Thursday, 2017-07-27

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gaurav__how can we force all components in packagegroup to build as only 32 bit for a 64 bit machine06:22
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MarcWehi, i think i have a problem with my SDK. when i try to build a my qt application it errors: error: undefined reference to `QCoreApplication::notifyInternal2(QObject*, QEvent*)'06:34
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gartinhi all07:12
gartinI have a problem with a circular dependency07:12
gartinwhen trying to build the kernel with an initramfs07:13
gartinusing pyro07:13 (dependent Tasks ['', ''])07:13
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gartinand looking at the env I generate using bitbake -e virtual/kernel, I see this:07:14
gartin# $_task_deps07:15
gartin#   set [add_tasks]07:15
gartin#     "{'parents': {'do_bundle_initramfs': ['do_install'], 'do_populate_sysroot_setscene': [], 'do_fetchall': ['do_fetch'], ......07:15
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gartinthe problem goes away if this piece of code is removed:07:16
gartin        d.appendVarFlag('do_bundle_initramfs', 'depends', ' ${INITRAMFS_IMAGE}:do_image_complete')07:16
gartinfrom kernel.bbclass07:16
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gartinfound that commit 0fa12e44663c9e27de7d2c33be9132127679d0d3 should have fixed this, but apparently in pyro this sort of issue still exists07:18
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ant_workgartin, I think there are many pending patches wrt initramfs-bundle07:40
ant_workdo you need just the kernel or the modules as well?07:41
gartinant_work, I need the kernel with a bundled initramfs07:42
gartinI get the same error with the core-image-minimal-initramfs as well ass with another custom initramfs that does not have modules included07:43
ant_worksee, I don't use the -bundle stuff, I disliked it from the beginning fwiw07:46
ant_workI had pinned some patches of 2016 and I thought these were alreqady in...07:46
ant_worki.e. image.bbclass: removes bundle_initramfs related code07:46
ant_workand so on07:46
ant_workif you just need to quickly build a kernel embedding a cpio you can as weell use the shortcut07:47
ant_workINITRAMFS_IMAGE = "initramfs-XXX-image"07:48
ant_workINITRAMFS_TASK = "${INITRAMFS_IMAGE}:do_image_complete"07:48
ant_workin you kernel recipe07:49
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ant_workgartin, an interesting try is
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gartinlet me look, thanks08:02
gartinthing is, with morty this issue is not present08:02
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gartinusing INITRAMFS_TASK as pointed above yields more dependency issues ant_work08:08
mdnneohigh ... is there any suggestion on how to use pkg-config in the SDK? Should it be used as nativesdk packag or in the sysroot? is there a cross pkg-confi?08:08
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MarcWeHi, i have a problem with QT and my SDK qt is complaining about:    error: undefined reference to `QCoreApplication::notifyInternal2(QObject*, QEvent*)'08:18
ant_workgartin, there are a little more touches, see
ant_workneverthless, the code in -bundle is expected to work in the release08:20
MarcWe‎mdnneo, do you whant pkg-config in your sdk ??08:20
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mdnneoMarcWe: basically yes ... but currently it didn't find my packages in cmake08:22
mdnneoMarcWe: it works if I use the environment_setup script but I though I can use it via cmake and the toolchain file as well without the need of set the PKG_CONFIG_PATH var08:24
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MarcWeyou can do a SDKIMAGE_FEATURES += "pkg-config"  to add it in the sdk if its not in the image08:25
mdnneoMarcWe: Basically it is installed I just thought there is some kind of automatic way or wrapper that it knows where to look in the sysroot for the pc files ... like it is in the pkg-config-native package I think ... maybe I'm to picky on this and the setting of the environment variable properly is the way to go08:29
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MarcWei think you can do somthing like:  export PKG_CONFIG_PATH = "${PKG_CONFIG_PATH }:ToPAHTB"  ::: but im not shure ( the bitbake.conf file is setting it in a similar way )08:33
mdnneothis is exactly how it is done in the environment_setup script (export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$SDKTARGETSYSROOT/usr/lib/pkgconfig)08:35
mdnneothere I just missing the /usr/share/pkgconfig but ok ... I anyway want to use it in cmake08:36
mdnneoso I think I set it accordingly in the cmake toolchain file08:36
MarcWeedit it to export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$SDKTARGETSYSROOT/usr/lib/pkgconfig:/usr/share/pkgconfig08:37
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pagioshi guys, is it possible to install Apache,nginx,ruby,sinatra on yocto?08:55
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bluelightningpagios: there are recipes for apache, nginx and ruby, not sure about sinatra09:03
pagiosbluelightning, sinatra is a framework for ruby09:04
pagiosbluelightning, when you say recipes it means its an ipk ready to be deployed, all i have to do is copy it and opkg install apache.ipk for example?09:04
bluelightningpagios: a distribution built with our build system will give you that - but our build system is a distro creation tool, it's not a distro in and of itself09:05
robstaanother noob question09:05
robstais it ok to set MACHINE_FEATURES in the recipe defining an image?09:05
bluelightningrobsta: that won't work - MACHINE_FEATURES needs to be set at the configuration level09:06
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robstacan you set optional machine features in a conf file?09:07
robstadepending on which image09:07
pagiosbluelightning, sorry i didnt quite get that09:07
robstai'm a bit lost here in someone else's project, bit involved09:07
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bluelightningpagios: we don't provide ipks or other packages because we're not a distribution, but someone using our tools could (and do) provide that, e.g. angstrom09:08
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pagiosso i have to bake them09:08
bluelightningpagios: yes, unless you use an actual distribution09:08
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pagiosi am using pure yocto yocto+g67cd63609:09
bluelightningrobsta: I'm afraid not, you'd need to have two separate distro configs09:09
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gartinant_work, what other touches related to that are there in the link you provided?09:09
gartinI can't see any09:10
ant_workwell, ther reis no no circular issues09:10
ant_worknor PROVIDES09:10
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gartinI see, thanks, I'll look closer then09:15
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RobbinParrishHello All, I am trying to build the openjre-8 and openjdk-8 on poky-pyro with meta-java layer (tested with - released, master, master-next branches) and it does not seem to get compiled. Its giving the error during compilation of the icedtea7-native recipes. Even with the latest branch  (meta-java - master-next) its just failed with the invalid checksum error. My recipes that uses the openjre-8 and openjdk-8 works fine with th09:19
RobbinParrishThe checksum error I am assuming is due to the source tarball is not updated on the icedtea archive mirror. A little help or a hint will be very helpfull.09:21
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gartin"ERROR: nativesdk-glibc was skipped: missing required distro feature 'systemd' (not in DISTRO_FEATURES)"10:10
gartinbut I do have systemd in DISTRO_FEATURES10:10
gartinI even went ahead and did this into the build's local.conf:10:11
gartinDISTRO_FEATURES = "systemd"10:11
gartinbut still complains10:11
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pagioshello, can someone please point me to how i can get apache or third party softwares compiled and run on my yocto? any documentation i can start with ?10:49
zero_notegartin: use DISTRO_FEATURES_append += " systemd"  in your local.conf10:49
LetoThe2ndpagios: i assume you have successfully worked through
pagiosLetoThe2nd, can i add the package to the OS, or i need to rebuild the whole image?10:51
LetoThe2ndpagios: its seomthing in between. without explicitly enabling your image to have runtime package management you have to rebuild the image, but not compile everything from scartch10:52
pagiosLetoThe2nd, well i have the yocto up and running i can login to it , i just need to add apache, and i guess the package management works fine10:52
LetoThe2ndpagios: usually its best to create a custom image recipe and modify that to your liking. some general ideas on how to modify an image build are at
LetoThe2ndpagios: erm. well first, you probably have some image created through a poky build up and running, as there is no such thing as 'the yocto' or 'yocto linux'.10:54
pagiosLetoThe2nd, i saw that i can edit conf/bblayers.conf and add {your-yocto-home}/meta-webserver \ but then i need to recompile the whole image, what i want mainly is just to generate an ipk file to install on the existing OS10:54
LetoThe2ndpagios: and secondly, by default, there is no package management in the images - thats why i said that without having it explicitly enabled, you have to rebuild the image.10:54
pagiosLetoThe2nd, but i already installed an ipk already on that image using opkg install file.ipk and it works so i want to do the same for apache10:55
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LetoThe2ndpagios: you did not mention that so far, so i always have to assume the default setting :)10:56
pagiosok :) sorry my bad10:56
LetoThe2ndpagios: whats unsatifying with bitbake apache2 then?10:56
pagiosso what i want is a way to install apache,nginx and such packages using opkg apache.ipk or nginx.ipk10:56
pagiosi just need some documentation on the steps to generate that ipk correctly10:57
pagiosi am lost in documentation10:57
pagiosand need guidance to do this specific task10:57
LetoThe2ndbitbake $WHATYOUWANTTOBUILD10:57
LetoThe2ndthen the packages should be generated in tmp/deploy/$YOURPACKAGEFORMAT/$YOURTARGETARCH10:57
pagiosthats it ?10:58
LetoThe2ndthats it.10:58
pagiosthis works if whatiwanttobuild is already in the repo of yocto10:58
LetoThe2ndpeople just usually don't do that, except for tinkering purposes.10:58
LetoThe2ndyes of course. no recipe, nothing to build10:58
pagiosERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'nginx'10:59
pagiosor apache10:59
LetoThe2ndso nginx certainly has a recipe, and apache2 too11:00
LetoThe2ndso if you actually added a checkout of to your BBLAYERS, then they should be there.11:01
pagiosok how can i get those?11:01
LetoThe2ndcheckout the repository and add the path to meta-webserver to your BBLAYERS variable in con/bblayers.conf of your build directory11:01
pagios ${BSPDIR}/sources/meta-openembedded/meta-webserver11:02
pagiosand git checkout -b master?11:03
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LetoThe2ndcheckout the branch that matches your poky build.11:03
LetoThe2ndlike krogoth, morty, pyro ...11:03
LetoThe2ndmixing is bad :-)11:04
pagioshow can i know my opy build branch11:07
pagiosi am very new as you see11:07
LetoThe2ndpagios: well how did you set poky up?11:07
pagiosit came as setup11:08
LetoThe2ndwithout git history?11:08
LetoThe2ndlook at meta-poky/conf/distro/poky.conf11:11
LetoThe2ndin your poky directory. there the version should be noted11:12
LetoThe2nd.. which is unsupported since about 2 years.11:14
LetoThe2ndok, 17 months accoring to meta-openembedded logs11:14
LetoThe2ndbut anyways, thats your branch then.11:15
pagiosLetoThe2nd, can i add something like that using http://?
LetoThe2nderm, no?11:17
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LetoThe2ndbut as you already seem to have meta-openembedded/meta-networking, why not just add another line referring meta-openembedded/meta-webserver?11:18
pagiosi thought i have to include fido in somewa11:18
pagiosand same for ruby?11:19
LetoThe2ndthis always refers to real files on your harddrive, not some URL11:19
LetoThe2ndso if your source/ directory already contains meta-openembedded, then there should be the meta-webserver subdirectory. and that you can use11:20
pagiosnext i need to bitbake11:20
LetoThe2ndsame for meta-ruby11:20
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pagiosbefore doing bitbake meta-webserver i need to checkout right11:22
pagiosgit checkout11:22
LetoThe2ndwhy don't you just have a look in your source/meta-openembedded directory to see whats already there?11:22
pagiosmeta-openembedded/meta-webserver$ ls conf  COPYING.MIT  licenses  README  recipes-httpd  recipes-php  recipes-support  recipes-webadmin11:24
LetoThe2ndsee, obviously everything is already checked out11:24
LetoThe2ndso just add them to BBLAYERS, analogous to meta-networking11:24
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pagiosi added this to bbylauers:   ${BSPDIR}/sources/meta-openembedded/meta-webserver11:25
pagiosnow i did in the build directory bitbake meta-webserver11:25
LetoThe2ndi told you: bitbake apache211:26
LetoThe2ndor bitbake nginx11:26
pagiosLetoThe2nd, where can i read about all this, i need a documentation that targets this, how to add and remove packages thats all i need honestly11:27
LetoThe2ndagain, its
pagioswe are writing now a ruby and a apache2 recipe11:29
pagiosah no we are using a recipe ok11:29
LetoThe2ndwhy would you want to write an apache2 recipe or a ruby recipe? yeah, you're using them11:29
pagiosthanks LetoThe2nd11:30
LetoThe2ndthis is a little more hands on. but the truth just is, that you're not *USING* a linux distribution, you're *BUILDING* one. and that is not trivial11:31
pagiosso to sum up: in order to use a recipe, i first need to check my version which is in my case fido and see if the recipe exist in the repo, if it does i need to add the layer to my bblayer and then bitbake the recipe using bitbake <recipename> an ipk file is generated for me to install on the embedded system11:31
LetoThe2ndthats a very trimmed down version that only works for you probably, but it does sound usable, yes.11:32
*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!> has joined #yocto11:32
pagiosmeta-openembedded stands for what exactly coz i see different directories next to it too11:35
LetoThe2ndthere are other layers too. meta-openembedded is kinda the base distribution infrastructure11:36
pagiosalright bitbake nginx works :)11:38
pagiosnow i should see the ipk somewhere right11:38
LetoThe2nd12:57 < LetoThe2nd> then the packages should be generated in tmp/deploy/$YOURPACKAGEFORMAT/$YOURTARGETARCH11:38
pagiosoh i see like 5 versions11:38
pagiossome in ./tmp/deploy/ipk/and someother in ./tmp/work/cortexa9hf-vfp-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/nginx/1.4.4-r0/deploy-ipks/11:39
LetoThe2ndplease, look again what path i named.11:39
pagiosthank you11:39
LetoThe2ndand there certainly was *NO* work directory involved11:39
pagioswhat is that second work directory for?11:40
pagiosinternally used?11:40
LetoThe2ndyou should treat everything except tmp/deploy as internal11:41
pagiosok :)\11:41
pagiosnow i install the ipk and then i do my nginx configuration just like on a regualr linux machine11:41
LetoThe2ndif you want to do everything in-target, for a one time tinkering thing, you would be way better off with using a standard distro like debian, ubuntu, whatever11:42
LetoThe2ndthe real power of openembedded and therefore poky is that you can build images that are completely custom tailored and reproductible11:43
LetoThe2ndits just a whole different usecase.11:43
pagiosyou mean by custom tailored is that the nginx would be configured and automated11:44
pagiosso you do your configuration and then bake it11:44
LetoThe2ndin a very generalized way, yes.11:44
LetoThe2ndthats also why there is no package management usually. its just not needed.11:44
pagiosyou mean by package management like apt or yum, but you can still bake an apt or yum but yea i get your point11:46
LetoThe2ndand no rpm, no opkg, no...11:47
pagiosso say i want to work now on this embedded system and configure it manually , can i then export that image as is and clone it to another machine?11:48
pagiosi dont want to reinstall ipk everytime, just take a clone of  the whole embedded system and roll it out on another machine11:49
LetoThe2ndthere might be a way, but thats totally unrelated to yocto11:49
pagiosan identical hardware11:49
pagioscoz rolling out the ipks even if preconfigured would be time consuming11:50
LetoThe2ndi don't want to reinstall ipks too, hence i just do bitbake my-image, and everything is set up :)11:50
pagiosand you configure my-image inside an emulator mainly?11:51
LetoThe2ndwhy would i do that?11:51
pagioshow do you configure my-image?11:51
LetoThe2ndby recipes11:51
LetoThe2ndits all in the meta data. i do literally *NOTHING* manually11:51
LetoThe2ndthats what i mean with the real power.11:51
pagiosyou can invoke command line bash scritps  , write files etc?11:52
LetoThe2ndwhy not?11:52
pagioscan you show me an example of such configuration? like a sample11:53
LetoThe2ndlots and lots of examples in poky and meta-openembedded :)11:53
pagiosin the bblayers.conf?11:53
pagioseverything is done there11:53
LetoThe2ndeverything is done in the meta-* directories11:54
*** mad_ukie <mad_ukie!> has quit IRC11:56
pagiosso mainly in your bblayer you make sure you are pointing to those recipes directories and inside those directories you have a .bb file that reads the configuration and some folders/files needed for that configuration11:56
LetoThe2ndhave you actually looked at the docs?11:57
LetoThe2ndi mean, thats really well laid out there.11:57
pagiosi will11:58
*** Snert <Snert!> has quit IRC12:00
LetoThe2ndespcially the 2013 presentation12:00
*** khem <khem!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has quit IRC12:18
pagiosLetoThe2nd, nginx: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or diretory , do i need to install those dependencies manually?12:18
LetoThe2ndyou have to, probably12:18
pagioscant i include in my recipe to scan automatically all those dependencies and include them12:19
LetoThe2ndpagios: the recipe knows about them and builds them12:19
LetoThe2ndthere's probably a libpcre.ipk12:19
pagiosso they are in that ipk directory somewhere12:19
LetoThe2ndlike i said, this is just not meant for manual tinkering12:20
*** Kakounet <Kakounet!> has quit IRC12:20
LetoThe2ndwe automate things :)12:20
*** khem <khem!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto12:20
pagiosyea but i have to start somewhere :)12:20
LetoThe2ndyou're starting at the wrong place, really.12:21
*** Shurelous <Shurelous!~igor@> has joined #yocto12:21
pagioswhats the difference between neon and mx6 btw12:21
LetoThe2ndtry to set up a custom layer and a custom recipe for your image. then continue from there.12:21
LetoThe2ndum, neon is a cpu core feature, and imx6 is a soc product by nxp/freescale?12:21
pagioscoz i see 2 directories in the deploy/ipk12:22
LetoThe2ndimx6 should be the things that are absolutely machine specific. like bootloader, kernel, etc.12:22
LetoThe2ndneon-... is the userland then. behind the kernel abi12:23
pagioswow //var/lib/opkg/info/nginx.postinst: line 2: type: systemd-tmpfiles: not found12:24
pagiosbtw LetoThe2nd say you install ruby, does the GEM command installs with it or need to also bake that , sorry for so many quesitons12:28
pagioslast one for today12:28
LetoThe2ndno idea.12:28
LetoThe2ndi don't use ruby12:28
LetoThe2ndprobably gem (AFAIK its some kind of package manager again) gets built into a seperate package12:29
LetoThe2ndbut again, one more time - if you want to set up things manually and then clone stuff, the mindset from the yocto project does not fit your usecase.12:29
*** catch22_ <catch22_!~catch22__@> has quit IRC12:31
pagiosit installs gem12:36
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RP1kanavin: - libcap is still breaking, not sure if that is gperf or something else? :/14:07
*** toscalix_ <toscalix_!> has joined #yocto14:09
*** RP1 is now known as RP14:09
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kanavinRP1: it's gperf, maybe we should drop libcap altogether, as libcap-ng is a newer replacement?14:19
kanavinRP1: considering that libcap people are not in a hurry to fix things :-/14:20
kanavinRP: last commit, 18 months ago14:21
RPkanavin: are other distros using that?14:22
kanavinRP: using what?14:22
RPkanavin: libcap-ng14:23
kanavinRP: debian has it for instance, and the homepage is on redhat.com14:24
*** boucman_work <boucman_work!~jrosen@wesnoth/developer/boucman> has quit IRC14:24
kanavinRP: we have a recipe for it too in oe-core :)14:24
*** ant_work <ant_work!> has quit IRC14:26
RPkanavin: we should probably kill libcap then. Is libcap-ng a drop in replacement?14:26
frayafaik, it is not14:26
kanavinalso, there is a ton of dependencies on libcap still :/14:28
*** majuk <majuk!> has joined #yocto14:29
RPkanavin: hmm, doens't sound so simple then :(14:30
bluelightninglooks like a fork that so far hasn't been resolved14:31
kanavinRP: debian unstable has the same combination of gperf and libcap versions that breaks for us, and that doesn't break for them :/14:31
*** Snert <Snert!> has joined #yocto14:32
RobbinParrishHi All, Can you suggest a branch or commit of meta-java that can successfully build on the poky-pyro release? We have tried poky-pyro-17.0.0 poky-pyro-17.0.1, and the master branch of poky-pyro without success.14:34
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kanavinRP: I made another patch, hopefully this one works14:43
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PinkSnakeHi all, what is th easiest way to deploy openCL/GL on a custom target inside Yocto ?15:33
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mcfriskhmm, how is layer specific conf/layer.conf parsed? It looks like there can not be layer specific include statements there. For example multiple layers could have a common include file but with different content in each layer. It seems I must specify the include file in each layer.conf but if the file names are same I get "WARNING: Duplicate inclusion for $INCLUDEFILE in layer/conf/layer.conf"16:01
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lodup29Hi, I’m trying to use TARGET_CXXFLAGS += "..”  to add flags to TOOLCHAIN_PREFIX-g++ in a cmake based project but the compiler is systematically called without it. I’m just starting with Yocto but I used to do this with Buildroot using PACKAGENAME_MAKE_OPTS = CXXFLAGS="…" .  Is there a cmake specific syntax to add CXXFLAGS in Yocto? Thanks17:07
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mcfrisklodup29: use cmake class from yocto and override the same variables you would override when calling cmake. grep poky tree for cmake examples..17:19
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lodup29mcfrisk: Thanks, the recipe already inherited cmake. I tried to override OECMAKE_CXX_FLAGS_RELEASE and OECMAKE_CXX_FLAGS both before and after the ‘inherit cmake’ directive without any success. cmake still pass a bunch of paramters to g++ which a clearly from Yocto but not based on those variables.17:41
khemRP: rburton, can you try out this
khemthis adds llvm to OE-core17:42
khemits based on upcoming 5.0 release17:42
khemRP: its first cut, so there might be small problems left, but damn llvm takes forever to compile. so would be great if you can try it out on AB17:43
khemand let me know of failures17:43
behanwkhem: Longer than gcc and related tech?17:44
*** stephano <stephano!stephano@nat/intel/x-ndtymppbgbesumqx> has quit IRC17:46
khemits c++ what do you expect17:47
behanwkhem: LOL.17:47
behanwcompiling llvm with g++ or clang? ;)17:47
khemit doesnt help.17:48
* behanw kids17:48
khemalthough gcc7 is better in speed than gcc617:48
behanwI am so glad gcc's rate-of-change accelerated.17:49
behanwcompetition can be a wonderful thing.17:49
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khemthe llvm for OE-Core is not getting in clang btw. just LLVM17:50
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behanwkhem: Understood. I was kidding. ;)18:00
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notupinhereDoes anybody know how to init more than just tty1 in a Poky distro?18:13
notupinhereI'd like to be able to ALT-F2 to tty2 once booted18:14
neverpanicnotupinhere: That depends on which init system you use.18:17
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notupinhereI'm using the default init system included with Poky.  Will I need to add a more robust init system to do that?18:21
*** juvenal <juvenal!> has quit IRC18:22
neverpanicIs that systemd? Because enabling it for poky is probably not different from enabling it for any systemd distro out there.18:22
*** juvenal <juvenal!> has joined #yocto18:23
notupinheredefinitely not systemd right now, I was hoping to avoid systemd in this case18:23
neverpanicHave you checked /etc/inittab?18:25
*** lucas_ <lucas_!18de02de@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC18:26
notupinhereoh good call!  THen I'd like to have it autologin, so I guess I'll have to fiddle with Getty...18:26
notupinhereThanks for that!  don't know how I spaced inittab, haha18:26
gonzo-notupinhere: Create bbappend for sysvinit-inittab and add following line there:18:27
gonzo-SYSVINIT_ENABLED_GETTYS="1 2 3 4 5 6 7"18:27
notupinhereoh wow, thanks gonzo!  that's about as easy as it gets18:27
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tgoodwinIs there a variable for what will ultimately be returned for the processor type in 'uname'?18:34
*** paulg <paulg!> has joined #yocto18:42
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #46 of nightly-refkit is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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tgoodwinkergoth: Is there a way to determine during a build what value will be returned for the processor when 'uname' is run?18:57
mawilliaHello, I am trying to add sources for a package to a yocto target to allow native re-compiles (it's a sample application), is there an easy way to do that?19:00
*** ythl <ythl!8b5532f8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has left #yocto19:02
tgoodwinmawillia: In other words, you want to be able to compile on the target?19:05
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kergothtgoodwin: you mean i.e. x86_64 or whatnot? it's most likely TARGET_ARCH, but it's the kernel that gives that info to uname19:43
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RPkhem: ross is out atm and I'm drowning in patches and failures that result from them :(20:06
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ythlIs there a way to make a more slimmed down SDK than `bitbake image -c populate_sdk`?20:06
ythlpopulate_sdk makes a self-installing shell script that unzips to like 2GB20:06
ythlBut I know the toolchain + RFS individually are not that big20:07
ythlToolchain is 700 MB and RFS is 400 MB20:08
ythlWhere's the other ~1GB coming from?20:08
bluelightningythl: debugging symbols perhaps?20:12
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pagioshi all20:25
pagiosi am trying to get my wifi minipci-e working on my embedded system and getting this error in dmesg:
pagiosany idea how to get that driver working20:26
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khemRP: ok no worries,20:40
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pagioshello, any idea about this error?
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #534 of nightly-no-x11 is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
Snert_likely a typo in the wpa_supplicant.conf file.21:04
Snert_or other bad parameter in that file.21:04
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ythlHas anyone else ever generated a bad toolchain?21:47
ythlI ran bitbake image -c populate_sdk21:47
ythlAnd the resulting gcc 5.3.0 is unable to compile files that #include <memory>21:48
ythlHowever, it seems to be able to compile anything else21:48
ythlHowever, if I download a gcc 5.2.1 cross compiler from yocto's website, that is able to compile everything21:51
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halsteadarmpit, Did you see ?23:40
armpitnope. just checked. thanks.23:41
armpitsad thing is morty does not support that layer23:42
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