Thursday, 2017-05-18

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CostinCgood morning everyone06:12
CostinC... at least it is morning in RO06:12
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PinkSnake@CostinC Morning from FR ;)07:46
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Smitty_I'm trying to understand "meta-example" layer after working through this:  recipes-example/bbexample/    What's with the 3 different bb files provided ?  Which one gets processed ?08:17
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rj_hey, i'm trying to build mariadb from the meta-oe layer, however i either get this error( when building 5.5.55, or it simply won't build/install anything  with version 5.5.52. Does anyone know anything about this?08:19
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rburtonSmitty_: never seen that layer before, but they're all different recipes08:22
rburtonthey only differ in how the src_uri is formed afaict08:23
rburtonseems like a fairly useless example tbh08:23
Smitty_I'm following this:
rburton is the latest and greatest guide to writing a recipe, including using devtool to automate most of it08:28
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Smitty_And I don't understand what's going to happen when I add bbexample into local.conf because there's three recipies, and from the looks of it, they all get added :   /home/smitty/poky/meta-example/conf/layer.conf  has this:   BBFILES += "${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bb08:29
rburtonin that layer there are three recipes with different names08:30
rburtonjust like oe-core has a hundred recipes with different names08:30
Smitty_but the layer conf looks like it's adding all the recipies to BBFILES08:30
rburtonwhy would it not add all recipes?08:31
Smitty_WHich means they're all going to get build, but they're all the same08:31
rburtonno it doesn't08:32
rburtonit means they're available to build08:32
ChrysDSmitty_ : Adding all the recipes to BBFILES doesn't mean that every recipe they will be built08:32
Smitty_So, So, which one gets built ?08:32
rburtonthe one you ask for08:32
ChrysDSmitty_ : The one you specify08:32
rburtonbitbake bbexample, or bitbake bbexample-rt, or whatever08:32
rburton(or via dependencies in another target)08:32
ChrysDSmitty_ : RDEPENDS, IMAGE_INSTALL ...08:32
ChrysDSmitty_ : DEPENDS also08:33
Smitty_And - back to the original isse - when nothing depends upon it yet ?08:33
rburtonthen it won't get built08:33
rburtonthe same way if you bitbake core-image-minimal, it doesn't built webkitgtk08:33
rburtonwhich *is* part of oe-core and *is* in BBFILES08:33
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ChrysDSmitty_ : When you need to bake, you need to specify which ingredient you would like from the fridge. But in the fridge there is all the ingrenients and some that you don't need.08:34
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Smitty_So, adding the layer to poky/conf/bblayers.conf.sample isn't enough to get a layer built ?08:35
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rburtona layer just provides recipes which you *can* build08:36
rburtoneg adding meta-python to bblayers.conf doesn't put every python module into core-image-minimal08:36
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rburtonotherwise, your initramfs would have webkit in08:37
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ChrysDSmitty_ : Does putting food in fridge is enough to have something cooked ?08:37
rheagarhi for yocto 2.1 , i meed python gobject can  not work well ? how can i solve this ? import gobject or from gi import gobject both can not work well for me08:37
rburtonrheagar: did you install python-pygobject?08:39
rheagari test connman , connman-test rdepend python-pygobject08:40
rburtonrheagar: also the syntax is from gi import GObject, capitisation is important08:40
rburtonerm, from gi.repository import GObject, even08:40
rburtonimport gobject won't work as that's pre-GI08:40
rheagar GObject does not work for me too08:41
rburtondoes import gi work?08:41
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rheagarimport gi  gi.__file__ works well for me08:41
rheagarwhat does pre-GI means?08:42
rburtonbefore gobject-introspection08:43
rheagardo you know how to fix this ?08:44
rheagari can only see python-pyobject upgrade from 2.28 to 3.18.08:45
rheagarroot@8x96auto:/usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages# ls       gi       pygobject-3.18.2-py2.7-linux-x86_64.egg-info  pygtkcompat  setuptools-19.4-py2.7.egg dbus                    setuptools.pth08:45
rheagarthen my site-packages does not have python-pyobject.08:45
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Smitty_There's clearly a disconnect between my idea of a build system, and what yocto is providing.  I go to a restaurant, I look at the menu and see Beef Wellington on the menu, I order it.  I don't order Filet steak coated with pate wrapped in pastry, baked and covered in mushroom sauce.08:46
rburtonrheagar: check that you have a GObject-2.0.typelib under /usr/ib somewhere08:46
pagiosi am trying to install ipk on yocto and getting this error any idea please?
rburtonSmitty_: layers are like pages in the menu08:46
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ChrysDSmitty_ : So you would like a window system based which you just tell in simple words what you want and everything do it without you but in case of bugs you can't do anything if I understand =)08:48
rheagarrburton : do you mean /usr/lib64/ ?08:48
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pagiosupdate-rc.d: /etc/init.d/gpsd exists during rc.d purge (use -f to force) whats this error?08:49
ChrysDSmitty_ : In yocto, you're not somebody which go to restaurant in my mind, but more somebody that will cook. And Yocto project is kind of set of tools that make it easy to bake. As "small appliance".08:49
rheagarrburton  use find / -name "*bject-2.0.*", i can only find does my board miss some package ?08:50
Smitty_Excuseme, I've been developing software for 30+ years.  I have worked with raw makefiles, autotools, and CMake.  I cannot understand how Yocto is expecting me to do the simplest thing, add a library to an already fully configured OS image build target.  In every other build system I have already mentioned, this would be a 10 second task.08:50
ChrysDSmitty_ : And it is a 10 second task.08:51
Smitty_apparently not08:51
ChrysDSmitty_ : If you can't see in which way yocto is powerfull, is maybe that you don't need it.08:51
Smitty_So, what's the secret, how do I get my layer included in the OS image (in fact only the SDK build target), in tens seconds08:52
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CostinC@PinkSnake: Bonjour :)08:53
ChrysDSmitty_ : You put simply in your image recipe "IMAGE_INSTALL=" and the things you would like08:53
ChrysDSmitty_ : You put simply in the recipe which dependency is critical RDEPENDS, so that you are sure that in the target you have what you need08:53
Smitty_And the "image recipe" is which file ?08:54
rj_ChrysD: Is there a way to include a full layer actually? Besides adding each recipe in IMAGE_INSTALL seperatly?08:54
ChrysDSmitty_ : Most of time, it's in the " OS layer "08:55
rj_Smitty_: For example: meta/recipes-core/core-image-base.bb08:55
ChrysDSmitty_ : and most of time in "recipes-images" when the layer is made by third party08:55
rburtonrheagar: sounds like you're missing the gobject-introspection files.  did you build this yourself or was it provided by a vendor?08:56
rburtonsmartin: write recipe for library, IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " my recipe name"08:56
ChrysDSmitty_ : But you know, for developpment, you can but in your conf/local.conf IMAGE_INSTALL_append08:56
rburtonSmitty_: write recipe for library, IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " my recipe name"08:57
rburtonrj_: no.  if a layer has a use-case for that it should provide a packagegroup for all recipes.08:57
rheagarrburton : i build it my self.08:57
rburtonrj_: struggling to come up with a use-case where you'd want *everything* in a layer08:57
rj_rburton: Ah ofcourse, forgot about packagegroups08:58
rburtonrheagar: sounds like your distro is missing the gobject-introspection DISTRO_FEATURE08:58
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Smitty_meta/recipes-core/ file does not exist08:58
ChrysDrj_ : Have you been honestly interested in a recipebook by ALL the recipes ?08:58
rj_ChrysD: well i'm making my own layer atm, and i need all the recipes installed08:59
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ChrysDrj_ : Yeah but not a layer that you download08:59
rheagarrburton : i disable DISTRO_FEATURES_BACKFILL_remove = "gobject-introspection-data" ,because of gstreamer issue.08:59
rj_ChrysD: Nono, just my own layer08:59
rburtonrheagar: that would be why you have no gobject introspection data then08:59
ChrysDrj_ : Usually when i do a my custom layer,  I do one recipe, and then i add in the image, and I test, and then I do another recipe, i add, it test...09:00
ChrysDrj_ : I think yocto doesn't provide mecanism which it let you doing undesired things09:00
rj_ChrysD: I'm currently doing exactly that09:00
ChrysDrj_ : By the fact that you need to specify what you want to install, you are aware of what you are doing09:00
ChrysDrj_ : I'm to newbie in yocto project, but I guess it's the philosophy.09:00
rj_ChrysD: but i was just wondering if there was a simple way to install a full layer since it looks cleaner compared to adding all those recipes one by one in the image recipe09:01
ChrysDrj_ : what about doing a package which include everything in RDEPENDS and in your image you just install that package?09:01
Smitty_EXACLTY ?09:01
rj_ChrysD: i'm a newbie to yocot aswell :p, started maybe 3 months ago09:02
ChrysDrj_ : A kind of package, RDEPENDS_${What_i_need} = everything you need09:02
rheagarrburton : thanks for your help, i will try it now.09:02
ChrysDrj_ : And in your image recipe, you put that package09:02
rj_ChrysD: Thats a pretty good idea actually ^^09:02
ChrysDrj_ : But it's also the role of packagegroup09:03
rj_ChrysD: Yea, i'll look into both ways when all packages are working correctly09:03
ChrysDrj_ : so it's dirty09:03
rj_ChrysD: For now it's far from done sadly09:03
ChrysDrj_ : I also have only 1-2 months of yocto09:04
pagioshello all, anyone familiar with gstreamer?09:04
ChrysDpagios : A little yes09:04
rburtonrheagar: tell us the problem with gst and we can try and help solve that, or you can just disable gi in just the gst recipe09:05
rburtonrheagar: GI_DATA_ENABLED="0" in a bbappend will disable it09:05
rj_Whew, mariadb finally compiled09:05
pagiosChrysD, i am trying to add a missing plugin to my yocto, for that i did go to the recipe  gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad.incand added to the EXTRA_OECONF +=  --enable-rtmp, then i did a bitbake install gst-plugins-bad, checking /tmp/ folder i dont see any generated ipk09:06
ChrysDpagios : what's the plugin that you need?09:06
pagiosChrysD, rtmp09:06
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pagiosit is in the bad09:06
rburtonpagios: check that there isn't a PACAKGECONFIG already for it which is overriding your enable09:06
pagiosrburton, you mean a packageconfig with disable rtmp?09:07
rburtonin 2.3 there is, and its off by default09:07
pagios 56 PACKAGECONFIG[rtmp]            = "--enable-rtmp,--disable-rtmp,rtmpdump"09:07
pagiosi see this line09:08
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rburtonpagios: and see the assignment to PACKAGECONFIG above which doesn't include rtmp.  if you've never used packageconfig before then read
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pagiosrburton, i also read in the .inc file:  66 # these plugins have no corresponding library in OE-core or meta-openembedded: RTMP09:08
rburtoni thought rtmpdump was in meta-oe09:09
rburtonturn it on and see if it fails :)09:09
pagios--enable-rtmpdump ?09:09
rburtonno, read the docs i pointed you at09:10
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1232 of nightly is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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pagiosi added rtmp to  PACKAGECONFIG ??= " rtmp ..09:19
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pagiosrburton, after reading the doc you pointed me to, i understand that rtmp needs to be added as ^ , i did and then executed bitbake gst-plugins-bad but it is not picking up the changes. i also checked that pkgconfig is not disabling rtmp in any other recipe09:22
rburtonpagios: gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad?09:24
rheagarrbunton : after enable the gobject-xx-data line, rebake python-pygobject , i can't see the different of the image dir .09:26
rburtonrheagar: the new file will be in glib-2.009:27
rburtonrheagar: just rebuild the image09:27
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pagiosError  Nothing PROVIDES 'rtmpdump'09:33
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rburtonpagios: <— its in meta-multimedia09:34
rburton(this would be why its disabled by default)09:34
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pagiosrburton, /sources/poky/meta/recipes-multimedia$ ls09:36
pagiosalsa  flac  gstreamer  lame  liba52  libav  libid3tag  libmad  libogg  libomxil  libpng  libsampleratelibsndfile  libtheora  libtifflibvorbis  mpeg2dec  pulseaudio  sbc  speex  tremor  x26409:36
rburtonpagios: *meta-multimedia* in meta-oe09:37
pagiosrburton, /sources/meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-multimedia$ ls :   alsa   esound  id3lib  libass   libdvdreadlibmodplug  libsdl-image  live555  minidlna  opus-tools  sound-themes  wavpackwebp   xsp audiofile  faad2   jack    libcdio  libmmslibopus     libsdl-mixer  mikmod   mplayer   pulseaudio  v4l2apps      webmxpext09:40
rburtonpagios:  i guess you have an older branch where it didn't exist?09:42
rburtoncopy/paste should work09:42
pagiossaw it :)09:43
pagiosrburton, it is in /sources/meta-openembedded/meta-multimedia/recipes-multimedia$09:43
pagiosso i do now bitbake rtmdump right09:44
rburtonno, it will automatically build when you build gstreamer09:44
pagiosrburton, i tried previousl bitbake gstreamer but it didn not build it09:45
rburtonpagios: it you got the nothing provides error then bitbake couldn't find a rtmpdump recipe09:45
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*** msvb-lab <msvb-lab!> has joined #yocto09:46
pagiosok i was able to spot the rtmpdump in that directory , how can i make it visible to bitbake?09:47
*** ed2 <ed2!~Adium@> has joined #yocto09:47
*** catch22 <catch22!~aboseley@> has joined #yocto09:50
pagiosrburton, is it ok to copy the rtmpdump recipe to /poky/meta/recipes-multimedia ?09:51
pagiosand then bitbake it?09:51
pagioscoz my bitbake seems to be working on the poky directory only09:52
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rj_ Does anyone know why mariadb misses lots of stuff when installed with the standard yocto recipe from the meta-oe layer?10:03
*** nighty-- <nighty--!> has quit IRC10:03
rj_It can't find the mysql.sock file, it can't find the command "find_mysql_client"10:03
*** ftonello <ftonello!~felipe@> has joined #yocto10:07
pagiosrburton, i tried copying that rtmpdump to my poki and did bitbake rtmpdump it worked, did bitbake gst-plugin-bad generatd ipk but trying to instal it iget that error10:08
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top22Hello, I'm getting a warning for Proprietary licence as not being collected, but I see that there is a Proprietary file in poky/...10:44
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pagiosbitbake-layers show-recipes rtmpdump does not return anything, how cani  install rtmpdump?10:59
CTtpollardpagios: it exists in meta-multimedia
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VolkiI'm currently tyring to create an image with both and but it seems I only get mesa to build libGLESv2. Is there any option in the yocto ecosystem that allows building both? (BTW, I'm only using EGL no X11)11:12
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ChrysDVolki : What did you try for now?11:17
VolkiChrysD: I added dependencies for my recipe to virtual/libgl and have opengl in my DISTRO_FEATURES11:19
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VolkiChrysD: I also have an bbappend for Mesa with: EXTRA_OECONF += "--with-vulkan-drivers=intel --with-dri-drivers=i965,i915 --without-gallium-drivers" and as mentioned no x11 distro feature11:22
*** yohboy <yohboy!~yohan@> has joined #yocto11:24
pohly1What is the minimum Python version that bitbake master works with? Python 3.x, but which x?11:25
pohly1Found it - lib/bb/ checks for >= 3.4.11:26
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has quit IRC11:27
ChrysDVolki : Let me check a second11:27
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ChrysDVolki : On a recipe I have PROVIDES and RPROVIDES like RPRODVIDE_${PN} = "lib egl libgles1 libgles2 ..."11:30
ChrysDVolki : I don't know if it can helps11:31
ChrysDVolki : I have also REQUIRED_DISTRO_FEATURES = "opengl"11:31
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has joined #yocto11:32
ChrysDVolki : PROVIDES += " virtual/libgles2 virtual/legl ...."11:32
*** georgem_home <georgem_home!uid210681@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto11:32
rburtonVolki: is X11 explicitly11:33
rburtonyou can't build libGL without X1111:33
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Volkithat's a pitty, as I use OpenGL without X11 but currently still linking to libGLESv2 (I use enable-shared-glapi). Now I have a library that uses glGetTexImage and complains about unresolved external symbol. That's why I tried adding libGL to the image as well. I'm quite sure, Mesa provides the function even without X1111:43
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pagiossay i want to install a specific package and it is not in /sources/poky/meta/recipes-multimedia , it is in a different directory, meta-io for example, is it a simple matter of copying that directory to /sources/poky/meta/recipes-multimedia and using bitbake to use it ?11:46
ChrysDpagios : I'm not sure of what you want.11:47
rburtonpagios: no, set BBLAYERS to include the other layer11:47
rburtonin bblayers.conf11:47
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has quit IRC11:48
rburtonunless you have a very strong reason to want just a single recipe and the layer is so broken that you can't even add it to your build11:48
pagiosrburton, coz it worked thats why i am asking11:48
rburtondefine "it"11:48
pagiosi just copy pasted the directory11:48
rburtoncoping the files will work, but its the wrong way11:48
rburtonthe entire point is you add meta-multimedia to your bblayers and then you have access to everything in meta-multimedia11:49
rburtonand you can update meta-multimedia in the future instead of being stuck with this one specific release11:49
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has joined #yocto11:49
pohly1What exactly is the meaning of BUILDDIR? I know that it gets set in the environment by oe-init-build-env. But I can also cd into other build directories and builds there work fine (i.e. TOPDIR is the current directory, not the BUILDDIR from the environment).11:52
MarcWehi my sdk genarating a compiler error on /usr/include/c++/5/memory that void* to uintptr_t loses precision11:54
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pagiosbtw i cant find vo-aacenc-dbg on yocto recipes, any idea if it is supported?12:20
*** tx0h <tx0h!> has joined #yocto12:20
tx0hmy new toy: yundoo y8 (a rk3399 tv-box). i have a few questions and hope for some answers and advice. the hardware is more or less equal to the firefly rk3399, can i use the firefly .dts for the kernel configuration? when i build the distribution with rockchips yocto, do i use the android recovery to flash the linux image from sd card or via usb adb?12:21
kanavinrburton: you will appreciate this commit message
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Smitty_Still here, still don't get it.  I have a pre-made layer from here:  but now idea how to include it into the core-image-minimal build12:40
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*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!~Aethenell@> has joined #yocto12:42
nrossiSmitty_: thats not a layer, this is a layer :)12:42
nrossiSmitty_: also appending your desired package to CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL will include it in core-image-minimal, CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += "bbexample"12:43
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Smitty_Soory, wrong link :
Smitty_That's a layer12:56
Smitty_So, I expect to have to change 1 line in 1 config file *somewhere* in order to have that layer build when I build core-image-minimal12:57
Smitty_but, not in the build directory12:57
tx0hwhile we get some more activity on the channel: my new toy,  yundoo y8, is very similar hardware setting like the firefly rk3399, can i derive the settings from the firefly? and when it comes to the kernel, is it save to go with the firefly dts ?12:57
rburtonSmitty_: conf/bblayers.conf12:59
rburtonwill add the layer12:59
rburtonthen change your image recipe (or extend it in local.conf) to add the recipes you want12:59
*** eduardas_m <eduardas_m!~eduardas@> has joined #yocto12:59
Smitty_I added the layer, why doesn't that layers recipes just build ?13:00
ChrysDSmitty_ : What's the purpose of building a Layer that you didn't make yourself ?13:01
Smitty_because it's an example13:01
ChrysDSmitty_ : You should add only the packages do you need.13:01
rburtonSmitty_: we went through this in the morning.  becayse if adding a layer caused everything to build your initramfs would have webkit in.13:01
Smitty_so that I can understand the process13:01
rburtonimages contain what you tell them to contain13:01
Smitty_The layer I added only contains a single recipe.  It's not an optional recipe - it should build13:02
ChrysDSmitty_ : the Layer is "basicaly" and "only" a recipebook that containts lot of things in it.13:02
ChrysDSmitty_ : Yes but even if it contain only ONE RECIPE it's not a recipe, it's still a layer.13:02
Smitty_Images are composed of layers.  layers are composed of recipes, right ?13:03
rburtonimages are composed of packages13:03
rburtonpackages are built from recipes13:03
rburtonrecipes are grouped in layers13:03
rburtonadding a layer means you have more recipes that *can* be built.13:04
rburtonbitbake myimage will look up all the packages that are in it, and then build the recipes it requires13:04
Smitty_I can see that there is some kind of subtle difference in what you said compared to me - but that doesn't clarify anything13:04
ChrysDA layer, is quite like a microcontroller... There is 3x UART, 2x SPI, 4x PWM etc etc... You won't use all of them, or maybe yes. So you have to declare what you will use.13:05
ChrysDSmitty_ : Image =/= Layers13:05
tx0hah, we come closer to device trees now13:05
rburtonSmitty_: real example: meta-python contains 213 recipes for python modules.  adding it to bblayers doesn't add all 213 packages to all images.13:05
Smitty_what does =/= layers13:05
Smitty_Why not ?13:06
ChrysDSmitty_ : Images is not a set of layers. rburton have explained it well13:06
Smitty_What determines which packages get built then ?13:06
rburtonSmitty_: the image13:06
ChrysDSmitty_ : the image13:06
rburtonIMAGE_INSTALL = "list of packages to install"13:06
ChrysDSmitty_ : RDEPENDS_${PN} also13:06
Smitty_where is the set of packages that makes up image defined ?13:06
rburton<rburton> IMAGE_INSTALL = "list of packages to install"13:06
frayif you know how make works, with it's rule based dependencies -- bitbake is similar.  A recipe has a set of dependencies, each of those has a set of dependencies and so on..13:07
ChrysDSmitty_ : you won't have a list of all packages installed sometimes in a image recipe. But you can add a package which depends of lot of packages.13:07
frayin an image reciope, the IMAGE_INSTALL variable is effectively those dependencies..13:07
ChrysDSmitty_ : If you deploy a Qt App, you would like to put in RDEPENDS what the Qt apps depend on, so you get sure that your Qt App will have everything needed.13:08
frayso by specifying a small set of -required- (as in, my image MUST have this) -- the dependencies will be used to both build, and install the items into the image13:08
Smitty_where do I find IMAGE_INSTALL variable13:08
ChrysDSmitty_ : In the image recipe13:08
ChrysDSmitty_ : In the layer that provides it13:08
ChrysDSmitty_ : Sometimes you can check in "recipes-images"13:08
rburtonSmitty_: oe-core's sample images inherit core-image so they don't use it directly but it indirectly gets set in the classes13:08
frayyou can also view the expanded version using 'bitbake -e <image recipe>"13:08
fraythen searching for IMAGE_INSTALL13:08
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ChrysDSmitty_ : Image = Result of mix of packages. Layer = Recipebook. Recipe = How to do things, like a package, describe an image, describe even a machine... etc13:10
Smitty_So, what is core-image-minimal/conf/bblayers.conf for isn't that the image recipe for core-image-minimal ?13:10
fraythat is the layer's configuration file.. a layer is not a recipe13:11
Smitty_so, wehre is the recipe for core-image-minimal ?13:11
fray -> select recipes -> type 'core-image-minimal'13:11
*** nighty-- <nighty--!> has joined #yocto13:12
rburtonSmitty_: $ find meta -name core-image-minimal.bb13:12
fraysearch -> select core-image-minimal13:12
fraylook for 'recipe file'13:12
fraylocated in: openembedded-core13:12
frayquick way to search and find recipes13:12
pagiosany idea how to install libfaac library?13:12
rburtonpagios: as fray just says,
*** ftonello <ftonello!~felipe@> has quit IRC13:14
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Smitty_Why would core-image-minimal recipe be in a different layer ? (meta)13:14
rburtonSmitty_: meta/ is oe-core13:15
frayThe openembedded-core git repositroy contains a single layer called  'meta'13:15
fray(the poky - Yocto Project git repositroy contains multiple layers, one of which is meta)13:15
Smitty_which I certainly don't expect to have to modify - naively - since it seems like a *core* component which I build upon.13:16
frayyou should -never- modify it13:16
Smitty_so then why would I edit one of its config files ?13:16
*** peacememories <peacememories!> has joined #yocto13:16
frayyou can change the value of that variable within your project's local.conf or create your OWN layer and use .bbappend (usually the preferred approach)13:16
*** majuk <majuk!> has quit IRC13:16
frayyou wouldn't..13:16
frayyou asked where it was defined, we're telling you13:16
ChrysDSmitty_ : You can even do your own image layer which inherit from one other image recipe i think.13:17
rburtonSmitty_: every image in oe-core is an example and it's expected that you make your own13:17
Smitty_core-image-minimal is a layer - right ?13:18
ChrysDSmitty_ : It's an image13:18
fraycore-image-minimal is a recipe, of the type 'image'13:18
*** darknighte <darknighte!~darknight@pdpc/supporter/professional/darknighte> has quit IRC13:18
ChrysDSmitty_ : and the .bb the recipe of the image13:18
frayany file that ends in '.bb' is a recipe13:18
frayany file that ends in .bbappend is a modification to another .bb13:18
ChrysDBecause the philosophy it's to not change what is what done by the provider, but you append your own modification.13:19
ChrysDSo that you have your own layer of modification13:19
*** paulg <paulg!> has quit IRC13:19
Smitty_This is precisely what I am trying to accomplish13:19
fraycreate a new layer..  create a recipe .bbappend  make your changes/settings in there13:20
ChrysDYou create your own layer, if you would like the .bb in for example recipes-core/linux/ you will have in your layer the same " path " like recipes-cores/linux... your .bbappend will be named as the recipe name you would like to change, and you can overide, or append, or remove variables by the orignal recipe.13:20
ChrysDof the original recipe*13:21
ChrysDGod my english is so bad that I should stop explaining. I will put more confusion than initially ahahah13:21
Smitty_I want to add a single library to an existing Image (core-image-minimal).  So, I create a layer for my library.  Now I want to add my layer to core-image-minimal, so that when core-image-minimal gets built, my library gets built.  I add my layer to core-image-minimal/conf/bblayers.conf13:21
rburtonwhat is that path though13:22
rburtondid you call your build directory core-image-minimal?13:22
PinkSnake@Smitty_ witch lib ?13:22
fraylayers are collections of things.. you can not add a 'layer' to a recipe..13:22
ChrysDit should be added in build/conf/bblayers.conf13:22
frayyou are likely just confusing terminology13:22
Smitty_no, my layer is parallel to meta, meta-poky, meta-yocto-bsp.  My layer is meta-example13:23
ChrysDwhere is your buuild directory ?13:23
frayok.. then inside of there you will have a conf/bblayers.conf that explains 'what' meta-example is, when its been included..13:23
ChrysDfor example i have build directory parallel to source directory. And in source directory i have all my meta's13:23
frayin your project (build directory) you add your layer (base path) to the conf/layers.conf file, so the contents of the layer will be loaded..13:23
Smitty_I presume my build directory will be the same as whatever core-image-minimal's build directory will be13:23
ChrysDHave you ever source oe-init-... ?13:23
frayyou then put, inside of your layer, one or more recipe (.bb) or bbappend to cause the system behavior to change13:23
rburtonSmitty_: 'I presume my build directory will be the same as whatever core-image-minimal's build directory will be' makes no sense13:24
rburtonSmitty_: oe-init-build-env will create a build/ directory, or you can give it a directory.  in that directory you can build any number of recipes.  i routintely build about 5 images and SDKs at once from my build directory.13:24
Smitty_I added my layer to core-image-minimal, why would my layer be built in a seperate directory ?13:24
rburtonyou can't add a layer to core-image-minimal!13:25
Smitty_why not ?13:25
rburtonthat's like saying you fed your cat to a bus13:25
ChrysDBecause a layer isn't an image13:25
rburtonyou add a layer to a build directory13:25
Smitty_core-image-minimal is an image13:25
fraya layer is collection of 'things'13:25
Smitty_not a layer13:25
frayit is not a recipe, image, etc13:25
rburtonadd a layer to build tree by editing conf/bblayers.conf in the build tree13:25
frayit may contain a recipe / image.. scripts, configuration files, etc13:25
*** BaloneyGeek|work <BaloneyGeek|work!~bg14ina@kde/bgupta> has joined #yocto13:26
PinkSnake@Smitty you should read the doc i think ...
ChrysDThe build directory, is the one that's tell you what you would like to do, what layers will be parsed, the final image to deploy, even the "temporary" works etc etc13:26
*** chbae <chbae!~chbae@> has quit IRC13:26
pagiosfray, rburton i am getting an error when installignthe ipk:  * satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for faac: *      libfaac0 (>= 1.28)13:27
*** marka <marka!~masselst@> has joined #yocto13:30
*** chbae <chbae!~chbae@> has joined #yocto13:30
fraypagios that sounds like the recipe has an error where an incorrect (or missing?) runtime dependency is specified13:30
fraycould even be something like the soname of the library is incorrect (in some way)13:30
ChrysDBuild Directory => Your kitchen Workspace. Layers => Recipebook.  Packages=> Ingredient. Recipes => Recipes.   So you go to your kitchen workspace, you would like to do a recipe in your recipebook and the recipe explain how to have the ingredients.13:30
rburtonnot sure packages->ingredients13:31
*** chbae <chbae!~chbae@> has quit IRC13:31
*** Crofton <Crofton!> has joined #yocto13:31
rburtonpackages -> cakes13:31
ChrysDrbuton : Yeah13:31
ChrysDrburton : yeah, maybe13:31
rburtonimages -> shelf in your cake shop13:31
ChrysDrburton : But the image is's the result of a mix of ingredient13:31
rburtonthis is the best metaphor13:31
ChrysDrburton : I would liek to add SSH + Qt libs + etc etc etc to have the final meal13:32
Smitty_Does the directory core-image-minimal contain the highest level meta data required to instruct the build environment to build an image ?13:32
ChrysDBut what is that directory?13:32
Smitty_it's a directory which contains files describing the required layers for a image13:33
rburtonSmitty_: there is no core-image-minimal directory13:33
ChrysDNoot in my case13:33
ChrysDFor me when you download for the first time yocto13:33
ChrysDyou shuold have a bunch of layers13:33
ChrysDnamed "meta-"13:33
ChrysD+ poky13:33
ChrysDWhen you source for the first time in poky/oe-init.....13:34
ChrysDit will create the build directory where you are.13:34
CTtpollardhmm bitbake all the cakes13:34
ChrysDfor exemple if you are in /home/user/workspace/13:34
ChrysDand you do source /poky/oe-init etc13:34
ChrysDit willd do a build directory in where you have done the command13:34
ChrysDso /home/user/workspace/build13:35
ChrysDYou can even specify if you like the path as it ask you13:35
ChrysDif you like another *13:35
Smitty_Yep, I'm aware of that13:35
ChrysDYou can also name your build directory as you want when you source13:36
rburtonso where is this core-image-minimal directory you keep on referring to?13:36
ChrysDSo you should only have a build directory + the layers directories13:36
Smitty_core-image-minimal is parallel to met, meta-poky, etc..13:36
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away13:37
ChrysDWhat i do, is => workspace/project1/ and in project1 i have my build directory + sources directory. In sources directory i have all my meta.13:37
ChrysDCore-image-minimal doesn't exist13:37
ChrysDYou have maybe create your build directory which you named core-image-minimal13:37
rburtonyeah presumably that's what happened13:37
ChrysDwhat does contain that directory?13:37
rburtonyou did oe-init-build-env core-image-minimal13:37
rburtoninstead of oe-init-build-env, then bitbake core-image-minimal13:38
Smitty_OK, yet again, starting over.  This whole process of doing the trivial has taken so long, I've forgotten what I've done, and what I haven't13:38
rburtonSmitty_: i'm curious what bits of the quick start were confusing, as we clearly need to fix it13:38
frayther eis a Yocto Project 'quick start guide' have you attempted to follow it?13:39
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has quit IRC13:39
frayas rburton said, if it's confusing we want to fix it13:39
ChrysDInitialize the Build Environment: Run the oe-init-build-env environment setup script to define the OpenEmbedded build environment on your build host.       $ source oe-init-build-env13:40
ChrysDin the Quick Startup Guide13:40
rburtonhm it should say . instead of source13:41
ChrysDrburton : 2.1 doc13:42
* rburton fixes13:42
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has joined #yocto13:42
frayya, source is a 'bash-ism'.. and may not work for everyone..13:42
ChrysDSmitty_ : I think you get into yocto with presumption that make you very far from the yocto philosophy in the process13:42
rburtonthough i guess most shells that a human use support source13:42
ChrysDSmitty_ : That's why you get confused and some of the things are not logical for you13:43
Smitty_CONFUSING< The quick start itself is not confusing, just misleading.  As I stated, many times, the requirement to take a "basic working os image" like poky, and add a single library (or any executable) which resides in it's own layer (because that's what layers are for, really) and pass that enrtire source tree to another develoepr and say, look, here's the project to build the core os, plus my library on top.  Just source oe-init.bl13:43
frayya, trying to remember, we ran into one recently that didn't work.. but I'm forgetting which..13:43
*** black_13 <black_13!68bf00ab@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto13:43
rburtonSmitty_: so follow quick start to generate core-image-minimal, then follow development manual to create a layer and write a recipe and add a recipe to an image13:43
rburtoni can provide links to chapters if you'd like13:43
pagiosfray, sorry but i ddint get what you mean, still new13:44
*** JPEWhacker <JPEWhacker!cc4da372@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto13:44
fraypagios sorry too many conversations (here and elsewhere), hich part?13:44
ChrysDSmitty_ : In 1 or 2 days you shuold be able to have an image with a custom layer + a recipe which describe your library if you follow whell the documentation at the first time. But I understand that could be difficult in a completely starting point to know how to start.13:45
*** pidge <pidge!> has quit IRC13:45
*** pidge <pidge!~pidge@2001:41d0:a:5dc5::> has joined #yocto13:45
ChrysDSmitty_ : That's why the Quick Starting Guide is there, and after it links to other manual13:45
ChrysDSmitty_ : at the end of the guide, you have the link to all the other guides13:45
Smitty_I have followed, repeatedly, the quickstart guide.  It has me modifying files in the build directory - which I have repeatedly stated is dumb !!!13:45
black_13what do I get the message "WARNING: Host distribution "ubuntu-14.04" has not been validated with this version of the build system; you may possibly experience unexpected failures. It is recommended that you use a tested distribution."13:46
black_13When the host machine is ubuntu-14.0413:46
black_13or is that its 14.04 lts13:46
Smitty_The build directory is where generated files go, so that the source directory stays clean13:46
PinkSnake@Smitty o.0 really ? It has me modifying files in the build directory ??13:47
frayblack_13, with the latest oe-core/YP, we've run into problems w/ 14.04.  The newer 16.04 worked for us though13:47
black_13i had the same warning message about 16.0413:47
ChrysDfray : No problems between krogoth and 16.0413:47
ChrysDfray : for now13:47
ChrysDfray : but still not tested13:48
black_13i wonder if there are problems because its LTS13:48
ChrysDblack_13 : which version of yocto you have ?13:48
*** zeenix <zeenix!~zeenix@> has quit IRC13:48
fraymost of my builds have been with Morty BTW13:48
PinkSnake@<Smitty_ let me know where ? i'm curious13:48
ChrysDSmitty_ : me too13:48
fray14.04 didn't have some of the necessary versions of software and (I might be confusing RHEL here) the kernel was too old13:48
frayold kernel == problems w/ qemu13:49
black_13does yocto have ability to build an iso image13:49
rburtonblack_13: yes13:49
Smitty_Read the second sentence (
ChrysDSmitty_ : What's bad about it?13:50
Smitty_It says to modify a file in the build directory13:50
rburtonthe build directory is where the build happens but conf/ inside the build directory is *configuration for the build directory*13:50
black_13i have the yocto book with the fossil shells on front13:50
Smitty_How does that make any sense ?13:50
rburtonSmitty_: ok, rename it workspace or something13:50
black_13i must have missed instructions on how to build an iso in the book13:50
PinkSnake@Smitty_ conf/local.conf it's really build directory, it's used to configure the builddir13:51
Smitty_rename what workspace ?13:51
rburtonwhen you see the words "build directory", pretend it says "work space"13:51
black_13rburton: do you know of a guide on how to build the iso?13:51
ChrysDSmitty_ : I don't understand what it did not make sense13:51
frayyour build directory or what I call project directory is unique to YOUR configuration, this is where you should be making local configuration changes..13:51
PinkSnake@rburton you are too fast for me ...13:51
rburtonPinkSnake: sorry :)13:51
fraythe conf/local.conf and conf/bblayers.conf are the two primary things you will need to adjust for your local build configuration13:51
ChrysDbblayers.conf for "Enabling " layers13:52
ChrysDlocal.conf for telling which distro, which machien, do some kind of temporary tests such as IMAGE_INSTALL_append =" some packages " etc etc13:52
Smitty_ "workspace" or "build directory" or whatever is not a part of the source tree.  Any modifications that I make there, don't get reflected back into the source tree, so they disappear when I next download my source tree13:53
Smitty_so, why would I modify anyting there13:53
fraysmitty, that is the intention13:53
frayif you want it to persist, you need to follow the developers guide and create a layer with your changes or new work13:54
fraythe changes/new work still requires you to modify your build directory  bblayers.conf to include it.. and your local.conf needs modification to tell it which machine you are tageting (if nothign else)13:54
Smitty_That is exactly what I am trying to accomplish13:54
rburtonsuch as your layer can have a bblayers.conf.sample as we discussed earlier in the week, and a myspecialdistro.conf which configures the distro stuff13:54
ChrysDmachine.conf aswell13:54
rburtonbut lets start with putting stuff in bblayers.conf and local.conf first13:54
rburtonyes, please13:55
pagiosfray, what i am trying to do is get a gstreamer plugin called faac to work (its an audio encoder) for that i would like to install libfaac as an ipk and then install the gstreamer faac plugin as an ipk13:55
Smitty_for what purpose ?   how does that help solve the problem13:55
rburtonSmitty_: walk before you can run.  get an image working with what you want, and then move the specific pieces that you need persistant into the layer13:55
ChrysDSmitty_ : Because if you would like to add library, it's the way you should do.13:56
fraypagios, ok.. that error indicates that during the installation time there was a dependency on something that did not exist (wasn't built)13:56
ChrysDSmitty_ : It's kind of development process.13:56
frayso either there is a typo is what you asked it to do -- or there is an error in the recipe you tried to use...13:56
Smitty_it's totally senseless13:56
pagiosfray, ok how can i know what is the dep?13:56
frayI've not worked with that item to know beyond that13:56
*** AndersD <AndersD!> has joined #yocto13:57
fraythe dep is what was reported on the screen.. lib.... (< ....)  stuff in the ( ) is the version ifnromation13:57
ChrysDSmitty_ : So if it is totally senseless, 99% of the way the things are done is completely senseless.13:57
Smitty_how does that make any sense at all - please, what is the big mystery ?  what secret do you all know, that I don't13:57
pagioslibfaac0 (>= 1.28) *13:57
pagiosfray, is there a recipe for libfaac0 ?13:57
fraybuild directory -- local to YOU where you configure what you want built...13:57
fraylayer collection of 'things'13:58
frayrecipe items that can be 'built', lives inside of a layer13:58
pagiostalkign to me?13:58
frayno mystery.. different purposes for each..13:58
fraypagios no..13:58
ChrysDBuild Directory = the Kitchen Workspace13:58
fraypagios -- libfaac0 should come from the 'faac' recipe13:58
frayunfortunatly that is the best I can tell you.. I've not done anything beyond that.. sorry13:58
ChrysDYou set which machine you will use to bake, such as for example furnace, knife etc....13:58
*** stephano <stephano!~stephano@> has joined #yocto13:59
ChrysDFor example, which type of image you would want ! ( if it is supported )  ubifs, wic....13:59
*** zeenix <zeenix!~zeenix@> has joined #yocto14:00
*** gtristan <gtristan!~tristanva@> has quit IRC14:00
Smitty_Please explain how modifying a file in the build directory solves the requirement that I have explained in detail14:00
fraythere has to be a way to set your local build items.. since layers are 'generic' (for the most part).  And there is a very very large number of combinations possible with the various generic configurations available..14:00
ChrysDBecause it's in the build directory that you say in which layer you will take the recipe that you need14:01
frayYou MUST (no choice) configure your build directory..  youre "requirement" was that you want it reproducible for others.. so to do this, a combination of 'configure your project 'this way' and here is the layer I created -- is the official answer from the YP..14:01
frayif you don't like it, then use a differnet build system.. this is the way the system is designed and has worked for many many years..14:01
frayif the documentation is confusing, then suggest fixes and ask questions.. we are happy to help and want to improve the docs14:02
rburtonSmitty_: if you want to avoid forcing modifications then your layer can provide bblayers.conf.sample and local.conf.sample so it uses your layers and configuration out of the box.  i told you this every day this week so far.14:02
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #459 of nightly-musl is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
ChrysDSmitty_ : for example i have layers that includes recipes which depending the machine I use, it will ad some files. So if I don't specify in the build directory which machine i would like, how can it works ? for example?14:03
ChrysDSmitty_ : It's like if you are seeing that you are using a microwave and you say """what is the purpose of telling the time of cook and the power used??""" If you put something in your microwave and you just close it, nothing will happen.14:04
*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!> has quit IRC14:06
*** majuk <majuk!> has joined #yocto14:07
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Smitty_rburton: oe-init-build-env calls scripts/oe-setup-builddir, that then calls other scripts.    At some stage, after reading through these scripts, it rapidly becomes apparent that I really don't want to understand everything they do, I just want to hope that they work.  So, I want to take the exisiting "sample" or "reference" project which allows me to build an OS IMage, and I want to make minimal modifications to it to satisfy my nee14:19
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has quit IRC14:19
Smitty_rburton:  Any suggestion that I modify something in the build directory just doesn't make sense to me - I want my changes to be permanent, why would I make them in the build directory ?14:19
rburtonanswered that *so many times* now14:21
rburtonany way look as i've spent vast amount of time on this already i've just gone and created an example14:21
Smitty_Where ?14:22
rburtonuses git submodules to pull in bitbake and oe-core14:26
rburtonhas a custom oe-init-buildenv wrapper to specify where the templates are14:26
PinkSnake@rburton +114:26
*** majuk <majuk!> has joined #yocto14:26
rburtoni dislike having to use .. in some paths but they're rooted on where oe-core is14:26
rburtonthat has a layer which provides a custom (minimal) distro, a bblayer.conf.sample adding itself, and a local.conf.sample that sets the distro to custom14:27
rburtoni used submodules because i know how they work and i wanted to get it done in five minutes14:27
Croftonwow, you understand submodules?14:28
*** ftonello <ftonello!~felipe@> has joined #yocto14:28
rburtonCrofton: understand may be stretching the definition.  i know how to make it fetch.14:28
rburtonupdating means reading the manual :)14:28
Croftonstill better than I14:28
rburtongit submodule add <url>14:29
rburtonfirst attempt used my local aliases so oe:bitbake14:29
rburtongit was stupid enough to put that in the file so nobody else would be able to use it14:29
*** majuk <majuk!> has quit IRC14:31
Smitty_ git pull fatal: Not a git repository (or any parent up to mount point /home)14:31
PinkSnake@Smitty with clone maybe ?14:32
rburtonyeah that's not how git works14:32
Smitty_Jeesus, getting tired14:32
Smitty_./custom-init-env: line 6: openembedded-core/oe-init-build-env: No such file or directory14:34
rburtonyou need to fetch the submodules too14:35
aratiusomething similar:
rburtongit clone —recursive <url> would have done it14:35
aratiucustom distro with submodules...14:36
ChrysDwhat submodules is ?14:36
Smitty_Can't anybody do anything that is simple any more14:37
ChrysDSmitty_ : Is just simple.14:37
CTtpollardsubmodules aim to make it simple14:37
CTtpollardunless you'd prefer to manually clone & checkout specific shas of multiple repos :)14:37
ChrysDSmitty_ : its you that making it complex ahah14:37
*** rj_ <rj_!58d39085@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC14:37
ChrysDSmitty_ : but you can be a contributor to make the things simple !14:37
rburtonSmitty_: the alternative is copy/paste all of bitbake and oe-core, or ask you to clone them both to a specific sha and expect you to do it right14:38
Smitty_I'm refering to git's use of submodules14:38
*** peacememories <peacememories!> has quit IRC14:38
rburtonyeah they're not pretty but they work and everyone has them14:39
Smitty_Clearly when a submodule is added to a project, the author intends it to be a part of the project.  Why would I have to specify that I want to include the submodule.  Hek, that implies I know *beforehand* the structure of somebody else repository14:39
*** joshuagl <joshuagl!~joshuagl@> has joined #yocto14:41
Croftonjesus, how do you make an rpi-3 work with an 800-480 flat panel14:41
aratiuSmitty_: the submodule project can be modified independently of the main project, you get the code without copying it to your main git top-level repo/workdir and you can easily track the other project development, even if upstream pushes new versions your submodule ref is constant14:42
rburtonaratiu: looks like interesting browsing14:42
Smitty_rburton:  I am so sorry - but:   fatal: unable to connect to[0:]: errno=Connection refused14:42
aratiuit's a lot easier to work with submodules when having subprojects which are themselves independently evolving projects to which you can also contribute, you can switch to your test branches locally and work with them in the submodule before they're integrated in their upstream14:43
Smitty_Yes, it's a crappy implementation of svn:externals, from what I can tell - I am very, very familiar with the concept14:43
aratiuI do this all the time for example for my emacs configuration at
rburtonSmitty_: works here, i suspect proxies14:44
*** majuk <majuk!> has joined #yocto14:44
Smitty_Damn It !14:44
Smitty_I am so fed up with this crap, I'm about ready to quit this job14:45
*** peacememories <peacememories!> has joined #yocto14:47
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*** majuk <majuk!> has joined #yocto14:47
ChrysDSmitty_ : Proxy yeah i guess14:47
ChrysDSmitty_ : I asked for a internet connection only for me to not have this kind of problem14:47
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Smitty_I can do this from home, of course, but, here in the office I can't access anything14:48
ChrysDSmitty_ : But it's not the point of working at home :(14:49
rburtonSmitty_: clone normally without recursive, edit the .gitmodules to refer to http: instead, then fetch?14:49
joshuaglno need to do it from home, just configure your proxy support14:49
rburtonbut yeah git can tunnel out of the office just fine14:50
Smitty_I've already set git proxy14:50
joshuaglperhaps not correctly?14:51
Smitty_[http] proxy =
*** yohboy <yohboy!~yohan@> has quit IRC14:52
Smitty_what else is there to do ?14:52
rburtongit:// is not http14:52
rburtonwhich is why i said to fetch, edit, submodule fetch14:52
Smitty_that's from .gitconfig14:52
Smitty_huh ?14:53
joshuaglyour corporation may have more specific configuration information available14:54
rburtonbasically, git can't trivially proxy a git: URL14:54
Smitty_Honestly, who dreams this crap up.14:55
rburtonwhy it can't just have a 'socksproxy' option nobody knows14:55
*** CostinC <CostinC!> has quit IRC14:55
Smitty_It doesn't need to be so complicated - why does everyone feel like they have to reinvent the wheel14:55
rburtonsend a patch, i'm sure evveryone behind a proxy would love you if making git use socks was a one-liner14:56
Smitty_Not a chance, I'm sure the git code is worse than anything else known to man.14:56
rburtonSmitty_: changed the URLs, re-clone with --recursive14:57
Smitty_It was hacked together over a weekend, then added to over the past several years.  I'm pretty sure I'd kill myself after about 5 minutes14:58
pagiosin my .bb file i see PACKAGECONFIG[faac] = "--enable-faac,--disable-faac,faac" , i want to compile the gstreamer faac so i did add to the EXTRA_OECONF  --enable-faac --with-plugins=rtmp,rtmpdump,faac,libfaac" anything else missing?15:00
*** AndersD <AndersD!> has quit IRC15:01
Smitty_rburton:  That works - thanks tons !. (weird I don't see the usual progress indicators during download)   Maybe with your beautifully simple example, I can start making some progress15:01
rburtonyeah no progress with http clones15:01
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has quit IRC15:02
Smitty_completed, now, I source custom-init..   no targets yet ?15:03
Smitty_how do I start with this ?15:03
rburtonbitbake <your target>15:04
rburtonits just oe-core15:04
rburtonbut you'll see that you have custom bblayers and local.conf15:04
Smitty_So, this is not an OS Image ?15:04
Smitty_Sorry, obviously still not understanding.  What have you provided here ?15:05
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Smitty_There is no target.15:08
*** SoniaLeon <SoniaLeon!~sleonbau@> has joined #yocto15:09
rburtonyou tell bitbake what you want to build15:09
rburtonthe point was to show you how to provide a customised local.conf and bblayers.conf15:10
rburtonso the user doesn't have to do that15:10
rburtonmeta-custom would also have a custom image in your situation15:11
rburtonso then the user would just do bitbake mycustomimage15:11
joshuaglyou can add a conf-notes.txt to meta-custom/conf/ to have it print suggested targets15:14
Smitty_I'll look at this tomorrow, got to go now.  Thanks again, I know I am frustrating the crap out of you - but I don't mean to be15:14
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JPEWhackerThis might sound odd, but can I modify RPROVIDES based on content from ${S} and have other recipes correctly see it (i.e. be able to RDEPEND on it)?15:16
JPEWhackerI have it working for the package generation (the .ipk show up as a provider), but other recipes can't RDEPEND on it15:17
kergothJPEWhacker: rdepends/rprovides are used in two ways, first it's used by bitbake for runtime dependency generation, second it's placed in the binary packages. to modify it based on S, you'd have to do so in a task, not at parsing time, which would be long, long after bitbake has used it for runtime dependency handling, so it would only be able to alter the packaging15:18
kergothyou could add it to PACKAGES_DYNAMIC, however. this variable is a space separated list of wildcards patterns of what packages you might emit. it's most commonly used for recipes that emit a set of subpackages based on e.g. what plugins were built15:19
kergothit's how you tell bitbake about packages you might emit, but don't yet know until packaging time15:19
kergothso a combination of a new function in PACKAGEFUNCS and PACKAGES_DYNAMIC *might* work15:20
kergothbut i'd really recommend you look into alternative possibilities15:20
JPEWhackerYa, It's probably not an ideal situation, but I wanted to explore it.15:21
rburtonjoshuagl: oh good idea15:22
JPEWhackerWhat I really want it to be able to create a user that is a member of a set of groups, and have the user recipe get the dependencies on the recipes that provide those groups in a somewhat painless manner15:22
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehernan@> has joined #yocto15:23
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rburtonSmitty_: pushed more tweaks to make it include a custom image, and documentation when you run custom-init-env15:26
*** blitz00 <blitz00!~stefan@unaffiliated/blitz00> has quit IRC15:28
JPEWhackerPACKAGE_DYNAMIC worked, but I would be open to better suggestions15:28
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VolkiI solved the issue with mesa not providing libGL, even the desktop profile OpenGL functions are available in the by resolving the functions at runtime (using eglGetProcAddress). But I think it should be possible to build Mesa without X11 to create the using EGL as context creation backend15:41
Croftontlwoerner, any tips on getting audio driver to load on pi3?15:41
Croftongoogle space is polluted15:42
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pagiostoo many questions today, any idea where to find the VOAAC ENC package?15:46
pagiosNo matching recipes in database.15:47
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black_13where can i find instructions how how to make a iso of the minimal build16:20
rburtonblack_13: put iso in IMAGE_FSTYPES16:20
rburtonor distro, or image, wherever16:22
rburtonbut thats the variable you're looking for16:22
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SomeDumbBumbA layer is a collection of recipes as well as potentially a configuration for an image (and maybe other stuff) ??18:02
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kergothSomeDumbBumb: images are recipes.18:20
* paulg wasn't sure what the original question was....18:24
paulgthe vagueness of "stuff"  perhaps?18:24
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SomeDumbBumbto make an image requires a recipe for the image18:52
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SomeDumbBumbDoes each layer always define an image ?19:00
SomeDumbBumbor a distro ?19:00
SomeDumbBumbor is that optional19:00
SomeDumbBumbUnrelated question, but this caught my eye.  "The script gets its default list of common targets from the conf-notes.txt "    WTF would that be.  Why wouldn't the current configuration end up populating the list of available targets ?19:02
rburtonSomeDumbBumb: all targets?19:03
rburtoneven in oe-core thats several hundred19:03
rburtonnot sure that would be useful19:03
SomeDumbBumbOK, point taken.19:04
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rburtonmultipled for every native form, every nativesdk form, every multilib variant19:04
SomeDumbBumbso, "common targets" is not all targets - what's it for ?19:06
rburtonexacrtly what it says19:06
rburtonpoky says you may enjoy core-image-sato19:06
rburtonthe conf-notes.txt is just a file that is displayed when you init the build env19:06
SomeDumbBumbin what way are the targets in conf-note.txt "common"  what does that mean ?19:06
rburtonsay hello, put a quote of the day, whatever19:06
rburtonCommon targets are:19:07
rburton    core-image-minimal19:07
rburton    core-image-sato19:07
rburton    meta-toolchain19:07
rburton    meta-ide-support19:07
rburtonthey are common targets.  the minimal image, the GUI image, a (deprecated, whoops) toolchain19:07
rburtoncommon for the *example* distro19:07
SomeDumbBumbso, top level targets ?19:07
rburtonimages and SDKs19:07
rburtonagain its just a message, you can make it say anything19:08
SomeDumbBumban image is target, right ?19:08
rburtonin the context of this message yes19:08
rburtonthe message could and probab;y should use recipe instead of target19:08
rburtonjust to unify syntax19:08
rburtonit only says target because the line above says "bitbake <target>"19:08
* rburton -> cook dinner19:08
SomeDumbBumbso how do I know what images I can build ?19:09
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rburtonSomeDumbBumb: in the real world, you know because you wrote them.  if you didn't write them a colleague did and listed them in conf-notes.txt.  in the abstract sense, 'bitbake-layers show-recipes -i image' will list all recipes that inherit the image class.19:29
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khemrburton: I was looking at your ross/mut2 and there is one patch from me you can throw out for now "bash: Fix build with clang+security flags"19:33
khemrburton: and there are are few  missing in that branch that I submitted19:34
khemrburton: see
khemyou can leave the gcc/glibc ones out but others should be good to go19:35
rburtonyeah thanks19:36
rburtonbeen picking a bit oddly ;)19:36
rburtonkhem: fwiw mut2 with musl failed like
khemerror: 'PATH_MAX' undeclared19:41
khemtrace-cmd need to include limits.h somewhere19:41
khemsame is true for kernelshark19:42
khemsee how musl keeps people honest ?19:42
khemso let the submitters know they have work to do19:42
SomeDumbBumbOK, I can understand not displaying all the possible build targets, I mean, you wouldn't do that on any build system I know of.  BUT, the whole point of yocto is buulding OS images, right ?  So, why not display the list of images that were detected ?   Or, is it because basically, there's no way to know - beuase an image is just a collection of things that can be built ?19:48
frayIf you use the toaster, it will give you a list of all image targets available for your configuration.19:55
ant_homekhem, if you have five mins pls try to build klibc against musl. I see in6.h & friends clashing19:57
ant_homethere have been fixes to linux-libc-headers for musl about that19:58
paulgI used the toaster and got burnt bread.   Wonder what I did wrong....19:59
paulgmaybe I need to stick a fork in it and probe around.19:59
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rburtonkhem: so my glorious plan for 2.4 is 1) merge llvm, 2) add a nice way to change toolchain like we can change libc, so 3) meta-clang can have a tidy instead of clang.bbclass20:08
rburtonkhem: sounds good?20:08
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tlwoernerCrofton: oops, totally missed your question. audio works automagically for me on the raspi3; both via HDMI and the 3.5mm jack. last time i tested that was about 6 weeks ago, so i guess i'm "due" ;-)22:28
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khemyes it should unless the kernel module is missing or snd device is not created22:53
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