Wednesday, 2017-03-22

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khemwe need to populate apr-1.4.8.tar.bz2 into download mirrors either at or its gone from apache who can help ? halfhalo00:30
khemhalstead: ?00:30
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halsteadkhem I can help in a few minutes.00:32
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khemhalstead: nm its already on yp mirror00:51
halsteadkhem, I just setup. Can you link to where you found it?00:52
halsteadI'll move it somewhere more permanent.00:52
khemyp 1.6 release :)00:53
khemI know its old but still using it00:53
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paulgdidn't this happen like 2-3 mo ago with apache itself ?00:56
paulgthey moved a bunch of stuff to a "legacy" subdir or similar?00:56
paulgI forget what the final solution was for that, but it was discussed here and on the lists IIRC.00:57
halsteadkhem, Okay. Well let me know if I should copy it somewhere
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bluelightningpaulg: I don't recall either, but assuming the future location is known, an appropriate MIRRORS value should take care of that kind of old release archiving01:00
bluelightningin the recipe, that is01:00
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paulgok, google proved I wasn't hallucinating (this time)01:02
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pohlybluelightning: around?07:34
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bluelightningpohly: I am now yes08:03
pohlyI am trying to use the tinfoil API.08:03
pohlyI'm a bit puzzled by event handling. I had it working yesterday such that I get plenty  of events, including the bb.event.DepTreeGenerated that I trigger with tinfoil.run_command('generateDepTreeEvent', args[1:], 'do_build')08:04
pohlyWhat I did not have working yesterday is a progress bar for cache loading (I only got the events).08:04
pohlyToday, it's the other way around, and I am not sure what I changed: I get the usual progress bar during tinfoil.prepare(config_only=False), but then only very few events from wait_event().08:05
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fray(of course it's after 4pm here)  ;)08:18
* RP doesn't like the look of the selftest failures in the last build :(08:20
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RPand the selftest failure is caused by corruption of opkg-native with systemd enabled/disabled :/08:29
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mckoangood morning08:30
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jkuRP: let me know if you want me to do something WRT the selftest failure on master-next: I can see sed+xargs+sed fails ... but don't really understand it09:18
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RPjku: Its hiding the real error which is sed: can't read /home/pokybuild/yocto-autobuilder/yocto-worker/nightly-oe-selftest/build/build/tmp/work/qemux86_64-poky-linux/core-image-full-cmdline/1.0-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/lib/systemd/system/opkg-configure.service: No such file or directory09:26
RPjku: I think I know what might have caused this (approximately)09:26
RPkanavin: I agree with your datestamp theory on the signing issue btw09:27
RPkanavin: didn't reproduce yesterday here, it does now :)09:27
suyI'm using a setup made by others. I have built a lot of packages with a wrong MACHINE value, and since they don't use rm_work, I have lot of wasted space. What's the good way to clean that up? I remember once I removed stuff manually and bitbake complained about wrong sstate.09:27
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RPjku: Steps to reproduce are <enable systemd> bitbake opkg-native; <disable systemd> bitbake opkg-native; <enable system>; bitbake opkg-native; <disable systemd> bitbake opkg-native; then try and build an image09:37
kanavinRP: rburton above has a link where the build didn't cross days and still seems to fail09:38
kanavinbut I honestly don't know what else could it be09:39
RPkanavin: if it reused sstate from an earlier build it still breaks (I just proved that)09:39
kanavinRP: can you tell if sstate is reused here - it seems to me it's not but maybe I'm not reading the log correctly09:39
RPkanavin: which packages does /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY* live in?09:40
RPwell, recipe09:40
kanavinsigning-keys, I believe09:41
RPkanavin: that the logs say it did build that package specifically09:41
RPer, recipe09:41
kanavinRP: in any case having DISTRO_VERSION in the key name does not make sense to begin with, I'll make a patch that fixes that09:42
kanavinRP: then we'll see if the issue still shows up09:42
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RPjku: root caused it, its a nasty sstate bug :/10:02
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RPjku: I do have a problem you could look into though - why does opkg-native have systemd units when systemd is in DISTRO_FEATURES - does changing DISTRO_FEATURES really mean we have to rebuild opkg-native ?10:03
RPjku: I'm wondering about a DISTRO_FEATURES_class-native = "XXX", forcing it to a set  of known values10:04
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T_UNIXbuilding slang fails over here due to qa issues. "ERROR: This autoconf log indicates errors, it looked at host include and/or library paths while determining system capabilities."10:07
T_UNIXis that a known issue?10:07
RPT_UNIX: we've seen that at various points. Which release are you using?10:08
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T_UNIXRP: morty10:08
RPT_UNIX: you could try some of the recent changes:
T_UNIXwill do10:10
T_UNIXRP: thanks :)10:10
RPT_UNIX: Ross changed it quite a bit in for problems like this amongst other reasons10:10
T_UNIXyeah. It seems that patch fixes it. Though I was too lazy and cherry-picked all three patches (2 version updates + that rewrite patch) because picking that single commit didn't apply cleanly :-D10:18
RPT_UNIX: right, a bit harder to do that on the stable branch :/10:22
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jkuRP: I'll have a look11:13
RPjku: thanks11:14
RPjku: its clear from do_install what is happening and I've fixed the sstate breakage but it raises further questions11:14
RPjku: we either need to come up with a fix or document it in bugzilla11:15
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pohlyRP, bluelightning: I'm getting an odd pn name from bb.event.DepTreeGenerated: multiconfig:qemuarm.glibc instead of multiconfig:qemuarm:glibc11:23
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pohlybluelightning: and tinfoil.parse_recipe('multiconfig:qemuarm.glibc') fails (but also does for multiconfig:qemuarm:glibc) - it seems to not find a fn for it  with self.get_recipe_file().11:24
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pohlytinfoil.parse_recipe_file() works for me, with the filename contained in the dep graph.11:24
RPpohly: sounds like a bug11:26
RPshould be a : in there, not a .11:26
bluelightningpohly: I may have taken some shortcuts that mean that the multiconfig prefixes don't work there, but they ought to I think11:26
pohlyRP: I'll have a look and fix it if I can, otherwise I'll file a bug.11:27
RPpohly: thanks. Hopefully its something simple11:27
pohlyRP: probably. However, for the tinfoil problem I have no idea where to look, so I'll probably just file a bug.11:28
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yourfate when I built core-image-full-cmdline it fails at do_populate_sdk, which is werid as I think it shouldn't even try to do that. I guess I can see why it fails, because my toolchain is set to be built for mingw, but i'm in linux11:33
RPyourfate: by default "bitbake core-image-full-cmdline"  would not run populate_sdk so you must have some change adding a dependency11:37
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yourfateRP, that's what I thought. I have TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_append = " kernel-devsrc" in my local.conf, could that be it?11:42
T_UNIXRP: well I was refereing to the delta of morty and`git log master -- meta/recipes-extended/slang/`11:57
corneli am updating systemd from v225 to v232 in our repo11:57
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corneli don't understand why, one patch which should be already in, according to git log, is still applying11:58
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corneland the log is not very explicit about the patching11:58
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rburtona mistake?11:58
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cornelrburton, i'll look at the source11:59
cornelwhat may happen is that the fix was reverted, or just modified11:59
cornelin upstream, that is11:59
jkucornel: also patching is still done with very minimal context matching (there's a bugzilla ticket). So unfortunately patches may apply when they shouldn't11:59
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corneljku, i see ....12:00
jkucornel: so you just need to check12:00
corneljku, do you have the ticket id?12:00
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yoctiBug 10450: normal, Medium+, 2.3 M4, alexander.kanavin, IN PROGRESS DESIGN , Reduce fuzz factor when patching files12:01
cornelthank you very much12:01
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kanavincornel: that bug is stalled, pending devtool improvements which Paul Eggleton hasn't yet gotten to12:04
cornelthank you kanavin12:04
kanavincornel: I recommend you poke him :)12:04
kanavin(the link to the devtool improvement bug is in 10450, so write a comment12:04
kanavinthe problem with fixing this is that if we tighten up the patching, we'll break all layers, badly12:05
kanavinso we first need to have tooling support in place to ease the unbreaking12:05
cornelbut if it's not fixed, we're in a different kinf of mess, where we believe things are right but they may actually be not12:06
kanavin(which basically means rebasing all patches that no longer apply)12:06
kanavincornel: yes, it's a serious problem - read how I found out about it, and what kind of security implications it would have12:06
kanavin(in 10450)12:06
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kanavincornel: if you want to try out the stricter patching, cherry-pick this commit:
cornelkanavin, thank you12:09
kanavinthen your systemd patch should trigger an error12:09
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yourfateI removed the toolchain task, now it fails with the following error:
yourfatesubmitted 11 hours ago by cronus99912:12
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jkudoes bitbake-selftest leave a log somewhere?12:13
cornelso i've checked the source, the patch is applied even if the fix was already there12:13
rburtonhooray patch12:14
rburtonpatches can be written that re-apply12:14
cornelthis has no effect if 'if' returns true12:14
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corneli wonder what happens if that 'if' condition fails :)12:15
yourfatecp: target '/home/widmann/yocto/poky/build/tmp/work/zybo_linux_bd_zynq7-poky-linux-gnueabi/core-image-full-cmdline/1.0-r0/rpms/zybo_linux_bd_zynq7' is not a directory12:15
yourfateis the error12:15
cornelok, if the condition fails, it fails two times :)12:17
cornelspo this particular patch has no side effect12:17
rburtoncornel: patch please :)12:18
cornelrburton, eh, this was our local patch backported from upstream, so i assume is irrelevant to the big upstream poky12:19
cornelbut let me check12:20
rburtonah, hope so12:20
cornelupstream is not affected12:20
cornelin their version of systemd v232 patch 0001-execute* is not applied separately12:20
cornelbut the commit is in the systemd v232 log12:21
cornelwhich as it should be12:21
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jkurburton: the debug output in -- how do I see that locally?12:30
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rburtonjku: -v?12:32
rburtonor dig around in tmp/log/12:32
jkuno, -v only lists tests12:32
jkurburton: so "watching logfiles {}" means you get some log file changes included on the AB output?12:33
rburtonask joshuagl12:36
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kanavinrburton: you're right, the signing failures were not about the wrong date12:46
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cornelkanavin, patch appied, test in progress12:47
kanavincornel: expect an explosion of patch failures if you're testing more than just patching systemd12:47
cornelthat6's exactly what i expect12:47
corneli'm doing a full project build, not just systemd12:48
kanavincornel: I think oe-core alone has on the order of 80 failures - we started to fix those, then realized we really need a tool for it12:48
cornelhere we go12:48
cornel0026-eglibc* fails12:48
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cornelin poky (jethro)12:50
kanavincornel: you probably should do a '-c patch -f' to patch everything at once12:50
cornelkanavin, you mean change your patch?12:51
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kanavincornel: no, if you want to patch all of the recipes at once, and see which of them fail12:52
kanavin'bitbake -c patch -k -f'12:52
*** peacememories <peacememories!> has quit IRC12:52
cornelas bitbake arguments ...12:52
cornelthank you12:52
cornelgonna try12:53
*** peacememories <peacememories!> has joined #yocto12:54
cornelit crashed immediately after one automake patch12:59
joshuagljku: rburton: I think bitbake just detects that it's a non-interactive session and displays knotty output differently13:02
*** firevsice <firevsice!0e8b5206@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto13:02
*** firevsice <firevsice!0e8b5206@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC13:02
jkujoshuagl: so ... any hints?13:03
rburtontry selftest | cat to test josh's theory13:04
joshuaglitym bitbake-selftest | cat`13:07
jkudoesn't seem to change anything13:08
jkuI don't think there are any log files either13:08
*** RagBal <RagBal!> has quit IRC13:12
*** Rootert <Rootert!> has quit IRC13:12
joshuaglhmm, I think we can set BBDEBUG in the environment but I don't see evidence of the AB doing that13:13
*** RagBal <RagBal!> has joined #yocto13:14
*** Rootert <Rootert!> has joined #yocto13:14
*** rburton1 <rburton1!> has joined #yocto13:16
*** rburton <rburton!> has quit IRC13:18
*** vignesh <vignesh!~vignesh@> has quit IRC13:19
*** vignesh <vignesh!~vignesh@> has joined #yocto13:19
*** toscalix <toscalix!> has joined #yocto13:20
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*** tsiib <tsiib!~tsii@> has joined #yocto13:20
*** rburton1 <rburton1!> has quit IRC13:23
*** rburton <rburton!> has joined #yocto13:23
*** kjokinie <kjokinie!~kjokinie@> has joined #yocto13:24
*** marka <marka!> has joined #yocto13:25
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has quit IRC13:27
RPjku: that output is bitbake traceback information, only dumped upon error13:28
RPjku: hack the test to fail?13:28
RPjku: hacking your local DNS to fail to resolve a name would likely do it13:29
*** JordonWu <JordonWu!~quassel@> has quit IRC13:29
RPjku: I suspect that failure was a transient network issue13:29
RPjoshuagl: there is something seriously slow about linux-yocto fetches on both ABs :(13:29
RPjoshuagl: both ABs are blocked with that atm :(13:30
*** JordonWu <JordonWu!~quassel@> has joined #yocto13:30
jkuthanks, it was so long I thought it wasn't just context for the failure but that does make sense13:31
joshuaglRP: OK, will try and get together with halstead and figure it out13:32
RPjoshuagl: I'd try a manual clone onto the nfs, I think that is the issue13:34
RPjoshuagl: actually, it looks hung on locks :(13:36
*** saparina <saparina!> has quit IRC13:37
*** qt-x <qt-x!~Thunderbi@> has quit IRC13:40
joshuaglnot sure why we clone on NFS, istr we discussed not doing that already.13:40
joshuaglah, probably the initial clones of the layer repos13:40
RPjoshuagl: ah, one of the13:43
RPjoshuagl: I can't even see where one of the running clones was triggered from :/13:43
RPjoshuagl: ah, somehow I managed to run the same build twice :/13:44
*** BaloneyGeek|work <BaloneyGeek|work!~bg14ina@kde/bgupta> has quit IRC13:45
*** BaloneyGeek|work <BaloneyGeek|work!~bg14ina@kde/bgupta> has joined #yocto13:45
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has joined #yocto13:46
joshuaglRP: all too easily done, I'm afraid :-/13:48
joshuaglRP: so the two builds are interfering with each other?13:48
*** Nilesh_ <Nilesh_!uid116340@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto13:52
*** zeeblex <zeeblex!> has left #yocto13:52
RPjoshuagl: the two builds are blocked on oe-selftest which is actually running the fetch13:53
joshuagloh, selftest clones the kernel?13:54
RPjoshuagl: one of the tests must13:54
*** rob_w <rob_w!~bob@unaffiliated/rob-w/x-1112029> has quit IRC13:56
joshuaglkernel-devsrc is listed as a recipe to test in test_devtool_modify_invalid13:56
*** lukma <lukma!> has quit IRC13:57
pohlyRP: any idea how I can increase the debug level for bb.debug() output messages from a tinfoil client?13:57
*** toscalix <toscalix!> has quit IRC13:57
*** lukma <lukma!> has joined #yocto13:57
*** peacememories <peacememories!~textual@> has joined #yocto14:02
RPpohly: increase the logging client or server side?14:06
RPpohly: I'm not sure there is tinfoil API to change server side right now :(14:06
*** lamego <lamego!~jose@> has joined #yocto14:07
pohlyOnly changing the log level on the client side isn't enough. I suspect I need  help from bluelightning.14:07
*** tsiib <tsiib!~tsii@> has quit IRC14:08
RPpohly: I suspect so too unfortunately. I'm pretty sure we're find with adding a command it one doesn't already exist14:09
RPpohly: but I don't know if its currently possible or not14:10
*** Artox <Artox!~Artox@2a01:8740:1::8d4:7b6a> has quit IRC14:13
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has quit IRC14:15
adcais it possible to use regular expressions to install packages into a image? something like IMAGE_INSTALL += "perl-module-*"...14:17
*** tsiib <tsiib!~tsii@> has joined #yocto14:19
*** ftonello <ftonello!~felipe@> has joined #yocto14:19
*** ant_work <ant_work!> has quit IRC14:20
*** arfoll <arfoll!~arfoll@> has quit IRC14:20
*** arfoll <arfoll!~arfoll@> has joined #yocto14:20
RPadca: no, but often there are packages for "all perl modules"14:23
RPor "all kernel modules"14:23
adcaRP: thanks!14:24
*** paulg <paulg!> has quit IRC14:27
*** peacememories <peacememories!~textual@> has quit IRC14:31
zeddii_homeI was trying to add some layers via bitbake-layers add-layer .. and after adding some of them, I’m now getting a layer parse error.  I can’t get anything useful out of the error message and stack trace. Anyone have a tip on how to debug the layer.conf that is causing a problem ? I guess I can start nuking lines from it.14:34
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has joined #yocto14:34
mckoanzeddii_home: pastebin it?14:41
RPzeddii_home: would be nice to figure out the issue and improve the failure message...14:41
zeddii_homethis has failed my 10 minutes of effort test14:41
zeddii_homeback to writing up echo “foo” instructions14:41
RPzeddii_home: :(14:42
RPzeddii_home: when you do figure it out, a reproducer in bugzilla would be much appreciated14:42
RPzeddii_home: I'd probably bisect the entries in BBLAYERS by hand14:42
*** rcw <rcw!~rwoolley@> has joined #yocto14:43
zeddii_homewhenever I add either meta-networking or meta-virtualization via bblayers, I can never add any more. layer parse error after that.14:43
zeddii_homesince I can push to meta-virt, I thought I’d fix it.14:43
zeddii_homebut I compared it line by line to one that worked, and can’t for the life of me see the crime.14:43
zeddii_homeoh. intersting.14:44
RPzeddii_home: if you pastebin the trace I can look at it...14:44
zeddii_homeit may just be a missing depdency.14:44
zeddii_homei.e. I just manually put meta-networking into the bblayers var, and I could add meta-virt + meta-security. I did track it down to the depends line, but the error message didn’t scream out “you idiot, you are missing a dependency”14:45
RPwe need to get better at how we handle this :/14:45
zeddii_homeI’ll pastebin the steps.14:46
* Crofton|work recalls how much pain RP had fixin fthe missin gMCHINE var message :)14:46
zeddii_homebut if I remove meta-networking, and then bitbake-layers add-layer ../meta-virtualization/14:46
zeddii_homeand bitbake-layers add-layer ../meta-security/14:46
zeddii_homeit backtraces14:46
RPzeddii_home: bugzilla entry would be ideal14:46
zeddii_homeyep. will do.14:47
RPzeddii_home: if it helps, it took me 3 days to work out that an oe-selftest was failing on centos7 as it was using git add without -A14:47
zeddii_homeit only pointed me at BBFILE_COLLECTIONS in the trace, so I was off looking at that variable14:47
RP(git versions pre and post 2.0 behaving differently)14:47
zeddii_homeI’ll put it all in a bugzilla, and can avoid writing up instructions that avoid echo14:47
zeddii_homeRP: yuck. I feel the pain, having had to support multiple git versions in tools in the past.14:48
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has quit IRC14:48
cornel'file' was changed again?14:48
RPcornel: they fixed things to how they were before14:48
Crofton|workfile can burn in hell14:48
cornelRP, thank you very much14:48
cornelCrofton|work, :)14:48
RPCrofton|work: I think you should say what you really feel, stop holding back ;-)14:49
cornelRP, do you happen to know if this is true also foe FILE5_24 ?14:49
Crofton|workHeh, email thread with customer who is using jethro yesterday, and I delayed reading oe list until later in the day14:49
Crofton|workSo yes, I am bitter14:49
RPcornel: yes, they reverted everything14:49
cornelRP, thank you14:49
* cornel goes to revert commits ....14:50
Crofton|workis anyone taking patches for jethro?14:50
*** toscalix <toscalix!> has joined #yocto14:50
RPCrofton|work: I'd have fixed this in jethro but we never got to it, so no need to revert there14:50
Crofton|workwell, I think it is broken there14:50
Crofton|workhashes changed, tight?14:51
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has joined #yocto14:52
RPCrofton|work: yes, but upstream put the old ones back now14:53
*** lolsborn <lolsborn!> has joined #yocto14:55
tlwoernerwow, i'm seeing a bizarre behaviour that's driving me nuts, maybe zeddii_home can provide some insight?14:57
tlwoerneri'm building a kernel with CONFIG_LOCALVERSION_AUTO enabled, and the "touch .scmversion" thing removed because i want "uname -a" to give the full kernel version including git sha14:58
*** christner <christner!> has joined #yocto14:58
tlwoernerif i build like normal and look in packages-split, all the modules etc have "-dirty" appended, even though cd'ing to the kernel source directory and doing "git status" shows nothing to commit, no changes14:59
jkufun fact: we have ~80 distro features in oe-core. That makes a lovely test matrix14:59
jku(almost half are libc-* features though)14:59
*** dreyna_ <dreyna_!> has joined #yocto14:59
*** awsation <awsation!42300cb0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC14:59
tlwoernerif i build the kernel with "-j 1", it takes a long time, but the directories in packages-split don't have "-dirty"14:59
tlwoernerbut when I run that image, "uname -a" still appends "-dirty" to the version15:00
zeddii_hometlwoerner: do you know if perf is being built ? not sure about the -j1 thing yet ..15:00
zeddii_homeI have to step out for lunch in 15 mins, but can ponder it more this afternoon.15:00
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has quit IRC15:01
tlwoernerzeddii_home: i don't know if perf is being built... okay :-)15:01
zeddii_homethe reason I ask about perf is that we have to mangle (sed) the source files, and they aren’t checked in. so you will get -dirty.15:01
*** oob <oob!~paulg@> has quit IRC15:01
zeddii_homeI have an open bug to deal with it, but there’s no easy solution. or I should say one that doesn’t involve forked repos or lots of i/o15:01
zeddii_homeso check on perf. it may be part of the problem. or not. and that was just FYI.15:02
*** bavery_fn <bavery_fn!~bavery@> has joined #yocto15:02
*** paulg <paulg!~paulg@> has joined #yocto15:02
*** paulg is now known as paulg_15:02
zeddii_homeI can also spin up a build with your .scmversion patch applied and see fi the same thing happens.15:02
tlwoernerzeddii_home: oh cool, you've seen my patch :-)15:02
tlwoernerzeddii_home: i'll send you my recipe too (by email?)15:03
zeddii_homeyah. that would help.15:03
*** BaloneyGeek|work <BaloneyGeek|work!~bg14ina@kde/bgupta> has quit IRC15:04
*** joshuagl <joshuagl!~joshuagl@> has quit IRC15:05
tlwoernerok great :-) i'll rejig it for qemux86 too (currently i'm focused on minnow and firefly) and email it15:05
Crofton|workRP, so jethro was broken and is now fixed (for the file fetch hash)15:06
RPCrofton|work: yes15:06
Crofton|work(making sure history is clear for people that find this)15:06
*** dreyna_ <dreyna_!> has quit IRC15:08
*** lolsborn <lolsborn!> has quit IRC15:09
cornelin 'file' , the FILE5_24 tag still points to the modifed commiit, which also exists15:13
*** paulg <paulg!~paulg@> has joined #yocto15:16
*** florian <florian!~fuchs@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC15:19
*** joshuagl <joshuagl!~joshuagl@> has joined #yocto15:19
*** Snert_ <Snert_!~snert_@> has quit IRC15:19
RPcornel: but the original is still on the master branch so we're good15:20
*** Snert_ <Snert_!~snert_@> has joined #yocto15:20
kergothshould probably report it if the tags are still pointing to the modified commits, though, even if it doesn't break us15:23
* kergoth yawns15:23
*** phatina <phatina!> has joined #yocto15:24
kergothhmm, i wonder why the gitsm fetcher is manually parsing git config files instead of just using git config15:30
*** YCN- <YCN-!4f8d0f3b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto15:30
YCN-Hi guys,15:31
YCN-I'm new to Yocto, I'm studying it since 2 weeks and I'm doing my internship about it.15:32
YCN-I'm building a raspberry pi distro.15:32
YCN-I've a simple quesiton, how can I add a simple C application on my distro ?15:32
YCN-Do I have to make a new receipe or is there simple effective way to do that? Does some one ever did a script to add a C program to yocto ?15:33
RPYCN-: simplest is just a new recipe to build it15:34
Crofton|workbasically, you need a recipe15:34
YCN-Okay thanks :), Imma try to build a script based on sources in order to auto-create a recipe.15:35
*** stephano <stephano!~stephano@> has joined #yocto15:35
YCN-If I do end up with a good solution I'll share it !15:35
YCN-Thanks guys15:36
*** georgem_home <georgem_home!uid210681@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto15:36
*** rubdos <rubdos!~rubdos@2a02:2788:1036:2d:21e:6ff:fe33:e397> has joined #yocto15:38
*** hamis <hamis!~irfan@> has quit IRC15:40
JaMais there easy way to override default oe-core/meta/lib/oe/
*** jku <jku!~jku@> has quit IRC15:41
*** JoiF <JoiF!~jofr@> has quit IRC15:41
*** ed2 <ed2!~Adium@> has quit IRC15:44
RPJaMa: I worry a bit that you'd need to do that :/15:44
RPJaMa: you probably could hack the module search paths to get an alternative version seen first15:44
kergothJaMa: generally you can override any such module by appropriately ordering your layer in BBLAYERS and copying the (which uses namespace packages), iirc15:45
kergothwe already include layer paths in the python module search path15:45
kergothin bbpath order, iirc15:45
kergoththat said, i haven't had my coffee yet, so take anything i say with a grain of salt :P15:46
RPkergoth: I'd not try that with the coffee though :)15:47
*** mjourdan <mjourdan!> has quit IRC15:47
kergothoh yeah, it's a terrible idea to do it in general, but i've had to do it before when we were close to release and couldn't risk updating the upstream layers, but needed a bugfix in an oe module15:47
RPkergoth: I meant the grain of salt with the coffee15:48
RPkergoth: I'd ignore me, selftest is doing bad things to my brain :(15:48
kergothoh, actually alton brown says adding a tiny amount of salt counteracts bitterness better than sugar15:48
kergothi haven't tried it yet, though :)15:48
*** paulg <paulg!~paulg@> has quit IRC15:48
kergoth"Salt and Coffee: Not only does salt cut the bitterness of coffee, but it also smooths out the “stale” taste of tank-stored water. I’ve taken to adding a quarter teaspoon of kosher salt to every 6 tablespoons of grounds. That isn’t really enough to taste, but it’ll do the trick. And by the way, research has proven that salt is actually better at neutralizing bitterness than sugar."15:48
kergothquite interesting15:48
RPkergoth: that is interesting15:49
*** phatina <phatina!> has quit IRC15:49
*** jmcruzal <jmcruzal!~jmcruzal@> has joined #yocto15:49
yourfateif I wanted yocto to include custom files in the core-image-full-cmdlilne, like my uEnv.txt and my etc/network/interfaces config, how would I do that?15:50
kergothI started mulling over how to make gitsm suck less, and i was thinking about using the fetcher for the submodules.. but if we do that, we have to make assumptions about how modules are stored in the repository.. maybe not critical, we can fix it as upstream changes, but then I was thinking another possibility would be to write a custom git remote helper that uses the bitbake fetcher under the hood15:50
kergothi.e. git clone bitbake::
kergothI'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but a possibility15:51
*** BaloneyGeek|work <BaloneyGeek|work!~bg14ina@kde/bgupta> has joined #yocto15:51
RPkergoth: certainly worth exploring, I kind of like the idea15:51
georgem_homeyourfate: ideally add bbappends to the recipes that the files belong and add new recipes if needed15:51
yourfateok, how do I find out which recipies they belong to?15:52
kergothof course the remote helper would likely need to be passed settings, either via git configuration, exported vars, or re-parsing metadata, but.. hmm15:53
*** YCN- <YCN-!4f8d0f3b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC15:54
*** mjourdan_ <mjourdan_!> has joined #yocto15:54
*** mjourdan <mjourdan!> has joined #yocto15:55
*** ed2 <ed2!> has joined #yocto15:55
mjourdanHi, I need a way to create kind of a meta-recipe that installs a mini-rootfs on the target. The goal is to generate subsets of the main rootfs as LXC containers' rootfs. Any thoughts ?15:56
rburtonmake a rootfs image, then in the container recipe you can depend on it15:56
rburtonand put it somewhere in the real rootfs15:57
*** frsc <frsc!> has quit IRC15:57
LetoThe2ndyo dawg we heard you like rootfs. so we put a rootfs in your rootfs.15:57
mjourdanSo basically an image recipe with IMAGE_INSTALL_append, and then a recipe that depends on this image ?15:58
mjourdanLetoThe2nd: exactly :D15:58
LetoThe2ndmjourdan: \o/15:59
rburtonmjourdan: pretty much.  you need to put the container rootfs in the right place with custom code.15:59
*** Nilesh_ <Nilesh_!uid116340@gateway/web/> has quit IRC16:00
mjourdanfair 'nough, hopefully it'll go as easily as this was to understand16:00
mjourdanthanks :>16:00
*** ftonello <ftonello!~felipe@> has quit IRC16:01
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*** ftonello <ftonello!~felipe@> has joined #yocto16:03
*** AndersD <AndersD!> has quit IRC16:05
JaMaRP: krogoth: thanks to both, yes it's needed for bugfix I need for morty release16:06
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has joined #yocto16:06
JaMaRP: krogoth: I'll send it to oe-core soon, just wanted to fix it in our setup ASAP and merge to morty can take a while16:06
* kergoth ponders16:07
JaMathat's why it didn't autocomplete your name..16:07
*** gabrbedd <gabrbedd!> has quit IRC16:08
*** jmcruzal <jmcruzal!~jmcruzal@> has quit IRC16:09
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*** Nilesh_ <Nilesh_!uid116340@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto16:11
*** tavish_ <tavish_!~tavish@unaffiliated/tavish> has joined #yocto16:12
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*** gabrbedd <gabrbedd!> has joined #yocto16:15
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*** beeker23 <beeker23!> has joined #yocto16:20
*** tavish_ <tavish_!~tavish@unaffiliated/tavish> has joined #yocto16:21
beeker23hello. can you tell me where i need to change the partition type for the img from gpt to mbr?16:21
*** tavish_ <tavish_!~tavish@unaffiliated/tavish> has quit IRC16:23
*** scottrif <scottrif!> has joined #yocto16:26
*** tavish_ <tavish_!~tavish@unaffiliated/tavish> has joined #yocto16:28
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*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has quit IRC16:41
mjourdanrburton: so.. I'm having some trouble getting the files from my image. I created a very simple image recipe that inherits core-image with only one entry in IMAGE_INSTALL_append16:42
mjourdanthen created a recipe that depends on this image16:42
mjourdanbut I can't get to the image's files from that last recipe16:42
kergothDEPENDS means do_configure depends on do_populate_sysroot of the dep16:43
kergothyour recipe probably doesn't run do_cnfigure, and do_populate_sysroot of the other recipe will do nothing16:43
kergothyou'll have to be more explicit than that16:43
kergothi.e. do_rootfs[depends] = "some-other-image:do_image_complete"16:44
*** SoniaLeon <SoniaLeon!~sleonbau@> has joined #yocto16:44
mjourdanI see, let me try16:44
*** vmeson <vmeson!~rmacleod@> has quit IRC16:46
kergothRP: is the required minimum bitbake version needed by the fetcher documented anywhere?16:47
*** jairglez <jairglez!~jairdeje@> has quit IRC16:47
kergothRP: er, minimum git version16:47
*** joseppc <joseppc!~josep@linaro/joseppc> has quit IRC16:49
*** jairglez <jairglez!~jairdeje@> has joined #yocto16:49
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*** arfoll <arfoll!arfoll@nat/intel/x-ihaqdqvoweygpzjc> has joined #yocto16:53
mjourdankergoth: One part I don't understand, will my image's rootfs automagically be transfered to the recipe that depends on it ?16:53
kergoththere's no magic, no16:54
kergothif you depend on the tasks that write the other image to DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE, then you could grab the files from that path16:54
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mjourdanDo you have an example in mind ? Not sure I understand what you mean by "depend on the tasks"16:59
kergothi just told you17:00
kergothdo_rootfs[depends] makes do_rootfs depend on do_image_complete in the other recipe. that task and its deps write images to the deploy dir where you can use them17:00
mjourdanyeah that I got17:01
mjourdanbut how do I get access to DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE from a recipe that simply depends on an image ?17:01
mjourdanoh wait, it's global isn't it ?17:01
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has quit IRC17:01
*** luneff <luneff!~yury@> has joined #yocto17:01
mjourdanalright got it, thanks :D17:01
kergoththat's the point, it's writing to a dir that's available from all recipes. you can't go poking into internal recipe-specific dirs like workdir, so you have to use a shared directory for a case like this17:02
kergothof course, for compilation sysroots are constructed with the bits from the dependencies, but you're not dealing with a sysroot here, so that's an entirely different case17:02
mjourdanYup, so in the do_rootfs { } of my recipe, I can simply install the files from the deploy dir/image-name to the recipe's image/ output17:02
*** jku <jku!~jku@2001:14ba:1fe:f400:4e8d:79ff:fef2:49ba> has joined #yocto17:03
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kergothor via a rootfs pre/post process command rather than directly modifying the do_rootfs, but it's the same idea17:04
mjourdanwhy do_rootfs instead of do_install ? What's the difference ?17:05
mjourdanyeah I'll use a do_rootfs_append17:05
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has joined #yocto17:05
kergothdo_install installs files to ${D} for packaging17:06
kergothimages don't get put in binary packages, it's the other way around17:06
mjourdanOne last thing : isn't do_rootfs only for images ? Will it be called for my "regular" recipe ?17:10
*** istarilucky1 <istarilucky1!~rlucca@> has joined #yocto17:10
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:13
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kergothyes, do_rootfs is for images. there are many tasks run by a normal recipe, it depends on when and where you needd the image17:13
RPkergoth: I think its checked on OE-Core17:14
*** egavinc <egavinc!> has quit IRC17:14
kergothah, right17:14
kergothneed to know what features are safe to use :)17:14
*** toanju <toanju!~toanju@> has quit IRC17:15
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mjourdanAh I see, so I should directly add the depends and do_rootfs_append in my main image recipe.. would make more sense than another recipe17:18
mattsmis there a way to run cleanall (or clean,cleansstate) for all packages in an image?17:20
beeker23if i execute `wic create directdisk -e core-image-minimal` i get "ERROR: Please build syslinux first". how do i build syslinux, so?17:20
mjourdangtg, thanks a bunch kergoth & rburton! :>17:21
*** mjourdan <mjourdan!> has quit IRC17:21
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ssalenikhi, how do you bring up eth0 on boot with an image which uses systemd, since the networking init script doesn't seem to get called in this case...17:32
*** geoffrey_l <geoffrey_l!> has quit IRC17:33
*** jmcruzal <jmcruzal!jmcruzal@nat/intel/x-weuindcnmursvdrf> has joined #yocto17:35
ssalenikoh, nevermind, I think the issue is that the networking service is masked for some reason...17:36
*** bavery_fn <bavery_fn!~bavery@> has joined #yocto17:36
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rburtonwell i've stopped boost trying to build py2 modules when you ony have py318:07
rburtonbut now its not building py3 either :(18:07
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kergothhacking on boost? good luck :)18:26
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rburtonkergoth: OH THE PAIN18:34
* beeker23 sigh18:35
luneffWARNING: file-native-5.28-r0 do_fetch: Failed to fetch URL git://, attempting MIRRORS if available18:35
luneffpity me :-( no proper revision in that git tarball18:35
kergothupstream fixed the changed commit id issue, skip using the mirror tarball and fetch from upstream directly18:36
*** tsiib <tsiib!~tsii@> has quit IRC18:38
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rburtonluneff: try re-fetching oe/poky/whatever, they fixed the git repo18:40
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has quit IRC18:40
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #851 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
luneffthanks! I'll try18:43
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ssalenikso, the systemd-compat-units masks the /etc/init.d/netwokring service... how come there isn't a recipe which makes systemd bring up eth0 by default to replace that?20:13
rburtonssalenik: use something like networkd or connman?20:14
ssalenikrburton: well, networkd does run, but it doesn't bring up eth0... I only have lo up when I boot20:14
kergothsystemd doesn't even enable networkd by default, so unless you both enabled it via packageconfig and configured it, it won't be doing much, afaik20:16
kergoths/systemd/the systemd recipe/20:16
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halsteadRP, lsandov If looks right to you I think patchtest will post correctly from now on.20:54
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lsandovhalstead: mmm content is bad, it is showing what it passed not what fail21:05
halsteadlsandov, Maybe I triggered it incorrectly? "git pw post-result 5923 patchtest failure"21:05
*** paulg <paulg!~paulg@> has quit IRC21:06
lsandovhalstead: let me check, lets stop the cron for the moment21:06
halsteadlsandov, Okay.21:06
kergothhmm, adding 10 layers, each with one recipe in them, bumps bitbake's ram usage for a bitbake -e by 500 megs21:08
kergoththat seems a bit excessive21:08
kergothbitbake -e with 57 tiny layers, each with one recipe, uses 8 gigs21:09
lsandovkergoth: I tried vmstat looking at a bitbake core-image-minimal, and free memory decrease by 20Gb21:10
kergoththat definitely seems high21:11
lsandovkergoth: yes, bitbake is kind of a memory hog :)21:12
kergothit always has been, really :)21:12
kergothstill, this seems excessive. when i was working on parallel parsing, it was still possible to bitbake -p with 1gb of ram available21:12
lsandovkergoth: I see, ptyhon2.7 at that time, I believe21:14
kergothtrue, yeah21:14
kergothhmm, should try doing a pyprof2calltree and examine in kcachegrind again, haven't doen that in many years21:15
*** SoniaLeon <SoniaLeon!~sleonbau@> has quit IRC21:18
lsandovkergoth: yes, that would be good21:19
*** berton <berton!~berton@> has quit IRC21:22
kergothwonder what other memory profiling tools are available nowadays, haven't looked into it in a while21:22
lsandovkergoth: there is one python module (memory_profiler) but this is too granular for what I think we need21:26
kergothyeah, seems like that's line-by-line. good for the micro level, not macro21:26
lsandovkergoth: I used vmstat because it gets data from /proc, but this is too general!21:26
* kergoth nods21:26
lsandovkergoth: i believe we need to hack bitbake so we can vmstat -p PID on bitbake processes21:27
kergothi expect we can do it similar to how the -P argument works for cpu profiling21:27
kergothseparate info for each process21:27
*** mkelly <mkelly!~martin@> has quit IRC21:28
lsandovkergoth: yes. I also want to try Intel VTUNE21:28
kergothmprof from memory_profiler works to get an over-time overview, but it's not granular enough21:29
lsandovhalstead: did you git pw post-result manually?21:29
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halsteadlsandov, Yes. I ran "git pw post-result 5923 patchtest failure" as the patchtest user.21:36
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RPhmm, half my home network disappearing was very odd, rebooting the switch (from its webui) made it work again which is rather worrying21:47
*** mkelly <mkelly!~martin@> has joined #yocto21:51
paulgRP, what - you don't trust stuff that magically fixes itself as being long term reliable?21:52
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kergothlsandov: the numbers don't seem right yet for some reason, but at least dumps mprof-style info for the cooker and each task, alongside the cprofile info. obviously still just basic stats, but it's a start22:00
* kergoth grumbles22:01
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lsandovkergoth: nice. that is something I wanted to do. About the numbers, I believe it is a matter of including the right parameters to the mem profiler, right?22:59
kergothi'd expect so22:59
kergothNot related to builds, but I have a setup here using 6gb of ram to do a bitbake -e recipe. If I disable variable tracking for -e, it uses 2.5gb instead.23:00
*** jmcruzal <jmcruzal!~jmcruzal@> has joined #yocto23:00
kergothwould be nice to make that tracking optional..23:00
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