Friday, 2017-04-21

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tlwoernerbluelightning: ahh!! not me Robert Day00:42
tlwoerner(right country, even right province, wrong person) haha00:43
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tlwoernerfunny how easy it was to "remember" it was me00:47
tlwoernerin my defense, bluelightning is *very* persuasive, he's using and old Yocto mind-trick on me!00:48
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tlwoernerbluelightning: ...and i have been able to reproduce it00:55
tlwoernerif you checkout the code that was "current" at that time, you can reproduce it00:56
tlwoernertake bitbake and openembedded-core00:56
tlwoernerthen, in each do00:56
tlwoernergit checkout $(git rev-list -n 1 --before="2017-03-10" master)00:56
tlwoernerthen go through the "source"'ing step, then the "devtool add" step00:57
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tlwoerneroh... seems to happen with current master too00:59
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bluelightningtlwoerner: oops - sorry for the mixup01:23
bluelightningdamn it I even googled for " devtool name" and didn't find it :/01:24
bluelightningthanks for digging it up01:24
bluelightningI can indeed confirm the issue here... now to find out how it's happening01:29
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bluelightningso it's picking this up from the spec file... it contains Name: %{name}01:36
bluelightningI wonder if there's a default for %{name} that says pick it up from the spec file name?01:37
bluelightningcan't seem to find any documentation that indicates how this would be interpreted01:37
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1117 of nightly-world is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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hamdyHi, Someone know how to choose the size of a yocto image ?06:20
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LetoThe2ndhamis: "depends"06:23
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LetoThe2nderm hamdy ^^^^^06:25
LetoThe2ndhamdy: besides the fact that there is no such thing as a "yocto" image. you probably mean a image generated by the poky reference distribution :)06:26
hamdy<LetoThe2nd> Yes I mean, when a prepare my yocto before the bitbake, is there a way to choose the size of the final partition ?06:28
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LetoThe2ndhamdy: there is a way to choose about everything, but it still depends06:30
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LetoThe2ndhamdy: so you really need to be precise. which image type, thats the most important detail06:35
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hamdy<LetoThe2nd> I would lik to make a generic 32 bit or 64 bit, I need something like a partition of 1 or 2 GO06:38
LetoThe2ndhamdy: an ext3 partition.06:38
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LetoThe2ndor what?06:38
hamdy<LetoThe2nd> ext4 will be better but I can do with an ext306:40
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LetoThe2ndhamdy: well then, why don't you ask "how can i set the size of an ext3 image"?06:41
hamdy<LetoThe2nd> how can i set the size of an ext3 image ? :)06:42
LetoThe2ndhamdy: as to be ssen at
LetoThe2ndhamdy: there is the variable ROOTFS_SIZE that control that06:44
hamdy<LetoThe2nd> OK I look06:44
LetoThe2ndhamdy: and there is also ext4 support...06:45
jkuhamdy. depends on what you really want, but see also IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRA_SPACE and related variables
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phako[m]hello... does it do any harm if we turn off uninative - our build env is homogeneous.07:03
hamdy<jku> so I just add to local.conf that for exemple ?  IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRA_SPACE = "5242880"07:07
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jkuhamdy: that should work07:11
hamdy<jku> ok I try07:11
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SmarcoHi all, I have a problem in a compilation with a yocto project. Who may give me some assistance?07:22
LetoThe2ndSmarco: try to state your case of emergency as precisely as possible, including all relevant details, then wait for rescue :)07:24
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SmarcoI have some trouble to add ncurses libs to a simple project that uses theses libraries. In my receip I set DEPENDS = "ncurses" and RDEPENDS_${PN} = "ncurses-libtinfo ncurses-lincurses" but I always have an issue when do_rootfs is called: "no package provides". I tried many things in RDEPENDS like ncurses-libform and ncurses-terminfo but I always have this issue. I check in the working dir and al07:27
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mckoanSmarco: DEPENDS = "ncurses" should be enough07:36
SmarcoThat the first I tried and it throws me the same error07:39
LetoThe2ndit rather sounds like that is some edge case that gets triggered07:40
LetoThe2ndat least to me07:41
Smarcothat wierd because everything elses seems working fine. I add the gnu less tool that also uses ncurses and it works fine07:43
LetoThe2ndmaybe the libtinfo package is broken?07:44
ChrysDHi everyone, does someone know if there is somewhere a website which explain how to install QtQuick2.0 on yocto. as there are lot of dependencies in packages. Thanks07:47
SmarcoWhy would it be broken? I use official ncurses release (it's one of the most used library, then I don't think they push a broken lib in release repo). Furthermore, ncurses compiles/installs without issues it's juste when doing the rootfs that I have the issue.07:48
jkuSmarco: what do you mean you use the official ncurses release?07:48
mckoanChrysD: use meta-qt5 layer07:49
ChrysDmckoan : I use it of course. But for making QtQuick2.0 running there is lot of packages to install.07:49
SmarcoI didn't change the .bb receip of ncurses so I assume that yocto downloads it from the official website07:49
ChrysDmckoan : Like libs for eglfs etc07:49
jkuSmarco: got it, just checking07:50
Smarcook thanks07:50
jkuSmarco: I assume this is the automatic runtime dependency handler looking at your app, and seeing it link with something it can't find in any yocto package...07:52
Smarcoyep, that I also figured out07:53
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Smarcobut I don't know how to tell yocto that libtinfo is in the ncurses package07:53
jkuyou should not need to07:53
Smarcothat why I tried to set RDEPENDS to "ncurses-libtinfo"  but it didn't change anyting07:54
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #510 of nightly-checkuri is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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LetoThe2ndany short pointers/docs on how to use pseudo in a non-oe context? e.g. manually repackaging a rootfs?08:08
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jkuSmarco: maybe look at how your app is finding the library to link to -- is it linking with host ncurses?08:12
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maxinSmarco: to eliminate one possibility, do you have MATLAB installed in your machine?08:15
Smarcono I don't08:18
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maxinSmarco: ok, will be great if you could share some more info about your build env..08:21
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Smarconcurses is linked dynamically at compilation time. The program includes the header "ncurses.h" and just call functions of libraries.08:30
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Smarcowhen I compile it outside yocto for the host platform, everything goes fine and with ldd I may see the libs the the bin depends on: => /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ => /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ => /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ => /lib/i386-linux-gnu/
Smarcobut yocto can't find the ncurses libs that it compiles for the target plateform08:33
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jkuSmarco, so did you do the same check with the target binary?08:37
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hamdyIf I add the layer meta-gnome it mean that i will have the gnome desktop installed ?08:41
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LetoThe2ndhamdy: no, it means that you can install the recipes that the layer provides. which might be the gnome-desktop, but just adding the layer will not pull it in automatically08:49
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SmarcoI just checked, in the work dir "packagedata/runtime/" I found the file completed with all libraries needed, libtinfo is well added as other ncurses libs. I also expanded the rpm created and checked the libs with ldd and I have the same output as on the host. As I used the host ldd, I assume that the lib path shown isn't the one yocto uses, but all libs are there.09:01
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hamdy<LetoThe2nd>  ok I see now09:03
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mcfrisk_Hmm, is deploy.class on purpose not sstate caching data files? E.g. if tmp/deploy is removed and any recipes re-executed, they will not restore tmp/deploy contents from sstate cache until sstate cache entry for the recipe is removed?09:08
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ant_workmcfrisk_, something wrong there09:20
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ant_workmcfrisk_, replace DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE with IMGDEPLOYDIR09:22
mcfrisk_ant_work: also on jethro?09:28
mcfrisk_IMGDEPLOYDIR doesn't exists in jethro, so it's something else, or by design.09:29
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ant_workmcfrisk_, seems only for morty09:30
ant_workthe changhe is over one yer old09:30
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hamdyI have a yocto image with python installed. It miss the module random. How can I add it.09:38
hamdyI have a yocto image with python installed. It miss the module random. How can I add it ??09:38
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mcfrisk_ant_work: hmm, I'm stuck with jethro but I guess removing tmp/deploy is not supported. I will remove tmp completely since that works.09:40
ant_workyes, wipe TMPDIR09:41
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_arthur_k /win close09:42
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MarcWeif build a SDK with QT support but when i build a project in qtcreator with the sdk it complains about  error: cannot find -lQt5Gui :error: cannot find -lQt5Widgets etc09:49
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hamdyI have a yocto image with python installed. It miss the module random. How can I add it ??09:57
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LetoThe2ndprobably by adding python-modules and/or pythong-misc. or in short, packagegroup-core-lsb-python10:02
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CTtpollardor pip I presume10:04
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neverpanicmcfrisk_: There is sstate caching in deploy.bbclass; if it doesn't work it's usually because somebody used DEPLOY_DIR where they should have used DEPLOYDIR or vice-versa.10:19
neverpanic(one of them is sstate-cached, the other just writes to the output directory directly)10:19
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eduardas_mhello, did anyone manage to get qt multitouch working on Linux platform with xserver?10:26
eduardas_mI have a Yocto project build on an embedded device with the Focaltech ft5x06 capacitive touchscreen driver10:26
eduardas_m evtest shows me that proper events using the multitouch protocol10:26
eduardas_mhowever  slider->setAttribute(Qt::WA_AcceptTouchEvents) in qt is not enough to make these events register with multiple dials in same window10:26
eduardas_mif someone is successfully doing multitouch gestures with qt on yocto builds, I would be very happy if they were to share their experience10:27
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wagiHi, stupid question: I got a few patches for wic: to which mailing list should I send them?11:11
*** peacememories <peacememories!> has joined #yocto11:11
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Ox4hello guys11:16
Ox4how can I disable 'Currently # running tasks'?11:16
MarcWeof bitbake ?11:17
MarcWectrl + c11:17
JoiFShould be something with -u11:18
waginevermind, found wic patches on openembedded-core, so I'll use that one too11:20
JoiFThe -u defines the user-interface (default being knotty)11:20
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m4hoHi, is there a way to fetch multiple repositories in a single recipe (which works fine) and patch them with individual files? Apparently the patches are done using -p1 but that also includes a -d parameter, right? Is there a way to specify paths for every patch to be applied?11:31
*** pohly <pohly!> has quit IRC11:32
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nrossim4ho: does 'patchdir' on the patch src_uri work for you usecase?11:36
*** toscalix_ <toscalix_!~toscalix@> has joined #yocto11:39
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hamdyI saw the meta-amd layer. What I have to do to create a yocto image compatible with AMD processors ?11:45
m4honrossi: this seems to be a perfect fit, but doesn't seem to work yet11:45
*** Ox4 <Ox4!~user@unaffiliated/zloy> has quit IRC11:46
m4honrossi: thank you very much11:47
*** majuk <majuk!> has joined #yocto11:49
hamdyI saw the meta-amd layer. What I have to do to create a yocto image compatible with AMD processors ?11:51
*** majuk <majuk!> has quit IRC11:54
m4hohamdy: please be more patient - do you generally understand the contents of the meta-amd layer? Your question is vastly general11:54
MarcWemy qt is complaining that the not contains -lqt5quick12:04
*** Ox4 <Ox4!~user@unaffiliated/zloy> has joined #yocto12:08
neverpanicA library cannot contain a library. -lqt5quick just tells the linker to look for a file named or libqt5quick.a. You'll have to improve your problem description.12:08
hamdyI saw the meta-amd layer. What I have to do to create a yocto image compatible with AMD processors ? Someone can help me please ?12:08
MarcWethis is de error output i get from qt: error: skipping incompatible /home/hmw/arago-2016.12/sysroots/cortexa8hf-neon-linux-gnueabi/usr/lib/ when searching for -lQt5Quick12:09
neverpanicMarcWe: Sounds like an architecture mismatch. There should be more output close to this line that tells you why it is being skipped.12:09
ChrysDMarcWe : Look if the is made for your architecture. Maybe you are trying to make it running and test in your machine but this library it's for an arm.12:09
rburtonor your build is using the host compiler and not the right cross compiler12:10
neverpanichamdy: That's not any more helpful than your last line. Did you see m4ho's question?12:10
ChrysDrburton : Yeah it seems.12:11
hamdy<m4ho> I need to setup a yocto image on an ARM lX800 processor. I need to know if it's compatible12:11
hamdyneverpanic I just saw it12:12
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ChrysDMarcWe : If you are running with QtCreator, look in the Makefile which compiler is used in the line " cc = "12:13
MarcWeChrysD: qt is not genarating a makefile12:13
phako[m]since when12:14
MarcWethe build folder is emty12:14
*** zecke <zecke!~ich@> has joined #yocto12:14
ChrysDMarcWe : are you sure of that ? Even if the build doesn't succeed it creates a makefile in where you tell him to put your build12:14
MarcWeuh no i did not F5 after compilation12:15
MarcWebut the make file is surgesting gcc ......12:15
MarcWenot arm-linux....12:15
ChrysDMarcWe : Are you using qtcreator ?12:15
ChrysDMarcWe : Have you defined well the kits, version and so on ?12:16
MarcWeand i created a new kit for the toolchain12:16
ChrysDMarcWe : are you using a version above 5.6 ?12:16
MarcWeqt 5.612:16
ChrysDMarcWe : Have you put the linux-oe-g++ ?12:16
MarcWeyou mean the qt mkspec ?12:17
ChrysDMarcWe : yep12:17
MarcWei have that emty12:17
ChrysDMarcWe : you should have it12:17
ChrysDMarcWe : It's located in your cortex sysroots folder of your sdk in /usr/lib/qt5/mkspecs/linux-oe-g++12:18
MarcWe can : usr/lib/qt5/mkspecs/linux-arm-gnueabi-g++/         be oke ?12:19
m4hohamdy: lx800 is simple x86 architecture, why wouldn't it be compatible? The meta-amd layer includes three specific chips, none is the geode - i don't really see a problem here12:19
ChrysDMarcWe : I don't know the only thinks I know that most of time you put linux-oe-g++ ^12:20
ChrysDMarcWe : Sometimes, when you populate_sdk it makes a file with environmental variables. You can add it into your first line of qtcreator.sh12:22
ChrysDMarcWe : Then by using linux-oe-g++, i know that for exemple CC will be equal to a variable which is described into your environmental variables12:22
ChrysDMarcWe : But it's only supposition.12:22
MarcWea oke12:22
MarcWei use the source var in  qtcreator.sh12:23
ChrysDMarcWe : Haven't you do some bitbake -c populate_sdk of your image ?12:23
MarcWebut  /usr/lib/qt5/mkspecs/linux-oe-g++/ gives me a red excamation mark12:23
ChrysDMarcWe : In two board I have, when I do populate_sdk I have a file with environmental values that is used for cross compiling. And when I use linux-oe-g++ i'm fine. Maybe in your case is different12:24
MarcWeyes i dit make  the -c populate_sdk.12:24
ChrysDMarcWe : Have you launch the script file generated by your populate_sdk ?12:25
*** gtristan <gtristan!> has joined #yocto12:25
ChrysDMarcWe : mmh i have the answer, of course you have as you have been into the cortex folder ahah12:25
*** kanavin <kanavin!~ak@> has joined #yocto12:25
ChrysDMarcWe : When you are in your " arago-2016.12" folder, haven't you other files in it ?12:26
MarcWesite-config-cortexa8hf-neon-linux-gnueabi , and version ifo12:26
MarcWeand version info12:27
ChrysDMarcWe : envsetup is the files which describes the environmental variabels i guess12:27
ChrysDPut in the first line of your this file12:27
MarcWeyes i have that in  file linked in the .sh12:27
MarcWeas source /home/hmw/arago-2016.12/environment-setup12:28
ChrysDyeah right12:28
ChrysDbut with linux-oe-g++ it doesn't work12:28
ChrysDHave you tried to build anyway ?12:28
ChrysDQmake + build12:28
MarcWethe computer icon is a changed in to a red exclamation mark12:28
MarcWeqmake + build ( from command line ?12:29
ChrysDdirectly via qtcreator12:29
*** rcw <rcw!~rwoolley@> has joined #yocto12:29
MarcWethat gives no errors12:30
ChrysDDeploy it and try it12:30
MarcWeg++  -o untitled main.o qrc_qml.o   -L/home/hmw/arago-2016.12/sysroots/cortexa8hf-neon-linux-gnueabi/usr/lib -lQt5Quick -lQt5Gui -lQt5Qml -lQt5Network -lQt5Core -lGLESv2 -lpthread12:31
MarcWeso its using g++ instead of arm-linux12:31
ChrysDAre you using the right kit ?12:31
MarcWeyes i am12:32
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ChrysDRead that + look for the mkspec as you are using 5.612:35
*** toanju <toanju!~toanju@> has joined #yocto12:36
ChrysDMarcWe : I was reading a little more about linux-oe-g++ and linux-oe-g++ use the environmental values12:40
MarcWeomg put the mkspeck12:40
MarcWein the wrong kit12:40
ChrysDIt seems that in meta-qt5, a recipe is exporting some variable and linux-oe-g++ use them. That's why linux-oe-g++12:40
MarcWethe emty project builds now :D12:41
ChrysDFrom Qt 5.6 you need to specify Mkspecs12:41
MarcWei wil remember that o0:P12:41
MarcWebig thanx ChrysD12:42
ChrysDMarcWe : np !12:42
ChrysDMarcWe : [14:31] <ChrysD> Are you using the right kit12:42
ChrysDMarcWe : :D12:42
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rburtonkanavin: buildhistory-diff and dnf really don't get on13:33
rburton  /var/lib/dnf/yumdb/g/51fa50586c1f5f45ee18b9e44a8b79ae6aaf0168-glibc-charmap-mac-cyrillic-2.25-r0-corei7_64/checksum_type was added etc13:33
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majukAnyone have ideas on how to squeeze more boot-time information out of Alsa?14:20
majukMy Morty build for a wandboard hangs at boot time after Alsa prints a couple messages.14:21
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kanavinrburton: can you file a bug if it is a bug?14:50
rburtonkanavin: presumbly dnf has a reason to use md5sums or something in the paths, i guess we just need to filter them out in buildhistory-diff14:51
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gdgI would like to have the kernel source in /usr/src in Poky15:44
gdghow can I have them there?15:44
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tgoodwinSuppose my S="${WORKDIR}/some/dir".  Is there a way to define a patch to apply to ${WORKDIR}/some?17:15
*** ash_charles <ash_charles!~acharles@2607:fad8:4:6:c5eb:4080:3467:d4d5> has joined #yocto17:17
tgoodwinSo far setting patchdir=${WORKDIR}/some hasn't worked (same error asking if it needs to be stripped).  I backed it up one more directory, since the patch is defined as some/... and some.patched/... but that didn't resolve it either.17:18
khemtgoodwin: you use patchdir relative to S17:19
kheme.g. file://some.patch;patchdir=../17:19
khemwill apply the patch to sources in ${S}/../17:20
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tgoodwinkhem: I'm still getting the same "does not apply" error no matter what I try.17:28
tgoodwinDoes the patch have to be created relative to workdir?17:28
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tgoodwinkhem: thanks... That was it (your suggestion).  I'm not sure what was wrong with the patch file, but when I recreated it, it worked.  Thanks again!17:33
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khemrburton: I sent my last set of patch for puzzles recipe with this I can build OE-core world clean with gcc7 on rpi319:26
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rburtonkhem: nice!19:52
rburtonshall throw it at the ab later19:52
rburtonthere's a break-all-the-things build running now19:52
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ulf`_khem: question: what is your meta-openwrt layer useful for?22:03
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ulf`khem, I am comparing a poky image with the openwrt-layer added to an actual openwrt image22:05
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khemulf`: its meant to bild openwrt components with OE22:49
khemthere is a sample openwrt-image22:49
khemthere are few things it needs work on22:50
kheme.g. getting procd as a proper init system alternative is big one22:50
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chatter29hey guys23:19
chatter29allah is doing23:19
chatter29sun is not doing allah is doing23:19
chatter29to accept Islam say that i bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad peace be upon him is his slave and messenger23:20
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ulf`khem, cool23:29
ulf`khem, I just added juci as a replacement for luci to the image. Do you know how functional that is?23:30
*** majuk <majuk!> has joined #yocto23:30
khemno it does not work23:30
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khemI never got down to quite working it23:30
khembut if you do patches are welcome23:30
khemon screenshots it looks cool23:31
* ulf` checked out the luci web interface earlier 23:31
ulf`Quite nice too I thought23:32
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