Friday, 2016-08-26

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hweavingI added a new recipe that an existing recipe depends on.  However, bitbake fails, saying the existing recipe "is not going to be installed"00:24
hweavingThe log is unhelpful.  What might cause this problem with my recipe that's being depended on?  I don't have a do_install(), do_install_append(), or pkg_postinst_${PN} () section, for example.00:25
hweavingI also haven't set the FILES_${PN} variable in my recipe.00:26
Ulfalizerhweaving: what's the exact error message?00:26
hweavingUlfalizer: It's huge.  Running again to grab it.00:27
hweaving"Some packages could not be installed.  This may mean that you have requested an impossible situation..."00:28
hweaving"The following packages have unmet dependencies"00:29
hweaving"  packagegroup-whatever : Depends: EXISTING-RECIPE but it is not going to be installed"00:29
Ulfalizerthat error seems to be from apt. you must be generating deb packages. not sure what's going on though.00:30
Ulfalizerthe error might be from when those packages are installed to build the image00:31
hweavingYep, I'm using deb packages00:32
hweaving"bitbake -e" doesn't even mention EXISTING-RECIPE.  I'm getting dinner and will be back later00:33
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hweavingI did verify RPROVIDES / PROVIDES weren't the issue00:33
Ulfalizeri'm going to bed soon. would prolly help others if you paste the recipe though.00:33
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Ulfalizerif you're using RPROVIDES already after less than a week, you might be doing something overly complicated :)00:34
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Ulfalizerbitbake -e <recipe>  might tell you more btw. see
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hweavingI still don't have it working, but I just realized01:49
hweavingkhem: after fighting all day to create a recipe and package, I realized that the version control system is going to make testing small changes to images difficult :p01:50
hweavingSince every change will need to be committed to master, and SRCREV updated with the full hash01:50
hweavingUlfalize: I'm currently investigating bitbake -e for the recipe01:50
hweavingIt's so massive I have no idea where to look though, 17000 lines.  All I know is that it's causing a depending package not to build, possibly something to do with apt.01:51
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hweavingHere's one possible clue:  I'm seeing other recipes generate three packages02:26
hweavingWHATEVER-dbg_version, WHATEVER-dev_version, and WHATEVER-version02:26
hweavingMine only generates the "dbg" and "dev" packages, not the other one.02:26
hweavingProbably because I didn't have FILES_${PN} set.  Working on that now02:39
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hweavingI solved it!  I'm not sure if FILES_${PN} was even needed, but using do_install() to copy files actually created the package successfully02:53
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hweavingWhat does it mean when bitbake prints a layer name with a git hash, e.g. 'meta-custom = "master:239294294293482394"`03:30
hweavingThe hash doesn't mash any particular commit from the git repo that I can find03:30
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hweaving suggests it's a layer hash rather than a git hash03:35
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pwebster@hweaving if you haven't already discovered it, you can set 'SRCREV = "${AUTOREV}"' to track the latest version of your target repository04:37
hweavingpwebster: Thanks, I think someone did mention that -- useful for development04:39
pwebster@hweaving Alternatively, there's devtool and workspaces where you can temporarily point the recipe at an externally checked out copy of your source that you can modify, build and deploy through bitbake. Rinse and repeat until you're happy and then commit and bump the SRCREV in the recipe04:40
hweavingI have a nginx recipe that is definitely running do_install (I tried echoing into a file in /tmp), but which fails to create an init.d directory04:51
hweavingIs there something in Yocto which might delete /etc/init.d after the nginx recipe runs?04:52
pwebsterI would first check the staging area for the recipe. I believe you should see everything that is installed by a specific recipe in the build/tmp/work/<machine>/<recipe>/<version>/image directory04:57
pwebsterif your do_install does:04:58
pwebsterinstall -d ${D}${sysconfdir}/init.d04:58
hweavingpwebster:  It does precisely that04:58
pwebsterinstall -m 0755 ${WORKDIR}/init_script ${D}${sysconfdir}/init.d/nginx04:58
pwebsterthen you should have a 'FILES_${PN} += "${sysconfdir}/init.d/nginx"' line as well04:59
hweavingThat's not in the FILES_${PN} setup05:00
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hweavingpwebster: I had added "systemd" to the inherit list for nginx, and removing that populated init.d properly05:03
hweavingpwebster: However, I originally added it because nginx wasn't autostarting.  I'll see what happens.05:03
pwebsterThose were the things I had to do for the recipe I was writing (not for nginx tho)05:05
hweavingYeah, I'm back to my original issue.  I can do "systemctl start nginx", but I want that to happen automatically05:05
hweavingSomeone suggested systemd had some autostart variables, but that requires inheriting systemd which breaks the rest of the nginx recipe.  Maybe there's another way to add autostart service code in Yocto?05:06
pwebsterSorry, I'm stuck with sysvinit on my system at the moment, so I can't help much there05:07
hweavingheh, I'm learning the ways of systemd05:09
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pwebsterWith sysvinit (ie /etc/init.d and /etc/rc*.d), the recipe uses "INITSCRIPT_xxxx" variables05:11
pwebsterI think I've seen that systemd has "SYSTEMD_xxxx" equivalents, one of them had an "autostart" or something05:12
hweavingpwebster: I think so, but only if you inherit sytemd.  And since this recipe already inherits update-rc.d, the systemd inheritance understandably caused the install conflict, I think.05:13
hweavingI suspect I can just add my own autostart install line05:13
pwebster../poky/meta/classes/systemd.bbclass:4:SYSTEMD_PACKAGES ?= "${PN}"05:13
pwebster../poky/meta/classes/systemd.bbclass:5:SYSTEMD_PACKAGES_class-native ?= ""05:13
pwebster../poky/meta/classes/systemd.bbclass:6:SYSTEMD_PACKAGES_class-nativesdk ?= ""05:13
pwebster../poky/meta/classes/systemd.bbclass:9:SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE ??= "enable"05:13
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hweavingGoogle is turning up other recipes that inherit both update-rc.d and systemd, so maybe there's some way to make them compatible05:54
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hweavingWell, I found it06:01
hweavingIf you inherit both update-rc.d and systemd, systemd.bbclass will remove your /etc/init.d directory using rm_sysvinit_initddir ()06:01
hweavingI'm not sure of the proper way to work around it, though06:02
hweavingHuh, there's a chat log talking about this precise thing!
hweavingApparently the verdict was "Saur: lazy developers putting things where they don't belong really isn't behavior we should be encouraging, imo"06:05
hweavingfrom kergoth06:05
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hweavingMy solution was modifying nginx.service and to support pure-systemd systems.06:52
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Snertfuck you08:07
LetoThe2ndSnert: don't feed trolls, especially not those long gone already.08:17
Snertyea, 'spose I shouldn't.08:19
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eduardas_mhello, at what stage is my device tree dtb file generated in Yocto? how should I go about modifying it for a new board?09:55
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Ulfalizelook at
Ulfalizethe file it mentions appends to the compile, install, and deploy tasks10:03
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eduardas_mUlfalize, thank you10:06
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HunkHello I have a question about a bitbake recipes : I have a big repo with a lot of cmakes11:15
HunkI can write a recipes for every cmake project i want to crosscompile11:15
Hunkbut then bitbake will download the source code x times11:15
Hunkis it possible to download the source code one time and build it in different recipes?11:16
neverpanicgcc does something similar with work-shared11:20
neverpanicBut there's also a download cache, so if it's the same repo, it shouldn't be downloaded multiple times in any case11:20
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boucman_workHunk: check the bitbake variable called PACKAGES11:25
boucman_workit might be documented in the bitbake documentation, not the yocto documentation11:26
boucman_workthat will allow you to build multiple packages in one recipe, not multiple recipes. that might not be exactly what you want11:26
* Ulfalize made PACKAGES more informative in the most recent manual version:
Hunkthank you I will check :)11:27
Ulfalizeif it's different projects that just happen to live in the same repo, it'd be weird to build many of them in the same recipe though11:27
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boucman_workthe problem is that multiple, independant projects in the same repo is not a common case. I don't know if yocto has an elegant way to deal with that11:45
boucman_workeither have one recipe for all of them or just do one recipe for each, but you won't share the work dir...11:46
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eduardas_myocto group on linkedin is for contributors only or users can join also?11:57
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zeddiikhem. just seeing your message from yesterday now. I'll look at the fragment and drop it in where it make sense.13:01
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Hunkhow i can set a static ip addresse with systemd14:05
Hunki get a fixed ip addresse from somewhere but I don't understand why I get this14:07
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boucman_workHunk: do you have a dhcp server on your network ?14:31
boucman_workIIUC default yocto has connman installed, and connman is the one that deals with network configuration (not systemd per-se)14:32
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hweavingkergoth: If you're around today, I have a file organization question14:38
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hweavingkhem: Also if YOU'RE around, I finally resolved the service startup problem I was having yesterday.  It turns out packages inheriting both update-rc.d and systemd cause conflicts on pure systemd systems.15:41
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hweavingWhen a Yocto recipe is described as having a version like "2.0.4+gitX", what does the gitX represent?  The newest available rev on github?15:58
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neverpanicThat's usually generated by gitpkgv.bbclass from meta-oe. see
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hweavingneverpanic: Hmm, I don't see how the 'x' works in there16:10
hweavingUnless it's a wildcard for "any revision"16:11
neverpanichweaving: is it a literal X, or is it a variable?16:14
neverpanicwhich recipe are you talking about?16:14
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hweavingneverpanic: Literal X, like
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neverpanichweaving: that just seems to be an artifact of the layerindex16:19
neverpanicsee, where it reads +${SRCPV}16:19
hweavingneverpanic: Thanks.  So it looks like SRCPV would end up being 2.0.4+2342394829384933948394 or whatever the hash is16:21
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hweavingUlfalize: Now if only you could absorb ulf` everything would be perfect :D16:26
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khemhweaving: hmmm did you delve into the conflict if you did please file a  bug report we need to solve it16:44
khemhweaving: hweaving X is abbreviated ( 10 chars ) SRCREV hash16:45
hweavingkhem: What's the link to file a package bug report?16:46
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bobtFirst time on IRC chat so.17:21
bobtHaving trouble with zeromq on krogoth.17:23
bobtibc_nonshared.a(elf-init.oS): In function `__libc_csu_init': | /usr/src/debug/glibc/2.23-r0/git/csu/elf-init.c:87: undefined reference to `__init_array_start'17:23
bobtI added:17:24
bobt# bobt CFLAGS =+" -shared " CPPFLAGS =+ " -shared " CXXFLAGS =+ " -shared " LDFLAGS =+ " -shared "17:24
bobtto the bb file.17:24
bobtDoes anybody have an idea of what to do?17:25
khembobt: it seems you are compiling with security flags on17:30
khembobt: but you are not passing these switches to linker17:30
khemits always best to let gcc driver do the linking with default options17:31
bobtYou mean don't pass -shared ?17:32
khemare you passing them from recipe ?17:32
khemthen dont17:32
bobtI tried17:34
bobtCFLAGS_prepend_pn-zeromq += " -shared "17:34
bobtCXXFLAGS_prepend_pn-zeromq += " -shared "17:34
bobtIn local.conf17:35
khemdont do that17:35
khemthis means you want to build everything in zeromq as shared library17:35
bobtYes isn't that the error I'm getting?17:35
khemwhich may not be right, I expect zeromq build system do that17:36
khemthe error is not that17:36
khemmost probably whats going on, is that zeromq is adding -nostdlib to linker cmdline17:37
khemand adding the libraries on its own17:38
khemwhich is not a good thing to do17:38
khemso you should check zeromq17:38
khemand correct it there17:38
bobtthank you very very much17:39
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davisis it possible to have a project in yocto where the makefile builds c code into an exe which is run on the host to build additional source code as part of the larger build and deployment to the target?18:47
kergothyes, just compile the build tool with BUILD_CC instead of CC, BUILD_CFLAGS instead of CFLAGS, etc18:48
kergothlots of examples of this in existing recipes18:48
daviscool many thanks. kergoth you are a wealth of knowledge.18:49
kergothsee also meta/conf/bitbake.conf, it's where all those vars are defined18:50
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