Friday, 2017-07-14

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paintenzeroCan anyone help me with adding ISC DHCP server to yocto image? I'm setting IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " dhcp" in my image class. It fails to build with error: " * opkg_prepare_url_for_install: Couldn't find anything to satisfy 'dhcp'.03:22
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #799 of nightly-arm64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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nrossirburton_: technically not oe specific, but the fail case behavior that it fixes was specific to mingw07:05
nrossisorry /oe spec/mingw spec/07:06
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neverpanicpaintenzero: suggests the server is in dhcp-server07:11
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fberghello guys.. Has anyone a suggestion on how to mount also the boot partition on the target after booting ?07:15
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LetoThe2ndfberg: besides adding it to the fstab you mean, or what?07:19
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fberghello Leto07:31
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paintenzeroneverpanic: thanks! That worked!07:31
fbergrunning df -h i can't see the boot partition07:31
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fbergbut running fdisk -l I can see the two memory blocks related to the two partitions: boot and rootfs07:32
fbergrunning cat /etc/fstab there is a commented line related to the boot memory block07:33
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neverpanicSounds like you want to uncomment this line.07:34
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1203 of nightly-arm is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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pohlyrburton_: have you encountered "msgfmt: cannot locate ITS rules" in combination with meson?08:13
pohlyThere's about it, but I have no idea how that applies to building with meson.bbclass.08:14
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pohlyrburton_: I think I understand - we need /usr/share/gettext/its/polkit.its in recipe-sysroot-native's /usr/share. It's part of polkit. But depending on polkit-native is overkill (and not possible at the moment).08:28
pohlyPerhaps OE's gettext-native should provide it?08:28
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pohlyRP: I noticed that you ended up as assignee for the sstate fetcher issue ( I missed the part of bug triage where that was discussed. Do you actually plan to work on that or just figure out what to do? With some guidance on how this should be solved I can try to work on it.08:46
yoctiBug 11782: normal, Medium+, 2.4 M3, richard.purdie, NEW , sstate.bbclass: handle networking errors better08:46
pohlyIf my first impression is right, the current approach is to create one TCP connection for each HEAD request, instead of using HTTP keep-alive. Is there a technical reason for that? It seems inefficient to me.08:48
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paintenzeroThere are many articles about how to add options in .config files in linux and busybox using append classes and .cfg files. But how do I unset options?08:57
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rburtonpohly: i was under the impression that it used keep-alive and connection recycling10:17
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pohlyrburton: then I need to check a bit more.11:08
pohlyrburton: about the meson/gettext/polkit.its issue: should gettext perhaps be invoked so that it searches for .its/.loc files both in the recipe-sysroot-native and recipe-sysroot? fwupd correctly DEPENDS on polkit, so the files should be installed in recipe-sysroot. How is that handled for non-meson-based recipes?11:10
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rburtonnot aware of this issue, what's up?11:10
pohlyrburton: see backlog ^^^ "msgfmt: cannot locate ITS rules"11:11
rburtonyeah it should search both i guess11:12
rburtonno idea how/if that works with autotools11:12
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1164 of nightly-qa-extras is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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jkuhow are the patchwork commit checks implemented? I wonder if it would be difficult to make git push hooks out of the most common mistakes12:44
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rburtonjku: yeah not a bad idea actually.  repo is patchtest on git.yocto.12:57
rburtonor if not commit hooks, create-pull-request can invoke the tests12:57
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jkuyeah it does seem doable... Need to clone two repos and install multiple dependencies so not the simplest thing ever13:06
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pohlyrburton: do you know how GFileAttribute determines the file attributes? It does not work as expected for a .xml.gz file, returning standard::content-type: text/plain instead of application/gzip as expected by appstream-glib.13:48
pohlyThe result is the same as in -> fwupd fails to parse the update xml file.13:48
pohlystrace to the rescue.... gvfs-info looks for /usr/share/mime which doesn't exist.13:51
pohlyAny idea anyone which recipe in OE provides this?13:51
pohlyIt's not libmagic. "file" works alright.13:52
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pohlyshared-mime-info looks promising...13:57
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pohlyYep, that's it.14:06
rburtonyeah, shared mime info, glad you got there :)14:09
rburtonthere should be a recommends on vfs for that14:10
rburtongvfs, even.  if there isn't please submit a patch.14:10
pohlyI had installed gvfs and glib, of which neither pulled in shared-mime-info.14:11
pohlyShould the recommends be for glib (because g_file_info_get_attribute_string needs it) or gvfs? IMHO it should be glib.14:11
rburtonglib is a bit keen.  gvfs definitely wants it14:13
pohlySomeone must have noticed this before - RDEPENDS_glib-2.0-ptest contains shared-mime-info.14:13
rburtonmaybe a recommends on glib will be okay, its not a huuuge package14:13
pohlyLet's make it a recommends of glib-2.0. I'd prefer to have it working by default.14:14
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rburtonyeah fine by me14:16
yoctiBug 11792: normal, Undecided, ---, ross.burton, NEW , glib: RRECOMMENDS shared-mime-info14:18
rburtoncan you send a patch too? :)14:19
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kergothRP: i'm assuming sstate cleans out the inputdirs before running the real task?15:16
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tony_rrrI'm trying to do a clean install using rpms on the target, but there seem to be some circular dependencies. For example busybox postinst uses update-alternatives which is a script which calls sed which is provided by busybox.16:08
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rburtonthere will always be circular deps in the base system like that16:13
rburtonif you're basically bootstrapping then you need to be careful16:13
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tony_rrrJust wondering what others do in the situation where a 'bootstrap' install is required. Repairing a damaged install in the field, for example.16:32
kergothyou'd have to use force arguments to ignore the dependency in one direction before you satisfy it with the other16:33
kergothin this case it's tougher, of course, since busybox is a requirement for basically everything16:34
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tony_rrrdo_rootfs seems to get around this by providing a path to the sysroot in its wrapper script16:44
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khemRP: I wish was able to display such details as
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khemclickable errors, surfing is so easy and time saving16:58
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halsteadAB maintenance is complete.17:30
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otaviorburton: ;-)18:49
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rburtonthanks halstead19:01
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halsteadThank you for the maintenance window rburton. :)19:09
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miceopedehi, i'm trying to build two kernel modules which depend on a third. is there some provision for this? i don't see anything that pops out from reading module.bbclass20:18
miceopedeshould i just add a do_compile prepend step and copy the module.symvers to the right place?20:18
miceopedeand then set up the DEPENDS so that the common module gets built fast?20:18
miceopedecouldn't find a readily available example in the repos20:19
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