Wednesday, 2017-03-15

* nerdboy had to package it for redis-ipc00:00
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* nerdboy notes that second copy was b0rking the redis package a while back...00:02
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1056 of nightly-arm-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1191 of nightly is complete: Failure [failed BitbakeSelftest] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #848 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Failure [failed Running oe-selftest] Build details are at
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kalpuHi, how can I export the kernel source code of my current build so that I get a nice git-repository with the mainline kernel and all the additional patches on top?07:03
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kalpuIn short: How to get a kernel-git-directory with all the commits of a local build?07:04
LetoThe2ndkalpu: i don't think there's a build-src-to-git converter.07:04
LetoThe2ndkalpu: as there is no reason git is even involved in that build flow07:04
kalpuHow can I do this by hand?07:05
kalpuHow can I list all patches getting applied to a kernel-version in my current build?07:05
LetoThe2ndkalpu: bitbake -e virtual/kernel should give you the complete SRC_URI, which should contain the starting point and all patches.07:06
LetoThe2ndkalpu: but usually things are done the other way round. you have a kernel repo that you tinker with until you are satisfied, and then pour that into a recipe07:07
kalpuI know, but this time it's the other way...07:07
kalpuwow "bitbake -e virtual/kernel | wc -l" shows 22494 lines... I will NOT read this. Is there another more human possible approach?07:08
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LetoThe2ndkalpu: *sigh* bitbake -e virtual/kernel | less, and then "/SRC_URI" ...07:09
kalpu;) ... okay thx07:10
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aurelehi everyone07:56
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aurelewould it be possible to compile a package twice but with a different configuration?08:00
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yourfatehi, wenn i switch from linux-xlnx to linux-xlnx-dev ethernet stops working, and I don't see the eth0 interface anymore.08:05
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aureleI have a problem with /etc/group, in my image build directory (rootfs) there is group file containing avahi-autoipd group but it is not present in the file in my final filesystem...08:22
aureledoes anyone knows why08:22
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jmleohi there !08:49
jmleoI have a compilation issue when compiling gstreamer1.0 : it includes a DEPENDS="glib-2.0" but do_configure is started before populate_sysroot from glib-2.0 is finished08:50
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jmleofrom what I understand of the DEPENDS it should not happen... but seems to be parallel jobs related...08:51
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maka_Heya, does anyone know how t get the linux kernel headers working? I keep missing things like curses.h and files like that10:06
LetoThe2ndmaka_: *crystalballmode* *on* i guess you are talking about in-target10:07
maka_Yes, sorry if im not clear enough10:08
maka_Im trying to run a ./configure, but it throws the error Failed to find Linux sources10:09
LetoThe2ndDISTRO_FEATURES tools-sdk is enabled?10:09
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maka_Besides that when im trying to run the "make all modules" it misses files like curses.h curses_dll.h and some more header files10:09
LetoThe2nd(besides that being a totally horrible, hacky, unreproductible approach and all, of course.)10:10
maka_oh iknow, i'm just trying to figure something out10:11
LetoThe2ndah no IMAGE_FEATURES it is. tools-sdk and dev-pkgs10:11
maka_i only have the EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES set to debug-tweaks and package-management10:12
LetoThe2ndwell then. please see:
maka_and in the IMAGE_FEATURES set to splash, which is default10:12
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LetoThe2ndsplash has absolutely nothing to do with that.10:13
maka_i know, it's just a default thing10:13
yourfatemy kernel is missing dmaengine and dma-mapping and so forth10:15
yourfatebut I think I enabled it in the menu config...10:15
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LetoThe2ndyourfate: what does /proc/config.gz say?10:15
yourfateluchtime, I'll check afterwards.10:18
yourfatestill had some time, grepped for "dma", uploaded the results:
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yourfateit's linux-xlnx, 4.610:24
yourfaterunning on digilent zybo board (xilinx zynq)10:25
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LetoThe2ndyourfate: seems like the kernel at least has dma and dmaengine, then.10:26
yourfateshouldn't I see the associated .h files then?10:26
yourfatein usr/include/linux ?10:26
LetoThe2ndyourfate: um, why? where?10:26
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yourfatefood time, bbl, thanks so far!10:27
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maka_LetoThe2nd: it does indeed find the header files now, yet i still get the error that it can't find configured linux sources10:40
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LetoThe2ndmaka_: sounds like you also need the kernel-dev package10:46
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maka_LetoThe2nd: Am i supposed to create a completely new image with that?10:51
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LetoThe2ndmaka_: you can install it whatever way you see fit. its a package like any other in the end10:52
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maka_But, the one you send looks like a full yocto folder?10:52
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LetoThe2ndi sent you a link to a commit that also explains what it is and why and where.10:54
LetoThe2ndand as you can see from the commit date, the poky revision you are using hopefully already includes this commit, so the packages mentioned should be available in your build10:55
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RPjoshuagl, ed2:
RPrburton: :(11:20
RPand which was clearly cosmic rays :/11:21
joshuaglhmm, oe-selftest failure is interesting. ed isn't in the sstate-cache?11:28
rburtonRP: sstate pruning gone mad again?11:29
RPjoshuagl, rburton: except that oe-selftest doesn't use the common sstate iirc?11:30
rburtonRP: re 1056 wget exit 4 is 'network failure'11:30
RPrburton: right, hence cosmic rays. We should ensure the AB has a local copy of that file...11:30
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rburtonmaybe change the test to use the source mirrors11:31
ed2RP: joshuagl: looks like ab is looking for wic images in the wrong place. wic puts images into tmp/deploy/wic_images/<machine>/*/*/*.direct, but ab is looking into tmp/deploy/wic_images/<machine>/*/*/build/*.direct11:31
joshuaglRP: ed: was just about to say that. What changed?11:31
joshuagliirc that has worked up until recently?11:31
RPrburton: I just added gcalc locally to the source mirror so that should hopefully be avoided11:33
RP(and faster)11:33
joshuagled2: looks like we've been publishing wic artefacts from that directory since we first started publishing wic artefacts in ~July 201611:34
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ed2joshuagl: I didn't change wic lately. wic is running with -o /home/pokybuild/yocto-autobuilder/yocto-worker/nightly-wic/build/build/tmp/deploy/wic_images/<machine>/directdisk/<image>/11:35
ed2joshuagl: could it be so that we're publishing some old images?11:35
ed2joshuagl: I did some work related to output directory location some time ago.11:36
RPrburton: I did check the nas logs fwiw and it never touched a file called that...11:37
RPed2: how long ago?11:37
RPjoshuagl: remember that the publishing step isn't triggered until milestones which is why we only find out about issues like this now :/11:37
ed2RP:joshuagl: it was merged in the start of Feb:
yoctiBug 10783: minor, Medium+, 2.3 M3, eduard.bartosh, RESOLVED FIXED, wic should not be writing out to /var/tmp/wic11:37
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RPed2, joshuagl: that fits the timeline between M2 and M311:38
joshuaglRP: ed2: ah, ok. So we need to publish wic artefacts differently for pyro or newer?11:39
RPjoshuagl: appears so, or on the last layer version bump11:40
joshuaglRP: ed2: OK, I'll work on it11:42
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ed2joshuagl: hm, this build was green 2 days ago:
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RPed2: the final publishing step isn't usually enabled in test builds11:43
ed2ah, ok. now I understand. thanks11:44
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JoiFYay! My custom board arrived this morning. Now I better put my money where my mouth is and get (Yocto built) Linux up and running on this thing..!  :p11:52
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JoiFI'm working at a company and this is our first Linux based board. Everything up until now has been RTOS based on smaller processors.  :)11:54
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RPJoiF: nice :)11:58
heeenproblem building qtwebengine for agl12:00
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gizeroHi! In the last few weeks I have been incrementally generating and publishing some eSDK updates via oe-publish-sdk for an image of mine. What I often see but didn't expect is the need for the updated SDK to rebuild a lot of stuff as soon as I try to 'devtool build something' just after the upgrade. Since my understanding of taskhashes and locked signature is really poor, I hope someone can tell me if the13:13
gizeroWARNING/ERRORS I pasted at are related and if so, I'd appreciate any clue to dig further the root cause13:13
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RPjoshuagl, rburton: SSTATE_MIRRORS += "\ \n file://.*;downloadfilename=PATH" is in auto.conf for oe-selftest so I think we can suddenly understand how that test breaks13:38
RPConfirmed that adding that to local.conf here makes it break13:40
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joshuaglRP: ah, OK. That makes sense13:49
RPjoshuagl: I have a fix for the test. I'd just forgotten the above was even enabled13:50
joshuaglok, great!13:50
* RP feels happier knowing how that test broke13:53
RPjoshuagl: did we only add sstate mirrors to selftest recently?13:54
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has joined #yocto13:58
joshuaglthat auto.conf change happened a few weeks ago, I think.14:00
joshuaglhmm, did I add different code paths for a release?14:00
* joshuagl checks14:00
RPjoshuagl: this could be important...14:02
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joshuaglRP: I didn't. I was getting mixed up with SSTATE_DIR which is handled differently for a release14:04
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joshuaglRP: pushed a wic publishing fix to both clusters15:16
diego_rA salute to you, Yocto channel, especially to those I met at the Yocto Dev Day in Wilsonville.15:20
RPjoshuagl: thanks!15:20
RPdiego_r: hi! :)15:20
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diego_rRP: I'm the guy who bothered you at the end of the Yocto Dev Day :-)15:24
RPdiego_r: I would have said "bothered", you said hi :)15:24
diego_rRP: yeah, just joking!15:25
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yourfateso, the examples for dma all use linux/dma-mapping.h, among others, but that header file is not in my system, although as far as I can tell the DMA kernel feature is turned on...15:31
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yourfatewhere do I change the default /etc/interfaces/network settings?16:14
yourfateso that after build they are the way I want them...16:15
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aurelehi everyone16:42
aurelewould it be possible in a same image to compile a package twice with two different configurations16:42
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto16:44
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*** wesam <wesam!> has joined #yocto16:53
wesamanyone got oprofile working on yocto16:53
RPalimon: I'm finding I can break yocto-compat-layer a little easily :/16:54
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has joined #yocto16:55
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alimonRP: what you do?16:58
sandsmarkwesam: why oprofile instead of perf?16:59
wesamsandsmark: I assumed they were different?16:59
sandsmarkwell, perf has ~no overhead, I'm not sure what oprofile can provide that perf can't17:00
RPalimon: patches explain better, top two commits of
RPalimon: it does raise a question about the contents of local.conf during these tests though, I'm wondering if the script needs to clone its own OE-Core17:01
sandsmarkoprofile seems to have been dead for a couple of years as well17:01
alimonRP: yes may be will be a better option to isolate the test environment17:01
wesamsandsmark: is perf open source?17:01
sandsmarkof course17:02
sandsmarkit's hosted on :p17:02
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wesamsandsmark: thanks i will look into this17:05
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sandsmarkI haven't used any other profilers after I discovered perf17:05
*** seezer <seezer!quassel@quassel/developer/seezer> has joined #yocto17:06
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tlwoernerdiego_r: hi! knowing RP I bet he meant to say: "I would *not* have said bothered..." :-)17:09
*** rstreif <rstreif!> has quit IRC17:11
RPtlwoerner, diego_r: Yes, that clearly was meant to be "I would not have said", you didn't bother me!17:13
RPalimon: I think its going to need more isolation as its too easily broken right now :(17:14
RPalimon: We may also need to exclude meta-world-pkgdata :/17:14
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RPalimon: I think pohly has filed a bug for the latter but I just confirmed we do need to exclude it17:18
RPalimon: we probably need a bug for the isolation issue17:18
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alimonRP: ok, good to know that we have some bugs to improve the tool, i plan to work in M4 onit17:24
alimonRP: also i'll file the bug for the isolation17:24
*** Randy_ <Randy_!c0373626@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto17:24
RPalimon: sounds good, thanks!17:25
RPalimon: Should I send the above patches?17:25
alimonRP: yes looks good to me17:26
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RPalimon: my other question is about the location of the README files since we can have multiple layers in a single repo with a top level README :/17:26
RPalimon: not sure whether we should require one per layer17:27
RPalimon: I guess meta-openembedded does it17:28
Randy_I need advise. I'am currently working on automating test on a Intel Joule based on Yocto image meta-intel. Currently have to install build using USB mount. Is there a asoftware/Process for flashing a Yocto image straight the device emmc?17:29
khemRandy_: perhaps this might be helpful
*** flavio_santes <flavio_santes!~fsantes@> has joined #yocto17:34
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alimonRP: i don't know it depends on the layer provider, may be we can support both of the manners, so only search for a README at top level17:35
Randy_Thank you khem. I will take a look.17:35
alimonif isn't found search for individual README's17:35
*** flavio_santes <flavio_santes!~fsantes@> has joined #yocto17:36
Randy_khem: Thank you17:36
RPalimon: That one needs more thought. Having a README per layer is perhaps easiest17:38
alimonRP: yes that's the current implemented logic17:38
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dscullyHi, I have a puzzling issue with kernel fragments. I have quite a few already that function properly, but my most recent fragment doesn't appear to apply properly. However, when I put contents of the fragment inside another fragment it appears to show up in menuconfig. The command kernel_configcheck doesn't show any errors and I see that the config fragment is copied into my kernel WORKDIR. So I think my SRC_URI is correct. Is there anything find in the19:13
dscullylogs showing the fragment apply step?19:13
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markadscully: the only changes you should expect in menuconfig is if you have a config which depends on another config19:38
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markathe logs for config frags being applied can be found in what is called the meta-series19:39
markawhich you can find in tmp/work-shared/*/kernel-source/.kernel-meta/meta-series19:40
markabut the frags definitely don't change the data found in the kernel's Kconfig files, which you will see in menuconfig19:40
markaso it is either you just don't see it19:40
markaie. it is hidden because of a dependency19:41
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markaor possibly (but you should know if you have) you are patching the kernel and modifying a Kconfig file19:41
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dscullyThanks, I'll take a look at those logs. I am patching a Kconfig file at the same time, but that doesn't explain why the CONFIG_ line is picked up in one cfg and not the other..19:50
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paulgdscully, there needs to be an explicit "include foo.cfg"  line in an scc file somewhere ; sounds like the file that doesn't work isn't included.19:59
paulgin the dir marka mentioned you'll find the log of all the CONFIG_ settings and what fragment(s) they came from.19:59
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kergothwe're currently in the stabilization phase for pyro, yes?20:43
kergothhaven't been monitoring the release schedule recently20:43
kergothfinally got around to rebasing, cleaning up, and adding tests for git shallow, intend to submit for early on in the rocko cycle, since it's likely too late for pyro20:44
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RPkergoth: yes22:08
RPkergoth: I keep remembering about that at the wrong times :(22:08
RPkergoth: my head is spinning trying to pull everything together and keep things working :/22:08
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kergothi don't blame you, a hell of a lot of major stuff has gone in recently, you've done a good job at keeping the balls in the air thus far :)22:15
RPkergoth: "thus far" :) We'll see how stabilisation goes!22:18
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khemRP: there is systemd 233 release are you interested to cut it into pyro23:33
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