Monday, 2017-03-13

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mckoangood morning07:46
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yohboyHi all, someone could explain which branch should I use (for poky and meta-xilinx for example) please ? The latest ? Currently, I use the branch jethro, but is it better to use the latest ? What are the differences ?09:05
paulbarkeryohboy: For a new project, always start with the latest stable branch supported by your vendor. For meta-xilinx I assume this is morty. Latest branch will get bug fixes, older branches may not do depending on age09:09
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yohboypaulbarker: thank you :) so why there is a lot of old branch ? is it because it's hard to switch when we have already completed our project ? Or can we switch on the new release easily ?09:12
paulbarkeryohboy: They're just old releases. See
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yohboypaulbarker: ok thank you :)09:22
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mjourdanHello, do you know how to prevent yocto from auto-generating RPROVIDES from the .so he notices in the installed package ?09:38
mjourdanI have tried SKIP_FILEDEPS = "1" but that doesn't do the trick unfortunately09:38
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aurelehi everyone09:44
aureleI would like to know why a job is triggered09:44
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rburtonaurele: you might want to be a little bit more specific09:45
aureleI have a special fs type wich create an image for sdcard, but the image rootfs name (ext4) is using "DATETIME", the rootfs isn't generated but my script is called, and it can't find the rootfs with the new datetime, so my script fails, but if there is no modification with the rootfs, my script should not be called09:48
aurelerburton, maybe it isn't so clear sry....09:48
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aurelemy fs type depends on an ext4 image generated, today at every build my fs type script seems to be triggered, but not the ext4...09:49
aureleit seems strange to me and I would like to know why my fs type script is triggered while ext4 is not09:50
rburtonbecause it says DATETIME and so changes so bitbake wants to rerun it09:50
rburtonyou need to add datetime to the vardeps exclusing list, grep meta/ for DATETIME and you'll find plenty of examples09:51
rburtonexclusion list, eevn09:51
rburtonargh fingers can't type today09:51
devarburton, are they attached to a hand in one end? If not, then that might be the problem ;)09:53
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RPmjourdan: have a read of package.bbclass for things like EXCLUDE_FROM_SHLIBS and PRIVATE_LIBS10:01
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ant_workRP: gm. I see devshell/terminal has PATH again. Now what to do with some other small coreutils missing in HOSTTOOLS?10:05
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ant_workI'd say at least we need all ex-textutils10:07
RPant_work: we probably need to look at on a case by case basis once we have an idea of which ones we're missing and how commonly they're used10:09
RPant_work: I'd prefer not to add a whole load of things which aren't commonly used10:09
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aurelerburton, thanks for the tips10:12
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ant_workRP: it was discovered klibc/dash uses  nl10:13
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ant_workRP: it was pointed out it seems better to add nl to the HOSTTOOLS instead of adding a dependency on coreutils-native10:17
RPant_work: for nl, probably10:18
ant_workthe point khem found borderline is rebuilding coreutils-native10:19
ant_workbut you're moving in the right direction: less tools = less pain in the future :)10:19
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ranchuIf we want to use both qemu and spcific archotecture, do we still need to build twice each time changine MACHINE ?10:26
LetoThe2ndranchu: yes.10:26
ranchuLetoThe2nd - Thanks!10:27
mborzeckirburton: posted a patch that should fix occasional wic test_exclude_path failures in AB, one can be seen here:
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c0rneli'm looking after the systemd v232 commit a1e2ef....10:45
c0rnelbut my limited git knowledge prevents me from finding it :)10:45
c0rneli've tried master{,-next{2}} and krogoth10:46
c0rnelanybody csan teach me how to find it?10:46
c0rnelsystemd v232-related, that is10:47
c0rnelin poky/meta/recipes-core10:47
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ed2RP: morning. one more failure due to the PATH change:
ed2RP: after bitbake failed the PATH doesn't contain host's paths. Is it expected?10:51
c0rneli am looking for the wrong commit :(\10:52
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rburtonmborzecki: great10:57
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Gryniumis there a way to add all supported languages with IMAGE_LINGUAS variable?11:45
Gryniumis it possible to use wildcars or something is similar?11:46
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mjourdanRP: thanks, will check it out12:26
c0rnelx86_64-poky-linux-gcc: error: unrecognized command line option: '-V'12:27
c0rnelwhile trying to compile systemd v232 in jethro12:27
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c0rnelanybody knows where is this comming from? do i need a newer gcc?12:28
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mjourdanRP: EXCLUDE_FROM_SHLIBS works great, and my packages don't provide any *actually* shared libs (only private to the package), so it's ok. Thanks!12:46
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neverpanicIsn't there PRIVATE_SOMETHINGLIBS for those use cases?12:49
neverpanic"If you want to avoid a package being registered as providing a particular shared library (e.g. because the library is for internal use only), then add the library to PRIVATE_LIBS inside the package's recipe."12:50
mjourdanFrom what I saw in package.bbclass, PRIVATE_LIBS is more like cherry picking while EXCLUDE_FROM_SHLIBS skips everything altogether.12:50
mjourdanFor my usecase, EXCLUDE_FROM_SHLIBS ended up being the easier solution since all the libs are private anyway.12:51
neverpanicOh, that explains it. If you never intend to ship shared libs in a package that'll work.12:51
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rburtonkanavin: Exception: NotImplementedError: Adding remote dnf feeds not yet supported.13:58
rburtonkanavin: that should be just a matter of writing a plain file right?13:59
rburton(first regression against rpm5 i spotted)13:59
kanavinrburton: that, and having a runtime test for it, for which I had filed a bug :)14:00
kanavinrburton: it does seem like I need to write the test myself in the end though, QA is unwilling14:00
RPkanavin: or perhaps unable14:01
kanavinRP: at least they did write a test for smart, so I can use that as a model14:01
rburtonkanavin: its essentially just "put these URLs on disk in the right place"14:02
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kanavinrburton: yeah, but the test should also actually run dnf to fetch and installĀ a package using those feeds, and check that it actually happened14:05
kanavinwithout such a test, there's no way to verify that the file is correct!14:05
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yohboyplease, someone could explain me how to load the bitstream into my zybo by using tftp boot method ? u-boot boot from my SD card. Should I put the bitstream on my SD card too, or should I download it from the tftp server and load it manually ?14:26
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nrossiyohboy: the fpga load command is what you are after. tftpboot or load mmc to get the bitstream into memory14:59
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yohboynrossi: thank you, it's now working with tftp server :) next step is to boot kernel and fpga without usb cable ! I'll try to use netconsole as you suggest some day ago15:05
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yohboynrossi: is netconsole enable by default for uboot ?16:11
nrossiyohboy: there is no 'default' in u-boot, for zynq boards i suspect not16:11
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yohboynrossi: ok, make sense16:13
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binarymhi all. How can i, in a .bbappend, disable initscript installation (in a clean way) ?18:52
binarymi tried to overriding INITSCRIPT_NAME = "" and INITSCRIPT_PARAMS = ""18:52
binarymbut it makes build fail while update-rc.d call because of invalid argument18:52
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frayyou can't disable it in a bbappend directly..19:03
frayyou can indirectly disabled it by setting INITSCRIPT_NAME = "", and setting:  updatercd_postinst() { : }  and updatercd_prerm() { : } and updatercd_postrm() { : }  (I think)19:04
fraythe problem is that system, when included, unconditionally enables various pre/post package install steps..  so you have to manually remove them19:04
frayyou MIGHT have to do the same to: populate_packages_updatercd19:05
fraypython populate_packages_updatercd() { }19:05
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khemperhaps deleting the initscripts in a do_install_append along with this would not need the packaging tweaks20:08
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paulbarkerhalstead: just a quick note for you or anyone else with ability to configure - meta-gplv2 is still at the top of the page outside any category, it probably wants moving into the "Yocto Metadata Layers" when someone has spare time20:41
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halsteadpaulbarker, I'll move that.20:49
halsteadpaulbarker, Moved. Can you suggest a a description while we're at it?20:50
paulbarkerhalstead: Old, obsolete versions of software where upstream has moved to GPLv3 licenses20:52
paulbarker(paraphrasing the readme file there)20:52
halsteadpaulbarker, Thank you. I've softened that to, "GPLv2 versions of software where upstream has moved to GPLv3 licenses" and added it.20:53
paulbarkeryea, that sounds better20:54
joshuaglpaulbarker: halstead: thanks !20:55
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xiouyHey i create with yocto a rootfs and mount it with nfs on the client. After the use some file permissions change to root. This makes it impossible to delete as normal user the rootfs. Is there any workaround, so i can delete the filesystem as normal user?21:20
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nerdboyis there an easy way to enable the gcc libiberty plugin?22:49
nerdboykernel gcc entropy plugin needs it...22:50
nerdboykhem: ^^22:50
*** rburton <rburton!> has quit IRC22:50
nerdboyi tried a gcc-cross_append to install it but it didn't help22:50
paulgI thought the userspace "plugin" to kernel entropy was /dev/random ....22:52
paulgGiven that I try to avoid user space, I'm probably not clued up on what crimes live out there beyond The Wall.  ;-)22:53
nerdboyit's one of those patches plucked from grsec/pax22:55
nerdboyalready in mainline22:55
* nerdboy building 4.10 kernel22:55
paulgmainline commit ID?22:56
nerdboyoutside bitbake it works fine, inside they rm -rf the libiberty stuff from gcc install and use binutils22:56
nerdboykernel plugin wants to find it in gcc/plugins/inlcude dir i think22:56
paulgthat sounds like configure going off in two different directions.22:56
nerdboytwo different bitbake packages22:57
nerdboy3 if you count the kernel22:57
*** rstreif <rstreif!> has joined #yocto22:57
paulgstill smells like configure dain bramage ;  not finding what it expects from the kernel and falling back on some lib emulation22:58
nerdboykernel build just barfs with  "gcc/arm-oe-linux-gnueabi/6.2.0/plugin/include/system.h:685:23: fatal error: libiberty.h: No such file or directory"22:59
nerdboyno the kernel is looking in the place it expects it to be22:59
nerdboy*technically the "right place"23:00
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paulgah, ok -- that is different.   I build arm and arm64 almost daily.  you have a local.conf and bblayers.conf you can share?23:00
*** lamego <lamego!~jose@> has quit IRC23:01
nerdboyCONFIG_GCC_PLUGIN_LATENT_ENTROPY  <= config option23:02
nerdboyall you need to do is build newer mainline on morty23:02
* nerdboy disables it to work on mesa/drm23:02
paulgwell, being from the kernel side of things, I build everything on master.  Never bothered with any of the code-name branches, since I've NFI what they map to.  :)23:04
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nerdboy<shrug> master is new enough23:04
nerdboyrecipe on github =>
paulglet me do a devshell and enable that and see what catches fire.   arm32?  or arm64?23:06
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has quit IRC23:06
nerdboyfsl arm3223:06
paulglooks like you are arm32.23:06
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has joined #yocto23:06
nerdboynitrogen is just imx6q23:07
* nerdboy should make a new gentoo image for that...23:08
paulgand all this time I thought it was 80% of our air.23:08
nerdboy+1 for you23:08
nerdboymost people don't even know it's a gaseous mixture...23:09
*** stephano <stephano!~stephano@> has joined #yocto23:09
bluelightningpaulg probably doesn't know he's talking to a meteorologist ;)23:10
nerdboywith apparent molecular weight and everything!23:10
*** seezer <seezer!quassel@quassel/developer/seezer> has joined #yocto23:11
* nerdboy probably knows too much about solution series and mixture combining rules and stuff...23:11
khemnerdboy: --enable-libiberty23:15
khemdo you have this ?23:15
*** michael_ <michael_!~Mutter@> has joined #yocto23:16
nerdboyi did but it borked the install23:22
nerdboyi should get an image shortly (or a barf) and then i'll try it again23:23
* nerdboy needs new reddin' glasses after losing them on the airplane...23:24
*** michael_ <michael_!~Mutter@> has quit IRC23:26
nerdboykhem: actually i had "--enable-install-libiberty"23:26
nerdboyalso has this in do_install:23:29
nerdboyfind ${D}${exec_prefix}/lib -name libiberty.h | xargs rm -f23:29
nerdboywhich would remove the plugin header23:30
fraylibiberty isn't a plugin AFAIK.. it's just a library of common GNU utiliteis..23:30
frayit's provided in OE by bintuils, not GCC23:30
fray(even though GCC knows how to build it)23:30
fray(it's rm'd so no conflict can occur, as binutils is supposed to be the definitive source)23:31
*** nighty <nighty!> has quit IRC23:31
nerdboyand the kernel looks for a local libiberty.h header in plugins/include23:31
fraythat sounds like broken behavior23:31
nerdboyactually it looks for include/system.h which has the libiberty include23:33
frayI just looked..  It looks like there is a libiberty.h is the plugin dir... It's possible that with that type of change, the .h should only be removed from the -actual- include dirs..23:33
khemgcc uses its own version of libiberty what you are talking about is a system wide libiberty which is provided by binutils in OE23:35
khemif its not finding the internal header that means include paths are somehow messing up23:35
fray(or the rm he posted is firing)  ;)23:36
fray<nerdboy> also has this in do_install:23:36
fray<nerdboy> find ${D}${exec_prefix}/lib -name libiberty.h | xargs rm -f23:36
khemit could, if plugins are being built say using gcc-runtime package23:37
khemthen we need to ensure that we do not delete it for that case23:37
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* paulg reads23:50
* paulg assumes he need not wait on his arm32 devshell any longer23:50
* nerdboy testing a quick "fix"23:51
nerdboygrep is your friend...23:51
nerdboyor grep -v in this case23:52
paulgI think yocto/oe will get a carbon tax for the number of times it rebuilds the toolchain because someone fixes a spelling mistake in stdio.h or similar.23:52
paulgwell, perhaps not under the current administration....23:53
*** manuel_ <manuel_!> has joined #yocto23:53
nerdboymesa barfed on my gallium config23:56
nerdboy*I think it's what i need now...23:56
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*** lolsborn <lolsborn!> has joined #yocto23:57
nerdboyubuntu test with 4.10/etnviv works nicely, all i want to do is build something "equivalent"-ish...23:57
paulgnitrogen and then gallium.  Sensing a periodic table theme here....23:57
nerdboyjust wait until i throw in the americium...23:58
paulgsorry, radioactive decay elements are not allowed on IRC.23:58
nerdboyand some molybdenum because it's fun to say...23:58
paulgthat one you can probably smuggle in as CV joint grease.23:59

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