Wednesday, 2017-07-26

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fberghello guys06:49
fbergdoes anibody know how to get the [FAILED] process details that comes out at boot once logged in ?06:50
fbergI've tried both syslogd and dmesg but still can't find them06:50
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talini am using bitbake to build some code... when i build the first time, everything seems fine. if i break my code on purpose, it will try to compile and fail, saying that do_compile failed. i want to ONLY compile to see if my code works. i tried to bitbake -c compile, but that will always succeed, so apparently that does something other than the compilation that bitbake does07:04
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talinunfortunately building the whole thing (without -c compile) takes 1h, so i want to only try to compile07:04
talini also tried to -c cleansstate and then -c compile07:09
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talinbitbake works if i rm build/tmp between each build, but then i have to build _everything_, which takes 1 hour07:44
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rmrhi. Yesterday I (rmmr) posted a query on a build issue on  poky krogoth for renesas rcar m3. Just in case it is useful to someone else, he issue was caused by git color configuration.08:19
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bluelightningrmr: hmm, what specifically had you changed?08:20
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rmrbluelightning: I removed the [color] configuration from my .gitconfig.08:22
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bluelightningrmr: ok... I'm just wondering what I'd need to do to reproduce it as I have colours enabled here and haven't observed any negative effects08:23
rmrblueligtning: the issue only affected building with meta-renesas, not core-image-minimal, but I didn't dive further to find out why. I can move on now with my build.08:23
bluelightninghmm ok08:26
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fberghello guys !09:23
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fberganybody knows how to add a perl module to a yocto image ?09:24
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fbergI0m struggling with this one:09:24
fbergI've created the recipe but the makefile generated with09:25
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fbergdo_compile () {09:25
fbergperl Makefile.PL09:25
fbergset the host compiler instead of the target09:25
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talinThe recipe x-fpga is trying to install files into a shared area when those files already exist. Those files and their manifest location are: ... i get this every time i try to devtool build <repo>10:02
talinany idea if this can be fixed somehow?10:02
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talini can delete my build/tmp, but then i have to build everything each time10:05
talinwhich takes nearly 2h10:05
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catch22_talin; have you tried using EXTERNALSRC develop on specifc package10:21
talincatch22_: no, i haven't heard about that before10:22
catch22_talin: I find it easier than devtool, you can point the package source to 'in-work' folder outside of yocto10:23
talincatch22_: oh. so you specify a repo you want to build and then you use bitbake to build it ?10:23
catch22_talin: not really, you setup the source folder for a package to somewhere on your system. Then edit that source, and then use bitbakc to build the package10:25
catch22_catch22_ : you can then also build the '-native' variant10:26
catch22_we use it for normal software development and don't bother creating and sdk.10:27
talinthank you. i will give this a try. i have tried everything else so far10:28
catch22_Unlike 'normal' package which are at fixed revisions, the external source packages rebuild when you type "bitbake <package-name>"10:28
catch22_I'm not sure why you blowing away your entire build folder to re-build on package10:29
catch22_have your tried "bitback -c cleanall <packagename>"10:29
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talincatch22_: yes, i did try that10:37
talinand bitbake -c cleansstate10:37
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Tartarused2: I see you pointed me at a wic example, anything else I should read up on for adding stuff to oe-selftest?  Thanks!11:10
ed2Tartarus: you can read this wiki page:
ed2Tartarus: and ask questions here too11:12
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ed2Tartarus: oe-selftest is based on Python unittest framework. It's pretty easy to understand from existing test cases in the same directory as wic test case.11:14
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Tartarusok, thanks11:17
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bluelightningcatch22_: you can use devtool to point to an existing external source tree, it doesn't have to be where it puts it by default11:22
bluelightningtalin: which directory are the files mentioned in the error in?11:23
talinbluelightning: they are in various subdirs of build/tmp/sysroots/qemux86-64/11:30
bluelightningtalin: are you copying anything into those directories in your recipe directly?11:31
talinbluelightning: doesn't seem like it, no. i am trying to use this externalsrc stuff now11:32
bluelightningtalin: externalsrc won't make any difference to this11:33
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bluelightningin any event, devtool modify uses externalsrc, FWIW11:33
talinoh, okay11:35
talinhmm, i just found some other task i can work with, so i'm thinking about abandoning this until people come back from vacation11:36
lucas_Hi, I am new to yocto, and am wondering if anyone can help me with finding yocto recipes to build a shared libraries.11:36
talinsome others in my team just gave up on it also. maybe the person who made the recipes did something weird11:36
lucas_I am trying to change the lua 5.3.4 recipe so it can produce a .so file11:37
talinbluelightning: thanks a lot for all the advice :)11:37
bluelightningtalin: there are a few circumstances under which you can get that error - (1) two recipes are genuinely trying to install the same file into the sysroot, which is not permitted; (2) a recipe has been renamed or removed from the system without cleaning up its files (with previous versions only - this is no longer an issue); (3) a recipe is writing to those files in the sysroot directly which is a very bad idea11:38
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bluelightninglucas_: I would assume you need to modify the recipe so that it passes the appropriate options at configure time (or sets the appropriate CFLAGS) - this is determined by lua itself, so I would recommend checking its documentation11:39
LetoThe2ndyeah, looking at suggests that the lua recipe just uses its own make install stage11:40
LetoThe2ndso probably it should be something along the lines of --enable-shared being passed to ./configure11:40
talinbluelightning: hmm, i see.11:41
ed2Tartarus: the good thing about oe-selftest is that it's one of the acceptance criterias for changes. It's run on AB and if something fells tests the guilty change is not merged into master.11:41
lucas_this is what I have added into the bbappend file11:42
ed2Tartarus: another good thing is that it's easy to run locally to ensure your code doesn't break anything. Full run takes a lot of time thought. However, -r <test module> allows to run only subset of it.11:42
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lucas_any suggestions?11:47
Tartarused2: Blah, I can't run the qemu tests on my usual build box11:48
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lucas_I can run in my local just fine, and produce a .so locally but not in bitbake11:49
LetoThe2ndlucas_: well then check if the append gets correctly applied. bitbake -e is your firent11:50
LetoThe2ndfriend, even11:50
ed2Tartarus: why?11:50
gaurav__I am using mutilib to build only 32 bit packages applications.  i have chaned the packagegroup recipe which contains the packages as lib32-packagegroup in image recipe. Still image is trying to build 64 bit.11:50
Tartarused2: It's a funky and semi locked down box11:50
ed2Tartarus: qemu is used in small amount of test cases.11:51
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LetoThe2ndTartarus: want me to come over with my universal *key*? :-)11:51
Tartarused2: Yeah, and the qemu ones didn't go11:51
ed2Tartarus: if you implement test case that checks building of vmdk images it would be much better than what we have now.11:52
Tartarused2: Yeah, one thing at a time tho :)  So, oe-selftest -r wic11:53
TartarusI get 3 errors, around the qemu ones that can't run on this box11:53
ed2Tartarus: you can run just one test case, btw. oe-selftest -r wic.Wic.<test case name>11:53
Tartarus2017-07-26 07:28:14,937 - oe-selftest - INFO - RESULTS - wic.Wic.test_exclude_path - Testcase 1661: FAILED11:53
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Tartarused2: So, newbie question time :)  Would 'wic create ... --compress-with=vmdk pass things back to OE and make use of CONVERSION_CMD or no, wic has its own logic and thus it would fail?11:57
Tartarusand pretend I put an end-' in an appropriate place :)11:58
ed2Tartarus: no it would not. you should run bitbake for that.11:58
ed2Tartarus: you can look at test_wic_image_type test case. it does something similar.12:00
ed2Tartarus: you can also look at ../meta/lib/oeqa/selftest/cases/imagefeatures.py12:02
ed2Tartarus: probably it's more appropriate place for your test case.12:03
ed2Tartarus: ideally it can test all conversion commands similarly to what test_image_fstypes does for image types.12:04
Tartarusok, thanks12:07
Tartarusmore questions soon :)12:07
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zebazhi all, I'm in the process of upgrading from Morty to Pyro, and one of my recipes fails due to a "command not found" error12:09
zebazin the release notes for Pyro I see the following change: "PATH is now filtered within build tasks, using symlinks to only allow calling whitelisted tools from the build host in order to reduce the possibility of host contamination"12:09
zebazhow would I go about changing the recipe to whitelist certain commands/symlink commands on the host machine to be run during bitbake?12:10
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Tartarused2: Can I hijack the bmap test to confirm that ext4.bmap.gz is created and a valid gzip archive?12:12
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wouterstreamitHi, I want to make a recipe that executes an existing recipe but first applies some patches to the recipes called from my existing recipe, how can I do this?12:13
ed2Tartarus: yes, you can, but it would be non-ideal solution :)12:14
Tartarused2: Well, I need to add a test for 2+ conversions12:14
TartarusSince that's one of the things that got broken12:14
ed2Tartarus: true. What about to test more combinations of conversions?12:15
Tartarused2: Well, that's more complex and I'm not sure how to go about that cleanly either12:16
ed2Tartarus: you can just add all/subset of possible combinations to IMAGE_FSTYPES, run bitbake <image> and test if those are generated.12:17
TartarusAs is, testing gzip or bz2 seems OK as python has support for those formats by default so I can just confirm that a decompress works12:17
Tartarused2: Ah, hm12:17
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ed2Tartarus: trying to decompress is a good idea too, btw.12:19
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ed2Tartarus: you can do that in separate test case12:19
Tartarused2: So how about 2 tests?  One test confirms that ext4.bmap.gz is a valid object, on the bmap test12:19
ed2Tartarus: yep, that would be great12:20
TartarusOther test is that <tiny image>.ext4.<bunch of compression types>.u-boot.sha256sum comes out12:20
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lucas_what does bitbake -e do?12:30
LetoThe2ndlucas_: shows you the complete environment that a build process sees. preferably to be piped through some pages, e.g. bitbake -e  $YOURINTERESTINGRECIPE | less12:31
lucas_LetoThe2nd: Thank you :)12:33
*** ash_charles <ash_charles!~acharles@2607:fad8:4:6:c8a6:17d:5ad6:1157> has joined #yocto12:34
Tartarused2: OK, testing ext4.bmap.gz test now12:40
*** t0mmy <t0mmy!~tprrt@> has joined #yocto12:44
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Tartarused2: OK, ext4.bmap.gz test added, and confirms that we have a valid gzip12:55
TartarusNow to add a bunch of compression and sha256sum12:55
lucas_what does this mean: ERROR: Only one copy of bitbake should be run against a build directory12:56
*** marka <marka!> has joined #yocto12:57
LetoThe2ndlucas_: exactly what it says. do not run more than one instance of bitbake against a specific build directory at any given time.12:57
zero_notelucas_: check how many running instances with ps aux | grep bitbake12:58
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has joined #yocto13:00
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ed2Tartarus: just wondering how bitbake would perform with all possible permutations of conversion commands :)13:07
Tartarused2: Yeah, no :)13:07
TartarusI'm adding a separate test to chain together a ton of things13:07
TartarusAnd then I'm going to look at json and python13:08
Tartarussince qemu-img info can, I beleive, spit out json info13:08
ed2Tartarus: sounds great13:08
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TartarusOK, I think I've got a reasonable long conversion test13:27
Tartarusrunning all of the image tests now13:27
*** madisox <madisox!> has joined #yocto13:27
TartarusThen to do the harder one of adding wic.vmdk and parsing it13:27
TartarusShould I do all 3 of them, or just vmdk and assume that means qemu-img is also sane, and that's enough?13:28
ed2Tartarus: up to you. I'd say one is enough if adding more will add a lot of code to the test case.13:28
ed2s/is enough/it is enough/13:29
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Tartarused2: OK, I'll keep it in mind then13:31
Tartarused2: Oh, so, the WIC failure I mentioned?13:32
TartarusYou think that's due to my changes?  Or can you grab my patches and give them a quick oe-selftest?13:32
*** juvenal <juvenal!> has joined #yocto13:32
ed2Tartarus: which failure? I missed it I think.13:33
Tartarus2017-07-26 07:28:14,937 - oe-selftest - INFO - RESULTS - wic.Wic.test_exclude_path - Testcase 1661: FAILED13:34
TartarusOtherwise it's 3 qemu issues, since I can't run qemu here (but it should well work, I booted the resulting images on virtualbox, so the embedded contents are sane)13:35
ed2Tartarus: can you show the failure? oe-selftest reports it before the summary report.13:35
ed2Tartarus: it should be some traceback or similar.13:36
Tartarused2: Yeah, it's just lost to scrollback13:36
Tartarusmoment, sorry13:36
*** zeenix <zeenix!~zeenix@> has quit IRC13:36
Tartarused2: Here's the log
*** LocutusOfBorg <LocutusOfBorg!~Gianfranc@ubuntu/member/locutusofborg> has quit IRC13:40
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*** abelloni <abelloni!~abelloni@2a01:e35:8bf1:a7c0:a288:b4ff:fe25:8918> has joined #yocto13:46
ed2Tartarus: i don't think it's caused by your test cases.13:46
Tartarused2: That's what I was hoping for13:47
ed2Tartarus: which MACHINE do you use? Which distro?13:47
TartarusCan you please run oe-selftest -r wic on your setup with my patches?13:47
*** tasslehoff <tasslehoff!~Tasslehof@> has quit IRC13:47
Tartarused2: qemux86-64, and this is a debain8 chroot on an oddly locked down box13:47
ed2Tartarus: I didn't see it before and ab didn't complain about it.13:47
Tartarused2: ok13:48
ed2Tartarus: do you have your changes in some branch I can pull?13:48
Tartarused2: Do not, sorry13:48
Tartaruslets see13:48
Tartarused2: OK, extend-wic-for-vmdk-v113:51
TartarusHas what I posted + my 2 new tests too13:52
Tartarusand, I see I need to fix author in my new test, heh, oops13:54
Tartarusignore that ;)13:54
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mad_ukieHi! I'm trying to add Qt Creator to the SDK by adding "TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK += "qt5-creator"" to my local.conf, but getting the following error:15:02
mad_ukiedo_populate_sdk: qt5-creator not found in the feeds (x86_64-nativesdk noarch any all) in...15:02
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ed2Tartarus: running oe-selftest on poky master + your patches. So far so good. I have to run now. will let you know about results later today or tomorrow.15:05
*** sgw_ <sgw_!sgw_@nat/intel/x-xmmezuutczdtsqgt> has quit IRC15:06
Tartarused2: ok, thanks!15:06
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ed2Tartarus: test_mkfs_extraopts fails in my setup, but that doesn't seem to be caused by your changes. the rests of tests are passed.15:53
Tartarused2: OK, thanks!  Can you follow up to yourself then please and note they're passing?  thanks! :)15:54
TartarusAnd my vmdk test wasy easy enough to convert to cover all 3 tests15:54
TartarusWe'll see if anyone screams at my probably poor python soon15:54
ed2I can scream at your python if you show your changes. If I don't scream nobody else would probably do :)15:55
Tartarusextend-wic-for-vmdk-v1-a has 'em all now15:56
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sgw_otavio: Morning16:10
sgw_otavio: I understand you started looking at the tmux process exit issue also, did you pull a patch together already based on the gnome phonehome script?16:11
*** royalpurple <royalpurple!> has joined #yocto16:12
ed2Tartarus: your patches look good to me. Thank you for developing tests. Now this functionality is more safe.16:13
Tartarused2: thanks for the reviews16:13
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otaviosgw_: i did16:52
sgw_otavio: will you be send that patch?  We have an open Yocto Bug #1114616:54
yoctiBug normal, Medium, 2.4 M3, leonardo.sandoval.gonzalez, ACCEPTED , menuconfig changes do not result in kernel or image rebuilds16:54
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otaviosgw_: yes; I can make it. In fact I was doing it in another use-case but same solution should work for it ...17:01
sgw_otavio: great thanks, one less think on my list ;-)17:01
otaviosgw_: Leo seems to be looking at it and in he did point me the patch so I am afraid I may be stepping in his toes here17:04
sgw_If you have something already it should be fine, he is out today and tomorrow17:05
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otaviosgw_: I did
otaviosgw_: but as I mentioned on the bug, it seems it should be a more generic thing as gnome-terminal and tmux will share same code17:10
otaviosgw_: so if I pick the bug, I'd first rework the gnome-terminal solution to be generic and then enable it for tmux17:11
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sgw_otavio: yes, I think that;s the right approach since its needed for more than just gnome17:12
otaviosgw_: I asked for Leonardo's feedback in the bug and added myself on cc so you can consider it being handled by one of us17:13
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aehs29is anyone else having troubvle accessing git.yp web interface?18:38
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clsullivaehs29: works for me18:46
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ythlIs there a way to make BBLAYERS use the paths of the current machine? Right now the layers have hard-coded paths which break whenever a developer clones the repository on their their own machine19:28
ythlI tried something like `BASE = "${@os.path.realpath('../..')}"`19:28
ythlAnd then `BBLAYERS += "${BASE}/sources/meta-ossystems-base"`19:29
ythlBut setup-environment doesn't like it19:29
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otavioythl: what are you using?20:31
otavioythl: the conf is usually intended to be kept as local configuration so usually I just regenerate it when moving from one machine to another20:33
ythlIf I regenerate it, won't I have to paste in all the custom layers20:33
otavioythl: however I try to minimize the amount of things done in local.conf and such it is cheap to regenerate them as we use customer-specific layers20:34
ythl(into bblayers)20:34
otavioythl: if you are using O.S. Systems tools you can use the setup-environment.d scripts to do it for you20:34
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ythlAh, so I could write a custom setup-environment hook that adds in the layers20:36
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otavioythl: as an example,
otavioythl: yes20:36
ythlI think this is just what I'm looking for20:36
otavioythl: that's why our tools are so nice20:36
ythlthanks, otavio20:36
otavioythl: but make sure you are using our setup-environments scripts20:37
otavioythl: or it won't work20:37
ythlI'll try it out20:37
otavioythl: yw20:37
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kergothhmm, wic doesn't remove an existing fstab entry for a particular mount. should probably fix that21:51
kergothor at the least error out21:51
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