Tuesday, 2016-09-20

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fanI have some questions about smart package manager, Does any one want to talk about this topic ?06:20
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fansays "OE uses RPM5 as the default version of rpm.  This is because we need support for some of the RPM5 features.  RPM5 (and OE) use a 'recommend' as well as requires mechanism."06:33
fanDoes anyone know what the meaning of  'recommend' ?06:33
LetoThe2ndfan: "makes sense to also install, but is not strictly necessary" :)06:34
LetoThe2ndfan: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging:WeakDependencies06:36
fanSo it is means that if user type some package name, smart has the function to provide some recommand packages ?06:36
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LetoThe2ndfan: i have no idea about smart, as i do not use runtime package management. i just tried to help you fdind out what the recommend setting really mean.06:37
Ulfalizefan: you could have a look at RRECOMMENDS06:38
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fanOK, thanks06:38
Ulfalizeafaiu, it's not much more than a "this isn't essential, but nice to have" type of dependency between packages06:38
Ulfalizewhich allows the recommended packages to be trimmed if really needed to save space06:39
Ulfalizehttps://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10295 this proposed documentation mentions a case where RRECOMMENDS are added automatically btw06:40
yoctiBug 10295: normal, Undecided, ---, srifenbark, NEW , Suggested documentation for the 'depchains' automatic dependency mechanism06:40
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t0mmyHello eveyone, I will like create a luks rootfs, so to do that I have implemented a IMG_CMD_luks, so far so good. But the IMG_CMD_luks fails because cryptsetup can not mount the device mapper to format it. Does anyone knows a solution for this problem?07:28
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fanI undestand the recommend meaning, Thanks for your relpy.07:33
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fananother thing confuses me is the rpm5 is compatible with rpm4?07:35
fanbecause I found the different answer in different website.07:35
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sandsmarkI'm having a similar problem to this one; https://lists.yoctoproject.org/pipermail/yocto/2016-January/028237.html08:45
sandsmarkif I run «bitbake meta-toolchain-qt5» I get a toolchain without the ncurses headers installed, which means I can't use it for «make menuconfig» when working on my kernel, which is mildly annoying08:46
sandsmarkand the normal toolchain I can generate with «bitbake core-image-minimal -c populate_sdk» doesn't contain qmake et al, which means I can't work on the application08:47
sandsmarkand I haven't been able to figure out where to add explicit extra packages to the generated toolchain08:49
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sandsmarkmaybe short of creating a layer and a bbappend for the meta-toolchain-qt508:49
bluelightningsandsmark: I'm guessing it would be enough to do something like TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK_append = " nativesdk-ncurses"08:51
sandsmarkthanks, I'll try that08:51
sandsmarkI guess I've messed up something else somewhere, but it would be nice with a short-term stopgap fix until I have more time to work on our yocto stuff08:52
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CTtpollardis their a nice command / grep to list all the files/patches that are associated with a recipe?09:22
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ZubairLKCTtpollard: bitbake -v should show you quite a bit of info.09:23
ZubairLKMACHINE=qemu bitbake -v <recipe-name>09:23
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presentAny idea who I can give access to the command ifconfig to a normal user in Yocto?13:15
*** newguy_ <newguy_!73779842@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto13:22
paulgmight just  be that it lives in  /sbin and normal users don't have that in their PATH.13:23
Cubi_On some systems we use sudo for this. On others devices we use systemd network config files.13:23
paulgthat said, they can run it to inspect settings, but they won't be able to change state of interfaces as non-root.13:23
presentpaulg: not sufficient13:23
presentI need to have the application start and stop the interface13:23
Cubi_It's also possible to create a suid tool for that.13:25
presentI call ifup which... call ifconfig13:25
paulgon a bog standard linux box, run "man capabilities" and search for CAP_NET_ADMIN13:25
rburtonuse something like connman then its just a dbus call away13:25
presentI was thinking getting ifconfig and ifup in the suid package from busybox.13:26
*** eduardas_m <eduardas_m!~eduardas_@> has joined #yocto13:27
presentrburton: May be connman is easier then.13:28
rburtonthough a good question is why should the app control ifup / ifdown.  surely you want ifup when a network connection is present, ifdown when it is removed.13:29
presentsave battery13:29
rburton(unless you're doing wifi and stuff but the seriously just use connman or similar)13:29
presentwifi yes13:29
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presentThanks! :)13:31
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newguy_Hi All. I am new to yocto. I wanted to do package management and install docker on qemux86 image .Found out that can be done using "smart" and made change in local.conf file by adding IMAGE_FEATURES += "package-management". Later  ran "runqemu qemux86" and after the system is up,ran smart command and got error saying command not found. I did the above steps for both Krogoth and Fido and faced same error.Am I missing something ?13:35
*** caiortp <caiortp!~inatel@> has joined #yocto13:36
*** istarilucky <istarilucky!~rlucca@> has joined #yocto13:36
LetoThe2ndnewguy_: runtime package management is only a good choice in very rare circumstances. if there is a docker recipe, why not just add it to your IMAGE_INSTALL?13:36
newguy_LetoThe2nd_: Thanks I will try that. But any idea why smart is not available after making the above change in local.conf file.13:39
LetoThe2ndnewguy_: probably the package-management feature just doesn't reference smart.13:39
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o RP13:39
LetoThe2ndnewguy_: runtime package management is complicated. do it only if absolutely unavoidable.13:40
rburtonnewguy_: smart is present if you have package-manager in image features and you have package_rpm in PACKAGE_CLASSES13:40
newguy_LetoThe2nd_:got it.13:41
zeddiiand unless you are adding meta-virtualization into your build, and building docker .. smart isn't going to find anything.13:41
newguy_rburton_:Ok. I was using package_deb in PACKAGE_CLASSES . I will change it to package_rpm and try.13:43
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newguy_zeddii_: By meta-virtualization do you mean adding a channel  through smart?13:46
*** frsc <frsc!~frsc@> has joined #yocto13:47
zeddiiunless you are consuming someone else's package feed. You need to build the packages so you can install them later. so unless you are adding meta-virtualization to your bblayers, and minimially doing a bitbake docker. you won't have anything to install, even if you get smart on the target and the channels available.13:47
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newguy_zeddii_:Thanks zeddii. Got it.13:50
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CircuitsoftHello. I have an imported layer that includes a libmicrohttpd_0.9.34.bb, and my own layer has a libmicrohttpd_0.9.35.bb. I've removed all dependencies from the .35 version, but it's still building dependencies for the .34 version.14:16
CircuitsoftIs there any way I can force it to build my version, or figure out why it's trying to build dependencies for the other?14:17
*** gtristan <gtristan!~tristanva@> has joined #yocto14:17
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rburtonbump the layer priority of your layer14:19
CircuitsoftMy layer is before the other in the BBLAYERS list in bblayers.conf. I suppose that's not it?14:20
tanukWhat was the cut-off point for package version updates?14:22
rburtontanuk: about three weeks ago14:23
CTtpollardor just set preferred version in local.conf14:23
rburton(hi tanuk)14:23
tanukrburton: Hi!14:25
CircuitsoftPREFERRED_VERSION_pkgname did it. I had previously put that into a recipe that depended on this, but it didn't work.14:25
tanukrburton: I guess it's the M3 deadline that can be seen in the "Yocto Project Status" mails?14:27
rburtontanuk: yes. m3 is feature freeze, and upgrades are features.14:27
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evadeflowCan anybody tell me what the syntax is for calling a *shell* function in an assignment using Bitbake? I'm looking for something like `PV = ${@get_version()}`, except where `get_version()` is an inline shell (not Python) function.14:40
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evadeflowSeems like this ought to be easy, but I can't work it out. My most recent attempt yielded: ailure expanding variable PVBASE, expression was ${@bb.build.exec_func('get_version', d)} which triggered exception RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded in __instancecheck__14:44
evadeflowI feel vaguely taunted by this: https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/1.6/bitbake-user-manual/bitbake-user-manual.html#shell-functions14:45
evadeflowGah! How do I *use* such functions? `:-]14:45
evadeflowOh. Oh, no. I think I get it now. `PV` is 'magic' somehow.14:47
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evadeflowI can't set *other* variables that way, it seems. But not `PV`. Not directly, anyway.14:48
rburtonyou can set PV14:52
evadeflowI (sort of) grok that, but... here's what I'm attempting:14:53
evadeflowPVBASE := "${@bb.build.exec_func('get_version', d)}"14:54
evadeflowPV = "${PVBASE}+git${SRCPV}"14:54
evadeflow`bitbake` actually seems to hang when I do that. `:-o14:54
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rburtonwell i'd remove PVBASE unless you want it somewhere else and just do it all in one assignment14:56
evadeflowOh... so that syntax is more-or-less correct, then? That's the 'right' way to call a shell function (via Python)?14:57
evadeflowI thought there might be some other syntax for it.14:57
rburtonyeah that's how to drop into shell14:57
rburton(might be easier to rewrite get_version as python?)14:57
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evadeflowThe thought crossed my mind. Figured I might wind up, there, anyway. As a sanity-check of whether this was A Dumb Idea™, I was just using `get_version() { echo "1.0" }`, so Python felt like overkill somehow.15:01
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evadeflowActually... it does seem like there's something a bit 'weird' going on here. I consistently get `RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded` if I don't use immediate assignment, i.e., this: `PV = "${@bb.build.exec_func('get_version', d)}"`15:05
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rburtonas you're invoking a function like that i'd definitely use immediate expansion15:06
evadeflowWhen I try `PV := "${@bb.build.exec_func('get_version', d)}" instead, it seems to hang.15:06
evadeflowBeen looking at `No currently running tasks (1844 of 2447)` for a few minutes now.15:07
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evadeflowI *did* make this change to `PV` with a 'warm' cache. Maybe a `cleansstate` is in order?15:09
rburtonshouldn't be needed15:10
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kergothevadeflow: exec_func can't return a value, anyway15:22
kergothit's not going to 'get' much15:22
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rburtonoooh, of course :)15:32
rburtonreally make it a python function15:32
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #901 of nightly-arm-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-arm-lsb/builds/90115:35
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dldl-workI download a usb-ethernet driver source code, which I compiled and verified works with my build, that I want to add to the Yocto build so its built and included in the Linux image automatically17:47
dldl-workI'm reading through this now: http://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/1.6.1/kernel-dev/kernel-dev.html#kernel-dev-common17:47
dldl-workbut I am afraid that it is kind of high level & theortical.  It makes sense, but I am not sure how to transfer this knoweldge into a practical solution17:48
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evadeflowAnybody ever see an error like this when cross-compiling Python 2.7.9?18:09
evadeflowDoh. Formatting fail.18:10
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evadeflowWhoa. Sorry if this is spamming the channel. My company's firewall is hella restrictive so I have to use a web client, and it's acting up somehow.18:12
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evadeflowOh, LOL. The line I was pasting started with `/bin/sh` and the IRC server was trying to execute it! :-D18:13
evadeflow... /bin/sh: line 6: 11022 Illegal instruction     (core dumped) CC='x86_64-poky-linux-gcc  -m64 -march=corei7 -mtune=corei7 -mfpmath=sse -msse4.2 --sysroot=/home/smt2hi/GR_Yocto/build/tmp/sysroots/gr-mrb-64-a' LDSHARED='x86_64-poky-linux-gcc  -m64 -march=corei7 -mtune=corei7 -mfpmath=sse -msse4.2 --sysroot=/home/smt2hi/GR_Yocto/build/tmp/sysroots/gr-mrb-64-a -shared -Wl,-O1 -Wl,--hash-style=gnu -Wl,--as-needed' OPT='-DNDEBUG -g18:14
evadeflowMakefile:490: recipe for target 'sharedmods' failed18:14
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seebsSounds like your compiler was built for the wrong CPU type.18:14
jmesmonHey folks, I've got a deploy (not installed to the image) recipe (a u-boot variant, actually), and I'm seeing my image fail to build due to not finding the licenses/my-u-boot/recipeinfo file. Am I supposed to need to manually add dependencies in my image on that task? (manually running the task for my-u-boot proir to building the image works)18:14
evadeflowThanks, @stephano, that seems plausible.18:15
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* kergoth mulls over whether to do something with his prototyped minimize-packageconfigs bits18:22
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jmesmonIs there a clean way to build 2 kernels (say, 1 recovery & 1 normal) for a single image/distro/machine? Kernels only differ in a few config options and build arguments. I ask this only because I've inherited some code that has a very interesting way of doing it, which makes me a bit nervous.18:45
kergothi think you'd have to hack the second recipe to make sure it doesn't conflict with the first in the sysroot, doesn't provide virtual/kernel, doesn't emit module packages (or changes their names), etc18:47
jmesmon[in this case, the option is enabling/disabling CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE, so I might just be able to handle that with some slightly different boot arguments]18:47
*** manju <manju!95c73efe@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto18:49
kergothdoing it in your bootloader might be a cleaner approach18:49
manjuhi all, had a question about bitbake parsing and recipetool. We have scripts which are creating bbappends using recipetool. The script call recipetool probably around 10-15 times, what we have see so far is that every time recipetool is invoked, it takes time due to parsing. Is there a way to speed up this process?18:53
kergothit doesn't re-parse everything every time18:54
kergothbitbake loads from the cache on subsequent calls18:54
kergothso it's likely already as fast as it's going to get, short of adding support for reicpetool to use a memory resident bitbake server18:54
kergothafaik anyway18:54
manjuok thanks18:55
kergothpaul eggleton started some work on making bitbake's 'tinfoil' module support interaction with a running bitbake server. tinfoil is used by all the external scripts, recipetool, devtool, bitbake-layers, etc18:56
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kergothbut i don't think it ever got completed18:56
kergoththere's an open yocto bug about it if you search bugzilla for bitbake-layers server18:56
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kergothRP: does https://github.com/openembedded/openembedded-core/compare/master...kergoth:task-exports seem reasonably sane, conceptually? obviously requires lots of recipe fix-ups, but i think it's worth doing for the long term19:18
* kergoth trying to figure out where all his old incomplete topic branches are, status wise19:19
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kergothcreated a recipetool command which emits a .conf that disables all packageconfigs which add deps/rdeps except those added through inline python (distro features conditionals). really uncovers cases where we need REQUIRED_DISTRO_FEATURES :)19:40
kergothprobably better as a bb command than recipetool, though, on general principle19:40
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manjuis there a way to set mutilple varname and varvalue using recipetool?19:56
kergothif you llook at recipetool setvar —help, it doesn't seem to support that, no19:57
kergothhmm, rsync doesn't obey the distro features for xattr or acl support19:59
kergothupside to manually reviewing half our packageconfigs..19:59
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manjuyeah...i dont think it is supported..any thoughts if this is good to be implemented?20:00
kergothseems reasonable to me. there are a number of cases where commands in our scripts dont accept mulltiple args where they could do so20:01
kergothi.e. bitbake-layers add-layer only lets you specify a single layer20:01
kergothkeep meaning to do something about that one20:02
manjuok thanks...I will try it out, and post patches once it is ready. Wanted to float the idea before we start some work on it20:03
kergoththe real question is whether it gets added to the existing command, which would be a bit odd since the command isnt' plural, or add another command, or rename it and add an alias, or what :)20:04
kergothminor thing, buta ffects usabiliyt20:04
manjuyes agreed...maybe multiple setvar commands...recipetool recipefile setvar varname varval setvar varname2 varval220:07
manjuso it is backward compatible as well20:07
kergothi wonder if anyone has written anything up on usability of command-line scripts with an eye to argument handling20:08
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lukma1If I might ask20:52
lukma1I've got a my_recipe.bb20:52
lukma1inside it is defined do_install () { install stuff }20:53
lukma1Then I created my_recipe.bbappend20:53
lukma1and I'm wondering if it is possible to create do_install_append () { install stuff + new, extra stuff }20:53
kergothwhy wouldn' tit be?20:54
kergothyou can append any variable, this is in the documentation20:54
kergothalso, why didn't you just test it yourself and look?20:54
kergothbitbake -e will show you the value of do_install20:54
lukma1because when i run bitbake -v -c clean do_install my_recipe20:54
lukma1I only see the original one20:54
lukma1but, ok -e will check20:55
bluelightninglukma1: do_install_append() should only have the new extra stuff, not a repeat of the original20:56
bluelightninglukma1: if you really need to completely override the original you can instead use do_install() in your bbappend though20:57
kergothalso, '-c clean do_install' isn't a valid bitbake command20:57
kergothor rather, it's not valid unless you have a recipe named do_install, which seems unlikely :)20:57
lukma1so I should specify "install" and "do_" is added implicitly?20:58
bluelightningwith -c yes20:58
bluelightningbut what kergoth is mostly getting at is "clean" is the argument already being specified for -c, you can't specify more than one (not with that syntax anyway)20:59
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kergothbluelightning: thoughts on https://github.com/openembedded/bitbake/compare/master...kergoth:cooker-tinfoil-bblayers-only ? I can't decide if I like this implementation, but it lets bitbake-layers avoid parsing bitbake.conf, which lets us avoid getting into a situation we can't get out of without manually editing bblayers.conf21:00
lukma1I'm looking for a way to clean & compile (install)21:00
kergothlukma1: you need two bitgbake commands for that. as bluelightning says, -c takes one task, not multiple21:01
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lukma1I'm fine with 2 commands21:01
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lukma1I think that I've got a bit more complicated example .....21:17
lukma1in my case the do_install () (the one which I would like to extend (append)21:18
lukma1is defined at my_lib.inc21:18
lukma1the my_recipe.bb require my_lib.inc21:18
lukma1Does the my_recipe.bbappend inherit my_recipe with do_install from my_lib.inc?21:20
lukma1Or do I need to add "require my_lib.inc" in the my_recipe.bbappend file?21:20
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bluelightninglukma1: no.. the way to think of it is the bbappend file contents are simply appended onto the end of the recipe in memory during parsing21:27
bluelightningso there's no need to do the require in the bbappend, it's already done21:27
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lukma1I think that I've found the problem ..... with directory structure21:33
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lukma1so original package is at my-recipe/myprog/myprog.inc and myprog.bb21:34
lukma1with other meta-xxx I've created the file at my-other-recipe/myprog.bbappend21:35
lukma1the "myprog" was missing21:35
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lukma1Is the "myprog" part of some patch searching ? In other way - is the directory PATH used for recipe identification?21:36
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kergothlukma1: read layer.conf in your layer21:38
kergothspecifically the value of BBFILES21:38
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lukma1kergoth: Indeed recipe-*/*/*.bbappend21:46
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lukma1kergoth: strange thing22:35
lukma1The _append recipe was visible to yocto only when I executed bitbake -c listtasks <task_name>22:35
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bluelightningkergoth: I guess that's an OK solution... somehow I did enjoy the days when it was a little simpler and it didn't need to parse layers in order to do add-layer/remove-layer, but there's no practical way around that that I can think of other than doing something like this23:19
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kergothRather than adding a flag to the cooker constructor, I'd rather change the semantics of Cooker. currently, it's expected that a cooker parses the metadata in the constructor.. i don't think that's a great way to go, better to let it be created, and then let the caller run the parsing. but i'm not sure as to the impact of that yet23:33
kergothi agree it would be nice to avoid parsing, but i don't see how we can avoid it other than with sed mangling :)23:33
fray'Just say no!' (to sed mangling)23:34
bluelightningkergoth: I agree, I much prefer if constructing an object doesn't perform any actions23:36
bluelightningkergoth: unfortunately some of the earlier Toaster changes to the bitbake core went in the wrong direction on that front :/23:36
bluelightningbtw, if anyone sees the issue that others are reporting with the progress bar leaving old printed progress bars behind and figures out how to reproduce it (or even better, how to fix it) I'd very much appreciate it as I'm a bit stuck as to what to do with that23:38
kergothI haven't seen that one at all yet, so I'm in your camp on that one :\23:38
bluelightningthat's one data point I suppose, at least it's working for more than just me...23:39
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bluelightningwell, what do you know... it just happened23:53
bluelightningI wonder if there's an errant newline being printed somewhere23:54
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