Tuesday, 2016-11-29

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mdnneois there some kind of "know working/recommended" way of building stuff from different repositories/branches with one recipe ... so I can achieve something like ... bitbake myImage/myImge_devel using the same recipe but once the devel branch and once master?09:10
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fl0v01hm wouldn't be a distro feature be the right thing to do that?09:15
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fl0v01you can use bb.utils.contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'development-build', <DEVELOPMENT SRC>, <PRODUCTION SRC>, d)09:18
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fl0v0mdnneo: but i dont really know if thats how its done09:21
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mdnneofl0v0: currently I somehow miss the link between image and distro but sounds like a plan ... I will give it a try09:30
fl0v0mdnneo: do you have multiple recipes where you want to change the SRC? Or is it just the collection of packages that is different?09:32
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mdnneofl0v0: multiple packages ... but I could arrange them as packagegroup as well09:33
fl0v0If it is the latter you could also use you could also use IMAGE_FEATURES09:33
fl0v0so in multiple recipes you change the SRC from branch master to develop? Then think you have to use the DISTRO_FEATURES variable.09:34
mdnneofl0v0: ... can I have custom IMAGE_FEATURES? and how can I check them then?09:34
mdnneofl0v0: just figured out we have a DISTRO per machine so most likely the DISTRO_FEATURE matches pretty well my use case09:36
fl0v0as far as i understood it, image features are handled in the image recipe only. You can look in the image.bbclass and look what "debug-tweaks" does for example09:38
rburtonyes image features are by definition only relevant at image generation time09:38
rburtonyou can have custom ones though, easily09:38
mdnneoah ok ... then I have a problem ... would need to have something per recipe09:38
fl0v0mdnneo: but DISTRO_FEATURES should work09:39
rburton-> distro feature, or just a variable you can set in your local.conf/whatever.09:39
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fl0v0I'm developing an image that needs to be GPLv3 free (tivoization problem). I used the INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE variable to exclude GPLv3. But there is still libstdc++.so and libgcc. To my understanding i cant have those in the image either or the tivoization clause applies. I think i need to statically compile the libs into the runtimes. Has anybody already solved that problem?09:44
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mdnneofl0v0: arent they LGPL3.0 and like this not that strict?09:51
fl0v0yes they have a exception, that you can link against them without having to gpl your code09:52
fl0v0But the anti-tivo clause is another thing09:53
mdnneofl0v0: ah ... got it ... heard of it first time ... but good to know09:54
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neverpanicfl0v0: The exception would apply and should work for you, but IANAL10:29
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fl0v0neverpanic: the topic is at least controversal: https://lwn.net/Articles/600210/10:55
neverpanicfl0v0: That's a topic you should ask you lawyer. I'm not qualified to help you with that, and it would be unethical.10:57
fl0v0yeah no problem :) just wanted to give the article10:58
fl0v0i think many embedded developers are not aware of this problem10:59
neverpanicThanks. I've looked at this in detail and my laywers have discussed this, but yours may very well come to a different conclusion.10:59
fl0v0ah ok10:59
fl0v0well thats good to hear10:59
fl0v0thank you11:00
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aV_Vcan I use pattern expression with _remove ?11:04
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hydehi. building recipe with bitbake, getting sources from svn. it gives svn the option -no-auth-cache. How do I disable that option, ie. enable auth cache use? or if this is not possible, how should I give login info for svn checkout?11:09
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binarymhyde: use ~/.subversion/config and/or ~/.netrc11:13
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hydebinarym: thanks. at least .netrc didn't work. I created the file, added line: machine svn.server.com login me.here password abcd123411:21
hydein log.do_fetch there is no indication that this info was used11:22
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hydeah ha, I wrote do_fetch myself, and it uses svn command from the build env, instead of the OS one.11:34
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neverpanicaV_V: No11:48
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aV_Vneverpanic: ok11:56
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graphiqsanyone ever used the etnaviv driver in a yocto image?13:17
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mckoangraphiqs: AFAIK etnaviv is not supported in the standard NXP/FSL kernel13:22
graphiqsusing 4.8x+fslc13:23
mckoangraphiqs: 4.8 is not in meta-fsl-arm13:34
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graphiqsI know it isn't, didn't ask if it is supported though13:39
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s65b44hi guys13:40
s65b44is there any way, in a do_install of a recipe, to chown with a user that has been created by another recipe? because i'm getting log_check: warning: user xxxx does not exist - using root13:42
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ZubairLKHi guys. is there an easy way to bridge local internet/ethernet with the runqemu script13:49
ZubairLKI tried doing a runqemu path_to_image slirp13:49
ZubairLKbut didn't work13:49
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armerhi@all, i am having problems with building crosssdk-gcc and cross-canadian-gcc, if both are different versions (e.g. crosssdk-gcc is vanilla gcc 4.8 and cross-canadian-gcc is linaro), only one source is fetched via gcc-source dependency13:59
armerso one version will not build properly, any ideas how to fix this14:00
tlwoernergraphiqs: you could try https://github.com/d4ddi0/meta-etnaviv perhaps?14:02
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georgemHas anyone here tried chromium from meta-browser with morty? Every tab opened crashes with "Aw, Snap!" and I was just curious if it was generally broken or something specific to my platform/environment.14:15
georgemkrogoth works14:15
graphiqstlwoerner: looks promising, thanks14:15
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tlwoernergeorgem: it's related to glibc14:22
georgemtlwoerner: ah, ok. so newer glibc break it?14:23
tlwoernergeorgem: i was able to get chromium working fine with 2.23, but was never able to isolate the problem with 2.2414:23
georgemtlwoerner: okay, thanks. at least that gives me somewhere to start if I decide to pursue it.14:24
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tlwoernerin OE, updating from glibc-2.23 to glibc-2.24 jumps lots of commits in between. my hope was to bisect those commits to see if i could narrow it down14:24
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tlwoerneri had a hacked-up build where i was using master but replacing glibc with 2.23. it built, and ran. the only problem was generating the (e)SDKs (which failed)14:25
tlwoernerwith those massive build times and (in my case) long downloads it was a slow process :-)14:26
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tlwoernergeorgem: some people using freescale devices noted that if the content you wanted was loaded from the cmdline and you didn't play with the tabs, it would work (I think they said it was stable) even with glibc-2.2414:27
georgemtlwoerner: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=136115714:27
yoctiBug 1361157: was not found.14:27
tlwoernersilly yocti14:27
georgemI'll look into it more and see if their patch actually fixes it. May not be the same thing.14:28
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georgemAh. that might make sense since I'm using a 4.4 kernel.14:31
tlwoernergeorgem: great! nice to see the bug exists elsewhere (it's not just me!) and that it's not just chromium (qtwebengine too?)14:31
tlwoerneri had also wondered if maybe a newer chromium would fix the issue too14:32
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T_UNIXdoes anybody know about the state of qtquickcompiler recipes? The one I found in the meta-boot2qt layer references a qt internal git repository :-/14:40
T_UNIXI have a commercial license. It's just about the packaging, so to say14:40
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georgemtlwoerner: That patch fixed the chromium issue. I guess I'll send a patch to meta-browser to the openembedded-devel list.19:28
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tlwoernergeorgem: awesome! :-D20:00
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lamegohalstead: are you around?20:31
halsteadlamego, Yes.20:31
lamegoHi, this is regarding Paul's request for the git hook to be enabled for meta-oe20:31
lamegohalstead: have you look at it?20:32
lamegohalstead: it requires to add login info at the .pwclientrc file in the production instance20:32
lamegohalstead: for meta-oe project20:32
lamegohalstead: oe project, I meant20:33
halsteadlamego, Can we just add another section to .pwclientrc for meta-oe?20:33
lamegoyes, the [oe] section with appropriate username/password. Just not sure if the [default] section should be commented out.20:34
halsteadlamego, Here is what we have currently, https://paste.fedoraproject.org/493426/45176714/20:36
lamegohalstead: correct, the oe section should do the job, but given that it is not, I'm wondering if we should take out the "default" section20:38
halsteadlamego, So delete the [options] section and see what happens?20:38
lamegohalstead: maybe we could test at patchwork-staging20:38
kergothanyone know why there are dupes in the layerindex search results? i.e. https://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/branch/master/recipes/?q=binutils — the binutils in meta-mel-support is in the results table twice, linking to the exact same recipe id20:40
lamegohalstead: question: since the git hook is triggered at the production server, could we have configuration for both instances simultaneously? I mean having both the url to production and staging for each project?20:42
halsteadI don't but I remember an e-mail awhile back about how to report duplicates.20:42
halsteadlamego, We do!20:42
halsteadlamego, Actually we have two.. one pointed at https://patchwork.openembedded.org/xmlrpc/ and the other pointed at http://patchwork-prev.openembedded.org/xmlrpc/20:43
halsteadlamego, I can update to point at the staging site instead of the archive site.20:43
lamegohalstead: I see. It is actually updating both of those instances, so that would be a good way for us to track that feature too. Now, returning to P's request, we can try removing the options section20:46
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