Thursday, 2017-04-20

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1114 of nightly-x86-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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alexlarssonI updated from jethro to morty, and it seems like I lost a bunch of OpenSSL symbol versions:
alexlarssonIs this a known issue?06:30
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hamdyI am creating an image intel 64 bit then I will have a .wic file. How can I play my new linux 64 bit intel in virtual box or vm player ?06:33
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LetoThe2ndhamdy: what machine and image did you build?06:51
hamdy<LetoThe2nd>  Core image minimal, x86-64_linux06:54
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LetoThe2ndhamdy: and you did get *only* a wic image?06:54
hamdy<LetoThe2nd> The image is not finished now but the result will be a .wic image like they say in the documentation06:56
LetoThe2ndhamdy: which documentation, exactly?06:56
LetoThe2ndi mean, a cmdk or such is never generated by default. but you should be able to use runqemu to play with your image just nicely06:58
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hamdy<LetoThe2nd> I did an image for qemu and it works. This is the yocto documentation. I want to open it in virtualbox06:59
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LetoThe2ndhamdy: i personally would give tlwoerners old documentation a try:
hamdy<LetoThe2nd> ok I will look07:01
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1216 of nightly is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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hamdy<LetoThe2nd>  I added IMAGE_FSTYPES += vmdk to the conf/local.conf and now I have a parser error07:12
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LetoThe2ndhamdy: its just missing the quotes. here it is a little more exhaustively explained, jsut ignore the genivi bits:
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hamdy<LetoThe2nd>  ok I do it07:17
alexlarssonarmpit: Are you ?07:18
thebenmivond: I'm interested in your build but I'd like to proceed one step at a time. What layers are you using ? meta-raspberrypi and meta-mender ? I guess you're using uboot as you told me before, isn't it ? How did you set MACHINE var and where you've set the uboot feature ?07:20
thebenmivond: what RPi boards did you tested with it ?07:21
thebenmivond: BTW, excellent work !07:21
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alexlarssonarmpit: I'm looking at the openssl version script change you did in the 1.0.2g import.07:53
alexlarssonarmpit: and it seems to have issues:
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* RP fires the M4 rc1 build07:57
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LetoThe2ndRP: normal fire or total fire? ;-)08:05
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RPLetoThe2nd: firing builds is so much more satisfying that starting them ;-)08:09
LetoThe2ndRP: exactly. thats why everybody knows demolition man, and nobody a construction man ;-)08:10
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didilthe current poky "morty" branch doesn't work08:17
didilI get an error at compilation08:17
didil"ERROR: logrotate-3.9.1-r0 do_fetch: Checksum failure fetching"08:17
didil"ERROR: logrotate-3.9.1-r0 do_fetch: Fetcher failure for URL: ''. Checksum mismatch!"08:17
didil"ERROR: Task (poky/meta/recipes-extended/logrotate/ failed with exit code '1'"08:17
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deepwaterIt looks like that website was retired08:29
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deepwaterI wonder if this is the same
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didilI guess so08:34
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #508 of nightly-checkuri is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
MichaelLarsenHey all. Are this channel still actiev?08:36
rburtonMichaelLarsen: yes08:36
LetoThe2ndonly if you bring cookies and coffee!08:36
rburtonoh yes, coffee08:37
rburtonmines a flat white08:37
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MichaelLarsenrburton: sounds great.08:39
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MichaelLarsenare there any of you guys that have any knowledge on ROS08:40
MichaelLarsencombined with embedded linux08:40
radanterdidil: armpit mentioned earlier this patch:
LetoThe2ndMichaelLarsen: depsite the question being extremely meta, there is
MichaelLarsenLetoThe2nd: I actually stumbled upon that repository in my search. Is this the "most" active embedded projecT?08:41
LetoThe2ndMichaelLarsen: we have little to no repots concerning ROS here.08:43
didilradanter: thanks :)08:43
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MichaelLarsenLetoThe2nd: ok.08:49
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m4hoHi, I am trying to build some image and the build of mtd-utils (from poky) fails - I get the following note in the beginning: mtd-utils-1.5.2-r0 do_compile: NOTE: mtd-utils: compiling from external source tree /tmp/devtoolqasb5c9lst/source  - could someone explain to me why this happens? Where is that defined? I did not change anything in the recipe09:26
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m4hoThere is no EXTERNALSRC set on purpose, how can I figure out where this is set? I am still unsure whether this is even the reason10:03
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jkum4ho: from the path name I would guess you've used devtool to work on that at some point and it's still in the workspace ... "devtool reset <recipe>" should remove it from the devtool workspace (you probably lose the changes you may have made)10:58
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m4hojku: thanks a lot, devtool status shows exactly that, I am sure never to have used it. However, somehow it must have happened. Now I know what that looks like, I never actually used devtool until now11:07
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jkuwell that's strange11:10
m4ho'strange' describes my experience with yocto quite well ;)11:11
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hamdyI created an intel minimal image then I opened the .iso in virtualbox. Now it's read only. What can i do ?11:44
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ChrysDHi everyone, there is a way to find out which recipe in which directory provide the recipe which install a package ? I would like to find out where does the qt plugins are installed. It's not in the build/conf neither in the recipe of the image.... Thanks.11:47
mario-goulartHi ChrysD.  You can find that in buildhistory.11:52
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ChrysDmario-goulart : I'm not familiar with it. Can you explain more or it's information easy to get ?11:53
ChrysDmario-goulart : Thanks by the way.11:53
mario-goulartChrysD: sure.  Are you familiar with buildhistory?11:53
ChrysDmario-goulart : No i'm not11:53
mario-goulartChrysD: ok.  Here's some documentation about it:
mario-goulartChrysD: what yocto version are you using?11:54
ChrysDmario-goulart : thank you !11:54
ChrysDmario-goulart : Krogoth11:55
hamdyI created an intel minimal image then I opened the .iso in virtualbox. Now it's read only. What can i do ?11:57
mario-goulartOk.  Unfortunately, krogoth doesn't have the patch that will add information that maps recipes to layers in buildhistory.11:57
mario-goulartChrysD: ^11:57
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ChrysDmario-goulart : Thank you some much ! It's better to know that something doesn't exist instead of looking at it for a while ahahah11:58
mario-goulartChrysD: d8e59d1f840e4282859ad14397d1c06516b8eb11 could probably be cherry picked, though.11:58
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ChrysDmario-goulart : So i still need to dig into files to know where the (IMAGE_INSTALL=" qtplugins" ) is written x)11:59
mario-goulartChrysD: but keep in mind that .bbappend files may influence on packaging (and other things).  So, only knowing the base recipe sometimes is not enough.11:59
mario-goulartChrysD: you want to know what recipe drags a recipe into an image?12:00
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mario-goulartChrysD: rephrasing to avoid confusion:  you want to know what recipe drags a package into an image?12:01
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ChrysDmario-goulart : I want to know in which recipe is written that "those" packages will be installed in the image12:03
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ChrysDmario-goulart : for exampel i would like to add at qt plugins, and i would like to add this qt plugins by a patch and a .bbappend. But i would like to add it in the list of the others.12:04
ChrysDmario-goulart : Have checked my build/conf and the recipe-images/ already12:04
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ChrysDmario-goulart : add a qt plugin *12:05
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mario-goulartChrysD: not sure if I understand your problem, but here's some info.  Recipes specify what they depend on and what packages they generate.  Images are described by recipes.  Image recipes usually only specify the packages that they ultimately want (not the whole chain of dependencies).  So, to get what [I think] you want, you have to take a look at the dependency graph and find out which package in the image depend on the qt plugins.12:08
mario-goulartYou can generate it with bitbake -g.12:08
alexlarssonrburton: Did you see this: its somewhat painful for the flatpak runtime...12:09
yoctiBug 11396: normal, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, NEW , OpenSSL soname "wrong"12:09
ChrysDmario-goulart : For example, the simple fact of putting a "RDEPENDS " can install a package in the iamge ?12:09
ChrysDmario-goulart : And if I would like to add a package, i should do a new image recipe or i should patch the image recipe which have been given ?12:10
mario-goulartChrysD: it depends on where you put RDEPENDS. :-)  It must be specified for a package that is installed in the image.12:11
mario-goulartIt all depends on how your project is structured.  Bot alternatives should work.12:12
ChrysDmario-goulart : So in my case, if i don't find where does the qtplugins are installed, could be possible that the fact of putting a RDEPENDS packagroup of qt plugins make the qt plugins installed right ?12:12
hamdyI created an intel minimal image then I opened the .iso in virtualbox. Now it's read only. What can i do ? Can someone help me please ?12:12
jkualexlarsson: eww. Somehow this always happens with openssl at release time12:16
_arthur_Are there know issues with IMAGE_DEPENDS_foo ? I'm trying to add a new image type, and I need a custom tool to be installed (presumably in build/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux), but the dependency doesn't seem to make it somehow.12:16
jkusomething like this anyway12:16
alexlarssonjku: i remember openssl ABI being a shitshow 10 years ago12:17
alexlarssonhow come its still a problem12:17
rburtonalexlarsson: urgh flaming death to openssl12:18
jkusmcv has some critique for us in the end of that good post that probably does apply: I'm not sure we have anyone who pays _as much_ attention as one apparently would need to keep openssl running well12:18
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rburton"copy exactly what debian does" is a sane policy if you manage to keep the 'exactly' bit12:20
rburtongrabbing the patch from debian to bump soname seems like the best solution here12:22
_arthur_Let me rephrase the question: How do I ensure tool <foo> is available while an image is generated (e.g. creating a ubifs image requires mkfs.ubifs).12:22
rburtonespecially as we just rolled 2.3 RC1 *this morning*12:22
alexlarssonrburton: its what i did:
rburtonjku: got time to take this?  i should eat something shortly.12:23
*** majuk <majuk!> has quit IRC12:23
alexlarssonrburton: seems to work12:23
rburtonalexlarsson: thanks.  cursed openssl.12:23
rburtontime to write a class to run libabigail over binary output for ABI review12:24
jkurburton: I can send a patch12:24
rburtonthanks jku12:24
kanavinrburton: maybe things will get better with 1.1 :)12:26
jkusupposedly yes12:26
rburtonkanavin: not sure if thats a serious expectation or irony12:27
kanavinrburton: for a start, I've thrown away the old recipe, and all of its patches12:27
kanavinrburton: I'm not sure myself :)12:28
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Son_Gokurburton, what exactly does "copy what debian does" sound sane for?12:37
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Son_Gokukanavin: the only good news with openssl 1.1 is that for the first time, everyone agrees what the soname is12:39
Son_GokuI had some help to convince Fedora to switch to using the Debian convention, even though it's the wrong convention for openssl anyway12:39
Son_Gokubecause I figured no one would switch to the Fedora convention anyway12:40
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_arthur_I'm trying to understand how build/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/sbin/mkfs.ubifs came to be installed there. I (think I) need to accomplish the same for my tool, but simply adding it to IMAGE_DEPENDS_foo doesn't seem to be working.13:19
*** majuk <majuk!> has quit IRC13:19
_arthur_I see IMAGE_DEPENDS_ubifs = "mtd-utils-native", but doing the same for my tool doesn't work. What could I be missing?13:19
*** aragua_ <aragua_!> has quit IRC13:20
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jku_arthur_: have you checked if the tool you need ends up installed properly in native sysroot ? first somewhere like  tmp/sysroots-component/x86-64/ and then I guess in the image $WORKDIR/recipe-sysroot-native13:26
_arthur_It's not installed, I believe. It is listed in tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/sysroot-providers/ along with mtd-utils-native13:28
*** gtristan <gtristan!> has joined #yocto13:28
jku_arthur_: oh sorry, which yocto version?13:29
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_arthur_fido, iirc.13:33
*** majuk <majuk!> has joined #yocto13:33
jkuah yes, my advice was for much newer sysroot locations. Sorry13:33
_arthur_No worries. I'm aware that we're on older code, but ... embedded, you know how it is ....13:34
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zeenixchbae: hi13:55
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zeenixerr.. wrong channel :)13:55
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1116 of nightly-world is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
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_arthur_Ah, I think the problem is not with the dependency, but with the package. sstate-cache/Debian-8.5/7e/sstate:mtd-utils-native:x86_64-linux:1.5.1+git... contains the binaries, but my package does not. Looks like some confusion between ${D} and ${sbindir}.14:19
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hamdyI have added IMAGE_FSTYPES += "vmdk" to my local.conf but I still don't have a .vmdk image for virtualbox. I Followed this tutorial :  Can someone help me please ?14:39
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hamdynow my vmdk image works. How can i resize a yocto partition ?14:57
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hamdySomeone can tell me how to resize my yocto image ?15:19
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tx0hhello there. i have problems to get ffmpeg with ffplay (needs sdl) compiled. i bitbaked libsdl and ffmpeg can't find the headers and libs. both are recipes of18:17
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tx0hhow can i direct the ffmpeg recipe in the right direction?18:18
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* tx0h sighs18:38
tx0hto be precise: it didn't find the sdl stuff during the do_configure18:42
_arthur_Does your ffmpeg recipe depend on libsdl?18:43
tx0hit does18:43
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tx0hDEPENDS = "alsa-lib zlib libogg yasm-native libsdl"18:44
tx0hand sdl files are in the sysroots18:45
_arthur_Okay, so presumably the configure just needs to be pointed at it somehow. Is this an autoconf recipe?18:46
*** stephano <stephano!~stephano@> has joined #yocto18:46
tx0hit's the recipe which is in poky/meta/recipes-multimedia/ffmpeg18:47
_arthur_Yeah I don't have that one around ;)18:47
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_arthur_It might be worth taking a look at how the ffmpeg configure looks for libsdl.18:49
tx0hoh, ok.18:49
tx0hthats the verdict: check_pkg_config sdl SDL_events.h SDL_PollEvent18:50
tx0hwhere check_pkg_config is a function in the ffmpeg configure script18:51
_arthur_Did your libsdl recipe install the .pc file?18:53
tx0halso in the sysroots?18:53
_arthur_I think so, yes.18:53
tx0hyes, there is a file 'sdl.pc' in the pkgconfigs18:56
_arthur_Do you get error output from the configure step?18:57
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_arthur_I'm looking at the latest version of ffmpeg/configure and it looks for sdl2, not sdl.18:57
_arthur_What does it say?18:57
tx0ha ffmpeg config.log and the bitbake errors18:57
tx0haha?! i have both. let me change it to libsdl218:58
*** BB <BB!6dc1756c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto18:59
_arthur_Well hang on, that might not be the problem ;)18:59
_arthur_Look at the bitbake errors and the config.log to figure out what's going on first.18:59
tx0hSDL_events.h is definitively in both packages. and thats what it looks for (at first) and i think, this can't be found19:01
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_arthur_It might be worth sticking in a debug patch to log what the configure script sees. Check the pkg-config output, and check_func_headers output. It seems to compile a test app so that might fail.19:04
*** jairglez <jairglez!~jairdeje@> has joined #yocto19:04
tx0hoh, what does this mean? arm-rk-linux-gnueabi-gcc: error: /tmp/ffconf.loKPYZ9o.m: Objective-C compiler not installed on this system19:07
tx0hthats for the QTKit test in ffmpeg19:08
tx0hmaybe thats the issue?!19:08
_arthur_Yeah that looks likelu.19:08
tx0hhow do i enable objective-c so?19:08
*** majuk <majuk!> has joined #yocto19:10
_arthur_Good question. I don't know.19:11
tx0hi thought this should be standard in the gcc..19:11
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* tx0h looks puzzled19:16
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tx0hsource is in build/tmp/work-shared/gcc-6.2.0-r0/gcc-6.2.0/libobjc but i can't find libobc*19:31
*** marka <marka!> has joined #yocto19:31
tx0hit seems it's not made19:32
*** chbae <chbae!~chbae@> has joined #yocto19:35
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jmesmonIs there a way to use do_split_packages to select directories and their contents to become a new package? With 'allow_dirs=True', it appears that only the directories (but not the files in them) are included in the packages.19:43
*** zecke <zecke!> has quit IRC19:43
jmesmonOr do I need to just do what do_split_packages does internally myself?19:44
*** tavish <tavish!~tavish@unaffiliated/tavish> has quit IRC19:45
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rburtonjmesmon: i'd be surprised if it can't do what you want :/19:51
jmesmonrburton: I'm trying out using aux_files_pattern. Might work19:52
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*** tavish <tavish!~tavish@unaffiliated/tavish> has joined #yocto19:57
tx0hadded objc to LANGUAGES in lets see how it works..19:58
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jmesmonah, turns out I was just missing 'prepend=True'. No need for messing with aux_file_pattern, just need to have the dynamic packages be packaged before PN so it doesn't hoover up the dyn-package files.20:05
*** dreyna <dreyna!> has joined #yocto20:07
* tx0h recompiles the whole setup :-(20:21
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bluelightningtlwoerner: I seem to recall someone mentioning not that long ago that devtool had stopped picking up the name from a source tree correctly, but I can't find the message in the mailing list archives - was that you by any chance?22:54
* tlwoerner ponders...22:55
tlwoernerbluelightning: i did notice this, i think it was around the time of the OEDAM, it used to be enough to say "devtool add <url>" but now it needs "devtool add <name> <url>"? (or something like that)22:56
bluelightningtlwoerner: right yeah that was what I recall reading - that's certainly not the result of an intentional change, have you got an example reproducer?22:57
bluelightning(sorry it's taken me so long to follow up...022:57
tlwoernerbluelightning: you don't owe anyone any apologies!22:58
tlwoernerto be honest, it's not a really bad thing22:59
tlwoerneri don't have a reproducer on-hand, but could go looking for one22:59
bluelightningI thought there was an example in the original message but I can't remember for sure22:59
bluelightningwas it in the minutes perhaps?22:59
* bluelightning checks22:59
bluelightningnope, doesn't seem to be there at least23:00
bluelightning(i.e. no mention at all)23:00
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tlwoernerbluelightning: haha, funny, i can't find it either23:05
tlwoerner*mass hallucinations*23:05
bluelightningtlwoerner: ok, no worries... either that or some kind of telepathy :D23:07
bluelightningin any case if you do find a reproducer please do let me know23:08
tlwoernerbluelightning: ok, np23:08
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