53
rburtonshould be fairly simple to write a tool to parse the dot and show the route between two nodes14:53
Ulfalizeryeah, something like that14:54
rburtonoh we have that already14:54
boucman_workwe do ?14:54
rburtoni didn't know about it until recently, and haven't actually tried it yet14:54
rburton    find-paths <dotfile> <from> <to>14:54
boucman_work(one of the weakness of yocto is the number of cool stuff in scripts/ that are undocumented)14:54
boucman_workbitbake-layers and its capacity to automatically fetch stuff from the layer-index is one of them...14:55
rburtonespecially some o the stuff in contrib that is just "i hacked a thing"14:55
* Ulfalizer has a pending bug for some oe-pkgdata-util documentation14:55
* boucman_work add that to his yocto cheatsheet14:55
yoctiBug 10066: enhancement, Medium, 2.2 M4, srifenbark, NEW , Suggested new section on listing package contents14:55
davisi like this documentation on ncurses interface of that command.14:56
davisbitbake -u ncurses <recipe-or-image>text-window based interfaceI couldn't figure out how to control or exit this interface14:56
davisthat is my exact problem.14:57
rburtoni had no idea we had a curses ui14:57
daviswhen i did that depexp it showed there were differnt modes, i was just testing them. i can't exit the ncurses one. lol14:58
rburtonand its not been touched apart from to stop it breaking with api changes since 2010 at least14:58
* jubr also recently found the ncurses interface -- can it do more that look interesting?14:59
davishow do we open the .dot files?15:01
rburtonwith a dot viewer15:02
rburtonor emacs if you're hardcore15:02
boucman_workwith emacs15:03
boucman_workor a dot viewer if you're hardcore15:03
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davislol, this is insane15:04
Ulfalizerdavis: dot -Tpng -o foo.png  is another option15:04
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rburtonif you have a six foot wide screen :)15:05
boucman_workUlfalizer: i would highly recommand svg rather than png, it's way more practicall when zooming15:05
Ulfalizeryeah, i agree. just wanted to give a quick alternative.15:06
Ulfalizerboth will give that blob feeling ;)15:06
Ulfalizerdavis: note that .dot files use a plain text format. they're pretty readable even.15:07
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Ulfalizeror at least more readable than the graphs themselves in this case...15:08
davisso i see part of my problem as a result of this depexp output15:10
davisi have two image receipes. the first has dependency on a recipe i added (amongst others) that is good.15:11
davisthe second image which is supposed to depend on the first does not have it as a dependency. it lists itself instead.15:12
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davishmm. odd. in the second image .bb, it has IMAGE_DEPENDS ="the first image"15:12
davisbut the dependency explorer does not show that.15:13
Ulfalizerdavis: IMAGE_DEPENDS is an internal variable used by image_types.bbclass afaics, and not supposed to be used like that15:18
boucman_work"image depending on image" does not means that the second will include all packages from the first15:18
boucman_workit means that the second is suppposed to somehow "include" the first (think : initrd)15:19
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jubrdavis: either write common stuff into a, or (a little hackish) actuallually include from inside image-b.bb15:20
davisi'm working with a setup which mods subsquent layers to each other.15:20
davisso the existing system has a well working imgA, imgA++, imgA+++, etc.15:21
davisi tried to pick one of the intermediate layers and start a new chain of mods.15:21
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rburtonmade graph-tool work \0/16:06
rburton"why does core-image-sato-base include glib-2.0"16:06
rburtonproduces lots of output obviously, but shows stuff like:16:06
rburtoncore-image-sato-base -> gstreamer-vaapi-1.0 -> gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad -> gstreamer1.0-plugins-base -> gstreamer1.0-plugins-base-meta -> pango -> harfbuzz -> glib-2.016:06
davisrburton: how do we use graph-tool?16:09
rburtonbitbake -g to get the graph data16:09
rburtonand apply the patch i have on my disk16:09
davisexcellent many thanks16:10
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kergothrburton: nice16:12
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kergothbb whatdepends -r might be of use too, though with a different interface to the data16:12
kergothwill have to poke at graph-tool, never knew about that16:12
rburtonme neither16:12
*** CTtpollard <CTtpollard!> has quit IRC16:12
rburtonshame it takes forever to load the graph data16:12
rburtonlikely better ways of doing what it does tbh16:12
kergothwhatdepends handles runtime too now, should have the same info. really do need to look into integrating equivalent functionality into bitbake proper at some point16:13
rburtondoes whatdepends work transiently up the dependency graph?16:13
rburtongraphtool is great for the "why is <foo> in my image" usecase16:14
kergothah, yes. whatdepends is more 'why did this get pulled into my build'. similar, but not identical. it should work equivalently for this particular case.16:17
* kergoth ponders16:17
*** toanju <toanju!~toanju@> has quit IRC16:17
*** yann <yann!> has quit IRC16:18
rburtonarse for/else doesn't do what i thought in python16:19
kergothheh, yeah. fits some usages, but not all16:21
rburtoni couldn't remember exactly what it did was forgot it was for "did i break" not "did i run"16:21
*** jbrianceau is now known as jbrianceau_away16:22
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rburtondavis: patch sent :)16:23
davisto the git repot?16:24
rburtonto the list16:24
davisahh, cool.16:24
davisfwiw, i'm working with another developer on his yocto/oe setup. he's not arounnd today sadly, but ive compared diffs of what i modded to his on this image append.16:26
rburtonpython3 ../scripts/contrib/graph-tool find-paths core-image-sato-base connman16:28
rburtoncore-image-sato-base -> packagegroup-core-x11-sato-base -> connman-gnome -> connman16:28
*** AgentElrond <AgentElrond!> has joined #yocto16:28
davishe's using IMAGE_DEPENDS to have one final image be modified to other images.  The ones prior to this one use require's keyword.16:29
davisim guessing his intention was that the necessary packages are built ealier using the requires and this one simply makes a new type of image with the intention that the image_depends ensuring the earlier recipes are built.16:30
AgentElrondHowdy, I've used buildroot but am new to yocto.  Question, is there a way I can check which website(s) will be used to download all the yocto packages during bitbake?16:31
davisit does not look liek that it working though. is there a proper keyword which is used in the situation? ie. not IMAGE_DEPENDS16:31
AgentElrondFor example, some buildroot packages would go to random websites if a primary mirror failed, and for security purposes I'd like to make sure I track the download location for the yocto build.16:31
rburtonAgentElrond: SRC_URI in each recipe is the canonical URL that will be used16:36
rburtonPREMIRRORS and MIRRORS list the places which will be searched if that URL fails16:36
AgentElrondrburton: Thanks!  I'm guessing those will be different for each individual recipe, potentially16:37
rburtonSRC_URI will be different for every recipe, yes16:37
AgentElrondWhat I'm hoping is that most packages will come from a common site, and only a few will redirect to NotAVirus.ru16:37
rburtonthe mirrors are global16:37
rburtonno, we download from canonical upstream16:37
rburtonso gcc from, etc16:37
AgentElrondAh, excellent16:38
rburtonsome upstreams are dead so point at the yocto mirror, or snapshot.debian.org16:38
AgentElrondI do apologize if that was answered somewhere already.  May attempts at searching had failed16:38
kergothrburton: - did give the same results for that. need to think about how to improve it further, though. I really want to dump info about the type of dependency at each point along the graph, somehow. i.e. this was a task rdeptask + RDEPENDS_foo, this was a deptask + DEPENDS..16:44
* kergoth adds a todo16:44
*** dvhart <dvhart!~dvhart@> has quit IRC16:44
kergothinsufficient caffeine to think about that just now16:45
*** mortderire <mortderire!~rkinsell@> has quit IRC16:45
rburtonkergoth: i bet that took less time than graphtool!16:45
kergothpossible, the main delay was the bitbake recipe parsing16:45
kergoththere are a couple weaknesses to it, still. since the scope is by recipe, not task, sdk bits show up in the list whether you want to know about them or not16:46
*** mortderire <mortderire!~rkinsell@> has joined #yocto16:47
* kergoth digs through upstream submission queue16:48
AgentElrondIs it possible to decline the Crown Bay EULAs and skip their downloads when running bitbake?  (I haven't gotten the process started yet)16:50
AgentElrondI don't need them at all16:50
davisahh, i'm seeing my problem. my stuff is in wrong architecture sysrootfs16:50
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rburtonAgentElrond: remove them from your image?17:17
rburtonkergoth: asking why core-image-sato contains connman takes me 10 minutes17:17
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AgentElrondIt just seemed odd those particular elements had different EULAs17:19
AgentElrondWorst case, maybe I can change some files to remove them from recipes17:19
rburtonits been a while since i looked at that bsp, what bits is it trying to ask you for a eula for?17:21
*** BiteFingerHand <BiteFingerHand!b19f9049@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto17:23
AgentElrondrburton: The very first thing bitbake tries to do is grab
AgentElrondIt may be a red herring.  I'm still setting things up.17:26
rburtonwhat release are  you using?17:27
rburtonthe common x86 BSPs are generally better if they're available17:27
rburtonoh its likely grabbing the EMGD drivers17:27
BiteFingerHandhi! i've stumbled upon a problem when using systemd-udevd... it does not allow interfaces names as eth*, etc... my question is: can I use systemd and let eudev manage devices?17:27
rburtonAgentElrond: if you don't need graphics then there's a crownbay-noemdg machine.  if you do want graphics (well, GL) then you need to agree to get the binary drivers.17:28
kergoth"does not allow"? it's just udev, write a rule to rename them.17:28
rburtonBiteFingerHand: changing systemd to use old device names is a simple option even if i can't remember what it is17:28
AgentElrondrburton:  Thanks.  I'm not building for an Intel machine at all which is why I'm confused.  It's a Yocto Poky setup for OpenBMC.  I'll look furhter.17:29
rburtonAgentElrond: yeah something is pulling in the bsp17:29
AgentElrondat least, as far as I know17:29
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BiteFingerHandthanks rburton. But no matter what I do I can't rename eth0 to eth1, for example17:36
BiteFingerHandthe code that allowes this was removed long time ago17:36
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caiortpI'm building a readonly image with squashfs and overlayfs  based on systemd. I'm mounting /etc in overlayfs but the /etc/machine-id must be tmpfs. Someone has an advice ?20:04
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khemcaiortp: machine-id is persistent file21:10
khemhow did you conclude it should be in tmpfs21:10
caiortpJan 01 01:28:36 colibri-imx6 systemd-machine-id-commit[225]: /etc/machine-id is not on a temporary file system.21:10
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caiortpby the way, this service is important?21:15
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caiortpThere's some problem if I disable this?21:15
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khemso its transient machine-id which needs it21:22
khemmay be you can use VOLATILE_BINDS21:22
khemVOLATILE_BINDS_append_hybrid = "/tmp/machine-id /etc/machine-id\n"21:24
khemis what I use21:24
khemin local.conf21:25
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khemVOLATILE_BINDS_append = "/tmp/machine-id /etc/machine-id\n"21:25
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AnticomHi all. I'm currently learning CMake. I've realized that if you include cmake in your SDK, the toolchain file sets --sysroot via C_FLAGS ( ) rather than using
AnticomIs there a specific reason for this?22:46
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