Monday, 2017-07-10

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mcfriskhi, I'm adding license details from recipes to buildhistory so that I can do some checks after build to recipe which we use, but changes to buildhistory are not used until recipes are compiled from sources, and we happen to use sstate heavily. Is there a way to force rebuilds of everything, or better yet force checking buildhistory recipe data from sources?07:37
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bluelightningmcfrisk: where did you make your changes?07:51
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mcfriskbluelightning: in buildhistory.bbclass07:59
bluelightningmcfrisk: sorry I meant in which function in there08:00
mcfriskI thought I catched all cases by editing: buildhistory_emit_pkghistory, write_recipehistory, write_pkghistory08:01
mcfriskand when recipe is recompiled, the data is filled for recipes and binary packages08:02
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mcfriskhmm: sstate_install[vardepsexclude] += "buildhistory_emit_pkghistory"08:04
mcfriskthat explains it08:04
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mcfriskif got it right, buildhistory_emit_pkghistory is ignored in by sstate cache signature checks and changes to it don't retrigger any rebuilds. But why? Because enabling/disabling builhistory shouldn't trigger rebuild of everything? For image and sdk's the buildhistory data is always written out, and for SRCREV in..08:14
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bluelightningmcfrisk: that's correct, we don't want enabling buildhistory to cause a whole bunch of tasks to re-execute08:36
bluelightningif you want the data repopulated though you can just delete your TMPDIR and it'll get repopulated as it's restored from sstate08:37
mcfriskbluelightning: in jethro at least, deleting tmp doesn't help, to add new data to buildhistory, like LICENSE, I need to rebuild all recipes.08:38
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mcfriskI think I will take that sstate cache signature check out from our tree. we want buildhistory always and we want it to be uptodate.08:39
bluelightningmcfrisk: hmm, I can't immediately explain that... the code should be executed regardless of whether it's restoring from sstate or not08:40
mcfriskbluelightning: problem is data in sstate is not uptodate with changes to buildhistory.bbclass. E.g. the added LICENSE field is not in ssate cache. Only way to regenerate the recipe data is to force a rebuild.08:41
bluelightningmcfrisk: yes but the buildhistory data does not go into sstate, that's the thing08:41
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mcfriskbluelightning: hmm, then I can't explain from where buildhistory is pulling old data. Maybe from git history? Not from files in buildhistory since we wipe it clean before building everything to make sure old packages and images are removed from there.08:42
bluelightningmcfrisk: don't know, unfortunately I'm a bit short of time to debug it at the moment08:43
bluelightningwe really should have a test for this sort of thing but at the moment we don't08:43
mcfriskbluelightning: ok, thanks anyway. I can hopefully work around this. And I should send patches upstream.. sadly our jethro is, well getting funky..08:44
mcfriskgah, wiping buildhistory and building busybox with 100% sstate hits results in no data about busybox in buildhistory directory :(08:47
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alkinohi o/09:06
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alkinoIn a .bbclass I have overloaded do_fetch but it is never call even if I do "EXPORT_FUNCTIONS"09:07
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rburtondon't set EXPORT_FUNCTIONS as thats probably why its not working :)09:09
rburtonjust do_fetch() in your class, and inherit it in the recipe09:09
alkinohum I though it was necessary to tell yocto that we are overloading "base tasks"09:11
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rburtonjust like if you want to override do_compile you just write do_compile()09:12
rburtonEXPORT_FUNCTIONS is for more complicated uses09:12
alkinolol it works xD09:14
alkino"do_compile" and not "classname_do_compile"?09:14
rburtonusing export functions and the classname prefix just complicates things09:16
alkinodoc is not really clear on that.09:16
alkinobut ok09:16
rburtondocs shoud just say if you want to replace a task, just write do_whatever()09:17
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s_jankowitschHi all, I'm new here so please excuse me if my question is strange :) I have an issue after upgrading to Krogoth due to the following commit: d3ee5489c911:14
alkinowhich issue s_jankowitsch ?11:15
s_jankowitschIt causes my source directory to be deleted. The thing is, the source is not fetched from anywhere else but is part of my git repo.11:15
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s_jankowitschI was expecting this only to clean the source dir if SRC_URI is not empty, but this is not the case.11:16
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s_jankowitschIs my config uncommon or is that a bug?11:16
s_jankowitschIs my config uncommon or is that a bug in OE?11:17
s_jankowitschJethro had a comment: TODO: Investigate if we can remove -> the question is, was this use case maybe not considered? Or is it just invalid? :)11:18
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ernstphi, I'm sorry if this has been asked a thousand times but I having trouble googling a good solution...11:34
ernstpI want to in  a generic way, build image a, archive everything in deploy, then do _something_ (clean etc), build image a-dev, and archive everything in deploy just like if this was a clean build11:36
ernstpbut I want to do it as fast as possible, these images are very similar variants11:36
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ernstpsstate cache is pretty fast but it would be nice to avoid setting up all the sysroot and x86_64-linux/ stuff again11:48
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eduardas_m hello, is anyone using weston on i.MX 6 here?12:14
eduardas_m I am doing Yocto builds with Variscite BSP based on Yocto Morty ... to remove screen tearing I followed the advice described here:
eduardas_mI removed screen tearing, but it reappears after wakeup from suspend to RAM12:15
eduardas_mthe meta-freescale layer in Yocto uses a patch for weston to enable the g2d-renderer for it:
eduardas_mthat is why weston on my platform uses the FB_MULTI_BUFFER environment variable12:15
eduardas_mI added  export FB_MULTI_BUFFER=4 to the beginning of the script /usr/bin/weston-start12:15
eduardas_m It removed screen tearing, but it reappears after wakeup from suspend to RAM12:16
eduardas_mstill, I am very unsure where is the proper place to source the environment variable or what fixes I should do to avoid screen tearing after waking up after suspend to RAM12:17
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ernstpeduardas_m: my impression is that wayland on iMX is a quite immature implementation still...12:32
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ernstpwith the binary blob driver12:33
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eduardas_mernstp: so what would be your recommended backend usable with Qt Quick 2 on this platform?12:36
ernstpdoesn't X11/egl work?12:36
ernstphaven't tried it myself12:37
eduardas_mernstp: they do... haven't really checked for screen tearing and suspend issues yet though12:38
ChrysDHi all =)12:38
ChrysDHow do you SRC_URI from a Private repo in gitlab?12:38
ChrysDI have generate SSH Keys12:38
ChrysDI have already put the public key to the gitlab part12:39
eduardas_mernstp: the thing is that it would be kind of disappointing to use x11 when everything in the Linux space seems to be moving to wayland12:40
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ernstpeduardas_m: though I guess the support is pretty widespread...
eduardas_mernstp: AFAIK Wayland is already used by AGL (Automotive Grade Linux)12:41
ernstpeduardas_m: sure, but proprietary+embedded and you're 10 years back :-)12:41
ernstpeduardas_m: yeah I'm not saying that Wayland in itself is immature, I think it's quite nice these days12:41
ernstpbut specifically the iMX support seems a bit sketchy imho12:42
ChrysDernstp : Any problem with I.MX6? ahah12:42
ernstpChrysD: eduardas_m's problem :-)12:42
ChrysDernstp : I'm new in embedded world and I faced with lot of problems with I.MX6 and I see that working with that stuff is more like a nightmare then a heaven... So much problem with that.12:43
ernstpChrysD: your SRC_URI stuff should work fine, what did you try... ?12:43
ChrysDernstp : Nothing for now. I try to get a file from a private repo in gitlab.12:44
eduardas_mChrysD: if you have experience with wayland on imx6, I would be glad to hear it12:44
ernstpI worked a bit with iMX6+yocto, I thought meta-freescale was nice and well maintained, and the X11 environment was quite stable12:45
ChrysDyeah meta-freescale seems very good12:45
ernstpvideo decode acceleration and graphics acceleration worked fine12:45
ChrysDbut i didn't worked with a board that support meta-freescale :s12:45
ernstpdid some multimedia/html5 stuff...12:45
eduardas_mernstp: so no screen tearing?12:46
ChrysDeduardas_m : not really12:46
ChrysDeduardas_m : i don't have screen tearing to12:46
eduardas_mChrysD: on x11?12:46
ernstpeduardas_m: didn't do suspend/resume...12:47
rburtonkhem: i think you need to push your localedef repo12:47
eduardas_mernstp: you were doing a fullscreen app on x11? what compositor were you using?12:48
ernstpeduardas_m: yes. no compositor.12:49
ernstpno need to use a compositor if you have a fullscreen app?12:50
eduardas_mernstp: I only worked with sato images that include matchbox when using x1112:50
eduardas_mso I am not sure how to configure x11 for a fullscreen app12:50
eduardas_mI am still very new to embedded linux12:51
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ChrysDeduardas_m : DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = "argp irda pcmcia zeroconf x11 ptest multiarch wayland" Does it means that i don't use wayland and x11?12:53
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ChrysDeduardas_m : i think I don't need one. I use Eglfs from Qt + KMS as output. SO I don't have window manager. ( But as I don't really understand the graphics management in Linux, I can't really help you ).12:56
ernstpeglfs seems interesting, never tried it12:57
ChrysDFrom Qt website : EGLFS is a platform plugin for running Qt5 applications on top of EGL and OpenGL ES 2.0 without an actual windowing system (like X11 or Wayland).12:57
ChrysDSo yeah I think i'm not using X11 and wayland.12:57
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ernstpif you want to try X11 start with modifying matchbox-session:
eduardas_mChrysD, ernstp ok thank you both for the information, will try to dig deeper myself13:08
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* zeddii pops up from vacation13:23
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otaviorburton: I acked the mesa patch; it works just fine here13:37
rburtonjust saw, already in mut13:37
otaviorburton: great. It does seem to be the best approuch13:38
otaviorburton: I will fix meta-freescale to stop referring to egl for platform setting13:38
otaviorburton: I also noticed that the etnaviv fix was merged on master. Thanks!13:39
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robstahello rburton13:41
rburtonhi robsta!13:41
robstawe talked about packaging an rpm using bin_package13:41
robstaseems to work as expected but 2 questions:13:42
robstawhat does this mean
robstai don't understand the "note"13:42
rburtonso, bin_package assumes that you've unpacked stuff into ${S}13:42
rburtonbut the default value of S is PN-PV, ie libfoo-1.213:43
rburtonwhich RPMs don't have as they contain a file system structure, so they unpack ./usr/bin/foobar13:43
robsta(google came back with that link)13:43
robstait still seems to work13:43
rburtonso, tell the unpack code to create a directory PN-PV to put the archive into13:44
rburtonBP is shorthand for BPN-PV13:44
robstarelated question, what's the easiest way to put the rpm content only into the SDK, not target image?13:44
rburtonput it in TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK in the image recipe13:44
rburtoneg TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_append = " libfoo"13:44
robstacool, thanks rburton13:45
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I_need_colourHi, I'm currently trying to activate coloured output on my yocto image with the use of nano. I'm connected via ssh/putty. Putty has the standard options but it shows no colour. If I type in ls --color=auto I get a coloured output so I know that it has to be possible somehow. But the nanorc file is missing so I don't know where this is hidden now. Anybody who already activated coloured output on his image?14:11
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jpewMaybe your TERM is set wrong?14:26
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neverpanicI_need_colour: try 'tput colors'14:30
neverpanicAlso make sure you have ncurses-terminfo-base and ncurses-terminfo installed14:31
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ernstpfor cleaning tmp/deploy/images/, what do you think about bitbake-layers show-recipes -i deploy | sed ... | xargs bitbake -c clean ?14:37
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I_need_colourtput colors returns 8 - I have no clue what this means for me :) I added include "/usr/share/nano/c.nanorc" to the ~./nanorc file and it puts out some colors but at the same time everytime that I start nano it always puts out a lot of error e.g. Error on line 8 : Bad regex "[[:<:]] (for|if|while|do|else and about 10 more errors14:41
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I_need_colourAh I found a way a bit tricky but now it works. The error are coming from \< and \> in the c.nanorc files that have to be replaced with \b. If this is changed no more errors and one can manually add them to ~/.nanorc14:59
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I_need_colourNow only one more step until I will find out how I can make ls --color=auto a continous state15:01
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neverpanicI_need_colour: The output of `tput colors` is the number of colors ncurses tells applications are supported by your terminal when the applications ask for that15:18
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neverpanicYou should make that print 256 if you want good color support (ls will still no auto-enable color support, but other applications will)15:19
*** gtristan <gtristan!~tristanva@> has joined #yocto15:19
neverpanicncurses looks at the $TERM environment variable to determine whether your terminal supports colors. In most cases, $TERM is forwarded over SSH (for putty, you can configure the value in the settings, make sure it's xterm-256color for example)15:20
neverpanicIn addition, ncurses needs certain database files matching the value of the $TERM environment variable, e.g. one for xterm-256color. Those are in /usr/share/terminfo ad shipped by the ncurses-terminfo-base and ncurses-terminfo packages, so you should have those installed.15:21
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jstashlukI am trying to build a binary for the Beaglebone PRU. I need to first compile the pasm assembler on the host. Is there a good example recipe on how to do something like this?18:30
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otaviorburton: u-boot is released18:42
otaviorburton: i sent the final patch18:42
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pohlyrburton: are there tests with read-only rootfs and systemd as init system? systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service and ldconfig.service are unhappy because they can't write.19:02
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pohlyThere are indeed several tmpfiles.d entries which do not exit in the read-only rootfs. We probably need some mechanism similar to sysusers.d, where these settings are applied to the rootfs during image creation.19:03
pohlyAnd ldconfig.service needs to be checked why it isn't happy with the existing, pre-generated ldconfig. I think it also (unnecessarily) re-generates that during each first-boot.19:04
pohlyAre these known problems or should I file bugs?19:05
fraywhy should tmpfiles be created at rootfs time?  they're temporary and should only exist in the running system image and then be discarded on power-off19:05
rburtonpohly: maybe that cobination is missing, please file bugs19:13
fray(FYI, in my own builds -- I typically disable the ldconfig processing.  It's unnecessary and causes problems with these types of systems.. however if it IS enabled, it should work properly -- I'll let others define what 'properly' is.  I wouldn't be surprised if the ldconfig.service was to run ldconfig on every boot)19:15
jpewpohly: I suspect it is missing. I've encounter a few bugs WRT to that combination as well19:16
neverpanicHm, I recall some funny business with ldconfig back then… let me check my logs.19:17
pohlyfray: tmpfiles.d is used for all kinds of things, including the creation of config files or directories in /etc.19:17
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has joined #yocto19:17
fraythat doesn't sound like it's being used properly then19:17
pohlyIt's part of systemd's "restore factory settings" mechanism. We either need to make sure that the system has those settings (my preferred solution) or modify the configuration so that the mechanism doesn't throw errors when used in a read-only system.19:19
neverpanicpohly: Are you seeing the regeneration with an x86_64 target?19:19
pohlyneverpanic: yes19:20
frayI don't happen to have any builds with systemd enabled currently..  so it's difficult for me to check19:20
neverpanicnevermind, the issue I had in mind is already fixed:
pohlyI've filed YOCTO #11777 and YOCTO #11776.19:32
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khemrburton: i have updated the branch with right SRCREVs, replied to your email as well21:54
ant_homekhem, hi, the klibc patch did not land in patchwork apparently, maybe a missing square bracket [meta-initramfs]?21:55
khemant_home: ah yes21:56
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khemant_home: I am seeing some local failures which probably are new because not klibc is building so dependend recipes are failing now since they never built for me in past21:57
khemI need to check that21:57
khemmwanwhile it will be good if you can test it out21:57
khemon arm21:57
ant_homeah, ok, with musl obviously21:57
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khemactually with both21:58
*** janho <janho!> has quit IRC21:58
khemsince some changes are common21:58
ant_homewith glibc all is fine, at least with gcc6.x21:58
khemok thats cool21:58
khemthen try musl21:58
ant_homeI mean klibc-static binaries21:58
khemyeah I have changed flags21:59
ant_homeit's long I tested shared21:59
khematleat for armv7+ it might be different21:59
khemdo you use rpi ?21:59
khemas well21:59
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ant_homekhem, btw there is a new kernel regression in 4.13-rc so I really must use an old gcc6 for a while22:01
ant_homeotherwise I'd add new variables to the mix22:01
ant_homekhem, once fixed klibc the last open issue I have seen is OPIE with musl22:05
ant_homelacks some definitions22:05
rburtondoes anyone here use ccache.bbclass?22:05
ant_homeyou mean still skips that explicitely?22:07
ant_homeI personally abandoned it long ago, tmpfs is much better solution to improve build time22:09
khemant_home: yeah I would suggest to stick to one variable at a time22:09
khemrburton: I know some users who deal with webkit22:09
ant_homeyeah :/22:09
khemuse it22:09
khemthey come from buildroot world22:10
* rburton has some patches and wants to make sure it still works properly :)22:10
rburtonpoky-contrib:ross/ccache, i'll clean up messages and post to the list tomorrow22:11
rburtonkhem: ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'virtual/none-poky-none-binutils'. Close matches:22:12
rburton  virtual/x86_64-poky-linux-binutils22:12
rburtonautobuilder blew up all over with that with your series in22:13
rburtonMissing or unbuildable dependency chain was: ['core-image-minimal', 'buildtools-tarball', 'virtual/none-poky-none-binutils']22:14
rburtonworks for me though :22:14
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* clsulliv just remembered I'm on SWAT duty this week22:47
* clsulliv starts looking over buildlog22:47
khemrburton: I wonder which patch could do that22:47
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khemis it some hidden issue that its bringing to front seems to me22:50
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