Thursday, 2016-11-03

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bluelightningseebs: ^00:40
bluelightningare you familiar with that?00:40
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nerdboywhat's the build environment?01:02
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seebsNot sure. "this pseudo mknod problem" is pretty unspecific.01:46
seebsI know we had some issues that got corrected relatively recently.01:46
nerdboysecurity frameworks, posix caps, acls, etc...01:51
nerdboyhad some issues with qemu running the post-inst stuff on a gentoo hardened build server01:52
nerdboynothing with pseudo that i can think of01:53
seebsJanuary 22, there was a bug with mknod() if it was called with no file type bits, it didn't default to plain file.01:54
seebsThat was what I was thinking of.01:54
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nerdboythat isn't what i was thinking...03:05
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floobI'm trying to get yocto to run from a hard disk.  It's not finishing the boot process. Research suggests that there is some problem around the rootfs.06:01
floobHere is a screenshot of where the boot is stuck06:01
floobgrub.cfg looks like this:06:02
floobserial --speed=115200 --word=8 --parity=no --stop=1 terminal_input --append  serial terminal_output --append serial set timeout=1 GRUB_TIMEOUT=1 menuentry 'yocto' { linux /boot/yocto_bzImage root=/dev/xvda1 rw console=ttyS0,115200 }06:02
floobI'm not sure what I can do to take a next step in resolving this.  Does anyone have any suggestions? thanks.06:03
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mdnneohi ... if I trigger a bitbake build of our image I always get a Note "There are 2 recipes to be removed from sysroot" anyone know what this means?06:39
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rburtonkhem: so does weston actually use gbm on bcm?08:39
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mdnneorburton: sry but I think I need to come back to the static lib package topic ... I changed now to have a SDK recipe and break the dep via RDEPENDS_${PN}-dev = "" ... then I thought its maybe smarter to do RDEPENDS_${PN}-dev_remove = "${PN}" but this has no effect?08:50
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binarymnerdboy: thx for your answer 12h ago (i was afk)09:00
khemrburton: it asks for gbm09:04
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zeenixrburton: hey09:18
zeenixrburton: i'm curious, what tool do you use for combining layers?09:18
zeenixrburton: i-e different layers from different git repos09:19
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zeenixgit submodule?09:19
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jkuzeenix: poky is built with combo-layer but there is no single widely accepted solution here (at least git submodules and repo are used as well)09:31
zeenixjku: ah ok09:32
zeenixjku: we use repo here and i'm starting to hate it09:32
zeenixhence the question09:32
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thwe once developed    which has a declaration format similar to repo, and which is some docker based tooling for building a completely specified "layer-combo"09:34
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zeenixth: cool09:46
zeenixth: how does it compare to repo?09:46
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neverpaniczeenix: we're using submodules, and we hate it as well.09:49
thzeenix: well i do not know repo very well. but redomat is what we use for building our releases. reproducability and having a full declaration was the top priority, which we implemented by it.09:51
binarymdoes anybody here ever used a virtual keyboard on DirectFB ?09:52
thzeenix: effectively you create a declaration and just call ` my_declaraion.xml` in the end you will have a docker image of a success or failure.09:52
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zeenixth: sounds good10:03
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rburtonzeenix: i hear theres a fork of repo coming out soonish which may be better.   basically there's no perfect solution...10:37
zeenixrburton: ah ok10:38
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binarymi have a strange behaviour (or at least, not the one i'm waiting) with the following recipe:
binarymin my understanding10:52
binarymthis recipe is supposed to create two packages: base-users and base-users-dev10:52
binarymactually, it only create base-users-dev10:53
binarymbase-users is missing, and my image generation failed because of it10:53
rburtonbecause by default packages with no content don't get generated10:53
binarymbut, is "base-users" supposed to be empty ?10:53
rburtonyou didnt put any files in it10:53
rburtonso yes10:53
binarymbut ... i didn't in base-users-dev too10:54
binarymand it's generated10:54
rburtoni've given you the hints you need ;)10:54
binarymok thanks :)10:54
rburtongrep bitbake.conf for ALLOW_EMPTY :)10:54
binarymi noticed an other strange behaviour10:54
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binarymif, for base-users-dev, i use group == 1000 for my user adm and then declare GROUPADD_PARAMS_${PN}-dev = "-g 1000 adm"10:55
binarymit fails with "group doesn't exist"10:55
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binarymwhich is strange since it correctly execute the GROUPADD_PARAMS_${PN} command set before USERADD_PARAMS_${PN}10:56
binarymbut looks like ${PN}-dev break this behaviour10:56
binarymgonna dig a bit more btw, thx rburton10:56
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Ox4hello guys11:33
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JoiFOx4: Hello11:33
aratiuOx4: hi11:35
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melonipoikaI think that there is a bug in conf/distro/include/yocto-uninative.inc11:52
melonipoikaUNINATIVE_URL = ""11:53
melonipoikaShouldn't this be a conditional asigment?11:53
melonipoikait is not possible to overwrite it in e.g., local.conf to point to a local download mirror11:53
melonipoikawhich is an issue if you want to build without intenet connnection11:54
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fmeerkoettercan i use yocto to generate a toolchain/sdk which is hosted on windows? if yes, how do i do this?12:00
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jkumelonipoika: in master and latest release it is overridable12:01
LocutusOfBorgoh... meta-fsl-arm is missing a morty branch :/12:01
LocutusOfBorgotavio, ^^^12:02
mdnneofmeerkoetter: yesterday there was a discussion on meta-mingw which should give one aV_V played around with it12:03
melonipoikaoh thank you jku. I am using krogoth and forgot to check master :-(12:03
fmeerkoettermdnneo: thanks. "with there was" you mean here on IRC? so i can check the logs?12:03
floobI'm a noob to yocto.  I cannot see where to get class files from. I get "ERROR: ParseError in configuration INHERITs: Could not inherit file classes/boot-directdisk.bbclass"12:04
aV_Vfmeerkoetter: I tried but got a build error12:04
aV_Vnow I'm with other issue, but the thing is:12:05
JoiFfloob: recipe directories have a "classes" folder12:05
aV_V1) download and add the layer meta-mingw12:05
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aV_V2) set on local.conf: SDKMACHINE = "check at conf/machine-sdk/"12:06
fmeerkoetteraV_V, mdnneo: thanks for the hint on the general direction. didn't knew about meta-mingw12:07
JoiFfloob: -   boot-directdisk.bbclass: merge it into image-vm.bbclass12:07
floobJoiF: find /mnt/poky | grep boot-directdisk.bbclass returns no files, which seems to indicate there is no such file in the poky hierarchy.  Do I need to download the classes from somewhere?12:07
aV_Vfmeerkoetter: u welcome, kergoth helped me with this12:07
floobthanks joif12:11
JoiFfloob: np12:13
floobWhen I boot, the boot process does not complete - this image shows where it gets up to   - any guesses as to what might be wrong? I built x86-64 core-image-minimal-initramfs12:14
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mdnneofmeerkoetter, aV_V: let me know if you have success basically I'm also interested in just never had the time to look ;)12:20
aV_Vmdnneo: ok, right now I'm trying to cross-compile from linux12:21
JoiFfloob: Seems like your kernel booted just fine.12:22
floobJoif: oh. I guess I would have expected it to give some sort of message to say it had finished.  It sort of looks like it has just stopped.12:24
JoiFfloob: Does your image contain a rootsf?12:27
JoiFor even a rootfs?12:27
flooblabel yocto kernel /boot/yocto_bzImage initrd /boot/yocto_initramfs_rootfs.cpio.gz append root=/dev/ram0 rw console=tty0 console=ttyS0,11520012:28
floobjoif: I believe so, yes.  The network is not responding to me.12:28
floobI have dropbear sshd and nginx installed and neither respond.12:29
JoiFfloob: Well, my comment about your kernel booting fine was a bit tongue-in-cheek comment .. don't expect networking if you have ONLY the kernel running.  ;)12:30
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JoiFfloob: I actually haven't done this on Yocto myself.12:40
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Crofton|workI haven't Yoctoed this myself ....12:42
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JoiFfloob: But you need to configure the kernel correctly, which I assume happens for you when you're using the meta-initramfs recipe, and configure where to locate the initramfs image.12:44
JoiFfloob: Also, I don't know if bitbake takes care of the dual-build process for you?12:44
JoiFfloob: Someone else here probably knows a lot more about this than I do  :)12:45
JoiFCrofton|work: Good point.  ;)12:47
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otavioLocutusOfBorg: it won't have; we moved to meta-freescale12:50
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ecksunhow can I get a package built with the sdk into the package feed?13:15
LocutusOfBorgok otavio thanks13:19
LocutusOfBorgI wish you had pushed an empty branch with a file README inside, telling us to move :p13:19
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fl0v01Hi! does anybody know how the useradd class is supposed to work? I was able to add a user to the system, but now every new build fails because the user is already there:13:28
fl0v01WARNING: useradd command did not succeed. Retrying...13:28
fl0v01| ERROR: Tried running useradd command 10 times without success, giving up13:28
fl0v01| WARNING: exit code 1 from a shell command.13:28
fl0v01| ERROR: Function failed: useradd_sysroot13:28
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jkufl0v01: can you explain what you wnt to accomplish and maybe show how you tried to do it?13:44
fl0v01jku: i wanted to add a user for the mosquitto mqtt broker13:46
fl0v01so i added inherit useradd to the recipe13:47
fl0v01USERADD_PACKAGES = "${PN}-user"13:47
fl0v01USERADD_PARAM_${PN}-user = "-r mosquitto -s /sbin/nologin"13:47
fl0v01when i build the image the first time with the new package everything worked and the user is in the system13:48
rburtonsure something else isn't already creating the user?13:50
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*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has joined #yocto13:51
jkufl0v01: try moving username to the end of USERADD_PARAMS...13:54
jkuor just dropping it13:55
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jkufl0v01: yeah, pretty sure the name needs to be last: the class is not very clever about that13:59
*** toanju <toanju!~toanju@> has joined #yocto13:59
fl0v01jku: ok ill try14:01
fl0v01jku: Nice! It worked. Thank you!14:03
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ZubairLKsomething bizarre just happened.16:01
ZubairLKI did a bitbake linux-yocto -c cleanall16:01
ZubairLKAnd then tried to make it again.16:01
ZubairLKIt failed in do_unpack16:01
ZubairLKAnd now my poky directory git remote origin seems to think its a linux kernel repo.16:01
ZubairLKAnd the repository is broken. Don't see branches etc.16:01
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ZubairLKthe only thing I can fathom. is I moved between morty to master.16:01
ZubairLKdidn't source a fresh environment. And just kept on working in another terminal window.16:01
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kergothZubairLK: wow, that's weird16:17
*** jonver <jonver!> has joined #yocto16:19
ZubairLKThankfully, I haven't lost any work in progress16:21
ZubairLKbut still quite bizarre..16:21
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seebs@pohly, thanks for the fix. I am apparently more under-the-weather than I thought.17:09
*** fl0v01 <fl0v01!> has quit IRC17:10
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pohlyseebs: no problem. Once I noticed the regression, I started gathering more debug output in an attempt to understand the problem better, and that then led to a solution relatively quickly ;-}17:14
*** joseppc <joseppc!> has quit IRC17:14
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seebsyeah. I probably should have thought more about it. In retrospect, a less-minimal test case (with one file that worked) would have probably been a better thing to investigate.17:14
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AnticomHi all. For local development how would i specify that bitbake uses a local working copy of my repository AND that it wouldn't use the last commited state but the current state of the repository (including uncommited changes) ?17:32
Anticome.g. could i use another fetcher that doesn't care about git without messing up my recipe?17:33
AnticomI mean i could just do the commit and reset the repo to head when i'm not happy with the results. However this is qutie cumbersome and error prone17:35
kergothuse a file:// uri, or use exterrnalsrc17:37
*** boucman_work <boucman_work!~boucman@> has quit IRC17:44
khemgood usecase for devtool17:45
*** Anticom <Anticom!~quassel@> has quit IRC17:46
khemAnticom: if you are on something newer than 2.0 then I think devtool is quite good fit for your usecase here17:46
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mattsmdoes the rpi distro have hardware accelerated gstreamer enabled?19:30
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mattsmseems like it does19:55
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armpitWhat is the AB trying to tell me /me my sanity tests keep failing :(20:22
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khemmattsm: yes it does, it uses omax20:53
khemand dismanx20:53
mattsmkhem: i cheated and looked in the repo, do you know any good reference for setting up hardware accelerated pipelines?20:54
mattsminternet documentation is sparse, and i'm a gstreamer newbie20:54
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khemtry this gst-launch-1.0 souphttpsrc  location="" ! typefind ! qtdemux name=demux demux. ! queue ! h264parse ! omxh264dec ! glimagesink demux. ! queue ! faad ! autoaudiosink20:59
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mattsmkhem: I will! I need to build an image first21:04
mattsmkhem: actually planning to use an rpi to encode some HDMI IP stream to a lower bitrate to faciltate "remote" debugging of some displays21:05
mattsmjust need to craft the right pipeline21:05
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mattsmkhem: what's a good image for a weston desktop on rpi3?22:58
rburtoncore-image-weston should work i guess22:59
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khemmattsm: if you use meta-metrological then you can use westeros-wpe-image and use SME/EME and secure video stuff23:10
mattsmis there a distro that set's DISTRO_FEATURES?23:10
khempoky works out of box23:10
RPhalstead: I was getting worried about the new autobuilder, then it disappeared offline?23:11
halsteadRP, I migrated the controller to another host.23:11
khemmattsm: RDK is out of box but them you need to be RDK member etc.23:11
RPhalstead: there was a problem with the controller?23:12
halsteadRP, I am updating hypervisor kernels. There shouldn't be any downtime.23:12
halsteadRP, I just killed it. The migration wasn't clean and the controller rebooted.23:13
RPhalstead: ok, no problem23:13
halsteadRP, I'm sorry. It will be back up very quickly.23:13
RPhalstead: there were errors writing the auto.conf file in that build. We're not sure if its something to do with the buildhistory git repo or something autobuilder related23:14
halsteadRP, It's back. The workers should reconnect shortly.23:16
halsteadRP, They are retrying the builds that were interrupted in the shutdown.23:17
halsteadRP, Should I stop them and empty the queue?23:17
*** blueness_ <blueness_!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has quit IRC23:22
RPhalstead: yes, I think we should stop and restart the whole thing23:24
halsteadRP, one moment.23:24
halsteadEverything down23:26
*** blueness_ <blueness_!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has joined #yocto23:26
RPhalstead: ok, thanks. Do you want me to restart?23:27
halsteadRP, All back up. Ready for a build.23:27
RPhalstead: fired23:27
halsteadRP, My apologies. I've migrated the controller hundreds of times on the production cluster and not had this happen.23:28
RPhalstead: I'm going to see if I can find out which process in the createAutoConf is taking too long23:28
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RPhalstead: these are worrying:
halsteadRP, The setup here is very similar just newer distros. I'll track down the issue and avoid migrations during builds.23:29
* RP suspects the git checkout command buried in there23:29
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto23:29
halsteadRP, likely if there are lots of small files. We may need to do that on local disk and copy to the nfs mount after.23:30
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*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has joined #yocto23:33
RPhalstead: is the build happening on an nfs mount?23:35
halsteadRP, No but that repo is under /srv/autobuilder/ which is the nfs mountpoint23:36
RPhalstead: ah, right23:37
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RPhalstead: something we may need to discuss with bavery/joshuagl23:37
* RP notes its not even through the fetch yet :(23:38
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RPhalstead: I just traced the single remaining quilt fetch process that is holding the build and its blocked on an NFS lock :(23:58

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