Wednesday, 2016-12-21

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markaRP: or anyone else, are you having issues since commit aa15ff631c10228d31ab3655e4e6921088a7804b [bitbake: fetch2/wget: add Basic Auth from netrc to checkstatus()] ?01:23
markaI am having to revert this or my build is failing right out of the gate01:23
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markanew build directories only, existing builds seem fine01:25
markaI am seeing "Fetcher failure for URL: ''. URL doesn't work."01:25
markarevert aa15ff631c10228d31ab3655e4e6921088a7804b and things are fine01:26
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* paulg didn't realize was an actual RFC implementation by the IANA.02:44
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markapatch sent, time to look at something other than a computer screen, night folks02:51
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mattsquaredHello yocto world04:31
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mattsquaredAnyone lurk around here this late?04:36
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aV_VGood morning07:50
aV_VHow do u append ur .config for linux kernel? Do I must rename it to defconfig?07:51
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aV_Vyes I must. But now I see there is another approach, incremental change07:56
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AnticomHi all. Just to make sure: When having a git repository for SRC_URI it's fetched recursivley (meaning including submodules) by default, isn't it?09:17
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AnticomOr maybe i am wrong.. I've looked at the git fetcher but can't find anything like 'recursive' in there09:19
AnticomSo how would i do that?09:19
nrossiAnticom: the default git fetcher doesn't handle submodules09:21
Anticomnrossi: i've found out that there's gitsm://09:21
nrossiAnticom: yep, the gitsm:// does a recursive checkout of submodules09:22
Anticomi'm currently looking at the fetcher sources but i'm not sure whether to just replace git:// with gitsm:// or would i have to explicitly add each and every submodule? I'm thinking the former, right?09:22
nrossiAnticom: just replacing git:// with gitsm:// should do the trick. It looks like it defaults to doing a recursive init of submodules09:23
Anticomnrossi: "just replacing" blows up on me09:29
nrossiAnticom: make sure you clean, follow the little header help in the code for the gitsm.
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Anticomhm, i did a clean, bb started with do_unpack and still blows up on me09:32
nrossiAnticom: clean the downloaded repo in downloads/git2/<foo>09:32
Anticom"cp: cannot stat '/path/to/downloads/git2/<...>/modules': No such file or directory"09:32
nrossiit should start on the fetch task09:33
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AnticomHm this is strange, now i get an error during building09:40
AnticomAre the submodules placed exactly as if i would do a 'git clone --recursive <url>' ?09:41
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nrossiAnticom: no it does a "submodule update --init --recursive"09:43
Anticomnrossi: well maybe i was a little unprecise, i meant whether the resulting directory structue is the same. It seems it is09:44
nrossiAnticom: Ah, it is git that handles the submodules so yes09:44
AnticomSo maybe it's a cmake related issue then... I'm doing set/CMAKE_MODULE_PATH "${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/../cmake" ${CMAKE_MODULE_PATH}) in there09:44
Anticomset( *09:44
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Anticomhowever that should work09:45
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nrossiI'm not particularly familiar with CMake, but if its setting up the submodules in the locations you expect than your issue is likely not with the checkout or gitsm://09:45
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idagliHello there, I am trying to add my own dtb to the kernel, when I execute: "recipetool appendsrcfile -wm imx6qpsabreauto /home/ilker/work/gunsel/sources/meta-fsl-arm virtual/kernel /home/ilker/imx6qp-sabreauto-gunsel.dts 'arch/${ARCH}/boot/dts/imx6qpsabreauto-gunsel.dts' I got error: ImportError: cannot import name CmakeExtensionHandler09:52
idagliHence, when I run recipetool, the output is:   Is there anybody here to help me ?09:56
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aV_Von a packaegroup recipe, if there is no PACKAGES variable, then the name of the package generated is the name of the recipe?10:13
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aV_VOnce kergoth suggested me to create my own layer based on another bsp layer. How it's done that? My goal is to extend that layer, not to maintain it entirely. E.g: I would add add configuration fragments to the linux recipe that has the bsp layer10:53
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rburtonin your bsp layer have a machine conf that just does require the-other-machine.conf11:04
rburtonand then tweaks it as required11:04
rburtonand add whatever special bits you want11:04
aV_Vthen I'm creating a "new" machine, isn't?11:05
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aV_Vand I should target that new machine instead of the original11:06
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aV_VI did: require conf/machine/foo.conf11:26
aV_Vno errors but it seems it doesn't applied11:26
aV_Vbecause the variables values aren't as they should be11:27
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nrossiaV_V: don't forget to setup MACHINEOVERRIDES to also include the 'require'd machines name, so that its overrides are also applied to your machine.11:33
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aV_Vnrossi: I don't get it11:43
nrossiaV_V: like this:
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aV_Vnrossi: on local.conf I must set MACHINE to the original machine or my custom-machine ?11:52
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nrossiaV_V: you mentioned above that you were "require conf/machine/foo.conf" in your custom machine. But were having issues with some variables not being applied as if it were "foo". It is likely this is because the machine you are including has a number of overrides that are set based on its machine name e.g. "KERNEL_FEATURES_append_foo = ...". In order to get11:55
nrossithose overrides to apply for you machine, you can add the 'foo' machine to your machines overrides. This would be done in your custom-machine.conf, whilst keeping your MACHINE="custom-machine" in your local.conf11:55
aV_Vno, the original .conf hasn't overrides based on machine name, but it's good to know11:58
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aV_Vthen, I must use include or require? that what confuse me11:58
aV_VI think I'm not able to include the original .conf, it's on another layer btw12:01
nrossiaV_V: include and require do the same thing, include is just ignored if the file doesn't exist12:02
nrossiyou should be fine to include the conf from another layer as long as it is on the BBPATH, and than you don't have a file of the same name in your layer12:02
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aV_Vnrossi: this is the content of the conf folder of my new layer:
aV_Vis there something wrong?12:10
nrossiaV_V: is "cm-fx6" the name of the layer?12:10
aV_Vnrossi: yes12:11
nrossiaV_V: and the name of the machine of the "other" layer?12:11
nrossiaV_V: then "MACHINEOVERRIDES = "cm-fx6:${MACHINE}"" -> should be MACHINEOVERRIDES = "cm-fx6-evk:${MACHINE}"12:11
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aV_Vok, but my new .conf still not applying :S12:13
nrossiwhat do you mean "not applying"?12:13
aV_Ve.g, I set IMAGE_FSTYPES, if I do bitbake recipe -e | grep IMAGE_FSTYPES= the value is not what I set12:14
nrossiaV_V: ok, two things... is there already another machine named "cm-fx6" in the "other layer"? and what is your MACHINE=? in local.conf12:15
aV_Vno, there isn't. And I've set MACHINE=cm-fx6 as u said before12:16
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nrossiaV_V: is this other layer publicly accessible? i think its just a matter of it setting "IMAGE_FSTYPE" with an "=" operator, such that the first one setting the value is used12:17
aV_Vactually, IMAGE_FSTYPES value I get is not even the value set by the original .conf12:18
aV_Vso I'm sure the original .conf is not used here12:19
nrossiaV_V: could you pastebin the output of "bitbake recipe -e | awk '/^# \$IMAGE_FSTYPES /,/^IMAGE_FSTYPES=/'" (or equivalent) so I can see what/how IMAGE_FSTYTPES is being set12:22
aV_Vjust tried with relative path, neither works :S12:22
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nrossiaV_V: are you sure there are no other machines called 'cm-fx6'? cause it looks like its not even getting set. Can you run "bitbake -e | grep "#.*conf/machine/cm-fx6\.conf" | head -1"12:29
aV_Vthere is12:30
aV_Vsorry xD12:30
nrossiaV_V: give your machine a different name and that should sort it out ;)12:31
aV_Vnrossi: nice! thanks for u patience, I'm sorry, very dumb mistake12:34
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mdnneois there some mechanism to create environment variables during image creation?13:25
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zauberstuhlI am a total newbie and I have some trouble with shared libraries. I have a custom reciepe which builds upon postgresql (libpq). I have the dependecy in RDEPENDS but if I hit configure it will fail since it is not able to find libpq. If I check the tmp build directory the library is missing. which means to me there is something wrong with the order maybe? how can I tell yocto to install postgres first a13:28
zauberstuhlnd then my reciepe apperently I am doing something wrong with the DEPENDS flag13:28
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rburtonzauberstuhl: you want DEPENDS=postgresql13:29
rburtonrdepends is runtime, not build time13:29
zauberstuhlwell that was quick. let me check if that fix my problem thanks rburton13:29
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zauberstuhlrburton: does that look right ? ->    still no libpq in the tmp build dir13:37
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aV_Vusing DEPENDS it means it's needed to build but not be installed?13:45
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zauberstuhlaV_V: I added postgresql to IMAGE_INSTALL as well. if I start qemu I actually can find the libpq in the rootfs. so I thought something is wrong with the build order13:48
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tttmhello everybody! I would have a question regarding bitbake: Is it possible to get the version numbers of depended recipes. Let's assume I define a package group and want to write a file that contains the version numbers (PV) of all referenced recipes into my image? I'm struggling to getting started with bitbake as I can't find where stuff like the d variable is documented...13:48
zauberstuhltttm: I can help you with the last one
jkuzauberstuhl: this looks fishy:  --with-pg-lib="${STAGING_DIR_NATIVE}/usr/lib"13:52
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jkuis there a reason it's native?13:53
zeenixrburton: hey13:54
zauberstuhljku: that one fails cause of the missing lib but I haven't really started tweaking cause I cannot find the lib in the whole tmp build directory.13:54
zeenixrburton: any thoughts on my proposal here:
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zauberstuhljku: the ntaive thing was paste'n'copy since I needed an example to start with13:54
tttmzauberstuhl: I'm talking about python DataSmart d variable, not D ;)13:55
*** dfaught <dfaught!> has joined #yocto13:55
zauberstuhltttm: ups sorry13:55
zeenixrburton: i'm assuming you're familiar with g-d-p but do correct me if i'm wrong :)13:55
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jkuzauberstuhl: so if you expect something to be in build sysroot, look in $TMPDIR/sysroots. I'm currently building for qemux86-64 so it's "build/tmp/sysroots/qemux86-64/usr/lib/" for target libraries13:59
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has joined #yocto13:59
zauberstuhljku: yes I cannot find anything in build/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/ but build/tmp/work/qemuarm-poky-linux-gnueabi/rpi-basic-image/1.0-r0/rootfs/usr/lib/ exists14:02
zauberstuhldo I miss something14:03
tttmzauberstuhl: No problem...14:03
*** marka_home <marka_home!> has joined #yocto14:04
*** marka_home is now known as marka14:04
jkuzauberstuhl: x86_64-linux sounds like your build host (i.e native sysroot)14:05
jkuhave you looked in the target (qemuarm) sysroot?14:05
tttmI just thought it must be easy to read PV for certain (depended) recipes before I tried to read buildhistory.bbclass (which exports SRCREV for packages); I really don't get it: Who decides which variables are visible and which are not...14:07
AnticomCan i supply more than one task to a bitbake invokation? (something like 'bitbake -c foo -c bar target' or 'bitbake -c foo,bar target' etc.)14:09
zauberstuhljku: ahhh right.. I was wondering myself. ok just read the native section. I should use STAGING_DIR_TARGET instead of STAGING_DIR_NATIVE right?14:11
zauberstuhlthen it resolves to the qemu dir14:12
jkuzauberstuhl: well, it's bound to be less wrong :) Without knowing ruby/gem at all it's hard to say but that's worth a try14:14
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zauberstuhljku: thank u, sir! seams to be working14:15
*** paulg <paulg!> has joined #yocto14:16
aV_Vwhere do I specify on my bsp layer if I would want to append some packages to any image thats going to be used?14:18
*** boucman_work <boucman_work!~jrosen@wesnoth/developer/boucman> has quit IRC14:20
aV_Vmy goal is to create a generic distro, so it's the machine used that specifies what packages should be added to that image14:23
*** jku <jku!~jku@> has quit IRC14:23
nrossiaV_V:, pick one of the _RDEPENDS or _RRECOMMENDS.14:29
aV_Vnrossi: perfect :)14:35
*** boucman_work <boucman_work!~jrosen@wesnoth/developer/boucman> has joined #yocto14:37
aV_VOne last thing. My image before being generic had "inherit populate_sdk_qt5". Now, I must remove it if I want to be generic, so what alternative do I have  to get the same result?14:48
aV_Vor it's fine inheriting that class?14:49
*** rbuchmann <rbuchmann!> has joined #yocto14:51
*** AndersD <AndersD!> has joined #yocto14:52
rburtonzeenix: literally no idea what gdp is :)14:52
zeenixrburton: nm then :)14:55
*** Ox4 <Ox4!~user@unaffiliated/zloy> has joined #yocto14:57
Ox4hello guys, if I have CC=g++ variable in the package's makefile will be it used by Yocto in compilation phase?14:58
kergothaV_V: i doubt you really want to pull that in for every image, but if you do, use IMAGE_CLASSES.15:09
aV_Vkergoth: would be right if I use that on the machine .conf?15:14
kergothyou have to be careful about the boundaries between machine, distro, and image15:15
kergothsupporting qt5 is more of ad istro than a bsp decision15:15
kergoththey're really 3 orthogonal axes around which the build orients. the key thing to remember is *any* machine should work with *any* distro which should work with *any* image15:15
kergothif there's an image that only works for one machine, that violates that, for example (not your situation, just an example)15:15
aV_Vthat's exactly what I want to accomplish15:16
*** florian <florian!~fuchs@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC15:16
aV_Vif I don't inherith qt, then what other options do I have?15:17
aV_Vdoing "bitbake meta-toolchain-qt5" would create an SDK against my iamge? the issue is how do I specify agains which image should be generated the sdk15:19
kergothi'm not really familiar with the qt5 sdk specifically, but for example the populate_sdk task creates an sdk whose content mirrors the image content — if you run it on an image with qt5 libs, then you'll have qt5 libs and development headers in the sdk. my guess is populate_sdk_qt5 just adds the native tools that are useful in developing for qt5, rather than just the headers. ideally it'd only do that when qt5 libs are in the sdk, i.e. automatically15:23
kergoth add the qt5 tools only when the qt5 libs are in the sdk, then it'd be safe to inherit it in any image without blindly adding qt5 tools to the image — i haven't read the class, maybe it does that already, maybe not15:23
kergothbut something to think about15:23
kergoths/to the image/to the sdk/15:24
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*** mr_science <mr_science!~sarnold@gentoo/developer/nerdboy> has quit IRC15:31
aV_VI understand better now, thank you. Then I could do a function checking for qt libs and then inherit the qt class15:32
*** boucman_work1 <boucman_work1!> has joined #yocto15:33
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*** ttllkk <ttllkk!d997f20e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto15:42
ttllkkHi, I am trying to override a varaible (I think it is an array?) by platform, but not sure which is the correct syntax.15:42
ttllkkFor variables I usually use MYVAR_machine1 = "something" and then MYVAR_machine2 = "otherthing" and that works15:42
*** maxin <maxin!> has left #yocto15:43
kergothoverrides don't work with flags at all15:43
kergoththe semantics of foo[bar]_something or foo_something[bar] would be unclear.15:43
kergothmost likely you'd need to use anonymous or inline python to do it15:43
boucman_work1how about foo[bar_something] ?15:43
ttllkkBut this uses '[]' so I am not sure if I am using the wrong syntax, but ti does not work... should it be MYVAR[attr]_machine1 = "something" or MYVAR_machine1[attr] = "SOMETHING"?15:44
kergothsee above15:44
kergothsee also
boucman_work1aka "the secret yocto manual" :P15:44
kergothwhy the bitbake info isn't in the mega manual is beyond me15:44
ttllkkOh, thanks15:44
ttllkkso foo[bar_something]wouldn't work either, right?15:47
boucman_work1probably because technically bitbake is not part of yocto but a separate project, and also because the MM is build from the yocto git, not the bitbake git15:47
boucman_work1but from a practicall point of view, it should...15:47
kergothttllkk: no, that would do nothing15:47
boucman_work1ttllkk: no, I mentionned it as an "it be cool if" but it's not implemente15:47
kergothboucman_work1: oe-core is a separate project too15:47
kergothby that argument yocto should have no docs at all :P15:47
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boucman_work1my point was that the MM is built from a single repo (IIUC) which is not the bitbake repo, but I may be wrong15:48
kergoththat's probably true, but i can't imagine it'd be impossible to pull it in. use a submodule, worst case15:49
* kergoth shrugs15:49
kergothoof. been doing world build testing, with an isolated sstate from the rest of my builds, to avoid bloating that up.. the new sstate is 50GB and counting :|15:50
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aV_Vhow it's possible that during a build my internet connection cuts O_o15:56
aV_VIt happened me several times15:56
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kergothRP: thoughts on splitting mirror tarball generation out of do_fetch? currently the fetcher goes running through mirrors and stuff if tarball generation fails, which is just weird and wrong, and it's not exactly part of the fetching anyway. thinking a separate method which is called by a new task or postfunc17:31
kergothcould also make it possible to write to a different dir than DL_DIR, which could be useful, if i'm populating a new mirror that won't have the git repos, and the mirror tarballs being in the current DL_DIR is largely redundant due to having the git repos..17:32
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binarymwhere is the good place to set PREFERRED_VERSION for a component17:37
binarymi tried in image recipe, but looks like it isn't the right place17:37
kergothit has no meaning in that context17:39
kergothpreferences are global and affect what recipes are selected up front17:39
kergothit only works in a .conf17:39
kergothyou cannot select recipes depending on which image you're building, it wouldn't make sense. which files would end up in the sysroot? what if you build 4 images in a single bitbake command?17:39
binarymgot it17:40
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #418 of nightly-checkuri is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
binarymnew question: i have a recipe that build a package from SVN source tree17:40
binarymmy $PV is something like 1.0+svn-987-r017:41
binarymcan i use PREFERRED_VERSION_my-component ?= "1.0+svn-XXX-r0" where XXX is a valid SVN reference ?17:41
kergoth% is a wildcard17:42
kergothbut no17:42
kergoththe recipe fetches the revision specified in SRCREV in the recipe17:42
kergothyou can't change that by changing PREFERRED_VERSION17:42
kergothPREFERRED_VERSION must match the PV (version) of the recipe17:42
kergothif they don't, the pref will do nothing17:42
kergothset PREFERRED_VERSION_my-component = "1.0+svn%" and then if necessary adjust SRCREV17:43
binarymkergoth: my PV is computed: PV = "1.0+svn-${SRCPV}"17:43
kergothagain, PREFERRED_VERSION must match PV, and again, % is a wildcard17:44
kergoth1.0+svn% will match any SRCREV17:44
kergothensuring that hte svn recipe is chosen17:44
binarymi got that17:44
binarymif i have PREFERRED_VERSION-bla ?= "XX"17:45
binarymi must have bla_XX.bb17:45
binarymright ?17:45
kergothit has to match up with PV, not the filename17:45
kergoththe filename is only a default17:45 doesn't have PREFERRED_VERSION_foo = "svn"17:45
kergothit has to match PV, not the filename17:45
binarymso, is there a way to specify revision to use for the svn co if not specified in SRC_URI17:46
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binarymi mean, not by writing a bbappend that will rewrite SRC_URI17:46
*** sameo <sameo!samuel@nat/intel/x-elzjqyjqkcomfisu> has quit IRC17:47
kergothas i just said, the recipe fetches SRCREV17:48
kergotheither bbappend and set SRCREV, or set SRCREV_pn-my-component in a .conf17:48
binarymthat sound exaxctly what i want17:48
binarymthanks kergoth17:48
kergoththis is why SRCREV exists, rather than specifying it in the url, to make it easier to set and override17:49
*** sameo <sameo!~samuel@> has joined #yocto17:49
binarymand if SRCREV is set to ${AUTOREV} in my recipe, will it be overridden with SRCREV_pn-my-component in a .conf ?17:49
binarymor shall i remove SRCREV setting from my recipe ?17:49
kergoth_pn-${PN} is called an override. by definition, it overrides the value17:50
kergothsee the bitbake manual for details17:50
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likewisesometimes it looks as if this build system was really thought out well19:31
bluelightningsometimes? ;)19:33
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likewiseha, I knew someone would bite :)19:38
likewiseYeah, the rest of the times we are fixing meta data.19:38
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khemlikewise: howdy20:25
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likewisekhem: hi there!20:42
khemlong time what are you upto these days20:43
khemhardly seen here20:43
likewisekhem: I played with FPGA's mostly, RISC-V a bit, and now back more on the Linux side of things20:43
khemi see20:43
likewisekhem: and you? I remember you we working on a big media centric RDK, Yocto based.20:44
khemyes same thing still just different profiles home routers and stuff20:45
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kergothAnyone run into update_font_cache failing on ubuntu 14.04 due to qemu segfaulting?21:41
kergothDon't see it on 16.04, only 14.0421:41
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Matt___1Anyone have a good experience with toaster? Is it being used pretty commonly, or do folks tend to prefer just command line bitbake?21:51
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khemkergoth: I think I saw qemu crashes on 14.04 dont remember if it was font-cache but gdk-pixbuf I think22:04
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