Tuesday, 2017-03-21

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newb8Hello all, I have a question that I spent 1 week to figure out how I can do ..04:54
newb8My question is that one of my system is using systemd that collects log messages with systemd-journald04:55
newb8So,, I want to see the log message from other PC through web-browser and I found 'systemd-journal-gatewayd.serivce' can do that.04:56
newb8The problem is my system doesn't have systemd-journal-gatewayd.service04:56
newb8In the source code for the system have all the source.. but I cannot enable it due to my stupid04:57
newb8Can anyone help me?04:57
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khemnewb8: in a bbappend for systemd add PACKAGECONFIG_append = " microhttpd"05:53
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tlwoerneris runqemu borked, or am i doing something wrong?06:38
tlwoernerError: Unable to find tunctl binary in '/z/build-master/qemux86/build/tmp-glibc/work/i586-oe-linux/defaultpkgname/1.0-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin', please bitbake qemu-helper-native06:38
tlwoernerbitbaking qemu-helper-native doesn't help06:38
frayI've not used master's run qemu in a few days maybe it recently broke?06:40
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* fray notes a 72 core machine takes about 5 minutes to get through the BIOS/boot process.. :P06:43
frayahh there we go06:44
nrossitlwoerner: using rm_work? saw someone else have the same issue, where rm_work trashes the sysroot-native of the image, which means no tunctl or qemu binaries06:49
tlwoernernrossi: yes! thanks :-) which is odd because I don't usually use rm_work... all the more reason not to06:50
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tlwoernernrossi: yep, that was it :-)07:05
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LetoThe2ndfrsc: be glad its not a 144 core box ;-)07:21
LetoThe2nderm fray ^^^^^^07:21
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devaIs it possible to instruct the package step to ignore certain files in the destination evenm though they are not referenced in FILE_${PN} ?07:32
devaCurrently all my .so or bin files not in FILES_${PN} result in an error and I would like to not include them in FILES and cannot delete them in the do_install step because of compiletime intra-packe dependencies...07:33
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yourfateI'm currently in the process of trying to build a cross toolchain for windows (canadian cross, yocto installed in windows, target is arm, toolchain for windows).08:45
yourfateI already cloned meta-mingw into yocto/poky08:45
yourfateand then I tried setting SDKMACHINE to x86_64-mingw3208:45
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yourfatebut the sanity-checker does not agree with that08:46
yourfateforgot to add it to bblayers, trying again :o08:49
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yourfatehmm, i successfully built meta-toolchain with meta-mingw, copied it to windows and executed the environment setup.bat09:37
yourfatebut now it's missing header files, hello world won't compile, because iostream is missing09:37
yourfatedid I miss something when building the cross toolchain?09:37
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bluelightningyourfate: are you by chance calling the compiler directly instead of using ${CC} ?09:39
bluelightningalthough I guess on windows it would be C%09:39
yourfateI use CC or rachter CPP09:39
yourfatewhich is set on windows09:39
bluelightningright, ok, that's a good start09:39
yourfatehmm, I think I already have a CC somewhere in my path09:40
yourfatebecause if I start a new terminal it also works09:40
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yourfateaah, %CPP% is the right one09:41
yourfatehow the error looks different, but it still doesn't find iosteream.h09:41
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yourfateis meta-toolchain the correct bitbake target or should I build something different?09:42
aurelehi everyone09:43
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aureleanyone facing problems with mtdtools?09:44
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aureleI have this trace since a few days : install: cannot stat 'tmp-glibc/work/cortexa9hf-neon-oe-linux-gnueabi/mtd-utils/1.5.2-r0/git//include/libubi.h': No such file or directory09:46
aureleand obviously the build fails09:46
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pohlymythi_: what's the status of merging the latest meta-intel into intel-iot-refkit? Still blocked by a kernel bug?09:53
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corneli can no longer get 'file' revision from github10:23
cornelnot that10:24
CTtpollardit's a known problem, now 'fixed' I believe10:24
CTtpollardsomebody rebased a release branch (:10:24
cornelCTtpollard, a few minutes ago was not10:24
cornellet me try again10:24
CTtpollardcornel: I mean fixed in openembedded, the upstream sha changed for the commit10:25
cornelanybody knows why for example fedora 25 uses 'file' from darwinsys while OE uses 'file' from github? is this just fedora using older source delivery methods?10:26
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cornelCTtpollard, i assume OE fixed the SRC fro 5.28 (or latest version)10:27
cornelCTtpollard, can you tell me how to update the commit id for 5.24 ?10:27
CTtpollardcornel: http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/poky/commit/?h=morty&id=555d77678507d313ba0e1a20ae868082b40046ed10:27
corneli mean, what was the method? how do i know which is the new commit id for 5.24?10:29
CTtpollardCTtpollard: update your poky to that commit, or cherry pick the fix10:30
CTtpollardor do the same manually10:30
* cornel tries to understand10:32
corneli am interested in the new commit id for 5.24 ....10:32
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CTtpollardYou'd have to find the sha yourself in the upstream, or wait for your release of poky (I presume you're using an old release, and this fix hasn't been applied to old branches)10:34
corneljethro, yes10:34
CTtpollardthere is no fix for it in the jethro branch10:35
corneli've seen this, thank you10:35
joshuaglthe SRCREV in the recipe linked above is the commit id for file-5.28 in the upstream repo10:39
cornelyes, i'm looking after 5.2410:40
cornelyes but, which is 5.24 ?10:42
kanavinjku: RPM-GPG-KEY-2.2+snapshot-20170318 - I suspect the date rolled over during the test10:43
kanavinmarquiz: ^^^10:43
kanavinrburton: ^^^10:43
rburtonkanavin: ah10:43
corneljoshuagl, i think i got it :)10:43
cornelthank you very much10:44
kanavinrburton: let's define a DISTRO_VERSION_NODATE, as this is the second time the issue pops up10:45
kanavinor maybe not10:49
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kanavinthe reason it wasn't observed before is that we had no test for this :D10:50
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rburtonpohly: good news: ovmf failed last night on a non-musl build, so i'm definitely grabbing your build patch :)10:52
pohlyrburton: I'm still puzzled why it now starts to fail.10:52
rburtonkanavin: why does it re-generate the distro version instead of looking to see what it's actually got to work with10:52
rburtonpohly: luck of the autobuilder draw?10:53
pohlyThey are not the same host system?10:53
marquizkanavin, jku: oh10:54
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kanavinrburton: if signing-keys sstate was done before midnight, and image creation is happening after, then the DISTRO_VERSION will not match the sstate10:55
rburtonpohly: is your ovmf patch against master? doesn't apply cleanly here10:59
marquizkanavin, rburton: should we just remove ${DISTRO_VERSION} from the filename(?)11:00
pohlyPretty much, yes.11:00
marquizlunch ->11:00
rburtonpohly: ah no problem, as it just deletes 0001-* i can do that bit by hand11:00
pohlyrburton: However, I had the same issue when moving the patch from poky to openembedded-core. "git am" failed, "patch -p1" worked.11:00
kanavinmarquiz: that, or we could list the contents of the directory where the keys are, and pick the latest file with the appropriate filename11:01
rburtonpohly: weird11:01
pohlyPerhaps it's because the CR line endings again.11:01
rburtonhm yeah maybe11:01
kanavinmarquiz: I'd say the latter is maybe nicer11:01
pohlyPlease try "git am ...; patch -p1 ...; git am --continue".11:01
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cornelit seems that actually some files are gone between the old FILE%_24 and the new FILE5_2411:25
cornelfor example two NASA files11:25
cornelbut not only those11:26
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yourfatedoes anyone have experience with meta-mingw and cross compiling (canadian cross)? I'm trying to build a windows toolchain to compile for my arm target11:34
yourfateI built meta-toolchain and extracted it in windows, it comes with an environment bat, and the compilers seem to be set correctly, but the C header files are missing, for exmampmle it doesn't find iostrea.h11:35
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rburtonyourfate: are you passing CPPFLAGS etc from the environment?11:38
rburton(as per the documentation, you need to pass all the flags set in the environment)11:38
yourfateI'm using the %CPP% compiler varisable11:38
yourfateso, it passes a lot of stuff11:38
yourfatewhich is set from the settings .bat file11:38
rburtonthat doesn't pass everything11:38
yourfateoh, so I need to find out what to pass. Is there a way to have that already set up, like cmake so I can set it up in visual studio?11:40
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rburtonand yes, if you use a tool then it should respect those variables11:42
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yourfatealso, that sysroot that got built doesn't contain kernel sources / headers as far as I can tell11:44
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RPyourfate: you can configure what gets added to it...13:19
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yourfateRP, is meta-toolchain even what I want to be building? I want a toolchain that can be used from visual studio on windows to compile for the arm13:22
yourfateon linux I built the toolchain into the build dir with populate_sdk and meta-ide-support13:22
yourfatethat worked nicely with eclipse, didn't have to set up anything manually, compilation worked13:23
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RPyourfate: windows support isn't as well polished13:24
RPyourfate: I'd think that meta-toolchain is probably closest to what you want13:25
yourfateI see. how would I add stuff to the toolchain build?13:25
yourfateI imgaine somewhat close to the core_image_extra_install stuff13:25
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yourfate...if this was up to me I'd write the code in emacs and copile from command line, but the people tasked with actually working on it want visual studio...13:27
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gizero~Hi! Can http://cgit.openembedded.org/meta-openembedded/tree/meta-oe/recipes-devtools/android-tools/android-tools/.gitignore be the root cause of files in android-tools/ not being propagated in an extensible SDK?14:02
gizeroWhen running devtool in the eSDK environment I get warnings like "WARNING: /home/vagrant/poky_sdk/layers/meta-oe/recipes-devtools/android-tools/android-tools_5.1.1.r37.bb: Unable to get checksum for android-tools-native SRC_URI entry remove-selinux-android.patch: file could not"14:02
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gizerofor any patch file mentioned in meta-oe/recipes-devtools/android-tools/android-tools_5.1.1.r37.bb14:03
*** lamego <lamego!~jose@> has joined #yocto14:03
gizero...and the patch files are missing indeed14:05
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rburtongizero: http://cgit.openembedded.org/meta-openembedded/tree/meta-oe/recipes-devtools/android-tools/android-tools/remove-selinux-android.patch14:15
rburtonwhy is there a gitignore in there14:15
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gizerorburton: can you elaborate? I'm not getting the point... you link to one of the patches that end up being missing in the eSDK...14:31
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gizerorburton: what I see on the eSDK side is that poky_sdk/layers/meta-oe/recipes-devtools/android-tools/android-tools only includes *.mk (which are explicitly un-ignored in said .gitignore) files but no .patch at all14:45
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Ox4hello guys15:39
Ox4I am trying to get package last commit hash using such command in a recipe: EXTRA_OEMAKE = "'CPPFLAGS=${CPPFLAGS} -DGITVERSION=\\\"$$(git describe --abbrev=7 --dirty --always --tags)\\\"'"15:40
Ox4but it doesn't work :)15:40
Ox4is there correct way to do this?15:40
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alimonOx4: what is the output failure?16:31
alimonOx4: may be you aren't in the git repo dir16:31
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MarexRP: can I build an image with aarch64 kernel and 32bit userspace ?16:51
*** willdye <willdye!~willdye@h34.41.88.75.dynamic.ip.windstream.net> has joined #yocto16:51
RPMarex: probably16:52
MarexRP: any hints on how ? :)16:52
RPMarex: multilib would be the obvious one16:53
*** zeenix <zeenix!~zeenix@> has joined #yocto16:53
MarexRP: probably16:54
MarexRP: but then again, I don't really want multilib rootfs16:55
MarexRP: I just want kernel compiled for aarch6416:55
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RPMarex: You have two options, you either use multilib or you hack the kernel config/compile options16:56
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RPMarex: neither is a simple "just set an option" right now afaik16:57
RPwell, multilib is more so16:57
MarexRP: all righty, I'll dig into it, thanks :)17:00
MarexRP: and btw , since we now have a patch in u-boot recipe for 2.3 release , I can as well backport the omap uart fix and be done with it :/17:01
MarexRP: no chance of upgrading uboot to 2017.03 anyway ... sigh17:01
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* Marex was totally overloaded and didn't manage to test the patch17:01
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mjourdanMarex: I've seen this in a project recently, they add a depends on a aarch64 linaro toolchain recipe, then they overwrite things like ARCH, KERNEL_CC, KERNEL_LD, KERNEL_LD, CROSS_COMPILE, etc. in kernel recipe.17:08
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caiortpAfter a gstreamer update this error start to show17:27
caiortpMissing or unbuildable dependency chain was: ['gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad', 'librsvg', 'gdk-pixbuf', 'virtual/libx11']17:27
caiortpBut I'm already have configured PACKAGECONFIG_remove_pn-gstreamer1.0-plugins-good = " gdk-pixbuf orc cairo "17:28
caiortpI'm using 1.7 version, this error don't allow to execute -c clean17:28
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RPcaiortp: gstreamer1.0-plugins-good != gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad ?17:29
caiortpPACKAGECONFIG_remove_pn-gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad = " gdk-pixbuf  "17:29
RPcaiortp: gdk-pixbuf is coming through librsvg ?17:29
caiortpRP, I configured the plugins-bad too to remove gdk-pixbuf17:30
caiortpRP, hm.. I don't know.. I will see17:30
RPcaiortp: which doesn't help since -bad depends on librsvg ?17:30
RPand librsvg depends on gdk-pixbuf17:30
*** istarilucky1 <istarilucky1!~rlucca@> has joined #yocto17:30
RPso you need to stop it depending on librsvg as well17:31
caiortpok, I added the rsvg in the PACKAGE_remove17:32
caiortpI had a lot of problems with gstreamer 1.4.1 so I need to update to 1.8.317:33
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caiortpit seems to have work17:34
caiortptks RP17:34
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Marexmjourdan: I totally want to avoid external toolchain17:37
Marexmjourdan: esp linaro one17:37
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triacta_aahow to get sqlite3 for python3_3.4.3 in Jethro ?17:47
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kergothhmm, the fact that there's no readme int he bitbake repo anymore rather irks me18:37
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kergothat a minimum we should have contribution guidelines and a contact point there18:38
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RPkergoth: agreed19:41
RPkergoth: not sure how/when that got lost...19:41
kergothI'm guessing it was out of date, just odd to remove it entirely rather than updating / shrinking it :)19:42
* kergoth shrugs, no idea19:42
triacta_aahow to get sqlite3 for python3_3.4.3 in Jethro ?19:43
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RPkergoth: not sure its ever had one...19:56
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RPtriacta_aa: isn't there a recipe for sqlite3 in jethro already?19:58
mtasHi.  I have a recipe that inherits from cmake.  I'd now like to add a systemd service at the recipe level.  So, I added systemd to inherit.  I seem unable, however, to "hook" into or after do_install to stage my systemd service.   I've tried supplying my own do_install, adding do_install_append, and addtask <mytask> after do_install before do_package, but19:59
mtasall of these seem to be bypassed by a direct invocation of cmake_do_install.  Any ideas?  Thank you.19:59
kergothRP: huh, yeah, you're right — that's really weird :)20:00
bluelightningmtas: do_install is the task that actually gets called, cmake_do_install is simply the default implementation when you inherit cmake20:02
bluelightningmtas: so I'm unsure as to what would be going on there20:02
rburtondo_install_append should work, pastebin might be useful to see what you're *actually* doing20:03
*** ed2 <ed2!~Adium@> has joined #yocto20:04
* mtas rburton:20:04
kergothHmm, I dislike that runfetchcmd() wraps the command failure in FetchError. loses context, can't wrap a call of it in a try/except and raise a more intelligent FetchError yourself, since the command output isn't carried in the exception20:04
kergothwe also need to start making use of chained exceptions at some point here20:05
kergothraise foo from bar20:05
rburtonkergoth: i dislike almost everything about the fetcher20:05
kergothheh, i hear that20:06
rburtonbut i also know better than to say "lets write fetch3"20:06
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kergothI rather like the idea of having a standalone fetch tool that we run to do the work, but you'd have to retain the efficiency for revision checking at parse time, which could be troublesome20:06
rburtonkergoth: shared code in bitbake?20:07
rburtonmtas:     for service_file_name in SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN}-systemd-auto; do  <— what do you expect that to be doing?20:08
kergothI think we need to start by better fleshing out the unit tests. we can't safely refactor worth a damn right now due to the risk. it's a lot better than it was before the tests were added, but still a lot of cases it doesn't cover20:08
kergothhard to cover every possible state of DL_DIR, your mirrors, and the remotes20:08
rburtonhm i should give the dogs a stroll and finish building that bike20:09
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mtasrburton: What I was hoping to be doing is iterating through a list of service names and installing and sed-ing each.  I was intending to debug that part after getting my hook to run in the first place...20:10
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mtasrburton: At the moment, I've seen no evidence that my hook is getting stitched into the bitbake machinery, hence my post to this channel.20:11
rburtonwrite a do_install_append, and just bbwarn HERE in it20:11
mtasrburton: will do.20:12
rburtoni'd be surprised if bbwarn() did python-style expansion, it's just a shell function to echo a string to a pipe20:12
rburtonso your bbwarn() won't work anyway20:13
mtasrburton: yes, I see that now...20:13
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RPkergoth: I tried to at least have something with the current fetch tests. I agree its far from perfect though. All I can say about fetch2 is that I think it improved things over fetch(1) :/20:30
RPI've also tried to keep conditionals out the code, having good well used paths where we can20:31
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*** goobergoober <goobergoober!~john@50-76-27-166-static.hfc.comcastbusiness.net> has joined #yocto20:33
bluelightningI just got a failure from file do_fetch, even after the fix we just did20:35
bluelightningERROR: file-native-5.30-r0 do_fetch: Fetcher failure: Unable to find revision 3050419355566d2a96c5be97fef0ffae097bbb96 in branch master even from upstream20:35
bluelightningERROR: file-native-5.30-r0 do_fetch: Fetcher failure for URL: 'git://github.com/file/file.git'. Unable to fetch URL from any source.20:35
bluelightningany ideas?20:35
khemRP: a recipe has to tarballs in SRC_URI, which untar into parallel folders, I want the second one to go under first folder .. how to do that ? destsuffix= seems to only work with git based fetcher20:36
khembluelightning: there are patches for this on ml20:36
khemI would suggest to look at pw20:36
bluelightningkhem: do you mean this one? https://patchwork.openembedded.org/patch/138200/20:39
bluelightningthat's already in master20:40
mtasrburton:  FYI, when I went back to my original do_install_append function, it again had no effect on the generated do_install in run.do_install!   I found that I had somehow placed an extra closing brace on the last line of my function, e.g. "}               }".  This didn't throw an error on parse, i.e. bitbake <myrecipe> run to completion without grumble,20:40
mtasbut the content of my function was ignored.20:40
bluelightningmtas: that sounds like something we should fix, would you mind filing a bug in bugzilla?20:42
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bluelightningkhem: re the tarball unpack - try the subdir= parameter20:43
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khembluelightning: yes infact I found that via bitbake sources just minutes ago20:47
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mtasbluelightning: Hi.  I will file a bug (after I create a minimalist repro)20:50
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khembluelightning: re devtool speed, my disk is too slow on rm operations and it seems devtool is doing some of those when setting up a package for development ?20:54
*** stephano <stephano!~stephano@> has joined #yocto20:54
khembluelightning: btw. I found a complex usecase where a recipe has custom do_patch, devtool does not work in this case20:54
bluelightningkhem: it does do some moving files around but shouldn't be doing that much unlinking - and in master it extracts its temp files under the workdir, so it shouldn't be across different disks20:55
bluelightningkhem: hmm, is that custom do_patch in a public recipe?20:55
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has joined #yocto20:55
khembluelightning: if you want to try then apply this patch https://github.com/kraj/meta-openembedded/commit/793e5b76f72006054cef273d25b901c5c1cb5e85 on top of meta-oe/master20:55
khembluelightning: yes public20:55
khembluelightning: re. slowness, the meta layers were on another disk and build/ folder and devtool workspace folder were on different on20:56
khemshould that make difference ?20:57
khemit is doing too much parsing ?20:57
bluelightningkhem: not especially... there would be a cost to unpacking the source, but that would be during do_unpack20:57
bluelightningkhem: it's possible you are hitting some odd bug there though20:58
bluelightningnot sure how I would reproduce your configuration here20:58
khembluelightning: two disks 1. checkout meta-layers, setup sstate and dl_dir also on this disk 2. setup builddir 3. Add all meta-oe layers 4. devtools modify -x <some-recipe>21:02
khemthe patching bug is simpler21:03
khemthat you can try netcat-openbsd recipe to reproduce21:03
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ant_homekhem, your raspberry kernel is deeply tainted by linux-yocto tasks. I' still trying out which one is fixing do_menuconfig but I have guesses :)21:05
ant_home...unfortunaly there ar changes to kernel.bbclass wrt initramfs to test so I never finish that menuconfig debug for non-yocto kernels21:07
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kergothRP: agreed, the fetcher has improved a lot, and the tests are extremely important. they caught a couple bugs in my shallow implementation :)21:56
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khemkergoth: oe_selftest is cool22:51
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bluelightningturns out upstream restored the old file hashes (sigh)23:09
bluelightningRP has just pushed a revert though that fixes it23:09
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RPand reverts for the stable branches23:10
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rburtonbluelightning: WHAT23:17
rburtonkanavin: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-oe-selftest/builds/850/steps/Running%20oe-selftest/logs/stdio <— didn't cross days, still broke23:20
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RPrburton: https://mx.gw.com/pipermail/file/2017/002262.html23:23
RPrburton: I have a tweaked -next running, mostly green, waiting on selftest23:23
RPrburton: will look at merging tomorrow if its happy23:23
rburtongodspeed, autobuilder23:24
* rburton goes23:24
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