Wednesday, 2017-01-04

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catch22I'm getting random do_populate_sysroot_setscene failures when using a sstate-mirror00:08
catch22Does the SSTATE_MIRROR with yocto work reliably?00:10
catch22Then when it can't set the scene, it builds the package itself, which if fine and the build completes but bitbake returns an ERROR which seems a bit over the top00:11
catch22Since the build has completed successfully00:11
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aV_Visn't there device tree fragments appending method just like kernel fragments configurations?07:54
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ipuustinI wonder if there's a way to examine recipe build dependency tree without touching BitBake source code?08:12
ipuustinI would like to do a task which could walk the build dependency tree. The depexp and .dot file export code seem to be well integrated to BB...08:14
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aV_Vdo u know of some program to test capacitive touch panels on windows-less system?09:01
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aV_Vfor resistive touch panels there is tslib09:01
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abelloniaV_V: evtest09:08
aV_Vabelloni: thank you09:09
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aV_Vabelloni: sry bothering you. Do u have any clue why could be empty /proc/bus/input/devices on my case?09:48
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aV_VI attached a mouse and now it shows the mouse. So my touch panel it isn't being detected09:50
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binarymaV_V: tslib is shipped with some test programs too10:00
winotuis it possibile to put gerrit changeset in recipe ?10:07
winotugerrit uses diffrent path for their refs than refs/heads where standard git command search for hash10:08
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ipuustinwhat's the best way to read arbitrary recipe variables from the command line? Is there an alternative to bitbake -e | grep ?12:18
ipuustinhmm, optimum would be the ability to eval python... something like: bitbake -c eval-python "d.getVar('FOOBAR')"12:19
ipuustinadd recipe name to the end of the previous command line. :-)12:20
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Strike5150Hello, can someone tell me where I find the script(s) that generate image_ubifs.  I've said I want ubifs as output from my image (krogoth) and builds fine its in the final step generating the UBIFS when mkfs.ubifs complains its missing some switches12:52
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nrossiStrike5150: that image type is in meta/classes/image_types.bbclass, look for IMAGE_CMD_ubifs12:55
nrossiStrike5150: and the variable you are interested in setting up properly is MKUBIFS_ARGS12:56
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Strike5150_nrossi:  I found it and it seems I need to define MKUBIFS_ARGS, should i just do that right in the image recipe?12:57
nrossiStrike5150_: You can do it anywhere you want, most layers set it within the machine.conf since its normally populated with flash specific (aka BSP specific) args12:58
Strike5150_nrossi: Ok great, thanks for the help :D12:58
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aV_Vdo_patch task fails trying to a apply this patch
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aV_V"can't find file to patch at input line 514:40
aV_VPerhaps you used the wrong -p or --strip option?"14:40
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aV_Vwhere is the problem? why it cant find the file?14:44
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nrossiaV_V: the kernel you are using is based on source different than what you made the patch with?14:48
paulgthat file name sure smells like it comes from a freescale specific kernel tree.14:48
paulgit doesn't exist in the default yocto 4.8 kernel.14:49
aV_Vpaulg: it's a freescale kernel, yes14:49
aV_Vnrossi: that could be, because the patch isn't mine14:50
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aV_Vhow I fix it?14:50
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CTtpollardrebase against the source bitbake is trying to patch?14:52
paulgeither use the freescale kernel wholesale, or export ALL the kernel patches from the freescale tree to be applied to the yocto tree on an appropriate branch.14:53
paulgI'm guessing you probably don't want to attempt the latter unless you've had prior experience with patch juggling and forward porting.14:53
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paulgi.e. somewhere in the freescale tree will be an earlier commit that creates those DTS files.   You don't have that commit/patch, and hence the later patch which tries to tweak the files fails.14:54
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aV_Vthe patch needs to be upstreamed yet, I'm the only one who have it15:00
aV_Vso I guess I will apply it manually15:00
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kergothipuustin: if you're not on master, the the 'bb' tool's 'show' command may be of use. it's broken on master atm, though. works on morty15:04
* kergoth yawns15:04
* paulg hands kergoth a coffee15:11
kergoththanks, need that15:11
markaaV_V let's be sure you are using the right kernel source15:12
markado 'bitbake linux-yocto-dev -c devshell'15:13
aV_Vok i found the problem15:13
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markareplace linux-yocto-dev with the appropriate kernel name15:13
aV_VI was trying to apply the patch from my extended machine layer15:13
aV_Vdoing it on the oficial layer it works15:14
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CTtpollardCan you show the recipe in your extended layer?15:14
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aV_VCTtpollard: this is what I had initially:
aV_Vthats a bbappend of the kernel recipe15:16
CTtpollardaV_V: try SRC_URI_append = instead of SRC_URI +=15:17
CTtpollardit should be apply the patches from the append after the recipe's own patches15:18
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kergothappends always apply after the recipe itself, there should be no need to delay the append further with _append15:18
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dreynajoshuagl : I understand you cannot connect to the Toaster call?16:03
joshuagldreyna: that's right, both the UK dial-in numbers ring forever. Nothing picks up.16:03
joshuaglwhere forever is ?2mins16:03
dreynahmm, no known changes from this end16:03
kalpuHi, how do I add a file to the rootfs in a meta-mylayer/recipes-images/images/ recipe?16:04
joshuagldreyna: joining16:05
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joshuagldreyna: FYI rationale for and issues with tinfoil2 is
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joshuagldreyna: seems like a likely candidate for Toaster woe16:27
yoctiBug 10730: normal, Medium+, 2.3 M2, paul.eggleton, NEW , bitbake -e shows no history with memres16:27
joshuaglthanks yocti16:28
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markakalpu: than you can add to the image via IMAGE_INSTALL_INITRAMFS_append16:29
markaif I recall correctly16:29
markaall the typical image contruction stuff applies to the initramfs image16:30
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markaif you are bundling it with your kernel just keep an eye on size16:30
markaand watch for circular dependencies16:31
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martinmebaI am not sure if there is a better channel but I am using the yocto eclipse plugin and am having trouble with setting the correct ar.  I am not a cmake expert.  It uses the correct compiler but I am trying to build a library and it is using and incorrect ar.  I have tried setting CMAKE_AR in the toolchain.cmake file but it is overwritten on each compile.  How do I correctly set this?18:44
martinmebaThis is for a project built off of the yocto CMake Hello world template18:45
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khemmartinmeba: you should probbably export AR in environment file23:58
khemthat you source23:58

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