Wednesday, 2016-11-02

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aV_VGood morning.07:45
aV_Vthe .sh installer generated with populate_sdk task, is it portable to Windows platform?07:46
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aV_VSDK_OS = "Windows" should work? I just don't find any example about this07:48
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bluelightningaV_V: not by default, however with meta-mingw you should be able to build toolchains that can be installed on windows08:01
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aV_Vbluelightning: ty, I will take a look08:03
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mckoangood morning08:06
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mdnneoaV_V: maybe also a question if you really need a "native" windows compiler ... maybe also an approach like serves your need08:41
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aV_Vmdnneo: not sure about this, I'm trying with the "traditional" way08:49
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JoiF This page was edited before Morty was released.09:56
JoiFSo it's not obvious to me whether Morty is still in "Development" or if it's reached "Stable"?09:56
JoiFnrossi: Thanks09:59
JoiFnrossi: But I knew Morty was released .. but I've yet to see something about the "status" of it.. (and that's probably because I'm new to YP), is a release flagges as "stable" as soon as it's been released?10:00
nrossiJoiF: Thats the normal practice10:02
JoiFnrossi: Thanks  :)10:03
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JoiFI'm actually probably stuck with krogoth anyway.. I'm taking baby-steps so I'm still depending on the meta-xilinx layer, and they haven't made a morty branch yet  :/10:04
nrossiJoiF: you mean i haven't made a morty branch yet ;). And yes if you are using BSP layers reving up to the newest yocto/oe release as soon as it is out is not always possible10:05
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nrossiJoiF: for meta-xilinx the goal is to have branched by at the latest 1 month after a yocto/oe release10:06
JoiFnrossi: Ok, nice  :)10:06
nrossibut i cant speak for other layers, you will need to check the readme, and or query the maintainers :)10:07
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JoiFOk, thanks10:08
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JoiFI'm also looking at the meta-mono layer (yes, I work with weird people...) their last branch is WAY old..10:10
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JoiFnrossi: But if there's anything I can do to help with the meta-xlilinx layer, I'd be happy to do something10:13
JoiFnrossi: Like .. testing or whatever10:14
nrossiJoiF: Are you using one of the board(s) in the layer? or a custom one?10:14
JoiFnrossi: I have both a ZedBoard and a ZC702 .. and we're working on a custom one10:15
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JoiFnrossi: Unfortunately no MPSoCs10:16
nrossiJoiF: It would be nice if you could test the default build and booting on those boards (i only test on a zybo and zc706), but wait until the branch is made there are still a bunch of updates in the process.10:17
JoiFOk  :)10:18
nrossiJoiF: I assume you are subscribed to the meta-xilinx mailing list? I will post a message there when the "morty" branch is made.10:18
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JoiFnrossi: I am now  :p11:15
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T_UNIXhi! shouldn't tslib's recipe contain something like CFLAGS_prepend = "-I${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR}/include "? For me it apparently sourced the wrong kernel's headers, thus exited because of EV_VERSION mismatch.11:31
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rburtonrobsta: \o/11:49
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JoiFNote to self: Don't try to run a bitbake job with the Green Hills toolchain in your path. They have a "ginstall" executable that has NOTHING to do with the normal "ginstall".12:00
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JoiFWhich is kind of weird, because I do have "install" .. but ncurses-native tries to use ginstall instead..12:01
rburtonmoderately common for some systems to look for g<foo> first to find the gnu form instead of non-gnu12:01
rburtonie on osx, install is BSD, ginstall can be GNU if you installed it12:02
JoiFI just thought most of those packages were a bit more GNU centric12:04
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JoiF(i.e. they would just assume GNU/Linux as host)12:05
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Crofton|workpeople with Green Hills toolchains are not living properly ....12:10
JoiFI do completely agree.12:11
JoiFWell.. They do have some nice debugging tools12:11
JoiFThe hardware12:11
JoiFBoth the Green Hills probe and the SuperTrace Probe12:13
Crofton|workI suppose12:14
Crofton|workbut morally speaking :)12:14
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JoiFMy company is lucky they hired me as their sw-architect .. Now we're moving over to Linux and gcc12:15
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Crofton|workLucky company :)12:23
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JoiFHaha, yes.  ;)12:37
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JoiFAt least that's what I tell myself.  ;)12:37
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binarymcan i do BLABLABLA_remove = "option1 option2 option3" or the _remove is only limited to one option ?13:20
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rburton(it does what you want)13:21
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binarymrburton: thanks13:32
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JoiFnrossi: Btw .. You might have a solution to my annoyance.. Do you know how I can run xmd as a non-superuser?13:44
JoiFnrossi: I'm in the dialout group and the ttyUSB*s are owned by :dialout and have g+rw13:44
nrossiJoiF: xmd is old, but there are some udev rules i have to put for the usb debug tools, let me get them13:45
JoiFnrossi: That would be awesome13:46
JoiFnrossi: But the problem seems to be some reset functionality. If I run xmd as root, do a "connect arm hw" and "exit" .. and then run xmd as a normal user, it works fine.13:46
binarymis it safe to base a new distribution upon meta/conf/distros/defaultsetup.conf ?13:47
binarymor default setup is too minimalist ?13:47
rburtonactually look at what poky.conf does and you'll see it's pretty minimal13:47
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rburtonthe default setup is fine, you just need a conf file that sets the distro name and tweaks distro features as required13:47
binarymok, thanks13:48
nrossiJoiF: Hmm not sure, might have to do with xmd changing the permissions of the usb file13:49
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nrossiJoiF: oh also, you might need to change the usb ids if the device you are using is special :)13:50
JoiFnrossi: Hmm.. ok. Might need to tell udev to set the OWNER as well13:50
JoiFnrossi: Currently just using the on-board Digilent interface on the zc70213:51
JoiFnrossi: But thanks!  :)13:51
JoiFnrossi: I don't see a device with VID 1443. That might be my problem.13:55
JoiFnrossi: I do see the FTDI VID but not the other one.13:55
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JoiFnrossi: Works like a charm. Thanks!13:57
JoiFnrossi: Btw, what do you use instead of xmd?13:57
nrossiJoiF: :), i guess you found the magic id. I use xsdb13:57
JoiFnrossi: Nice14:01
JoiFnrossi: Seems to be somewhat command-compatible14:01
nrossiJoiF: yep, i believe that was Xilinx's intention14:02
JoiFnrossi: or.. completely .. needs the extra "targets" step14:02
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JoiFnrossi: But otherwise seems to do the sme business14:02
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JoiFnrossi: Sorry about all the questions .. but where do you get the fsbl.elf from? I have one from my Vivado+SDK+PetaLinux project, but none from my Yocto build?14:49
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Crofton|workthat is built with the Xilinxinx tools14:50
nrossiJoiF: fsbl -> fsbl.elf, u-boot-spl -> u-boot-spl.elf. meta-xilinx does not build fsbl. If you need the elf it is not deployed by default but you can get it from the workdir of u-boot14:50
Crofton|workI use SPL from u-bbot, but you need the ps7_iniu.[ch] files for that14:50
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nrossiJoiF: - is the guide you want to follow if you need to load u-boot spl via jtag14:52
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pidgewhen layers are added to the layer index via the web interface, is there like, an approval process or something that takes place or does it just get added?14:57
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nrossipidge: if you see the second entry, a layer has to be marked published.14:59
pidgeAh, thanks!14:59
rburtonpidge: about to send a patch for license.bbclass, I'll cc you for a double check if that's okay15:02
pidgerburton: sure, go for it15:02
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JoiFI can haz running system on my board.  :D15:09
JoiFThanks, nrossi and Crofton|work  :D15:10
JoiFThere's a tiny error in the README, though. Where it says "xsdb% dow -data <machine name>.dtb 0x2A00000", that should be "uImage-<machine name>.dtb"15:13
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mahoHi, what am I missing when kernel modules are not installed? The only thing I found  is using 'MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RDEPENDS += "kernel-module-<modulename>"' in the image.bbappend15:15
mahoThere are none deployed in the core-image-minimal tarball15:15
*** florian <florian!~fuchs@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC15:16
JoiFnrossi: Same probably applies to line 171 (SD-card section) and 226 (TFTP boot section)15:17
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ecksunI would like to include external debian packages (built with the sdk) into my image, is there some easy way of doing that?15:35
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mdnneois it allowed to have packages containing just a static lib? sure this doesn't make much sense for the target but for the sdk16:05
*** gabrbedd <gabrbedd!> has quit IRC16:06
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rburtonmdnneo: of course, by default it will be in PN-staticdev16:06
aV_Vhas someone worked with meta-mingw ? I don't know how to use it and can't find any documentation about16:07
kergothdoes it not have a readme like every other layer?16:08
aV_Vit has, but it says nothing16:08
kergothyou just need to set SDKMACHINE to one of the options it provides (see conf/machine-sdk/ in the layer)16:08
kergoththen your sdk builds will target windows rather than linux16:08
mdnneorburton: then I always run in trouble with default dependencies to the not existing PN package?16:08
kergoththen remove that dep if it's a problem16:09
kergothRDEPENDS_${PN}-staticdev = ""16:09
aV_Vkergoth: ty16:09
*** mortderire <mortderire!~rkinsell@> has quit IRC16:09
mdnneoI removed it via RDEPENDS_${PN}-dev = "${PN}-staticdev" since I want to force the install of the staticdev in the sdk but this makes also trouble16:10
mdnneothe best so far was doing ALLOW_EMPTY_${PN} = "1"16:10
kergoth'makes also trouble' is not useful information :)16:10
kergoththat'd work too, yes16:11
mdnneotrouble means it basically silently fails or in the end the sdk build looks good but the -dev or -staticdev package are not part of the SDK16:12
*** frsc <frsc!> has quit IRC16:13
mdnneoforcing it to be part of the SDK via "TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_append = " libfoo" leads to a "real" fail saying annot install package libfoo16:13
*** robsta <robsta!> has quit IRC16:13
mdnneoso ok then I think we use the allowempty ... just felt wrong somehow16:14
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rburtonmdnneo: put libfoo-staticdev in that assignment instead16:14
rburtonas libfoo doesn't exist16:14
mdnneorburton: also for me the forcing feels a bit strange ... I don't want to decide in the image recipe which lib is needed in the SDK ... having it installed if needed looked better to me16:15
rburtonTOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_append = " libfoo-staticdev" is *exactly* what you need if you want to put a static library in the sdk16:16
mdnneowould it be a big deal to just create the default dependency from PN-dev to PN just if it is not empty?16:16
rburtonput that in the *image* recipe16:16
*** Jefro <Jefro!> has joined #yocto16:17
rburtondependencies are created before we know the package you're mentioning doesn't get created16:17
mdnneorburton: not with the "hack" of have the dependency from PN-dev to -staticdev ... but yes thats also just a workaround16:17
rburtonyeah the -dev dependency on -staticdev is a workaround16:18
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*** stephano <stephano!stephano@nat/intel/x-ogvdjhdjzyashbnf> has joined #yocto16:20
mdnneoso currently I wonder which is the best workaround ... for us the RDEPENDS_${PN}-dev = "${PN}-staticdev" has been the best since we control in the lib if it is part of the sdk or not ... just seems like we get the dependency to the empty PN package again in somehow16:20
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:20
rburtonwhy would you want to change the library (and thus rebuild everything that depends on it) to control whether its in the sdk or not, when you can control that in the sdk recipe16:21
*** rajm <rajm!> has joined #yocto16:21
mdnneorburton: is it not a good idea to rebuild since it is statically linked? but I got the point of having a sdk recip16:23
mdnneoso maybe just some improvement the silent fail of basically expect to install the PN-dev package and silently just not install it in the SDK took us some time ... is there a chance to warn about?16:25
rburtonnot a good idea to rebuild because rebuilds are boring :)16:25
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mdnneoor to get a diff of whats expected to end up in the sdk and whats not ended up there finally16:27
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binarymwhat would be the cleanest way to change behaviour of a recipes depending on type of image built. For example, i have myimage_release and myimage_dev, i want to add user www-data to both but admin to only _dev flavor16:47
binarymshould i introduce a flag on DISTRO_FEATURES (ie: dev) and test it on my ?16:48
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mr_sciencebinarym: admin as in admin user?17:07
ecksuncan I open a shell in a ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAnd?17:08
nerdboynot that i know of...17:11
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binarymmr_science: for example17:26
binarymmr_science: but it's "just" an example. Could be "allow root login on _dev flavor only"17:27
rburtonbinarym: with a root postprocess hook17:29
rburtonbinarym: you cannot control what goes into a package depending on the image, because packages are built without the knowledge of what images are being built (if any, or it may be several)17:29
rburtonso have granular packages so you can eg add a development-users package to the dev image, that creates users and so on17:30
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binarymrburton: ok, got it. Thx :)17:34
ecksunnerdboy, doing a reverse shell kind of worked :P17:34
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ecksunis there an easy way to install external packages in my yocto image?18:14
mr_sciencebinarym: that sounds like you want dbg image for that18:18
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binarymmr_science: yep, it's totally that19:02
binarymmr_science: one for "production" context (aka in the wild, with bad bad attackers all around) and one for "debug/development" purposes (with debug tools, login allowed, etc...). I gonna follow rburton advices and create two different recipes: one for prod, one for debug19:03
*** rcwoolley_ <rcwoolley_!~rwoolley@> has joined #yocto19:03
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bluelightningfloob: hello19:05
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floobhi folks.  I'm a noob.  I have configured the yocto build system, gone through the getting started guide, watched several hours of youtube vids.19:11
*** glfernando__ <glfernando__!~fernando@> has quit IRC19:12
floobMy goal is to create an absolute minimal yocto with only nginx, ifup/ifdown, ssh and the ability to get static HTML and nginx config files into the system via initramfs19:12
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has quit IRC19:12
floobI've searched a fair bit (still searching) but have not yet found a guide that tells me how to trim things down to this minimum.  Can someone suggest either how, where to look, or a good tutorial that shows as such?19:13
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has joined #yocto19:14
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binarymfloob: what is your target ?19:21
binarymx86 ?19:21
floobon xen19:21
floobsorry, on kvm I mean19:21
binarymi'm noob in yocto too, but i gonna try19:22
binarymfor adding ifup/ifdown and all others component19:22
binarymfind the good meta that will provide u it19:22
binarymand then simply add IMAGE_INSTALL += "pkg1 pkg2 pkg3" to your build/conf/local.conf file19:23
binarymthen build your core-image-minimal, and it should embed your packages19:23
binarymfor the initramfs stuff, it looks a bit more complicated19:24
binarymmaybe you should have a look to meta/recipes-core/initrdscripts/initramfs-framework19:25
binarymif i remember well19:25
binarymonce the pivot_root call is done (switching for / == ramfs to / == actual root) the initramfs is freed19:26
binarymso looks like it's the most difficult part of your problem19:26
floobI found this but if I IMAGE_INSTALL += "meta-webserver" then I'll get all the web servers, no?19:27
binarymyou should keep in mind that (in my understanding) adding IMAGE_INSTALL += "..." to build/conf/local.conf is quite the "quick and dirty" way to do this19:27
binarymfloob: you confuse meta and recipes19:28
binaryma meta is a set of recipes19:28
binarymyou add a meta to your build system, not to your image19:28
binarymjust to make your build system (aka bitbake) how to build that or that package19:28
binarymbut you only add a recipe to your image19:28
binarymfor example19:29
floobOK, so do I find the nginx recipe and do something like: IMAGE_INSTALL += "nginx"19:29
binarymbinarym@avalon:~/Work/poky/poky-krogoth-15.0.1$ find meta* -type d -name nginx19:29
binarymfor example19:29
binarymhere you have meta-openembedded that provide (sub??) meta meta-webserver that provides a set of recipes to building and installing various webservers19:30
floobOK I found this which seems to be the nginx recipe.  How do I get that into my build system so I can IMAGE_INSTALL += "nginx"19:30
binarymgit clone git://
binarymthen edit build/conf/bblayers.conf to add the meta19:31
*** stephano <stephano!stephano@nat/intel/x-ogvdjhdjzyashbnf> has quit IRC19:32
floobthanks binarym sorry for all the questions ....  where should I "git clone git://" - in my /poky directory?19:33
kergothfloob: that's up to you. as long as you put the correct path in BBLAYERS in build/conf/bblayers.conf, bitbake doesn't care where on your disk you happen to put the thing19:34
floobthanks so much.... trying now...19:35
binarymfloob: your welcome :) solidarity between noobs :p19:36
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nerdboybinarym: it can be the same image, but with different IMAGE_FEATURES enabled19:50
nerdboydepends on what you want need, but i would probably use just one image recipe and change local.conf to get :dev:image19:50
nerdboy"dev" image even19:51
nerdboyadd dev/dbg stuff to image_features, if you still need extra packages try CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += "foo bar"19:53
nerdboycertainly for figuring stuff out tweaking local.conf is easier/faster than messing with extra recipes19:55
nerdboyread the comments in local.conf about EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES19:55
nerdboyenabling several of those *will* bloat your image size19:56
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ftonelloAnyone had problems with SDK in krogoth?20:33
ftonelloI get this: "Setting it cannot access '/opt/poky/2.1.1/environment-setup-*': No such file or directory"20:34
ftonelloI built the SDK for my own image.20:34
*** ipuustin <ipuustin!> has quit IRC20:36
*** ipuustin <ipuustin!> has joined #yocto20:38
bluelightningftonello: does that file exist?20:42
*** marcin <marcin!> has joined #yocto20:54
marcinis it possible to have recipe that has emptu do_install function?20:55
marcinmaybe there is an exampe out there?20:56
bluelightningmarcin: certainly, but what is the aim of doing so in your case?20:57
bluelightningyou would do: do_install() {20:58
bluelightning    :20:58
marcinbluelightning: well, a bit shame20:58
marcinbluelightning: I need to add a user to image, user wiythout home20:59
marcinand I can not use useradd in image20:59
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marcinbluelightning: I tried that20:59
marcinit does not work, opkg install fail with empty install20:59
bluelightningmarcin: extrausers is designed exactly for that21:00
bluelightningno recipe needed21:00
marcinalso tried instal[noexec] = "1"21:00
bluelightningyou can use extrausers from your image recipe21:00
marcinbluelightning: ok, thank you for help21:03
marcinbluelightning: it is exactly what I need ;)21:03
*** manuel_ <manuel_!> has quit IRC21:06
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ftonellobluelightning: no it doesn't. But isn't that file supposed to be the environment setup to be sourced? That error is from the SDK installation script.21:17
ftonelloAm I doing anything wrong?21:18
ftonelloI have a custom image, but I don't do anything there, basically add some dependencies and image features.21:18
bluelightningftonello: I can't tell, but would assume not... the question is how are you ending up with an SDK that does not have that file in it?21:18
ftonelloI've been doing it for years.21:18
ftonelloExactly, I have no idea.21:19
ftonelloI am building from origin/krogoth from poky.21:19
ftonelloand meta-multimedia21:19
*** agust <agust!> has quit IRC21:19
ftonellobluelightning: is there anything an image recipe needs to do in order to generate a proper SDK?21:20
bluelightningftonello: no, nothing21:20
ftonelloSo, why that file wouldn't be there?21:24
ftonelloI was reading the recipes, and saw that meta-environment generates that file.21:24
ftonelloBut nothing really calls that recipe.21:24
ftonellobluelightning: do you have any idea?21:24
khemrburton: ping I was reading through
bluelightningftonello: it's pulled in through packagegroup-cross-canadian21:26
khemrpi bcm driver does not provide libgbm so it needs to use this from mesa21:26
bluelightningftonello: are you setting TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK somewhere?21:26
khemotherwise weston doesnt compile21:27
khemI added gbm to mesa-gl PACKAGECONFIG and it worked21:27
ftonellobluelightning: Yes. I do TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK += "nativesdk-projucer" on my image.21:29
bluelightningftonello: ah, I think that may be the source of the problem, although I appreciate it's not obvious21:30
*** manuel_ <manuel_!> has joined #yocto21:30
bluelightningftonello: basically by doing that += you are probably getting in the way of the ?= where we set the default value21:30
kergothmove the += after the inherit?21:30
bluelightningor try TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK_append = " nativesdk-projucer" instead, one of the two21:31
*** Jefro <Jefro!~Jefro@2601:1c0:6100:7:3d48:8268:2349:2e9d> has joined #yocto21:36
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ftonelloI'll try21:55
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rburtonkhem: it links, or it actually uses mesa's libgbm to do buffer management?  google have forked libgbm and added a load of drivers, so that's probably a better choice22:53
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khemrburton: basically weston's configure pokes for it. and when using bcm graphics driver its not using mesa, and so there should be some pakages providing it23:36
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ftonelloNow I am having this pseudo mknod problem.23:42
ftonelloIt's not the first time I had this. Each time is a different fix.23:43
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