Friday, 2017-08-11

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kergothsagner: it won't be called until the function is run, so yes, of course, but the timestamp won't be included in the checksum — probably what you want01:01
kergothusually including it in the checksum is bad anyway01:01
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Guest70595hi, how can i install a dbteplate into /usr/share06:40
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LetoThe2ndGuest70595: if its a file that you already have, maybe created externally in some way, then basically create a recipe this way:
Guest70595LetoThe2nd: Ty06:45
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TafThorneyates: You were welcome to PM me but it was an hour after I clocked off work when you messaged.07:35
TafThorneSo how do/should I tidy up images in tmp/deploy/images/images/<MACHINE>?  The README_-_DO_NOT_DELETE_FILES_IN_THIS_DIRECTORY.txt implies that I should not be deleting them.  The content of the file then hints that maybe a I should be deleting them and calling bitbake -c clean <image_name>.07:38
TafThorneAs does the fact that just calling -c clean seems to have no impact on the files left in the directory.07:39
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ant_workdeploy is now under sstate control, you have to do -c cleansstate07:43
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #401 of nightly-musl is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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TafThorneant_work: thank you.  I will give that a go.07:53
TafThorneant_work: I am using 2.1.3.  Should it work there?  I still seem to have the same number of image files as before07:56
TafThorneant_work: Does look like it is regenerating them now though.  So if I rm them then call -c cleansstate that should have the effect I am after.07:57
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ant_workafais it's since 6d969ba image: Deploy images to IMGDEPLOYDIR07:58
ant_work Changed deployment directory from DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE to07:58
ant_work IMGDEPLOYDIR...07:58
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TafThorneWell it does not delete any files for me.08:06
TafThorneIt does cause them to be regenerated on the next bitbake call.  So I think it is targetting the files I need it to.  Just nothing deletes them.08:07
TafThorneI have a continuous build system and I wanted to tidy up a bit between runs so that the date stamped output files do not keep accumulating for weeks on end.08:08
TafThorne~40 MB is not a huge amount of disk space but it all adds up over the years.08:08
TafThorneAdds up a lot if I leave uncompressed images around as they are more like ~250 MB.08:08
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TafThorne-c clean does work.  It is possibly some edge case where .rootfs.rpi-sdimg.xz gets left behind.  All the other .rootfs.* files only have their latest filestamp version after a -c clean followed by a bitebkae.08:35
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Son_Gokumarquiz_: hey11:53
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albeus_hello, I'm trying to deploy some python packages in my image and some of them are missing in "meta-openembedded/meta-python/recipes-devtools/python" layer12:05
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Son_Gokumarquiz_: I just saw
albeus_so I wrote this simple recipe:
Son_Gokuis "gnupg" gpg2?12:05
albeus_but the fetch steps fails because of wrong url:
Son_Gokuah, cool12:05
albeus_Someone can give me some suggestion?12:05
Son_Gokumarquiz_, also, are you the guy who works on gbp-rpm?12:06
marquiz_Son_Goku: basically, yes, although i haven't had the time to invest in that lately12:06
Son_Gokuwhat's left in gbp-rpm to upstream into gbp?12:07
Son_GokuI saw that main gbp seems to have some rpm functionality12:07
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marquiz_Son_Goku: yes, upstream supports rpm12:11
marquiz_Son_Goku: but, there's a long list of features not upstreamed12:12
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Son_Gokumarquiz_: well, you can add one more feature not supported ;)12:26
Son_Gokurpm, as of 4.14, now supports full datestamp changelog entries12:26
Son_Gokuso the SUSE-style changes datestamps are now valid for rpm itself12:27
Son_Gokuthey don't need to be truncated when merged into the %changelog section, and you can write changelog entries directly that way12:27
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marquiz_Son_Goku: patches are welcome :)12:38
Son_Gokumarquiz_: if you rebase against current upstream gbp, I might :)12:39
marquiz_Son_Goku: is there something you need from my branch? otherwise you could send a github pull request directly upstream12:40
Son_GokuI don't know what you have verses upstream at this point12:41
Son_GokuI just found out about gbp-rpm today12:41
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marquiz_Son_Goku: ok ;)12:43
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yatesmy image's deploy directory  includes a "blah.sdcard" file, which i copied via "dd if=blah.sdcard of=/dev/<mysdcard>"14:24
yatesbut it's not booting right: ->
yatesany clue what i'm doing wrong?14:27
yateswill the "dd ..." command automagically configure all the necessary partitions and file system types?14:28
neverpanicseems like your root FS is ext4, but the filesystem is bigger than your SD card: EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p2): bad geometry: block count 947200 exceeds size of device (160768 blocks)14:29
neverpanicMaybe you should make sure your filesystem is smaller so that it fits on your SD card?14:30
yatesi guess that's possible, i haven't looked into what the image is puttin gon the rootfs, but it's a 16 GB sdcard.14:31
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yatesneverpanic: so the correct file system on the target sdcard is NOT created by dd and the source .sdcard file?15:07
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neverpanicWell, it seems whatever you dd'd did contain a partition table and filesystems, just your sdcard wasn't large enough for those.15:16
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yates  -rw-r--r-- 2 yates yates 675282944 Aug 10 17:35 hw-test-image-imx6ul-var-dart-20170810202047.rootfs.sdcard15:19
yatesas i said, it's a 16 GB sdcard.15:19
neverpanicThe file might be sparse. The size of the file on your disk is not necessarily the size of the filesystem in it.15:19
yatesgparted is also reporting the ext4 partition as being only 628 MiB15:20
yatesgparted shows the first partition is unallocated of size 4 MiB, the second partition if a fat16 fs of size 8 MiB, and the third partition is ext4 fs of size 628 MiB. there is final fourth partition "unallocated" of size 13.83 GB15:20
yatessomething's getting hosed somewhere, this isn't just a "it's too big for the disk" problem.15:21
yateseither yocto or whatever tool it depends on isn't generating a proper .sdcard file, or dd isn't copying correctly, or the processor boot loader doesn't correctly interpret the sdcard file systems15:23
neverpanicWell, that matches your log output. It says your mmcblk0p2 is 643072 KiB (= 628 MiB). Apparently you're on 4 KiB blocks for a block size of 160768 blocks. The filesystem says it's 947200 blocks (i.e. 3.6 GiB), though15:24
neverpanicSo something's very wrong here15:24
neverpanicYou could try loop-mounting the filesystem on your host and see if that works.15:25
yatesis there somewhere in the recipes or elsewhere in the yocto build that specifies the final ext4 filesystem size it should use for the .sdcard file?15:25
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yatesis there a bug in the .sdcard generation routine? gparted reports a bad superblock magic number for the ext4 partition: ->
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yatesneverpanic: i found some information on how to extend the rootfs size in .sdcard here:
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yatesstill no joy booting, although it's a different problem now.17:07
yates ->
yatesthat's as far as it gets, then halts.17:07
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sagnerkergoth: ok thx!17:42
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majukyates: Make any progress? That u-boot log you posted ~hour ago looks normal.18:04
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yatesok i found the issue.19:00
yatesmy dd command was getting input/output errors. presumably because i was using a usb cable to the sdcard reader that was a bazillion feet long...19:01
yatesit boots just fine now.19:01
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majukHaving a little trouble: My local.conf has a bunch of CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL packages listed. However, after bitbake -gc <someimage>, those packages don't appear in the
majukok, seems like I need to add a packagegroup to my custom layer then add that packagegroup to a custom image20:25
majukAnyone feel free to jump in here.20:26
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dl9pfhi ! How do I diagnose whats wrong here:20:32
dl9pf"the basehash value changed from e7329806d9b0ba88ab462a928d464fe2 to c7148535f98d558e0d40951b18d738e8. The metadata is not deterministic and this needs to be fixed."20:32
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khemdid you muck with metadata when build was going on ?22:07
khemif so then just rebuild and it will be ok22:07
khemotherwise you have some tasks which are using DATE or DATETIME in variable references22:08
khemyou can compare signatures of tasks22:08
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dl9pfyep, trying  right now22:22
dl9pfkhem: sdcard_image-socfpga.bbclass is missing22:25
dl9pfIMAGE_CMD_<xyz>[vardepsexclude] += "IMAGEDATESTAMP"22:25
khemyeah you might want to add DATETIME DATE and TIME too22:26
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