Saturday, 2016-12-17

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zzerooDoes someone use systemd/netword's resolv.conf feature. I am especially interested how `ln -s /usr/lib/systemd/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf` is handled02:03
kergothzzeroo: "[OE-core] [PATCH] systemd: point to correct resolv.conf when resolved is enabled" on the oe-core mailing list may be of interest.02:37
zzerookergoth: thank you. damn bleeding edge ^^.02:40
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seebskergoth: no immediate ideas, but that seems like possibly something ran outside of pseudo and replaced things with symlinks?04:31
seebsLike, there were previously files, and they got replaced, or vice versa.04:31
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kergothseebs: nope, the dir was empty and was only written to by update-ca-certificates, which is only run from a postinst at do_rootfs time04:40
* kergoth shrugs04:40
seebsinteresting. it's possible there's a bug in the symlink handling, but it seems sorta unlikely-ish?04:42
seebsalso i am probably not functional right now, i'm travelling, and just got back to hotel after a 3-hour holiday party with dj.04:42
seebsand i have to be up in five hours for air travel. wheeeeeeee.04:42
kergothno worries04:43
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armpitzzeroo, try again. looks like things are working again19:27
zumbiarmpit: yeah, it works for me again19:46
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