Thursday, 2016-12-22

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1026 of nightly-world is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1023 of nightly-x86-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #779 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Failure [failed Running oe-selftest] Build details are at
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* kergoth kicks qemu04:29
paulgqemu64 scoffs at kergoth and his failed attempt at assault.04:31
moto-timoit's only a flesh wound04:31
paulg"I'm not dead yet"04:32
moto-timogo north. pick up axe. chop qemu.04:33
* paulg pauses to wonder if north means Kanuckistan.04:37
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* moto-timo thinks north is Newcastle05:35
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aV_VGood morning08:19
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aV_VDo you know where could I find a more extensive list of this: ?08:20
aV_V*examples of devices implemented with yocto project08:20
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mckoanaV_V: basically wherever you can imagine and also where you can't :-D08:47
mckoanaV_V: Yocto is ubuquitous08:47
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mckoanaV_V: I did this for example
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devaWhere did the poky/meta/recipes-qt go?09:03
aV_Vmckoan: aha! That could be helpfull. I'm doing my final degree project, and I searching for related-work09:03
devaGoogling isn't very helpful because it keeps referencing articles that point to the no-longer-existing location09:04
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JaMadeva: use git log before google, the commit which removed said where09:07
devaJaMa, The repo description says "Qt4 layer for supporting LSB Testing and Compliance" so I thought it was something to add on of qt09:08
deva*on top of09:08
deva... and there doesn't seem to be a meta-qt509:09
deva(Not that I specifically need that version I just find it a bit odd...)09:09
devaJaMa, Ther packages appear to be there09:10
devain meta-qt4 that is09:10
devaSo I guess it's just the repo description that is a bit misleading09:10
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aV_Vmckoan: hmm it's running on windows?09:11
aV_Vthis image
mckoanaV_V: Qt5 is a cross-platform library, that means that you can develop it on Windows but run on the final target board using Poky Linux09:13
aV_Vhaha I thought09:14
mckoanaV_V: you can develop the aplpication09:14
LetoThe2ndaV_V: the main problem with your research project is that nobody is required to tell you he's using poky/OE.09:14
mckoanLetoThe2nd: and may customers what to hide that09:15
LetoThe2ndaV_V: and to be academically correct, nothing is running "yocto", as yocto is just the umbrella project.09:15
LetoThe2ndmckoan: exactly.09:15
mckoanLetoThe2nd: customers are proud to say they are using WindowsCE but shy to say they are using Linux09:16
LetoThe2ndmckoan: it depends on the business area, but there are some where that certainly applies, yes.09:17
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ttllkkis there a way to include a 'inherit class' in the image types definition file when defining a new image file?09:33
ttllkkso that the functionality of the class is used for the image generation?09:33
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mdnneohi ... I tried to update doxygen to some later version and switched to github and cmake instead of the "old" way of working so basically the recipe is simple as
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mdnneothe recipe "works" if I just build an SDK including nativesdk-doxygen ... but I get an error if i do bitbake doxygen-native14:29
mdnneo... seems like bitbake mess up a bit with host tools ... strange I can build it on my host with plain cmake?14:45
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Ox4hello guys, could somebody advice me how to enable mysqlclient in the qtbase package?15:38
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ssalenikHi, I'm having a weird issue during the do_configure step of a recipe. The command in is $PKG_CONFIG --variable=includedir Qt5Core. I've verified that $PKG_CONFIG is correct, ie: ../build/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/bin/pkg-config, however it returns /usr/include/qt5/QtGui/5.7.0/QtGui instead of ../build/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/include/qt515:41
ssalenikHowver, when I run the command myself, it returns the correct value... and I've checked that the Qt5Core.pc file is correct as well15:42
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CrojHi all, newbie to Yocto here. I've succesfully managed to create a rootfs using a custom image type (which is now currently the same as a standard tar archive). What I would like to do now is to create a tar archive by copying the rootfs into a folder with some flashing tools, and then TARring everything. However, I don't know where to put these files so that I can copy the rootfs there. Does any of you know how to do that?15:57
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eduardas_Croj, hello, not sure why you are trying to do that... did you make the custom image for some board? if so why doing an sdcard image write to sd card does not work for you?16:13
CrojI'm not writing on an SD card but rather flashing a device in recovery mode, only thing is that I'm building the rootfs on a server, then I have another folder on my PC where i copy the rootfs and then using a script I flash the board16:15
CrojI just wanted to bundle the flashing tools together, so that when I download the archive I don't have to have a specific folder where to unpack it16:16
CrojI.e. I build the rootfs, bundle it with the flashing tools and then download it to my pc16:17
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eduardas_Croj, just out of curiosity: would you mind sharing what kind of board and flashing tool you are using?16:19
eduardas_the only one I have worked with is mfgtool for imx chips16:21
eduardas_I suspect your script or tool allows to write NAND or eMMC on board directly, no?16:22
CrojI'm working on an NVIDIA Jetson TK116:22
Crojso I have the flash tools provided by nvidia, where I have a script and a rootfs subfolder16:23
Crojthe flash script basically writes whatever is in the rootfs subfolder to the eMMC16:23
CrojNow I'm manually copying the generated tar rootfs to that subfolder, which works, I just wanted to see if I could automate this step as well16:24
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eduardas_Croj, and your point is that you no longer want to copy the from deploy/images to some other folder manually?16:28
eduardas_do you have to extract before you can use the flash script?16:28
CrojYeah, it's mostly an experiment I wanted to make with Yocto, to learn something new. Yes I would need to extract16:28
CrojWhat I saw from the standard tar command is that there is a ${IMAGE_ROOTFS} variable which points to the unpacked rootfs, I would just need to create an archive where its contents are inside another folder with the flash script16:30
eduardas_Croj, so I guess you want to have the whole process to be tied into some bitbake command, no? so that you can deploy as soon as your new rootfs is done, no?16:30
CrojWhat I did was to create a new bbclass16:30
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Crojnvidia_flash.bbclass, inherit from image_types, and add that to IMAGE_FSTYPES16:30
Crojthis makes bitbake pick it up, which is good16:30
rburtonnot sure i'd bother making it an image type, just add a new task after deploy that unpacks in the right place16:31
CrojOk, makes sense, I didn't know where to start so I thought that the image type was an option16:31
CrojHow would I add this new task?16:32
rburtonaddtask unpackthedeploy after do_deploy16:32
rburtonthen make that find the right tarball in deploydir, and unpack it in the right place16:32
rburtonthen bitbake myimage -c unpackthedeploy16:33
rburtonto build and unpack16:33
CrojOk, my issue (also with the previous step) is: how do i find the "right" place?16:34
CrojI mean: I have a meta-deploy dir where I have this nvidia_flash.bbclass16:34
CrojI was thinking of adding another folder with the flashing tools16:34
Crojbut these would be in the sources directory, not in the build tree16:34
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CrojI'm trying now to make the task16:37
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NerbrunI'm having trouble getting a config fragment from my bbappend to override a config item in defconfig from the original recipe in another layer.19:41
kergothmost kernel recipes don't support fragments at all, so keep that in mind19:41
Nerbruni see, what is the best method for disabling 1 kernel config item. I could copy the whole defconfig, make my change and then prepend FILESEXTRAPATHS to use my defconfig19:43
Nerbrunbut is there another way?19:43
kergothonly if the kernel supports fragments or you want to fix the recipe to support fragments19:44
bluelightningI have to admit I thought config fragments were available in every recipe inheriting kernel.bbclass ... ?19:45
NerbrunOk, how can i fix the recipe? Or should I refer to the manual?19:46
kergothbluelightning: nope. it's a linux-yocto specific feature that only certain kernel recipes have adopted. also, there's no standard mechanism by which the defconfig is written to .config. some recipes use the fallback ${WORKDIR}/defconfig -> ${B}/.config which is done by do_configure, but only some19:50
kergothbluelightning: there's an open yocto bug to improve the situation19:50
kergoths/it's a/it was a/19:50
kergothmentor bbappends the kernel of each bsp we support to make it support fragments, but it's case-by-case. in at least one of them i had to modify one or more functions with setVar() in anonymous python to inject it in the right spot19:51
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bluelightningI stand corrected19:52
kergothit's a bit of a mess, but i'm sure it'll be improved19:53
bluelightningI hope so19:53
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NerbrunCould you point me to an example of a bbappends that makes a kernel recipe support fragments. please and thank you19:58
kergothas i said, the details vary depending on the recipe, but basically you depend on kern-tools-native and, at an appropriate point (after defconfig is written to .config) run against the fragment files in WORKDIR. -m .config ${@' '.join(s for s in src_patches(d, True) if s.endswith('.cfg'))}20:01
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kergoththe most common case would be doing a do_configure_prepend() which does a cp -a ${WORKDIR}/defconfig .config, then the merge_config.sh20:02
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kergothyou'll want to examine the kernel recipe you're appending and verify the merge worked, of course20:02
kergothso the bare minimum: DEPENDS += "kern-tools-native"; do_configure_prepend () { cp -a ${WORKDIR}/defconfig .config; -m .config ${@' '.join(s for s in src_patches(d, True) if s.endswith('.cfg'))}; };20:03
kergothuntested, but that's the idea20:03
bluelightningwouldn't it be easier to use  ?20:07
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kergothdoes that even work if you're using an upstream kernel? kernel-yocto is full of yocto-specific cruft, as far as i can see20:12
zeddii_homenot for a looong time.20:13
zeddii_homeit just works everywhere.20:14
* zeddii_home goes back into vacation mode20:14
kergothdespite adding like 5 useless tasks to the build?20:14
zeddii_homeok. clearly I’m not going to debate with you on this20:14
zeddii_homenice phrasing20:14
kergothuseless to anyone without a yocto kernel setup, yes20:14
zeddii_homelike bitbake20:15
zeddii_homeit gathers meta data, and then concats them, and then audits.20:15
kergothwhich is a whole lot of nothing but overhead for anyone but linux-yocto20:16
* zeddii_home shrugs20:16
kergothi'm glad if it actually works now, that's a plus20:17
kergothmight have to try it again, in that case. at the very least i can ascertain how much we could add a flag to disable20:17
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1006 of nightly-intel-gpl is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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bluelightningkergoth: you definitely can use linux-yocto-custom from meta-skeleton with any kernel tree, that's been true for many releases now - and that uses linux-yocto.inc21:20
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jstashlukhow does one untar a rootfs.tar.gz so that the perms are correct for "wic create" with -r flag?21:57
jstashlukI started with fakeroot. Now I am using pseudo from the native sysroot.21:58
rburtonrunning inside pseudo so tar can think it is setting perms that wic can then read seems sensible21:59
jstashlukThe fs won't mount unless I sudo chown root:root on the SD card21:59
jstashlukmaybe the root directory itself has wrong perms. I don't use pseudo for mkdir before un-tar22:02
bluelightningyou should be able to chown under sudo if you need to22:04
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Nerbrunkergoth: thanks for the help. what you suggested worked22:24
kergothbluelightning: good to know, thanks for hte info22:24
kergothNerbrun: cool, glad to hear it. no problem22:24
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Nerbrunmy only complaint is that it seem necessary to clean the kernel to realize a change in the config fragments.. but not a bit deal22:44
Nerbruni guess if I include the files in the recipe, bitbake should detect this?22:45
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