Wednesday, 2017-05-17

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black_13when you build the qemu image where does the created image reside02:03
kergothtmp*/deploy/images/, same as for any machine. see also the docs at yoctoproject.org02:09
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black_13can that be configured in the conf file?02:25
kergothsee DEPLOY_DIR and DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE02:28
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zzerooSince I update to the latest poky git:master my custom kernel builds are failing with: "kgit-s2q: command not found"05:28
paulgzzeroo, normally that would be in recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/kgit-s2q of your kernel build05:36
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zzerooNo isn't there.... I had tryed to include "DEPENDS = "kern-tools-native"' but that dos'nt work, too.
paulgyou shouldn't need to add a depends on kernel tools, if you inherit/use the base kernel stuff.05:43
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zzeroopaulg: I know this was just a test. I fight since two hours on that05:46
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paulgzzeroo, yeah I get how fighting with infrastructural stuff can be frustrating.  Have you seen this already?06:00
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zzeroopaulg: I use this
paulgok, yes - that is a more up to date version.06:04
zzerooBut the whole documtentation dosn't contain on 'kgit' ^^06:04
zzerooBut the whole documtentation dosn't contain one 'kgit' ^^06:04
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paulgnot a solution, but an approach -- you could maybe start with a bbappend instead of a custom bb; then you should have all the tools / depends at your fingertips06:07
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zzerooA bbappend for a vanilla linux kernel? which06:08
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zzeroopaulg: but i'll try. This is one thing i hav'nt yeat06:10
erboIs there anyone here who is using the "testimage" features, also called "automated-runtime-testing" in the dev-manual? I'm trying to use it using the systemd-boot "backend" but it seems like it's not really working out-of-the-box so I'm wondering if there's any current users or if the feature might have been broken at some point.06:17
hamdyaeaSomeone know why there is nothing in my mkefisik.wks file when I : wic create mkefidisk -e core-image-x11 ?06:19
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hamdyaeaLetoThe2nd, : Hi, do you have knowledge about the wic create command ?06:22
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hamdyaeaI added this to my mkefidisk.wks file but I still can't boot part / --source rootfs --ondisk sdb --fstype=ext4 --label platform --align 1024 --size 1024006:50
hamdyaeasomeone can help me ?06:50
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hamdyaeaChrysD, : Are you there ?06:52
ChrysDhamdyaea : Yeah06:53
ChrysDhamdyaea : Are you aware that i'm completely a newbie in yocto ? ahahah06:53
hamdyaeaChrysD, : No I don't know it06:53
ChrysDhamdyaea : I can try to help but still i can't guarantee any result.06:54
hamdyaeaChrysD, : I am very close to what I want now06:54
ChrysDhamdyaea : So what's the problem now ?06:55
hamdyaeaChrysD, : I create the image with the command : wic create mkedifisk -e core-image-x11 and the system don't boot anymore when I flash the .direct.06:56
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ChrysDhamdyaea : I sent you a message at the top07:21
ChrysDyou should see my name at the top of the chat07:21
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Smitty_The command to build the target OS Image SDK (toolchain and sysroots) is ?   Searched the docs, but clearly I'm missing something07:29
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PinkSnake@Smitty_ ?07:41
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hamdyaeaed2, : I have a question about the : mkefidisk.wks can you help me ?08:14
ed2hamdyaea: sure08:14
hamdyaeaed2, : The last time I have created an image with wic create mkedifisk -e core-image-x11, there was many things already in the mkedifisk.wsk file08:15
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hamdyaeaed2, : Now there Is nothing08:15
Smitty_Sorry, I dropped my connection before I could copy that link.  Could you post it again, please08:16
hamdyaeaed2, : I just added : part / --source rootfs --ondisk sdb --fstype=ext4 --label platform --align 1024 --size 10240$08:16
hamdyaeaed2, : But I don't know why the last time there was many things08:16
ed2hamdyaea: could it be that you've changed it accidentally or changed the branch?08:17
ed2hamdyaea: is gid diff shows something for this file?08:17
ed2git diff08:17
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hamdyaeaed2, : there are many diffenrence but I didn't change the branch08:20
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ed2hamdyaea: looks like you've changed it. "git checkout scripts/lib/wic/canned-wks/mkefidisk.wks" will restore it back08:21
ed2hamdyaea: however, your last change will be lost08:21
ed2hamdyaea: I mean the last like you've added08:21
hamdyaeaed2 : I am in the jethro branch I have to do : git checkout jethro  scripts/lib/wic/canned-wks/mkefidisk.wks ?08:22
ed2nope, just what i showed08:26
ed2it will revert that file to HEAD, which is jethro in your case08:26
hamdyaeaed2, : OK I see, I have a question again : -part /boot --source bootimg-efi --sourceparams="loader=grub-efi"08:27
hamdyaeaed2, : How can I modify it if I don't want the efi ?08:27
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ed2hamdyaea: you can look at directdisk.wks. I thought this is what you've used to produce bootable image, no?08:28
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hamdyaeaed2, : OK I see, so I can do a : wic create directdisk -e core-image-x11 ?08:30
hamdyaeaed2, : Thanks you saved many many hours :)08:30
ed2or wic create <your own .wks file> -e core-image-x1108:30
hamdyaeaed2, : of search08:30
ed2hamdyaea: anyway, you'd probably benefit from reading the doc:
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ed2and reading wic help kickstart too :)08:32
hamdyaeaed2, : OK i will read it08:34
ed2hamdyaea: I'm actually surprised that your hardware doesn't support EFI boot. Could it be that you've missed it somehow when you looked for it in BIOS settings?08:36
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hamdyaeaed2, : I looked everywhere there is no efi option in the bios and when I try an efi image it don't works..08:39
Smitty_Can someone please post the link to the creation of an SDK (toolchain and sysroots) for an OS Image.  I cannot find it08:39
hamdyaeaed2, : So it don't work and I don't see the advantage of the efi08:39
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PinkSnake @Smitty_ sure ?09:05
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Smitty_Don't undertsnad why my conneciton keeps dropping !!09:40
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Smitty_Anyway, thanks for the link.  That confirms my understanding, it's an option to the target image build, rather than a separate target09:41
Smitty_I'm not sure I undertsand the section about static libraries. "By default, this toolchain does not build static binaries. "  How does that make any sense  ?09:43
ChrysDthis is not because of GPL?09:45
Smitty_To me to make much more sense for an SDK to include static libs by default, and an OS Image to *not* include those libs.  After all, how many people are going to be doing development *inside* their running OS Image ?  Yet the whole point of the SDK is to do development - and static libraries are definitely needed there.09:46
Smitty_And the instructions for addressing this issue is to also include the static libs in the OS Image, which seems unnecessary, even undesirable.09:47
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ChrysDSmitty_ : Maybe i'm in another world as i'm a newbie, but because of avoiding lot of issue due to GPL requirement, does it something like... As by default you doesn't build static binaries, and the fact that you have to enable, make you more responsible in case of violation of GPL?09:48
Smitty_I don't follow your argument.  How does a library being static change anything to do with licencing ?09:49
Smitty_So, again, I ask this question, since the answer I received yesterday was confusing.  What's the approved/recommended way to include the static libraries in the SDK only ?09:57
ChrysDRDEPENDS_${PN}-dev = "" ?09:58
JoiFIf the library is built using GPL components and is not GPL itself, then the applies as if you were building a statically linked executable.10:03
JoiFIf the library is built using GPL components and is not GPL itself, then the same applies as if you were building a statically linked executable.10:03
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JoiFAnd all of this is the reason why copyright, patent and (perhaps) trademark laws should all be taken out back and shot.10:06
ChrysDJoiF : Maybe i'm not understanding, but are you admitting what i'm seeing ? My english is quite bad.10:07
ChrysDagreeing or whatever10:07
rburtonSmitty_: is your question "how do i put static libraries into a SDK i've built?"10:08
JoiFChrysD: Probably10:08
JoiFChrysD: Neither of us are probably offering any help to poor Smitty_ (on my part because I don't know a helpful/practical answer to his question), but I think we're both talking about the same thing, yes.10:09
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ChrysDJoiF : Yeah it's what I was talking about to be sure that i understand thanks.10:10
JoiFChrysD: And then I went on (completely off-topic for this channel) to express my opinions on particularly copyright and patent law.  ;)10:12
rburtonSmitty_: because if it is, the answer is SDKIMAGE_FEATURES_append = " staticdev-pkgs" in either your local.conf for just you, your distro conf as a product-wide default, or an image recipe for per-sdk control10:13
rburtonSmitty_: note that poky doesn't build static libraries generally so hopefully you've started constructing your own distro10:14
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Smitty_Please clarify "...poky doesn't build static libraries generally..."  - ~~Shirley~~ that's down to the individual recipes.  I mean, there's loads of absolutely standard utilities that are composed of libraries.11:06
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RPSmitty_: it defaults to only building dynamic shared libraries, not static ones11:07
Smitty_I don't understand how that makes any sense, for the reason I just stated.  Plenty of standard utilities are made up of static libs11:07
Smitty_not dynamic11:07
Smitty_I'm not sure we're even talking about the same thing here11:08
rburtonSmitty_: poky configures autotools to pass —disable-static so vast amounts of the system won't be built statically11:08
Smitty_WHAT !!!11:08
rburtonchill, it's an option.  turn it off.11:09
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rburtonremember poky is an example.  make your own distro. if you want static libraries, don't turn them off.11:09
RPFWIW the system does not need or use those static libraries, we've had no reports of problems due to that change11:09
RPand as rburton says, if it bothers you, enable them11:09
Smitty_Yeah, maybe this is one of the things I don't understand correctly yet.  I keep thinking Poky is a core framework11:09
rburtonpoky is an example of how to build a distribution using oe-core and bitbake11:10
Smitty_what is "oe-core" then ?  Is it the set of layers that make up the core-image-sato (or minimal) ?11:11
rburtonoe-core is basically the meta/ directory in the poky tree11:12
rburton <— oe-core11:12
rburtonas i said yesterday, poky is oe-core + bitbake + meta-poky squashed into a single repo11:12
Smitty_But, doesn't pretty much everyone use that as a starting point, then maybe add or possibly remove unwanted components from it ?  In this sense, it looks very much like a framework11:13
rburtonwhat is that?11:13
rburtonsome do11:13
rburtonsome just take bitbake and oe-core directly11:13
rburtonif you're building your own distro then you might as well just use oe-core+bitbake directly11:14
Smitty_but there's hardly anything else in the poky tree11:14
nrossiRP: since you are around, you might be able to answer this question i had regarding RSS -> Is it an intended feature of RSS that any task dependency (even a dependency on say foo:do_deploy) causes the recipe-sysroot population of that dependent task's sysroot components?11:14
rburtonSmitty_: the only bits in poky that are not in oe-core and bitbake are the pieces you'll be replacing anyway11:14
RPnrossi: in general, yes but there is logic which limits that dependency tree11:15
RPnrossi: e.g. dependencies of a target recipe on native recipes are not followed11:15
RPnrossi: its the same logic as the "build from sstate" situation would use11:16
RPnrossi: see setscene_depvalid() in sstate.bbclass11:16
Smitty_is there a description of the layers in poky: meta, meta-poky, meta skeleton, meta-yocto, meta-yocto-bsp, meta-selftest  and why they are there ?11:17
nrossiRP: ok, thanks. Just wanted to make sure I was understanding the logic correctly. I am creating a "native" like extend class for a tertiary platform cpu, and it is being populated into the sysroot. Unfortunately I don't see an easy way to prevent that would modifying staging.bbclass like is done for native/multilib/etc.11:18
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RPnrossi: might you be better using multiconfig?11:20
RPnrossi: I know we are missing inter multiconfig dependencies right now but that shouldn't be hard to fix11:20
nrossiRP: yes that what is need from multiconfig to have it working11:20
nrossiRP: but this is all targeted for meta-xilinx's pyro release, but would be great to use multiconfig in the future :)11:21
RPnrossi: I'd love to have the patch to sort that. It shouldn't be hard as we put all the foundations in place...11:22
nrossiRP: i've just worked around the sysroot population issue for now by setting the extension class to use a /usr/<target_sys>11:22
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Smitty_rburton:  I'm still missing something.  The project that gets downloaded when following is "poky", which is essentially all the meta data responsible for instructing *some set of tools* to construct an OS image.  Some of those tools are of course required as the target OS toolchain, I'm not interested in them.  I want to know what the other set of tools11:27
nrossiRP: also just curious, with regards to the staging populating. In your opinion should the image recipes populate things like u-boot, qemu-helper-native, etc. (stuff in EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS)?11:28
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Smitty_It seems like some of those tools may be specific to the Poky OS image, and so are provided by the poky project I download.  Then there's other tools that are bitbake, but, strangely also downloaded when I retrieve poky. (BTW, that's very confusing)11:29
rburtonSmitty_: the quick start has you download poky as its quicker/easier than bitbake+oe-core and ensuring you get matching versions11:29
rburtonthis really isn't complicated.  poky is a few projects merged into a single git repo for convenience.11:29
Smitty_It's not complicated when you understand it11:30
RPnrossi: populate in what sense? you mean the do_populate_sysroot tasks from u-boot and so on?11:30
rburtonSmitty_: poky is bitbake + oe-core + meta-poky, in a single git repo, for convenience.11:30
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rburtonuse it or not, your choice.11:30
rburtonsome do, some don't11:30
Smitty_The clouds are lifting11:30
Smitty_Did I miss that day in school where that was discussed ?  (where is that explained in the documentation ?)11:32
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nrossiRP: yes, whilst u-boot is mostly non-problematic, qemu-helper-native can be in that you can only have one set of qemu binaries despite the usefulness of RSS where you could have two different qemu-helper-native's which provide different sysroots for qemuboot11:32
rburtonSmitty_: the quick start definitely skips over it as the purpose of the quick start is to be quick11:32
Smitty_ok, so I'm not as bad as I feared11:32
RPnrossi: it was originally intentional as we had a lot of trouble actually getting qemu binaries where we could find them to boot images11:33
RPnrossi: I say originally as I'm unsure where we ended up running them from in the end11:34
Smitty_What do you mean "ensuring you get matching versions" - matching versions of what ?  what needs to match ?11:34
rburtonSmitty_: bitbake has an API which oe-core uses, so if you use new oe-core with two year old bitbake, the APIs don't match11:34
nrossiRP: from what i can tell it was because of this that qemu was being populated into the images -native sysroot, and that was what qemuboot was pointing at11:34
ChrysDI'm not sure if I say is correct, but you download poky because everything come with same version and everything work... so you don't sometimes " use" poky, but you download the " poky directory".11:35
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Smitty_bitbake "has an API" ?  isn't it a collection of commandline tools ?11:35
nrossiRP: but with the recent changes, qemuboot now points to the sysroot of qemu-helper-native11:36
RPnrossi: right, I thought it had changed11:36
*** tavish <tavish!~tavish@unaffiliated/tavish> has joined #yocto11:36
RPSmitty_: bitbake parses the metadata. The format of the metadata is effectively an API and that format can change over time like any API11:37
ChrysDSmitty_ : You have learn yoct at school ?11:37
rburtonSmitty_: also there's a python library which the metadata has access to11:37
nrossiRP: previously with the single sysroot, i had a custom QEMU installing into a /usr/bin/qemu-foo/ directory so that both could exist. But now with RSS it would be nice to remove this hack :)11:37
ChrysDSmitty_ : I mean, oe-core bitbake ?11:37
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has joined #yocto11:37
RPnrossi: I'm open to ideas...11:38
*** berton <berton!~berton@> has joined #yocto11:38
*** gtristan <gtristan!~tristanva@> has joined #yocto11:39
nrossiRP: im not entirely sure, but i would imagine something along the lines of excluding do_deploy tasks from sysroot population, and simply setup qemu-helper-native so that is "deploys" its native sysroot (aka nop deploy task)11:40
*** mappy <mappy!b9691ff9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has left #yocto11:40
*** tavish <tavish!~tavish@unaffiliated/tavish> has quit IRC11:40
RPnrossi: do_deploy tasks are excluded as the sysroot only handles do_populate_sysroot tasks. You mean skip anything which takes a dependency chain through a do_deploy task?11:41
nrossiRP: yes, thats what i mean11:41
RPnrossi: hmm, maybe11:44
*** ChrysD_ <ChrysD_!d9804861@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto11:44
*** ChrysD <ChrysD!d9804861@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC11:46
*** ChrysD_ <ChrysD_!d9804861@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC11:51
*** ChrysD <ChrysD!d9804861@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto11:52
*** mappy <mappy!b9691ff9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto11:54
*** caiortp <caiortp!~inatel@> has joined #yocto11:54
Smitty_That problem exists in loads of other environments, and is solved usually by having the tool not honor (warn or error) on instructions it doesn't understand.  It's still the developers problem to get a matching tool and API as expressed in the meta-data11:56
rburtonthe failure case is an error that the required API version isn't high enough11:58
Smitty_right, so the tool (bitbake) just says, sorry, I can't understand this, get the right version of bitbake you dummy !11:59
Smitty_I didn't realise that Yocto was trying to do all that12:00
*** bananadev <bananadev!~onlyester@> has quit IRC12:01
Smitty_ANd, I'm not sure why you would want to try - can someone explain that ?  I mean, is there some compelling reason that it's not left to the developer to get the right version of the tools ?12:03
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has quit IRC12:03
*** blueness <blueness!> has joined #yocto12:04
*** berton <berton!~berton@> has quit IRC12:04
*** berton <berton!~berton@> has joined #yocto12:05
rburtonSmitty_: accidental use of mismatching versions: eg bitbake adds new api that oe-core then uses , if you upgrade oe-core but not bitbake then it will faiu12:05
*** joshuagl <joshuagl!~joshuagl@> has joined #yocto12:06
*** blueness <blueness!> has quit IRC12:06
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has joined #yocto12:06
ChrysDrburton : that's why we download poky to get sure that everything work, not because we want poky itself right?12:06
rburtonit saves you the need to track two repos yeah12:07
rburtonbut generally speaking you'll get a big error if you need to upgrade bitbake12:07
Smitty_Sure, so they get delivered together - that makes sense.  But, why deliver them with poky ?    Because poky also relies upon specific version of the API ?12:07
*** zeeblex <zeeblex!> has quit IRC12:07
rburtonbecause oe-core and bitbake are separate repositories and they only get delivered together in poky12:08
*** vmeson <vmeson!> has joined #yocto12:08
Smitty_How does that make sense, since their versioning is so tightly coupled, why are they seperate ?12:08
Ox4`guys, how to resolve QA warnings? I have several after building mariadb:
rburtonSmitty_: because bitbake is a generic build system, you don't need to use oe-core12:09
Smitty_OK, so if you want to use oe-core, you need the right version of bitbake, and if you want to use yocto, you then need the right version of bitbake+oe-core.12:10
rburtonyocto isnt software you can download12:11
rburtonthe yocto project is oe-core + bitbake + lots of other bits of software12:11
Smitty_yocto is the meta-data12:11
Smitty_right ?12:11
rburtonno, oe-core is the metadata12:11
rburtonwell, some of the metadata. the core metadata, thus the name.12:11
ChrysDSmitty_ : Yocto is just thename of the project.12:11
Smitty_which project ?12:11
rburtonthe yocto project12:12
ChrysDSmitty_ : Yocto Project ahah12:12
rburtonChrysD: ^512:12
Smitty_the project to produce bitbake and oe-core in a manner which can be used to produce an OS Image (or sdk, or whatever) and the example is  poky ?12:12
ChrysDSmitty_ : Yocto it's only the name of the project that is  :  thecombinaison of tools and humans ressources beyond the mecanism that we use in everyday life12:12
rburtonSmitty_: yes12:12
JoiFIt's like a bunch of little all ladies making pancakes. They call themselves "Lil'Ol'Ladies" but old ladies is not their product.. pancakes is their product..  :p12:13
ChrysDJoiF : thank you. ahahah12:13
ChrysDAnd Open-Embedded is also the same ? Like it's the name of the project besides oe-core?12:14
*** Kakounet <Kakounet!> has joined #yocto12:14
Smitty_So, in fact, if I'm a parasitic business, trying to produce a product that requires a full linux distro, and also uses some weird hardware - in fact, I don't care about Yocto, I am really only interested in bitbake and oe-core, and I might have a look at the poky example to get a feel for how to use them12:15
*** mappy <mappy!b9691ff9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC12:15
ChrysDSmitty_ : What you mean by " you don't care about yocto ".d.12:17
ChrysDDoes the open embedded project still exist and yocto project follow the evolution of oe-core, or now open embedded project doesn't exist anymore and it's the yocto wrokgroup that is in charge of upgrading oe-core?12:21
*** zeeblex <zeeblex!> has joined #yocto12:21
*** mappy <mappy!b9691ff9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto12:22
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*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has joined #yocto12:23
Smitty_OK, so, once I download poky, I see a bunch of "layers" each in its own directory.  How do I know which layer depends upon which ?  Can bitbake show me that ?12:26
ChrysDSmitty_ : What you mean by which layers depends upon which ? The purpose of layers is to be not dependant.12:27
Smitty_then in what way are they layers ?12:28
Smitty_For example, if I want to build the core-image-minimal, doesn;t that require that some other layer like meta get processed first ?12:30
Smitty_then meta-skeleton, then meta-yocto (or whatever ?12:30
ChrysDSmitty_ : you need that :
*** ash_charles <ash_charles!~acharles@2607:fad8:4:6:c8a6:17d:5ad6:1157> has joined #yocto12:33
Smitty_right, that's what I thought, so there is a dependence.  I can't build a layer I add in for my app that I want to sit on top of core image minimal until I build whichever layer is responsible for the toolchain (oe-core, I guess ???)..Furthermore, I probably want other libraries that are not present until another layer, like meta-poky is built.  So, in what way is there not a dependency ?12:34
jkuSmitty_: the layer README should state the layers it depends on. The actual dependencies will be from individual recipes depending on recipes in the other layer12:34
rburtonSmitty_: meta-skeleton is an example, meta-yocto-bsp are some sample BSPs so unrelated to the image.12:35
rburtonalso each layer.conf can express layer dependnecies12:35
*** Kakounet <Kakounet!> has quit IRC12:35
ChrysDSmitty_ : I prefer that image
rburtoneg LAYERDEPENDS_meta-python = "core openembedded-layer"12:35
jkurburton: do we use that for something?12:36
Smitty_I'm getting there.....v e r y    s l o w l y .....12:36
rburtonjku: bitbake erros out if they're not satisfied12:37
jkuoh right just found it12:38
Smitty_So, back to yesterdays question.  I want to add a static library to core-image-minimal.  In fact I really only want it in core-image-minimal' SDK.  So, I create a layer for my library. using something like a template (meta-skeleton???) as starting point.12:39
*** marka <marka!> has joined #yocto12:39
rburtonuse devtool to make a recipe, then add the package to your sdk12:39
ChrysDrburton : RDEPENDS_${PN}-dev shuold help there and specify a package which include the static library ?12:40
*** jku <jku!~jku@> has quit IRC12:40
rburtonChrysD: more logical to use the right variable to add the static library pakage to the sdk12:40
Smitty_why do I use devtool ?   is copying meta-skeleton and editing it not a good idea ?12:41
ChrysDSmitty_ : Because some people in the yocto project spend our doing that tool ? lool12:42
ChrysDSmitty_ : Because some people in the yocto project spend hour doing that tool ? lool12:42
Smitty_And I want a layer , not just a recipe , don't I ?12:42
Smitty_because I don't want to change the existing layers, which I am quite happy with.  I should just add a layer on top of them12:43
ChrysDSmitty_ : Yeah but you have also some tools to do a layer12:44
Smitty_Sorry, I don't understand - "to do a layer"12:45
Smitty_you mean create a new layer ?12:45
ChrysDSmitty_ : to create12:45
*** rj_ <rj_!58d39085@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto12:45
Smitty_and I don;t copy skeleton why ?  what's it for ?12:45
ChrysDSmitty_ : For example skeleton show you how to do a recipe of a kernel module12:46
ChrysDSmitty_ : How to do a recipe for a service12:46
Smitty_you mean like skel the kernel module example ?12:46
rj_Hey, i'm trying to build the 3.4 kernel for my yocto build but it says it can't find the kernel even though it exists. Does anyone know why it doesn't work?
ChrysDSmitty_ : in meta-skeleton/recipes-skeleton/service you ahve an example of recipe for a service12:47
Smitty_from the famous book by gkh ?12:47
*** gattuso <gattuso!> has quit IRC12:48
abelloniI think the modul is scull ;)12:48
ChrysDSmitty_ : I don't remember but I think meta-yocto-bsp is also an example of bsp layer12:48
Smitty_yeah, that's kind of obvious from the name, unlike skeleton which sounds like a "bare-bones' generic layer for *something*12:49
ChrysDSmitty_ : meta-skeleton is a bunch of lot recipes examples for various thinks12:49
BaloneyGeek|workHi, how do I rebuild a single recipe in such a way that do_install_append() defined inside the recipe is run again?12:50
BaloneyGeek|workA couple of sanity checks inside do_populate_sysroot in meta-qt5 fails and I've added a few sed commands to the do_install_append func, but they don't seem to have any effect12:51
BaloneyGeek|workI even tried to do echo something ?? /home/user/hello.txt but that file isn't created12:51
BaloneyGeek|workJust to check if the func was executing12:52
BaloneyGeek|workErr echo something >> hello.txt12:53
rj_BaloneyGeek|work: I think you can also just clean that package, and then rebuild12:53
BaloneyGeek|workbitbake -c clean qtbase && bitbake qtbase?12:53
rj_BaloneyGeek|work: Something like bitbake -c clean <packagename> and then rebuild12:53
BaloneyGeek|workIt didn't have any effect the last time but let's try again.12:53
rj_BaloneyGeek|work: i think that would work yea12:53
*** sugnan <sugnan!~sugnan@> has quit IRC12:55
*** madav <madav!~madav@> has quit IRC12:55
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has quit IRC12:57
*** AndersD <AndersD!> has quit IRC12:59
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*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!> has joined #yocto13:00
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has joined #yocto13:01
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*** majuk <majuk!> has joined #yocto13:05
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has quit IRC13:10
BaloneyGeek|workrj_: Nope, that failed13:11
BaloneyGeek|workecho ${D} >> /home/builder/helo.txt <-- that line's in do_install_append13:12
rj_BaloneyGeek|work: Aww, i expected it to work13:12
BaloneyGeek|workI don't see that file being created either13:12
*** gattuso <gattuso!> has joined #yocto13:13
rj_howabout something like... touch /home/user/test13:13
BaloneyGeek|workHang on, clean and make will take a while :-/13:14
BaloneyGeek|workIn the meantime, does this sed command look okay?13:15
BaloneyGeek|worksed -i -E "s@-L(.*)/opt/vc/lib@-L/opt/vc/lib@g" ${D}/${libdir}/pkgconfig/Qt5*.pc13:15
BaloneyGeek|workIt's supposed to basically fix -L/home/builder/.../opt/vc/lib to -L/opt/vc/lib13:16
rj_I honestly don't know that much about sed, as i am quite new to linux/yocto13:16
PinkSnake@rj_ PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel is correctly set ?13:16
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has joined #yocto13:17
rj_PinkSnake: In the machine.conf?13:17
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has quit IRC13:17
PinkSnake@rj_ yep13:17
PinkSnake@rj_ to select the kernel kernel13:17
rj_PinkSnake: it's not there at all, i only have: PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto_genericx86-64 ?= "3.4%"13:18
PinkSnake@rj_ and PREFERRED_VERSION_virtual/kernel13:18
PinkSnake@rj_ maybe check in board configuraiton maybe an other kernel is selected13:18
rj_PinkSnake: Ah, its in the .inc: PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel ?= "linux-yocto"13:18
rj_Should i change that to "3.4%" ?13:19
PinkSnake@rj_ maybe try 3.4 but normaly 3.4% is ok13:19
PinkSnakeno no13:19
PinkSnakeyou have to set like that :13:19
PinkSnakePREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel ?= "linux-yocto"13:19
rj_Yea, i have that atm13:20
*** tavish <tavish!~tavish@unaffiliated/tavish> has joined #yocto13:20
PinkSnakePREFERRED_VERSION_virtual/kernel = "3.4"13:20
PinkSnakeprovider and version are used to select the correct kernel recipe13:20
rj_aaah okay ill try13:21
*** madisox <madisox!> has joined #yocto13:23
BaloneyGeek|workrj_: Nope, same error, file not touched13:26
*** georgem_home <georgem_home!uid210681@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto13:27
*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!> has joined #yocto13:30
rj_BaloneyGeek|work: That's weird... it should work, since i have the same method only in do_configure_append13:32
*** Kakounet <Kakounet!> has joined #yocto13:32
*** nighty-- <nighty--!> has quit IRC13:36
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BaloneyGeek|workAny other ideas?13:39
PinkSnake@BaloneyGeek|work you to add the file inside the rootfs target ?13:41
PinkSnakeyou want*13:41
*** Kakounet <Kakounet!> has quit IRC13:41
BaloneyGeek|workPinkSnake: No, I was trying to test if the do_install_append function was being executed at all13:42
*** lamego <lamego!~jose@> has joined #yocto13:42
BaloneyGeek|workWhat I want to do is execute this line before do_populate_sysroot is ru13:43
BaloneyGeek|worksed -i -E "s@-L(.*)/opt/vc/lib@-L/opt/vc/lib@g" ${D}/${libdir}/pkgconfig/Qt5*.pc13:43
BaloneyGeek|workSo I put this command into do_install_append inside (the function was already there)13:43
BaloneyGeek|workBut it doesn't seem to have any effect13:43
PinkSnake@BaloneyGeek|work do_install_append is inside ?13:44
*** Kakounet <Kakounet!> has joined #yocto13:45
BaloneyGeek|workPinkSnake: yes13:46
Smitty_BaloneyGeek, what's the parens for ?13:47
Smitty_that part13:48
PinkSnake@BaloneyGeek|work do_install_append is not only in .bbappend ?13:48
BaloneyGeek|workThe idea is to convert -L/home/builder/.../opt/vc/lib to -L/opt/vc/lib13:48
BaloneyGeek|workI independently verified that the sed command is correct13:49
BaloneyGeek|workPinkSnake: it's in the .bb file. There's no .bbappend13:49
Smitty_OK, so you are not asking any more for support for the sed itself ?13:49
PinkSnake@BaloneyGeek|work don't modifie recipe directly should use .bbappend13:50
BaloneyGeek|workSmitty_: No, because I'm pretty confident that the sed command is correct13:50
BaloneyGeek|workUnless ${D}/${libdir}/pkgconfig/Qt5*.pc is wrong?13:50
BaloneyGeek|workPinkSnake: I'd need to have my own layer for that right?13:51
BaloneyGeek|workSeems overkill for one sed line13:51
*** AndersD <AndersD!> has joined #yocto13:51
Smitty_OK, still trying to figure out how a layer is added when *not* added by me to build/conf/somefile.conf   - I mean, clearly something is adding the layers to the build, what is it ?13:53
rj_Smitty_: Layers aren't added automatically right?13:53
Smitty_That's right, as far as I have been told.  It's not like simply the presence of a subdirectory of my project source directory that looks like a layer is enough to get it added13:54
BaloneyGeek|workI tried to add a new function called do_populate_sysroot_prepend and do the stuff there if that worked, but no joy there either13:54
rj_Smitty_: indeed, i always had to manually add it to build/conf/bblayers.conf13:55
rburtonSmitty_: if its not in bblayers.conf it won't be read at all13:55
rj_BaloneyGeek|work: How about do_configure_append() ?13:55
*** dreyna <dreyna!> has joined #yocto13:55
JoiFSmitty_: Are you confusing a "layer" with a recipe that's included in a layer?13:56
JoiFa "layer" normally has a "conf/layer.conf" associated with it13:57
*** joshuagl <joshuagl!~joshuagl@> has quit IRC13:58
Smitty_Yeah, I am slowly groking this stuff.  So, we for some reason have a file still called bblayers.conf.sample that is copied to MYBUILD_DIR/conf/bblayers.conf     I *must* get used to this idea that these files are *generated* dynamically by a standard process14:00
PinkSnake@BaloneyGeek|work yes but it's yocto friendly14:00
Smitty_are not generated14:00
*** Ox4` <Ox4`!~user@> has quit IRC14:00
*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!> has quit IRC14:00
*** Ox4 <Ox4!~user@unaffiliated/zloy> has joined #yocto14:01
BaloneyGeek|workPinkSnake: Yeah but would there be other solutions in case I didn't want the overhead of a new layer right now?14:01
*** nighty-- <nighty--!> has joined #yocto14:01
Smitty_BBLAYERS_NON_REMOVABLE doesn;t appear in mega manual.  What is it ?14:02
rburtonSmitty_: if i say it doesn't matter and you can ignore it, will you just ignore it?14:04
rburtonjust pretend its not there14:04
CTtpollardclose your eyes14:05
Smitty_It's kind of weird, whoever created our bblayers.conf file left it there, but duplicated meta and meta-yocto in BBLAYERS.  Is it actually required ?14:05
rburtonthe NON_REMOVABLE assignment is for toaster14:06
rburtoni think there's a better way of doing what it does but thats for later14:07
Smitty_yeah, another tool I know nothing about - really, what is toaster ?  (please tell me there's a good reason for that name)14:07
PinkSnake@BaloneyGeek|work it's up to you but in my opinion it's better to use .bbappend, for example I created a .bbappend on the kernel recipe juste to save .config file ...14:08
JoiFSmitty_: It's for creating a pretty picture such as this one:  This was Hob, now deprecated, toaster is a web-based GUI thingee for messing about.14:09
Smitty_Sorry, I am a detail guy,  I really struggle to move past stuff that seems wrong (and my definition of wrong includes anything that looks duplicated)14:09
*** dreyna_ <dreyna_!> has joined #yocto14:09
Smitty_OK, so there's some gui tool that's trying to sanity check on editing a config file (which is wrong, since there is already a tool that has to parse the config file, it should do the sanity check)14:11
rburtonSmitty_: its not sanity checking but please just don't rathole into what toaster is14:11
JoiFNot exactly. Toaster is a GUI for configuring14:11
Smitty_right, I don't care.14:12
*** dreyna <dreyna!> has quit IRC14:12
JoiFErrr.. You asked..  :)14:13
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehernan@> has joined #yocto14:13
*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!> has left #yocto14:15
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*** Crofton|work <Crofton|work!> has quit IRC14:21
Smitty_So, oe-init-build-env  calls oe-setup-builddir which wants a file (oddly it wants it already in the build directory) that indicates which layers to be built.  If it doesn't find it it looks for the bblayers.conf.sample file, and moves that into the build directory (under conf).  I am struggling to understand the mindset that devised this.  I really don't get the idea that I should ever pre-populate *anything* inside a build directory14:22
Smitty_...or put files in my source directory that just get copied into the build directory14:22
Smitty_as configuration14:23
Smitty_why not just read the configuration out of the source directory ?14:23
*** Crofton|work <Crofton|work!> has joined #yocto14:23
*** zeeblex <zeeblex!> has quit IRC14:24
rburtoni'm strugging to wonder why you're still worrying about this.  you need to configure the layers that are available.  it can't auto-detect because it has no way of knowing where you've put them, and mandating a layer placement policy would be silly and annoy people who routinely add/remove layers.14:26
rburtonplease just accept thats what oe-init-build-env does, and move on.14:27
majuklol, he's still going? Lawd.14:31
Smitty_It's a question of comprehending how to do what seems like a simple task - add a layer to a project so that another developer can retrieve the project and *just build it*. without having to edit build/conf/bblayers.conf and add in my layer - which if I follow every piece of documentation on how to add a layer, is what he would have to do.14:31
rburtonSmitty_: as discussed yesterday it's either 1) document to edit bblayers.conf, or 2) provide your own bblayers.conf.sample.14:32
*** rj_ <rj_!58d39085@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC14:32
ant_workSmitty_, maybe it's easier if you see how Yocto was built around OE14:32
ant_workpls check out
ant_workSmitty_, the idea was, we must not scare Corp. developers :)14:33
Smitty_WHat does that mean ?14:33
ant_workit means you can just start with bitbake + oe-core14:34
*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!~Aethenell@> has joined #yocto14:34
rburtonwe went through this earlier today14:34
ant_workah, sorry then14:34
ChrysDSmitty_ : What's bad about bblayers.conf?14:34
ChrysDSmitty_ : I mean, what's bad with the idea of telling which layer you would like to the specific build you are doing ?14:39
BaloneyGeek|workOkay I'm a fully laden ocean going idiot. I was editing the file in the wrong git clone.14:39
BaloneyGeek|workWorks now14:39
ChrysDSmitty_ : And what about a script you can make in other to source " automatically" and download " automatically"  the good git repo and editing "automatically" the bblayers.conf for the developper you would like to give14:39
rburtonChrysD: no need for that, the git repo can provide a correct sample14:41
rburton(which is what poky does)14:41
ChrysDrburton : what you mean?14:42
rburtonoe-core and meta-poky provide bblayer.conf.sample files, which are different14:42
Smitty_You know, sometimes it's the little things that cause confusion.  Just call the file bblayers.conf (remove the .sample) Enough said.  Sorry for being a pain.14:43
rburtonSmitty_: why? that would be wrong.  its not bblayers.conf mainly because if you used it as-is it would fail to parse14:43
Smitty_what do you mean ?  Why would it fail to parse ?14:44
rburtonbblayers.conf.template i can see as being a sightly more descriptive filename14:44
rburtonBBLAYERS ?= " \14:44
rburton  ##OEROOT##/meta \14:44
rburton  "14:44
Smitty_yeah, that's what mine looks like14:44
rburtonthats the sample14:44
rburtonthe ##OEROOT## gets replaced for you14:45
rburtonto be a real path14:45
rburtonthen its not a template but a working file14:45
Smitty_Exactly, so, call it bblayers.conf14:45
Smitty_it's the confuigraiton file for the layers14:45
rburtonbut it won't parse with ##OEROOT## in!14:45
Smitty_it will when you run setupdir14:45
Smitty_which - let's face it - is mandatory14:46
rburtonwhich is when the template gets copied to bblayers.conf14:46
rburtonand is no longer a template14:46
rburtoncopied *and modified*14:46
Smitty_so what ?  by then it's in the build directory, it's not something I want to control at that point.14:47
Smitty_I want to control it before it gets used by the build system, not after14:47
Smitty_and oe-init.XXX is part of the build system,14:48
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Smitty_Don't you see why that is confusing ?14:51
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zzeroodoes someone here the `meta-rust-bin` layer?15:04
*** ChrysD_ <ChrysD_!d9804861@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto15:05
zzerooI ask because of this bug i discovered yesterday
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JoiFSmitty_: Look at this, as an example:  the section "Download the source code"15:52
JoiFSo they're using repo to get all kinds of stuff. One of them is this repo:
JoiFWhich contains both a setup-environment script as well as conf/bblayers.conf15:57
JoiFSo if you need your coworker to "just build it", you could set up a "repo" repository that fetches everything and does what he needs15:58
majukalso, repo is just a wrapper for git16:01
*** dreyna <dreyna!> has joined #yocto16:03
*** itseris <itseris!~emikulin@> has joined #yocto16:05
kergothaye, repo is one of many multiple git repo management tools. repo is one of the most popular, others use git submodules, myrepos, or use combo-layer or git-subtree to maintain a monolithic repo16:05
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JoiFExactly. Hence the "example"  :p16:41
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JPEWhackerDoes anyone know where packagegroup-core-ssh-openssh is defined? There are a bunch of these packagegroups in meta/classes/core-image.bbclass that I can't seem to find the RDEPENDS for16:54
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*** gdg <gdg!803b166e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has joined #yocto16:58
gdghow can I configure the kernel? is bitbake linux-xlnx -c menuconfig the right command to display the kernel menuconfig panel?16:59
top22hello, when adding a recipe with Proprietary license, bitbake complains about not finding it in the collected licenses; isn't proprietary license supposed to be already defined ?17:01
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JaMatop22: IIRC that exception works only with CLOSED17:07
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top22JaMa: poky/meta/files/common-licenses/ contains Proprietary but not CLOSED17:24
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JPEWhackerjoshuagl: Doh, that makes sense. Thanks18:22
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itserisIs it possible to define PREFERRED_VERSIONs of packages in image recipes? It doesn't seem to be working for me and I'm wondering if it's intentional or not18:31
*** JaMa <JaMa!~martin@> has quit IRC18:33
frayno..  PREFERRED_VERSION is a system wide setting.. it affects what is -built- (which then affects what is installed)...18:33
frayimage is 'too late', in that everything is already built18:34
itserisAhhh I see, thanks!18:35
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seebsFWIW, I saw the thing about pseudo and /etc/group but I haven't had time to look closely. Will try to get a look at it "soon".19:17
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has quit IRC19:18
fraylol, then you are ahead of me.. I must have overlooked it19:21
seebs... oh, i see, they just sent it to me directly, not oe-core19:21
seebslong story short, the fakepass stuff has static char foo[PSEUDO_PWD_MAX], which is 4096, because who would need more than 4096 characters for a line in /etc/group?19:22
seebsanswer, someone who's making a group with >350 members19:22
JPEWhackerseebs: How are you managing your user recipes and their dependencies?19:24
JPEWhackerI'm currently working on a user management related problem19:24
seebsI am not!19:25
frayahh..  a 'real bug', but an odd one to have that many folks in a group19:25
JPEWhackerah, misunderstood19:25
seebsI don't actually use Yocto anymore, it's just that pseudo is my baby and I want to keep working on it. :P19:25
JPEWhackerWell then, anyone else have pointers? I want to create a bunch of groups (essentially to allow a non-root user access to what would normally be privileged hardware), and then have a single user get assigned to the correct groups based on some configuration variables19:28
JPEWhackerI currently have a recipe per group, but managing the dependencies for the main user is a pain19:29
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majukAnyone experienced problems with openssl recognizing certs after build? I am drowning.19:44
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twallisI take it that plenty of people come through here to ask technical questions, but i'm new to the whole embedded linux field and I am receiving some errors building my setup20:15
twallisand considering the error is coming from standard GNU software (GDBM) i was wondering if anyone knew how to help me20:15
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kergothtwallis: if you have a particular problem or question, ask it, or post the error20:28
kergothasking if you can ask is not useful20:28
twallisfair enough20:28
twallischmod: gdbm.h: new permissions are r-xrwxrwx, not r-xr-xr-x20:28
twallis| Makefile:168: recipe for target 'gdbm.h' failed20:28
twallisi'm receiving this error while attempting to 'do_compile' gdbm_1.8.3.bb20:29
kergothwhat version?20:29
kergothcould be a pseudo issue, seebs, ever see anything like that?20:29
twallisno, this is a fresh yocto build20:30
twallisI did retry the bitbake command and it proceeded after but it noted that this job was in error20:30
twallis^^error log20:32
denixtwallis: is it master or pyro or morty?20:32
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has quit IRC20:36
kergoththank you denix for clarifying, apparently 'what version' was unclear regarding what it was referring to20:38
twallisah, well gdbm version 1.8.3, yocto krogoth release, and if it counts, I'm trying to build the TI processor SDK version 3.03.0420:41
seebshmm. that's a very odd set of permissions, to put it mildly.20:47
*** dreyna_ <dreyna_!> has joined #yocto20:47
twalliscould that have been something to do with my build environment prior to calling bitbake?20:48
seebsbitbake's pretty good about setting its own permissions.20:48
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seebsWe did have an issue at one point involving explicit chmod calls on hard-linked trees, but I don't think that would have produced this.20:49
twalliswas the problem something similar to this?20:49
*** msvb-lab <msvb-lab!> has joined #yocto20:50
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seebsno, it was that a second build of the same package would add user-write permissions to the files.20:53
twallisany idea what would cause something like I'm having though?  I'm reading back through the logs and trying to find when/why chmod is configuring the file the way it is20:55
twallisbut this is the first time I've built a linux image like this and I'm not getting very far finding that20:56
denixtwallis: can you see where that chmod is coming from?20:56
*** caiortp <caiortp!~inatel@> has quit IRC20:57
denixchmod -w gdbm.h20:58
denixchmod: gdbm.h: new permissions are r-xrwxrwx, not r-xr-xr-x20:58
denixso, chmod -w only affects owner permissions, not all20:58
*** BaloneyGeek|work <BaloneyGeek|work!~bg14ina@kde/bgupta> has joined #yocto20:59
denixfrom the manual - If no references are specified it defaults to “all” but modifies only the permissions allowed by the umask.20:59
fraydenix isn't it based on the umask?21:00
fray(w/o the 'who' part?)21:00
fraytahts why I always do ugo-w21:00
frayor similar21:00
denixfray: per the manual I cited above, yes21:00
twallisit's getting called in a makefile, as -w yeah.  hmm, I wonder if I ran the build scripts as root if that would make a difference.  i'm running as a sudoer, but not directly as root21:00
denixso, if gdbm wants to properly change permissions, it shouldn't use chmod -w21:00
twallisRight now I'm trying to find the makefile that was called so I can change that chmod call21:01
kergothyou should not be building as root at all, ever21:01
denixtwallis: what's your filesystem you are running this on?21:02
*** dfaught <dfaught!~dfaught@gateway/vpn/privateinternetaccess/dfaught> has joined #yocto21:02
twallisjust a straight ubuntu 16.04 lts21:03
twallisi am however running the build on an external hard drive21:03
twallisthe drive was clean when I started this build21:04
twallisthat could have something to do with file permissions, actually21:04
denixis it fat by any chance?21:04
denixthat would explain all rwx permissions for new files...21:04
denixnot much better :)21:05
frayya.. ya fat/ntfs doesn't have real permissions..21:05
twalliswhat should it be formatted as?21:05
*** marka <marka!> has quit IRC21:05
kergothi'd be amazed if that was anywhere near working21:05
fray(well ntfs 'kind of might)21:05
denixyou need to use real unix fs21:05
twallisso the actual mounted hard drive, not an external21:06
denixcan be external, just need to be ext3/ext4/xfs/btrfs, etc21:06
twallisI'll give that a shot21:07
*** georgem_home <georgem_home!uid210681@gateway/web/> has quit IRC21:07
twallisthank you very much!21:07
frayif you don't have control over your hard disk partitions, you can also do a loop back (will be slower) but it's a workaround for those who are prevented by IT policy from having a working system21:07
denixtwallis: so, mkfs.ext4 would be fast fix, since you said the harddrive was empty21:07
twalliswas, yeah.  all it has on it is the build environment, so that's not too hard to replicate after a format21:08
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