Friday, 2016-12-16

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aV_VGood morning. How do I assure it's used a variable I set on local.conf? I'm doing VAR = "foo", but another layer does VAR = "foo foo2", I want to prevent that other layer to override my VAR08:17
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mckoangood morning08:23
mckoanaV_V: another layer should do VAR ?= "foo foo2"08:23
mckoanaV_V: no, nevermind sorry08:23
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* mckoan yawns08:24
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aV_Vmckoan: yeah, that's how it should be but it isn't08:35
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aV_VI guess there is no other option than doing a _remove08:37
mckoanaV_V: actually I can't figure out why you should need that08:38
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brrmI try to add my own layer, but bitbake does not like it. "WARNING: No bb files matched BBFILE_PATTERN_my-software-layer '^/local/home/user/oe-core/build/../layers/meta-my-software"09:18
brrmthis is the only message I get from bitbake concerning the layer09:18
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brrmis there any way to find out why it does not match?09:19
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LetoThe2ndbrrm: seems like the configuration in your layers cont/layer.conf is incorrect, or there just is no recipe and no bbappend in there (yet)09:25
LetoThe2ndbrrm: see as an example09:25
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Ox4hello everyone. I am using arago meta-layer (;a=blob;f=meta-arago-distro/recipes-devtools/php/php_%25.bbappend;h=ab402f7e46569a03d63efe9851f215f447eb76b8;hb=HEAD ) and would like my build contains php-cgi module for lighttpd server with my php.ini configuration file. I created additional php bbappend file with the following lines: . But after all I neither11:04
Ox4see /etc/php/ directory nor php.ini in it. Could somebody help me? Thank you.11:04
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viengelmOx4: have you considered to call yourself 0x4D? ;-)11:32
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Ox4viengelm: nope :)11:35
Ox4viengelm: why 4D?11:36
viengelmbecause Oxford ;)11:36
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aV_VOx4: where u have put the append file?12:16
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Ox4to my meta-layer12:32
Ox4aV_V: ^^12:32
aV_VOx4: and do u respect the original directory structure?12:33
aV_Voh, so there is already another php_%.bbappend, I don't know how exactly it's managed when there are multiple append files for the same recipe. If the 2 append files are not in conflict then it should not be problems I think but if they are then u must check priority layers12:39
Ox4aV_V: yes, sure. Other bbappend files work as I expected12:39
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Ox4yes, but this files have no any conflicts between each other12:39
aV_Vthe other bbappend is yours?12:40
aV_Vthis ?;a=blob;f=meta-arago-distro/recipes-devtools/php/php_%25.bbappend;h=ab402f7e46569a03d63efe9851f215f447eb76b8;hb=HEAD12:40
aV_Vwhen u create ur own bbappends, u must place them in your layer and create the needed directories12:41
Ox4aV_V: no, mine is
Ox4yes, I have created all needed stuff12:42
aV_Vmake sure it's applied with bitbake-layers show-appends12:43
aV_Votherwise I dont know what could be12:43
Ox4aV_V: just a second12:46
Ox4  /home/yocto/yocto_build/tisdk/sources/meta-arago/meta-arago-distro/recipes-devtools/php/php_5.5.21.bbappend12:48
Ox4  /home/yocto/yocto_build/tisdk/sources/meta-sirin/recipes-extended/php/php_5.5.21.bbappend12:48
Ox4meta-sirin is mine12:48
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aV_Vofftopic: someone knows why u-boot doesn't detect ctrl+c? I've set bootdelay to 016:01
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kergothgah, keep getting a gtk3 do_install failure due to an issue with gobject-introspection18:13
rburton1halstead: when you're done with the AB work, can you fire ross/mut on the *new* AB cluster please?18:15
rburton1the old cluster is just finishing M1 RC1 \o/18:16
kergothit says to set GIR_EXTRA_LIBS_PATH, but it's already set?18:16
* kergoth sighs18:16
halsteadrburton1, Sure.18:16
rburton1on that note, good weekend all18:16
khemugh new cluster18:16
khemwhat do folks thing of hardened toolchain to be default meaning we make security flags defaults18:17
khemcurrently what we do is suboptimal a bit. Since we have to babysit the toolchain sequence on options and sometimes gcc does not agree with ld and sometimes with code and vice versa18:19
khemwe keep patching for these but I think its probably wrong way18:19
khemwe should make the toolchain do PIE by default18:19
kergothseems reasonable, but defaults don't avoid the need to pass the flags, since we need to be able to support external toolchains18:22
kergothif making them defaults hides those, then it's a net loss imo18:22
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dscullyI think Ubuntu 16.10 is now enabling pie on their packages for most architectures18:24
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khemkergoth: thats fine then the patching is passed on to external toolchain18:36
kheminternal toolchain should work fine with or without patching18:36
khemsecurity folks really want to enable pie18:36
khemreproducible builds guys probably dont like it so much18:37
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kergothoh! gtk+3:do_install failed because bitbake re-ran tasks, which ended up resulting in do-install compiling something, not just do_compile, and the GIR_EXTRA_LIBS_PATH was only exported in do_copmile, not do_install18:51
kergoththat explains it18:51
khemyeah this hidden nature of partial compile happening during make install broke some assumption here too18:55
khemwhere a tool was assuming do_compile completes all compilation work18:56
khemwhich is not true for many apps18:56
khemalthough I think its a bug in these apps make systems18:56
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Croftonkhem, can we do 64 bit builds for rpi3 in oe?19:15
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paulbarkerCrofton: Currently not in master branch of meta-raspberrypi, there were some patches for this posted recently though19:19
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CroftonI recall the patches19:51
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khemCrofton: ys we can21:38
khemwith few patches on ml21:38
khemwhich are not upstreamed yet21:38
khemI have staged all of the patches except kernel21:39
khemkernel we want to movet to 4.9 mainline21:39
khemalso drop linux-raspberrypi as well21:39
CroftonWell, it sounds like I should look at getting one21:39
kergothnooooooo webkitgtk is rebuilding21:39
* kergoth sighs21:39
CroftonTake the rest of the day off21:40
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kergoththis is odd, getting files in the rootfs owned by the build user, and it's certs. but there's no reason the certs shuld have wrong ownership, they're installed with 'install',w hich defaults to the current uid/gid22:28
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khemkergoth: I feel your pain22:35
khemI deal with webkit everyday22:35
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neverpanickergoth: we see that every couple of days once22:53
neverpanickergoth: haven't figured out what causes that, guess would be some problem in pseudo, but we have no idea22:54
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kergothneverpanic: good call, pseudo.log on the image shows symlink & inode mismatches for the symlinks in /etc/ssl/certs/ created by update-ca-certificates, even though the latter runs under pseudo as a rootfs-time postinst. thoughts, seebs?23:50
kergoththis is morty23:51

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