Thursday, 2017-07-13

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mattsmkergoth rburton small update: needed to update to docker edge release and use a docker volume (e.g. no local filesystems) and it's getting a lot farther04:13
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alkinohi o/07:53
alkinoI want to have PN with capitalize07:53
alkinobut it fails with ipk07:53
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alkinoI think this is a current problem, so what can I do?07:54
alkinocurrent => common07:54
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LetoThe2ndalkino: there was some discussion lately on this, but the answer at the moment is: not possible07:56
alkinosad because I need to define "all" myself. Like S07:56
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LetoThe2ndalkino: this suggests that there is actually a reason behind it:
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alkinoLetoThe2nd: so is there a way to overload PN that ipk take?08:01
alkinoas ipk cannot handle that, I need to f*** up the rest08:01
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alkinoIt will be nicier the other way08:01
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fberghello world !! I have a problem.. I have a recipe that create a system user (eg. myuser) along with its home direcotry (/home/myuser). Now I have another recipe that has to copy some files un (/home/myuser/myfolder).08:02
LetoThe2ndalkino: no idea. i'm a all lowercase guy anyways. i don't like shouting and marketing emphasizes :)08:02
alkinoLetoThe2nd: I want to add a project with uppercase in int...08:02
fbergSo in the second recipe I do_ install -d ${D}/home/myuser/myfolder and cp -R ${WORKDIR}/somefiles/* ${D}/home/myuser/myfolder08:03
fbergHence running bitbake core-image-minimal leads to the following conflict08:03
LetoThe2ndalkino: so is your problem only that the upstream source has uppercases? or do you for some obscure reason actually *NEED* the package name inside the build to include uppercase letters?08:03
TafThornefberg: I think the second recipie must also do do_ install -d ${D}/home/08:03
TafThornedo_ install -d ${D}/home/myuser/08:04
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TafThornethen `do_ install -d ${D}/home/myuser/myfolder` for it to access that directroy.08:04
alkinoLetoThe2nd: upstream has uppercase08:04
LetoThe2ndalkino: wll then just override the SRC_URI and the unpacking process.08:04
fbergfile /home/myuser conflicts between attempted installs of ....08:04
TafThornefberg: unless there is some short hand to do recursive creates until you reach the full path.08:05
fbergthank you TafThorne08:05
alkinoLetoThe2nd: ok08:05
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LetoThe2ndfberg: first and foremost, remember that the recipe that wants to copy stuff there needs to depend on the one that creates the user08:05
TafThornefberg: You are welcome.  I hope it works.  Hopefully not take you too long to give it a try,08:05
fbergLeto, I think it too. So I've added the DEPENDS statement08:06
fbergTafThorne i think the the .d option with install also creates all the directories in between08:06
LetoThe2ndfberg: could also be that it needs to be an rdepends, i'm not completely sure there.08:06
fbergthe problem is that bitbake sees that two recipes are installing on the same folder08:07
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LetoThe2ndalkino: here is some inspiration on how to fix that:
alkinoLetoThe2nd: overload S and SRC_URI is not enough?08:10
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LetoThe2ndalkino: it probably is, i'm just not completely sure. hence the pointer to the docs to guide you further if needed.08:11
mcfriskuhm, how to execute python tasks manually in recipe's devshell?08:12
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pohlyI'm a bit confused about "gcc --sysroot" - why does "x86_64-refkit-linux-gcc ... --sysroot=.../recipe-sysroot -L/usr/lib64" trigger a warning: .../x86_64-refkit-linux/7.1.0/ld: warning: library search path "/usr/lib64" is unsafe for cross-compilation09:30
pohlyI though --sysroot would make paths specified by -L and -I relative to the sysroot directory?09:31
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mcfriskpohly: does not mention that -L uses --sysroot09:33
pohlymcfrisk: it does for gcc 7.1:
mcfriskpohly: maybe that's the reason for the warning then, not an error09:34
pohlyBut it triggers a fatal OE QA check: "The compile log indicates that host include and/or library paths were used."09:35
pohlySo the problem seems to be real.09:35
shaunowhat's the path of least resistance to include a kernel module?  I can see CONFIG_RTL8192CE=m makes it into tmp/work/i586-nlp-32-intel-common-poky-linux/linux-yocto/4.4.60+gitAUTOINC+d6733af208_2cc78e92f4-r0/defconfig  but I see no sign of the module being built09:39
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rburtonnuts, my ccache patch broke seltest09:52
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mcfriskpohly: it is better to set -L and search paths globally, and yocto does this so hard coding paths in recipes not a good idea. I would patch this away and trus what yocto provides by default. If defaults are wrong, the there is something else wrong in the config.09:59
pohlymcfrisk: I can try that. My current solution is to replace -L/usr/lib with ${RECIPE_SYSROOT}${libdir}/ via a make variable that the Makefile of this project already supports.10:02
pohlyI.e. no patching needed.10:02
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Serede_Hello guys! I'm trying to use a PCI to SATA adapter in an ARM device running Yocto, but whenever I perform any operation on the disk filesystem libata explodes with failed commands. I would appreciate if anyone could please help me10:22
fberghello dudes !10:29
fbergI've a problem... I'mn using a yocto generated image of abpout 500MB10:29
fbergafter the boot I want to extend the filesystem to its whole capacity (say 16G). how can I do this ? Does anibody knows ?10:30
Serede_fberg: You would normally use cfdisk or any other partitioning tool to expand the partition in the disk table (just delete that partition and create it with larger size and same attributes) and then run resize2fs on that partition.10:34
rburtonchange partition table, resize file system, simpes10:35
Serede_After flashing of course, otherwise you're adding zeroes to the image file pointlessly10:35
fbergok guys. I'll check it10:36
rburtondepends how you're writing the file system too10:37
rburtonie some imaging tools can do that for you10:37
rburtonwic is about to gain the ability to do it10:37
rburtonthe live installer script can do it iirc10:37
fbergi need to run a script at the very fisrt boot10:37
fbergamong other operations this script must also expend the filesystem to the sd maximum capacity without user interaction10:38
MWelchUKfberg: To avoid that issue, I used to use a script to install the filesystem, creating the partitions correctly for the disk, formatting and installing a tar.gz of the filesystem instead of an image.10:46
MWelchUKThis was on PPC, so no need to worry about a bootloader on the disk.10:47
Serede_Alternatively to my former question, what's the correct method to use a more recent kernel version under a Krogoth build?10:49
fbergty MWelchUK10:51
fbergit seems probably the easy way10:51
MWelchUKfberg: It's worth noting I wasn't running off the disk when I performed that operation too- I was PXE booting or booting from a different media.10:52
fbergbut the user that has to burn the sd card would be more prone to error if the device is mounted differnetly10:53
fbergrunning it directly on the booted sd card probably is better10:54
MWelchUKIf it's programming an SD card, do it when writing the SDCard, I didn't have that luxury :-)10:54
MWelchUK(That then also depends on what hosts you support for writing the flash...)10:55
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shaunocan anyone suggest why this module isn't built?
zero_noteSerede_:  fwik you can use PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel = "your_kernel" in your local.conf10:59
zero_noteSerede_: to switch from one kernel to another10:59
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Serede_zero_note: that would select the recipe, right? The problem is my kernel provider fixes the kernel version at 4.1.15 for Krogoth11:06
rburtonjku: i think that regex isn't enough to silence the checkpkg selftest.11:08
rburtonjku: i think checkpkg needs to be extended to have a way of recipes saying "i don't work"11:08
rburtonat the moment the selftest demands it works and maintains a list of exceptions in meta-selftest/files11:09
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rburtonneed a way of disabling the check from a recipe really, the exception list is ugly11:09
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jkuoh yeah, never noticed that11:10
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zero_noteSerede_: you can use PREFERRED_VERSION_your-kernel = "4.4" , you'll need a recipe in your primary layer11:13
zero_noteSerede_: like your-kernel_4.4.bb11:13
zero_noteSerede_: btw, what do you mean by "my kernel provider fixes the kernel version at 4.1.15 for Krogoth" ?11:14
zero_noteshauno: never used that method to enable kernel modules, why dont you use you own defconfig with that module enabled?11:15
shaunoI'm trying to make as little change as possible to the vendor's bsp11:17
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Serede_zero_note: I mean I have a meta-compulab layer with only one recipe for kernel, which is indeed 4.1.1511:20
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abellonithat's probably a freescale arm soc then11:25
zero_noteSerede_: ok, can add you own kernel recipe which will fetch your chosen kernel of the chosen version, updating PREFERRED_PROVIDER and PREFERRED_VERSION in your local.conf11:25
Serede_zero_note: Will check it out. Thanks a lot!11:27
abellonithe main issue is thant then you have to port support for your platform from the crappy 4.1.15 kernel from freescale to a more recent one11:28
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mwhoosier@joshuagl, I had a question about some OpenSSL packaging changes from back last year.12:43
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joshuaglmwhoosier: sure, ask away. I'll try to remember :-/ Which branch are you referring to?12:49
mwhoosierjoshuagl: it was one called "Revert "openssl: prevent ABI break from earlier krogoth releases"" over on the krogoth branch12:50
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mwhoosierjoshuagl: I know that you were just the person who cherry-picked this over from the same reversion that happened on oe-core, but I was wondering if anybody remembers why the ABI backward-compatibility ended up not being retained.12:51
*** peacememories <peacememories!> has quit IRC12:51
mwhoosierjoshuagl: the SHA1 is 08f85da10b3a7fc6165f163fd0f23784a2c9c8e412:51
joshuaglmwhoosier: I back-ported the ABI backward compat patch, Armin reverted it12:51
*** peacememories <peacememories!> has joined #yocto12:51
joshuaglI'm afraid I can't comment on why it was reverted12:51
mwhoosierOkay, I'll see if I can find Armin. Any idea what his nick is here?12:52
*** peacemem_ <peacemem_!~textual@> has quit IRC12:52
joshuaglactually, not sure I even made the initial backport. Though I did write the initial patch it seems12:52
joshuaglArmin usually goes by armpit, doesn't seem to be here12:52
joshuaglmwhoosier: could always try mailing the list with Armin on CC?12:53
mwhoosierYeah, sure. Would yocto-devel be appropriate, or is there a separate list for stuff that happened on oe-core proper?12:53
joshuaglright, OE-Core development happens on openembedded-core@lists.openembedded.org12:53
mwhoosierGreat, thanks!12:54
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gartinhi guys, I am having some problems with the image-live class12:58
*** Kakounet <Kakounet!> has quit IRC12:58
gartinin morty, that class has added to do_bootimg[depends] a ${PN}:do_image_ext412:59
gartinbut my image does not have do_image_ext4 task12:59
gartinis there any way I can delete this task from do_bootimg depends?12:59
gartinI tried looking at deltask but that doesn't work13:00
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filt3rwhat is the difference between the _append and += syntax?13:00
gartin_append won't add the space that += adds13:00
gartinso when you use _append make sure what you append has a leading space13:01
filt3rok, thanks13:01
gartinyou're welcome13:01
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gartinguess I'll just stick to removing it in a anon function13:07
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rburtonfilt3r: also += and _append happen at different times13:27
*** ed2 <ed2!~Adium@> has joined #yocto13:27
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filt3rye i thing i just found it: "The operators "_append" and "_prepend" differ from the operators ".=" and "=." in that they are deferred until after parsing completes rather than being immediately applied."13:32
filt3rand i guess += will be applied at parsing as well13:32
*** jstashluk <jstashluk!> has joined #yocto13:33
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gizerohi! banging my head on this for hours now... I have a recipe that inherit cmake: the upstream build system looks for the command git by mean of the standard cmake module FindGit which in turn uses the builtin find_program() command. When run through bitbake the GIT_EXECUTABLE variable always return NOT-FOUND. Can't figure out why!13:38
*** gartin <gartin!~Gav@> has quit IRC13:38
gizeromanually running cmake against the same CMakeFiles.txt in a devshell successfully finds git (in tmp/hosttools/git)13:39
*** ash_charles <ash_charles!~acharles@2607:fad8:4:6:5aac:892e:cbe9:f7fc> has quit IRC13:40
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gizeromoreover, replacing find_program() with execute_process(which git) does the job but I'd really like to understand why find_program() doesn't. The question looks cmake specific but posting here since I see different behaviour from devshell and hope it can ring a bell from experts13:42
neverpanicgizero: It's related to how CMake finds host-tools, the variable CMAKE_FIND_ROOT_PATH_MODE_PROGRAM and ASSUME_PROVIDED = "git-native"13:44
rburtonset OECMAKE_FIND_ROOT_PATH_MODE_PROGRAM  to BOTH in your recipe13:45
rburtonsomeone who totally understands cmake is welcome to rewrite that class btw13:45
neverpanicI think CMAKE_FIND_ROOT_PATH_MODE_PROGRAM is set to ONLY by default, which makes CMake search things only in the native sysroot, but git isn't in there because git-native is in ASSUME_PROVIDED13:45
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joshuaglrburton: sounds like you know what you're talking about13:53
rburtoni'm +1 on Bluff13:53
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jpewCan anyone suggest a good imx based devboard that works well with Yocto? Preferably something with HDMI.14:06
*** scottrif <scottrif!~scottrif@> has joined #yocto14:06
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zero_notejpew: any of the SABRE from NXP14:07
jpewzero_note: Thanks!14:08
zero_notejpew: yw14:09
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gizerorburton: neverpanic: thanks! OECMAKE_FIND_ROOT_PATH_MODE_PROGRAM did the trick!15:02
gizerothis little thing was driving me crazy!15:03
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pohlyWhat is the difference between localedir = "${libdir}/locale" and ${datadir}/locale? Which one should be for autotools --localedir or meson's localedir?15:58
kergothbinary vs source15:59
kergothcompiled locales go into the libdir path, iirc15:59
pohlykergoth: so is /usr/lib/locale/ca/LC_MESSAGES/ correct or should that be under /usr/share?16:00
kergothpretty sure that should be going to the /usr/share path16:00
kergothbut i'm not an expert16:00
*** arpallet1 <arpallet1!~arpallet@> has joined #yocto16:01
pohlyIt's a binary file.16:01
kergothah, maybe not then16:01
* kergoth shrugs16:01
pohlyYes, me too :-/16:01
kergothmaybe someone else knows better than i :)16:01
pohly/usr/share would be consistent with Debian.16:02
pohlyrburton: ^^^ ?16:02
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pohlymeta/conf/bitbake.conf:FILES_${PN}-locale = "${datadir}/locale"16:05
pohlySo it looks like packages are supposed to use /usr/share.16:06
pohlyI just wonder how that is done for autotools-based projects.16:06
pohlyPerhaps most of them do that already correctly.16:06
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pohlyrburton: you are credited with the initial meson.bbclass prototype in the commit which adds meson.bbclass to meta-oe. That commit has --localedir ${@noprefix('localedir', d)}16:12
pohlyAre you sure that this is correct?16:12
rburtonno, i'm also credited with the patch that removed it16:12
rburtondid it still not make meta-oe master?16:12
pohlyHmm, good question.16:13
pohlyNeed to check, I'm probably a bit behind.16:13
*** boucman_work <boucman_work!~jrosen@wesnoth/developer/boucman> has quit IRC16:13
pohlyIt's in meta-oe master, I need to update refkit...16:14
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rburtonpohly: meson isn't quite there yet for us, GI and gtk-doc are totally bust16:17
rburtonjust so you know16:17
pohlyrburton: yes, I noticed the GIR failure also with appstream-glib.16:17
pohlyI'll disable that for now, I don't need it for fwupd.16:17
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otaviorburton: hello ...18:17
otaviorburton: i have some patches awaiting in my queue but I didn't receive complains about  them ... are they under MUT or something is locking it up for merge?18:18
*** rburton <rburton!> has joined #yocto18:19
otaviorburton: i have some patches awaiting in my queue but I didn't receive complains about  them ... are they under MUT or something is locking it up for merge?18:19
otaviorburton: libarchive and u-boot18:19
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nrossiotavio: << your libarchive looks like its in his queue18:22
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khemwe keep accepting new packages into meta-openembedded and the original submitters then dont take up maintainership18:58
khemI think we should have a way to control this18:58
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*** rumble is now known as grumble18:59
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gabrbeddmeta-openembedded-contrib ?19:08
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #567 of nightly-checkuri is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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rburton_nrossi: 'libgcrypt_1.7.6.bbappend: Add patch to fix configure bug for mingw32' <-- is that actually mingw specific or should it be in oe-core?22:13
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