Wednesday, 2016-11-30

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T_UNIXis there any public recipe to integrate the commercial qtquickcompiler?09:28
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eduardas_mhello, how do I build qwt for a distro that uses linuxfb for qt5?11:01
eduardas_mwhen I bitbake qwt, I get qwt was skipped: missing required distro feature 'x11' (not in DISTRO_FEATURES)11:01
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T_UNIXeduardas_m: I assume you do not want to/cannot enable x11?11:06
T_UNIXmake sure, that there is a configuration of qwt that allows you to use it without x1111:07
T_UNIXif you do not mind x11, you can simply add the following line to either your distro.conf or conf/local.conf: "DISTR_FEATURES_append = ' x11'"11:08
T_UNIXoh, I missed an 'O' there11:08
T_UNIXDISTRO_FEATURES_append = " x11"11:09
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eduardas_mT_UNIX, yes, you are correct, I would prefer to avoid X11 if possible11:10
eduardas_mI managed implementing my required features without using it so far11:10
rburtonthen you'll have to see if qwt really requires X or not11:10
boucman_workin latest yocto, you can build an image that uses wayland but has x11 compatibility, right ?11:11
eduardas_mrburton, I suppose so... I actually thought that perhaps someone here already works with qwt and has run into similar issues11:12
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eduardas_mwell, as far as I can tell it should be possible to compile with qt5 linuxfb in general11:22
eduardas_mthe only recipes that OE index has for Jethro use either qt4e or qt4x1111:23
eduardas_mso not even a recipe to use it with qt511:23
eduardas_mnot to mention linuxfb11:23
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eduardas_malso, strangely enough seems qwt recipes were moved from meta-oe in jethro to meta-qt4 in krogoth11:25
eduardas_mI wonder what is the rationale behind decisions to more recipes around between layers11:25
eduardas_mcan I just create a similar recipe that inherits qt5 instead of qt4 and be fine?11:26
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graphiqsi have troubles reaching , anyone else too?11:40
boucman_workusb_otg_vbus: disabling11:41
boucman_workoops wrong window11:42
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eduardas_mI have checked out a meta-qwt layer I found on github12:22
eduardas_mnow when I try to bitbake a qwt recipe from there12:23
eduardas_mthe bitbake execution does not have tasks to run for some reason and freezes12:23
rburtoni recommend asking the creator of the layer about problems with random layers12:23
eduardas_mNo currently running tasks (347 of 408)12:23
eduardas_mwhy will bitbake not execute tasks from recipe even when tasks are defined in the .bb file?12:24
rburtonoh, can't read12:25
* rburton shrugs12:25
rburtonbroken layer?12:25
rburtonhasn't been touched for 18 months12:25
eduardas_mI would not be surprised if bitbake were to fail a task12:25
eduardas_mbut it is not doing any12:25
eduardas_mI am trying this on Jethro12:26
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fmeerkoetteris there a backtrace/crash collector which can be used in an embedded linux setting? it should collect core files, generate backtraces, collect related information like the contents of /proc/$pid13:43
fmeerkoetteris there a "standard" solution?13:43
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rburtonfmeerkoetter: use whatever redhat ship?14:07
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Ox4hello guys, is it possible to fetch files from multiple repositories in one recipe?14:11
Ox4my problem is: I have serveral repositories which are related to one package: 1 repo -> library 2 repo - application which will be linked against the library from 1 repo14:12
rburtonyes, list multiple repos in the same SRC_URI14:12
*** ernstp <ernstp!uid168075@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto14:13
Ox4oh, thanks14:14
*** ulf` <ulf`!ulf@nat/intel/x-dpkvfjtbwfhprdys> has joined #yocto14:18
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*** Crofton <Crofton!> has joined #yocto14:26
Ox4rburton: something is wrong:
Ox4rburton: I can fetch the chages from these repositories manually14:27
rburtonlooks like your git url is wrong14:28
*** csanchezdll <csanchezdll!> has joined #yocto14:29
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Ox4rburton: here is my SRC_URI variable:
rburtonthey'll all be checking out to git/14:30
Ox4oh, I found the problem14:30
Ox4rburton: do I have to append name=foobar to the URI?14:31
rburtonyeah i think so14:33
rburtoncan't recall the right option and lunch is ready14:33
Ox4"destsuffix": The name of the path in which to place the checkout. By default, the path is git/.14:34
Ox4destsuffix :)14:34
Ox4bth, can I use ${PN}/blah in the SRC_URI?14:34
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*** Kakounet <Kakounet!> has joined #yocto14:45
robstatotal noob hear, if you would bear with me; have just gotten a yocto project to build, but unclear which image definitions are available14:47
*** dreyna <dreyna!> has joined #yocto14:48
robstathere is a meta-foo/recipes-core/images/ that seems to define an image, but when i try to bitbake it, "foo-dev" is not the name14:49
*** AndersD <AndersD!> has joined #yocto14:49
robstaalso none of the image names i had expected show up in bitbake-layers show-recipes14:50
robstaso is there an easy way to list all available images?14:50
joshuagldoes meta-foo show up in a bitbake-layers show-layers ?14:53
robstahuh no it doesn't14:55
joshuaglthere you go14:55
*** behanw <behanw!uid110099@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto14:55
joshuaglbitbake-layers add-layer <layerdir>14:55
robstaany chance my build dir is stale14:55
robstais it considered ok to run oe-init-build-env several times`?14:56
robstaor would a new shell be better14:57
joshuaglnew shell is better14:58
eduardas_mwhat is the decent way to integrate my device tree source changes into my yocto build?14:58
joshuaglwhat do you mean by stale build dir? it's not enough simply to clone layers, you need to add them to the build dirs bblayers.conf14:58
eduardas_mbecause I build the dtb without Yocto and test via TFTP boot14:59
eduardas_mI have modified the way I want to and now I want to add it to sdcard image I build via Yocto14:59
robstajoshuagl: hmm the project is supposed to be in a buildable state in the repo14:59
robstasomeone else added the layers14:59
joshuaglrobsta: you keep a build dir with local.conf and bblayers.conf in the repo?14:59
robstano, the build dir is mine15:00
Ox4could somebody help me with ssh? After building and flashing an image I have en error whilst starting ssh:
*** kscherer <kscherer!~kscherer@> has joined #yocto15:00
rburtonoh god who is this n00b15:01
joshuaglrobsta: bblayer configuration lives in the build dir15:01
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Ox4also I have one more question: can I creat do_compile_mypackage function in the mypackage recipe?15:02
*** mortderire <mortderire!~rkinsell@> has joined #yocto15:03
robstajoshuagl: ooh think i get it, if bblayers.conf is there, it is not overwritten/updated on subsequent runs of oe-init-build-env?15:04
rburtonOx4: yes, you can write your own do_compile in the recipe15:04
*** svalan_ <svalan_!> has quit IRC15:04
rburtonrobsta: correct, it's only written if not present15:04
robstaok that would explain15:05
robstathanks rburton, but why are you so naughty15:05
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*** eduardas_m <eduardas_m!~eduardas_@> has joined #yocto15:05
Ox4rburton: ERROR: ParseError at /home/yocto/yocto_build/tisdk/sources/meta-sirin/recipes-core/dfsi-manager/ unparsed line: 'do_compile_dfsilib()'15:06
rburtonjust do_compile()15:06
kergothalso, i don't see a trailing { on that line15:06
* kergoth yawns15:06
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kergothHmm, wonder if srctree path should be optional for devtool-extract. it'd be nice to default to the path used for modify, if i want to look at the source tree but not *build from it* just now15:24
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fmeerkoetterrburton: me comes from the debian world. can you give me a name to google :-)15:36
Ox4can I define EXTRA_OEMAKE inside do_compile function?15:37
kergothOx4: it wouldn't do anything. bitbake varaibles are expanded before the function is run15:38
kergothanything defined in the shell function would be a shell variable, not a bitbake varaible15:38
fmeerkoetterfor fedora its: crash-handler, crash-watcher, crash-submitter15:38
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fmeerkoetter brings up a few things15:41
fmeerkoetterany recommendations?15:41
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Ox4in Makefile I have the following statement: CPPFLAGS+=-I/usr/include/mysql and LDFLAGS+= -L../dfsi-library/ -ldfsi -lasound -lmysqlclient. How can I override /usr/lib/mysql PATH for building in Yocto?16:20
rburtonby patching it out16:21
rburtonthen send a patch upstream because they're making very bad assumptions16:21
Ox4which path should I use instead?16:21
*** aurele <aurele!> has quit IRC16:22
rburtonno path16:22
rburtonthe source should just do #include <mysql/something> probably16:22
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Ox4| database.hpp:4:29: fatal error: mysql.h: No such file or directory16:27
Ox4./database.hpp:4:#include <mysql.h>16:28
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rburtonyou'd have to look at what the mysq library convention is16:32
rburtonmaybe there's a pkgconfig file you can use to get the right paths16:32
rburtoneither way, -I/usr/include/mysql is just wrong16:32
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Ox4rburton: I know, but I do not use pkgconfig in this applicatiion16:40
Ox4I have simple Makefile16:40
rburtonsure, but maybe you should :)16:42
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Ox4I think I have to use CPPFLAGS += "-I${STAGING_DIR_TARGET}${prefix}" so far.16:54
rburtonthat would just be …./usr16:55
rburtonwhich isn't right16:55
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:56
rburtonyou mean STAGING_INCDIR, fwiw16:57
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Ox4rburton: yes, sure17:21
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Strike5150Hello, How do I trigger a rebuild of Packages under build/tmp/deploy/deb, for a new version of that package.  I just called bitbake on a package and it stayed at rev4 in Packages instead of going to rev519:25
kergothStrike5150: the index is generated when building images. or when you bitbake package-index explicitly19:26
Strike5150kergoth: great thanks19:26
Strike5150Is there a way to do this as a dependancy of building a pakage.  I want to use it as a repo and would be nice if it updated each time I built the package against a new revision19:27
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neverpanicbitbake package-index or something, there's an explicit target that you can run to update the index19:44
rburtonStrike5150: sadly there's no way to ensure the index is always current afaik19:44
bluelightningI have often thought it would be nice to be able to enable a per-recipe update of the index... perhaps it could be a task you have to explicitly invoke that would depend on the other tasks19:47
bluelightningI guess you could alternatively trigger it at the end of the build like buildhistory19:49
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Strike5150Yea, just a thought its not a huge issue just a nice to have :D19:52
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Strike5150So it looks like the deb packages are signed? Which key is used to do that?19:59
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yoctiBug 10749: enhancement, Undecided, ---, ross.burton, NEW , Add a class to update package index automatically20:11
bluelightningross is the default assignee but anyone could implement that if they would like to20:12
bluelightningas always, if it's in NEW state you can pretty much feel free to assign the bug to yourself and fix it ;)20:12
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davisi have a recipe which works for native and target. i'm trying to install some service related files which are ot installed outside the make install for the target only.20:19
fmeerkoetteris there a "standard" way to tune the compiler flags for a specific package (as opposed to the whole distribution)?20:23
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rob_wfmeerkoetter, something like CFLAGS_append +=  ?20:42
fmeerkoetterrob_w: sounds good. thanks!20:43
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tripzerowhere's the right place to put "PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel ?= "linux-yocto-rt"20:43
tripzeroit gets no respect if I put it in my recipe20:44
tripzeroit does respect it in build/conf/local.conf though, but that's not where I want it20:44
georgemtripzero: I have it in my machine configs but I'm using a custom bsp.20:47
fmeerkoetterrob_w: can i write CLAGS_somerecipe += "-flags" in my localconf?20:47
rob_wi use it inside a some recipes20:48
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tripzerogeorgem: it appears to respect the variable in distro/foo.conf21:25
georgemyes, it will21:25
tripzerofyi, i suppose21:25
kergothtripzero: preferences control recipe selection before the build starts, they have no meaning in recipe context. has to be in a config file21:25
tripzerokergoth: ahh, okay.  that would explain why.21:27
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kergothanyone else run into issues trying to use systemd-boot with wic on morty? i'm seeing the startup.nsh not actually working (drops to an efi shell) and it's failing to find the root partition, regardless of use of uuid or no23:29
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lolsbornany idea why u-boot would build and load with basically no env or bootcmd23:54
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lolsbornI just switched over from Krogoth to Morty and now u-boot is missing most of it's env vars23:55
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