Monday, 2017-03-20

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bluelightningkhem: hmm, doesn't seem to be anything relating to the recipe itself - I didn't have any delays when I tried devtool modify on it here01:49
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bluelightningkhem: if you run "time bitbake -p" how long does that take?02:05
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khembluelightning: let me try once this build finishes02:30
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bkimHello there, I would like to ask how I can use my library at other component.03:46
bkimI am trying to link my library but I cannot find a way. It just shows NO LIB03:47
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khembkim: how is your package organized ?03:50
nerdboywhat exactly are you trying to do?  can you pastebin an actual error?03:50
khemare they in two different recipes ?03:50
bkimYes two recipies03:50
* nerdboy had to sed his own autotools-based lib recipe...03:51
bkimI made a library that is simply containint a function to print out on console03:51
bkimI built it as shared library and checked that libhello.so03:52
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bkimIn another recipies and Cmakelist, I tried to link and find the library with target_link_libraries and find_package03:53
nerdboycan you pastebin the failing log and the rcipe?03:53
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bkimOk I will share in 15 min03:53
nerdboyoh yay, cmake...03:53
bkimThanks in advance. I couldnt find any clue in a number of google search TT03:54
nerdboyare you inheriting cmake?03:54
nerdboygrep the recipes in your build layers03:54
nerdboyoften better than google...03:55
nerdboymr khem knows more about the internals but i've hacked a recipe or two03:56
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nerdboyi normally only touch cmake when i have to fix it03:59
nerdboyand pretty much everyone does it different03:59
bkimI am quite new at cmake and bitbake. From last week I ve stuyied alone with google and official manual but the thing is quite now easy to understand at once.04:01
nerdboyessentially you need to tell your find_package stuff to look in the sysroot04:02
bkimI need to write PACKAGE += ${PN} on bb?04:02
bkimso library seems to have ${PN}-dev04:03
bkimSo I need to make that as well04:03
nerdboythere's some auto-lib stuff in there04:05
nerdboydepending on package naming and inherits i think04:06
* nerdboy waits for khem to jump back in04:06
nerdboydid you name it libhello by any chance?04:07
bkimI am preparing my recipies and cmake04:08
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nerdboymaybe set LEAD_SONAME = "" ?04:10
bluelightningonly if there's more than one lib, otherwise that's not going to accomplish anything AFAIK04:10
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bkimMy company blocks irc :(04:24
* nerdboy has a fairly shiny autotools example04:27
nerdboyjust not cmake...04:27
bkimThanks guys anyway.04:28
bkimI ll share if i success04:28
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khembluelightning: bitbake -p  299.50s user 2.92s system 662% cpu 45.648 total04:58
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stdintI have a problem with using gdb remote06:52
stdintI have run the bitbake meta-ide-support06:52
stdintbut the sysroot it gives me still strip all the symbols
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devaIs it possible to make a bbappend that is applied to a package when building core-image but not when building with -c populate_sdk ?08:09
devaSomething like: if !sdk SRC_URI += ... endif08:10
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devaor perhaps just if !native SRC_URI += ... endif08:11
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deva(If it is even possible to use "if" at all in the bb files...)08:12
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mborzeckideva: you can try with _append_class-nativesdk08:28
devamborzecki, Does that work with _remove as well?08:29
mborzeckithat would be my guess :)08:30
devaBecause then I could do a SRC_URI += "foo"; SRC_URI_remove_class-nativesdk = "foo"08:30
devaI'll give it a shot08:31
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devamborzecki, It appears to work. Is there a class for the "regular" image as well?08:45
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devaI have an install_append which I need to remove (or not append) to the nativesdk08:46
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mborzeckii suppose you can have a function that does common part of install eg. do_common_install() and then do_install() { do_common_install; extra stuff} and do_install_class-nativesdk() { do_common_install }08:54
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devaI am currently trying '["$CLASSOVERRIDE" == "class-nativesdk"] || foo' for each of the lines in my do_install_append08:55
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mborzeckinow, whether overriding do_install for sdk is a good thing, I don't know, did a quick grep, only dbus recipe defines do_install_class-nativesdk08:56
devaThat should execute foo only if the class is not nativesdk08:56
devaI can't set do_install directly, because I am in a bbappend and need the original do_install to still be executed08:57
devaI suppose there is no way of calling the "super class" do_install from a bbappend recipe?08:57
mborzeckihm maybe you can fix the upstream recipe then?08:57
mborzeckior just copy the recipe to your layer08:57
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devaIt's not a fix, but a customization that is only needed on the target which breaks tyhe nativesdk08:59
devaCopying it would work, but Id' rather stick as close to upstream as possible08:59
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mborzeckiwell if install is not that complicated you can define do_install_class-nativesdk and perform all the steps yourself09:01
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rburtonhm mingw broke again10:28
RPrburton: there appears to be something in -next/mut doing this :/10:29
rburtontheres very little in next, going to fire a master on that builder to verify10:29
rburtonkanavin: looks like your fault10:32
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rburtonkhem: your '    binutils: Enable threading when gold is enabled and is not default linker' patch broke builds for windows msd11:33
rburtonerm, windows sdk11:33
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jkurburton: did you test different target on purpose? (qemux86 vs qemux86-64)11:48
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rburtonjku: the selftest?  tbh i just saw the last error was gpg signing,and alex was changing that11:49
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jkurburton: oh I thought you were testing the binutils failure11:50
rburtonoh right11:50
rburtonyes, i was11:50
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jkurburton: just remembered: kanavin isn't working today12:31
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jkuI'll take a look, maybe it's not complex12:34
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jkumarquiz: -- I guess your rpm signing commit isn't related but can you still have a look?13:59
yoctiBug 11191: normal, Undecided, ---, alexander.kanavin, NEW , test_signing_packages failed on AB13:59
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pohlySomething in lvm2 is currently broken, some RDEPENDS_append seems to lack a leading space:14:09
pohlyERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'lvm2-native-scripts-native' (but virtual:native:/fast/work/intel-iot-refkit//meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-support/lvm2/ RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)14:09
pohlyNOTE: Runtime target 'lvm2-native-scripts-native' is unbuildable, removing...14:09
pohlyThe problem is I can't even examine that problem with "bitbake -e lvm2-native", because that just ends up printing the exact same error :-/14:10
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pohlyOr is it the native.bbclass which fails to handle RRECOMMENDS_lvm2="lvm2-scripts (= 2.02.166-r0)" (from the target recipe)?14:12
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pohlyYes, that's it. Is the right solution to set RDEPENDS and RRECOMMENDS for extra packages only for the target?14:17
pohlyBecause those extra packages do not exist in the non-target cases?14:17
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diego_rHey guys, I just discovered that if an image with SysV init is so minimal that "modutils-initscripts" is not included, it won't be automatically included if KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD is not empty.Should I report a bug, or is this expected?14:37
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khemRP: renaming to -initial, now its gone from all dependencies even from packages where its saying DEPENDS += "go-native-initial"15:59
khemRP: there seems to be more to magic15:59
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rburtonkhem: well it happened again16:30
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RPkhem: hmm :/16:34
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RPkhem: it may be that -initial is only used by -cross recipes :/16:35
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khemRP: I sent a different fix, found that there were two scripts in conflict renamed them for bootstrap version that should do it16:52
khemRP: quick test shows it holds, I can still build go for rpi3 and run it on target to build packages after this fix16:54
*** mdnneo <mdnneo!~umaucher@> has quit IRC16:54
khembut I never had that race happen here for my images since I do not use go-native for packages16:54
khemlets see if this works for mender folks16:55
RPkhem: ok16:55
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seebsHmm. Yocto bug #9859 is a pseudo thing, and I know the change is merged, but I don't remember whether it's in the branch currently in Yocto.17:20
yoctiBug normal, Medium, 2.3 M3, seebs, IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION , setcap doesn't work17:20
seebsIf it is, the bug can be marked out.17:21
RPjoshuagl: ^^^ do you happen to know?17:22
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khemdevtool is slowww.. devtool modify -x opencdmi  17.21s user 8.48s system 14% cpu 2:58.04 total17:35
*** paulg_ <paulg_!> has quit IRC17:35
khemit took 3mins17:36
khemfor a tiny package whose sources are fetched in dl_dir already17:36
khemI wonder what it it doing17:36
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RPkhem: would be interesting to know...17:54
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rburtonpaul just filed a bug which basically said "it does too much work"17:56
rburtonso he appears to know its a bit slow17:56
RPkhem: did it refetch?17:56
rburtonpaule :)17:57
rburtontoo many blue* too17:57
paulg_figured as much :)17:58
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khemRP: yeah I discussed briefly with him yesterday18:26
khemRP: it was sitting in do_fetch for long18:27
khemits a small package from gh18:27
khemeven a refetch should have been quick18:27
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paulbarker-ETOOMANYPAUL seems to be a common error18:37
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khemwe should just limit to using nicks to avoid it may be18:46
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joshuaglseebs: RP: pretty sure that setcap was in pseudo 1.8.2 which we have in OE-Core19:08
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seebsokay, then that bug is probably in the wrong state. I don't have a live yocto setup right now, though.19:11
joshuaglseebs: you can mark as resolved → fixed and assign to me, I'll verify it tomorrow19:15
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joedenverhi there21:53
joedenverI know there is smart logic in creating dsk.xz files that Yocto currently produces21:54
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joedenverI have 16GB USB stick with live Ubuntu on it, I would love to dump that stick into .dsk.xz file (compressed one)21:54
joedenverwould anybody here know how to do that?21:54
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joedenverI played with clonezilla for some time, but I figured it doesn't do iso files21:55
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alimonRP: i sent the first batch of fixes in yp compatible script, this is my working branch
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alimonRP: remains the isolate environment and able to display signature detail diffs22:42
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