Tuesday, 2016-12-13

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manjuhi all, is there a possibility of having just the siginfo files as a separate sstate_mirror_url?00:32
manjumeaning, tgz packages in one mirror_url and corresponding siginfo file in a different mirror url?00:33
rburtondear god why00:33
manjuyes i hear you...some issue we are facing while hosting siginfo files00:35
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kergothin theory you could match by filename with sstate_mirrors.. but the entire idea is just horrible :)00:47
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manju@kergoth: yes the idea is a horrid, we are facing some issue with siginfo file hence i was thinking on these lines00:52
manjubut it doesn't seem to work00:52
kergoththe thing to remember about MIRRORS, PREMIRRORS, and SSTATE_MIRRORS is it isn't one regex pattern00:57
kergothfirst it splits the url into its components, then *each component* is a regex search/replace00:57
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manjuhi does anyone know what is the mime setup for tgz.siginfo file in sstate-cache?02:54
manjuwe are having some trouble hosting sstate-cache..02:55
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kergothit's a binary file, a dump from python's pickle module03:14
bluelightninghe/she is gone already03:16
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LetoThe2ndabelloni: concerning the topic lately, it seems zephyr can now be build with OE :) https://lists.yoctoproject.org/pipermail/yocto/2016-December/033521.html06:34
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aV_Vhow do u cross-compile a simple C program? I've run the setup-environment script but when I try to compile it doesn't find the headers08:15
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aV_Voh I found it, y should use $CC instead of compiler binary08:23
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eduardas_mhello, I am having trouble adding sqlite3 Qt5 plugin to my qtbase-plugins package (I at least expect it to go there)10:54
eduardas_mI do PACKAGECONFIG_DISTRO_append_pn-qtbase = " sql-sqlite"10:54
eduardas_min my local.conf10:54
eduardas_mthen rebuild qtbase, but can not find sqlite3 plugin in the generated packages10:55
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eduardas_mwhat am I doing wrong?10:55
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ernstpeduardas_m: is it split up in a separate package that you also have to install?11:07
ernstpby depending on it from your image...11:07
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eduardas_mernstp, not as far as I am aware of11:19
eduardas_mwill check11:19
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Ox4hello guys12:17
Ox4I cannot find yocto variable which specifies the location of the built image. Is there such variable?12:17
rburtonOx4: DEPLOY_DIR?12:18
rburtonalmost all variables are defined in bitbake.conf, so always worth grepping that first12:18
Ox4rburton: thank you!12:19
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Strike5150Morning, I'm still working on my issues with CF Card and a genericx86 Image.  I'm compiling one against meta-intel(intel-core2-32) now but still have some things that don't make sense.13:06
Strike5150The image when it boots says waiting on removable media13:06
Strike5150basically it thinks the rootfs is on a USB, but its really on the CFDisk which it just booted from13:07
Strike5150Where can I find the yocto variables to control that behavior13:07
Strike5150is the hddimg the correct image to bake onto the CFDisk, remember the CFDisk is basically its hard drive.13:07
Strike5150not removable media13:07
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kergothoof. digging into the boost buildsystem hurts my head17:24
rburtonkergoth: SUCKER17:25
*** yann|work <yann|work!~yann@LFbn-1-12676-32.w90-90.abo.wanadoo.fr> has joined #yocto17:26
kergothseems it appends its own -march/-m32/-m64/etc still17:27
rburtonyes it does17:28
kergothguessing we just got lucky and it was compatible in most cases17:28
kergotheasy to disable, but still17:28
rburtonthere's a number of places where it decides to add march flags17:28
kergothwould be nice if it was easier to override without a local patch, but this'll do..17:29
khemhas anyone tried qmake on target ?17:29
khemI get basic failure like Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: core17:30
khemI guess I am missing some packages but wanted to see if someone has already blazed the trail17:30
khemcross works ok17:33
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* kergoth kicks boost repeatedly17:42
*** blueness_ <blueness_!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has joined #yocto17:42
rburtonkergoth: heres an idea17:44
rburtonkergoth: port boost to meson17:44
rburtonits probably a more productive use of time17:44
rburtongood news: we have meson classes on the list, and the libepoxy update can be switched from autotools to meson17:44
rburtonsomething to try post M117:44
kergothworking through an oe-core world build for x32, grabbing patches from various other distros as needed17:45
khemgst uses meson17:45
khemtoo hmm17:45
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kergothhuzzah, boost built17:51
* kergoth does a little dance17:51
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Strike5150o/, If I have one operating system and multiple hardware platforms which require different config files depending on the hardware.  What is the best way to organize that in Yocto.18:11
Strike5150The config files are for programs compiled against that architecture/machine18:11
Strike5150And otherwise have little do with it, but I can tell based on the machine it was compiled for which config file to use18:12
*** blueness_ <blueness_!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has quit IRC18:14
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jstashlukabelloni: khem: Thanks for telling me about wic. My build machine is now making a bootable am335x devkit image from my vendor BSP without a mounted SD card or root permssions.18:25
*** psadro <psadro!~Thunderbi@> has joined #yocto18:25
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kergothStrike5150: that's what the MACHINE is for18:38
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kergothbluelightning: thoughts on setting the default recipe argument for devtool update-recipe based on $PWD, if it's relative to the source tree of a recipe in the workspace?18:41
* kergoth adds todo to look at tinfoil218:42
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dl9pfhi!  devtool experts:    working with YP 2.2/morty, I try to19:04
dl9pf"devtool add https://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/hello/hello-2.10.tar.gz"19:04
dl9pf"devtool build"19:04
dl9pfAs its a perfect autotooled project, it should just build (TM) , but it fails19:04
bluelightningkergoth: hmm, that sounds like a great idea actually19:06
bluelightningkergoth: yes please do, it needs review19:06
bluelightningdl9pf: it should yes, let me take a look19:07
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has quit IRC19:07
dl9pfthat is both with an esdk but also in a project env (qemux86)19:07
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bluelightningdl9pf: so the reason is hello is actually "broken" and doesn't build with S != B19:13
bluelightningwhich is pretty shameful19:13
*** t0mmy <t0mmy!~tprrt@> has joined #yocto19:13
bluelightninganyway, you just need to specify -s on the devtool add command line19:13
bluelightningit would be nice to be able to figure that out for the user but I can't see a practical way19:14
bluelightning(the thought occurs, in a training situation that might be an opportunity to discuss the issues around S != B depending on the level of the class)19:15
*** paulg <paulg!~paulg@> has joined #yocto19:16
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kergothmeh, 32 bit userland with 64 bit bootloader/kernel setups are a bit irritating, except in cases where the underlying buildsystem doesn't obey our tuning at all. someday would be nice to be able to set DEFAULTTUNE on a per-recipe basis for special cases19:32
dl9pfbluelightning: sigh, yes. brokensep ...19:34
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kergothhrmph, ICE compiling qemu for x3219:56
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* kergoth hacks on x26420:18
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kergothx264 does not seem well maintained20:24
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sandsmarkx265 is the new hot thing20:32
*** rcw <rcw!~rwoolley@> has joined #yocto20:33
sandsmarkhttps://github.com/mirror/x264/graphs/contributors the commit graph looks pretty stable though20:34
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dl9pfbluelightning:  is "devtool add -s"  same as autotools-brokensep ?20:49
bluelightningdl9pf: it is yes20:49
dl9pfhmm ...20:49
bluelightning -s will trigger the use of autotools-brokensep if it would have otherwise inherited autotools20:50
dl9pffails in this sequence:20:50
dl9pfdevtool add _url_to_hello_20:50
dl9pfdevtool edit-recipe hello # add -brokensep before we build20:50
dl9pfdevtoo build # fails20:50
dl9pfahh ...   without -s we do not set EXTERNALSRC_BUILD to the EXTERNALSRC ...20:53
dl9pfthat is why it fails above even if we add autotools-brokensep20:53
*** anselmolsm <anselmolsm!anselmolsm@nat/intel/x-oliynhndbcsqspjm> has joined #yocto20:53
dl9pfso does autotools-brokensep not set EXTERNALSRC_BUILD then ?20:54
dl9pf        if externalsrcbuild:20:56
dl9pf            d.setVar('B', externalsrcbuild)20:56
dl9pf        else:20:56
dl9pf            d.setVar('B', '${WORKDIR}/${BPN}-${PV}/')20:56
dl9pfso by adding -brokensep in the recipe, we don't influence externalsrc.bbclass ...20:57
dl9pfonly EXTERNALSRC_BUILD does this which is setup only by devtool -s  not  autotools-brokensep20:57
*** JaMa <JaMa!~martin@> has quit IRC20:59
bluelightningdl9pf: that's correct, so I may have misled you a bit21:00
dl9pfdevtool -s sets EXTERNALSRC_BUILD, but not autotools-brokensep  (it enforces the same outcome, but with different methods)21:01
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bluelightningdl9pf: hmm, that is probably a bug, we do want the recipe to work after taking it out of the devtool environment and for that that would be required22:26
dl9pfyep ... basically  "-s" would need externalsrc + -brokensep to cooperate22:27
dl9pfi wonder what is better, externalsrc to honor the -brokensep, or externalsrc not setting externalsrc_build in favour of -brokensep22:27
*** rob_w <rob_w!~rob@unaffiliated/rob-w/x-1112029> has quit IRC22:29
bluelightningI don't think we'd want to have them interact, just that we need to do both22:29
dl9pfwell, if you do "devtool add -s" , you can quite certainly  s/autotools/autotools-brokensep/ in the recipe template22:30
*** clement <clement!~clement@gre92-5-82-237-199-7.fbx.proxad.net> has joined #yocto22:30
bluelightningright, that would make it easier for users, I'm just not sure that you can switch that without cleaning22:31
*** dscully_ <dscully_!~dscully@> has joined #yocto22:31
bluelightning(assuming externalsrc were made to cooperate with it)22:31
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has quit IRC22:31
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dl9pfiirc thats a problem ... how to properly clean-up when you screwed things on a recipe with devtool22:32
dl9pfe.g. reset will not delete sources/hello  so if you re-run add it will complain22:32
bluelightningyes... there was an incidental discussion about that on the list yesterday as it happens22:33
bluelightningbasically that's intentional as I'd rather avoid enabling people to delete source trees that have valuable changes in them22:34
kergothi wouldn't want devtool removing my modified source tree, better to let it stay behind  and let me remove it22:34
kergoththere's no clean way for it to know when the repo has value or not. i could have stashes, etc22:35
dl9pfok, but that breaks your "devtool" workflow and is not clearly documented when you do "reset"22:35
dl9pfaka "I did leave sources here, go check and remove yourself."22:35
bluelightningdl9pf: er, reset does tell you exactly that22:35
*** lolsborn <lolsborn!~lolsborn@184-100-148-209.ptld.qwest.net> has quit IRC22:36
kergothyes, reset explicitly tells you the source tree is left behind.22:36
*** lolsborn <lolsborn!~lolsborn@184-100-148-209.ptld.qwest.net> has joined #yocto22:36
bluelightningNOTE: Leaving source tree /home/paul/poky/poky/build/workspace/sources/hello as-is; if you no longer need it then please delete it manually22:36
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has joined #yocto22:36
dl9pfTrue, I stand corrected. Just tried it.22:37
bluelightningwe could say why we're leaving it or what the user should check, perhaps22:37
dl9pfwell, I ended up calling add again and it yelled at me as the folder was present ...22:38
bluelightningyes, that is an unfortunate side-effect22:38
kergothdevtool modfiy has an argument to use the existing tree rather than extracting it22:38
kergothdon't use add much, myself22:38
bluelightningin any case, perhaps we ought to think about some way to let people re-enter the add process with different arguments for this kind of scenario22:38
dl9pfor move into "archive" folder with  name.$(date)22:38
dl9pfthis way you can call add / reset as often as you want and the changes are still preserved22:39
*** igor1 <igor1!~Igor_Stop@> has quit IRC22:39
bluelightninghmm, assuming devtool was the one that created that directory, yes - we'd probably need to have an option to disable the renaming for people that want to leave it at the same path, but it would be a reasonable default behaviour22:40
kergothi'd rather see it recognize that the source tree already exists and disable extraction for that case, if it could check if it's current, or something22:40
* kergoth shrugs22:40
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dl9pfwell,  cornercases, true. but I'm just replicating user joe developer  here ...  starting with devtool22:42
kergothdon't you think joe developer would be surprised if resetting and re-adding results in losing the changes they made to the source tree due to moving that source tree? more than that, their terminals which are already within the source tree will now be within the archived tree, and if they make more changes there, they won't have any effect22:42
kergothpossibly best to document the use cases..22:43
paulgyeah, 'cause people always read the docs.22:44
dl9pfkergoth: your's is valid as well ...    just the add+reset+(re)add   is not unlikely22:44
* paulg runs22:44
dl9pflol, paulg22:44
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kergothquoting from PEP20, the zen of python: explicit is better than implicit. by that, the current behavior is best. it leaves what to be done with the source tree in the user's hands22:46
* kergoth shrugs22:46
paulgsounds awfully like the old unix adage of "give them enough rope..."22:48
paulg<--- not a python fan.22:49
kergothit's more a situation where the default behavior just can't be perfect for every use case, they're mutually exclusive22:49
kergothIMO anyway22:49
kergoth(we have a lot of that, hence oe/yocto's flexibility)22:49
paulgyeah, the wider the audience, the more that becomes an issue.22:50
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moto-timoand with the flexibility comes the complexity...22:51
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bluelightningmoto-timo: indeed, it ought to be our motto that one...23:46
CroftonWe should rewrite bitbake in perl23:48
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