Wednesday, 2016-09-21

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bachpHi, I have a question regarding the expansion of variables. I write a small python function named get_java(d). What it does is it uses bb.utils.which to find java and then prints a note where it was found. If I used this function in my recipe with export JAVA="${@get_java(d)}" the function is executed at parse time. If I don't put the export, the function is not called (I don't see the note). Now my question is there a way to06:16
bachpexecute the function not at parse time but later for example in the do_configure task?06:16
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Ulfalizebachp: does the JAVA variable environment variable need to be available to other tasks besides do_configure?06:58
bachpUlfalize (IRC): No in that case I only need it in do configure06:59
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Ulfalizebachp: you could always export it just within the do_configure task (using the standard ways to export variables in shell/python)07:02
Ulfalizeexporting it globally in the recipe is usually cleaner though07:03
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bachpUlfalize (IRC): I just put the whole expression into the do_configure task and I still see the function being called during parse, however it is also called multiple times later during the execution of the task07:03
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bachpSo if the function get's re-evaluated at the time do_configure is called it's ok because at that point java should be in the path (which is not necessary the case during parsing)07:04
Ulfalizebachp: ${}-references in the body of shell functions will be expanded at parse time07:05
Ulfalizethat in turn yields the final shell task, which is executed later07:06
bachpIt doesn't seem to be the case07:06
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Ulfalizethe final code, after ${}-stuff has been expanded, is what needs to call the function07:06
bachpI see the function called multiple times, first it doesn't find java. Later after the native java package is ready it gets called again and then suddently java is found07:06
Ulfalizewhich might be a bit tricky if it's a shell task and you need to call a python function07:07
Ulfalizein that case, see if you can do it in shell instead07:07
Ulfalizea global export is probably cleaner though07:07
Ulfalizebachp: it'd get called multiple times if stuff needs to be reparsed07:08
Ulfalizebitbake sometimes does a lot of reparsing, for whatever reason :/07:08
Ulfalizeso for stuff that's called at parse time, you might see lots of calls07:08
bachpI just had a look at run.do_configure and I really see the already evaluated path in the do_configure valua07:09
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bachpUlfalize (IRC): How can it find java if it is evaluated ad parse time? I mean it should only find it after the DEPENDS have been built? Yet for some reasons the correct path is in the run.do_configure.07:10
Ulfalizebachp: maybe it just happened to already have been built07:10
bachpNo I did a cleanall of both the packages before07:11
bachpand I see the function being called and not finding java07:11
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bachpUlfalize (IRC): I'm a bit confused now ;)07:13
Ulfalizebachp: the files might still be in the staging sysroot. see
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Ulfalizei don't think do_populate_sysroot can be undone07:15
Ulfalizebtw, it's worth reading the 2.2 version of the manuals if you are reading an earlier version07:15
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bachpUlfalize (IRC): Usually I read the "latest" manual :)07:16
Ulfalizethat'd be 2.1, 2.2 is the upcoming one :)07:16
bachpUlfalize (IRC): I think the latest manual is the same state as the 2.2 manual:
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Ulfalizebachp: heh... looks like it is. not sure why.07:27
Ulfalizebut not complaining07:27
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Ulfalizebachp: note that the bitbake manual is not included in the mega manual btw07:28
bachpI know07:29
Ulfalizejust checking :)07:29
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zeenixrburton, morning!07:41
zeenixrburton, can you please review my geoclue2 patch?07:42
zeenixon oe-devel07:42
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ernstpis there a way to disable drag and drop with touchscreen on xorg? I often select text instead of tapping08:36
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rburtonzeenix: not my layer to review for.  its likely in the test build which is quite comprehensive and can take a few days08:48
zeenixrburton, it's been more than a week now08:48
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rburtonzeenix: "    geoclue: Update to 2.4.4" is already in mater08:50
rburtonmeta-oe doesn't mail you when the patch is merged, it's assumed you'll notice when you pull08:50
* zeenix feels silly08:50
zeenixi guess i'm too used to bugzilla.gnome.org08:51
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zeenixrburton, i guess it'll just magically appear on krogoth at some point?08:54
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rburtonzeenix: an upgrade, no.08:54
rburtonthe only upgrades that go into stable branches are things like openssl fixing ten CVEs and the backport would be a nightmare to do correctly08:55
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obsrwr_hell #yocto09:34
obsrwr_quick question, can a recipe in one layer inherit a class from another layer?09:35
obsrwr_thought so too09:35
ernstpneed to load the layers in correct order/prio perhaps?09:35
obsrwr_maybe, for some reason a custom kernel recipe can't inherit kernel.bbclass, or at least some tasks within it, although they appear in bitbake -c listtasks, they cannot be executed i get "ERROR: Task do_shared_workdir does not exist for target virtual/kernel"09:37
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ernstpobsrwr_: maybe it's because you reference virtual/kernel and not the actual linux-xyz recipe09:41
obsrwr_even if linux-xyz is the preferred provider? hmmmm09:41
* obsrwr_ double checks09:41
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obsrwr_nope, not the case09:42
ernstpin some places you should only say shared_workdir and not do_shared_workdir09:43
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AnticomHi. I've got a recipe that should install numerous assets on the target device. Since this repository might change quite frequently and there are a lot of small files, is there any way to get arround using 'install' for all those tiny files but instead use some kind of wildcard or something similar to cp so i can just copy over the entire directory containing the assets?11:36
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boucman_workAnticom: can't install install complete tree structures ?11:51
boucman_workand if not, you can do whatever you want in do_install right ?11:52
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LetoThe2ndi'd rather suggest adding a makefile12:10
LetoThe2ndthat should provide a make install, so you keep the intelligence on what to do bundled to the sources there.12:11
Anticomboucman_work: it can?12:16
AnticomLetoThe2nd: having a makefile to tell bb what js|css|html files to install? sounds kind of odd12:16
AnticomBut maybe i'd go for it nontheless12:17
LetoThe2ndAnticom: why odd? its a package that gets installed. just because its a makefile it doesn't mean it has to compile stuff12:18
AnticomLetoThe2nd: True12:18
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AnticomHm this is strange, when i build a CMake project after sourcing our SDKs environment file it's not linking in pthread although it's using boost_thread which should link it in automatically (which also happens if i do a native bulid)12:40
Anticomany ideas why that is?12:40
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sveinseA compilation of rrdtool in meta-oe fails, due to missing perl module File::Glob. "Can't locate loadable object for module File::Glob in @INC". Is there a missing native-dep here, or is it assumed that this module should be provided by the host system?12:50
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Anticomkergoth: Hi, I know it's offtopic here but i didn't want to pm you. I saw that you've got some vim config files for bitbake. Are they only in your dotfiles or is there a vundle/pathogen plugin for this?14:19
kergothAnticom: the official bitbake vim files are in the bitbake git repository, but i have a vim-bitbake repo on my github account for use with vundle/pathogen/etc14:20
Anticomkergoth: a great, thanks!14:20
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AnticomCan anyone help me with this error:
*** gtristan <gtristan!~tristanva@> has joined #yocto15:30
kergothAnticom: it's telling you the problem. autorev is for use with a branch. set your SRCREV to the tag15:30
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AnticomDidn't know autorev was for branches. It just says in the documentation it points to the latest commit or something like that15:31
Anticombut thanks :)15:32
kergoththere is no such thing as a 'latest commit' on a tag15:32
kergotha tag is a commit, 'latest' has no meaning15:32
*** ntl <ntl!> has joined #yocto15:32
Anticomhence i thought autrev would work since it's cloned in a detached state, isn't it?15:33
kergothagain, autorev has no meaning in this context.15:33
kergothspecifically, AUTOREV refers to a branch, the branch= set in the url, or master15:33
kergothso what you're doing there is setting tag= and then setting SRCREV to the top commit of master15:34
kergothwhich is a mismatch, hence the error15:34
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Anticomkergoth: so the way it's usually done when referencing a tag is setting SRCREV to PV?15:51
kergothSRCREV should be set to the tag, afaik.15:52
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AnticomIs it possible to provide a build script (CMakeLists.txt in my case) to a project from within a bb recipe? i tried adding it to SRC_URI but CMakeLists.txt is placed outside of git/ directory16:14
Anticomcould i copy it to git/ directory in do_configure_prepend or something?16:14
rburtonyou could do that with SRC_URI16:14
kergoth;subdir=<where you want the file to end up, relative to WORKDIR>16:15
rburtonyeah thats the one16:15
rburtonthanks :)16:15
rburtoni suspect ;subdir=${S} will work too16:15
*** rajm <rajm!> has quit IRC16:15
kergothnope. subdir breaks with absolute paths, or at least, it'll blindly join it to workdir16:16
kergothwe need to fix that, in the meantime you can use inline python. ${@os.path.relpath('${S}', '${WORKDIR}')}16:16
kergothiirc, anyway..16:16
rburtonpresumably we can just throw in an is_absolute() test on the path16:17
rburtonthe "if subdir in urldata.parm" is the only instance of subdir handling right?16:18
*** Snert__ is now known as Snert_16:18
kergothafaik thats the case16:18
rburtonjust using os.path.join will DTRT16:19
rburtonif subdir is absolute it throws away the first element16:19
Anticomwould that also override existing files?16:19
rburtonmight be worth adding a comment...16:19
kergothugh, stupid16:19
rburtonAnticom: you tell us ;)16:19
kergothunpackdir = '%s/%s' % (rootdir, urldata.parm.get('subdir'))16:19
kergothyeah, os.path.join() will fix it16:19
Anticomrburton: this would be an interresting way to fix broken build scripts w/o having to wait for PRs to being merged :>16:19
Anticomrburton: i'll check that tomorrow on another recipe16:19
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rburtonkergoth: i have a patch.  *and a test case*16:29
*** rcw <rcw!~rwoolley@> has joined #yocto16:34
rburtonkergoth: would it be sensible to mandate that the absolute path is a sub directory of the unpack root i wonder16:34
kergothprobably. we don't want recipes dropping files outside of our workspace16:35
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rburtonbb.fetch2.UnpackError: Unpack failure for URL: 'file://a;subdir=/foo//tmp/tmp_j0zzaap/unpacked/bar'. subdir isn't under root16:38
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rburtonkergoth: patch on the list if you want to critique it16:49
kergothwill do16:49
kergothone of those little things that was never sufficiently annoying to do anything but workaround. thanks for the fix :)16:49
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* kergoth fixes the behavior of cooker to stop parsing in the constructor17:36
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a1cypherquick question.  Is it possible to create a recipe with a LICENSE of "commercial" that does not have a license txt file listed in LIC_FILES_CHKSUM ?  Or can I just put an empty LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = ""18:18
a1cypherah.. thanks. I'll try that18:19
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kergoth — seem reasonably sane?18:24
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kergothunreliable file parse ordering is resulting in the order of items in the _remove list changing, which changes the config hash, even though the order of items for that particular flag is irrelevent. i could see it changing for _append/_prepend, the resulting value changes in that case. looking into the root cause of the parsing order change, but we should probably make _remove a set() to sidestep the issue19:57
kergothah, i see. it wasn't my disk, it was a class that was setting _remove with a non-deterministic order. fixing that20:00
* kergoth rolls eyes20:02
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RPkergoth: did you decide if any of those exception patches should get merged? I ended up a bit confused where we stood with them21:04
kergothRP: [PATCHv2 1/2] in _exec_task, catch BBHandledException should be merged, hold off on [PATCHv2 2/2] in _exec_task, catch errors from TaskStarted, i need to narrow the scope of that exception handler21:07
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RPkergoth: thanks, that helps :)21:10
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