Thursday, 2017-08-10

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1192 of nightly-mips is complete: Failure [failed Running ESDK Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1170 of nightly-mips-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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MarkB2Today my supervisor was reviewing the project and sez, "I hear a lot about something called 'Yocto Linux'.  Why not use that in the next iteration?"02:56
MarkB2I have been looking into using it.. but not with any urgency.  Now?  I find the material on the Yocto site a little dated and somewhat out-of-order.02:58
MarkB2Might someone recommend a boot on getting started with Yocto ?03:00
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1172 of nightly-ppc-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #815 of nightly-arm64 is complete: Failure [failed Running ESDK Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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mcfriskHi, has anyone tried hooking up eatmydata or similar libs which disable fsync() into yocto? They could potentially improve build times a lot..07:02
LetoThe2ndmcfrisk: actually my experience is that the underlying storage is not that important07:05
mcfriskLetoThe2nd: yes, but in full sstate cache builds which build several rootfs'es, I can see that disk IO is high even though there is memory available as fs cache. Thus something is syncing stuff to disks, a lot.07:06
LetoThe2ndmcfrisk: i just gave it some rough testing, like tmpfs vs ssd vs hd07:06
mcfriskI found and there was very little benefit from eatmydata.07:07
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LetoThe2ndand the difference was in the range where i expect it to be measurement tolerance, given a box with enough ram to hold the full build in tmpfs07:07
LetoThe2ndand as i expect sync on tmpfs to be very, very cheap it should not make that much of a difference07:08
mcfriskLetoThe2nd: ok. hmm. In our case we can't move to tmpfs since build tmp is too big, but we try to avoid IO on build machines by tuning values, and forcing stuff into ram, but in maney places fsync()'s are flushin stuff to disk when there is still RAM available..07:09
LetoThe2ndYMMV, of course07:10
LetoThe2ndor just get more ram :-)07:10
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mcfriskLetoThe2nd: more RAM doesn't actually help, we've measured it. And we would need more RAM on not one or few but on tens of build machines. On a 32 core machine more than 64 gigs of RAM doesn't help yocto build performance.07:18
LetoThe2ndmcfrisk: very well possible, yes.07:19
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robstaif you do a package split, does the default package get all files automatically, that are not assigned elsewhere?08:23
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jkurobsta, not all but there's a default list that catches a lot of normal things08:27
jku(default only assuming you don't define files_${PN} yourself of course)08:28
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robstajku: ok08:29
robstabut you need to define PACKAGES =08:29
robstaalways, right?08:29
robstafor the split08:29
jkugenerall yes (with some exceptions like using PACKAGE_BEFORE_PN)08:35
jkuwhich you may want to look at based on the original question btw08:36
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TheSilentHunterGood morning, can anybody help me building a mender getting started example. Everytime I build with bitbake core-image-base I get the following errors:
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LetoThe2ndTheSilentHunter: i'd say, do bitbake -e core-image-minimal | less, find out where IMAGE_ROOTS_MAXSIZE gets set and change it then.09:30
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robstathanks jku09:33
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TheSilentHunter# $IMAGE_ROOTFS_MAXSIZE09:46
TheSilentHunter#   set? /home/DISK2/yocto-poky/meta-mender/meta-mender-core/classes/mender-install.bbclass:12709:46
TheSilentHunter#     "${MENDER_CALC_ROOTFS_SIZE}"09:46
LetoThe2ndso check mender-install.bbclass to see whats going on there :)09:46
TheSilentHunteris it also possible to just set the value in local.conf?09:47
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TheSilentHunterok when I change it there I get: | WARNING: bootloader config not specified, using defaults09:48
TheSilentHunter| WARNING: overhead-factor was specified, but size was not, so bitbake variables will be used for the size. In this case both IMAGE_OVERHEAD_FACTOR and --overhead-factor will be applied09:48
TheSilentHunter| ERROR: Actual rootfs size (21772 kB) is larger than allowed size 16384 kB09:48
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TheSilentHunterin the mender-install.bbclass I have:09:51
TheSilentHunter# Gently apply this as the default image size.09:51
TheSilentHunter# But subtract IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRA_SPACE, since it will be added automatically09:51
TheSilentHunter# in later bitbake calculations.09:51
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mcfriskSo, I want to "export" to all native tools executed during build by bitbake in all tasks. Is the only way to do this to add LD_PRELOAD to preserved_envvars_exported of bitbake/lib/bb/ ? It seems the BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE only exports the variable to the recipes/classes but not to the execution shell of do_configure etc.11:09 turns all sync() system calls to no-ops which should improve build performance.11:11
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TafThorneIf you are having problems running a Yocto / Bitbake build through Jenkins on remote nodes and it stops at the `grep 'Python 3'` stage it might be that you have forgotten to stop Ubuntu using /bin/dash as the /bin/sh interpreter.  /bin/sh needs to be a symlink to /bin/bash or your oe-init-build-env sourcing down into oe-buildenv-internal will fail.  It will not fail when you run it by hand on the machine, only when Jenkins tries to run it.  That has conf12:59
yateswho is Jenkins?12:59
LetoThe2ndyates: brother of Hudson12:59
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yatesAs Nipsey Russell used to say, "RRRRRRRiiiiiiiiggggghttt" ....13:00
LetoThe2ndyou did ask ;-)13:01
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TafThorneBrother / Strange clone of.13:03
yatesa "continuous integration" tool13:06
TafThorneyates: Those posts help?  Do you use an CI system with Yocto?  It has been a struggle getting Jenkins to run a (Gerrit) repo from inside a jenkinsfile pipeline job that executes a bitebake / yocto job.  If I can spend some more time getting this into the cloud using containers I am sure I could make it much harder or easier.13:06
yatesTafThorne: they help me understand what the heck you're talking about, yes.13:07
TafThorneMy key buzz word score for the week is up though.  I think my CV value just jumped by a good 30%13:07
yatesas for being on-board, i'm afraid i'm about as far opposite that type of development methodology as anyone...13:08
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yatesi want to enter opcodes into the front panel, like on the old DEC PDP 11/70 ...13:09
TafThorneLetoThe2nd: how do you feel about your replacement in the alternative Emperor: Battle for Dune timeline? (Now I feel old having realised the release date for that game that I was as thinking of as new compared to Dune 2000)13:11
LetoThe2ndTafThorne: there is no replacement, there is only me :)13:12
TafThorneyates: Does having something enter the opcodes for you every time you change them to make sure they are correct not sound like a good idea?13:12
TafThorneLetoThe2nd: That nexus in the far future.  Its not good.  My tip is avoid high places.13:13
LetoThe2ndTafThorne: why should i? i will survive in an eternal dream.13:13
TafThorneLetoThe2nd: Not that can/do/would/could without free will or damming man kind.  Thank you for the sacrefice.13:14
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TafThorneyates: Anywho this is not my baby, I just run the day care.  I agree it is a good idea to make sure that my opcodes work on at least one other DEC PDP 11/70 and not just the one I have probably tinkered with.  Turns out I needed to tinker with others.13:15
TafThorneReally I just wanted to share my triumph with the universe and hope that a future Google search of the chat logs reveals a nugget of incite into what is going on to a future me.13:16
yatesTafThorne: what doesn't sound good to me is a) the high overhead of developing good test suites, b) the high overhead for each developer to learn the CI tool, test suites, etc.c) the problem of breaking the whole project when someone makes a mistake. other more subtle problems might include specification / functionality drift, development costs, manpower requirements, higher likelihood of tool bugs due to the number13:17
yates of tools required, etc...13:17
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yatesi would say that for the majority of projects, those things apply. but for HUGE, on-going projects, J/H might be the right solution.13:18
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TafThorneyates: We resolve most of those issues with 0 automated tests.  To date it is just an automated build system.  Well a couple of linters and cppcheck things run and one small set of unit tests on a build that was never getting executed.13:19
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yatesship it!13:20
* yates snickers13:20
TafThorneyates: We have also Siloed the CI specifc knowledge in two developers heads and some wiki pages.  If anyone else ever touched the config files there are clues.  Most people (there are only 6 of us) do not touch the Makefiles other than to expand a lists.13:21
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TafThorneyates: We are a looooonnnngg way from CD and in truth not very well into CI either.13:22
yatesyou'll not be convincing me anytime soon. sorry. i believe in a minimal set of tools (emacs, gnumake, etc.). but i'm old. i'm stubborn.13:23
yatesyocto is a very painful step for me.13:23
yatesyocto itself13:23
TafThorneits a bit of mind... bend for me too13:23
yatesi also have separates in my home stereo (preamp/power amp, etc.). it's a life-view/mindset13:25
yatesbut nevertheless, best-of-luck to you and your company.13:26
yatesi didn't mean to be discouraging.13:26
TafThorneYer mist of my life is a confusing (to others) bundle of string and tape holding together an impossibly (seeming to others) system of things.13:26
TafThorneAlso I like XML and get my head aroudn the idea of meta meta meta data (it gets fuzzy after that) so Yocto is OK.  Jenkins calling nodes and other stuff is OK.  Everything is fine.  Until someone moves the coffee cup that was balacning out the weight on the other end of the desk....13:28
yatesit seems you're smart enough to see the forest in spite of the trees...13:29
TafThorneyates: thank you.  I think I will need the luck.13:29
TafThorneI am lead to understand that I have an odd view of things.13:30
TafThorneI can see the value in all your points too.13:30
TafThorneAs long as I can get someone else to try typing in the opcodes now and then I am happy to leave a paper trail and nothing else.  When no one else will do so a machine doing it to check it works elsewhere seems prudent.13:30
yatesthank you13:31
TafThorneyates: good luck to you and your company too.  I'll get back to the forest to see if the buttler has got lots somewhere in the trees.13:31
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TafThorneOne last thing.  Yocto (or bitbake (or meta-oe)) does still need /bin/bash instead of /bin/dash as the /bin/sh interpreter?  I should not be reporting my strange edge case in a ticket somewhere should I?13:32
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yatesTafThorne: the oe-init-environment (or whatever) doesn't set that up automagically?13:33
yatesi don't see why it would be any different by hand versus with jenkins. i would start looking at that discrepancy first.13:34
yates(looking back at your first post)13:34
yatesif i'm understanding your problem correctly.13:35
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TafThorneyates: I will look into it.  I know that not having the symlink caused a mysterious failure when jenkins was trying to run things.  AFAIK that system uses ssh to connect to a node, runs some java magic and then inside that java magic spaws a shell for it to use.   That shell is the default (I think) but in Ubutnu the sh interpreter seems to be left as /bin/sh which results in /bin/dash.  I think you understand my problem correctly.13:54
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yatesi don't really see much different between approaches 2.2 and 2.4 in the linux kernel development manual (
yatesone seems to be that you use the original defconfig file, but it seems you don't have to.14:03
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yatesis it that, in the section 2.4 approach, you are specifying your own linux kerenl versuion, commit id, etc?14:04
yateswhereas in the 2.2 approach you utilize the existing kernel version?14:04
yatescan you define your own machine in either case?14:05
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TafThorneyates: is this about 2.2. Modifying an Existing Recipe vs 2.4. Working With Your Own Sources?14:11
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LetoThe2ndwhen i'm trying to build libvncserver, it obviously tries to link against the hosts lgcrypt. seems to be caused by TARGET_LDFLAGS += "-lgcrypt"14:12
LetoThe2ndwhat might lead the linker astry here?14:13
yatesalso, in the 2.4 approach, you define your own, uniquely-named kernel recipe, while in 2.2 you have to use an existing kernel recipe and write a bbappend?14:13
yatesTafThorne: yes14:13
TafThorneyates: I think it is trying to convey the options of patching a file or replacing a file.14:15
yatesWHICH file are you referring to? you mean some in-tree kernel file, e.g., blah.dts?14:17
TafThorneyates: Patching a kernel file makes sense for the first example.  Making your own recipe for a kernel file makes little sense.  I think it was done to make the two sections similar.  The same advice works for any application.  Adding your own application, config file or similar makes more sense.  I am still new(ish) to this so I may be mistaken.14:17
TafThorne(sorrry was typing looonngg resposne. Will be AFK for a few minues now while I help witha  Ruby issue in meat psace)14:18
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TafThorneyates: back14:29
*** egavin <egavin!> has quit IRC14:29
yateskhem: going back to my question late yesterday. so kernel is decided by machine, and machine is decided by conf/machine/ in the layer from which the image recipe is built?14:31
yatesTafThorne: why does making my own recipe for kernel file make little sense?14:31
TafThorneyates: Did my explanation make sense?  Although it talks about kernel stuff those section apply equally to application code.  You are not as likely to have your own kernel or kernel module or (i do not know that much about kernel development, insert name of some large replacable chunk here).  You are much more likely have your own application or a patched version of applciation.14:31
*** rajm <rajm!~robertmar@> has joined #yocto14:32
*** egavin <egavin!> has joined #yocto14:32
TafThorneTafThorne: because I only ever patch kernel files or replace single files.  I do not re-write whole large chunks.  For _me_ it makes little sense to do things from scratch.  It make more sense to change a few lines or a single file.14:32
TafThorneyates: Re...kernel is decided... question:  I believe that is correct.  Unless no preferred kernel is indicated in which case you ultimately end up at the default one for your distribution or version of Yocto.14:34
TafThorneyates: p.s. I was making a poor assumption.  I write applications or tweak drivers.  I usually stay well out of kernel space and code. Sorry about that.14:35
yatesno, that's not the issue. we are doign the same thing, very small tweaks, e.g., to dts files to reconfigure pin muxing.14:35
*** joseppc <joseppc!~josep@linaro/joseppc> has quit IRC14:36
yatesthere is another consideration here: even if you write your own kernel recipe, which kernel/u-boot git sources are you going to use? it seems you can a) use someone elses and patch, or b) create your own set (from some sensible existing kernel/u-boot) and put them into your own git repo.14:38
TafThorneWhat I done14:39
yatesfyi, we are using the variscite dart 6ul som board, and want to leverage their kernel/u-boot work, but tweak to taste for some new/modified interfaces on their P1/P2 connector.14:40
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has quit IRC14:41
yatesyou are utilizing approach 2.214:41
TafThorneWhich I cannot claim is correct.  Basically I ended up with two patches.  One for linux-yocto that patched things on some systems but not the Pi I was testing with and the one for Pi linux-raspberrypi.  These were both developed based on my Ubuntu PCs kernel source and some adjustments.14:41
TafThorneI am using approach 2.2.  The driver I was working with already existed.  It is a 1 line change to add a new device to it.14:42
TafThorneWhen I needed to add ppp and ppp config files.  I used approach 2.4
TafThorneWell... it is config files so they did not need compiled.  That does not mater here, I think.  In the non-public code here I also have compiled code of our own that is more like the 2.4 approach.14:43
yatesi'm confused by
yatesis that an image recipe?14:45
khemyates: you should be able to write bbappends for respective recipes if you are only tweaking14:46
yateskhem: so approach 2.214:47
yateskhem: we can certainly do that for the short term, the goal being to verify our new hardware works.14:50
*** _yashi_ <_yashi_!> has quit IRC14:51
yatesbut there are other considerations long-term in which we may not want to use that method. essentially the dependency on someone else's kernel/uboot. e.g., what if they pull it off github for some reason?14:52
*** joseppc <joseppc!> has joined #yocto14:54
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yatesis my thinking right?14:56
*** rajm <rajm!~robertmar@> has quit IRC14:57
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yatesor it could simply be the more streamlined (I think..) process of code change/compile/test/checkin instead of code change/compile/test/patch/checkin14:59
TafThorneyates: is a recipe.  Not a special one, just a recipe. It causes some things to happen.  It is included as part of an image recipe elsewhere (or you can add it to local.conf).15:00
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joshuaglarmpit: FWIW we have the reduced qemumips test suites in morty15:01
khemyates: in this age of distributed SCMs your concerns about repo disappearingare addressed, you can create a github fork anytime15:02
khemso I would suggest to cross that bridge when you arrive there15:02
TafThornekhem: until github goes the way of Google Code.  Hopefully there will be some warning though.  Not like that python node js mess of last year when the dev pulled their code.15:05
khemgh goes down we have bigger problem. in worst case someone will have a local copy15:07
khemyou would have cloned one for the projects you are interested in15:07
khemso nothing changes,15:07
TafThorneYer.  At least with Yocto there is a local copy of the source we just used (until I delete it).  So we could (should) back that up from time to time.15:11
khemusually I advice people to create premirrors15:13
khemwhich is simple http server hosting all tar balls15:14
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yatesTafThorne: i see (re recipe). thanks for the clarification.15:14
yateskhem: s/essentially/e.g./ ... that was just one consideration.15:15
TafThorneyates: you are welcome.  It was my first non-tutorial Yocto work.  I cannot vouch for its quality but it seems to work.15:15
yateshow do you invoke it from the image .bb ?15:15
yatesbut i'm paranoid. paranoia will destroy ya'.15:17
*** joseppc <joseppc!~josep@linaro/joseppc> has quit IRC15:18
majukyates: We should hold hands and cry while we figure this stuff out. I have many of the same goals as you it sounds. I got my .dts patches laid out yesterday, testing today.15:19
TafThorneyates: to me and with regards to invoking my quectel driver mods?  Magic.  You include the layer in your layers file.  Then the bitbake system skims over all the recipes it has,  Noticed that there is a bbappend for a recipe it is already using (the kernel) so it applies that.15:19
*** quite <quite!> has joined #yocto15:19
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yatesmajuk: knock yourself OUT dude.15:22
majukThat's plan B.15:22
TafThorneyates: to me and with regards to invoking my quectel ppp config file mods?  You have to include the layer in the layers file and then make something require or install that recipe.  It is not a bbappend so it will not just modify something.  I do also have recipies that give newer versions of applications.   When there are multiple recipies that provide the same thing (quectel-ppp in my case) the bitbake system picks the one of highest priority.  I have15:23
majukIf you happen to figure out where to shoe-horn in u-boot DDR tuning register, hit a brother up.15:24
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majukTafThorne: I don't think you hit the character limit on that last message.15:25
majukI *do think15:26
majukMan I need more coffee.15:26
TafThorneThe bit where I got lost is what happens after local.conf?  The answer is those machine or image recipies you mentioned earlier.   What I now have is a <my_machine_name>.conf in meta-my_company_name layer's /conf directly.  That overrides the raspberrypi3:${MACHINE} (gaining all of its powers)15:26
kergoth may be helpful for the big picture / basics of how bitbake works15:27
TafThorneThen in meta-my_company_name layer's recipies-core/images directory I have some files that themselves have include recipes-core/images/ (again like the highlander steeling powers) and then inside them they have IMAGE_INSTALL += "packagegroup-tafts-list-of-things"15:27
TafThorneThen if we tug on that string somewhere there is a pacakge group in my meta-my_company_name layer that defines the packagegroup-tafts-list-of-things package ground and in that packagr group it includes more pacakge groups!15:28
TafThorneOnly joking.  well... it could be package groups.  It actually is a .bb file that has `inherit packagegroup` and then has `RDEPENDS_${PN} = "\ (list of pacakges including quectel-ppp`15:29
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TafThornemajuk: serious or joke?  I cannot see from here15:30
majukTafThorne: Serious. Couple messages back it, you cut off at "I have"15:31
majukLooks like there was supposed to be more there.15:31
TafThorne1/3 : (16:23:00) TafThorne: yates: to me and with regards to invoking my quectel ppp config file mods?  You have to include the layer in the layers file and then make something require or install that recipe.  It is not a bbappend so it will not just modify something ...15:31
TafThorne2/3 ... I do also have recipies that give newer versions of applications.   When there are multiple recipies that provide the same thing (quectel-ppp in my case) ...15:32
TafThorne3/3 : ... I do also have recipies that give newer versions of applications.   When there are multiple recipies that provide the same thing (quectel-ppp in my case)15:32
TafThornemajuk: better?15:32
TafThorneI am waaaaayyyy tooooooo verbose most of the time.  I do really try to be more succinct.  Imagine what happens when I get excited or forget.  ]15:33
majuk...I'm unconcerned, just pointing it out.15:33
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TafThornemajuk: thanks. Missing half my speach would (possibly) confuse poor yates: more than reading it all.  Hopefully kergoth's suggested reading will be more clear and complete.15:50
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yatesTafThorne: ha. np. thanks for the mini-manual! :)16:17
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yateskhem: can i still define my own machine even if i only use bbappends for the kernel recipe? i probably won't, but i'm curious16:23
*** egavin <egavin!> has quit IRC16:27
majukyates: That's what I have done. My custom layer has a custom board [which is my ref board with a few minor mods] + 2 bbappends [patches] & 1 bb [installs some misc files to rootfs]16:29
khemyates: yes you can16:38
khemyates: you can derive your machine from an existing machine. You might have to take care of overrides etc. since sometimes bsps define some operations specific to machines16:39
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TafThorneyates: you are welcome.  Good luck.16:50
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yatessection 2.2 doesn't say anything about creating an image recipe. do i need to create my own image recipe in my custom layer in order to use my bbappended kernel? if i do not and instead use the image recipe from the "base" layer (the one which contains the kernel recipe), how is my custom layer's kernel's bbappend file is utilized?17:39
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yatesi'm stuck. i sure would appreciate a hint18:05
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yatesTafThorne: permission to pm?18:09
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yatesdo i use my own image recipe and "inherit" from the base layer recipe?18:15
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yateskhem: is this correct?18:29
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phyllipi'm trying to append a version string to the installed /etc/issue and /etc/ on a yocto-built distro. oe-core offers a base-files bb recipe that has a function do_install_basefilesissue. i wrote a common bbclass that appends onto this function but i believe that append isn't executing18:34
phyllipis inheriting that bbclass in a base-files_%.bbappend file not the correct approach to appending onto do_install_basefilesissue?18:35
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yatesERROR: ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'hw-test-image'18:53
*** robert_yang <robert_yang!~lyang1@> has joined #yocto18:53
yatesyet there is a meta-custom/recipes-custom/images/hw-test-image.bb18:54
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yatesthere is a kernel recipe meta-variscite-fslc/recipes-kernel/linux/, and i have a meta-ebtron/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-variscite_4.1.15.bbappend, yet i'm getting "ERROR: No recipes available for:  /home/yocto-project-x5-hw-test/sources/meta-ebtron/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-variscite_4.1.15.bbappend"19:12
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phyllipis there a variable aside from $THISDIR that might be used for pulling the directory of a recipe or bbappend file?21:27
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khemyates: have you added the meta-variscite-fslc to your bblayers.conf ?21:46
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sagnerIs there something like vardepsexclude for python functions? Or asked differently, is it safe to use time.gmtime() in a python function?23:37
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