Sunday, 2017-03-19

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deepwaterI think the git hashes on git:// have changed, the revision used in poky/krogoth no longer exists10:26
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deepwaterIs anyone else on krogoth having problems with the source for the file 5.25 release disappearing?11:13
nrossideepwater: looks like there was some history re-writing or similar to the file git repo11:45
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deepwaternrossi: thanks I thought I was losing my mind20:15
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deepwaterThis will break all my old release tags, I'm not sure how other deal with this sort of issue20:18
deepwaternrossi: a similar fix needs to be applied to all yocto release20:24
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bluelightningdeepwater: argh :(21:22
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kergoththere's a mailing list thread about the srcrev update of the 5.30 tag, denis (iirc) replied indicating every release needed equivalent updates21:39
* kergoth yawns21:39
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RPkergoth: I'm not against plugins in the git fetcher, I know what we have now is all a bit of a mess :(21:51
RPThe trouble was trying to keep the different extensions with the same level of functionality as I'm pretty sure the archive/mirroring of gitsm is broken :(21:51
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kergothyeah.. i was mulling over trying to rework gitsm to leverage the fetcher to fetch the individual submodules, rather than letting git do it, would give us some more flexibiliyt in that dept22:01
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khembluelightning: I see that devtool modify -x is too slow on master23:06
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khemany insights ?23:06
bluelightningkhem: on the kernel? or another recipe?23:06
khemits a small recipe23:06
khemI am adding23:06
khembut its noticeable delay23:06
khemright now it takes about a min+23:07
bluelightninghmm, ok, I'll look into it23:07
bluelightningyeah that's too long23:07
khembtw. I have other layers in bblayers23:07
khemmost of meta-openembedded layers plus meta-rpi and meta-96boards23:07
khemso its not just oe-core23:07
khemdevtool modify -x libexecinfo  19.13s user 11.03s system 8% cpu 6:07.73 total23:08
bluelightningyou don't have git recipes with no fixed revision? or something triggering reparse on every execution?23:08
bluelightningeither would potentially explain it23:09
bluelightningkhem: at what stage exactly does it seem to pause?23:10
khemNOTE: Executing do_fetch...23:11
khembut key is tarball is already fetched into my downloads/23:11
khemprior to devtool operation23:11
bluelightningright, it should pick that up23:11
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bluelightningkhem: is that a recipe you could send to me?23:13
khembluelightning: let me push it to gh23:18
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khemI have already finished fixing it23:21
khemall done with devtool23:21
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