Thursday, 2017-01-05

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martinmebakhem - thanks for the answer - this is for standalone development.  I have had yocto create an SDK and I have configured eclipse to use this along with the yocto and cdt plugins for C/C++ development.05:15
martinmebakhem: the code was originally built with the ARM DS-5 environment on windows and I am moving things to linux-based development.  For the most part everything seems correct - the correct compiler is used /sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr/bin/arm-poky-linux-gnueabi/arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-g++ but it seems to pull AR out of nowhere05:19
martinmebait is using sysroots/cortexa9hf-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/usr/bin/ar which does not even exist05:19
martinmebaI usually stay away from eclipse but need to use it in this instance and cannot figure out where this gets set.  I have tried setting CMAKE_AR in CMakeLists.txt as well but that does not seem to do anything05:20
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khemyeah in yout SDK install there must be a environment file06:58
khemdefine AR there06:58
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binarymi would like to "dump" the content of do_compile task for a given recipes (recipe doesn't define by itself the task but inherit it)10:22
binarymis there a way to do this using bitbake ?10:22
CTtpollardbitbake -e $ recipe10:24
CTtpollardthen grep through for that stage10:24
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binarymCTtpollard: thanks :)10:27
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eduardas_mhello, I would like to ask about common practices related to permissions on embedded systems... how many of you run the GUI and custom daemons as root on your devices?10:49
eduardas_mshould I really bother setting up users with limited permissions for application-specific processes?10:50
eduardas_mis there any kind of guide/best practices I can follow when it comes to permissions on embedded systems?10:51
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rburtonoh my god don't run anything as root unless you want to be in one of those "look i exploited this device by sending a malformed packet and the daemon runs as root, what an idiot" presentations at CCC10:59
rburtonlike that car that 1) listens to all incoming packets over 3G 2) has a dbus service 3) has a method on the dbus service to invoke an arbitrary command 4) runs that service as root11:00
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joshuaglthere's a section of the dev manual which includes high-level ideas and links to articles discussing common problems
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joshuaglthe paper discussing the hacks ross mentioned is online somewhere and a great set of examples of what not to do11:24
rburtonit was a horror story for nerds11:26
joshuaglthis one
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eduardas_mjoshuagl, good to see that some information is included in the yocto manual... I somehow missed that, so thank you11:33
joshuagleduardas_m: np. It's not something we have expertise in on the project so can't offer more than high level guidance11:34
eduardas_mwell, I honestly don't know another channel on freenode to discuss embedded linux problems... other embedded linux related channels have low participation rates.. so I usually end up asking here11:38
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eduardas_mperhaps security considerations should be like those of general linux systems, but what I see in application examples provided by hardware vendors is that you are shown to run everything as root11:41
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rburtoneduardas_m: if i was building a networked embedded device i'd not only run as a non-root user but use something else to constrain, selinux or containers or cgroups or anything11:43
joshuagldefence in depth11:45
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eduardas_mrburton, while reading about the intel Joule, I discovered Ostro Linux, it has an application framework for sandboxing applications... pretty much what you described if I understand correctly11:46
eduardas_mI wonder whether any of you are involved with Ostro or have any experience with it11:47
eduardas_mhow does it compare to usual Yocto development?11:47
rburtonit is yocto :)11:47
rburtonthe sandbox stuff in ostro is Smack, you can use that without using ostro if you want11:47
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joshuaglSMACK is a MAC solution, like SELinux and AppArmor. Layer is
eduardas_mrburton, I am aware it uses yocto tools, but as far as I understand it has its own layers that are not in the OE index or the usual Yocto release11:48
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eduardas_mso I guess stuff is not really guaranteed to build when mixing and matching Ostro stuff and Yocto release recipes, right? please correct me if I'm wrong11:50
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Strike5150Hello, is it possible to make kernel config selections as part of a machine.conf12:51
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ipuustineduardas_m: the Ostro app framework has some documentation here:
ipuustineduardas_m: the sandboxing is done in a configurable way... it can use containers or just DAC-based access control14:17
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fl0v01hi, i just realized that /var/log gets linked to /var/volatiles/log and so the logs are gone after each reboot14:21
fl0v01where can i change this in a proper way? at least /var/log/journal should be persistent14:22
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eduardas_mipuustin, do you actually work with Ostro? if so, is it just for Intel chips or are builds for ARM platforms such as imx6 also supported in some way?14:33
eduardas_mipuustin, I get the impression that the only supported ARM platform is the Beaglebone because there is an image for it14:34
eduardas_mnot sure how much effort it would take to put this on an NXP or other vendor's chip14:35
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tlwoernerhas anyone tried pulling openembedded-core and/or bitbake recently?14:58
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nrossitlwoerner: looks like the same issue that hit meta-openembedded has now hit the others... no master refs! :|15:02
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joshuaglhalstead: ^^ ? :-o15:03
jkuoops how does that happen15:03
nrossijku: not sure but JaMa suspected the patchwork git hooks,
yoctiBug 10762: enhancement, Medium+, 2.3 M2, jose.a.lamego, REOPENED , patchwork: Enable automatic status update when patches are merged for all projects15:04
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halsteadnrossi: joshuagl tlwoerner I have a permanent solution in the works.15:06
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nrossihalstead: yay :)15:07
halsteadnrossi: The temporary fix should have just kicked in.15:07
halsteadnrossi: jku It's a umask issue causing permissions problems.15:08
joshuaglhalstead: thanks for the update!15:08
halsteadtlwoerner: Is it working as expected now?15:11
halsteadjoshuagl: Thanks for the ping.15:11
Crofton|workhalstead, thanks for taking care of this15:12
halsteadCrofton|work: No problem. Sorry about these issues. I might need to downgrade gitolite for a bit while I do more testing.15:14
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lamegohalstead: +1 thanks15:15
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tlwoernerhalstead: yes, all looks now, thanks :-)15:26
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ipuustineduardas_m: I think the Ostro focus has been on the Intel dev platforms (Galileo 2, Edison, Minnowboard, ...)15:34
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g0hl1nHi everybody, currently I'm facing problems with the transition from zImage to fitImage. Basically it seems everything is working fine (including booting), but my INITRAMFS isn't loaded. I'm using "CONFIG_INITRAMFS_SOURCE="./initramfs/config.cfg"" in the kernel configuration as initramfs source. Does anybody of you have any clue what the problem could be? Thanks in advance!16:17
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g0hl1nIf you any kind of additional info would be helpful, just mention it. Thanks.16:18
ntlg0hl1n: CONFIG_INITRAMFS_SOURCE is supposed to be a single cpio archive or a list of directories; your file looks like a config fragment?16:28
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g0hl1nntl: yes, it is a config and it's working with the zImage. Basically I'm using the "IMAGE BUILDING method" like described in Documentation/early-userspace/README.16:32
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g0hl1nntl: aww, better documentation is in Documentation/filesystems/ramfs-rootfs-initramfs.txt ("Populating initramfs" section)16:34
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jmesmonHow can I add a package only to a debugfs (ie: with IMAGE_GEN_DEBUGFS = "1") image? Is there a way to pull in packages there at the same time the `*-dbg` packages are pulled in?19:22
jmesmonOr does anyone know the mecahnism that adds the `*-dbg` packages to debugfs images? I'm looking around image.bbclass & image_types.bbclass but nothing is jumping out at me19:25
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kergothjmesmon: meta/lib/oe/ line 105, _setup_dbg_rootfs19:26
kergothit explicitly does'*-dbg')19:26
kergothnot metadata driven19:26
kergothso i don't believe you could modify the behavior without overriding the python module and modifying the method19:27
kergothor monkeypatching, possibly19:27
jmesmonhm. at that point it might make sense just to have another which includes the base image and adds a few packages.19:28
kergothprobably, yes19:29
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manjuhi all, was wondering if there is a way to append to an existing bbclass? just like we do for a bb file using bbappend19:47
Crofton|workmanju, pretty sure there isn't19:48
Crofton|workalthough the idea comes up19:48
kergothnope, the best you can do is append the recipes, override the class in a higher priority layer, or something terribly hacky with a global class and anonymous python or an event handlerl that checks to see if the recipe inherits that class19:50
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manjuok thanks...19:52
vmesonjust tripped over: ERROR: ExpansionError during parsing /buildarea/rmacleod/src/distro/yocto/oe-core.git/meta/recipes-support/icu/ -- known problem?19:58
vmesonI'm ignoring it by using bitbake's 1.32 branch. :)19:58
vmeson(this was with bitbake /master XXXTBDXX and oe-core/morty)19:59
kergothyou can't use bitbake master with oe-core morty19:59
kergothas you've discovered19:59
kergothit's not "ignoring it", it's using the correct bitbake versionf or the correct metadata version. branches/versions always have to match up between your layers, and between bitbake and the layers20:00
vmesonkergoth: thx, that's what I expected but it's via magic associations it seems or (shudder) documentation? Oh look: needs to be updated.20:05
* vmeson remembers what wiki's are and tries to update iti.20:06
kergothvmeson: the wiki should be maintained with the mapping, and ideally the oe-core readme would mention it, as it's a dependency, but the most accurate place is likely the sanity check at this time, as oe-core will abort if the bitabke version isn't correct. See
Strike5150I'm looking for the place I can add a machine name as part of FILESPATH, so I can switch kernel fragments based on machine conf20:12
kergothit'll handle that automatically20:14
vmesonwiki username needed and requested.  kergoth: yeah, the erorr message was not a good experience:
kergothusually, anyway20:14
kergothvmeson: yeah, sadly if it fails before we even get to the sanity check it's not ideal :\20:14
kergothwe hsould work on that20:14
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Strike5150Is it ok to put a FILESOVERRIDES in machine.conf?20:16
kergoththat'd be pretty pointless20:17
kergothjust create a machine subdir in a usual file:// search directory and it'll automatically pull from it when machine is set to that20:17
vmesonkergoth: I'll fix the wiki once I get perms and likley add a line to the README for morty. I could open a bug for bitbake if you want.20:18
kergoththe normal file:// behavior is to check for files in a subdir for any override in OVERRIDES20:18
vmesonor even send a patch since I should know more about bitbake than I do now...20:18
Strike5150kergoth: ok great I didn't realize it did that20:18
vmesonback laterish.20:18
kergothwell, filesoverrides, not overrides. but that includes machine by default.20:18
kergothsee base_set_filespath() in utils.bbclass and FILESOVERRIDES in conf/bitbake.conf20:19
kergothMACHINEOVERRIDES includes MACHINE as a matter of course20:19
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Strike5150kergoth: Ok thanks for the info. I'm swimming in a see of yocto, I'll get better at it eventually lol20:20
kergoththere's a lot to learn, and a steep learning curve. downside to the high flexibility and power20:20
kergothworth the effort, though20:20
Strike5150Yea, thats what I'm driving for. I've seen many improvements over the years and I'm very encouraged20:20
Strike5150My last effort was on a horribly botched denzil and I'm noticing there is plenty of new improvments20:21
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esenneshanyone know how to set a shell environment variable for my target image via the image recipe or something similar?22:55
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vmesonesennesh: for a user or systemwide in /etc/profile? (I don't know either way but at least you'll have a more precise question).23:09
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #422 of nightly-checkuri is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
vmesonesennesh: not sure if this will help since it's from 2012 but:
esenneshvmeson: systemwide23:11
esenneshthanks for the link23:13
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wandboarderrHi people, has anyone here tried building poky for wandboard before? I've got stuck and I'd really appreciate some help23:22
wandboarderrOn krogoth and before, I used to be able to set IMAGE_FSTYPES in my local.conf to generate archives like tar.gz or tar.bz2, but setting that variable on master doesn't seem to have any effect23:24
wandboarderrAnd only wic.gz archives are created. Any thoughts?23:25
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