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gartinhas there been a change with regards to sysroots in pyro?06:56
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gartinmy build/tmp/sysroots/ is empty now06:56
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gartinI see there's a new directory called sysroots-components07:18
gartinbut not sure to what extent that needs to be used07:19
gartinso because the sysroot is empty, I now get this kind of errors:07:20
gartinusb_modeswitch.h:26:20: fatal error: libusb.h: No such file or directory07:20
gartinthis used to work fine with morty07:20
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hnjegartin: have a look at section 6.11.1 in the ref-manual07:29
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gartinhnje, thanks07:45
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gartinI actually have the DEPENDS already but something is wrong08:12
gartinthe required headers and files are not found in recipe-sysroot-native08:14
paulbarkerIt looks like tar-doc and cpio-doc both want to install "/usr/share/man/man8/rmt.8" on current master when building a full-cmdline image. Do we have a usual way to handle this?08:15
paulbarkerI've not seen update-alternatives used for man pages08:16
paulbarkerThis is with EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += "doc-pkgs"08:16
LetoThe2nddocs are bad, mkay? </SCNR>08:17
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paulbarkerFrom a distro point-of-view I can just drop rmt.8 from cpio-docs in a do_install_append but I don't think that's ok to force on everyone08:45
PinkSnakeHi all, what is the easiest way to deploy openCL/GL on a custom target inside Yocto ?08:54
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pohlyWhat m4 recipe in OE-core provides AC_MSG_ERROR?09:08
pohlyIt's in autoconf-archive, but that is in meta-oe.09:10
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pohlyHmm, isn't AC_MSG_ERROR part of the normal autotonf? So why the heck does autoreconf not find it?09:25
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rdanterWhat is the correct way to override the prefix for an autotools package? I have one specific package I want installed in /opt instead of the usual /usr09:41
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pohlyIs "possibly undefined macro: AC_MSG_ERROR" perhaps caused by AX_PTHREAD not being defined in "AX_PTHREAD([], [AC_MSG_ERROR([requires pthread])])"?09:53
pohlyautotools, thanks a lot - that error message was super helpful. Not.09:54
T_UNIXHi! it appears perl-using packages are broken with recent perl versions on the build machine :-/09:54
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T_UNIXis that a known issue?09:54
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T_UNIXe.g. intltool is broken :-/10:11
T_UNIXintltool-native, to be more specific. Using Arch to build.10:11
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tgoodwinkergoth: Thanks, I've been finding it has been hit-or-miss as a reference.  And you're correct about the kernel; I can consistently see the expected value if prior to compile of virtual/kernel I check its 'include/generated/compile.h' file for UTS_MACHINE.11:09
tgoodwinNow I'm off trying to figure a way to ferret that value out from other recipes.11:10
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tgoodwinAnd it looks like STAGING_KERNEL_BUILDDIR is the ticket.11:19
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khemrburton: there ?12:01
rburtonkhem: aye12:02
khemrburton: I have pushed llvm changes to a branch12:02
rburtonyeah saw!12:02
khem3 patches12:02
khempushed one just now12:02
khemshould complete the set12:02
khemgive it a shot on AB12:02
khemit worked in my limited testing12:03
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rburtonkhem: if you can fiddle mesa to use it then we can actually exercise it on the AB12:06
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MarcWehi, what is the normal path to install binary's and data files12:12
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NoTaRoBoTI'm trying to go from morty to pyro. All of the groupadds are failing. groupadd is not in the packages' recipe-sysroot-native and I guess the Ubuntu groupadd is somehow incompatible. Is this a known problem?12:20
khemrburton: first thing is to build it for all arches12:24
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rburtonkhem: world doens't happen on all arches12:32
rburtoni can add it to the sato for a test build though12:32
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khemrburton: I tried to enable it on mesa12:41
khemfound that I need to provide llvm${PV}12:41
rburtonreally, or can we fiddle the mesa recipe if we're adopting llvm into core? :)12:42
pohlyrburton: should "inherit autotools pkgconfig" be enough such that PKG_CHECK_MODULES is found during autoreconf?12:44
pohlyHmm, tpm2.0-tools also needs DEPENDS = "pkgconfig".12:44
pohlyBut it runs its own "bootstrap" script, so perhaps that's screwing up something.12:45
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pohlyrburton: the tpm tools needs things like AX_CHECK_COMPILE_FLAG and AX_PTHREAD from autotools-archive, which is in meta-oe. Is there anything corresponding to that in OE-core?12:57
rburtonjku was working on moving that to oe-core12:57
rburtonthe first step was getting rid of gnome-common, so in theory you can just copy it over now12:57
pohlyrburton: that would be the right solution for this problem.12:58
rburton(jku is on leave so you're welcome to move it to core)12:58
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tgoodwinIs there no longer a combined, staged sysroot in pyro?  I'm trying to use STAGING_DIR_HOST as in the past, but the path it's providing contains nothing that was staged prior to the recipe running into configure.13:52
tgoodwinit actually contains nothing... it's up in the recipe.13:52
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wouterstreamitHi, the meta-openembedded layer provides a recipe that I wanted to use but the version was too old. So in my own layer I added a recipe with the name but for some reason bitbake does not detect this new version. If I rename it to it is detected but I want to use the mpv_0.25.0 name, how can I do that?13:54
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kanavinwouterstreamit: make a branch in meta-oe, update the recipe, and send the patch to oe-devel list :)13:56
kanavinwouterstreamit: making own layers for that kind of thing is discouraged13:56
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tgoodwinHello all, I'm trying out pyro (after using morty and krogoth a while) and getting a bit lost on how to migrate my STAGING_DIR_* requirements.  I have a file that gets created by one recipe that I need to source from a different recipe, however the various _HOST and _TARGET paths are defaulting to the dependent recipe's "recipe-sysroot", and there seems to be no common staging path anymore.13:58
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kanavintgoodwin: if the file gets installed by the recipe into the sysroot, and the dependent recipe has that recipe in its dependencies, then the file should appear in the recipe-specific sysroot for that dependent recipe14:00
kanavintgoodwin: that's a new feature of pyro, so that recipes get deterministic sysroots when they are built14:00
rburtontgoodwin: basically if a recipe depends on something put in the sysroot by another recipe, then that other recipe should be in DEPENDS14:05
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tgoodwinrburton: Yep, I've ensured the dependent recipe has a DEPENDS for this other recipe that puts the file in sysroot and verified that the recipe is deploying that file into sysroot-components (I assume this is the "affirmative" that my recipe works correctly)14:09
tgoodwinkanavin: this dependent recipe has nothing at all in its recipe-sysroot despite having loads of depends that were working prior to pyro.14:10
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tgoodwinAh... I think I see the issue.  I don't think it's actually made it to 'configure' for the dependent package just yet (it hung up on a task I inserted between patch and configure).14:16
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khemrburton: on llvm recipe I have to do some more work it seems it doesnt provide cross llvm-config14:37
khemrburton: meanwhile you can take the ninja and  re2c patches they are independent of llvm14:37
rburtonok, cool14:37
rburtonthey're literal copies of what is in meta-oe?14:37
khemI guess I also need to get llvm-common into oe-cor14:38
khemrburton: they are copies then bettered by Khem14:38
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NoTaRoBoTTrying to understand why shadow-native dependencies are being filters out by setscene_depvalid.
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RPkergoth: I just updated - any chance you could see if we can fix that now we have a solid reproducer/details?16:58
yoctiBug 11698: normal, Medium+, 2.4 M2, kergoth, NEW , Git shallow fetcher sometimes fails selftest16:58
*** CTtpollard <CTtpollard!~CTtpollar@> has quit IRC16:58 is ready for work.16:59
RPhalstead: was just about to ask about that, thanks!16:59
* RP fires a new test build17:00
kergothRP: thanks, yeah, that should make it much easier, i'll take a look later this afternoon17:01
halsteadRP, I'm going to add more workers today and will probably mess up a few builds getting them tested. Do you have anything specific I should build?17:02
fraykergoth fyi -
fraythat is the failure on my CentoS 7 machine.. doubt it adds anything above and beyond that existing bug17:02
kergothit's a weird one17:02
* kergoth nods17:02
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kergothbitbake sure gets unhappy when you use ${} syntax on an undefined var from inside inline python17:03
fraymy guess is that something changed in the display of a parameter between 1.8 and 2.x17:05
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RPhalstead: master-next and master are both things which I could use results on17:10
RPhalstead: rburton may also have a mut, not sure17:10
RPkergoth: so many bugs and so little time :/17:10
kergothno doubt17:10
RPkergoth: I'm hopeful the server startup is at least a bit more robust now17:10
rburtonhalstead: i do.  feel free to fire a ross/mut, it needs a test17:11
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wowhopDoes anyboy know how to to enable autologin with the busybox getty in Poky?17:25
wowhopI have tried a sysvinit-inittab bbapend that has a do_install() that builds an innittab with all the flags I could think of, but I have not yet gotten autologin working17:26
*** rburton <rburton!> has quit IRC17:26
halsteadThanks rburton will do.17:27
tgoodwinrburton: (kanavin, or anyone) Did the packaging change as well in pyro?  I have a -dev package that has pretty typical links set from its .so's to the related  After package split though the links are all broken since the .x.y.z is part of the main package.  So because of that QA fails because the link is broken (giving me 'file not found').17:40
*** Guma <Guma!> has joined #yocto17:47
tgoodwinIs there a way to skip package_qa for specific packages like -dev in Pyro?17:51
*** ash_charles <ash_charles!~acharles@2607:fad8:4:6:c8a6:17d:5ad6:1157> has joined #yocto17:52
* armpit more AB builds mean more beer17:55
kergothtgoodwin: what do you mean? .so has always been in -dev, and the library has always been in the main package, which is why -dev depends on the main package17:57
kergothcross-package symlinks dont' break qa checks unless the packages are missing deps on those packages17:57
tgoodwinkergoth: I agree with you (that .so have always been -dev, etc.) which is why this QA failure is surprising me.17:58
kergothdon't know what to tell you, nothing should ahve changed in this area, and the qa check shouldn't and wont' fail as long as the deps are correct17:59
kergothyou'd need to give us more info to help diagnose17:59
tgoodwinIt's causing an exception in the python script, FileNotFoundError, because the link is broken.  I imagine this probably has something to do with the developer preferring the library not be installed in /usr/lib (however the link that is broken is relative to its own directory ( ->
kergoththe links are always relative to its own directory. and the packaging qa checks shouldn't be following the link anyway.18:00
kergothagain, you'll need to give more info to diagnose further. the exact error, for example18:01
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tgoodwinWould you like me to paste it in a private window?  It's rather lnog.18:06
tgoodwinYou're right, the QA check, specific line, is trying to read the file in the package.18:07
kergothgoogle for 'pastebin'18:07
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mawilliatgoodwin:  Yesterday I had posted a question about installing source packages (so I could build them on the target) in an image recipe.  I saw you responded, then lost power.  Do you know how to do this?18:17
*** b00t <b00t!> has joined #yocto18:17
b00thi. i'm having trouble with removing packages from an RDEPENDS variable inside of a recipe. I'm currently "require"ing the original recipe, which is just a package group with lots of RDEPENDS additions, and I'm trying to _remove from this variable and it isn't working18:19
b00tadditionally, I tried adding to PACKAGE_EXCLUDE in this recipe and that doesn't work either. What else should I try?18:19
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tgoodwinmawillia: yes, sorry about that.  Yes, I need to find my notes on the packages we added to do this on a project since you're basically wanting to install development tools/libraries onto the target as well as your source code.  The recipe for your source code is really easy.  You just have to make sure do_install installs it from your ${S} to ${D} and that FILES is setup to pick those files up in your package.18:48
mawilliatgoodwin:  if you have an example recipe you could share I would be greatful.  Otherwise, I am thinking I would need to write some sort of find script to do the recursive copy, correct?18:53
tgoodwinmawillia: I guess I'm not sure what you mean by that (recursive copy).18:55
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mawilliaThe source has a couple of subdirs.  The install command doesn't support recursive (or wildcards, right?) installation, and you need to use the install command vs. copy in the do_install() in order for the files to get picked up correctly, true?18:59
kergothno, not true, just install corrects permissions for us19:00
kergothif you use cp -a, yoiu'll also want to chown -R root:root, or use the cp arg to not retain ownership19:00
* kergoth doesn't recall the exact cp args to do that offhand, but other recipes do it19:00
mawilliaAh. OK.  Thanks, that makes it a bit simpler and I can look around the meta layers for that.19:02
kergothuse of cp while retaining ownership would end up wih files owned byt he user you're using to do the build, hence the need to not retain that19:03
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tgoodwinmawillia: I sent you a message with a recipe example, etc.19:13
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b00tdo i need to register to be heard in this channel or are my questions too stupid?19:18
*** rajm <rajm!> has joined #yocto19:19
kergoth"isn't working" is not helpful19:20
kergothwe'd need more information19:20
kergothexactly what _remove lines are you using?19:20
kergothare you using the unexpanded or expanded variable name?19:20
kergothi.e. RDPEENDS_${PN}_remove or RDEPENDS_foo_remove19:21
b00tkergoth: I have tried both RDEPENDS_${PN}_remove and RDEPENDS_foo_remove to no effect. I can see how _${PN} might not work since it (likely) wouldn't reflect the name of the recipe that the working recipe required19:23
kergothyou're using bitbake -e to verify the value is what you expect?19:23
kergothdon't just go by what gets packaged, check bitbake -e19:24
kergothparticularly since bitbake -e will show the history of the changes to the variable19:24
kergothyou should see the _remove entry there19:24
kergothbitbake -e foo | less and scroll down to ^RDEPENDS_foo19:24
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b00tkergoth: I tried this earlier and I'm now seeing the same result: no _remove when using the expanded variable name19:28
b00tI'm guessing this is something related to requiring a recipe that has unexpanded RDEPENDS_${PN}19:31
b00tis there a better way to do what I'd like to do: create a new packagegroup recipe that takes another packagegroup recipe and strips out a few things?19:31
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fraykergoth I see you figured out that it was just a test problem19:51
kergothyeah, git version inconsistencies in the fetch command when you combine —tags with —mirror. no point explicitly specifying to fetch tags when our refspec includes them anyway, so can just drop it19:52
frayglad it turned out to be simple.. I stared at it blankly.. :)19:53
kergothyeah, not exactly a helpful error, and the tests themselves can be a bit messy due to all the different git repos involved. fetch from upstream to a source repo, then let shallow fetch from that source repo to a destination, and in some cases they test the resulting tarball producing the git repo under workdir..19:55
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RPkergoth: thanks for the patch!22:39
kergothnp, sorry for the delay22:40
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