Friday, 2017-05-19

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black_13what meta command do I add to local.conf to build an iso image for the minimal build.02:35
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madav_Hi, I have been using yocto have been succesufully able to build and configure, thanks to a very good yocto documentation.04:25
madav_Currently I'm blocked by one issue, I want to remove some of the utils which I'm not using from the packagegroup-core-full-cmdline-sys-services && packagegroup-core-full-cmdline-utils, How do I achieve that04:25
madav_I tried using BBMASK and RDEPENDS_remove and able to achieve what I want, but is there a better approch?04:26
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bluelightningmadav_: probably the easiest thing would be to create your own packagegroup based upon that one and use that instead05:01
bluelightningmadav_: you could even copy and modify it in your own layer and provided your layer has a higher priority, your version would be used in preference05:01
madav_bluelightning: thanks a lot for the input, I will explore on creating my own packagegroup05:05
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CostinCmorning all05:57
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rheagarhi, who knows how to fix " No rule to make target `/usr/bin/g-ir-scanner-wrapper', needed by `Gst-1.0.gir'" thanks06:22
rheagaram i mssing some thing in my local configuration ?06:22
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Smitty_Warning - I'm still here !     Again, I really apologize for apparently being a bit thick-skulled. tThere's just somehting about yocto That I'm finding incredibly confusing.  Hopefully rburton's example will help.  (
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Smitty_Just to be clear - the purpose of providing bitbake alongside oe-core (meta, meta-selftest, meta-skeleton) is that oe-core is tightly coupled to the bitbake version.  This implies no effort to maintain backwards compatibility (as is done in CMake for example, with cmake_minimum_required)  Is that correct ?07:22
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Smitty_And, as far as the Yocto "reference" project, and layers that I create, I will face the same problem - namely, there's no built in mechanism for backward compatibility check, or feature check.  My project will also be tightly coupled to the bitbake version I use - right ?07:26
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ant_workSmitty_, see
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Smitty_ant_work:  Thanks, but how does that answer my question ?07:31
ant_workthe changes between bitbake releases were sometimes big enough to break compatibility with older metadata07:32
ChrysDWe shuold rename that channel to #PrayForSmitty                                               ( it's a joke )07:32
Smitty_Hah, thanks, the vote of confidence I need !07:33
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Smitty_Look, you guys have been very helpful.  I really appreciate it.  I'm sure you are finding this unbearable07:33
ChrysDSmitty_ : It's a joke, nothing bad07:33
Smitty_I know07:33
ChrysDSmitty_ : I imagine that is pretty hard with a ton of experience in other environment tool to start in a new environment... And the main problem i guess is you came with some presumptions that make you far from the yocto philosophy and don't understand what is the mecanism.07:34
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jkuSmitty_: Your layer releases should state which poky/oecore/bitbake release they match -- typically people name their branches with same names as poky07:36
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Smitty_So, it seems that once I run oe-init-buildenv (which then calls a few other scripts), any changes I make to the configuration of layers (IOW the top level bblayers.conf - maybe this is the target bblayers.conf ?)  *within my source tree* - not the build dir - won't be picked up on subsequent builds, since the layer bblayers.conf is not re-processed - is that right ?07:42
ChrysDSmitty_ : The conf in layer, is to tell which recipe " can be parse "07:42
Smitty_because it's been copied into the build dir07:42
ChrysDSmitty_ : And most of time the conf is quite always the same, its a conf that say EVERY recipe.07:42
ChrysDSmitty_ : I'm not familiar with the structure, but i think bitbake check for the local conf in build dir, then it checks in the bblayers to know which layer can be parsed. And then he go to every layer and check in the conf of the layer to know which recipe could be parsed.07:44
ChrysDSmitty_ : But as i'm newbie, i'm maybe wrong, or missing some of the mecanism07:44
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Smitty_If I add a layer (in my source tree) to the target after having run oe-init-buildenv, and I don't re-run oe-init-buildenv, and I just re-run bitbake <target> my new layer won't get built - right ?07:45
ChrysDSmitty_ : If you add a layer after07:45
ChrysDSmitty_ : The only things is to add in bblayers.conf, the layer you added07:45
ChrysDSmitty_ : So that bitbake knows which layers are needed for the build07:46
Smitty_So, bitbake is not detecting all changes to source tree, like a make system ?07:46
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ChrysDSmitty_ : Bitbake only do what you tell it to do """"for me """"07:46
ChrysDSmitty_ : And when you do embedded systems,  you would like to specify what you want, and not having undesirable things because of automatic process...07:47
jkuSmitty_: oe-init-buildenv only sets your shell environment and makes some checks07:47
Smitty_No, it does a *lot* more than that !07:47
ChrysDSmitty_ : Imagine if you add a layer of python with more than 200 recipes, making your image big with lot of thing not needed.... What is the better ? Putting what you need or what you don't need ?07:47
Smitty_it calls several scripts within oe-core which then call other scripts, etc.  I didn't bother loking through them all, but, the oe-init-env actually parses important information about your project07:48
ChrysDSmitty_ : Important information that you have tells07:49
Smitty_Sure, but it's a one off !07:49
ChrysDSmitty_ : The simple things is07:49
Smitty_So, if I then change something about my target, I need to run oe-init-env again, not just bitbake <target>07:49
ChrysDSmitty_ : oe-init-env it's just a script07:50
ChrysDSmitty_ : for setting some environmental values07:50
Smitty_So, it's not just environment, it's processing my source.07:50
ChrysDSmitty_ : oe create a build dir, and let you do "bitbake"07:51
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ChrysDSmitty_ : And oe it's NOTHING linked to your source tree07:51
jkuSmitty_: oe-init-env only makes sure you have the configuration that's required to successfully run bitbake07:51
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jkunothing prevents you from modifying that config later and bitbake will notice those changes07:52
Smitty_Sorry, but, I can see that it definitely is - it processed information within my source, it is doing more than just setting environment variables07:52
ChrysDSmitty_ : not at all07:52
ChrysDSmitty_ : It doesn't know what layer you have07:53
Smitty_Come on, I can see it in oe-setup-builddir.  That script is looking at the contents of my source files and constructing files in build dir07:53
ChrysDSmitty_ : Try it and you will see07:54
Smitty_I have - surely you have too07:54
ChrysDSmitty_ : oe-init-dev IT'S JUST AND ONLY JUST to make bitbake command working and doing a builddir07:54
Smitty_sed -e "s|##OEROOT##|$OEROOT|g" \         -e "s|##COREBASE##|$OEROOT|g" \         $OECORELAYERCONF > "$BUILDDIR/conf/bblayers.conf"07:54
ChrysDSmitty_ : If you take a computer,  a terminal, you source once, and you never close the terminal, you won't NEVER need to source again.07:54
neverpanicSmitty_: Regardless of what the script does, it's well-tested that you can add new layers and/or modify layers without running oe-init-build-env again07:55
Smitty_explain your comments in reference to that sed statement07:56
neverpanicWhere is that sed statement?07:56
jkuSmitty_: surely you can see from context that's just creating a configuration _if it does not exist_?07:56
ChrysDSmitty_ :  Can you repeat, and read , again and again, the name of the script?07:57
Smitty_And surely *you* understand that when I start with nothing but source, I start by running oe-init-build-env07:57
ChrysDSmitty_ : oe init build env07:57
ChrysDSmitty_ : and it was what it is, and it was how most of us use it for what it is07:58
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neverpanicSmitty_: does not call a script called oe-init-builddir for me.07:58
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Smitty_sorry, oe-setup-builddir07:59
ChrysDcat oe-init-build-env | grep "sed" give me no result07:59
Smitty_oe-init-build-env sources oe-setup-builddir which calls sed08:00
ChrysDSmitty_ : for oe setup build i have done the grep , and the only line using it is : TEMPLATECONF="$TEMPLATECONF" $OEROOT/scripts/oe-setup-builddir08:00
ChrysDSmitty_ : And what's the name ? "TEMPLATECONF"08:00
ChrysDSmitty_ : And poky is a "reference distribution "08:00
ChrysDSmitty_ : So that you have a kind of " example conf " insidre your builddir08:00
ChrysDSmitty_ : But it's only an example conf08:00
ChrysDSmitty_ : So that you just only to take out the layer ytou don't need and takes the one you need08:01
ChrysDSmitty_ : like the meta yocto bsp etc08:01
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neverpanicWell, clearly the script just creates a bblayers.conf with absolute paths to your current source tree08:02
neverpanicIf you move the source tree, you'd have to re-create bblayers, otherwise it's not necessary08:03
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ChrysDSmitty_ : You can simply sum up oe-init-build-env as a script that give environmental variables so that you can use bitbake and create you a build dir with the files you need for configuring your project08:03
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Smitty_oe-setup-build-dir is in oe-core.  It's fundamental to the use (or at least one imagines it is) of oe-core.  oe-core is fundamental to the use of the Yocto "reference build".  If I start with the reference build, I don't expect to change fundamental behavior like that.08:04
rj_Is there anyone who got Mariadb working from the standard recipe from the meta-oe layer?08:05
ChrysDSmitty_ : yeah and you won't08:05
ChrysDSmitty_ : The only things you need, it's configuring in bblayers.conf and local.conf for your project08:06
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ChrysDSmitty_ : Making a custom layer with your own recipes08:06
ChrysDSmitty_ : and deploy it to your machine08:06
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ChrysDSmitty_ : ( there is much more I know, like adding the meta layer of the BSP of the board you will need for example )08:06
Smitty_So, for my project to build, I expect to have to use oe-core *as is*.  oe-setup-builddir (part of oe-core) creates bblayers.conf *for me* from my source tree08:08
ChrysDSmitty_ : I guess you should spend more time to check how to configure a distro, a machine, doing a layer and your own recipe instead of spending time of looking a script who it's made for a simple task which doesn't need to dig in it08:09
ChrysDSmitty_ : no08:09
Smitty_no ?08:09
jkuSmitty_: you are free to provide your own configuration: in that case a default one will not be created08:09
ChrysDSmitty_ : You can do a script if you want so that it configures automatically08:09
ChrysDSmitty_ : So that you can provide it to other engineers08:10
Smitty_How would my config get from the source tree to build-dir ?08:10
ChrysDSmitty_ : By doing your own script if you want08:10
ChrysDSmitty_ : But for me it's the final step08:10
Smitty_That would require changing oe-core behavior08:11
ChrysDSmitty_ : Maybe i'm not understanding what is your need08:11
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ChrysDSmitty_ : I personnaly use yocto to do a distro for the need we want it with only the things i want and put it on my machine08:12
Smitty_Maybe I should have an idea of your background in software development - because this seems such a fundamental issue to me (as a very experienced software developer) that I can't understand how you don't see the problem08:12
ChrysDSmitty_ : There is no problem08:12
ChrysDSmitty_ : You are creating problem ahaha08:12
Smitty_If you refuse to acknowledge it, I guess08:12
ChrysDSmitty_ : Yocto it's not CMAKE08:12
jkuSmitty_: I've got a feeling you aren't giving us all of the context for your issues -- you are not the only experienced developer in this room :)08:12
ChrysDSmitty_ : But as a very experienced software developer, I expect from you, that in one day you have already an image with a recipe made by you and with your library08:14
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Smitty_Yeah, I used the term only because sometimes I feel like perhaps I'm not being taken seriously08:16
ChrysDSmitty_ : " very experienced"08:16
Smitty_OK, OK08:16
ChrysDSmitty_ : So you are telling to people that use yocto for long times and some of here have contribute a lot in that project that you understand the things more than them ? And you see lot of things that are senseless?08:17
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Smitty_No, I don't understand yocto at all, but it is not from lack of experience in development08:18
Smitty_that's the point08:18
ChrysDSmitty_ : Maybe you're true, but I expect from a "very experienced" software developer to things of his own presumptions, and be more attentive to what the "yocto developper" tells.08:18
ChrysDSmitty_ : If people that contributes in yocto project, that do the documentation, tells you what it is, trust them.08:18
Smitty_It's not a question of trust - I am trying to understand how it works - how I am supposed to use such a system08:19
Smitty_this is the issue, not trust08:19
ChrysDSmitty_ : But you have different level of understanding08:19
ChrysDSmitty_ : For example08:19
ChrysDSmitty_ : when you want to build a house08:19
ChrysDSmitty_ : are you more about using tool, and trying to understand how to build a house08:19
ChrysDSmitty_ : or are you more about knowing how a tool is made ( with all the physics fundamentals )08:20
Smitty_If you try to use a hammer to saw a piece of wood, you're not going to build a house08:20
*** majuk <majuk!> has joined #yocto08:20
ChrysDSmitty_ : Like you would like to do the calculation of forces in your screwdriver to understand how it works08:20
*** wilblake <wilblake!~wilblake@> has joined #yocto08:20
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has joined #yocto08:21
ChrysDSmitty_ : And the way you are trying to understand, it's not how to do a distro for embedded devices, but you are trying to check how yocto is made, and as yocto project is made from open embedded systems, you expect in one month to know everything of a project that makes more than 15 years to do with lot of people that contributes?08:21
ChrysDSmitty_ : So if you're taks is to build that house. Doesn't focus on anything else.08:22
Smitty_I don't need to calculate the forces, but I need to know that a screwdriver is made for a specific type and size of screw before I use it08:22
ChrysDSmitty_ : Most of people didn't need to dig into the oe-init-build-env08:22
ChrysDSmitty_ : In my point of view you are trying to check the calculation of forces =)08:22
ChrysDSmitty_ : And we are telling you that the screwdriver is made for this08:23
neverpanicSmitty_: Here's an example of how we do it: We have as conf/templates/bblayers.conf.template and tell our developers to run TEMPLATECONF=conf/templates oe-init-build-env08:23
ChrysDSmitty_ : And the only things that you tell us, is " noooo"08:23
neverpanicSmitty_: That way we can be sure our developers are getting the bblayers.conf we expect them to have08:23
ChrysDSmitty_ : 95% of the person that works in yocto doesn't know how oe-initbuild-dev works.08:23
ChrysDSmitty_ : it's a total presumption the "percentage"08:24
ChrysDSmitty_ : But they know they need a oe init build dev to do the things08:24
ChrysDSmitty_ : as you know that you need a knife to cut a beef08:24
Smitty_Well, excuse me, but I find that kind of statement quite frightening.  I don't know how this chainsaw works, but I'm just gonna start using it08:24
*** majuk <majuk!> has quit IRC08:24
ChrysDSmitty_ : As i said, there is many level of understanding08:25
ChrysDSmitty_ : trying to understand oe(-init-build-dev, is like fi you trying to understand why a chainsaw cut the wood08:25
ChrysDSmitty_ : Knowing how to configure bblayers and local conf, is knowing how to use the chainsaw08:26
ChrysDSmitty_ : Do you expect from people working in building house to be very good in fundamentals physics? It's the image you give to me by digging into things that are unnecessary for building a distro for embedded systems08:26
Smitty_So, I'm trying to build rburton's awesome example, and I run into this error: ERROR: linux-yocto-4.10.15+gitAUTOINC+4d929fac34_d2c1ed3c0c-r0 do_fetch: Fetcher failure:  (etc...)08:27
ChrysDSmitty_ : But i repeat, i'm also a newbie, it's my understanding of yocto.08:27
ChrysDSmitty_ : And I don't have your experience, I might be wrong.08:27
neverpanicSmitty_: the (etc...) part that you cut is the interesting part08:27
ChrysDSmitty_ : So it's more interesting to dig into how to use bitake -e08:27
ChrysDSmitty_ : to identify the problems08:27
*** JoiF <JoiF!~jofr@> has quit IRC08:27
Smitty_ERROR: linux-yocto-4.10.15+gitAUTOINC+4d929fac34_d2c1ed3c0c-r0 do_fetch: Fetcher failure for URL: 'git://;name=machine;branch=standard/base;'. Unable to fetch URL from any source08:28
Smitty_Maybe my problem from yesterday with pgit proxy setup ?08:28
ChrysDSmitty_ : try to do yourself directly from commandline08:28
ChrysDtry to check in internet also if that works08:28
neverpanicSmitty_: can you pastebin tmp/work/*/linux-yocto*/*/temp/log.do_fetch?08:28
Smitty_from where ?08:28
ChrysDSmitty_ : usually, when you have error, there is a log with the full path to where it is08:29
neverpanicIt should have the detailed log output; Yocto re-tries from mirrors on error, which may hide the actual problem with the first mirror08:29
ChrysDSmitty_ : pastebin it08:29
*** john3 <john3!> has joined #yocto08:29
rj_Can someone help me with this error?
*** JoiF <JoiF!~jofr@> has joined #yocto08:30
ChrysDrj_ : have you wrote that line?08:31
neverpanicrj_: the function is there in current master:
neverpanicrj_: maybe it's a mismatch of your layer version and yocto version you use?08:31
rj_neverpanic: How would i fic that? I already used git checkout morty on pretty much everything at this point08:32
neverpanicbb.utils.filter() is pretty recent:
neverpanicrj_: did you grep for bb.utils.filter in your layers iand identify the recipe that filails?08:32
rj_neverpanic: Mariadb fails08:33
rj_neverpanic: from the meta-oe layer in meta-openembedded08:33
neverpanicSmitty_:[0:]: errno=Connection refused, seems like your proxy is the problem08:33
neverpanicrj_: what branches are you on in your poky and meta-oe layers?08:34
rj_neverpanic: Should be morty if im correct08:34
Smitty_I see about 10 of these before the error:  WARNING: gnu-config-native-20150728+gitAUTOINC+b576fa87c1-r0 do_fetch: Failed to fetch URL git://, attempting MIRRORS if available08:34
Smitty_But, they apparently get resolved08:35
Smitty_and they're git08:35
*** windy_miller <windy_miller!> has joined #yocto08:35
*** JoiF <JoiF!~jofr@> has quit IRC08:36
rj_neverpanic: yea, both say: Master08:36
neverpanicrj_: morty bitbake doesn't have bb.utils.filter() yet, so I assume your meta-openembedded is newer?08:36
rj_neverpanic: and then *morty in green08:36
neverpanicSmitty_: They probably succeed because they fall back to some mirror08:37
rj_neverpanic: aha... So that means i either have to get a new version of poky, or an older version of meta-openembedded?08:37
Smitty_a non-git mirror  (using http instead ?)08:37
neverpanicFor example, or a git mirror using http08:37
*** majuk <majuk!> has joined #yocto08:38
Smitty_magically working when run bitbake <target> again.08:39
neverpanicrj_: your branches need to match08:40
neverpanicrj_: is the morty branch and doesn't contain bb.utils.filter()08:40
neverpanicrj_: is the version on master, which uses bb.utils.filter()08:40
rj_neverpanic: i found the morty branch version of the recipe, which uses bb.utils.contains(), i guess that should work right?08:40
neverpanicboth your poky and your meta-openembedded repositories need to use the same branch08:40
rj_neverpanic: i cloned the master version of meta-openembedded yeah, so that was my mistake.08:42
rj_neverpanic: Thanks!08:42
*** majuk <majuk!> has quit IRC08:43
*** JoiF <JoiF!~jofr@> has joined #yocto08:45
*** yann <yann!> has joined #yocto08:46
Smitty_OK, when I run oe-init-build-env, I don't pass my custom target as an argument, only the desired build directory, which oe-init sets up for me.  oe-init (by way of oe-setup-builddir) always looks for a file named $BUILDDIR/conf/bblayers.conf.  If it doesn't exist (like the first time someone else retrieves my project), it is created by processing $OEROOT/meta/conf/bblayers.conf.sample.  To me that says that bblayers.conf.sample, *is08:48
Smitty_yet somehow every yocto developer is not bothered by that - and is somehow ignoring that.  I don't get it08:49
*** wilblake <wilblake!~wilblake@> has quit IRC08:49
neverpanicSmitty_: your message was cut off after "To me that says that bblayers.conf.sample, *is"08:52
Smitty_To me that says that bblayers.conf.sample, *is not a sample*  It is the config08:52
neverpanicYes and no. It's the config template, but the sed command you found will be run over it to generate the actual config08:52
neverpanicAs you might have seen from my example, your bblayers.conf.sample can be as simple as OEROOT = "#OEROOT#", include "${LAYERS_DIR}/conf/my-real-config" or something08:53
neverpanicSo while bblayers.conf is being generated, it does not actually have to contain any relevant configuration; you can just put that config elsewhere (and probably should, so you can change it without requiring users to re-run oe-init-build-env or adjust their bblayers.conf)08:54
*** sameo <sameo!~samuel@> has joined #yocto08:55
neverpanicAlso, you should really instruct your users to set TEMPLATECONF to whatever templates you provide with your project08:56
Smitty_I am assuming that the use of oe-setup-builddir is not really optional, since it's part of oe-core, and called by *every* example init-build-env I have seen.  Since it's not optional, and I expect my developers to not change my code, or eo-core code, then $OEROOT/meta/conf/bblayers.conf.sample is the config08:57
neverpanic$OEROOT/meta/conf/bblayers.conf.sample is not used if TEMPLATECONF is set08:58
neverpanicAnd as I mentioned, you should really instruct your users to set that to a path under your control08:58
Smitty_OK, now we're getting somewhere08:58
neverpanicAnd again, it's not the config, because of the sed replacement you saw. It becomes the config after that replacement.08:58
*** dengke <dengke!~dengke@> has quit IRC08:59
neverpanicThe .sample extension is weird, .template would be better08:59
neverpanicBut you know, in CS there are two hard problems: cache invalidation, naming things and off-by-one errors.08:59
*** dengke <dengke!~dengke@> has joined #yocto09:00
ChrysDSmitty_ : Just a question. Why do you refuse doing what most of the people are telling to do? It's make quite one week that we tell you do work on bblayers.conf and local.conf.09:00
ChrysDSmitty_ : is it only because of curiosity?09:00
Smitty_Not at all.09:00
ChrysDSmitty_ : Or it's a kind of " i don't like to use something that i don't really understand the full process "09:01
*** arkver <arkver!~arkver@> has joined #yocto09:01
ChrysDSmitty_ : In that case, maybe in 2037 you will have your distro builded into your machine ahah09:01
Smitty_I don't really need every detail, but I need answers to things I don't understand, or find (in my mind) wrong09:02
ChrysDSmitty_ : You can know the development process, but don't need to check for things to deep inside09:02
neverpanicLet's not get into the meta discussion again, shall we? I believe that's been done to death by now.09:03
ChrysDSmitty_ : If it is for curiosity, i can  understand as a passionned person. If you do this just for salary or whatever, is a kind of waste of time. Ahah09:03
ChrysDneverpanic : sorry.09:03
Smitty_That's not how I work - really.  I'm a do it right the first time, kind of guy.  So, for example, instead of just add my library to a depends somewhere (which everyone admits is a kludge), I need to understand how to get it done right.09:03
ChrysDSmitty_ : So why don't you start trying to understand it ?09:04
Smitty_Well, that's exactly what I hope I am doing09:04
ChrysDSmitty_ : Not really09:05
ChrysDSmitty_ : Instead of knowing how to use the machine, you are trying to know how the machine works ( in deepth)09:05
ChrysDSmitty_ : If you follow the quickstart guide and the development manual ( which is big ) is enough to do much of your work i guess.09:05
ChrysDSmitty_ : The question you should have is " how to add a library to my final image "09:06
Smitty_Actually, only to the SDK, since the library is static.09:06
ChrysDSmitty_ : instead of polluting the main discussion, maybe we can continue in " private".09:07
*** zeenix <zeenix!~zeenix@> has joined #yocto09:09
rj_neverpanic: Okay, so i change to the morty branch version of open-embedded, but now the recipe only does the functions like do_populate_sysroot and do_populate_setscene, but it doesn't compile anything...09:11
*** silviof <silviof!~silviof@unaffiliated/silviof> has quit IRC09:11
*** pranay_ <pranay_!736e4506@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto09:11
*** pranay <pranay!736e4506@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto09:12
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PinkSnakeHi all, someonr here knows if it's possible to combine multiple conf-notes.txt file in order to display all images available in a project ? (i mean with several images in several meta-*)09:13
pranayHi, I am new to xen development on yocto project. Was wondering if xen-arm can be emulated using the qemux86-64 machine?09:13
*** MarcWe <MarcWe!~hmw@> has joined #yocto09:15
*** BaloneyGeek|work <BaloneyGeek|work!~bg14ina@kde/bgupta> has joined #yocto09:16
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pranayI get this error while trying to build xen-arm for qemu machine ------------ ExpansionError during parsing /home/pranay/nonqemu/build/../meta-virtualization/recipes-extended/xen/ Failure expanding variable XEN_TARGET_ARCH, expression was ${@map_xen_arch(d.getVar('TARGET_ARCH', True), d)} which triggered exception TypeError: getVar() takes at least 3 arguments (2 given)09:19
*** wilblake <wilblake!~wilblake@> has joined #yocto09:21
*** msvb-lab <msvb-lab!> has joined #yocto09:21
*** boucman_work <boucman_work!~jrosen@wesnoth/developer/boucman> has joined #yocto09:23
RPpranay: I'm guessing the layers you've combined aren't compatible with each other and that one of them might be on the wrong branch09:25
*** MarcW <MarcW!> has joined #yocto09:26
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*** sameo <sameo!~samuel@> has joined #yocto09:39
pranayRP, will look into it. thanks09:40
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arkverHi. Just switched to pyro branches and I'm getting a sanity checker error looking for sdl-config. I have ASSUME_PROVIDED="libsdl-native" and sdl added to qemu's PACKAGECONFIG. sdl-config is definitely installed and on my path.10:01
*** majuk <majuk!> has quit IRC10:02
*** BaloneyGeek|work <BaloneyGeek|work!~bg14ina@kde/bgupta> has quit IRC10:02
arkverIs PATH pruned somehow, or do I need to add it to a list of host apps or something?10:02
*** JordonWu <JordonWu!~quassel@> has quit IRC10:03
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*** stavros <stavros!4d6bdaaa@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto10:07
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*** blitz00 <blitz00!~stefan@unaffiliated/blitz00> has joined #yocto10:17
rj_Is there an easy way to upgrade to the pyro branch from the morty branch without losing files i modified?10:18
arkverrj_: If you've committed your changes you could try to rebase them onto pyro.10:19
*** fkb <fkb!~fkb@> has joined #yocto10:21
*** rburton <rburton!> has joined #yocto10:22
*** MarcW <MarcW!> has joined #yocto10:25
stavrosHello everyone, I have the following issue, I am getting this error `Layer 'my-layer' depends on layer 'meta-security', but this layer is not enabled in your configuration`. I have added in the `meta-my-layer/conf/layer.conf` the line `LAYERDEPENDS_my-layer += "meta-security"` and in the `conf/bblayers.conf` I have added the meta-security layer. Is there somewhere else that I need to add the meta-security? I am using Ubuntu 16.04.  T10:28
*** robert_yang <robert_yang!~lyang1@> has quit IRC10:29
arkverbtw, my gemu/sdl sanity failure seems to have been some transient glitch. I removed sdl from the qemu-native build - all OK. Then I added it back in - still all OK. Puzzled, but meh.10:30
*** wto_ is now known as wto10:38
christianbillpDoes anyone know where I can find a guide on how to set up custom recipes for installing a python package?10:47
christianbillpWhich is on PyPi10:47
arkvermaybe this will help?
christianbillparkver: I looked into this, but bitbake cannot find the right source for the package, and I cant figure out how to point it in the right direction.10:50
arkverchristianbillp: ok. I haven't tried it myself so can't be of more help.10:51
*** rovanceo <rovanceo!~rovanceo@> has joined #yocto10:51
rburtonchristianbillp: have a look at meta-python, which has hundreds of recipes for packages for pypi (and maybe the one you want)10:54
christianbillprburton: I think I might just be a little lost in there.10:55
christianbillpAs I understand it, the .bb file has to be named according to (pypiname)_(version).bb?10:56
rburtonchristianbillp: actually you can probably just use recipetool to make the start of a recipe, assuming that you've checked the layer index to verify nobody else has built the recipe already10:58
rburtonrecipetool create <url>10:58
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has quit IRC10:59
stavrosstavros: I am just answering my onw question, so I tried some other combinations for the `LAYERDEPENDS_my-layer`, like `security-layer` and `security`. With the first one I had the same issue, but the second one seems to be working ok.10:59
christianbillprburton: Excellent tip11:00
*** BaloneyGeek|work <BaloneyGeek|work!~bg14ina@kde/bgupta> has joined #yocto11:01
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christianbillprburton: I set up the recipe with the tool and added setuptools3 and package_name, but in the end I still get this error: python3-pylyrics-1.1.0-r0 do_fetch: Fetcher failure for URL: ''. Unable to fetch URL from any source.11:07
rburton2017-05-19 12:08:53 ERROR 404: Not Found.11:08
rburtonthe URL is wrong11:09
rburtonfind out what the right url is and fix the recipe11:09
christianbillpI agree, the URL seems to be incorrect. The package only has one file on and I tried point to that file with SRC_URI, but it didn't make any difference11:12
*** rj__ <rj__!58d39085@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto11:13
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ChrysDchristianbillp : what was the error message?11:15
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has joined #yocto11:15
ChrysDchristianbillp : I mean, when you did point to file with SRC_URI i mean.11:15
christianbillpWhen I point directly to the file, I just get a 404 as well11:21
christianbillpActually changin the SRC_URI doesnt change where it looks for the file11:22
rburtonthen it must be looking at a different recipe11:23
rburton$ wget works11:23
christianbillpThere is only one recipe with this name, I think. I just created it an hour ago. But is the a way I can point bitbake to a specific recipe11:24
rburtonshare your recipe?11:25
rburtonah, inherit pypi overrides SRC_URI for you11:27
rburtonif you use that you need to set PYPI_PACKAGE11:27
rburtonor, don't inherit pypi11:27
rburtonif you use pypi then you don't need to set SRC_URI at all, assuming its magic to work out the right URL works11:28
christianbillp404 with inherit pypi and package11:29
christianbillpSo perhaps it can't find the right URL11:29
rburtonyeah just remove pypi from inherit and use the src_url you put11:29
christianbillprburton: Seems like it worked, just need to test it. How does it know if its python3 or 2?11:32
*** beneth` is now known as beneth11:32
rburtonpylyrics is py211:33
rburtonoh no it actualyl works on both (shocked face)11:33
rburtoninherit setuptools311:34
rburtonand it does the right thing11:34
rburton(or if you want py2, then just inherit setuptools)11:34
christianbillprburton: Ah ok, just need to skip inheriting pypi and use files directly if possible11:35
rburtonwell we should fix the pypi thing11:35
christianbillpThanks for all the help. Should be possible for me to build python recipes11:36
*** fkb <fkb!~fkb@> has quit IRC11:40
rburtonfixed it11:40
rburtonthe author only submitted a .zip to pypi but we default to tar.gz11:40
christianbillpDo you want me to try with package and pypi?11:41
rburtoni can pastebin the recipe11:41
christianbillpOk, Ill take a look11:41
*** AndersD <AndersD!> has quit IRC11:42
*** AndersD <AndersD!> has joined #yocto11:44
rburtonfeel free to ask why a line is how it is if you don't understand11:45
rburton(its only 7 lines after all)11:45
*** mihai <mihai!~mihai@unaffiliated/mihai> has joined #yocto11:47
christianbillprburton: The second line LIC_FILES_CHKSUM.11:47
christianbillpIm not really sure how this works11:48
christianbillpAnd also, is it correctly understood that the version information is in the .bb file name?11:49
rburtonwe demand that every recipe checksums a license statement in the source so we can tell if the license may change over time, like if one day they relicensed to GPL311:49
rburtonthis package annoyingly (badly) just puts license=MIT in the and nowhere else, so that's the one line in that is checksummed11:50
rburtonmost packages will have a file called LICENSE or something with the actual terms in11:50
rburtonand yes if there is a version in the filename then that is the version in the recipe unless you override it with a PV assignment inside the recipe11:51
christianbillprburton: Ok so for this package ( the should the filename be or
rburtonand hope that they can count and the next release is 1.2.111:53
arkverAre there any tools to manage an sstate cache (eg. merge stuff into one SSTATE_MIRRORS dir, clean out old stuff etc)?11:56
christianbillprburton: Hopefully. Thanks for the help11:57
rburtonarkver: sstate-cache-management has powerful logic, or just use find to remove old stuff. you can merge by just copying files.11:57
rburtonarkver: i just use find $SSTATE -type f -atime +60 -delete to prune my sstate now and again11:58
arkverrbuton: thanks!11:58
arkverrburton: thanks, with extra spelling fix.11:59
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christianbillprburton: Do you know anything about developing Yocto on the Xilinx Zynq?12:02
christianbillpAh well, worth a shot :)12:03
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christianbillprburton: Can I use a .whl file directly in a recipe?12:28
*** luneff <luneff!~yury@> has joined #yocto12:31
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rburtonchristianbillp: no idea what a .whl file is12:35
rj__christianbillp: Maybe you can install it with pip?12:36
*** pranay <pranay!736e4506@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC12:39
christianbillprburton: Sorry, it's a python related file. I am just trying to work out how to install python packages with recipes12:40
christianbillprj__: I am using setuptools in my recipe, I think it uses pip?12:40
rj__christianbillp: setuptools uses "python install" as far as i know12:42
rj__christianbillp: To use pip: inherit pypi12:42
christianbillprj__: Ah right, it just seems that it doesn't work for tensorflow12:45
christianbillpOr rather. I am doing something wrong12:45
christianbillpDo I need to use pypi3 for python3?12:46
rj__christianbillp: i'm not sure, but i guess so, since it's the same for setuptools/setuptools312:47
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christianbillprj__: It doesn't seem there is a .bbclass file for it, so perhaps pypi depends on setuptools to specify its version?12:49
*** majuk <majuk!> has quit IRC12:51
*** fl0v0 <fl0v0!> has joined #yocto12:53
rj__christianbillp: hmm, do you have python-pip added to your image? i think that was needed aswell12:55
christianbillprj__: I got some help from rburton setting up simple recipes which use PyPi, and it works pretty much like "pip install"12:56
rj__christianbillp: ah alright ^^12:57
christianbillprj__: However, for tensorflow it doesn't seem to work, as it looks for a tar-gz file, which isn't available. It just has .whl files12:57
*** marka <marka!> has joined #yocto12:57
rj__christianbillp: hmm, you can also unpack the .whl file and install the files on the correct place yourself right?12:59
rj__christianbillp: if i remember correctly i did the same with a custom .whl file12:59
*** rj_ <rj_!58d39085@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto13:00
*** eduardas_m <eduardas_m!~eduardas@> has joined #yocto13:01
christianbillprj__: Ill try to look into that.13:02
*** JPEWhacker <JPEWhacker!cc4da374@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto13:02
*** test <test!58d39085@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto13:04
Smitty_rburton:  please have a look at this:
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Smitty_It seems I'm still experiencing a problem with git and my proxy.  I am still getting this:
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has quit IRC13:10
Smitty_Yesterday somebody was about to explain that I needed to change my git proxy config, which apparently is currently inadequate13:11
Smitty_I already have this (and only this) in .gitconfig
Smitty_So, do I need some entry for the "git" protocol ?  as in [git] proxy = http://blah.blah:999913:14
Smitty_because as far as I know, I only have http, https and socks13:15
Smitty_as possible protocols13:15
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zeenixanyone here has experience building flatpak with yocto?13:46
*** Cwiiis_ is now known as Cwiiis13:46
zeenixi'm trying out this repo:
*** majuk <majuk!> has joined #yocto13:51
zeenixbut yocto fails to handle this line:
*** ant_work <ant_work!> has quit IRC13:52
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zeenixand of course now that i asked, i see that error is very specific and helpful:
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jkuzeenix: sounds like mismatching branches maybe?14:22
zeenixjku: i guess it's just that it's not been ported to latest yocto14:22
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zeenixholly cow14:24
zeenixmaintainer is my good friend Krisztian14:24
jku:) I thought you might know him14:24
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zeenixjku: isn't he your colleague?14:37
zeenixjku: i mean working at the same office?14:37
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jkuzeenix: yes15:03
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diego_rYocto only in 4th place? c'mon! :-)
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pohlysgw_: what is needed to get a bootable image with meta-intel's default WKS_FILE=meta-intel/scripts/lib/wic/canned-wks/systemd-bootdisk-uuid.wks ?15:26
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*** rschaefe <rschaefe!81c4e24e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto15:27
pohlyCould it be that it assumes that the image recipe inherits certain classes?15:27
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pohlymeta-intel sets EFI_PROVIDER, and only live-vm-common.bbclass seems to check that.15:28
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehernan@> has joined #yocto15:29
pohlyAnd if I understand that class correctly, it's only getting inherited by default if IMAGE_FSTYPES contains "live".15:30
pohlyWhen I just use IMAGE_FSTYPES="wic", the resulting wic file is unusable due to missing EFI bootx64.efi - but I could be wrong.15:30
rschaefeI'm seeing a chrpath error "new rpath too larg; maximum length 275" when building from the pyro branch. The error seems to have been addressed I'm not working out of /tmp, my project work dir is /home/rschaefe/workspace/yo15:31
rschaefeIs there a known workaround?15:32
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ketemphorI'm trying to get TCF to work with remote debug.  It's already installed in the base image I got from device vendor, but according to it looks like debug support is turned off by default in the standad recipe.15:55
yoctiBug 5069: enhancement, Medium, Future, david.reyna, NEW , Eclipse TCF can support arm cpu debug now,but can't do it this time.15:55
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ketemphorThe indicated changes seem to be to the recipe file?  Is there a way to change the installation in place through opkg or do I remake from source?15:56
ketemphorno git in this image either and none in opkg servers for this device ( as far as I can tell, is that normal?15:57
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Croftonany qt5 experts? Can't get it to see fonts16:14
Croftonso angry16:14
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black_13how is there a guide how to build an iso image/usb image on the yocto site ...16:42
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pohlysgw_, mythi: core-image-minimal for MACHINE=intel-corei7-64 does not boot automatically under qemu with ovmf (enters shell, then one has to invoke bootx64.efi explicitly) while it works for refkit images - any idea what the relevant difference might be?17:11
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sgw_pohly: hi, looking17:18
pohlysgw_: note that I am working with a bastardized config (basically Poky + meta-intel + refkit PR #147). A first step would be to verify whether you can reproduce that.17:19
JPEWhackerCrofton: What version of QT?17:20
sgw_pohly: ok, a build I just did with meta-intel did boot directly17:21
pohlysgw_: the partition type of the core-image-minimal seems wrong: /dev/loop0p1   2048  49167   47120   23M Microsoft basic data17:21
pohlyFor refkit it is "EFI System".17:21
JPEWhackerCrofton: Try adding PACKAGECONFIG_FONTS_pn-qtbase = "fontconfig" to your distro and liberation-fonts to IMAGE_INSTALL. That fixed it when I was having problems17:22
pohlysgw_: I'm still using canned-wks/systemd-bootdisk-uuid.wks, which was removed in meta-intel master.17:24
pohlyLooks like a bug in the meta-intel that refkit is currently using... let me check that.17:24
sgw_pohly: I am using pryo with the patches that clsulliv sent and the sda is EFI GPT17:26
pohlysgw_: what is the partition type of  sda1?17:26
sgw_/dev/sda1               1          13       97088+ ee EFI GPT17:27
pohlyHmm, why does it have that? OE's systemd-bootdisk.wks doesn't seem that different from what I was using from  meta-intel.17:27
clsullivI believe the only difference is that the one we're using now has ttyS0 as well17:28
rschaefe"bitbake core-image-minimal -c populate_sdk" on pyro branch fails for u-boot-mkimage recipe with "chrpath command failed with exit code 7". Log Exerpt: "new rpath '$ORIGIN/ (...) too large; maximum length 275" Logfile:
rschaefeI've seen this error on the mailing list. Is there a known way to get around this? The cause in the other mailing list was unintuitively a too short of path (like buidling in tmp). My path is /home/rschaefe/workspace/yo17:30
pohlyclsulliv, sgw_: can you double-check which WKS file you are using and what's in it for the system partition?17:30
pohlyIn refkit, we have --part-type C12A7328-F81F-11D2-BA4B-00A0C93EC93B.17:31
pohlysgw_: which additional patches from clsulliv are you using?17:33
sgw_on pyro branch17:34
clsullivpohly: I don't think there are any additional patches, just head of pyro17:34
pohlyUpdating meta-intel hasn't helped. Time to check out Poky...17:35
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khemfor life of me, I am not able to get ptests into my image for non-qemu h/w17:51
black_13how is there a guide how to build an iso image/usb image on the yocto site ...17:52
*** tavish <tavish!~tavish@unaffiliated/tavish> has joined #yocto17:53
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khemblack_13: it depends on which h/w you are building for18:05
khembut yes you can generate iso types images18:06
black_13x86 for now18:06
khemwith yocto look at IMAGE_FSTYPES18:06
black_13yeah i saw that is the type "iso"18:06
black_13or "live image"18:06
khemyeah live is probably what you want if you want live usb boot media18:06
black_13do you set the meta var in local.conf18:07
khemyou will get a hdd image which you can dd into a usb18:07
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has joined #yocto18:07
khemyes you can18:07
black_13but there is more than one place?18:07
khemgenerally machines themselves suggest image types and some append them too18:09
black_13i have the yocto book.18:10
black_13"Embedded Linux Systems with the Yocto Project"18:11
black_13is it discussed in the book?18:12
khemit might have changed a bit but primarily it should be18:12
black_13i have gotten to chapter7 and the books pretty much up do date18:12
black_13to date i mean18:12
black_13khem: thanks for the help18:13
black_13core-image-minimal is not really just the image is all the things that it will take to make the image18:16
black_13that is all the cross toolchain and that will compile the kernel and affiliated parts like the clib busybox18:17
black_13a long long time ago i did about 2 years work in embedded linux (2.4 kernel)18:18
black_13i want to make a very small linux for investigatory purposes18:18
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Croftonany experts (or not) on qt5 and fonts19:07
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JPEWhackerCrofton: did you see my previous comments?19:10
*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!~Aethenell@> has joined #yocto19:10
CroftonJPEWhacker, no, ben in and out of room and had to take laptop with me :(19:11
JPEWhackerCrofton: Try adding PACKAGECONFIG_FONTS_pn-qtbase = "fontconfig" to your local.conf and liberation-fonts to IMAGE_INSTALL. That fixed it when I was having problems19:11
*** psadro <psadro!~Thunderbi@2620:0:ed0:800a:72f3:95ff:fe1d:9866> has quit IRC19:12
JPEWhackerYou can put the PACKAGECONFIG in your distro.conf long term, but for testing local.conf is fine19:13
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pohlyclsulliv: is ${@bb.utils.contains("EFI_PROVIDER", "systemd-boot rmc-boot", "systemd-bootdisk.wks", "mkefidisk.wks", d)}" supposed to use systemd-bootdisk.wks when a) systemd-boot or rmc-boot are the EFI_PROVIDER, or b) when both are selected?19:17
pohlyI suspect you meant a) but bb.utils.contains implements b).19:18
Croftoninteresting, I'll give it a shoit19:18
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Croftonalso, anyone want a cat:
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black_13Crofton: i know a bit about QT5 (a bit)19:23
Croftontrying JPEWhacker fixes19:25
Croftonhave to save my config.tx ...19:25
black_13Crofton what are you using qt5 for?19:28
black_13Crofton: sir19:29
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Croftonused by gqrx19:42
Croftonneed working fonts config19:42
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black_13are you using qt5 for embedded?19:45
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clsullivpohly: correct, I noticed and sent a patch for that a couple hours ago20:13
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black_13how do cause a particular bbclass recipe to run?20:48
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rburtonblack_13: a bbclass != recipe20:55
rburtonso what are you trying to say20:55
black_13it is20:55
black_13i am still hung up on making and iso of core-image-minimal20:56
rburtonIMAGE_FSTYPES=iso, bitbake core-image-minimal, remember to have a MACHINE which supports ISOs20:56
kergothIMAGE_FSTYPES, as you were directed to yesterday20:56
black_13an iso rather20:56
black_13yes i was told that yesterday20:57
rburtonso what doesn't work?20:57
black_13it would have to be something like virtualbox or an actual machine20:57
rburtonMACHINE=genericx86 works if you have poky, or a meta-intel BSP20:58
black_13modified the local.conf to have have IMAGE_FSTHYPES="iso"20:58
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black_13and bitbake core-image-minimal and walked a way for a few hours20:59
*** MarcW <MarcW!> has quit IRC20:59
black_13the tmp/deploy did contain several built files but no iso20:59
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has joined #yocto20:59
rburtonpastebin the contents of tmp/deploy/images/[machine]/21:00
* rburton hands over to kergoth as its 10pm and i need to pack for a trip tomorrow21:01
black_13unfortunately generic x86 is still running21:03
black_13what should I see21:05
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kergothrun bitbake -e core-image-minimal|grep IMAGE_FSTYPES=21:09
kergothand see if it's set to iso in that context, or if something else overrode your setting (distro and machine configs are loaded after local.conf, so if a machine does IMAGE_FSTYPES= rather than IMAGE_FSTYPES +=, you'd lose your setting)21:09
kergothdoing IMAGE_FSTYPES_append = " iso" rather than just setting it directly would sidestep that possible issue, but you should use bitbake -e to see if that's actually the case here21:10
black_13once "core-image-minimal" some parts will not be rebuilt? that is if i dont change the architecture or host machine will previous items like the toolchain be untouched21:13
clsullivis "iso" actually a valid IMAGE_FSTYPE? I think you're actually looking for IMAGE_FSTYPE = "live"21:14
*** berton <berton!~berton@> has quit IRC21:17
kergothgood point21:17
black_13but as rburton said IMAGE_FSTYPES=" live" or IMAGE_FSTYPES="live"21:18
black_13IMAGE_FSTYPES=live, bitbake core-image-minimal on the command line?21:19
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black_13the results in the ~/poky/build/tmp/deploy/images/genericx86$ are at
black_13hey there is an iso21:25
black_13doo dah!21:25
black_13now lets see if it actually works21:27
rburtonclsulliv: i think iso and live are subtly different21:27
*** baldgeek <baldgeek!> has quit IRC21:28
clsullivrburton: iso images are built by image-live.bbclass, but iso is apparently a valid IMAGE_FSTYPE by itself21:29
black_13so mister parkranger sir which is ... baseball season or wabbit season21:30
clsullivThere's this mysterious variable in image-live.bbclass without a manual page: IMAGE_TYPES_MASKED += "live hddimg iso"21:32
clsullivI suspect this is what lets you do IMAGE_FSTYPES="iso"21:32
black_13I went snooping through the builds looking for keywords iso21:34
black_13but i have to get my Mom from the airport and i do not pick her up in a timely fashion she will kill me21:35
lsandovhalstead: seems that patchtest is now working as expected but I forgot to save the timestamp before the system start failing21:35
lsandovhalstead: so it will start doing its job on new patches21:36
lsandovhalstead: I will check next Monday and let you know the results21:36
halsteadlsandov, Should I try to guess a timestamp based on the logs?21:37
black_13hey it boots!21:38
black_13but i dont know what the root password is21:38
lsandovlsandov: the problem is that moving time to the past may result in some false positives21:38
lsandovhalstead: ^21:38
lsandovhalstead: let me check21:39
*** pohly <pohly!> has quit IRC21:39
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lsandovhalstead: lets leave like this. I need to figure out a way to week run a cron that test untested patches without running the can-be-merge-on-master check21:46
halsteadlsandov, The last successful POST to patchwork from patchtest was at 15/May/2017:09:01:41 +000021:46
lsandovhalstead: I see21:46
halsteadlsandov, If that's helpful.21:46
*** sjolley <sjolley!sjolley@nat/intel/x-auqxhzoihksnzngo> has joined #yocto21:47
lsandovhalstead: it is21:47
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rburtonblack_13: if you didn't set debug-tweaks IMAGE_FEATURE then root has no password set (so you can't login!), if you did then it has the empty password.22:29
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