Thursday, 2016-12-15

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mjkrdoes yocto supports octeon ii?07:18
mjkror rather, ubnt's 8-port edgerouter pro?07:18
LetoThe2ndmjkr: yocto itself certainly not, as it is per defintion an umbrella project. i guess you mean, if there is an OE compatible BASp layer07:23
mjkrI'm looking for BSP rather07:23
mjkrthere is one already for erlite07:23
mjkrbut not e220 aka epro-807:24
LetoThe2ndmjkr: poky comes with a MACHINE config for edgerouter
LetoThe2ndmjkr: so if there is nothing finished yet, this could probably serve as a starting point07:25
mjkrhmm does erlite build use this file?07:27
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LetoThe2ndmjkr: no idea.07:28
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mckoangood morning08:37
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mborzeckihas anyone seen oe-selftest master AB to fail on wic.Wic.test_qemu?09:45
rburtonyeah ed blamed a wic selftest patch that i just removed09:47
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lukma1Dear All,10:50
lukma1Is there any ipk repository (opkg packaging system), which I could use to install packages on my Internet connected target board?10:51
lukma1I do have my rootfs from Yocto autobuilder10:51
lukma1and I would like to add some extra code there10:51
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rburtonlukma1: the idea is that you build your own11:05
rburtonlukma1: angstrom is a yocto distro that provides package feeds, if you don't want to build yourself11:06
Ox4guys, what is the difference between require and include directives?11:10
Ox4also I have a problem: I have added IMAGE_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND += "test" and write test function. After exececuting bitbake image I don't see that this function had executed :-(11:14
rburtonOx4: include doesn't throw an error if the file doesn't exist11:15
rburtonrequire does11:15
Ox4rburton: understood, thank you11:28
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mborzeckirburton: you mean this patch?
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rburtonmborzecki: that should have fixed it.  it appeared on the autobuilder again, likely a patch i removed.12:34
mborzeckiyeah, i've reverted it locally and still running in problems with wic.Wic.test_qemu12:36
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rburtonthat should have been the fix, not the cause12:40
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mborzeckirburton: there's `WKS_FILE = "directdisk.wks"` in qemux86.conf, looks like only qemux86-64 was fixed12:53
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mborzeckirburton: will you fix it in master or should i send a patch?13:05
rburtonmborzecki: patch please13:05
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mborzeckirburton: posted to oe-core ml13:31
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rburtoni hope the ab doesn't fail with that again13:34
rburtontrying to get M1 out and selftest takes SO LONG13:34
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #414 of nightly-checkuri is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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m4hoHi, I am working with the arago project and encountered an error inthe category 'nothing RDEPENDS 'shadowpackagegroup-xyz'' The packagegroup is there but the 'shadow' is prepended for some reason I don't understand13:51
m4ho*nothing RPROVIDES13:51
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kergothm4ho: sounds like you used _append but forgot to add the separator14:03
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m4hokergoth: would you say this is more in a realm of a providing or a depending package?14:08
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kergoththe error clearly indicates the RDEPENDS of something is missing a space between shadow and packagegrouop-xyz14:09
kergothso find what's adding packagegroup-xyz and add the missing space14:09
m4homy bad, that was a typo, in the error it's "nothing RPROVIDES..."14:10
m4hobut you are right, I will have a look, thank you14:10
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kergoththe error indicates nothing rprovides that because something rdepends on it, and there's no recipe that emits a package of that name or which rprovides that name14:12
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kergothso the root cause is still a runtime dependency14:12
kergothunless you want to create a 'shadowpackagegroup-xyz' package, which seems unlikely :)14:13
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m4hoheh, true14:13
m4hoalright, I think I got that14:13
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1003 of nightly-ppc-lsb is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Running Sanity Tests Publishing Artifacts] Build details are at
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ipuustinwho is the administrator of the Yocto wiki? I asked for user account there a few days back but haven't heard back.14:40
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joshuaglhalstead: ^^ ?14:57
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1019 of nightly-x86-lsb is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Running Sanity Tests Publishing Artifacts] Build details are at
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halsteadipuustin: Usually Jefro approves new accounts but I can too. I'll do that for you now.15:01
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halsteadipuustin: All set. Thanks joshuagl for the ping.15:03
ipuustinhalstead, joshuagl: thanks!15:04
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joshuaglhalstead: thanks, didn't know who was the right person.15:10
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kergothHmm, wic just errored and showed nothing useful about why, had to enable debugging to see the real error?15:43
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* kergoth scratches head15:43
SaurAnyone know if it is possible to retrieve the PV of one recipe from another recipe (e.g., via some Python code or similar)?15:45
rburtonSaur: no15:45
kergothrecipe metadata is isolated by design15:45
SaurYeah, I was afraid that was the case. :)15:46
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SaurIs there some way for a recipe to only inherit a class when it is build for target (and not for native) when BBCLASSEXTEND = "native" is used?15:50
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rburtonsomething like inherit ${@bb.whatever.inherits("target")}15:51
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rburtoncant recall the function name for inherits15:51
rburtonthat *might* work15:52
Saurrburton: Isn't that for checking if a recipe has inherited a class?15:52
rburtonerm yeah, for native it works15:52
rburtonthere's another function15:52
rburtonsorry, in a meeting too :)15:52
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SaurCan I use INHERIT_append_class-target in a recipe?15:53
kergothno, INHERIT is global15:53
kergothFOO = ""15:53
kergothFOO_class-native = "bar"15:53
kergothinherit ${FOO{}15:53
kergoth${FOO}, rather15:53
rburtonyeah that15:54
SaurAh, that should work. :)15:54
kergotheasier to use overrides directly rather than doing an inline python conditional, though either would have worked15:54
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kergothHmm, wic isn't obeying ROOTFS_SIZE, even though —size= isn't specified for my rootfs16:06
kergothso the defined extra space in the metadata isn't being used16:06
* kergoth scratches head16:07
Ox4`guys, can I use EXTRA_OECONF_remove and EXTRA_OECONF_append to replace a paremeter?16:09
kergothof course, though remember that _remove cannot be undone, so a later bbappend in a future layer wouldln't be able to counteract that action16:11
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kergothalso the remove/append would happen even if what you wanted to remove wasn't present, so keep that in mind16:11
rburtonOx4`: the better fix is to submit a patch to parameterise the parameter, ie packageconfig16:11
kergothnot exactly a search/replace when the appedn is unconditional16:11
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kergothwhat's ed bartosh's irc nick, again?16:17
kergothalternatively, any other wic experts around?16:17
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kergothafaict this logic to obey ROOTFS_SIZE is never hit unless you explicitly pass in —rootfs-dir=. it only runs if part.rootfs_dir is set, but the fallback from —rootfs-dir= to IMAGE_ROOTFS doesn't happen when the partition is constructed, it's not done until the source preparation happens16:23
kergothso extra space isn't added to the rootfs unless you explicitly specify it in the .wks16:23
aV_Vif I want to append/override the .conf file from a bsp layer, which is the best way to do it? Is it right to do it in my distro .conf? Like this: MACHINE_FEATURES_mytarget = "bla bla" ?16:25
kergoththat's not really appropriate, it violates the expected orthogonality of distro/machine/image16:26
kergoththat is, every distro should work with any machine which shoudl work with any image16:26
kergothbut sometimes there's no other option, so it depends16:26
kergothwhat are you looking to change?16:26
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aV_Vwhat other options there are? I would like to set MACHINE_FEATURES and IMAGE_FSTYPES16:27
kergothfor what purpose?16:27
kergothwhich features?16:27
aV_Vbecause the default features that are set I dont want them16:28
kergoththat explanation is useles16:28
kergothit soudns like you should just create a new machine that includes the config of the other and adjusts MACHINEOVERRIDES to include both16:28
kergothso it's your machine based on the other16:29
aV_Vso there isn't something like .bbappend for configuration files16:31
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kergothno, absolutely not16:34
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aV_Vok thank you kergoth16:38
aV_Vfor now I will continue to use local.conf16:39
* kergoth nods, that's reasonable. you *could* set them in your distro, just your distro would no longer be generally useful, it'd be specific to that machine, which goes against our policy. if it works for you, so be it, but the opposite of a best practice16:40
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steven3I have a patch that works perfectly fine if I drop into devshell and push it manual, but then fails otherwise.18:23
steven3What might be the issue?18:23
steven3hrm, looks like it might be a crlf issue18:26
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1062 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Running Sanity Tests BuildImages_1] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1116 of nightly is complete: Failure [failed] Build details are at
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dscullylolsborn: I had the same problem adding a recipe where the source was written in a Windows environment. Ended up using dos2unix on the source and pushing it upstream before generating my patch.18:57
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kergothld: bin/pseudo: No symbol version section for versioned symbol `memcpy@GLIBC_2.2.5'19:51
kergothgahh, what the hell went wrong here19:51
kergothhmm, wonder if meta-sourcery didn't properly rebuild something after switching toolchain versions.. it's supposed to..19:52
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