Sunday, 2017-08-13

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tcpdumphello everyone.03:25
tcpdumpI've built yocto for my embedded device and im finding that my /var/log directory is volatile and gets destroyed on a reboot.03:26
tcpdumpAnyone seen tha tbefore?03:26
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kergothtcpdump: yes, that's the default behavior, both to support read-only-rootfs and reduce flash writes for devices with flash media rootfs. it can be overridden, but we don't document the method, afaik. would be worth checking the yocto docs on that03:38
tcpdumpkergoth: thanks!  I suppose an easier "fix" would be to put non-volatile logs in a different location?03:39
tcpdumpso is /var/log a ramdisk then?03:39
kergoth /var/log and /var/tmp are symlinked into /var/volatile, which is a tmpfs. so yes, though indirectly03:40
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zzerooHi, I want to update my image buildsystem to the lastes yocto master. Now one of my self made BSP fails with 'Deprecated variable(s) found: "IMAGE_DEPENDS_sdcard"'. But there is no IMAGE_DEPENDS_sdcard in all of my recipes.12:02
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khemzzeroo: its probably coming from one of BSP layers you depend on15:56
khemzzeroo: what all layers are in the mix15:56
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khemwherever you have it it needs to be replaced with do_image-sdimg[depends]15:57
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