Thursday, 2016-09-22

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nerdboyyo rburton i had to force-push master but it cleans up all the funky history02:22
nerdboynot just useless merge commits, also some weird duplicate history02:23
nerdboyreadme is updated, ready to go public i suppose...02:23
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #951 of nightly-multilib is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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sjg__Hi everyone, I am trying to build linux for the beaglebone black with Yocto.05:31
sjg__I am trying to figure out how to get the "BB View" cape from element14 working.05:31
sjg__So far I figure I need to load the correct .dtb file provided by elemnt14, so I need help with that but also I may need to patch the kernel to include the correct drivers?05:33
sjg__Can anyone point me in the right direction?05:33
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Mighty-dHello, i am not sure if this is the right place to ask, so please excuseme if it is not. I have been playin with the Intel Edison Board wich uses Yocto images by default (intel's build). One of the simplest thing i want to be able to do is to set up the wifi card to work as an APl and while i am connected scan for other networks so i can set it up to connect as a client. I am trying tomuse06:05
Mighty-dWpa_cli for this but it wont work unless i disconnect from network, do you think you can help me out to find a solution for this?06:07
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c0rneli want to use a bbappend to REMOVE one file form SRC_URI06:48
c0rnelcan anyone point me to an example?06:48
c0rnelweb search does not give me the expected results06:48
c0rnelis there something like " -= " ?06:50
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bluelightningc0rnel: I guess you want _remove07:39
c0rnelthank you bluelightning , indeed i was looking after _remove07:44
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c0rnelfor some reason do_install_remove () is executed before do_install_append ()07:57
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c0rnelso the workaroudn was to change in bbappend to do_install_append_remove ()07:58
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bluelightningc0rnel: _remove isn't really intended to be used with functions like that08:19
bluelightningand _append_remove() really isn't intended to work - if by some chance it does, I wouldn't be surprised if it breaks in future08:20
c0rnel bluelightning ok, but what other options i have?08:22
c0rnelthe source has this do_install_append() which i want to change08:22
c0rnelhow can i do it?08:23
bluelightningc0rnel: it depends, what exactly are you trying to undo?08:23
bluelightningand whose recipe is it?08:23
c0rneli want to remove three lines from that do_install_append ()08:23
c0rnelnfs-utils, in this case08:23
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bluelightningc0rnel: which lines?08:24
c0rnelfrom memory: the line that create nfsd.conf and the lines that copy proc-fs-nfsd.mount and then creates a symlink for it08:24
bluelightningc0rnel: if that's all it is, just delete the files in your own do_install_append()08:25
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c0rnelbluelightning, ah, right, this can also be done08:25
c0rnelthank you!08:25
c0rnelone thing is not clear to me08:26
c0rnelhow can i be sure my lines are executed last?08:26
bluelightningwhat is in a bbappend will always come after what's in the recipe08:27
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bluelightningif it's multiple bbappends then they'll be applied in layer priority order08:27
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c0rnelbluelightning, ok, thanks again08:28
c0rnelwhat means OTC? bluelightning08:29
c0rnelah, found it on bing :)08:30
bluelightningOpen Source Technology Centre... don't ask what happened to the S :)08:34
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c0rnelsure :)08:34
c0rneland why it's Centre and not Center :)08:35
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c0rnelbluelightning, i'm looking at one of your presentations at elc 201508:58
c0rnelcan you tell me, when you deploy the app to the target, what's really going on? is an rpm installed? or it's just copying files tothe right places?08:59
c0rnelwith devtools that is, from sdk08:59
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sjg_Does linux  use only one or multiple .dtb's ?09:04
LetoThe2ndsjg_: one, with the possiblity to load dtbo overlays at runtime09:06
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bluelightningc0rnel: devtool deploy-target uses tar+ssh (like scp - in fact we used to use scp until I found that it's incapable of copying symlinks)09:13
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c0rnelbluelightning, thank you09:13
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sjg_LetoThe2nd: Thank you!09:14
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yocto-mangelsenHi, I need help to relocate a complex YOCTO build using variables in recipes11:01
yocto-mangelsenwhat is the Yocto way of doing it?11:01
rburtoni think you need to give more context11:02
yocto-mangelsenwe would like to use variables in recipes so that we could redirect bibake to other GIT servers hosting the source code11:03
rburtonso use a variable in your SRC_URI and change it somehow11:04
rburtonor look up PREMIRRORS in the manual11:05
yocto-mangelsenyes we could invent a way when sourcing "setup-environment" or should we make use of a location specific site.conf11:05
rburtonif they're your recipes then using a variable that you override in a site.conf makes sense11:07
yocto-mangelsenso you mean that we should set a location specific PREMIRRORS that will be used before even checking the default target?11:07
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yocto-mangelsenbut where should the logic be implemented? Shall we use the setup script and provide an additional parameter to it?11:09
rburtonit depends what you want to do11:11
rburtonif you want to provide your own mirrors of stuff then yes, premirros11:11
rburtonif you want your own recipes to use an internal git repo instead of the public one then you can use a variable in the SRC_URI and use a site.conf to assign it11:12
yocto-mangelsenno I think premirrors would match this use case11:12
rburtonor local.conf, whatever.11:12
yocto-mangelsenSo I will make an approach towards changing SRC_URI so that it makes use of variables and change them using a site.conf11:14
yocto-mangelsenmany thanks for your feedback11:14
rburtonwell if premirrors work then you don't need to change the recipe at all11:17
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AnticomHi all. I haven't written any recipes in quite some time now and i don't get how to resolve this error:
AnticomBasically i want the .so and headers in my sysroot so that other recipes that DEPEND on it can compile and link against them and additionally i want *only* the .so in a package that will be present in my final image12:45
AnticomHow do i do that?12:46
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rburtonAnticom: set FILES_*12:52
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rburtonwell, looking at your recipe, delete your FILES and PACKAGES lines12:53
Anticomrburton: I'm kind of confused how to tell bb to install certain files to sysroot but not wrap it up in a package and for other files to do produce a package out of them12:53
Anticomrburton: what will that do if i delete those lines?12:54
rburtonit will package it properly :)12:54
gadicHi everybody, I have a trouble with 2 appended recipes for which I want them to be applied in a specific order, otherwise I have issues with do_install task. Any idea how to do this ?12:54
Anticomrburton: so only the library will go into a package then?12:55
Anticomgadic: maybe make one recipe depend on the other?12:55
aratiugadic: what do you mean by "bbappends applied in a specific order?"12:55
gadicBasically, one appended recipe is of my own and deletes some files added by the other appended recipe. So I need my appended recipe to be applied in last.12:56
aratiudo_install_append() {}12:56
gadicBut do_install_append() is used in both.12:56
aratiucan't you just edit the first bbappend?12:56
aratiuI never appended an append myself, I always edit the first append if need be12:57
rburtonAnticom: the library will go into PN, the headers and dev symlinks into PN-dev, the debug files into PN-dbg.  you will want to package the cmake file explicitly into PN-dev.12:57
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rburtonAnticom: it will Do The Right Thing out of the box for a "normal" library12:57
gadicWhen I look into tmp/run.do_install, I can check the order. I do not want to edit the first bbappend file which comes from the meta-rasperrypi layer.12:58
Anticomrburton: so FILE_${PN}-dev_append = "${D}/${libdir}/cmake/*" ?12:59
aratiusearch for BBMASK12:59
aratiumaybe you want to ignore that meta-raspberrypi bbappend?12:59
rburtonAnticom: FILES_${PN}-dev += "${libdir}/cmake"12:59
Anticomrburton: thanks12:59
gadicaratiu: yes why not ignoring the bbappend.13:00
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aratiugadic: add it to BBMASK and see how it works out13:02
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gadicaratiu: I check this out and tell you.13:03
gadicaratiu: anyway, I'm surprised if I cannot specify the order or priority of the bbappend.13:04
aratiugadic: maybe you can, I never had a need to do it do I don't know, maybe others know13:05
gadicaratiu: yes sure, I understand. You even know more than I do ;-) Thanks for your help.13:06
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CTtpollardit would seem that fuse is broken in krogoth openembedded. Upstream looks to have moved13:11
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Crofton|workheh CTtpollard I guess most of us have the tarball already :)13:12
CTtpollardAs do I, part of our CI does clean builds though with nothing shared13:13
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Crofton|workgood test13:13
Crofton|workno checksum change?13:13
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CTtpollardclaims to have moved in 2015 though13:15
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rubiccubeHello there I am trying to bitbake meta-toolchain-qt5 using meta-qt5 master repo. It baked successfully, but when I setup my QT Creator, I can not use qtserialbus. When I try bitbake qtserialbus, it also bakes successfully. How can I append qtserialbus to the sdk ?13:16
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AnticomWhat's the default behaviour of executables in a cmake project? does this get installed to SDK by default or not?14:17
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rubiccube_Hello there, I have a question. I am trying to bitbake meta-toolchain-qt5. I can bake it successfully, but when I set up QT Creator, it gives me error that qtserialbus not found. When I do bitbake qtserialbus it bakes succesfully also. How can I append qtserialbus to the sdk that generated using bitbake meta-toolchain-qt5 ?17:19
rubiccube_I am using meta-qt5 master branch btw.17:20
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #970 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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jmesmonhi folks, I'm trying to use meta-java with poky master. Some of my packages RDEPEND on java2-runtime with the idea that this should pull in java. I'd like to use openjdk-7 (as it has some sort of arm32 jit support). However, bitbake keeps asking for a PREFERRED_RPROVIDER for java2-runtime and only lists openjre-8 and opendjk-8 as providers. And openjdk 8 appears to be installed in my images. Is there anything18:59
jmesmonfunny around RDEPENDS and PREFERRED_RPROVIDER that I should be watching out for?18:59
jmesmonI've noticed that with openjdk-8, the RPROVIDER for java2-runtime has the same name as the recipe (and is also listed as a PROVIDER), while in openjdk-7 the RPROVIDER package is different (openjdk-7-jre) and no PROVIDER for java2-runtime is listed.19:02
jmesmon(eh, PROVIDES & RPROVIDES, that is)19:03
jmesmonDoes PROVIDES_${PN} even work? RPROVIDES_${PN} makes sense, but I'm not sure about PROVIDES_${PN}. shouldn't it always be bare PROVIDES?19:04
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jmesmonHuh, looks like the PN in openjdk-7 is openjdk-7-jre, so I guess that isn't the cause.19:10
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jmesmonIs there a way to see why some RPROVIDES where elimintated/ignored? Or a likely reason why they would be?19:11
fray'RPROVIES' doesn't do anything.. RPROVIDES_<package> only affects teh package, it if was created19:20
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jmesmonfray: sure. what about PROVIDES_<package>, though?19:31
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kergothjmesmon: there's no such thing. it would have no meaning. PROVIDES is build time by definition, packages are run time.19:43
jmesmonkergoth: great, that's what I thought. Presuming it's ignored, that's 1 less thing that might be causing my meta-java woes.19:43
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jmesmonAh, looks like openjdk-8 removes that requirement for x11, but openjdk-7 still needs it. I didn't have x11 in my DISTRO_FEATURES, so openjdk-7 based packages were skipped. Looks like I'll have to add that back :(19:59
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newbieehow do i install getevent tool which is basically written for android in yocto. I tried bitbake getevent.20:59
newbieeI couldn’t find a recipe for it.20:59
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rburtonnewbiee: doesn't show it, so step 1 is write a recipe for it21:06
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newbieerburton: it doesn’t even show i2c-tools21:07
newbieebut when i do bitbake i2c-tools it works.21:07
fraythere are many i2c-tools available and listed on the index21:07
rburtonnewbiee: the default search is for layer name, not recipe name, so that might be why21:08
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newbieefray: thanks but do you know where can i quickly read about adding a recipe?21:09
frayYP guide..21:09
fraythere are things in there that show some basics of writing a recipe21:10
*** sameo <sameo!~samuel@> has joined #yocto21:10
newbiee trying to write recipe for this.21:10
newbieeok thanks.21:11
newbieeYP guide…google doenn’t bring up any releavant page.21:11
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newbieeoh you mean yocto project guide?21:14
*** jkridner <jkridner!~jkridner@pdpc/supporter/active/jkridner> has joined #yocto21:17
fraysee 5.321:18
fraythere are tools to help you write a recipe, the manual covers them21:18
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