Wednesday, 2016-12-28

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boucman_workhey all08:14
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poor-manhello, is anybody listening?08:30
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boucman_workpoor-man: i'm around, but I didn't see any question from you08:37
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poor-manHi, I'm new with Yocto (actually I'm working with Legato which is based on Yocto 1.7, and I'm trying to upgrade the Python 2.7.3 inside the Legato to Python 2.7.9 or greater. I've found a Python 2.7.12 recipe on the OpenEmbedded Recipe Index but justo for the latest Yocto version. Could I include a 2.2 recipe on a 1.7 yocto based Linux?08:45
boucman_worki don't know... try it :P08:51
boucman_workpython is not exactly a simple recipe and lots of packages depend on it, so chances are that it will break something else08:52
boucman_workbut there is only one way to know08:52
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awaisbhi folks09:33
awaisbI am trying to build core-image-minimal for an x86 BSP09:33
awaisbit gets built cleanly09:33
awaisbbut if try adding extra users09:34
awaisbwith INHERIT += "extrausers" and EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS = "useradd -p '' tester;"09:34
awaisbthe do_rootfs fails09:34
boucman_workwhere do you put that liine ?09:34
awaisbthe do_rootfs fails complaining that useradd could not succeed09:35
awaisbin local.conf09:35
boucman_work(and you seem  to be missing a quote, but that could be copy/paste)09:35
awaisbboucman_work: quote, where?09:35
boucman_work EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS = "useradd -p '' tester;"09:36
awaisbI copied this from the ref manual09:36
boucman_workand i'm not sure you can use the extrauseres class in local.conf.... it probably needs to be done in a recipe09:36
boucman_workbut i'm checkingg that as we speak09:36
boucman_workok, apparently you can do that, my bad09:37
awaisbboucman_work: thanks, I'll wait for your reply meanwhile I am trying to dig through myself as well09:37
boucman_workok, your quotes are good, i missed that you had singl vs double quotes09:38
boucman_workcan you paste the error you get ?09:38
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awaisbERROR: core-image-minimal-initramfs-1.0-r0 do_rootfs: core-image-minimal-initramfs: useradd command did not succeed.09:40
awaisbERROR: core-image-minimal-initramfs-1.0-r0 do_rootfs: Function failed: set_user_group (log file is located at /data/amd_yocto/build-master-amdfalcon/tmp/work/amdfalconx86-poky-linux/core-image-minimal-initramfs/1.0-r0/temp/log.do_rootfs.10625)09:40
boucman_worki kinda have an idea of what's going on... but you probably want a yocto expert to confirm09:43
awaisbboucman_work: go ahead please09:44
boucman_workwhen you add stuff to local.conf it affects all recipes... so in our case it affects all images09:44
boucman_workin your case you are not building one, but two images09:44
boucman_work* core-image-minimal09:44
boucman_work* core-image-minimal-initramfs09:44
awaisbboucman_work: that's true09:44
boucman_workproblem : in core-image-minimal-initramfs, you probably do not have the infrastructure to have users... i.e no /etc/password and /etc/shadow09:45
boucman_work(you might not have a /etc at all)09:45
boucman_workso adduser probably fails because of that09:45
boucman_workyou probably want to do your inherint and extra_users_param in the core-image-minimal recipe or in a .bbappend for it09:46
boucman_workor you could do something like09:46
boucman_workINHERIT_pn-core-image-minimal += "extrausers"09:46
awaisbboucman_work: hmmmm, but that doesn't seem true09:46
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boucman_workans something similar for EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS09:46
boucman_workoh ?09:47
awaisbregarding no /etc under core-image-mininal-initramfs09:47
awaisbbecause I can see a proper file structure under tmp/work/amdfalconx86-mel-linux/core-image-minimal-install-initramfs/1.0-r0/rootfs/etc/09:47
boucman_workdid you look at the log file to have a detail on the error ?09:50
awaisbunfortunately there's not much there09:51
awaisbif you look at useradd_base09:52
awaisbthis is what it does: eval flock -x $rootdir${sysconfdir} -c \"$PSEUDO groupadd \$opts\" || true09:52
awaisbah sorry that's for groupadd09:52
awaisbbut the same gets executed with useradd09:52
awaisbremoving the || true09:53
awaisbdoes not give out anything either09:53
boucman_workdo you have a /etc/passwd in there ? (same for group and shadow)09:54
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boucman_workok, please try the _pn- thing I suggested above and see if it helps09:55
boucman_worki'm not sure adding users to initramfs makes sense09:55
awaisbboucman_work: there's no shadow under initramfs09:56
boucman_workthat could be it10:01
boucman_workbut reall, try my _pn trick10:01
awaisbboucman_work: thanks a lot :)10:07
awaisbill give that a go and I am pretty sure that would work10:07
awaisbbut ill try fixing this more generically10:07
boucman_workawaisb: this could be considered a yocto bug, but that's open to discussion...10:08
awaisbthats what i think10:08
boucman_workeither extrausers should be forbidden on initramfs-type imagges (but there are no easy way to find out if an image is an intramfs)10:09
boucman_workor extrausers should pull-in whatever package provides what it needs10:09
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ayakaI have read the Bitbake user manual, but I still have no idea how to add new package for poky12:35
ayakain buildroot, there is chapter talking about how to add a package for autotools, cmake12:36
ayakais there documents in yocto?12:36
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nrossiayaka: maybe this is what you are after?
ayakanrossi, ok I see, the yocto really looks different to the other12:45
ayakathank you12:45
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devaIf I make a pkg_postinst in an bbappend file, will that overload existing ones from the parent or 'append' to them./12:53
nrossideva: override, also normally you will have pkg_postinst_${PN}12:55
devanrossi, aah yes12:56
devawhat if I want to 'append'?12:56
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geoffrey_lDo pkg_postint_${PN}_append12:56
geoffrey_lAs stated here
devaOh... it works just like that great ;-) thanks12:57
nrossior prepend if your feeling lucky :)12:57
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rubiccubeHello there, I am gonna be crazy and I couldn't get my lvds screen worked on imx6qp sabreauto. Is there anybody here that can help me ?13:01
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awaisbthis is actually the root fix for the issue...13:20
boucman_workawaisb: good catch13:23
boucman_workand my diagnosis was right, i'm happy :)13:23
awaisbboucman_work: hehehe. yeah13:23
awaisbthanks a lot :)13:23
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avingerI'm trying to install Qt5 on a Yocto system. What is the best way to install Qt5 for development on Yocto? Is there a package manager? Building from Git ( has dependency issues (seemingly with PERL).21:11
kergothuse meta-qt5.21:14
kergothsee the layer index21:14
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kergoth - type in 'qt5' and hit enter21:14
kergothregarding a package manager, that has to do with rootfs construction and on-target package management. which package manager you want to use is up to you and the oe/yocto distro you choose. poky defaults to rpm by default, many others default to ipk, and some even use dpkg.21:15
kergoththe recipe doesn't care21:16
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avingerkergoth: Thank you! I'm not familiar with recipes... Is there an instruction for building and installing once i've cloned meta-qt5? I don't see one at the URL you listed or in the README.21:23
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sdhanybody know which distros support using trusted boot using a TPM and a hardware trust root for packages?23:03
sdhi found some suggesting that wind river linux does but the docs are a little terse23:03
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