Thursday, 2017-04-06

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1105 of nightly-world is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
Crofton|workbluelightning, did sip also end up in core01:46
bluelightningCrofton|work: nope:
bluelightning(now that our search actually works well for this kind of thing...)01:47
Crofton|workI think it was update sin meta-oe for something else01:48
bluelightningoh, right... now I see the commit message01:49
Crofton|workah yes, need for qt501:50
Crofton|workreminds me, nede to work on pywt501:50
Crofton|workpyqt5 :)01:51
bluelightningso at the moment I can't merge this patch because python-pyqt will stop building without meta-oe and meta-oe isn't a dependency01:51
Crofton|workpyqt won't build with newer sip01:51
bluelightningno, and with the patch it won't build without it ;)01:52
bluelightningshort term the fix would be to copy the new sip version over to meta-qt401:52
Crofton|workwell, I think I am the only user of pyqt01:52
Crofton|workwe really do not want to dupe recipes01:53
bluelightningnot really, no, but we already have it01:53
Crofton|workeither meta-qt4 and meta-qt5 depnd on meta-oe01:53
bluelightningalternatively we state that python-pyqt won't build without meta-oe01:53
Crofton|workor sip goes to core01:53
bluelightningI don't think we can add a layer dependency on meta-oe just for this01:53
Crofton|workso you break pyqt for anyone using meta-oe?01:54
bluelightningthat's not what I am suggesting01:54
Crofton|workyou want to carry a dupe recipe then?01:55
bluelightningno, not that either01:55
bluelightningI'm saying, we don't add the layer dependency explicitly, but we force you to add meta-oe if you want to build pyqt01:55
bluelightningwe can document that in the readme01:55
Crofton|workok fine with me :)01:56
Crofton|workI just need it to work01:56
Crofton|workand it is late here :)01:56
Crofton|workand I really need to shift to qt501:56
bluelightningok, I will merge your patch and send a patch to remove sip01:56
Crofton|workthat seems like the best approach01:57
Crofton|workI have had people ask about pyqt501:57
Crofton|workbecause you find an email from me asking about it01:57
Crofton|workThanks for getting caught up01:57
Crofton|workI'm off to bed01:57
bluelightningheh I also have to add an EXCLUDE_FROM_WORLD to poky's inc file as well01:58
bluelightningfun times01:58
bluelightninggoodnight :)01:59
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rocket42hello, everyone02:48
rocket42i am having problem with cross-develop GUI application for beaglebone black02:49
rocket42tootchain i used is to get from yocto project02:49
rocket42image for beagelebone black also get from yocto project (santo image)02:50
rocket42i also use eclipse yocto plug-in to cross-develop02:51
rocket42i use gtk+ library for my application02:51
rocket42but when i build my application02:51
rocket42fatal error is always appear "fatal error: <gtk/gtk.h>: no such file or directory"02:52
rocket42i don't know how to solve it02:52
rocket42it is very strange that02:55
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Chrysotavio : Hi, i've sent you a message in PVT. Thanks.07:28
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yohboyHi ! I made a layer with one recipe and I set DEPENDS += "unzip" in my recipe. But when I execute bitbake core-image-minimal, I have one error which says : unzip not found. But I have unzip working on my machine, and this dependency works in others layers. Why is it not working in mine ? Any idea please ?07:50
jkuyohboy:  please pastebin the error with enough context07:53
ChrysI'm new also in yocto but I guess yohboy, your recipes should provides unzip. It don't care of what you can have on your computer, am I right ?07:54
yohboyjku: the error is much bigger, with a lot of debug/note07:57
yohboythe main error says : ERROR: zybo-gateway-linux-1.0-r0 do_install: Function failed: do_install (log file is located at /home/yohan/Smart_gateway/Linux_yocto/build/tmp/work/zybo_gateway-poky-linux-gnueabi/zybo-gateway-linux/1.0-r0/temp/log.do_install.4844)07:57
yohboywith debug line important I think : /home/yohan/Smart_gateway/Linux_yocto/build/tmp/work/zybo_gateway-poky-linux-gnueabi/zybo-gateway-linux/1.0-r0/temp/run.do_install.4844: unzip: not found07:57
Chrysyohboy : does unzip is provided by the recipes on your build project ?07:58
yohboyChrys: I was thinking my recipe uses unzip to make the do_install08:00
jkuyohboy: if it does then you would need unzip-native, not unzip08:01
LetoThe2ndyohboy: try to be exact. show the recipe, or precisely tell us what you want to do. because it seems you are missing up the environments.08:01
LetoThe2ndyohboy: (like jku just said, in short)08:01
yohboyok, let me explain better so08:02
LetoThe2ndthinking about it, depends unzip hardly makes sense. it usually is either unzip-native or rdepends ;-)08:03
yohboySo i'm working also with meta-xilinx layers. I took example on a recipe from meta-xilinx, and try to make my own. The recipe take a zip file and need to unzip it to extract some usefull file, and deploy them08:04
yohboyThe recipe is very very similar to the one from meta-xilinx08:05
yohboybut when I put this recipe in my layer08:05
yohboyit can't find the depencies08:05
Chrysyohboy : Maybe you should see documentation of what DEPENDS is. RDEPENDS = Dependencies in runtime while DEPENDS is more when a "recipe" need for " do_configure" another recipes which have already done "do_populate_sysroot"08:05
LetoThe2ndyohboy: see above then.08:05
ChrysLetoThe2nd : I'm I right ?08:05
LetoThe2ndChrys: close.08:06
yohboyI will test it yes, but weird because the recipe from meta-xilinx works and uses DEPEND += "unzip"08:06
LetoThe2ndall the do_* steps are executed during compile time, not during run time. they are executed on the host, not an the target. hence if you need something there that is not included in the standard toolchain, then you have to add it as a -native dependency08:07
LetoThe2ndyohboy: well we don't know what else you messed up :-P08:07
Chrysyohboy : It's not because nutella work in a bread that nutella should work also in a shoe !08:07
yohboysure :p08:07
yohboyI'll test your solution and get back thanks08:08
LetoThe2ndChrys: nope. its more like: does recipe tell you that you need to put nutella in what you cook, or do you need to put nutella into the chef in order to make him work properly.08:08
ChrysLetoThe2nd : You didn't get what I wanted to mean I guess ahah08:09
ChrysLetoThe2nd : It's not because a line in a file worked for a meta, that this same line should work in another meta.08:09
LetoThe2ndChrys: nope. thats a completely wrong way to put it.08:10
yohboyseems to be worst with RDEPENDS08:11
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yohboy QA Issue: /home/yohan/Smart_gateway/Linux_yocto/layers/meta-zybo-gateway/recipes-bsp/reference-design/ Variable RDEPENDS is set as not being package specific, please fix this. [pkgvarcheck]08:11
ChrysLetoThe2nd : What you said is more like to explain differences between RDEPENDS and DEPEND =D08:11
LetoThe2ndyohboy: because you didn't listen.08:11
LetoThe2ndChrys: exactly. and thats exactly his problem.08:11
yohboyIt seems I miss something yes08:11
ChrysLetoThe2nd : Yeah but i was speaking because he said  : weird because the recipe from meta-xilinx works and uses DEPEND += "unzip"08:12
LetoThe2ndyohboy: so please let me repeat: 10:07 < LetoThe2nd> all the do_* steps are executed during compile time, not during run time. they are executed on the host, not an the target. hence if you need something  there that is not included in the standard toolchain, then you have to add it as a -native dependency08:12
LetoThe2ndChrys: who says that the recipe that he claims to cite is even remotely comparable? that the line is not completely ripped out of context?08:12
ChrysLetoThe2nd : It doesn't matter now ahah.08:13
LetoThe2ndChrys: its like saying: "I++;" works perfectly fine on this one project, it has to work EVERYWHERE hence08:13
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LetoThe2ndlines of code are always subject to context.08:14
ChrysLetoThe2nd : That's why I said that.08:14
LetoThe2ndall is fine then.08:14
ChrysLetoThe2nd : Maybe my english isn't good enough but it was the meaning I wanted to say.08:15
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yohboyit seems to work with -native, thank you08:16
abelalhi folks08:29
abelalwhy is it marked as commercial08:29
phako[m]The current assumption is because it depends on bellagio08:29
phako[m]Stumbled upon that last week.08:30
abelalphako[m]: thanks but that's an assumption only, right?08:33
phako[m]more or less08:34
sveinseI am going to make a image post-processor (a installer generator) and I need it to access the rootfs images for a set of machines. Can I from my own recipe access the image rootfs files (e.g. tmp/work/${MACHINE}/sp-core-image/1.0-r0/rootfs/) as root via pseudo/fakeroot, or do I have to use the .tar.bz2 files in deploy/ for that?08:35
abelalphako[m]: then shouldn't the libomxil recipe be marked this way rather than gstreamer-omx?08:36
phako[m]t is.08:36
phako[m]it ts.08:36
phako[m]oh damn08:36
phako[m]it is.08:36
phako[m]but since gstreamer-omx is pretty useless without it if you don't have a vendor il. But that's just my guesswork08:37
abelalphako[m]: :) hmmm odd only libomxil should be marked that way in this case08:37
abelaland are we sure libomxil is commercial?08:38
RPsveinse: you could add your own task to the images?08:38
phako[m]abelal: it uses ffmpeg to implement all kind of license-encumbered codecs...08:40
sveinseRP: Its slightly more complicated that that: The installer shall combine the rootfs images from multiple MACHINEs into one, and our current Yocto (krogoth) don't support building multiple machines in one invocation, so it have to be a separate recipe that must be run last08:40
abelalphako[m]: but the recipe does not depend on ffmpeg... :s08:41
RPsveinse: keep in mind we don't support cross workdir directory accesses08:41
RPsveinse: also, each workdir has its own pseudo context which is going to complicate things for you08:41
sveinseRP: I'm not crossing workdirs, they are all run in the same dir. Just three invocation of varying MACHINE. They are very similar, as they all have the same arch and tune08:42
RPsveinse: you build all three images in the same WORKDIR?08:43
RP(for each of the three machines)08:43
RPsince even the path you posted earlier is tmp/work/${MACHINE}/sp-core-image, I very much doubt that08:43
RPthat path is machine specific08:43
sveinseyes, I run MACHINE=a bitbake sp-core-image; MACHINE=b bitbake sp-core-imaage08:44
phako[m]abelal: hm, true08:44
sveinseI'll reuse most packages, as they are built for tune, while the bsp-stuff is individual08:44
RPsveinse: and end up with three *different* directories each containing a rootfs. Each of those directories will have a WORKDIR/pseudo database for that directory08:44
nrossiyohboy: I've queued up a patch to fix it to use unzip-native in meta-xilinx aswell08:45
RPpseudo only works with one database so you can't load each of these images into the same context easily08:45
phako[m]abelal: so, no idea then08:45
RPsveinse: even if you don't understand what I'm saying, trust me that tarballs are going to work better for you08:45
abelalphako[m]: thanks a lot for your time :)08:45
yohboynrossi: ok nice :)08:46
sveinseRP: yeah, I see there are multiple pseudo dbs in my build. I had hoped I could spare an extra untar-tar operation, but I'll use the tarballs. Thanks08:47
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sveinseBTW, the operations of bundling multiple images into one artefacts can't be that exotic, but I'm sensing that we're constantly hitting on the boundaries of what Yocto can do. The use case for this is that we have a common updater that the end customer uses to upgrade the products and it must contain all images. Other companies must have similar use cases, yes?08:56
LetoThe2ndsveinse: its just a scenario that is rather new and not poured into a common procedure so far.08:57
LetoThe2ndbasically, chain-building08:58
sveinseLetoThe2nd: right. yes, and we're not using that right now, because we're on krogoth. Looking forward to it08:58
RPsveinse: right, multiconfig was new in morty and is on the edge of development...09:00
RPsveinse: updaters isn't a solved problem at the moment, lots of different requirements09:00
sveinseI guess what I'm saying, it that in the long run, there should be support for manipulating multiple images. I assume it will come :D09:00
phako[m]abelal: according to gstreamer ppl, bellagio isn't really useful anymore09:02
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sveinseRP: Agreed. And I'm not sure Yocto should set out to make updaters. In a commercial setting, you probably need some corporate encapsulation anyways. Just the means to build them.09:04
sveinseAnd I'm confident that the means are there and that I'll get my recipe to work. Let's see09:05
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RPsveinse: certainly you can use the tarballs and if you extract them within the same pseudo context you should be able to do what you need09:07
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Chrysmappy : regarde en haut et clique sur chrys09:19
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ChrysI'm doing my first recipes, and this recipes is for a first kernel module also. I took an exemple from the poky dist, but I would like to know how bitbake know what he have to do with the .c file and Makefile09:50
ChrysDoes it's because of " inherit modules" ?09:50
Chrysand also, for meta-fsl-arm,  I have this error :QA Issue: imx-vpu: LIC_FILES_CHKSUM points to an invalid file: /opt/PHYTEC_BSPs/phyBOARD-MIRA/build/tmp/work/phyboard_mira_imx6_4-phytec-linux-gnueabi/imx-vpu/1_5.4.33-r0/imx-vpu-5.4.33/COPYING09:53
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ChrysWhat should I do.09:53
ChrysThanks !09:53
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LetoThe2ndChrys: 1) look at the recipe and find out where it is pointing 2) look at the sources and check what is actually there09:56
ChrysLetoThe2nd : When you have LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = " file://COPYING....blablabla " where should the COPYING be located ?09:58
LetoThe2ndChrys: there where the sources are unpacked. seems to be /opt/PHYTEC_BSPs/phyBOARD-MIRA/build/tmp/work/phyboard_mira_imx6_4-phytec-linux-gnueabi/imx-vpu/1_5.4.33-r0/imx-vpu-5.4.33 in your case09:59
LetoThe2nd(and why are you building in /opt?)09:59
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has quit IRC10:00
ChrysLetoThe2nd : Because commercial software i guess10:00
*** jaeckel <jaeckel!~jaeckel@unaffiliated/jaeckel> has quit IRC10:01
ChrysLetoThe2nd : Thec ompany who made it have done a script with prepare the yocto directory and go in /opt10:01
LetoThe2ndChrys: then my first suggestion would be to get rid of that script and properly set up your layers yourself.10:02
LetoThe2ndChrys: its also a strong suspect for the missing git revision and priority issues yesterday.10:02
*** manuel_ <manuel_!> has joined #yocto10:03
ChrysLetoThe2nd : I don't think so, I download with git clone and I didn't get problem. I've maybe downloaded it directly from the website and copy the folder there. That's why I ugess.10:03
LetoThe2ndChrys: well then.10:03
*** CTtpollard <CTtpollard!> has joined #yocto10:06
*** jaeckel <jaeckel!~jaeckel@unaffiliated/jaeckel> has joined #yocto10:06
ChrysLetoThe2nd : and why not in /opt ? Because of permission right ?10:06
*** zecke <zecke!~ich@> has joined #yocto10:07
LetoThe2ndChrys: counter question. users are meant to keep all their stuff in their home on unixoid platforms. why move to /opt? is there any benefit?10:07
LetoThe2ndChrys: (read that as: why should i find reasons to justify adhering to common best practises, instead of you for violating them)10:08
ChrysLetoThe2nd : But if you consider that the work isn't user specific but computer specific and that the work is considered as commercial purpose, why not ?10:08
LetoThe2ndChrys: if it is not user specific how do you deal with file ownership clashes if multiple users work on it?10:09
LetoThe2ndChrys: and i really do not see how this relates to comemrcial or not.10:10
LetoThe2ndother than the total contrast. in a commercial environment, any sane admin will take care to backeup /home. about none will care about /opt, as users are not meant to tinker with that.10:11
ChrysLetoThe2nd : As i'm not in my own computer but in a computer dedictated 100% for that yocto project they put on opt10:12
LetoThe2ndit still makes no sense.10:13
ChrysLetoThe2nd : As atmel do the same10:13
LetoThe2ndit doesn't make sense for them too.10:13
LetoThe2ndtell me one(!) advantage of putting stuff into /opt.10:13
*** Chrys <Chrys!500c37ab@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC10:21
*** ignatius <ignatius!533058f1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto10:22
ignatiusHey there, I'm facing a RAMDISK error while building yocto custom image, the error is the next one10:23
ignatiusRAMDISK: Couldn't find valid RAM disk image starting at 0.10:23
ignatiusthe error trace is here10:23
ignatiusI have tried to change the kernel conf with menuconfig10:25
*** zeeblex <zeeblex!> has quit IRC10:26
ignatiusat General Setup -> Initramfs source files10:26
ignatiusand adding there a value, but If i do that, does not compile10:27
ignatiusprinting a error: " Cannot open 'b300'"10:27
ignatiusSo I'm not sure how to proceed10:28
ignatiusthanks for the help10:28
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has joined #yocto10:36
*** rob_w_ <rob_w_!~bob@> has joined #yocto10:46
*** Chrys <Chrys!500c3728@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto10:50
*** frsc <frsc!> has quit IRC10:51
ant_workignatius, obvious problem: Kernel command line:11:00
ignatiusant_work: where can I find it at menuconfig?11:02
*** manuel_ <manuel_!> has quit IRC11:03
ant_workit is normnally set in the recipe11:05
*** rubiccube <rubiccube!d4af2303@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto11:05
rubiccubeHi there, I don't want to use any system service manager neither systemd nor sysvinit, when I add line to my conf/local.conf  DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = " systemd" I got this error: Please ensure that your setting of VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager (systemd) matches the entries enabled in DISTRO_FEATURES11:07
*** Chrys <Chrys!500c3728@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC11:14
LetoThe2ndrubiccube: so like busybox init?11:14
rubiccubeLetoThe2nd: No, I will just boot the kernel11:15
LetoThe2ndrubiccube: ok, and what is it supposed to do after booting?11:15
*** mappy <mappy!b9691ff9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto11:16
mdnneorubiccube: I think the kernel needs to start "an" init ... might be just /bin/bash but still ... something needs to start11:17
*** LocutusOfBorg <LocutusOfBorg!~Gianfranc@ubuntu/member/locutusofborg> has quit IRC11:17
LetoThe2ndmdnneo: if it never ever gets there, no11:17
rubiccubemdnneo: yes I have modified the kernel line that runs my qt application like, init=/bin/myQtApplication11:17
LetoThe2ndrubiccube: have you tired setting VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager to some other value?11:17
rubiccubeLetoThe2nd: Can I do it like VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager=None ?11:18
mdnneoI thought it expects some ... just like if you would kill init the kernel stops11:18
LetoThe2ndrubiccube: probably not None, but = ""11:18
LetoThe2ndmdnneo: technically you certainly could patch the kernel so that it just sits there and waits, never ever going into userspace.11:19
*** ed2 <ed2!~Adium@> has joined #yocto11:20
ant_workrubiccube, we do that in an initramfs, init is our binary and we only rely on devtmpfs11:23
ant_workbut you must know what you're doing...11:23
LetoThe2ndant_work: yeah, and especially anything Qt sounds... problematic :-P11:24
* ant_work still has to fix QT3 / opie touchscreen calibration, darn11:24
rubiccubeLetoThe2nd: when I append init=/bin/myQtApplication my application comes after the kernel boot. Is there any problem with that ?11:25
ant_workehm.. what do you mean?11:26
LetoThe2ndrubiccube: not necessarily, if your application works. there just is not much it can depend on, then.11:26
ant_workit comes ofc after kernel boot11:26
LetoThe2ndant_work: but i want it to come *before* kernel boot *nagnagnag*11:27
*** mugurumov <mugurumov!533058f1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC11:29
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mjaggi1I want to add files after rootfs is generated, how to extend core-image-minimal for that12:05
LetoThe2ndmjaggi1: any specific reason why a standard recipe wouldn't do the trick and put the files in there that you need?12:09
mjaggi1I am working on mutlitib for aarch64 aarch64_ilp32 ,12:11
mjaggi1bitbake generates two directories and keeps ld in lib and libilp32 directories12:12
mjaggi1for aarch64, both needs to be in same directory12:12
*** Chrys <Chrys!500c3756@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto12:12
mjaggi1Till I find a way to do that, I am trying to create a link from lib to libilp3212:13
mjaggi1is it possible to do in say do_deploy_append of core-image-minimal12:13
mjaggi1I am not sure how to do that12:13
LetoThe2ndwhat comes to my mind is either
LetoThe2ndor adding a postprocess command.12:15
mjaggi1lib is populated I believe by populate_sysroot, can we do something like populate_sysroot_append12:17
*** mjaggi <mjaggi!6f5dda43@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC12:18
LetoThe2ndi'm sure there are many ways, but the question is where to put it. either hack some internal function, or keep it external and reproductible.12:20
LetoThe2ndi personally would derive my own image class and do rootfs postprocessing there.12:20
*** Biliogadafr <Biliogadafr!> has joined #yocto12:20
mjaggi1thats a good idea12:21
mjaggi1if I have  my-meta-layer/recipes-core/images/core-image-minimal.bbappend12:22
mjaggi1should I add do_rootfs_append12:22
mjaggi1would it work12:22
LetoThe2ndi'm not completely sure about the syntax. did you check the dev manual?12:22
*** nighty-- <nighty--!> has joined #yocto12:23
*** AndersD <AndersD!~anders@> has quit IRC12:28
mjaggi1do_rootfs is a python function so cant be appended12:30
*** BarBQ <BarBQ!~textual@> has quit IRC12:30
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nvldHello ! I'm trying to create a layer for a new board. Someone already did it with a previous version of yocto and a 3.14 kernel, I'm trying with Morty and a 4.1 kernel. I managed to compile the image, but whenever I try to boot, I only get a few lines from the serial port, then it just stops. Do you have any idea what is going on, and how I could g12:40
nvldenerate logs or anything ? See
LetoThe2ndnvld: looks like simply your dtb is broken/unfitting.12:44
*** mappy <mappy!b9691ff9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has left #yocto12:47
nvldThe dtb is the exact same as the dtb we use with the 3.14 kernel. Should it be different ?12:49
LetoThe2ndnvld: yep.12:50
LetoThe2ndnvld: dtbs have not really been known for a stable binary api. at least not for non-mainlined things.12:51
nvldWell, thank you :)12:52
LetoThe2ndgood luck12:54
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nvldThank's ! I think I'll need it ^^12:56
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sveinseI'm having problems compiling some Qt5 code outside yocto, but it works inside yocto (this way for once). It turns out yocto sets OE_QMAKE_STRIP=echo. Does this imply that yocto built apps never needs stripping?13:27
sveinseI.e. is yocto doing its own stripping as a part of the packaging?13:27
Crofton|worksveinse, they extarct the debug info, then strip13:27
sveinseRight, thanks. Then it makes sense to bypass the Qt-world stripping13:28
*** BaloneyGeek <BaloneyGeek!~bg14ina@kde/bgupta> has joined #yocto13:31
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HunkHello, I have a CMAKELists.txt file which searches for packages, which I don't need for cross compile. I was thinking about an patch for the file to remove this package. But i didnt't found any documentation how I have to write a patch?13:46
HunkFor this patch I have to search all CMAKEfiles for a string and remove this string13:47
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*** AndersD <AndersD!> has joined #yocto13:57
HunkHello, I have a CMAKELists.txt file which searches for packages, which I don't need for cross compile. I was thinking about an patch for the file to remove this package. But i didnt't found any documentation how I have to write a patch?14:01
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rocket42hello everyone15:02
*** BaloneyGeek <BaloneyGeek!~bg14ina@kde/bgupta> has quit IRC15:02
rocket42i have a problem with eclipse yocto plugin15:03
rocket42i followed this documents to develop application based eclipse15:04
rocket42I created and build my first application: hello world15:05
rocket42build successfully but15:05
rocket42in my source code15:05
rocket42#include <stdlib.h>15:05
rocket42#include <stdio.h>15:05
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*** florian <florian!~fuchs@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has joined #yocto15:06
rocket42stdlib.h and stdio.h, eclipse used to build my application from native directory: /usr/include15:06
rocket42because i am cross-compile15:07
rocket42i think eclipse must get two these files from [SYSTEM_ROOT]/usr/include15:07
*** gtristan <gtristan!~tristanva@> has quit IRC15:08
rocket42i don't understand why?15:08
rocket42i am cross-compiling for target, not compile for host15:09
rocket42please show me why so15:10
*** gregd <gregd!~greg@> has quit IRC15:14
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RPed2: I commented on that bug15:24
*** Chrys <Chrys!500c3756@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC15:24
RProcket42: gcc is probably invoked as arm-xxxx-gcc --sysroot=[path to sdk sysroot]15:25
RProcket42: it will prefix search paths with the sysroot15:25
rocket42I know, but this is what in terminal: arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-gcc  -march=armv5e -marm --sysroot=/home/hung/poky/2.2.1/sysroots/armv5e-poky-linux-gnueabi -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I..   --sysroot=/home/hung/core-mage-sato-sdk-qemuarm-rootfs15:27
rocket42path to sdk is home/hung/poky/2.2.1/sysroots/armv5e-poky-linux-gnueabi15:27
rocket42so i think that eclipse must get file from home/hung/poky/2.2.1/sysroots/armv5e-poky-linux-gnueabi/usr/include15:28
rocket42but actually it get from /usr/include15:28
*** mizux <mizux!~mizux@> has quit IRC15:29
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TamisI want to create an ext image in order to be mounted to have only kernel-modules inside. So only /lib/modules/... .15:41
TamisI made a recipe, inherited core-image and set IMAGE_INSTALL = "kernel-modules" and PACKAGE_INSTALL = "${IMAGE_INSTALL}".15:41
TamisBut at final image I have also /boot with uImage and kernel along with /etc /usr /var with some minor staff inside.15:42
TamisHow can I remove everything else?15:42
kergothyou'd have to change the rdepends of the krne lmodule packages, which would affect all images, not just that one15:43
Tamiskergoth: ok I think I got it. This is only about the kernel part.15:47
Tamiskergoth: How I would delete all other folders? run for example is empty15:48
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kergothdenix: is the upcoming processor sdk release (the 2017.00 tag presumably) going to be pyro or morty based?16:15
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denixkergoth: 2017.00 tag is already applied to morty16:50
*** florian <florian!~fuchs@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC16:50
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denixkergoth: so, 2017.xx and processor sdk 4.x will be morty16:52
denixkergoth: I'll track pyro and master on my own, but official releases will stay on morty for now16:53
kergothokay, cool, thanks16:53
kergoththought that was the case, just wanted toc onfirm16:53
denixkergoth: we kind of align to kernel LTS, which is once a year. 4.1=fido, 4.4=krogoth, 4.9=morty16:56
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Pharaoh_Atemkanavin, marquiz: any luck on the dnf stack?17:08
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wesamhello, I was following a guide to develope qt apps for yocto and I am getting an error when qt creator transfers the app to yocto18:06
wesamthe error I am getting is `No such file or directory`18:06
wesamthis is the guide I was following
wesamcan anybody help me?18:07
*** jmcruzal <jmcruzal!jmcruzal@nat/intel/x-vflryyrbmmxbefrh> has joined #yocto18:09
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lsandovwesam: if you pastebin the error and the commands that entered, that would more useful19:01
ulf`I'm trying to add the meta-virtualization layer to poky and am running into this error when I try to bitbake docker. What am I missing? ->
wesamlsandov: ok sure, one sec19:18
wesam`sh: /opt/HVAC/bin/HVAC: No such file or directory` is the exact error19:18
wesamand I used a kit to run my app19:18
* kergoth grumbles19:19
wesamso page 11 on the guide i posted would be my kit since i used qt creator to build my app19:19
ulf`zeddii_home: ping19:20
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HavoK_hi, my app was on daisy and now I moved to krogoth and I get this error after I integrated my layer into krogoth The recipe expertcontroller is trying to install files into a shared area when those files already exist.20:37
HavoK_I used to see this in daisy too but it was a warning. I read somewhere that this was changed i think in 2.0 to be an error.20:37
HavoK_I’m not sure how to fix this. I added ${libdir}/* to FILES_${PN} but that doesn’t do anything.20:38
HavoK_I read somewhere I should delete this files in do_install_append20:39
HavoK_so should I just rm these files?20:39
HavoK_these are shared libraries for that qt application20:39
bluelightningHavoK_: so you have two recipes trying to put the same files into the sysroot, that's not allowed20:44
bluelightningHavoK_: the correct solution would be to delete them in do_install in one of the recipes, yes20:45
HavoK_is there a way i can identify which two recipes they are20:45
bluelightningthe error should be telling you20:45
HavoK_im guessing expertcontroller is one since thats the one with the error20:46
bluelightningright, that's one yes20:46
HavoK_hmm but that’s the qt app shouldn’t it be responsible for that?20:47
HavoK_it doesn’t even have a do_install method in there20:47
bluelightningdo_install will be being defined by a class the recipe inherits20:48
bluelightningyou can do a do_install_append to append additional commands in the recipe20:48
bluelightningif the error message doesn't report the other recipe(s) then that is probably because a corresponding manifest isn't present - the files may have been copied in manually at some point (should never be done!) or they were previously installed by a recipe that no longer exists20:48
bluelightningthere's no chance you have a recipe installing those files into the sysroot directly is there?20:49
HavoK_so I deleted my tmp directory so copying manually or another recipe doesn’t sound like the problem20:49
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HavoK_I wonder if it’s the qt app20:50
bluelightningit's possible its build script is installing files to a place it shouldn't, but that would be unusual20:50
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bluelightningyou could run some tests by doing bitbake -c clean on the recipe, delete the files, then bitbake -c install on the recipe and see if the files are there again20:51
HavoK_ok let me try that20:52
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HavoK_its doing the install now but i looked at the parts in qt and that seems to have it’s local path in opt/b2qt20:56
HavoK_where as the yocto errors seem to be here var-som-mx6/tmp/sysroots/controltech-var-som-mx6/usr/lib/20:57
HavoK_so i’m guessing it’s some recipe20:57
HavoK_There is actually another recipe that depends and Rdepends on the expert controller would that cause anything?20:57
HavoK_so i just finished bitbake -c install and there are no errors but the files are present in sysroot21:04
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HavoK_so looks like install is putting it in sysroot and so is populate_sysroot21:21
HavoK_is that how it’s supposed to work?21:22
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kergothHavoK_: install puts files in ${D}, thats all.21:50
kergoththe install task never touches a sysroot21:50
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HavoK_@kergoth well it seems like the files are in sysroot after i run bitbake -c install21:57
HavoK_not sure why that is happening if I understand correct they should be in the work dir and populate_sysroot should move them there21:58
kergothas i said, do_install writes to D. read the do_install task yourself to see what its doing22:06
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HavoK_ok so i see the problem now these libs are installed to ${libdir} by the app and populate_sysroot by default will also copy ${libdir} so they are getting duplicated. I will have to prevent them from going to ${libdir} some how on install or delete them in install_append22:27
HavoK_i think this might be the solution
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bluelightningHavoK_: the app *really* can't be putting stuff into the sysroot directly, that will end in other problems23:39
bluelightningthat directory is managed by sstate23:40
HavoK_well install is installing it in sysroot and then populate_sysroot is trying to do the same23:40
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HavoK_i don’t have a do_install so i’m guessing it’s whoever i inherit from which is qmake523:51
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kergothHavoK_: as i said before, do_install installs everything under the ${D} directory. i.e libs to ${D}${libdir}23:55
kergothif it does otherwise, it's broken23:56

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