Thursday, 2016-08-25

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pwebsterHi, I've got a question regarding a QA Error message during the package stage of a recipe I've added04:46
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pwebsterThe cause of the error I know: the recipe working dir package folder has an extra directory in it that isn't listed in the FILES_${PN} list in the recipe04:48
pwebsterthe problem is I don't want the directory, or even know why that directory is in there in the first place when it isn't in the recipe workdir image directory04:49
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pwebsterie: build/tmp/work/<machine>/<recipe>/<version>/image contains only etc, usr and var04:51
pwebsterbut build/tmp/work/<machine>/<recipe>/<version>/package contains only etc, usr, var and run04:51
pwebsterthe recipe has a do_install_append that runs "install -d ${D}${localstatedir}/run/app" to create a run state directory in the image (which it does), and this is the only way I can see it accidentally creating the /run/app directory in the package dir, ie if localstatedir is empty04:54
pwebsterhowever, it can't be, because it creates to /var/run/app, as expected04:55
pwebsterFurthermore, if I change the install to be "install -d ${D}${localstatedir}/something_silly/app", I get the /var/something_silly/app in both the image and package locations, but neither /run/app or /something_silly/app in the package dir04:57
pwebsterany suggestions on what might be causing this extra directory in the package directory? None of the scripts in the recipe temp directory explicitly create it, and the logs don't provide enough information to see where it came from04:59
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mwarninghi ppl, I like to run my yocto image in qemu. The target system is a cortex-a8. Now I have zImage,  zImage-am335x-phycore-rdk.dtb and core-image-full-cmdline-phycore-am335x-1-20160803115252.rootfs.ext4 files. But all that qemu shows me is a black window.07:16
mwarningqemu-system-arm -cpu cortex-a8 -kernel zImage -dtb zImage-am335x-phycore-rdk.dtb -M versatilepb -hda core-image-full-cmdline-phycore-am335x-1-20160803115252.rootfs.ext4  -no-reboot -show-cursor -m 128 --append "root=/dev/sda rw console=ttyAMA0,115200  mem=128M highres=off rootfstype=ext4"07:17
mwarningsorry for the spam :-)07:17
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LetoThe2ndmwarning: usually qemu does not git the specific peripheral set etc. to run machine specific images. it might be easier to just rebuild your image for a qemuarm/qemux86/qemuXXX machine.07:41
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T_UNIXso I'm trying do build qtdeclarative, but it fails because it generates a Makefile for qmldevtools that contains /usr/lib/libQt5Bootstrap.lib (i.e. wrong $prefix or path in general) as a target dependency.07:54
T_UNIXthe makefile is generated during compilation stage using the corresponding .pro file and subsequently make'd. So there is no sed'ing inbetween :-/08:01
mwarningLetoThe2nd: thanks, but how do I rebuild my image for qemuarm? I thought that the image is already ready. The sdcard image works on our arm hardware so far.08:03
LetoThe2ndmwarning: select MACHINE = "qemuarm" in local.conf08:04
mwarningah, I did not know that.08:04
mwarningI will try that08:04
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s65b44hi guys08:27
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flitjesHey guys, we just realised something, why not change the name yocto 10^-24 to 10^-42, yocto is the answere to everything :D08:40
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rburtonnot sure we have the power to do that :)08:44
LetoThe2ndrburton: actually we would need power^-1608:45
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flitjesTo bad :P08:48
flitjeswe should join the comittee that decided this08:48
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s65b44is there some way to have interfaces name like eth0 eth1...? depending on the hardware, interfaces name can change. It seems that an udev rule is written by /lib/udev/write_net_rules in most of the linux distributions. how can i do the same in my yocto distribution?09:02
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LetoThe2nds65b44: you can just install additional rule file, no problem09:04
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s65b44true, but i mean, it looks based on the mac address, so i have to know, in advance, the mac addresses of each of the physical interfaces09:06
LetoThe2nds65b44: well thats a convention that might be used in that rule you mentioned. but you're free to implement another scheme as you please - plus, there are other approaches these days which offer other name generation schemes.09:10
LetoThe2nds65b44: see for example
s65b44LetoThe2nd: thanks, i'll take a look09:12
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HyP3rHow can I change the default compilation optimization level of all recpies, at the moment everywhere is '-O2' but, I really don't know, since my update 3.18 to 4.1 everything on my board is slow?09:28
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Ulfalizersee too09:38
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Ulfalizerwhat i did was to search for "-O2" in the output of 'bitbake -e' btw, and seeing what variables it showed up in :)09:38
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Ulfalizerwould be nice if those glossary entries linked to each other09:39
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HyP3rUlfalizer: thank you for that information :)10:02
UlfalizerHyP3r: 'bitbake -e' is a great debugging tool. the latest version of the reference manual has a fleshed-out section on it: :)10:04
HyP3rUlfalizer: I have this Refrenece Manual all the time open, but I was dumb enough to _not_ search for Optimization10:15
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gunnarxBitbake tells me TMPDIR can't be on NFS....  Is that because of file locking concerns?  (Supposedly locking works on *some* NFS implementations?)11:31
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iskander_workbelen: i have a question regarding toaster, again :)11:38
iskander_worki made a custom image recipe11:38
iskander_worki can build it just fine with toaster but11:39
iskander_workwhen i open the corresponding build page, i do not see bootloader or kernel images under 'Other Artifacts'11:40
iskander_workand when i build the standard image 'core-image-sato' then i  can see them11:40
iskander_worka feature or a bug ?11:40
iskander_workor i'm doing something wrong11:41
yoctiBug 5442: enhancement, Medium, 1.6 M1, liezhi.yang, RESOLVED FIXED, sanity.bbclass: check TMPDIR is not on nfs11:43
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beleniskander_work: definitely not a feature. It is probably a bug. It could be because a previous image has created bootloader and kernel images that are valid for your new image as well, so the build system will not create them from scratch, so toaster is not picking them up. Again, we have fixed it for the next release. Again, that doesn't help you :(11:47
iskander_workhmm, any idea where in source i should look for this bug ?11:50
iskander_workor maybe which git commit fixed it11:51
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ilkerdagliHey there I need help12:09
ilkerdagliIs there anybody that can help me ?12:10
jkuilkerdagli: asking the actual question you have is pretty much the only way to find out12:11
ilkerdagliWhen I do, bitbake meta-toolchain-qt5 its installing the qt 5.5 version, But i need qt 5.6 or greater12:11
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gunnarxiskander: OK, thanks for the bug link.  It says "Only specific directories are expected to work on nfs...DOWNLOADS and SSTATE".  Is that correct or a typo?  Or is it that DOWNLOADS and SSTATE are the only ones that are *NOT* expected to work on NFS?12:21
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ilkerdagliI need to build and install meta-toolchain-qt5 with version 5.6 or greater, In my enviroment when I do bitbake meta-toolchain-qt5 it builts the 5.5 version. How can I do that12:42
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beleniskander_work: let me see12:49
iskander_workbelen: i found a bugzilla case
yoctiBug 10107: normal, Medium, 2.2 M3, elliot.smith, IN PROGRESS REVIEW , Kernel artifacts not shown12:50
iskander_workbut i'm not sure it is the same problem12:50
iskander_workit applies to a newer version12:51
beleniskander_work: yes, that's definitely part of the work. There is one more series for artifact fixes. That's what I trying to find12:51
beleniskander_work: they probably won't apply to krogoth though, but at least they might give you some indication on how to fix things there12:52
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beleniskander_work: I think I found it. I believe this was the patch series that solved most of the artifacts issues, including the one you are seeing with the kernel files
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iskander_workbelen: thank you, i'll check it out and report back14:19
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darwishHello. Is there something special about package name overrides?14:44
darwishThat is, do they have special semantics like _append or _remove14:44
rburtonno more special than class or machine overrides14:44
darwishSo bitbake has no special understanding of them .. it's just an informal namespace mechanism by OpenEmbedded layers; right?14:45
rburtonoverrides are handled by bitbake14:46
darwishHmm .. the bitbake user manuals does not mention them at all; except this paragrpah: "As with all package-controlling variables, you must always use the RDEPENDS variable in conjunction with a package name override"14:47
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darwishAnd that's the only mention of it .. no talk about special handling it all .. which is confusing me a bit :-(14:48
*** Biliogadafr <Biliogadafr!> has joined #yocto14:48
kergoththere is no special handling in bitbake. the packaging code adds the package name to OVERRIDES, and thenb itbake handles it like every other override.14:48
kergothwell, i take that back, rdepends is handled by bitbake, but not through an override :)14:48
*** igor2 <igor2!~Igor_Stop@> has quit IRC14:52
darwishah, that was it .. OVERRIDES ..14:52
darwishgreat .. now I can find all the relevant parts in the docs :D14:52
darwishrburton, kergoth, Thanks a lot!14:52
*** gunnarx <gunnarx!~gan@unaffiliated/gan> has joined #yocto14:55
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tiqwhat is the best way to install man pages with a recipe?15:07
rburtonbest way is that the "make install" installs them for you15:08
rburtonotherwise write a do_install_append and install them yourself15:09
*** zeddii_home_ <zeddii_home_!> has joined #yocto15:14
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*** zeddii_home_ is now known as zeddii_home15:16
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* darwish wonders why mainstream distributions don't use bitbake/yocto for building their distros (instead of inventing their own mechanisms)15:28
HyP3rdarwish: that would be so nice, because if they would to this with yocto we have for everything a recpie15:30
HyP3rAnd Developer of Software would take a close look at there Librarys and Tools if they are compatible to Yocto.15:31
HyP3rAt the moment you have to patch every script to fix path problems :S15:31
darwishIt's well documented in the industry how solutions created originally for the 'low-end' can dominate after a while .. so there's hope :D15:32
darwishThat's the story of Linux itself, and x86 in 386/486 era, and ARM afterwards :D15:33
HyP3rYeah today Linux gets 25 :315:34
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehernan@> has quit IRC15:34
fraysimple answer.. people would rather not have to cross compile15:34
fraydarwish: the OE/YP approach is to cross compile everything15:34
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehernan@> has joined #yocto15:35
fraythis is great in that lots more targets, optimizations, and better 'reproducibity'.. but it causes a lot of people to go outside of their comfort zones and understand some of the ramifications of cross compiling15:35
darwishfray, while building x86 distributions, they build their own GCC/toolchain anyway not to get 'polluted' with the hosting system15:36
darwishand use that for compiling the entire distribution ..15:36
darwishSo that's not very foreign from the concept of cross compiling .. I guess ..15:36
fraybut the reality is they are polluted with the host system..15:36
fraythey are kind of doing cross compilation, but not really.. since they expect to be able to compile and run at the same time15:37
fraythe second you have to 'run' something you built as part of the compilation step -- the second you have introduced a potential host pollution15:37
darwishyeah, correct ..15:37
frayit very often happens on Fedora, debian and others that they can only build the distro on the distro..15:37
*** fl0v0 <fl0v0!> has quit IRC15:38
moto-timosome of the tools have to be built with the tool15:38
fraythey are very good at showing things are reproducible (out of necessity)... but they have no real bootstrap process other then use the tool15:38
*** nillerbrun <nillerbrun!> has quit IRC15:39
*** nillerbrun <nillerbrun!> has joined #yocto15:39
darwishmoto-timo, wow :D15:39
moto-timoyou have to build maven three times if you want the current version15:40
frayusual way on a desktop distro to prove reproducible is.. build once, use that build to build again -- check if the output is the same -- if it's not build time three.. check again.. if it's not you have a bug.. if it is.. you are "good"15:41
fraymoto-timo -- jynx15:41
frayI much prefer cross compilation.. boostrap and build once..  want reproducible.. do it again and show it's the same..15:42
moto-timoheck yeah15:42
*** eduardas_m <eduardas_m!~eduardas_@> has quit IRC15:42
fraybut just because you've bootstrapped means it is expected to be baring a bug... once that is usually fairly easy to find.. (not always fix)  ;)15:42
Ulfalizerdarwish: "_<foo>" at the end of a name only does something special if "<foo>" appears in OVERRIDES or if <foo> is something magical like "append"15:46
*** joseppc <joseppc!~josep@linaro/joseppc> has quit IRC15:46
Ulfalizerpeople often call all "_foo" suffixes overrides though15:47
Ulfalizersome "overrides" (in that sense) are handled manually inside anonymous pythons (
Ulfalizerin e.g. base.bbclass15:48
Ulfalizer  is a better link. has more detail.15:50
*** rajm <rajm!> has quit IRC15:50
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*** rob_w <rob_w!~rob@unaffiliated/rob-w/x-1112029> has joined #yocto15:57
Ulfalizer...or handled in the default versions of tasks. for example, the default version of do_package (from meta/classes/package.bbclass, which is inherited by base.bbclass, which is inherited by all recipes) goes through the PACKAGES and FILES_* variables manually. it's not built into bitbake itself.15:59
*** sameo <sameo!~samuel@> has joined #yocto16:01
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*** sgw_ <sgw_!sgw_@nat/intel/x-ijhqvyihxoxzibyq> has joined #yocto16:16
darwishUlfalizer, a small question then; when I do 'bitbake -e mesa | grep OVERRIDS', I see "pn-mesa" as the package override value16:19
darwishnot just mesa ..16:19
Ulfalizerdarwish: it's because "pn-${PN}" is the string that appears in (the default value of) OVERRIDES16:20
kergoththe pn- override isn't a package name override, it's a recipe name override16:20
Ulfalizerif it was just ${PN}, then _mesa would work as an override. that would be more likely to clash with other stuff though.16:20
darwishyup .. so when I say FILES_{PN} = "xxx" .. there's no override named plain "mesa"16:21
* Ulfalizer didn't even see the "package" part16:21
Ulfalizerdarwish: yeah, that's one place where it would clash16:21
darwishUlfalizer, kergoth .. bitbake docs state that for YYY_XXX to work, OVERRIDES must have the "XXX" string .. so I wonder how FILES_mesa = "" and FILES_mesa-dev work even though there's no plain "mesa" in OVERRIDES16:23
* darwish hopes he's not complicating things for himself ..16:23
kergoth[08:59:58]  <Ulfalizer>...or handled in the default versions of tasks. for example, the default version of do_package (from meta/classes/package.bbclass, which is inherited by base.bbclass, which is inherited by all recipes) goes through the PACKAGES and FILES_* variables manually. it's not built into bitbake itself.16:23
Ulfalizerdarwish: the _mesa part isn't handled through the OVERRIDES mechanism there. do_package takes care of it itself.16:23
Ulfalizerit just happens to use the same "syntax"16:24
darwishah .. I see16:24
*** manuel_ <manuel_!~manuel@> has quit IRC16:24
darwishSo for it FILES_libc is just a full name variable without any overrides; excellent16:25
*** gunnarx <gunnarx!~gan@unaffiliated/gan> has quit IRC16:25
*** Kakounet <Kakounet!> has quit IRC16:25
darwishUlfalizer, kergoth .. I send my gratitude again .. things begin to make lot more sense :D16:25
Ulfalizeryeah, it doesn't use overrides in the OVERRIDES sense at least. people often call the "_libc" part an override even there though.16:26
Ulfalizerit can be a bit confusing16:26
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fragfutteranyone using systemd-networkd and updates his hostname from dhcp?16:37
*** Ulfalizer is now known as Ulfalize16:37
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khemkergoth: I was explaining recipe vs package difference to some one new to OE and he was holding his head I dont know if he was feeling enligtened or mad17:51
khemfact that PN can also be one of possible output package adds to confusion17:51
*** igor2 <igor2!~igor@> has joined #yocto17:51
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hweavingIs it necessary to adjust BBFILE_COLLECTIONS when creating a layer.conf ?18:01
kergothif you don't, it won't be a functional layer from bitbake's perspetive, so yes18:02
hweavingI was looking at an example layer.conf and wasn't sure how many of the variables were necessary, since I basically want to create an empty recipe.18:03
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igor2hi guys, I'm enabling systemd on my image following the tutorial:, but the package systemd-serialgetty is not installed in the image18:35
igor2I read the systemd recipe and the systemd-serialgetty is on the rrecommended packages18:36
igor2What i've missed18:36
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khemigor2: are you setting PACKAGECONFIG to have 'serial-getty-generator' in systemd ?19:31
igor2yes, i just figure out what was wrong19:35
igor2it was because my distro was setting SERIAL_CONSOLE = ""19:35
igor2thanks khem19:35
hweavingigor2: Kudos for describing the problem for others and the channel log19:39
khemzeddii: I have to add for drm backend to work effectively with virtualbox as a new fragment on top of linux-yocto would you mind including this in default kernel config if its not already ?19:39
hweavingThe worst is when someone has an obscure problem on the internet, and then you see them finish the thread with "nvm figured it out".  No explanation.  :D19:40
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*** Tenhi_ <Tenhi_!> has joined #yocto19:50
hweavingIs there any guide for which elements in layer.conf or a particular recipe are required?19:52
hweavingFor example, I notice .bb files with 'HOMEPAGE = "whatever"'  If I don't have a homepage, do I need to even set the variable?19:53
Ulfalizerhweaving: only thing that's strictly required is LICENSE i think. for quick testing, you can set it to "CLOSED".19:54
*** sgw_ <sgw_!sgw_@nat/intel/x-ijhqvyihxoxzibyq> has quit IRC19:54
Ulfalizerdepending on the output package format, you might end up with some default values for "required" metadata fields i guess, e.g. if the format requires a SUMMARY19:54
*** sgw_ <sgw_!sgw_@nat/intel/x-yjnbmcfebsglekxx> has joined #yocto19:55
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Ulfalizer(recipes build packages. images are generated from those packages. in case you haven't gotten to that point yet.)19:57
Ulfalizerpackage in the rpm/deb/ipk sense19:57
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hweavingUlfalizer: Thanks!  I'm guessing "PR" is "Package Revision"20:01
hweavingUlfalizer: For license, I'm hoping I can use a common license (MIT) so I don't have to worry about the checksum20:02
Ulfalizeryup, PR is package revision. the description was fleshed out a bit recently:
hweavingUlfalizer:  I literally just searched that webpage for "PR =" and didn't notice the variables section, my bad20:03
Ulfalizerhweaving: the checksum is to verify that the license doesn't change, so if you want to do that, you'd still need a checksum20:03
Ulfalizeri'm bored by licensing stuff, so i'm probably not the right guy to give advice there though :)20:04
Ulfalizerimportant, but oh so boring to me for some reason :/20:04
Ulfalizerhweaving: no problem. there's a lot of manual. :S20:04
*** alimon1 <alimon1!~alimon@> has quit IRC20:05
hweavingUlfalizer: I can understand, it's busywork to grab a md5 sum, write the lines, etc.20:05
Ulfalizerthat and politics in general :P20:06
*** moto-timo <moto-timo!ttorling@nat/intel/x-gdmatzkebkhoptku> has joined #yocto20:07
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*** moto-timo <moto-timo!ttorling@fsf/member/moto-timo> has joined #yocto20:07
hweavingWell if you're running a business, licenses are sadly important (as mind-numbing as they are to try to read)20:07
hweavingSo that you don't break the law or cheat someone out of what they create20:07
hweavingNow CHOOSING a license, that gets more political :p20:07
Ulfalizerimportant and boring :)20:08
hweavinglike accounting20:09
Ulfalizernot breaking any licenses btw, so not that ;)20:09
Ulfalizerpolitics-processing code *shudder*20:10
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*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has joined #yocto20:18
hweavingIf I'm using a recipe to install arbitrary files (e.g. HTML webpage files) onto the root filesystem, which is the proper paradigm?20:22
hweaving1.  Including these files in FILES_${PN} += "whatever"20:22
hweaving2.  Using do_install_append to manually copy the files20:22
hweaving3.  Other20:22
hweavingIf one of these approaches allows bitbake to detect the files changed and recopy them, that would be ideal20:23
Ulfalizerhweaving: how do you store the html files?20:23
hweavingUlfalizer: Under my own meta-blabla layer20:24
hweavingAs plaintext files in a directory structure20:24
rob_wi use 1 and 2  as needed ;-)20:25
Ulfalizerif you fetch those files to ${WORKDIR} with SRC_URI = "file://... ..." first, then yocto might take their contents into account when calculating task checksums (which determine when tasks get rerun). i'm not actually sure though.20:27
Ulfalizerthings are generally smoother if you store contents in some external repository20:27
hweavingrob_w:  I want the checksums taken into account if possible, yes20:28
Ulfalizersee the first note. that's what i thought.20:29
hweavingI have an offline build environment so I'm not fetching from anything besides the yocto non-build directories20:29
hweavingUlfalizer:  Thanks, I'll experiment using file://20:29
rob_whmm never though about that .. need to check that too ;-)20:30
Ulfalizeri guess that's one good reason to still use SRC_URI = "" to fetch local files instead of referencing them directly in e.g. do_install. if you do the latter, then do_install won't get rerun if the files change.20:30
Ulfalizer*SRC_URI = "..."20:31
*** obsrwr_home <obsrwr_home!~obsrwr@> has quit IRC20:31
hweavingUlfalizer: I think I was warned about that with things like post-install scripts.  e.g. if you manually run the recipe it works, but bitbake won't detect it automatically without the checksum stuff.20:31
*** rob_w <rob_w!~rob@unaffiliated/rob-w/x-1112029> has quit IRC20:32
Ulfalizerpretty obvious that SRC_URI file://... stuff is checksummed in retrospect. otherwise changing patch files wouldn't retrigger builds either.20:34
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khemUlfalizer: compliance is quite important for OSS based products and license checksum is one part of helping with that workflow20:39
*** jbrianceau_away <jbrianceau_away!uid10952@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto20:39
*** jbrianceau_away is now known as jbrianceau_home20:39
hweavingI'm guessing there's no way to use wildcards for file:// in SRC_URI?20:39
hweavingOr mass-checksum a directory?20:39
khemhweaving: whats your usecase ?20:40
Ulfalizerkhem: yeah, it's important stuff. not saying anything else.20:40
hweavingkhem: Offline build environment, local root filesystem overlay in a certain directory, I want those files copied on top of the rootfs image before deployment20:40
hweavingkhem: This means I either way the copy to happen EVERY time bitbake runs, or I want the copy to run when any of the overlay files change20:40
hweaving*I either want20:40
hweavingI'm creating my own recipe to do the copy / install since I was advised against post-install scripts with yocto20:41
khemhweaving: explain the overlay contents20:41
khemare you overwriting the content coming from base ?20:41
hweavingkhem: HTTPS certs, webpage files, other vendor-specific scripts / files20:41
khemOK, that seems usual case.20:42
hweavingkhem: I just want to add extra files to the rootfs, not overwrite (as far as I'm aware right now)20:42
khemI assume you are putting all this into one package20:42
hweavingkhem: Yes, from a single recipe20:42
khemdont worry image builder will barf if there are duplicate providers20:42
khemso you really have two options20:42
hweavingIn theory I could zip up my rootfs overlay and use that as a source, and that would get checksummed.  But, that makes my development cycle longer because I have to run a re-zip command every time I change a file20:43
khemcommit your sources into recipe metadata along with a makefile and then use a recipe to drive this makefile to do the usual steps20:43
khemthe one you describe is the second and good option20:44
khemyes you have to and you should20:44
khemotherwise how do you track your changes20:44
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has quit IRC20:45
khemI would suggest to create a SCM repo for all your files20:45
khemand then commit changes to that repo20:46
khemand fetch/package it using bitbake recipe like other recipes20:46
khemI would suggest to manually bump the SRCREV in recipe so you have a controlled change management20:46
Ulfalizerwould the makefile-in-metadata approach even work? yocto won't know that the makefile in turn depends on the source files.20:48
* Ulfalizer thinks repo is the nicest solution too, followed by tarball in metadata20:48
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has joined #yocto20:48
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hweavingkhem: Thanks for the detailed thoughts, you raise excellent points20:49
hweavingI was thinking about making the local testing cycle more efficient rather than the eventual repo setup20:49
hweavingAs long as I can use a local offline git repo then that could work20:49
khemUlfalizer: it still will need the fetch stuff20:49
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehernan@> has quit IRC20:50
khemits just that sources are combined with yocto20:50
hweavingI don't fully understand how SRCREV works right now20:50
*** Biliogadafr1 <Biliogadafr1!> has quit IRC20:50
khemhweaving: you point the recipe to a given version to use when fetching from SCMs20:50
Ulfalizerkhem: yeah, that'd work. thought you meant just fetching the makefile, to avoid the "wildcard" problem.20:50
hweavingkhem:  So if I lock the SRCREV variable to a specific revision, then do more commits to the local repo, only the referenced one will get pulled20:50
kheme.g. if its git then you say SRC_URI = "git://...." SRCREV = "sha-id"20:51
khemthat informs bitbake git fetcher that I need to pick up the source from location x and head should point to sha-id20:51
khemUlfalizer: yes thats sneaky but can be done.20:51
khemalthough, -2 for that approach20:52
hweaving20 points from Gryffindor20:52
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehernan@> has joined #yocto20:52
Ulfalizernot cleanly though. would need to take the content of the other files into account too.20:52
khemhweaving: read through
khemit might help a bit20:52
khemin getting the fetching basics in OE20:53
hweavingkhem:  Working on it, thanks20:53
hweavingkhem:  Wouldn't you need to use the "ref" option in your SRC_URI line to force only rev = SRCREV?20:53
khemhweaving: there are defaults which will be a fallback20:55
hweavingIf I'm trying to lock a certain revision in, I'd rather make it explicit I Think20:55
hweavingI think20:55
khemhweaving: fetching is documented here
khemin detail20:56
Ulfalizerhweaving: "locking" to a specific revision is the standard approach. knowing that the build output won't change behind your back because someone pushed to a repo is nice.20:57
khemif you are dealing wth git see this
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khemyou can also set SRCREV = "${AUTOREV}" if you are the only developer in company :)20:58
Ulfalizerif you really really want to always get the latest revision, look up AUTOREV:
khemalthough autorev will always poke at your repos whenrver you build so its not good for offline builds20:58
* hweaving opens 200 tabs20:59
hweavingThanks for the pointers20:59
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hweavingkhem: does not seem to mention the "protocol=" feature21:03
hweavingI'm currently guessing that lets you manually override the processor, since an example showed protocol=git21:03
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hweavingkhem:  Nevermind, found it under 4.3.5 for the Git Fetcher specifically21:04
hweavingI'm confused by the general options in vs. the fetcher-specific options in
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hweavingWith git:// you can use "rev=", but wouldn't this conflict with the SRC_URI "rev" option?21:07
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khemhweaving: IIRC SRCREV will override ti21:16
hweavingkhem: Ah, I didn't see that in the documents21:16
hweaving"mindate" etc. are also mentioned, which I assume would work with git://, but I haven't looked up an example yet21:16
Ulfalizerlooks like rev= and SRCREV have to agree if you specify both. see srcrev_internal_helper() in lib/bb/fetch2/
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khemthose options are fetcher specific too mindate etc. are good for cvs21:18
khemyuck cvs21:18
Ulfalizerhweaving: the documentation maintainer is a friendly guy if you want to submit stuff btw:
Ulfalizerthere's definitely some holes in the docs from time to time :)21:18
hweavingUlfalizer: I'm not meaning to criticize, just trying to understand21:20
hweavingI'll just use SRCREV alone with the understanding that the default behavior is to only pull the matching revision :)21:21
Ulfalizerhweaving: i wasn't meaning to criticize either. it was a honest tip if you ever feel like doing it. i've submitted lots of stuff.21:21
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hweavinggit is starting to make sense23:04
hweavingThis is a really scaring feeling :(23:04
hweavingThat is far too accurate23:11
billrSo true...23:23
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hweavingI can't find ".=" in the reference manual23:27
hweavingDoes it mean to replace a variable, or modify, or append?23:27
Ulfalizerhweaving: it's in the bitbake user manual:
hweavingUlfalizer: Your name is so hard to tab-complete :(  I just found it, thanks23:32
hweavingAppend without spaces23:32
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Ulfalizerwhy is it hard to tab-complete? :/23:32
UlfalizerUlfalize is my alter ego :P23:33
hweavingUlfalizer:  Because first it finds "ulf", then "Ufalize", and I have to type the entire thing or it won't complete your name23:41
hweavingMy client doesn't cycle through every option23:41
Ulfalizerworks in irssi at least23:43
Ulfalizermaybe it doesn't like that Ulfalize is a prefix of Ulfalizer :|23:43
hweavingHow do licenses work with Yocto and generating embedded images?  As I understand, for MIT-licensed software, the COPYING file must be included even with binary distributions23:43
hweavingUlfalizer: Precisely23:43
hweavingHowever, I don't see licenses copied into the embedded filesystem23:43
neverpanichweaving: that's because you're expected to distribute them alongside your image23:48
neverpanichweaving: see
hweavingI see there's a mega manual to go along with the user manual and the reference, thanks :D23:49
neverpanicmega-manual is a concatenation of almost all manuals, I usually just use it if I know something is documented and want to search for it23:49
hweavingMegaman ual23:51
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