Thursday, 2016-12-29

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smakCan't find a retailer for the  Need a dual xeon 2011-v3 with tons of PCIE. Any other options beside the asus z10P boards?02:12
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kalpuHi, I'm using poky/morty, added my own meta-layer where my machine config resides. Now I would like to create an initramfs. I found "initramfs-boot" and would like to make use of it. How to do that :) ?14:07
kalpuWhat I want is an additional initramfs file which gets bundled to the fit-image...14:12
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nrossikalpu: initramfs as in a rootfs image that is used to pivot to the full rootfs (after kernel boot) or initramfs as in you just want to package your rootfs as an "initramfs"?14:15
nrossikalpu: also regarding bundling, do you want to bundle the rootfs into the fitimage or into the kernel blob?14:17
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kalpunrossi: I just want to boot into a pretty small initramfs where I can do maintenance stuff. If I boot into this initramfs, I'll be able to decide by u-boot kernel-cmd-flags.14:19
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nrossikalpu: If you have specific requirements for packages/etc. in this maintenance rootfs, then best bet is to make a custom rootfs which packs what your need.14:20
nrossikalpu: because you want to use the same kernel, bundling the initramfs into the fitimage is likely a better option14:20
kalpuhow to make another custom rootfs (as initramfs) and pack it automagically into my current fit image?14:21
kalpuOh, busybox and wpa-supplicant would be enough...14:22
nrossikalpu: exactly ;)14:22
nrossikalpu: Getting some links for you :)14:22
kalpucool :-)14:22
nrossikalpu: So assuming you are familar with creating a custom image recipe, you need to set INITRAMFS_IMAGE = "<name of image>" (
nrossikalpu: To generate a fitimage, you will need to set your KERNEL_IMAGETYPE = "fitImage". ( for more specifics)14:26
nrossialso set "KERNEL_CLASSES += "kernel-fitimage" where you are setting the imagetype, so that you bring in the fitimage class.14:28
kalpuBut isn't this a bit redundant, because I already have a setup for my big rootfs. And there is recipie called initramfs-boot which just starts a shell.14:28
nrossikalpu: then "bitbake <normal image> <name of INITRAMFS_IMAGE>" should be sufficent14:28
nrossikalpu: sure you could just use that image (if its an image),14:29
kalpuah, okay, so this can reside in the same machine config?14:29
nrossibut that recipe is intended to be used in a live-cd boot flow14:29
nrossikalpu: yep same machine config14:30
kalpuokay, cool :-) I'll try that! THANKS!!!14:30
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pedr0_hya everybody, I am pretty new to BitBake, is there any option which makes bitbake to output the gcc/make output on stdout ?14:42
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nrossipedr0_: if your feeling really keen "-v" does output that. But i think what you are probably after is the log.* files in "tmp-glibc/work/<machine\arch>/<package>/<version>/temp/log.*"14:53
pedr0_I am trying to build a package which uses autotools14:55
pedr0_-vv tells me :14:55
pedr0_+ [ -e Makefile -o -e makefile -o -e GNUmakefile ] + bbnote nothing to compile14:55
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nrossipedr0_: dive into the work dir manual or via -c devshell and poke around :)14:55
pedr0_what is -c devshell14:56
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nrossi"bitbake <recipe> -c devshell"14:56
pedr0_it can't open the display (I am over SSH) is there any option to have it working anyway ? :-)14:57
nrossior you can just cd down into the directory14:58
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ayakaif I want to modify the meta-platform/recipes-kernel/linux/, I should use devtool edit-recipe linux to do that?15:05
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pedr0_I do not have an X11 display as I am connected to SSH, fixed by enabling x11 forwarding .. let us see how difficult it gets now :)15:08
kergothpedr0_: sounds like your S variable isn't set to the correct path for the sources, so no makefile exists. also obviously make sure you inherit autotools15:13
pedr0_but does it sound right to you that I have to set S=${WORKDIR}/namefolder where namefolder is the folder's name of the unpacket tar.gz ?15:16
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pedr0_I am in the front of the devshell ... but I can't fathom how to use it15:19
kergothit's not that complicated. devshell opens a shell inside S. that's it15:20
kergothit isn't magic. ls to see what files are in the source tree15:20
pedr0_wow, there are none15:20
pedr0_that sounds like a problem15:20
kergothso ls .., to see what's in WORKDIR instead of S15:20
kergothas nrossi said, look around15:20
pedr0_do I need to build BEFORE running devshell15:21
kergothdevshell runs after fetch, unpack, and patch15:21
pedr0_oks, I've definitely discovered a problem, there is nothing in there15:22
kergothmake sure the tarball has what you expect, make sure the tarball url/path is correct in SRC_URI, etc.15:22
pedr0_it is a local one (SRC_URI = "file://ooc-1.3b.tar.gz)15:23
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peacememorieshi everyone. i'm trying out yocto for the first time and following the beginners guide, but when i run bitbake, it gets stuck on parsing recipes (at 51%) - well at least i'm assuming it got stuck, unless this should take an eternity^^15:27
peacememoriesi'm using a vagrant vm as a build system (on macosx), with the build dir on the host system via nfs, and the tmp dir in tmpfs15:27
boucman_workpeacememories: i don't know if thhat's your problem, but build dir over nfs is going to be..... veeeeeery painfull15:30
pedr0_I had the same problem ... but I do not remember what the solution was .. at least exactly15:30
pedr0_does it output anything at all ?15:31
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peacememoriesno, it just shows the progress bar15:33
peacememoriesany logs i can check?15:33
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peacememories(just a sec, switching to an actual irc client^^)15:34
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pedr0_well no then, I apologize I had a different problem as in my case it did not print anything on the screen altogether15:35
peacememoriesthanks anyways :)15:35
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peacememoriesthere's apparently lo logs created15:38
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nrossipeacememories: use ps or top, see if the bitbake or it's worker processes are alive and or doing something.15:40
peacememoriesbitbake is still running, but using next to no cpu time15:41
peacememoriescooker's using a lot of memory, but not much else15:41
peacememorieswell "a lot of"15:42
pedr0_well you could try to strace it to see what it is up to15:42
pedr0_or use a python debugger ....15:42
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pedr0_there is the option -DDD - that would generate an awful lot of info but it might give you an hint of where it is15:43
pedr0_bitbake -DDD <..>15:43
nrossipeacememories: oh just a quick check your tmpfs, how big is it set to be and how full is it?15:43
peacememoriesthe tmp dir is 40kb big at the moment. also, i was wrong before, it's not on a tmpfs, but on the vm disk, which is 40gb in size15:45
peacememories(i keep mixing up which linux distros use tmpfs for /tmp and which don't^^)15:45
nrossipeacememories: /tmp is normally not a tmpfs on desktop distros15:46
peacememoriesused arch for a long while^^15:46
nrossipeacememories: I would recommend just trying to build using only the local VM disk. If that works then NFS is the issue15:46
peacememoriesi can try that too. will need more than about 40gb of space though, right?15:47
peacememoriesinteresting too: sending sigint doesn't cleanly shut down bitbake15:47
peacememories`timeout while attempting to communicate with bitbake server`15:47
nrossipeacememories: You can use rm_work to avoid needing large amounts of space15:48
pedr0_add     INHERIT += "rm_work"15:49
pedr0_to your build/conf/local.conf15:49
pedr0_look for rm_work here :
pedr0_40GB it is not a lot though - it really depends what you are doing, I am experimenting with a pocky and my df tells :15:50
pedr0_  /dev/sda1       226G  134G   82G  63% /15:51
pedr0_that is a container where I am just doing the Yocto stuff15:51
pedr0_(134G it's what is used)15:51
pedr0_I am debugging my autotools issue - I have made some progress as the bb tool now find the tarball, extracts it fine and moves on in building it15:53
kalpuWhat to do to add a custom initramfs to a fitimage?15:53
kalpuI already create the fitimage in a machine-config15:54
kalpuLet me rephrase my question: What to do to add a custom initramfs to a already existant fitImage that gets created in a machine-config-file?15:54
pedr0_I can see the content of my tarball with ls in the devshell (no path change needed) - it fails to compile though as it jumps in a directory named "build" inside my recipe's folder  <..>/build/tmp/work/i586-poky-linux/ooc/1.0-r0/build - such folder looks different from the original tarball15:56
kergothby default autotools will use a separate source vs build directory15:56
kergothif your project doesn't support that, you can inherit autotools-brokensep15:57
kergoththough better yet would be to fix it to support it instead15:57
pedr0_yeah, but I do not own this code, let me try with yout fix first15:57
nrossikalpu: If you set INITRAMFS_IMAGE, you should get two fitimage files in your images dir, one with the initramfs and one without15:58
pedr0_it works now, thanks a LOT15:59
pedr0_such recipe generates a library (static) to be used by another tool,  would you know a recipe example that tries to do the same ?16:00
peacememorieshmm, building directly in the vm still hangs16:00
kalpunrossi: So I get a fitImage which consist of Kernel+DeviceTree+InitramFS ?16:00
nrossikalpu: yep, but also one which is just kernel+devicetree16:01
kalpuah, okay, cool16:01
nrossikalpu: The one with the initramfs will have the value of "INITRAMFS_IMAGE" in its name16:01
pedr0_sorry:uch recipe generates a library (static) to be used by another RECIPE, is there any example I can follow ? I basically need to use the .a file generated from my recipe for another C program I wrote, which is under another recipe16:05
kergothinstall it where you'd normally install such a library (${libdir} under ${D}) and reference it with -l as usual16:06
kergothand of course make the second recipe DEPENDS on the first16:06
*** mckoan_ is now known as mckoan16:06
peacememoriesokay, reading the manual thoroughly definitely helps^^ i had to switch the package manager to deb-based, now i'm at least on 53%^^16:07
pedr0_would that result in the static library being part of the final generated image ? I guess not16:08
boucman_workkergoth: do you know if there is a particular reason for deactivating do_fetch & co in image.bbclass ? downloading a file to override in the rootfs sounds like a common usage pattern to me...16:08
kergothpedr0_: no, not unless you add the -staticdev package of the first recipe to your image manually16:08
pedr0_I do not want the image to contain the static library16:08
kergothboucman_work: I think I've had to do it once or twice in the past 10 years :) but yeah, it's certainly a valid thing to do. you could certainly drop the noexecs in the recipe16:09
kergothpeacememories: fair warning, the deb/dpkg support doesn't get near the attention and testing that opkg & rpm get16:09
kergothshould still work, just keep it in mind16:09
peacememorieskergoth thanks for the warning :) i could switch to a fedora vm or something i guess. right now i'm stuck on 53% though^^'16:10
boucman_workkergoth: ok, someone will probably submit a patch soon (not me, i'm training someone on "how to contribute" :P )16:10
boucman_workkergoth: I have a lot of "no user" use-cases : nobody to tweak config files after the fact, everything needs to be done at image-build time16:11
kergothboucman_work: you should be able to undo it in the image itself if need be, on a per-image basis, no?16:11
* kergoth nods16:11
boucman_workand since there are some per-images variants, I can't do that in packages16:11
kergothpeacememories: ah, you meant the host. that shouldn't be too relevant16:11
* kergoth nods16:11
boucman_workkergoth: yes, but that sounds like a generic enough use-case that I think it should be activated by default (I don't really understand why it was deactivated in the first place)16:12
kergothprobably just an optimization, no point running tasks that do nothing, i.e. configure/compile were noexec'd too, but this does sound like a use case we should support, particularly if the reasoning was just an optimization16:12
pedr0_how do I concatenate two variables in bb ? Z="${A}""${B}" <- does it look correct ?16:13
*** geek <geek!> has joined #yocto16:13
*** geek is now known as Guest2676916:14
boucman_workkergoth: a follow up patch would be a way to easily provide an overlay-type source and automatically apply it to the image, but that one would have to be explicitely enabled.16:14
kergothpedr0_: no16:14
kergothpedr0_: "${A}${B}"16:14
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #781 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
kergothbitbake doesn't care how many variables you reference16:14
kergoththe quoting is for Z, not for A and B16:14
kergothto put it another way, you don't quote references, but variable definitions16:14
kergothZ = "${A}${B}" is fine16:14
kergothsee also the bitbake manual, it covers the syntax16:15
Guest26769it looks like nano moved to a git server and now I'm having problems building16:16
Guest26769I tried to modify the file to reflect the changes but I'm still new to Yocto so it would failed on do_configure16:19
kergothwe'd need more info to assist, can you put the do_configure log on a pastebin?16:20
*** rob_w <rob_w!~rob@unaffiliated/rob-w/x-1112029> has quit IRC16:20
Guest26769I just flushed everything to start all over so the log file is gone16:21
Guest26769the build worked a few days ago, then it seems nano moved it's repo to git16:22
Guest26769from ftp16:22
pedr0_sorry to keep bothering - I am doing okay with the static lib (${D}/{libdir}) what's the right place for the header files ?16:22
pedr0_... I wonder .. in my desktop system I haven't done anything more than typing 'make install', is it possible to achieve the same effect ? I am a bit worried that doing it by hand (coping files on the {libdir} etc etc would cause some mistake as I am could forget to copy sth16:25
kergothit already does that by default16:26
kergothautotools.bbclass defines a do_install that runs make install with DESTDIR set to ${D}16:26
Guest26769I was following these directions
kergothagain, that doesn't really tell us a whole lot. when you have a problem, people need exact error messages and logs, not summaries16:30
*** JoiF <JoiF!~jofr@> has quit IRC16:32
Guest26769I'm rebuilding now to get that to you. BUT the recipe in morty/sources/meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-support/nano looks for and FTP site that does not exist anymore16:32
Guest26769it moved to git
kergothyes, you've said that repeatedly. i don't really see the problem. yocto provides mirrors to pull from the tarball from, and i'm sure master will move to git if it hasn't already16:34
peacememoriesokay, i fixed the problem with parsing (it was too little ram)16:34
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:34
kergothpeacememories: ah! interesting16:35
peacememoriesbuut i've go different problems now^^16:35
*** Flow86 <Flow86!> has joined #yocto16:35
peacememoriesbitbake complains about `free inode is running low`16:35
peacememoriesokay, that's apparently because the shared virtualbox fs doesn't have enough inodes16:37
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Guest26769this could be somewhat self inflicted. open embedded was down for over a day so the mirror would have been down too16:48
*** peacememories <peacememories!> has joined #yocto16:48
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peacememoriescan i somehow turn the inode check off?16:55
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nrossipeacememories: quick google.. says no. you would need to recompile the kernel module.17:00
peacememoriesokay, thanks17:01
kergothmost likely that check is from bitbake, in which case yes, i't sjust a variable.17:01
kergothsearch the bitbake manual for BB_DISKMON_DIRS for reference, or just look in conf/local.conf, as most likely your distro's local.conf.sample is what's setting it in the first place17:02
pedr0_so I shouldn't need to manually copy the static library by  hand using  install -m 0755 ${S}/libs/libooc.a ${D}${libdir}/17:02
pedr0_in my do_install17:02
kergothi.e. BB_DISKMON_DIRS = "STOPTASKS,${TMPDIR},1G,100K WARN,${SSTATE_DIR},1G,100K" that 100K is inodes, the 1G is free space17:02
kergothpedr0_: assuming it's an automake based project, no17:03
nrossipeacememories: kergoth: looks like there is a stackoverflow about this exact issue :
kergothnrossi: yes, if you read the entirety of the question: Modifying the config file to change the panic thresholds seems to have worked. There are actually two levels of checking. A "STOP" level and an "ABORT" level. By default "STOP" is set to 100,000 inodes. Changing both STOP and ABORT to 999 inodes allows the build to proceed, but I'm not sure if it will cause other problems down the road.17:04
kergothwhich references what i just said17:04
* kergoth shrugs17:05
pedr0_oks, the makefile I have defined uses LDFLAGS, but I can't find it in the compiler command17:06
nrossiI read your reply and saw the note you mention, but just incase i posted that link. Sorry if i confused anyone :|17:06
pedr0_I meant : makefile says LDFLAGS += -looc [..] $(CC) -o $@ $^ -g $(LDFLAGS)17:06
pedr0_but I do not see the -looc in the command line output17:07
pedr0_and in fact it fails to link17:07
pedr0_is there anything I need to pass to the oe_runmake command in my recipe ?17:07
peacememoriesokay, it's not aborting now. thanks a lot :)17:11
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esenneshQuestion: if I'm following, what can I do for my custom recipes that fetch their code from git repos on bitbucket or github?18:11
esenneshI've got checkout directories in the downloads dir already, but I don't understand how to get the build process to use the local mirror instead of trying to clone across the network.18:11
kergoththe clones have to be in the correct location in downloads with the correct names, and the repos have to be bare18:13
kergothif you want to use a local checkout/clone, see the documentation on the externalsrc class18:14
*** jstashluk <jstashluk!> has left #yocto18:16
esenneshbare repos?18:20
esenneshAh, meaning with no .git in them.18:20
esenneshI'll look at that documentation.18:20
kergoththe downloads dir used as DL_DIR by bitbake has a specific format.18:21
kergothparticularly for SCM repositories18:21
kergothadding stuff there manually is unlikely to do what you want18:21
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esenneshkergoth: so to be clear, if I want to use cached clones of git repos for recipes, I have to rewrite the recipes to treat the clones as external source rather than using bitbake's normal build process (via cmake, as I actually do)?19:48
kergothyour best bet is to populate your local mirror using the contents of an existing bitbake DL_DIR. don't try to clone it yourself externally19:51
kergothif you do, you have to do so with —bare and make sure the name and path are correct19:51
kergothbut it really depends on your requirements19:52
kergoththat said, there's no need to rewrite anything, you can use a bbappend to do it, in your own local layer, if you do want to use externalsrc. that's how 'devtool modify' works19:54
kergothbut again, depends on the use case. are you doing active development, populating a mirror site, or..?19:54
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kergothAny meta-intel folk around?20:17
esenneshBasically, I've got some projects that our client develops, and which they're having us integrate into a Yocto build for them.20:18
esenneshThey want to be able to mirror everything on a machine and build from there, without the network.20:19
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has quit IRC20:19
esenneshThey also keep their own sources for these projects on a git repo.20:19
esenneshI've written Yocto recipes that integrate them.20:19
kergothcould you not just use PREMIRRORS to fetch from those git uris, rather than trying to mess with the contents of DL_DIR?20:20
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esenneshoh, that looks like exactly what I need!20:39
esenneshlet me try that out.20:39
*** hanthings <hanthings!> has joined #yocto20:43
esenneshHmmm.  I tried setting BB_FETCH_PREMIRRORONLY="1" in conf/local.conf, and I also set up the PREMIRRORS_prepend with the file:// URI to my local clone.  I get the same complaint about network access being disabled as I did before when I actually build, though.21:05
kergothcheck the do_fetch log21:06
kergothand make sure the PREMIRRORS syntax is correct21:06
kergothfor example, using file:// is wrong21:06
kergoththat will result in using cp or wget, not git21:06
kergothinstead,k you should use git:// with ;protocol=file, which will pass the file:// uri to git, but use bitbake's git fetcher rather than the file fetcher21:07
kergothgive that a try, if you would21:07
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kergothbut should still verify the mirror is being applied correctly by examining the urls checked in do_fetch21:07
esenneshhmmm, I *was* doing that wrong, but let's see if it helps.21:12
esenneshno, the git commands composed by do_fetch still seem to refer to the original git server.21:12
esenneshkergoth, rather than quizzing you, let me google for a bit.21:21
kergothPREMIRRORS and MIRRORS aren't a single regex, they're a url constructed of multiple regexes21:25
kergoththat is, the url is first split into its components, and then it does the search/replace on each component that exists, individually21:25
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esenneshright, I have 'PREMIRRORS = "git://.*/.* git:///home/esennesh/$CLIENT/repos;protocol=file \n "'22:09
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esenneshWhich should catch git urls, correct?22:10
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kergoth$CLIENT is unlikely to do anything at all.22:12
kergoththat's a shell variable reference, not a bitbake one22:12
esenneshnono, that's actually metasyntactic, to refer to me blanking out the name of our client for this conversation.22:17
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kergothahh, right :)22:30
kergothi worry that might actually replace the entirety of the path, including the name of the repository. you might have to adjust the search/replace to grab the last part and replace it back with \1, or replace with PATH (special replacement keyword that includes the path component22:31
kergothyou should be able to see exactly what was returned from the search/replace in the do_fetch log, though22:31
kergothwhich should be informative22:31
kergothsee the 'returning' lines22:31
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