Friday, 2017-04-07

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #828 of nightly-world-lsb is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages SendErrorReport] Build details are at
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pohlybluelightning: could it be that bitbake-whatchanged is currently broken, with and without your bb-sigstuff branch?07:27
pohlyAs a test, I did "bitbake m4 && bitbake-whatchanged m4" with poky master.07:28
pohlyI get lots of output about "Newly added tasks: (466 tasks)".07:28
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pohlyWhen I do some actual change to m4 like commenting out "EXTRA_OECONF += "--without-libsigsegv-prefix"" in, that change is not reported.07:29
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pohlyAlso, should "bitbake-diffsigs -t m4 do_build" work after "bitbake m4"? I just get "ERROR: No sigdata files found matching m4 do_build".07:34
pohlyHmm, perhaps because it was taken from sstate?07:34
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jkuwith the "bitbake -g" results change (a couple of months ago), how should I nowadays start  the"why did this package end up on the image?" investigation07:55
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amrbekhitHi, I'm having trouble with Toaster, where I'm trying to build rpi-basic-image. after completing the parsing stage, the build seems to get stuck at the "Tasks starting..." stage and doesn't advance. I've tried completely deleting the poky folder cloned from github and starting from scratch but I always run into the same problem and can't advance further09:43
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amrbekhitI'm using YP Core - Morty 2.2.109:44
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kanavinPharaoh_Atem: not started, maybe next week10:47
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kanavinPharaoh_Atem: btw why does dnf use python-iniparse (which is just as unmaintained as pygpgme)? are there plans to remove that dependency?12:05
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RPjku: you can still use -g can't you?12:11
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jkuRP: yes but I probably don't know how to read the results...12:17
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RPjku: try bitbake -u taskexp ?12:18
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jkuRP: what I mean is the "-g" output seems to be entirely related to tasks... That's reasonable but if I don't see how to figure out e.g. why is "openssl-conf" in an image (just as an example)12:26
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ChrysHi, little question here. I'm confused about a meta which named yocto bsp. I'm confused because of the combinaison of the term yocto and bsp in the same meta. For me, isn't yocto that should do the BSP for a board but the company or the guy who made the board. So what's does really is meta-yocto-bsp ?12:44
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RPjku: specifically with package dependencies, the old -g code never really gave accurate information12:47
RPjku: I guess I was thinking about this from a "why did openssl get built?" which task information does hint at12:48
RPjku: I'd either grep the Packages files in tmp/deploy/ipk/*/Packages (or deb) or rburton does have a GUI for this as a WIP12:49
RPjku: you could grep pkgdata actually assuming you've built it12:49
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jkuyeah grepping pkgdata would work12:53
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jkuI think rburton's pkgdataui doesn't (at least currently) work for this12:55
Tamiskergoth: regarding my yesterday's question, I found a way to do what I wanted without affecting other images12:57
T_UNIXso `bitbake some-image -c listtasks` lists do_install. But if I create a symlink within a corresponding do_install_append, the file won't end up in the image. I even added it to the package's FILES_...  :-/12:57
jkuIf David Vincent is here (or if someone else understands the openssl-conf issue on ML), I'm available if you'd like to explain it to me like  I'm 612:58
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Tamiskergoth: If you set IMAGE_FEATURES = "read-only-rootfs" then you can force build to remove any packages you want12:59
Tamiskergoth: eg like ROOTFS_RO_UNNEEDED += " kernel-${LINUX_VERSION} kernel-image-${LINUX_VERSION} kernel-image-uimage-${LINUX_VERSION}"12:59
Tamiskergoth: so in your image you have only the packages you want without rpedends restrictions13:00
Tamiskergoth: and then with a function at IMAGE_PREPROCESS_COMMAND you can do anything custom things you want. eg erase move or other, right before image creation13:01
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TamisI wrote those things here if other people find them interesting also13:02
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kergothhuh, didn't know about ROOTFS_RO_UNNEDEDED. the preprocess command is always a useful mechanism, its true, as is ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND13:47
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zero_hi all, I have a proprietary bluetooth stack (which ends up with static libs) that I cross-compile (for ARM) using a yocto-generated SDK14:15
zero_all I have to do is to source the SDK environment script and launch make14:15
zero_now I'd like to write a recipe to include the bt stack into the final image14:16
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max843Hey guys, I have a best practice question about how to set up yocto to build similar images for multiple devices and the use of images and or distros14:18
zero_I thought that a custom do_compile with oe_runmake could do the trick, but I was wrong: all my attemps ends with various "gcc: error: unrecognized command line option: -'marm'"14:18
zero_which means (if I understand correctly) that the native compiler is invoked instead of the target one, am I right?14:19
max843For example, we are building yocto on devices A, B. Where A and B are almost exactly the same save for some network configurations and other small changes. Currently we do this by having a different yocto image for each device.  We also have some global variables in local.conf which do some small customisations within the recipies. However as the images are all pulling from the same local.conf we have to do some ugly hacks within the r14:19
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Pharaoh_Atemkanavin: I don't think anyone has asked about it, but I think it is something we do need to address14:32
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kanavinPharaoh_Atem: can you add a ticket for it?15:04
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lsandovmax843: in my opinion, best is to have two build folders and avoid global changes through local.conf. You can include these configuration on your machine or distro confs for example15:06
RPseebs: happen to be around? I broke pseudo15:07
seebson conference call right now so not good at words but i'll catch up on logs soon.15:12
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yoctiBug 11309: normal, Undecided, ---, mark.hatle, NEW , Pseudo locks up with high numbers of threads15:13
*** T_UNIX <T_UNIX!uid218288@gateway/web/> has quit IRC15:13
RPseebs: never had an EMFILE before :)15:13
seebs       EMFILE The per-process limit on the number of open file descriptors has been reached.15:15
*** dvhart <dvhart!> has joined #yocto15:15
seebsboy, that's interesting.15:15
Pharaoh_Atemkanavin: are you unable to file a bug in rhbz?15:15
seebsyou might be able to just raise the limit.15:15
Pharaoh_Atemkanavin: it helps when other people mention these things :)15:15
*** jmcruzal <jmcruzal!~jmcruzal@> has quit IRC15:17
*** florian <florian!~fuchs@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC15:17
RPseebs: Does the pseudo server clear its existing fds on startup?15:17
*** florian <florian!~fuchs@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has joined #yocto15:18
RPseebs: must do, these fds are all socket connections15:18
RPseebs: I suspect that in case of EMFILE, pseudo needs to service existing connections before trying to accept new ones15:19
*** jmcruzal <jmcruzal!~jmcruzal@> has joined #yocto15:20
seebsThat might help. I'm not sure how much; it could well be we're ending up with 1k open sockets, and need ulimit changed.15:22
*** hamis <hamis!~irfan@> has quit IRC15:23
*** stephano <stephano!~stephano@> has quit IRC15:23
RPseebs: there are indeed 1k open sockets to it15:23
RPseebs: I'm just trying to think how it could unwedge itself15:23
*** ed2 <ed2!> has quit IRC15:27
seebsCheck for EMFILE, if it gets EMFILE, wait until at least one client closes before trying to open a thing.15:28
seebsi probably can't do it today but I can probably do it soon, i think i have a plan.15:29
RPseebs: this isn't urgent, the patches triggering this are for the next release15:29
RPseebs: I did think you'd find this interesting though :)15:29
RPseebs: and we will need a plan for the next release to handle this somehow15:30
*** zecke <zecke!~ich@> has quit IRC15:36
*** zecke <zecke!~ich@> has joined #yocto15:37
*** arkver <arkver!> has joined #yocto15:37
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has quit IRC15:38
*** sameo <sameo!~samuel@> has quit IRC15:39
seebsi would suggest as a starting point capping jobs based on ulimit's reported max open files.15:41
arkverHi. Is there any info around on moving a build over from smart to dnf? It seems non-trivial.15:42
frayit's a total system upgrade.. the backend RPM(4) database and RPM(5) are not compatible..15:43
frayDNF and smartpm were not compatible either...15:43
fraythe package feed though would be, but needs to be regenerated with the DNF version of createrepo15:43
arkverYeah, that's ok. I've rebuilt everything, but the baseurls (among maybe other things) are not configured right for dnf to sync.15:43
RPseebs: right. I did just look at the code and it should serve existing clients before accepting new ones already :/15:46
kergothhuh, just tried memres + bitbake-layers add-layer: xmlrpc.client.Fault: <Fault 1: "<class 'xml.parsers.expat.ExpatError'>:not well-formed (invalid token): line 377, column 17">15:47
frayis there any way to get an idea of the user's current open file count, to help slow down (or stop) new job creation until the count sufficiently drops?15:47
* kergoth wipes his build dirs15:47
arkverI was wondering if there are changes needed in the recipes (or the local conf) or whether the existing PACKAGE_FEED_URIS, PACKAGE_FEED_BASE_PATHS and PACKAGE_FEED_ARCHS still works.15:48
arkverI guess at least we change "all" to "noarch" ?15:48
seebsIt may actually "work" in that, if you wait long enough, it might actually finish things, it's just being inefficient because it's spending a ton of time calling accept when accept can't succeed.15:51
seebsHmm. That's a point; it should be clearing clients up eventually.15:51
seebsUnless there's pipelines with multiple processes that all need to talk to the pseudo daemon.15:51
seebsIn which case we have a much more serious problem, because they *can't* be completed until other clients are accepted.15:51
RPseebs: I can't see it doing any work, it could be we're calling in with some long pipelines :/15:52
seebsLike, imagine a pipeline (a | b), where both a and b are doing (stat foo; sleep 5; stat foo) or something.15:52
seebsAnd then run 1024 of them.15:52
seebsThere's no way to resolve that without being able to take more clients.15:52
RPseebs: right :(15:52
seebsI can at least improve the performance, but I think that in all probability, the answer at that point is going to be "don't run that many things simultaneously, or increase ulimit".15:53
frayseebs, anyway to catch that behavior (ulimit problems or low open file counts) and report back on it?15:53
fray(I'm guessing the answer is no, not until it fails)15:53
RPseebs: I think we may need pseudo just to error/exit if it hits this as the current hang is a nightmare to debug :(15:54
RPseebs: or at least log something15:54
lsandovRP: I have the following scenario: two bbapends pointing to the same recipe, each in a separate layer, both setting FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${PN}-${PV}:". The results is that the layer with high priority overrides what the low priority bbappend set, meaning that only the pathname  from the high priority layer remains15:54
seebsWe could at least log the thing.15:55
*** boucman_work <boucman_work!~jrosen@wesnoth/developer/boucman> has quit IRC15:55
*** zecke <zecke!~ich@> has quit IRC15:56
seebsSo it occurs to me, we might be able to actually work around it, sort of.15:56
RPlsandov: do both directories contain the same file? Both prepends should end up applied15:56
lsandovRP: we have an scenario where yocto-bsp and devtool are being used to modify the linux-yocto recipe, so the layer create by the bsp tool sets some kernel configs which are not seen at the configure step, due to the problem I just mentioned15:56
pohlyThe allarch ca-certificates:do_build has different signatures depending on the MACHINE.15:56
RPlsandov: same filenames?15:56
seebsBecause what if the server just forcibly disconnected clients with no pending requests? I believe the clients would restart.15:56
RPseebs: ah, that could work15:57
seebsMeaning that they'd be able to resume sending things, but in the mean time other things could get processed.15:57
seebsIt would be sort of insane, but.15:57
RPseebs: it would beat hanging15:57
frayseebs, that sounds like a reasonable behavior.. if the client isn't doing anything.. close the connection until you have the ability to talk to them again..15:57
frayit does mean the client side needs to know what to do when IT can't connect (via too many files problem)15:57
RPfray: the normal reconnect logic would just kick in wouldn't it?15:58
lsandovRP yes15:58
RPpohly: that sounds suboptimal, any idea why?15:58
*** zecke <zecke!~ich@> has joined #yocto15:58
RPlsandov: so the problem is probably more the overlapping filename that the prepends or the layers15:58
fraythe normal reconnect logic though I think tries to spawn a new server (which will fail, because the server is already running).. but that would have to be verified15:58
*** CTtpollard <CTtpollard!> has quit IRC15:58
RPfray: it would try to spawn, fail but they connect to the existing server?15:59
*** florian <florian!~fuchs@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC15:59
fray-if- I remember correct, that is the normal reconnect logic..15:59
frayvery wasteful to spawn (as it will take yet another file descriptor to do), notice it's already runnign shutdown and then the client will connect to the existing server15:59
*** Kakounet <Kakounet!> has quit IRC16:00
*** jmcruzal <jmcruzal!~jmcruzal@> has quit IRC16:00
frayso something that will need to be looked at changing the behavior slightly may be reasonable in this situation.  The connection close case should be fairly easy to look at, and an adjustment to the restart logic possible16:00
pohlyRP: comparison for MACHINE=intel-core2-32 and MACHINE=intel-corei7-64:
pohlyRP: basically it is because of a dependency on gcc/ which itself depends on tune flags.16:01
*** majuk <majuk!> has joined #yocto16:01
pohlyRP: if you haven't guessed yet, that's what I found after extending such that it actually changes the MACHINE during testing ;-}16:02
RPpohly: why would an allarch package depend on gcc-runtime?16:02
pohlyNo idea16:02
fraythat seems kind of odd16:02
RPpohly: there is certainly a bug somewhere in there16:02
RPdon't suppose anyone wants to admit to understanding boost's configuration?16:03
*** stephano <stephano!~stephano@> has joined #yocto16:03
*** falk0n <falk0n!> has quit IRC16:03
RPpohly: just confirmed those dependencies are in my build too :/16:04
*** zero_note <zero_note!~zero@> has joined #yocto16:04
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seebsThe client shouldn't try to spawn a new server if it finds an existing server. And every connection will succeed at least once.16:07
*** jairglez <jairglez!~jairdeje@> has joined #yocto16:07
seebsIf I maintain a client-order list, I can always bump the oldest client with no outstanding messages first.16:08
max843lsandov: Thanks - so you'd setup a new distro for each (the machines are both the same so machine makes less sense) and then add the configurations in the distro conf.  I then, potentially, wouldn't need to have 2 different images - as I could set everything up in the distro conf.  Can you foresee any problems with that?16:08
frayseebs, ok then my retry memory was wrong.. fair enough16:08
*** zecke <zecke!~ich@> has joined #yocto16:09
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*** arkver <arkver!> has quit IRC16:10
seebsi don't understand boost, but I know that some things are tagged as depending on gcc-runtime.fetch or something similar as a way to say "this needs there to be a sysroot at all".16:10
lsandovmax843: so two different distros and just one image target. sounds good to me16:10
*** zeenix <zeenix!~zeenix@> has quit IRC16:11
pohlyx86-64-x86-64 gdb-cross-x86_64 do_build also has a problem for intel-corei7-64 and qemux86-64: do_configure has varying dependencies on tune flags.16:11
*** fl0v0 <fl0v0!> has quit IRC16:11
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*** toscalix <toscalix!> has joined #yocto16:19
*** arkver <arkver!~arkver@> has joined #yocto16:23
RPseebs: I'm wondering how you disable static libraries in boost. I think the answer may be "you don't" :/16:26
*** toscalix <toscalix!> has quit IRC16:35
RPpohly: there may be a patch on the list for that16:35
*** arkver <arkver!~arkver@> has quit IRC16:36
*** caiortp <caiortp!~inatel@> has joined #yocto16:38
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kergothRP: found a pretty cool python package with a few memory profiling tools that might be of interest next time you're looking into that sort of thing: — 1. recursive object size calculation even for user classes, 2. identification of objects leaked out of scope between two points, and 3. tracking object and class lifetime and memory footprint16:55
kergothsadly python memory analysis tools are few and far between, and heapy and meliae seem to be unmaintained, but this seems promising16:55
kergothalong with valgrind's massif or python memory_profiler to monitor overall usage over time16:55
*** colrack <colrack!> has joined #yocto16:56
kergothmemory_profiler seems to be just based on the rss of the process and its children, though, so can be more misleading16:56
*** jairglez <jairglez!~jairdeje@> has quit IRC16:56
*** t0mmy <t0mmy!~tprrt@> has quit IRC16:56
*** ftonello <ftonello!~felipe@> has quit IRC16:57
kergothRP: i'm guessing pympler probably can only track objects created by a class, not classes created by a metaclass, so not sure it could monitor the lifetime of our datastore, but still interesting16:57
*** jmcruzal <jmcruzal!~jmcruzal@> has joined #yocto16:58
RPkergoth: certainly sounds it, I'll make a note, thanks17:00
kergothfigured it was worth bookmarking for later reference :) np17:01
RPkergoth: I've love more time to go and look at that stuff instead of these bugs... :)17:01
*** ash_charles <ash_charles!~acharles@2607:fad8:4:6:dc3c:b4b2:a263:6010> has quit IRC17:01
kergothcustomer issue, i don't have much choice in the matter right now :)17:02
RPkergoth: one of those days where you poke something, then realise the horror of what is happening, then discover that leads to another horror story and so on :/17:02
kergothugh, been there, not fun17:03
*** falk0n <falk0n!> has joined #yocto17:06
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*** dreyna_ <dreyna_!> has joined #yocto17:06
majukHey guys. I'm a little new to Yocto and I'm not understanding where I'm going wrong. I want to include the imx-test recipe from meta-fsl-arm in my build.... but I'm not sure how.17:07
majukDo I just add it to bblayers?17:07
*** dorileo <dorileo!dorileo@nat/intel/x-zucejophxvmorupf> has joined #yocto17:09
majukThe parent directory [../sources/meta-fsl-arm] was included in my last build's bblayers, but those tools aren't part of the system, so clearly I missed something.17:09
*** falk0n <falk0n!> has quit IRC17:11
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@> has joined #yocto17:11
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kergothValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: "or: Unable to find tunctl binary in17:12
kergoth'/data/kergoth/mel/elm/test/build.pkgconf/tmp/work/i586-poky-linux/defaultpkgname/1.0-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin', please bitbake qemu-helper-native"17:12
kergothso much for runqemu..17:12
RPkergoth: there are various patches around which seem to fix some usecases and break others17:14
*** clsulliv <clsulliv!clsulliv@nat/intel/x-eaylnglucpsddaeb> has joined #yocto17:14
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majukI guess I was looking for CORE_IMAGE_INSTALL += "imx-test"? Hope so.17:28
majukbitbake didn't complain... I'll find out in 6 hours when it's done building.17:29
*** falk0n <falk0n!> has quit IRC17:30
*** zecke <zecke!~ich@> has quit IRC17:30
kergothmajuk: i assume you mean CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL?17:30
*** tavish <tavish!~tavish@unaffiliated/tavish> has joined #yocto17:31
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majukkergoth: Yes, yes I did17:47
kergothokay, good, just checking :)17:50
*** colrack <colrack!~textual@> has joined #yocto17:51
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majukkergoth: lol, I would think bitbake would throw a fit if I put something else in there.18:04
kergothnot sure what you mean by that18:05
kergothyou can set any variable you want18:05
kergotha typo in a variable name will just be setting a new varaible that isnt' used anywhere, which is harmless18:05
majukTrue, didn't think like that18:05
majukFINE. Just BE RIGHT.18:06
*** Tamis <Tamis!3e862e04@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC18:07
majukSince you're getting your right everywhere, how about you drag the chromium-imx patch onto chromium 54.x18:10
majukSo I don't have to try and fail repeatedly to.18:10
majukYou'll just do it right the first time.18:11
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has joined #yocto18:23
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doctorlyHey, I'm having an issue where I'm trying to have grub behind two different yocto partitions. When I select a partition though, it seems to be random which one actually boots. Do you think this is an issue with the syslinux config?19:56
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lsandovfor some reason, bitbake is not complaining if a recipe has no LIC_FILES_CHKSUM20:41
neverpanicDo you have LICENSE set to CLOSED?20:46
lsandovneverpanic: no, that is the problem20:48
lsandovneverpanic: just remove the proper line of a recipe, try bitbake -e <pn> and worked20:48
*** lamego <lamego!jose@nat/intel/x-hvfhxchraooinojs> has quit IRC20:50
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neverpanicI think the check is in do_configure(), so you may want to check whether the recipe does do_configure[noexec] = "1"20:51
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has quit IRC20:51
neverpanicThat may have been fixed meanwhile, but it was a problem back when I looked at it last time20:52
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lsandovneverpanic: I see21:11
lsandovneverpanic: I will file a bug21:12
lsandovneverpanic: the recipes I was looking for has no do_configure[*] = 121:14
*** _franck_ <_franck_!> has joined #yocto21:14
lsandovneverpanic: but good point, that may the reason for some21:14
lsandovsome/some recipes21:14
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majukYeaaaaa, the image is marginally bigger. Think I got my imx tools this time.21:24
majukI'm basically a wizard, Harry.21:24
majukYea I do. YEA I DO. Al-a-ka-ZAM.21:26
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