Tuesday, 2017-03-14

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paulgnerdboy, so my beaglebone ARM32 build shows that Kconfig in the source, but presumably for dependency resaons, it isn't even offered as available in the .config00:22
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bluelightningthe most common domestic use for americium is of course in smoke detectors... I hope you don't need one of those as part of your build ;)00:43
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paulgmy builds at home are on a 5+ year old xeon rescued from recycle ; it might need a smoke detector fitted inside the case.  :)00:46
paulgneedless to say, it won't be running once the outside temps in Ottawa break double digits. :)00:50
paulg(double digits on the positive side of zero, of course.)00:51
paulgwe are currently on the wrong side of that zero metric.00:53
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khem82F here01:23
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lenikadaliHello all. Interested in working on the Documentation for the Yocto autobuilder project as part of Outreachy.03:43
lenikadaliWho do I contact as regards this?03:43
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yourfatewhen I switch from linux-xlnx to linux-xlnx-dev the ethernet no longer works, I no longer see eth0...09:39
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MDNNeoHi ... is there a way to get a kind of "bare minimum" SDK out of yocto ... so basically just a self contained toolchain installable on a linux host10:36
LetoThe2ndMDNNeo: something like meta-toolchain you mean?10:38
MDNNeoLetoThe2nd: not tried so far bur maybe I should have a look :) so ... simply adding it as meta-layer and then ... is there some docu for it?10:38
LetoThe2ndnope. just bitbake meta-toolchain10:39
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LetoThe2ndand i think when building the esdk, a toolchain-only archive is also created.10:40
LetoThe2ndjust checked, it is.10:41
mdnneo_LetoThe2nd: just currently check what happens with meta-toolchain ... have a look for the esdk afterwards ... but thx so far10:42
T_UNIXis there a way to specify a preferred provider for FEATURE_PACKAGES_myfeature ?10:43
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devaIs it possible to reference a recipe with a specific version in IMAGE_INSTALL instead of just the most recent one?10:55
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devaAnd the same for "requires".10:56
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T_UNIXdeva: PREFERRED_VERSION_mypackage = "1.0"11:02
mdnneo_LetoThe2nd: so building meta-toolchain still builds and SDK containing a lot of stuff I would expect not to need ... python, perl, aso so basically I would really just need the minimum like gcc and binutils11:02
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LetoThe2ndmdnneo_: no idea then, sorry.11:07
mdnneo_or I need to find some way to use the created nativesdk package on a host ... I need to have a closer look11:08
LetoThe2nddeva: you can use PREFERRED_VERSION_pn in a config file to select a version. inside a recipe, it is not possible. basically this sounds liek you want a derivative distro.11:08
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devaT_UNIX, LetoThe2nd, Thanks for the replies :-)11:29
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T_UNIXLetoThe2nd: wouldn't that rather be PREFERRED_VERSION_${PN} ?11:41
T_UNIXah, you were using it as a variable in this context :D11:41
LetoThe2ndT_UNIX: :-)11:41
T_UNIXdeva: http://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/current/ref-manual/ref-manual.html#var-PREFERRED_VERSION11:43
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devaWorks beautifully :-)11:53
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mborzeckied2: i'm rebasing my patchset and noticed that wic tests take noticeably longer than they did back in January, it seems that there's a new instance of Wic() for each test run12:50
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caiortpThere's some workaround to fix the the problem arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-gcc: error: unrecognized command line option '-fp-model'  in yocto morty (I'm using ubuntu 14.04)12:51
ed2mborzecki: that may be caused by changes in oe-selftest. I didn't see any changes in wic tests that may cause this.12:51
rburtonmborzecki: can you verify that by puitting a print in the __init__?12:51
mborzeckiyeah, that would by my guess too12:51
ed2mborzecki: can you investigate this further, please?12:51
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rburtonif you can, just make it print a stacktrace12:52
mborzeckiyup, i'll look into it, maybe there's something on my end12:52
ed2mborzecki: there were couple of test cases added though. they're running qemu, so may slow down tests too.12:52
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has joined #yocto12:52
mborzeckii'll dig in, maybe i've just screwed somethng up, as usual :)12:53
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mborzeckied2: btw. should we reset image_is_ready at the end of this test case? https://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/poky/tree/meta/lib/oeqa/selftest/wic.py#n15112:55
*** _dv_ is now known as dv_12:59
ed2mborzecki: not sure why we would need it. can you elaborate?13:00
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has quit IRC13:03
mborzeckicore-image-minimal is built once in setUp() and we set image_is_ready, but then test_iso_image() modifies the config and rebuilds core-image-minimal, so test cases that run after this one will not use the same image as tcs that ran before (actually test_systemd_bootdisk() is the same)13:04
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has joined #yocto13:05
ed2mborzecki: well, as soon as we have rootfs dir we can produce an image. we can set image_is_ready to False just to be safe, but if this doesn't break tests … dunno if we need to …13:16
mborzeckidon't know either, i think aside from test_exclude_paths there are no tests that list image contents, so even if image is not rebuilt, nothing should technically break13:18
ed2mborzecki: i don't think rootfs is changed a lot. that test case builds initramfs and efi. I don't know if it influences rootfs build at all.13:22
mborzeckiok, i'll leave it as it is then :)13:22
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T_UNIXis there a way to RDEPEND on a MACHINE_FEATURE ?14:30
*** boucman_work <boucman_work!~jrosen@wesnoth/developer/boucman> has joined #yocto14:33
T_UNIXthough that would be the inverse :-/14:36
*** pcabral <pcabral!~paulocabr@> has joined #yocto14:38
rburtona machine feature doesn't generate a package, so no you can't rdepend on it14:40
LetoThe2ndT_UNIX: you can just check for it in the recipe and err out if its not present. this is done at several places for DISTRO features.14:46
*** TuTizz <TuTizz!~TuTizz@unaffiliated/tutizz> has joined #yocto14:47
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T_UNIXLetoThe2nd: like `bb.error('%s does not appear in package list, please add it' % pkg_systemd)` ?14:55
LetoThe2ndT_UNIX: maybe. ATM i dn't have the time to look up an example, but i'm sure they are present in poky14:57
*** florian <florian!~fuchs@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC14:59
T_UNIXyeah, I guess it would work. But, as rburton said, it seems not to be intended that way.14:59
*** BaloneyGeek|work <BaloneyGeek|work!~bg14ina@kde/bgupta> has quit IRC14:59
rburtonMACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RDEPENDS is a way for a machine configuration to add extra packages to the images15:00
rburtonlike essential firmware blobs15:00
T_UNIXrburton: well. Problem is I want the inverse.15:00
LetoThe2ndT_UNIX: that var is just not what you want15:00
rburtonbut a machine feature doesn't generate packages, so you can't15:01
T_UNIXi want the recipe (a GUI) to complain, if a MACHINE_FEATURE (touchscreen) isn't provided.15:01
*** Snert_ <Snert_!~snert_@> has quit IRC15:01
rburtonwhy not error out if there are no touchscreens present15:01
*** ash_charles <ash_charles!~acharles@2607:fad8:4:6:c8a6:17d:5ad6:1157> has quit IRC15:01
rburtonmachine features are quite overrated and should be used sparingly15:01
*** Snert_ <Snert_!~snert_@> has joined #yocto15:01
RPSo I've merged dnf into M3. We'll see whether that was a good move now I guess :)15:02
T_UNIXif that's the way to go, I'll do. I  just hoped there would be a 'clean' way to manage that dependency15:02
rburtonnote how nothing in oe-core actually respects that machine feature :)15:02
rburtonRP: OH NO ITS ON FIRE!15:02
LetoThe2ndrburton: i hear fire? where? *popcorn*15:02
* rburton grabs the essentials for working on boost build problems. a good book to pass the time, a coffee to keep awake, and a whiskey to keep sane15:03
LetoThe2ndrburton: s/book/whiskey/g; s/coffee/whiskey/g;15:04
RPrburton: it is the pyro release ;-)15:05
RPrburton: I'd skip straight to the whiskey ;-)15:06
rburtoni'll make a note of that for when i speak to my manager15:06
RPrburton: you have a fairly understanding manager15:07
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AnticomHi all. I'd like to talk about versioning the SDK.Is there any best practice on that? Because currently we're incrementing SDK_VERSION (respectivly DISTRO_VERSION) every time a new SDK is built. Now i thought i could automate it by using git-describe and simply tagging out layer. However that wouldn't make external layers tracable for us15:30
*** scottrif <scottrif!~scottrif@71-80-200-241.dhcp.mdfd.or.charter.com> has joined #yocto15:35
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RPAnticom: these kinds of issues are one reason we started working on the eSDK15:53
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LetoThe2ndRP: on that note, remember me that I owe you one when we meet next time :)16:01
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T_UNIXI assume there is still not support to split the image by partition besides manually providing a IMAGE_CMD_mycmd that woult package a specific subdirectory?16:03
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AnticomRP: eSDK?16:31
Anticomsorry for the late response16:31
*** vignesh_ <vignesh_!~vignesh@> has joined #yocto16:33
AnticomOh btw we're still on jethro :(16:33
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heeenI just built core-image-minimal, is it expected there is no sshd running?16:38
*** ant_work <ant_work!~ant__@host114-209-dynamic.24-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it> has quit IRC16:39
heeenalso, for some reason I can't log in with a usb keyboard16:39
heeenit prints login: but does not register any key presses16:39
heeenit also prints some usb dmesg messages16:39
heeenit doesn't even allow me to toggle the num lock state16:41
rburtonheeen: minimal is pretty minimal :)16:41
*** istarilucky <istarilucky!~rlucca@> has quit IRC16:42
heeenthis is on an intel atom fwiw. I can ping the device16:42
Anticomheeen: http://cgit.openembedded.org/openembedded-core/tree/meta/recipes-core/images/core-image-minimal.bb16:42
heeenrburton: is this normal? console login not working?16:42
heeenAnticom: ^16:43
Anticomwait for rburton to answer. haven't built core-image-minimal in months16:43
Anticombut iirc yes16:43
heeenwhy would it print a login prompt then16:44
heeenmissing usb hID drivers?16:44
heeenI mean I can see it registering the keyboard if I replug it16:44
rburtonheeen: no, you should be able to login from a console.  sounds like your kernel is missing drivers.16:44
Anticomheeen: Compare to http://cgit.openembedded.org/openembedded-core/tree/meta/recipes-sato/images/core-image-sato.bb it has ssh-server-dropbaer16:44
heeenyeah, but also x11 and lots of other stuff16:45
*** john4 <john4!~john@> has joined #yocto16:45
heeenrburton: another oddity, I followed http://wiki.minnowboard.org/Yocto_Project (this is not a moinnmowboard but a gigabyte brix)16:45
heeenand when I used that mkefidisk script it would not exit the efi shell16:46
Anticom503 for me16:46
heeenbut when I just dd the hddimage to the usb drive it boots16:46
heeenhm seems to be down now16:47
*** john2 <john2!~john@host86-168-141-176.range86-168.btcentralplus.com> has quit IRC16:47
rburtonif dd'ing the hddimg to a usb stick works, do that.  that's how its meant to work.16:47
heeenI just cloned fido poky and meta-intel16:47
rburtonfido is a bit old...16:48
rburtonalmost two years old now16:48
heeenI see16:48
heeenshould I try dizzy?16:49
rburtonthats older16:49
rburton2.5 years old16:49
heeenwhats current stable16:49
*** rajm <rajm!~robertmar@82-70-136-246.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk> has quit IRC16:50
Anticomi thought morty was replaced already :O When is the next release comming up?16:50
rburtonin about a month16:50
heeenthis says compatible up to 1.5 which is dora?16:50
heeenor am I missing something16:51
AnticomAnd we won't migrate to it /o\16:51
*** john4 <john4!~john@> has quit IRC16:51
rburtonheeen: that's specifically regarding the "Compatible" branding, which has been undergoing a redesign so nobody has been updating it.  just use latest meta-intel release.16:51
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paulbarkerah, keyboard focus on wrong window16:53
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* nerdboy still wrestling mesa-17 autotools badness...17:00
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jmesmonhi folks, I've been seeing gobject introspection fail looking for `qemu-arm` to execute, and another recipe (can't recal the name) fail due to looking for sha256sum to execute in PATH. Was there some change to how native binaries was handled recently? It's possible these were using system-installed versions on my linux install previously19:14
jmesmonah, HOSTTOOLS is the keyword, apparently.19:15
jmesmonlooks like I'll just be waiting for some patches to land that add the missing deps, then19:16
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #484 of nightly-checkuri is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-checkuri/builds/48419:39
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rburtonjmesmon: current master should be good20:11
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #648 of nightly-wic is complete: Failure [failed Publishing Artifacts] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-wic/builds/64820:13
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nerdboyQA Issue: file blah is owned by uid 1002, which is the same as the user running bitbake.21:24
nerdboy^^ what's the "standard" fix for this?21:24
* nerdboy finally got silly mesa-17 to build without coughing QW warnings/errors...21:25
nerdboy*QA even21:25
nerdboykinda stinky that it fails looking for llvm-config even when llvm options are disabled21:26
* nerdboy just wants the new arm stuff, doesn't give a squat about radeon/other21:27
rburtonnerdboy: if you're copying/creating files in a custom do_install or something, ensure you either preserve ownership or set it.21:30
rburtonie use install instead of cp21:30
nerdboynope, the silly upstream install does that21:31
nerdboystatic makefile hack i guess...21:31
nerdboylooks like XORG_CRYPTO is missing from DEPENDS21:32
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nerdboyit thinks it needs nettle when i have it set to openssl21:32
nerdboy*on morty21:32
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jmesmonstill seeing the21:42
jmesmongobject-introspection failure on current master.21:42
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jmesmonhttps://gist.github.com/e7e2d8024845e39d6d954134e76f1d2b  "build/g-ir-scanner-qemuwrapper: line 6: qemu-arm: command not found"21:44
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jmesmonseems that qemu-native is for some reason not getting placed in the appropriate sysroot21:44
jmesmon`find . -name qemu-arm` in the build dir returns no results. I did this build after removing tmp/ and cache/.21:45
jmesmonAha: `ASSUME_PROVIDED="qemu-native"` does not work with HOSTTOOLS21:46
* jmesmon forgot he added that21:46
jmesmonor rather, can't automatically populate HOSTTOOLS. Unfortunately.21:47
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nerdboywho does this ??  INSTALL= cp -r22:04
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khemRP: posted a pull request which fixes go for target and mesa23:41
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nerdboythen again, those guys have hiredis in the redis repo *and* a separate hiredis repo23:59
nerdboyso, there ya go...23:59
* nerdboy answers his own questions today23:59

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